Whose Hyderabad is it?

When Sri Krishna Deva Raya took to the Vijayanagara throne in 1509, the empire was in a significantly weakened state. The entire coastal Telugu areas were occupied by Orissa. Similarly, the Kannada and Tamil regions have also raised a flag of revolt. 24 year old Sri Krishna Deva Raya was determined to put things in order. He first invaded Mysore (Srirangapatnam) and suppressed the Kannada revolt. He then marched on coastal Telugu region and drove out the Orissa army from Udayagiri, Kondavidu, Kondapalli, and Rajahmundry. After this Krishna Deva Raya marched on Tamil Coromandel coast and subdued that region as well. At the end of these battles, that lasted six long years, he was able to bring back the entire South India under Vijayanaagaram’s suzerainty.


While Sri Krishna Deva Raya was busy consolidating his empire, Bahamani Empire of Deccan (Gulbarga) was going through infighting. Sultan Quli, who came to India from Turkey, raised a flag of revolt against Bahamani. He attacked Devarakonda and ended the Velama kingdom’s rule.


Learning of the attack on the Velama kingdom, Sri Krishna Deva Raya rushed with his forces to rescue and camped at Panagal in Nalgonda. In a fierce battle that ensued, Sultan Quli defeated Sri Krishna Deva Raya forcing his retreat from Nalgonda.


Encouraged by his victory, Sultan Quli marched on Coastal Telugu districts. Sri Krishna Deva Raya learnt his lesson and moved into Coastal Andhra with a massive army and succeeded in driving out Sultan Quli’s forces. As a result, today’s Nizam region was separated from Telugu land and a tenuous peace reigned between Vijayanagaram and Qutub Shah who started ruling from Golkonda.


Sultan Quli’s brother Ibrahim was the assumed heir to the Golkonda throne. Ibrahim got into a dispute with his brother. Vijayanagaram, after the premature death of Sri Krishna Deva Raya, was now under the rule of his son-in-law Aliya Rama. Aliya gave a large estate in Vijayanagaram to Ibrahim and provided protection from his brother. After the demise of Sultan Quli, Ibrahim left Vijayanagaram and went on to become the king of Golkonda.


Sadly, in the Talikota battle waged to destroy Vijayanagaram in the name of Jihad, Ibrahim became a mute spectator to the spectacle of his friend Aliya Rama’s head getting chopped off by Nizam Shah of Ahmadnagar. Though there are accounts that he was grief-stricken to witness his friend’s killing, he did not stop it.


Ibrahim, after the demise of Vijayanagara Empire, started annexing its Telugu districts. In 1571-72 he captured Rajahmundry, in 1579 he captured Vinukonda, Kondavidu, Kacharlakota, and Khammam.


Hyderabad city was not founded at this time. After Ibrahim Quli’s death, his son Mohammed Quli continued consolidating his hold on Vijayanagara Telugu regions. Mohammed occupied Kurnool, Cuddapah, Nandial, Dole, Gandikota, and Nellore.


Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah completed the consolidation of the Telugu region under Muslim rule. He founded Hyderabad in 1589. At the time of the city’s founding the entire Telugu country, including the current Nizam, Circar, and Ceded regions, was under Qutub Shahs.


Mongolian Emperor Aurangazeb intended to consolidate his hold on South India. He attacked Golkonda and captured it in 1687, thus ending the Qutub Shahi rule. He appointed his representative Nizam to administer the Golkonda kingdom.


British entered India in 1600 to conduct trade through the East India Company. Inspired by the stupendous financial success of the East India Company, French entered Indian shores in 1650s through the French East India Company. British and French quickly went beyond their original goal of trade and got involved in regional conflicts between Indian kingdoms. British were the best in the world when it came to using gun powder, followed by the French.


Nizam Asaf Jah of Hyderabad declared independence from Delhi in 1720. Asaf Jah died in 1748. His sons got into a fight for the Hyderabad throne. British and French sided with different heirs in that power struggle. Both the British and French had their eyes set on the Coastal Telugu districts for maritime trade and military reasons.


French helped Nizam’s third son Salabat to capture Hyderabad throne. In return for their generosity, Salabat assigned Coastal districts to the French. British concerned with the growing French influence, under the leadership of Colonel Clive, marched on the Coastal districts in 1759 and occupied the region. As a result, British were officially at war with the Hyderabad State.


Seven years later in 1766, British and the Nizam reached an agreement to end hostilities. In return for keeping the Coastal districts, British agreed to pay nine lakh rupees a year to Nizam. As you can see, though Coastal districts were separated from the rest of the Telugu land, the districts were still contributing to Hyderabad exchequer through the taxes paid to the British, which are in turn being passed on to Nizam.


The conflict between the British and French continued in the Indian subcontinent. Nizam once again sided with French and invited 15,000 French soldiers to protect Hyderabad. British marched on Hyderabad and drove out the French soldiers. Nizam was forced to accept British protection through a treaty signed in 1798. As a result, six battalions of British forces were placed in Hyderabad. Nizam was required to pay 24 lakh rupees a year for the maintenance of British troops.


Nizam could not pay the British these monies and as a result amassed a significant debt. In 1800 he was forced to cede Bellary and Cuddapah to the British in return for the British military expense.


So, it is clear that Hyderabad continued to receive British protection with the taxes paid by the Circar and Ceded districts even after these regions separated from the Hyderabad State.


Hyderabad State, in addition to the 8 Telugu districts, had 4 Kannada and 3 Maratha districts. There was an atrocious tax regime under Nizam. Peasants of all these districts paid taxes through their nose to Nizam.


Today’s Hyderabad city is a source of revenue for the rest of the State. However, prior to 1956, the situation was quite different. The rural areas of the Hyderabad State financed the expenses required to maintain the capital city.


Now, with that background, who can stake a claim for Hyderabad city?


Our capital city belongs to the people living in erstwhile Nizam Telangana, Maratha, and Kannada districts- particularly the peasants.


It belongs to Hyderabadi Muslims including those that came from Iran, Iraq, Turkey and other places.


It belongs to the Marathis, Kannadigas, Marwadis, Rajputs, Gujaratis, Punjabis and many others who have been living in Hyderabad city for many generations.


Lastly, it belongs to the people of Circar and Ceded districts. As separatists call them, these people are not “settlers” but are rightful stakeholders of the Hyderabad city. Just like the poor peasants of the Nizam districts, their forefathers have also contributed to the development of Hyderabad city by paying taxes to the Qutub Shahs, the Nizams and the British.


Save Andhra Pradesh!

Nalamotu Chakravarthy






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159 Responses to “Whose Hyderabad is it?”

  1. Chandra says:

    I could find a short video clip of Tv9 interview of Chakravarthy garu. 
    As above blogger Kumar pointed out, our interviewers just interview casually without any preparation.   Seems people are confused regarding govt of AP statements that it does not have data from 1956. What i could understand is, they said, they dont have data on govt spending district wise. They never said they dont have any statistics. Infact govt of India also seems to be having statistics from 1950's of all states.

    • satya says:

      chandra gaaru, The video seems to be removed from the link.

        • satya says:

          Jagan, The case of Adikesavulu is little bigger. Its not just Ravi prakash, their reporting staff also do such blackmailing things. I personally witnessed a TV9 reporter blackmailing a sadhu near Durgamma temple vijayawada. This sanyasi is just a wanderer who sits near the temple and give those rakshas(taayattu) if someone comes to him. And he usually take whatever they offer. Mostly he used to get in coins only and at max 10 rupees he may get from any kind hearted people.
          This TV9 reporter went to this person and shooted this process and demanded him 25000/- for not to telecast. The poor guy didnt even have a roof for himself. The reporter threatened that he would be put in a jail if it comes in TV.  Meanwhile somebody watching this asked the reporter to leave the poor guy by taking some 1000 rupees.
          This incident happend during the early days when TV9 was launched. After this I rarely watches this channel also dont entirely take whatever they show. Now a days all the channels are more or less like TV9

          • jagan says:

            I always wondered why TV9 is so much after adhikesavulu and TTD for the past 5 months. seems like that the is tsecret of their energy.

  2. Sandeep says:

    I pity you if you still dont understand or try to understand the ground reality.
    This fight for Telangana is Justified.It wants to regain its glory.
    Even i am a native hyderabadi from years..my ancestors goin 3 generations are from here itself(chanchalguda,oldcity,hyderabad).I dont know how much self respect you got.

    But i and most of telangana people feel they cant take it anymore.They want to live and lead
    a self reliant life upkeeping their culture and identity.I know Adilabad guy cant completely understand
     my hyderabadi zubaan.But still wont desist or show bias towards me looking at my language or
     my culture.
    There is nothing wrong in your opposing or not being so convinced for Telangana .Thats your take on it.
    But I guarantee you that Telangana is gonna become reality for sure.
    You just keep watching how Telangana will be carved out of AP soon.

  3. satya says:

    For any language  there are 3 types of dialects. Grandhika bhasha, vaaduka bhaasha and jaanapadam or maandalikam. 
    The 3rd one vary from region to region.. sometimes it varies to places between the same region. srikakulam slang and godavari slang are different. and so is guntur and prakaasam.  That is why no where in the world maandalikam is chosen as a praamanika bhaasha or base language. 
    The 1st two, like graandhika bhaasha and vaaduka bhaasha will overlap sometimes esp. in news and print media. Also this is the language of common middle class who neither have the great command on the language nor speak the mandalikam. So this becomes more or less a common language across the regions.
    Desapathi srinivas taken the example of a mandalikam, like "Malekka poddu aindi le biddaa…". can the new generation of telangana woman will use the same slang to wake up his kid, if the telangana state is divided? The answer is NO. At that time you cant say the reason is andhra people. 
    A similar yaasa for prakasam people is "godlippe yaala aindi" means early morning. but do we see that language any where in media? Does that mean the language of prakasam dist is ruined by rest of andhra? 
    The people whoever speaking these dialects are themselves transforming to the common language. still I feel the dialects to be preserved in the form of books, .. for eg, vamsi's pasalapudi kathalu, poleramma banda kathalu etc..
    Sandeep, what telangana glory you are talking about? Pity you if u have the glory of nizam's (not telangana)  in your mind who sucked the blood of your fore fathers for years.

  4. Ranga Rao,IRS, says:

    While you started history from 1509, it is evident that telangana area was not in unified state of all telugu-speaking people. That the present coastal areas were with telangana area between 1589 and 1766,i.e for 177 yrs., is lesser than its seperation from 1766 to 1956 i.e., for 190 yrs. Hence the togetherness of telangana area with coastal area is for a lesser time and hence could not be integretated into telangana in any way, say,culturally,emotionally,psychologically,educationally and etal.The coastal people who were under British rule for about 200 years,has integrated themselves into British Culture well in all aspects i.e,imbibed the quality of cunning-ness, back-stabbing nature, selfish-ness, greed for others' wealth & property, denying right share to the eligible, coming-together, to protect their financial prosperities,interests and goals even if it hurts others/robs others of their rights.To be continued…. K.ranga Rao, IRS, Asst.Commnr., of Income-Tax,Hyd. 

    • satya says:

      By accusing all people of a region, it is evident that you are utterly unfit to the post that you are holding now. Yes. coastal people learned from British.. They learned to hardwork, to create opportunities, they learnt the art of agriculture, they learned about business, investment..
      In your own words, If coastal people learned cunning-ness from british, what telangana people learned from nizam? taagi tandanalu aadatama?
      your comparision of 177yrs to 190 yrs..reminded me of a telugu saying.. "కోడి గుడ్డు మీద ఈకలు పీకడం.. "

      • jagan says:

        I think our ranga rao seems to be forgetting that almost all of India was under british rule along with the Nizam. Actually it was the nizam who was the first to submit to british supremacy.
        It is not just costa people but people in bengal, orrisa, maharastra, gujarat, delhi, madras… almost everyone was under direct british rule for 150 years so according to our frnd, the whole of India must have learned all those wilful qualities from british. May be,  the Nizam area need to seperate from the India itself and revive the attrocious muslim rule, it was in earlier.
        What did the nizam area people learn from the selfish, ruthless, timid, weak, stupid, islam maniac nizams? Don't you know that Nizams were far worse rulers than the britishers?
        I am really baffled by your logic Mr Ranga Rao…  what kind of wisdom you have? Your statement is so childish!!
        I really doubt whether you are an Asst commisioner in IRS or just an imposter trying to get some mileage from that tag.
        Indian people may have always learned some external qualities of administrative procedures, dressing style,  english, urdu, languages etc..  from foreigners, being it the muslim rulers or the britishers. May be, we have got some external flavor of britishers or muslim rulers.
        We have always kept our soul,faith, philisophy, mindset, values intact despite being ruled by compulsive foriegners for over 700 years.
        That is strength/robustness and beauty of Indian culture and philosophy as our culture has recorded history of over 2500 years.
        Just 150 years of nizam rule or british isn't going to change our soul and values.

    • jagan says:

      Ranga rao,
      You seem to be in a hurry to conclude that Nizam area is culturally and socially distinct than costa/seema but seems to be lacking the essential wholistic picture needed to characterise cutlure/society.
      The topic was actually about the association of costa/seema/telangana regions with hyderabad and not about how many years, the telugu regions are together.
      But let us look into that also.
      There was no seperate telangana, costa, seema before 1800's. All these regions used to exist together for centuries and millinia and that is why you and I speak the same language.
      You are talking about those 190 years of seperation(which BTW is actually only 133 years – 1823AD to 1956) but forget the centuries of togetherness, when there were no regions at all.
      Telangana until early 1800's means the whole of telugu land. It is only in early 1800's for adiministrative convenience, Nizams used the word telangana for the present 10 districts and british used costa terminology for coastal districts.
      So this doesnot mean, people of present telangana are of different race/origin or have different culture than the costa/seema regions.
      Culture is something that accumulates over centuries of civilisation and not just 150 years.

    • jagan says:

      Regarding the association of costa/seema/telangana regions with hyderabad – British bought the rights for costa/seema once for all in 1823 in exchange for the expenses of military forces stationed at hyderabad. Until then Nizam rented these regions for an annual payments.
      Guntur was the personal estate of Nizam's brother until he died in 1788.
      Costa/seema were associated with hyderabad directly for 288 years – 1589AD to 1823AD and 1956AD to till date accounts to 288 years.
      Between 1823 to 1947, they were associated indirectly by paying for the british military forces stationed at hyderabad for safety of the hyderabad state.

    • jagan says:

      Ranga rao,
      Wow!! Brother!!..  You have vented out 2 full lines of blasphemy, blaming etc… and interestingly you seem to have more.
      I don't know, where you developed that hatred.. may be in those camps/trainings given by TRS and other seperatist organizations.
      You seem to be thinking that such blasphemy wud scare us and we wud give up our fight for a united state. Nevertheless it wud make us more determined and more prepared for it.
      I seriouly don't really understand the motives/intentions behind these blasphemy, blamings, cursing etc., nor do I undertand the use of such statements. What are you going to acheive?
      I don't see any use except the stupidlity in satisfying your ego and taking false pride in abusing others on the false pretext that they have abused you earlier.
      sunakanandham tappa varigedhemundhi.
      I don't think most common people in Nizam area have the same hatred as some of you guys.
      People have relations across regions, friends, best friends across regions.People have been marrying across different regions and even more in today's world.
      If there is anything, the people of AP are divided, it is based on caste and not on region. Take politics, take marital relations, take cinema industry.. almost everything is divided based on caste and not region brother. Nizam area is no exception to it.
      Any nation/state formed out of hatred/blasphemy will end up like pakisthan, where even after seperation they will be concerned about bringing down the other nation or accusing it of any shortcomings instead of focussing on their own development.
      You cannot achieve seperate state with this kind of blasphemy as the more you do it, the more determined/strong the opposition will become.

  5. deccani says:

    As long as there are people who can see the future of Telangana  like Chakravarthy and me,there are lakhs of folks in Telangana who are not for the state.Telangana is not going to be a reality.Dude its not about self-respect ,you are not being ruled by the Nizams or the British,wake up my friend. Its so paining that these shibboleths are being raised in the 21st century when are supposed to rise above everything and step up to the plate in this competitive world. Let's not buy emnity . You are wrong on one more aspect. Nobody has bias towards others in today's world where you snooze you lose.

  6. Kumar says:

    Ranga Rao,IRS – I pitty your reasoning to split the state into two accusing andhra people of learning bad qualites from British. If so, how come the Western countries are so developed compared to others. It's sad to see educated person like you making false claim's. Are you saying there are not bad people in T. Wake up. Good & bad people exists in both places.
    Our forefathers would be cryning to see statements like these who sacrificed their lives for unification of all telugu people. When people can't lift there spirits and move positively, they try to blame others. In this case – Andhra people.

  7. praveen says:

    Most part of India was under British rule, going by logic most of the Indians are cunning except those under the rule of Nizam.

  8. harsha says:

    this is competetive world we have to struggle and win not by just blaming others that what is happening in telanagana movement seperate state movement is not crime and happened earlier but never the case like blaming seemandhra people for everything of course there may be some mistakes happened in administration in past years that can be corrected. fact is if we remove Hyderabad and some areas of rangareddy all other districts are some or the same, under developed   ares exist in all regions u people can never accept the facts but always live in emotions,blaming others for everything speaking about past , but you people have to live in present 

  9. harsha says:

    people with huge emotions with less logic will achieve nothing , the emotions with which u are going will lead u noway there were seperate states created in India and also seperate countries in the world but never there was a case were state along with capital was created bcoz lot of development happens around capital, i challange  u mr Ranga Rao as you are in IRS you may be aware about Indian state give me one example of one state created along with capital as seperate if you can i will accept your argument in this blog itself can you prove

  10. harsha says:

    here are examples
    1.Andhra state without madras lying far away from capital Madras like vizag, kurnool,vijaywada.
    2.Gujarat without bombay far away from capital bombay earstwile.
    3.chattisgarh far away areas from capital Bhopal of madhya pradesh.
    4.jharkand far away from capital patna in Bihar
    5.Uttarakhand created from uttar pradesh capital lucknow .
    6.all the north eastern states were created from assam except sikkim these states were away from capital Gauwhati .
    It clearly shows areas far away from capital were made seperate states not areas around capital  

  11. harsha says:

    Considering present seperate state demands just observe 
    1.Vidarbha away from capital Mumbai distance nearly 800kms.
    2.Gurkhaland away from capital kolkatta distance nearly 700kms.
    3.Purvanchal areas of ayodhya,faizabad away from capital lucknow 
    4 Bundelkhand area away from capital Bhopal and lucknow not along with capital.
    5.Tulu nadu coatal area of karanataka but away from capital Benegaluru . 
    how can you justify to form Seperate state along with capital, capitals are life lines of the states they have best infrastructure among all over state 

  12. Air says:

    Hi Ranga Rao  garu,
    ,imbibed the quality of cunning-ness, back-stabbing nature, selfish-ness, greed for others' wealth & property, denying right share to the eligible, coming-together, to protect their financial prosperities,interests and goals even if it hurts others/robs others of their right

    How you are able to reach that post if coastal andhra people has above characters. i think they may kicked you out of the post long back. am I correct.   Just think your KCR on his days of fasting(what he called as) he told he demanded a doctor who is from andhra not from telangana. even he is spitting venom on andhra the guy came did his job and went. do you think u need more example than this to know the character of andhras.

  13. deccani says:

    Rama Rao see what your Khammam folk are saying about Telangana. You being in IRS should be above the insular and anachronistic considerations.

  14. Chandra says:

    I wanted to share  the following lighter report to SKC submitted by separatists , one of

    the most rediculous of separatsists reports to SKC.

    Here is the link :


    I did not have time to go through the complete crap but here are some interesting and funny  things.

    In page 79- 80 of above link:

     T intellectuals accepted that Nizam gave away coastal andhra to british. They say

    some interesting things such as because Nizam helped british they could rule in india.Or

    else they would have left india during tippu sultan times itself.

     Now are these separatists not the traitors of entire INDIA? by praising Nizam for his


    (page 82)
    2. separatists accept that vinayaka nimajjanam concept and Holi, which spread from telangana

    was accepted by coastal andhra but their allegation is bathukamma was not accepted.(page 82)
    I ask how many people in telangana celebrate atla thadde.

    To be honest I never celebrated atla thadde till now!!

    3.PAGE 88  they say if T was separate then castes in T such as Velama, reddy and brahim

    would have become contractors and capitalists and enjoyed like how some castes (kamma) from

    coastal districts would have enjoyed.
    As we all know one of the key factors why T movement is for incompetence of our T earlier

    feudal lords in fetching govt contracts and inablity to compete with rest of businessmen in

    AP, they want a separate state.

    page 100
    Their dangerous suggestion!!  is it would have been wise if 565 princely states were kept as

    it is and developed!!!!

    page 104
    5. We know separatists say that there is no caste feeling in T. Read page 104 point No 10.
    The same separatists blaming velama and reddy castes in telangana for their domination.(Its

    contradicting the page 88!!

     page 158.
     6.separatists say coastal andhra  industrially did not get right justice in united AP

    7.. Page 162 . no social reformer from coastal andhra (i do not know whether these people

    ever heard about kandukuri viresalingam panthulu).

    I really pity how SKC and their consultants will be going through such reports.  I had a

    hearty laugh though skimming through this crap !!!

  15. praveen says:

    I am looking forward to Telangana state and new Telangana language and Lipi in Devanagari. Probably it will be a remarkable event where a new language, new lipi are going to be innovated.

    • prabhakar says:

      I suppose you are the one who posted a depressed comment on ourtelanagana.com.
      Anyways, there seems to be no end to dreams of the brainwashed.
      Today most of Indian languages are under threat of becoming extinct.
      As 'decanni' raised more than once, most of day-to-day vocabulary is getting replaced with English.
      You are dreaming new Lipi. Great! 

  16. Chandra says:

    Satya, thats true.  separatsts give more importance to dialect rather than the language itself !!which i feel is highly irrational.

    I remember having   seen  few years back  some primary school books in Karimnagar district where some poems and stories were written in local dialect. When i asked them why is it done like that, the reply was students would understand well if its in local dialect.

    But they are not understanding the farther consequences of such acts. Suppose students from Rajamundry , Chittor and karimanagr study their elementary education giving more importance to "mandalikam" and after 20 years they meet at some place, they start fighting saying that this is what they studied and thats the right way to say it.

    Telugu i feel is a language which is very ancient and well standardized (may not be not sufficiently). 

    So instead of using the standard telugu, these people want to invent  unncessary new techniques in teaching which will cause trouble in future.

  17. aaraj says:

    I have been reading the blogs and comments  in this context i want to add that my view -why we require telanga for
    1) self respect for people of telangana
    2) coastal people have no respect for for our dilect, our culture nor for our festivals.
    3) The Coastal andhra people have only one aim to destroy the telangana it all started with NTR, for diverting water from krishna river throught srisailam dam he promised water for telanga region through left canal and taken water to the kadappa and chittor through  right canal for which there is no permission from cetral water tribunal it was consrturced and named TELUGU GANGA for the promised left canal for past 30 years is yet to complete – is it not the back stabing.  Further the funds for the SRSP were diverted to the tEULUG GANGA PROJECT which dosent have any funds sanctioned.
    2) SRSP is yet to complete from the past 40 years all the projects in the coastal and rayalseema were being completed  is not back stabbing.
    3) Compare the number of universtities established by the Andraities -NTR Health University, Veterinary University at chittor and may universities what about Telangana none were established
    4) andraties want to control the telanga as britisher did -
    5) I want to put a direct question to the writer please publish the details of Telangana people working in the Andrha and Rayalseema regiions under the non-local areas – I guess less than 100

  18. Sandeep says:

    @aaraj Bhai
    your       5) I want to put a direct question to the writer please publish the details of Telangana people working in the Andrha and Rayalseema regiions under the non-local areas – I guess less than 100
    is something which none of these commenters can give a direct and justified answer.I bet!!

    • prabhakar says:

      @Sandeep and @aaraj
      Migration does not happen by invitation. But in search of opportunity.
      Do you have any data with number of Telanganites who tried to make living in other regions and why they did not succeed.
      I already heard lone allegation by KCR that one businessman friend was beaten up in Vizag. Please do not repeat the same. Even if we consider it was genuine, are all Telenganites afraid by mere single instance of aggression?
      Ordinary labor from Bhiar and Gujarat go anywhere in India. All that they need is ability to converse in broken Hindi.
      Then what makes educated Telanganites go out in search of jobs in other regions.
      They are ready to go overseas and other state capitals but not kosta and seema regions.
      25 years ago when I joined Engineering there were seats reserved for non-locals as well as students from outside the state. I have classmates from Himachal, Nagaland and Meghalaya. But none from Telangana region.
      Today Telangana students going to anywhere in AP paying lakhs of rupees as fees.

  19. satya says:

    Aaraj & Sandeep,
    This blog is not to discuss on base less allegations and junk figures. None of ur five points are backed with any credible proofs. All your points are just like political  statements. I dont know how you guys think that rivers are property of telangana.
    In democracy people asking for self rule is the biggest joke.

  20. Prakash says:

    Mr. Nalamotu, the two cases of the Asafjahis conceding land to the East India Company is typical of the colonial practice of reparations ("victor's justice"). The ceded districts case is one of the examples of Lord Wellesley's "subsidiary alliance" under which several princes accepted nominal EIC suzerainity.
    The districts that were conceded to EIC paid taxes equivalent to other subjects and presumably received equal benefits from their rulers. Your statement "Hyderabad continued to receive British protection with the taxes paid by the Circar and Ceded districts" is therefore untenable. If anything, all EIC subjects contributed equally to the privy purses paid to all Indian princes and the upkeep of all British Indian forces including those stationed in the princely states.
    You yourself state that Hyderabad state residents paid taxes "through their nose" to the Asafjahi kings. Assuming EIC tax structure was much less harsh and recognizing the above factor, the contribution of circars and ceded districts to Hyderabad should therefore be negligible during their British days.
    I agree these districts contributed to the Asafjahi's exchequer but this was significant only during the period of direct control.
    On a different note, you are repeating himself when he refers to Muslims, Marathis, Kannadigas, Marwadis, Rajputs, Gujaratis, Punjabis etc. These people are already included in the previous paragraph. Is this repetition just an accident?
    One more for the road: what do you mean by "Nizam Telangana" & "Maratha"? I am familiar with  Telangana & Marathwada but baffled by your terms.

  21. Chakravarthy says:

    Prakash garu-
    At last some sensible comments from a separatist point of view. I am impressed with your parsing of my words with such razor precision :-)
    - All regions of the State were under Qutub Shahs and Nizams during the existence of Hyderabad. Now British provided security to Hyderabad State and in return demanded monies and Nizam agreed to give up the Telugu regions in return. My argument is that the British did not provide security to Hyderabad for free and in fact that financing came from taxation of Kosta and Seema.
    - Maratha in the context you questioned is the Maratha speaking region of Hyderabad State
    - As far as usage of Nizam Telangana goes, to me Telangana stands for the entire State of Andhra Pradesh. Similarly, Andhra region stands for the entire State of Andhra Pradesh. In order to differentiate Telangana from the 9 Telugu districts under last Nizam, I call it Nizam Telangana or Nizam region and that's purely my personal preference. I usually refer to Coastal Andhra as circar or kosta and Rayalaseema as ceded or seema. Again, all my personal preferences. 
    - Please bear with my repetitive style. Sometimes I do it for emphasis and other times it could be oversight.

  22. Prakash says:

    Mr. Nalamotu, thank you for the left handed compliment. Thanks also for your acknowledgement that others (including "separatists") can have a point of view that can sometimes be sensible.
    Sorry I missed the Qutubshahi days. Please read my statement as "I agree these districts contributed to the Qutubshahi & Asafjahi exchequers but this was significant only during the period of direct control."
    In my view, the taxation link has not been established. All British India subjects paid the same level of taxes that financed all privy purses to all princes and all military outflows. In view of this and thee lower tax rates, contribution of circar/ceded districts to Hyderabad (or Mysore for that matter) would be negligible. We must also remember the amount of 24 lacs per year was basically "protection money", not the cost of upkeep.
    As far as I know, Maratha is a caste (roughly like Kammas), not a region. The 4 Marathi speaking districts of Hyderabad state were and are called Marathwada.
    Telangana=Andhra=Andhra Pradesh, an interesting concept. I trust this refers to the administrative region of 23 districts irrespective of their language. I am only three-quarters Telugu and will not pass the Nuremberg test :)

  23. Prakash says:

    Mr. Nalamotu, I just received input from a Marathi friend that demonstrates you & I are both wrong on the immediate post-Qutubshahi aftermath. When Golconda fell to the Moghuls in 1687, the territory was integrated into Deccan with Aurangabad as capital. In 1724 Asaf Jah broke away to form the Hyderabad state. The capital was transferred from Aurangabad to Hyderabad in 1763. Hyderabad became a capital for the first time in its history. By then the the circar districts was already being claimed by the British and the handover was finalized in 1765. The ceded districts were conceded under Wellesley's "subsidiary alliance" 30 years later.
    Simple math yields the following:
    Pre-1956 contribution to Hyderabad city from andhra: 2 years
    Pre-1956 contribution to Hyderabad city from seema: 32 years

    • Chakravarthy says:

      "friend's input" is the source you provide, while you discount Rao's extensive work. Looks you are quite selective in what you consider as your reliable sources :-)

      If people like you had spent a fraction of this kind of effort validating separatist allegations, we would have found out long back that most of their claims are false.

      Hyderabad was founded in 1589, when all telugu people were together. My argument is that the cities of those days relied on taxation of rural areas, as opposed to current situation where cities are net revenue generators.

  24. Prakash says:

    Mr. Nalamotu, I did not provide my anonymous Maharshtrian friend's comment as a source. I researched his input independantly. You may like to check yourself if the dates I quote are incorrect.
    You are quick to paint me with a broad brush (people like you had spent a fraction of this kind of effort) without even knowing me.
    Regarding Rao, I will respond separately at the more appropriate post.

  25. Rohit says:

    I Just want to ask you straight point Questions:
    rzn : You man , sound like , look like , think like a typical andhra guy who has roots from the andhra region , not from Telangana.
    Q'n1.: Ask Yourself, where are the origins of your Parents and grand parents. instead of finding the roots of the Telangana people. Who are still not independent.
    Q'n 2: If you believe in unity and prosperity and capital. Why did you guys seperate from Tamilians, who also speak your andhra slang.
    Q'n 3: You moved to Nalgonda from Guntur for what ever reasons ( to own Agricultural lands and become rich on Telangan soil ), and you dared to question the rights of Telangana.
    Q'n4: You said You and your Family are happily living in NY with 2 Kids. How big are the NY, NJ, NY, DE, PA states you think. Why can't they be bigger than what they are now , because they share common waters and other resources?
    Q'n5: I saw your interviews, you seem to have well settled in US and made lot of money in Telangana. Please Take it easy and let Telangana People struggle for their freedom. Don't meddle with Telangana sentiments, just because you developed an aversive attitude towards separation of AP. 
    Q'n 6:Forget about politics, capital etc., Do you think , Telangana People
    ever got along or happy with Andhra People.
    Q'n 7: Finally, Ask Yourself, can't you live with out Telangana and Hyderabad when Telangana people don't want to live with Andhra anymore. Period!!!!!! 
    Q'n 8: After seperating from Tamil People, How long you People want to suck on to telangana, with out having guts to have own state and capital of your own.
    Q'n 9: You are welcome to fight on the water share , not on the issue of Telangana Land. Remember..
    Q'n 10: Please learn to accept the facts and digest them. Are You people ready for it or still want to continue the same leech habit.

    Good Luck on Your cleverness. 

  26. varun reddy says:

    Hyderabad belongs to peple of telangnana only,during qutub shahi regime even area n which madras is bulit was part of qutub shahi kingdom,Mr.linganna nephew of Prime minister Madana was governor of that area,so that means people of tamil nadu apart ppl frm karnataka n maharshtara contributed for development of hyd n 1591.even banglore city after defeat of tipu sultan was under nizam,so y andhra intelectual wont claim banglore n madras.hyderabad city was destroyed by aurangazeb army in 1687. capital was shifted to aurangabad, new hyderabad city was developed since 1800 , when andhras were part of madras preidency.so hyderabad city was developed only by ppl of Telangana,Maratwada,HYderabad -karnataka.if andhra were so capable of developing city y they ran away from kurnool, which was called as tented capital. they came begging to people of telangana.

    • Phanindra says:

      Mr Varun Reddy,
      Your comments are one sided and only brings out your cunningess. Who had assigned Mr Linganna as the head of all Tamil people. Is it you or one of your separatists KCR? Why should Andhra people claim for Bangalore and Madras. If the people of Tamil nadu and Karnataka contributed for the development of Hyderabad, obviously they do have the right to ask for a decent share in Hyderabad. Hyderabad was never destroyed by Aurangazeb. He only captured Golconda. There is nothing like rebuilding the city in the history of Hyderabad. Please don't try to change History. Please go the libraries in old city and learn some history.

  27. Karnakar says:

    Emi Sir …Monna Telangana vallu meru HYD lo book publish chestunte memalni bagayinchi bagayinchi kotaru anta kadha papam meru SPECTS kosam kindiki vangi vetukutunte kindha padesi mari kotaru anta kadha i saw the news in SAKSHI and ENNADU paper ….plz do make a note on tht also in your book….

    • znaneswar says:

      Ala kottinavaru telangana poralu avvaru. Ma telangana vallaku ijjat vundi. samskriti vundi. ala kaka kottinavallu pashuvula kante bekar vallu. 

  28. Karnakar says:

    Emi Sir …Monna Telangana vallu meru HYD lo book publish chestunte memalni bagayinchi bagayinchi kotaru anta kadha papam meru SPECTS kosam kindiki vangi vetukutunte kindha padesi mari kotaru anta kadha i saw the news in SAKSHI and ENNADU paper ….plz do make a note on tht also in your book….


  29. sai says:

    I can certainly tell that Hyderabad is not Yours……You may have roots to telugu but .your book should be named as Andhra Roots rather than  my telugu roots ….absolute nonsense….

  30. crystal says:

    తెలంగాణా ,రాయలసీమ ,ఆంధ్ర  ఈ మూడు ప్రాంతాలవారు తెలుగువారు అక్కడ ఇక్కడ ఉన్న కులాలు మతాలు వేర్వేరుకాదు చుట్టరికాలు ఉన్నాయి  విభజన ఎందుకు అన్న ప్రశ్నకి సూటైన సమధానం లేదు ఆత్మగౌరవం అంటారు ఆ ప్రాంతం లో వున్న పెత్తందారులే అక్కడి ప్రజల్ని అణగదొక్కుతారు వారిపైన  తిరగబడాల్సింది పోయి అత్తమీద కోపం దుత్తమీద చూపించినట్టు తయారైంది    ఒకరు ఇస్తే వచ్చేది  కాదు స్వాభిమానం మనది ప్రజాస్వామ్యవ్యవస్థ ఆ ప్రాంతానికి చెందిన ప్రజాప్రతినిధులనే మనం ఎన్నుకుంటున్నాము  గాని వేరేవర్నికాదు. నేను కాదు దొంగ వాడు అని చూపించి కొట్టండి తరమండి అని ఎగదొసే నాయకుల మాటలకి ఉన్మాదులైపోతున్నారు   ఉద్యమాల పేరుతో వాడుకొని కరివేపాకులా తీసిపారేసాక తెల్లబోవటం తెలివైనవారి లక్షణం కాదు ఇప్పటివరకు చరిత్ర చెప్పిన సత్యం  విభజించు పాలించు  ప్రజలకి బుద్ధి రానంతవరకు ఇంతే రాజకీయం చిత్రమైనది దాని మాయలో ఒక ప్రాంతం వారిపై  ఇంకొకరు ఇలా వైషమ్యాలు విద్వేషాలతో రగిలి పోతుంటే చాలా బాధగా  ఉంది   

  31. v says:

    Andhra people please go back and merge with your good old madras state. Please leave us alone. Also take Hyderabad with you. We have enought resources and we will be much better off without you. Please let us know if you need any electricity at that time. Good riddance for Telangana folks. There can be true multicultural society, instead of telugu fanaticism

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