Telangana  State  Demand Built
on  a  Platform  of  Lies


Yet again, the Nizam Telangana region that was well behind the Kosta region in the number of graduate students has raced past the coastal regions. In 1956, for every 10,000 people, there were 19 degree college students in the Kosta region, whereas there were 10 in the Telangana region. Today, the situation is reversed. Telangana boasts of 64 degree students for every 10,000 people, surpassing Kosta’s 58..

Professor Jayashankar, in his paper, says, “…after 47 years (since the state formation) the literacy rate in Telangana continues to be lowest in the state.” To make his case, Professor Jayashankar presents the 2001 literacy rates.

Table 3 provides the number of literates in each region.

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