Why our state was not named Telangana or Telugunadu?

Separate state proponents often gripe about the name of our state as some sort of a conspiracy. So, let us peek into our history to understand how our state got its name- Andhra Pradesh.


Our tribe was originally called the Andhras and the term Telugu came much later. Some of the early mentions of Andhras were found in the Aitareya Brahmana of 600 BC. Whereas, the early references to Telugus were found many centuries later in the Puri inscription of the Indra Verma of Gangas.


Andhra and Telangana interchangeably represent the same region and sect of people i.e., those living in the state of Andhra Pradesh.


In the Kakatiya Empire, Telangana represented the current geography of Andhra Pradesh and bordering areas.


Nizam for some time ruled the entire geography of the current Andhra Pradesh, as well as parts of today’s Karnataka and Maharashtra. Under Nizam, Telugu region was called Telangana.


In 1800’s, French and British had their eyes set on Telangana’s coastline for defense and maritime reasons. When Nizam Asaf Jah died, his sons got into a bitter fight for the Hyderabad throne. By taking sides with the feuding princes, French got hold of Coastal Telangana i.e., today’s Kosta or Coastal Andhra. Later on, the British wrestled Coastal Telangana out of French hands.


Ironically, as recently as 60 years ago, Telugus living in Nizam Telangana used to passionately identify themselves as the Andhras. When Telugus living under Nizam established libraries in their region, they called them Andhra Bhaasha Nilayamulu.


One of the oldest non-government libraries in Nizam Telangana was established in 1901, in Ramkoti, Hyderabad and was named Sri Krishnadevaraya Andhra Bhasha Nilayam. This library later became a hub for cultural and political activity for Telugus suffering under Nizam rule. Similarly, when Telugus living in the Telangana heartland Warangal wanted to establish a library in the early 1900s, they named it Raja Raja Narendra Andhra Bhasha Nilayam. Again, in 1923, another library established in Hyderabad was called Vemana Andhra Bhasha Nilayam.


Telugus living under Nizam faced atrocious discrimination. Urdu and Maratha were the dominant languages while Telugu language was often ridiculed as “Telangi Bedhanghi”.


In 1921, in the Hyderabad’s Vivekavardhani Theater, a public meeting was held. All the speakers spoke in Urdu or Maratha. When it was the turn of high court lawyer Allampalli Venkatarama Rao, he got up and spoke in Telugu. Participants in the meeting protested to him speaking in his mother tongue and shouted down his speech.


This incident was the starting point for Telugus rising up against Nizam. Telugu men left this meeting in frustration and formed an organization called Andhra Jana Sangham- yes, not Telugu Jana Sangham not Telangana Jana Sangham, but Andhra Jana Sangham.


Andhra Jana Sangham later changed its name to Andhra Mahasabha. To differentiate itself from the Kosta organization carrying the same name, it was called the Nizam Andhra Mahasabha or NAMS.


Nizam was troubled with the use of Andhra in all the organizations and institutions that Telugus in Nizam Telangana were forming. He suspected Hyderabad state Telugus of having an ulterior motive to merge with their Kosta and Seema brethren in the neighboring Madras Presidency.


Once, Nizam’s emissary and close confidant, Nawab Aliyar Zang, approached Andhra Pitamaha Madapati Hanumanth Rao and said: “…it came to our government’s notice that the purpose of your Andhra movement is to merge the Andhra districts of Madras and the Andhra districts of Nizam’s dominion.”


Despite Nizam’s overt concerns about the use of the term Andhra, Telugus refused to rename their organization to Telangana Mahasabha or Telugu Mahasabha.


I go into a greater detail about Nizam Andhra Mahasabha’s heroic fight against Nizam in my book. But, here’s the gist- Nizam Andhra Mahasabha went on to become a formidable organization that became Nizam’s worst nightmare. It shook up the foundation of the Hyderabad state. In the violent struggle against the Razakars, thousands of Nizam Andhra Mahasabha leaders gave up their lives.


So, where did this current antagonism for the term “Andhra” come from?


In 1953, Nehru described Telugus desire to merge into one state as “expansionist imperialism”. Taking advantage of Nehru’s disinclination for a unified state, leaders like Dr. Marri Chenna Reddy, who till then were in favor of an integrated state, demanded a separate Telangana state. However, there was an overwhelming desire across all the Telugu regions for Vishalandhra. As a result, Nehru held extensive negotiations with the leaders of all the regions and conceded to the formation of a united Telugu state.


Telugu’s dream for Vishalandhra became a reality with the signing of the Gentlemen’s Agreement. One of the sticking points during the negotiations was the name of the state. Leaders from Kosta and Rayalaseema wanted to name the state Andhra Pradesh, while some of the leaders from Nizam Telangana wanted to name it Andhra-Telangana. In the end agreement was reached to name the state Andhra Pradesh.


So, that is the origin for today’s claims about Kosta conspiracy to name the state Andhra Pradesh. However, the undeniable fact is that Telugu people scattered across Tamil, Kannada, Maratha, and Oriya regions have always identified themselves as Andhras.


There is no conspiracy behind calling ourselves Andhras. We all are Andhras, we all are Telingis, and we all are Telugus. The new definition of Andhra to represent Kosta and the new definition of Telangana to represent nine districts of Nizam Telangana is a fabrication of politicians intending to create a wedge between the Telugu tribe.


The same breed of separatist politicians is continuing to harvest hatred among Telugus after more than five decades since our state came into existence. Sadly, my Telugu brethren are continuing to fall for the separatists’ antics.


Save Andhra Pradesh!


Nalamotu Chakravarthy





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36 Responses to “Why our state was not named Telangana or Telugunadu?”

  1. Justice says:

    Thank you for throwing light on this topic. I am a so called settler in Hyderabad. 
    Bikku Bikku mantu atukuntunnnanu .. Atleast this shows that some arguments that are being floated are just baseless propaganda . I dont know why leaders of samaikyaandhra present there facts in public. It will make a world of difference 

  2. sridhar says:

    We all know, Telangana if forcefully merged with Andra upon many agreements , laws and rules.

    Don't u know till now, not even a single thing was implemented.See More

    AP constitutes of around 45 % of T people, land revenues.

    How do you justify, the govt spending less than 28% of its revenues on Telangana.

    The money spent on education in Krishna district is greater than the total money spent on whole T-10 district.

    is it not heinous ?

    What is the work force of T people in Hyderabad ?

    The two great rivers of India Godhavari and Krishna flow in Telangana , but the formers don't get water.

    There are a 101 reasons why Telangana should be a separate state.

    Why the fight for a separate is going on from over 5 decades. Remember on thing, it will go on for centuries till the state is formed.

    It would be foolish and ridiculous if anyone think, AP works.

    Telenagna state is inevitable.

    Oh God, please put an end to the injustice , discrimination, exploitation faced by millions of people over 5 decades.

  3. Bommera Rajanna says:

    Andhra Telugu Telangana all are same, you are right Mr. Nalamotu Chakravarthy
    Let us discuss one by one
    Andhras are Aryans, their origination is in River Yamuna Banks
    they are famous for their sweet language and long hair
    they moved towards south through vindhya mountains to the south of kalinga
    while travelling they got a name like tenugus because in sanskrit ten means the people who travels towards south
    aryans language is sanskrit
    todays among all hundreds of indian languages andhra langyage is most nearest language to sanskrit where everybody think that hindi is the nearest language to sanskrit which is not proved by many linguists
    from Mahabharat time onwards we are not united, your kingdom has sided by Dhuryodhana and Telangana kingdom has sided by Pandavas in the Mahabharat War
    coming to telangana
    telangana means a region in south
    its language is tenugu or telugu derived from dravidian language
    coming to languages
    your language and our language are entirely different
    your vocabulary and our vocabulary are entirely different
    the only matching between us is the font which was developed by Sri Krishnadevaraya just 500 years ago
    if  you say font is same then both languages are same then what about kannada langauage which is 99% same as present telugu font
    next coming to andhra basha nilayamulu
    under nizam's oppressive rule telugu language has deprived its minimum importance, so telugu people might have thought to unite with andhra people to fight against nizam but they never came instead bifurcated its TELANGANA ARMED PEASANTS STRUGGLE by arranging andhra maha sabhas. To divert the telangana people from armed struggle and protest in a gandhein way to intrude congress party into telangana when it will get its independence
    in the same way now all andhra political parties are entering into telangana in the promise of giving telangana before elections and no telangana after elections and weakening the TRS party and giving hope to the public that TRS cant give telangana but only we andhra parties can give telangana
    if we dig into history there are lot of things
    don't you have historical background with orissa and tamil nadu
    after merging andhra telangana have they fulfilled any single promise
    in every decade there is a telangana state demand and struggle
    where is the telugu roots when kasu brahmananda reddy was killing 3500 telangana students in 1969,
    when our langauage, culture, food habits, festivals were insulted, when only 3 lakhs are getting jobs out of 48 lakhs in private and govt jobs, when only 1 in 6 govt educational institutes are constructed in telangana
    Jai Telangana

    • Chinni Yalamanchili says:

      I have some questions regarding your arguement, and I quote –
      "Andhras are Aryans, their origination is in River Yamuna Banks
      they are famous for their sweet language and long hair
      they moved towards south through vindhya mountains to the south of kalinga
      while travelling they got a name like tenugus because in sanskrit ten means the people who travels towards south"
      "telangana means a region in south
      its language is tenugu or telugu derived from dravidian language
      coming to languages
      your language and our language are entirely different
      your vocabulary and our vocabulary are entirely different"
      you say in the earlier part you say our language is from sanskrit language and later on saying which sounds like you meant it is from dravidian language tenugu. It is coonfusing and seems that you are not having a continuous point about how we are different from the beginning
      It sounds funny that you find both the languages are different and you see only the islamized part of telugu not the common parts of telugu whcih is spoken in all the state of AP. I see that the  diference in the language or slang is solely because of the rule of the Muslims in that region similar to thecase  of hindi influenced for other parts.

  4. Sirish says:

    Dear Justice
    no need to live in a "bikku bikku" stage. every where there are some "faalthu" guys who speak without sense. we need not take that into account. in fact in the OU vidyarthi garjana, only one guy spoke against kosta people and it was highlighted. the other 25 told that lets separate amicably. why this is not highligihted? of course, there are still some "gaddars" like daanam nagender and mukesh goud, who have their own interests. they are promising to give security to kosta people, but later all these people will know that these guys will collect "protection money". but then it will be too late !!!
    the fight for separate Telangana is not against all coastal andhra / rayalaseema people. it is against those who have exploited the people, resources and adminstration here. examples are galore. lagadapti (lanco group), kavuri sambasiva rao (progressive constructions). add to this some dumb heads like ambati rambabu and you have a real cauldron boiling!! but telangana by nature are very receptive. otherwise, how could so many people from other regions settle and have a good life here. please ask yourself. dont look at just one idiot.
    jai telangana

    • prabhakar says:

      This is the funny part of arguments.
      Tsundur and Kola krishna mohan are more than a decade old. They were not even committed against Telanganites.
      Yet they are examples of lack of values/morals by Andhras.
      Whereas hate speeches in mammoth gatherings and live TV shows should be ignored as aberrations.

  5. Justice says:

    Thanks Sirish
    The problem is with terminology calling all the Andraites exploiters is wrong. I have seen  numbers (not indipendently verified) that 80% of the lands in and aroound RR and Sanga reddy are owned by Telanganities ( let me add higher caste). All I am asking ( infact any sane person) is independently verify the facts but not parrot numbers given by some one else …
    Lancos,Kavuris or for that matter Vasantha Nageswara rao (pratyeka Andra) are not the norm .. they are just anomalies just like KCR is for Telangana . 
    The hatred is brewing caz facts are being smeared with a bitter potion to make the other side look bad ..May be an objective analasys by an independent commission will bring out the truth 

  6. Rao says:

    TO ALL,
    IF you have any documents claiming something send those documents to the author, he said he will publish it, don't quote KCR or Harish Rao or Kavitha or KTR's words here.

  7. apman says:

    Thanks Chakravarthy gaaru for your insightful article. The separatists are using every possible avenue to rake up passions to create hatred between the two regions.  When Potana  names his bhagavatam, andhra mahabhagavatam, does potana become andhrite or telanganite? When Rudramedeva of kaktiya kingdom calls himself the proud king of andhra desa do we call kakatiyas andhrites or telanganites?  This controversy  itself shows at what length separatists are going to create hate. They know very well that without hate they cannot incite people. It is time for central govt to wipe out this movement. 

    • Rakesh says:

      since 1956 central govt is trying – note – govt cannot change people culture – nothing can wipe out telangana sentiment -

  8. abhay says:

    "In the violent struggle against the Razakars, thousands of Nizam Andhra Mahasabha leaders gave up their lives."

    i sincerely object to your 'rewriting of history' by trying to imply that andhra maha sabha lead the fight against the nizams which is utter lies

    It is a wellknown fact that the Peasant revolution against the nizams and razakars was a communist-led revolution, not andhramahasabha, please.

  9. Parvathi says:

      The lies of exploitation by Coastal regions have been deeply implanted by the separatists into the minds of people. It is sad that  so far no body contradicted it so far with statistics than just saying that we both speak Telugu. Media has played a havoc in creating differences.  It appears as though a wish to be united is a sin  and a scheme to  further exploitation. Statistics tell that Coastal region and Rayalaseema had raw deal in Andhra pradesh. It is  the duty of the intellectuals is to bring the facts to the light . Let no body think that those regions have enjoyed at the expense of Telangana. Why talk history of 3000 years? living together for 53 years itself is a history. No body is going to appreciate the idea of separation after grabing the fruits of growth in Vishalandhra. The separatist leaders who spill venom even while being  in united Andhra Pradesh  itself are not going to harm Coastal Andhra once it is separated. 

  10. santosh says:

    Dear sirish,
    How can you say that telanganites has been nice to andhrities………every time some isues comes up for telangan it was andhrities who are targeted and their property and every thing is set  on fire.
    They came down to this place and provided employement to may people across all the telangana districts. If you see the agriculture which is still happening in Nizamabad, medak, warangal is majority of the land is cultivated by andhrities………
    I am a witness to the things which happend, you my mother she got educated from vijayawada her way of talking is almost like people from costal andhra pradesh….she tells me the stories how she has been treated at work.
    We rather stay in india so every one has right to go and stay any where they want, USA is no one in every aspect its not because of native people its doing good because of settlers ok.
    any way i want to sumup this stating….its better to live as one family…….

    • Sirish says:

      how many families within coastal andhra and rayalaseema are living together? ask yourself this question.
      and put the same question to all those seemandhra guys who are forcing telangana people to stay with them, united like a family? within blood relation, you are not staying together, how someone can force somebody else to stay united?

      • vish says:

        Your logic of comparing families and entire state is wrong then there are so many small regions in india who want to have separate state and in some cases country. Are we going to give them?. Saying this I am not against separate telangana if the reasons behind the demand are reasonable

      • vish says:

        Your logic of comparing families and entire state is wrong then there are so many small regions in india who want to have separate state and in some cases country. Are we going to give them?.  I am not against separate telangana if the reasons behind the demand are reasonable and as of now I think they are not.  The only negitive reason for which I may support telangana is because of  bad blood already flowed between common people because of politicians.

      • Vijay says:

        This is a big political crap. This will never going to end even the state splits in 10 parts. It is upto us to think about what is next…People should act on the root cause…not on the political statements made by polical unemployees. Has any of these politicians ever tried for development in Telengana when they were in power? If you they would have done all these hunger strikes for real development, we all should have been in better position by now.

  11. Deepak says:

    Hi , You didnt mention your source for table 15 : Land ,excise and sales revenue.  I was wondering what your source is ?

    • admin says:

      You will find me stating in Chapter-19 that all the data is sourced from the Statistical Abstracts of Andhra Pradesh and when other sources are used explicit footnotes are given. If I don’t provide a source, the source is Statistical Abstracts of Andhra Pradesh.

  12. Ramchander Deekonda says:

    The term "Andhra" was preferred to the term 'Telangana' by the people of Nizam's dominions in naming certain cultural and semi-political organizations.  The reason is very simple.  As you know very well, the lingua franca of this region got mixed up with the dominanat culture (read urdu) and in this process of alienation , peple forgot the uniqueness of Telagana regional sub-culture.  There was no recognition of its historic importance and it was even looked down.  In this situation, it was to show that they have a more refined language in the form of Andhra,  people of Telangana preferred that word.  But definitely not because any other reason as thought out to be. 
    The most imprtant point to note here is that Andhra language also is highly mixed up with n number of persian (urdu) words.  But they routinely use them without knowing their meaning and origin.  Still, they ridicule telangana language as a corrupt tongue.  This exhibits their cultural hegemony.  It is therefore, the duty of every Telanganite to get rid of this andhra hegemony at the earliest.

  13. ved says:

    Your own facts contradicted your conclusion. Basically your conclusion is predefined but manipulate the facts to fit your conclusion. Typical T vadi syndrome.  Day by day the arguments for separate T are becoming more and more hollow. This is a good sign that the platform of lies is crumbling.  

  14. Ravi says:

    I came to know through TV9 that you published a book on our state. Hats off to you.  We support you. Please keep up your good work.

  15. skumar says:

    Hats of to you Sir.
    I am a fellow "so called Telanganite" but I am proud of being a Telugu first. I also grew up in Nalgonda district and my dad works in SLBC irrigation department and have been well informed about AP Irrigation projects in general. I strongly agree with your arguments about irrigation projects. I request all our Telugu brothers & sisters to think practically and do not get emotional about a separate state.
    United we stand divided we fall.

  16. Simply cheeter says:

    How about the income distribution charts?
    Top 100 industailists?
    if telanagana is developed,it is developed but owned by andhrires..

  17. Mohammed Shayan says:

       I have gone through with all the members of this article, but none of them knows there is a lot of difference between Andhrites and Telanganites. Once Telangana was the most rich in all sorts, like natural resources, wealth, literature, atequettes, manners, overall it was name as the golden spot specially during the time of Nizam rule, where as Andhrites were well known as down trodden people with atequettes and manners, they were not having even bathrooms in their houses, such type of people they talk about Telangana’s heritages..Hence we the telanganites cannot see furthermore of our ruins heritages. that is why we feel should be seperate telangana, so that we can use our own resources, and can come back to our lost heritages.

  18. prasanna says:

    If there is any solution to this crisis is to organise A Fight(using Kattulu) between KCR and NCB Naidu.Whoever wins shall be given the state to rule…. lolli.Tala Tegi padale. Jai Telangana Jai Andhra Jai Rayala Seema! Jai Samykya Telangana. Inke manna unte adi guda add chesukondi brother! Anta Drama, manni jampaka tintunru gadida kodukulu.Vaadu sannasi Veedu Sannasodu Aakariki Manam Sannasulam.Delhi lo AC la gusoni Amma tamasha choostandi.Tannuku chavandira kodukullara ani.Manchi gundi lolli aakariki migiledi matti peddale. Jai ….. Jai….  Jai…

  19. Ani says:

    Irespective of which side you are from, ultimately it boils down to administration or maladministration of the province. though i am a strong proponent of Telangana, i want to ask this so called Integrationists as to what they really mean by integration, is it only geographical integration without taking people from Telengana into the fold. They say “ kalise vunte kaladu sukamu” sukamu for whom. Should it be at the cost of the people of Telangana. The so called leaders who are for Samikyandhra did not even try to find out from 2001 ( when the Separatist movement started)  as to where the problem lies, leave alone trying to solve them. Are these wily political leaders not to be blamed for there inapt  handling of the whole issue, if they were interested in keeping the state united why did they agree for division during various discussions, in there election manifestos etc. it definitely points to the double standards adopted by them. There are innumerable and countless examples where the people of Seemandhra region have manipulated the system to suit there needs and deny the rightful share of Telangana people in various fields. Take for instance the GO 610 which was issued in 1985, but the same has not being implemented till date or irrigation projects which are completed on war footing in Seemandhra area and the projects in Telangana remain on paper, there is not one department which has not being exploited by these persons. It is better we separate now instead of facing this problem once again after 10 or 15 years as the nature of the politicians or people from Seemandhra region is not going to change, they will keep exploiting the people and  resources of the Telangana. The Constitution of India grants us freedom to settle, do business, study any where in any part of India, just because some stupid person says you cant stay or you have to go does not take away our right guaranteed under the Constitution.

  20. Sreekanth says:

    Ekkada chala mandi janalu wikipedia ne source ga chupincharu… wikipedia ento mmundu ardha chesukondi… edaina topic lo koncham avagahana vunnavadu wikipedia lo dani gurunchi tega rayachu…. If you want to site source why not from judicial/ministers committiees, even the infamous Sri Krishna committee… Mundu avi chadavandi… taravata telusthundi evaru evariki em chesaro…. jai telangana

  21. Gori says:

    Mohammed Shaya came from IRAN 

    Just get out of India Idiot


  22. Babu says:

    Instead of figting for Samayka Andhra , It is better to have seperarate Country as   "Telugu Nadu"  or "Telugu Desam"




  23. Jagan says:

    Dear Chakraverthy Sir, I have a point to made here about 'Andra' term and 'Telugu language'.
    As per my knowledge Your argument expressing that 'we (Andra& Telangana) should live in Unity because we came from same (Andra) tribe'.
    Even though I appreciate your argument I strongly disagree with you because you are trying to prove, which can't be proved.
    1. Every one agree that there was 'Andra tribe' in the South India but the question is 'Do all the people in Andra region belongs to the one tribe?' and 'Do all the people in the former Andra pradesh state belongs to Andra tribe only?'
    2. If not than other question is Who belongs to 'Andra tribe'? Which caste people and which district people?
    3. If Kamma or other dominent communites only belongs to Andra tribe than why should other people accept Andra name? 
    4. You know that 'Andra' is a tribe name and I surprised that why you are supporting it when it named after a linguistic based state?
    5. Your argument about establishing 'Andra mahasabha' in Nizam region is not substantial because some times people accept and own foreign symbols and institutions because of ignorence or other compulsions but you cannot fault them when they realise and turned towrds their own symbol or institution.
    6. Use of word 'Andra' itself is not justifiable because all people in this region won't belong to a single tribe. Andra tribe migrted from North to South and most of people in this area belongs to Dravidian origin.
    7. Andra Pradesh state was not established on the basis of one tribe but basis of one language. Not entire 'Andra region from Madras province and Hyderabad state' combined to form the state. Only Telugu language speaking people from both regions were combined and non-telugus were excluded.   

  24. telugu says:

    any way we are having two states.
    but our heart is same.that is telugu.
    our telugu language having greatest litarature,greatest history.
    our telugu is very sweet,very rich,very long history,great litarature.
    proud to be telugu. but dont proud to be telangana,andhra,rayalaseema.

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