Chapter 17
Jai Telangana — Chenna Reddy
versus Indira Gandhi
After Nehru’s death, Smt. Indira Gandhi, in her father’s footsteps, became a staunch champion of socialism. Mrs. Gandhi’s socialist economics were pushing the country deeper and deeper into poverty. Politicians were clueless about why the economy was floundering despite their best intentions. Nizam Telangana economy suffered along with the rest of the country. Poverty in the region created an ideal environment to incite people against each other.

Ever since the formation of the Andhra Pradesh state, there have been occasional rumblings of dissatisfaction by the disgruntled Nizam Telangana leaders who failed in their demand for a separate state in 1956. The Nizam Telangana leaders had two main grievances: the first one related to employment in government services, and the second one involved using the balance of funds from the Telangana region.

According to the gentlemen’s agreement, jobs in the Telangana region were reserved for locals. Ironically, Nizam Telangana leaders violated this agreement in certain instances, and often for good reasons. For example, when teachers were not available in the Nizam Telangana region, they were hired from other regions. The local Telangana leaders running the zilla parishads made these hiring decisions. There were violations in other government departments, and these violations happened in all ministries, including under the very eyes of the Nizam Telangana ministers.

According to the then Deputy Chief Minister J. V. Narasinga Rao, hailing from Nizama Telangana, there were 107,000 non-gazetted employees in the Nizam Telangana region in 1969. Out of these, about 4.5% were nonmulkis 1,600 were teachers, 1,800 were nurses, 400 were stenographers, and the remaining few came from other departments.
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