Who are we as Telugu People?

Professor Mohan Venigalla is a professor at George Mason University and has been doing his online radio show "Mohana Muralee GaanaLahari" for three years. On the eve of the 3rd anniversary of his show, I participated in his program. Here is the audio of the first of the 3-part interview.  If you visit his telugloble website, you will also find a blog I posted on teenage unemployment (not related to the crisis in our state)

I will post the rest of the links to the program as Mohan garu makes them available.


Save Andhra Pradesh!


Nalamotu Chakravarthy





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12 Responses to “Who are we as Telugu People?”

  1. Kishore says:

    Chakravarthy Garu
    People remember that culture evolves as that time goes by, To say some hundred years back we were one nation is no logic to say that we must be united now. It is fact that there are remarkable difference in cultures and between different regions of telugu speaking people. 
    Fact remains that these regions have never been united. Sitting in New York you can say that Tealnagana people are gullable and dont know history and stuff. We might not know history, but we know the present.
    I have read through your analysis, you have used only few indicators, here are many other indicators like industries, Health, etc that needs to taken care of when we look at development. You missed a lot of other indicators.
    When whole of one region wants to get seperated, its foolish to say that we andhra pradesh should be united based on history dating back hundreds of years whom no one identifies with.
    So, tell me what is wrong if telugu's have two seperate states? KCR would never have been success unless there is a majority of people in favour of it.

    • prabhakar says:

      Kishore gaaru,
      Ley us agree for a while with your argument of lost or fogotten identities.
      But what is 'Telangana'? Just a cluster of 10 districts? What is common about it?
      Are all dialects of Telangana same? If so why 'achhadu' 'achhindi' of Nizamabad is mocked by other dstricts? How many people outside 'Adilabad' can understand 'gond' ?
      Are all festivals same? Why Medaram jatara is not replicated everywhere? In fact Sammakka-Saralamma are symbols of Kakatiya oppression. Recently Kanche-ilayya of KU says 'Dorasanulu' have nothing to do with 'Batukamma'. It is only festival of OBC's (not even SC/ST). Tell me a signle festival common to <b>all districts and all people</b> that is not there in Andhra+Seema region.
      How many districts know about 'Perini' and host it? What is the status of Lambada dance, it is folk or just street dance?
      What is the political identity of Telangana? Nizam? Dora system? What are Tribals across Godavari?
      Are food habits same? Does everybody eat rice and wheat only?
      It is very easy to bring out differences because no two things in the world are same. The very fact that there are two itself is the difference.
      Another important point is claim of wish of majority. A few big mouthed guys on TV makes it majority? Or forced human chains? Or innocent children?
      What is KCR's success? Is he more successful than Shiva Sena which has 50-60 MLAs and close to 10 MPS? If Telangana is granted for KCR success, what should be done for Shiva Sena's success?

  2. Ramesh says:

    Here is a communist leader, who propogated vishlandhra movement now has changed his stance. There are many people like him who have changed stance. This proves that Andhra Pradesh never worked. BTW, Rajeshwar Rao is very fair and sincere politician, unlike the current crop.
    Jai Telangana

    • prabhakar says:

      You should had read the interview completely. This man maybe a great individual. But he did not stick to the ideology of his party. He switched to the party that was once partner of BJP.
      No surprise he can change the stand on Vishalandra. Moreover this interview does not suggest his stand before Dec 09, 2009.
      I would like to stress that many fence sitters said Jai Telangana only after Dec 09, 2009. This is only because it is first time in 30 years Telangana appeared to be a reality than a dream.

  3. Mohan says:

    Perhaps it is not a strong argument to say we were one people so therefore we should stay together. But it is preposterous lie to say that we are NOT one people.
    People change their minds all the time. If one person changes his/her mind that doesn't mean that Samaikya Andhra didn't work.
    As with KCR's popularity with some people,it only proves that people can be sheep. It is easy to get popular with hate and exclusion than inclusion. The ever successful slogan, "They are robbing you. I am here for you. Come with me. I will help you." That is the mantra of many politicians to divide people. They keep using it because it works.
    Osama Bin Ladin is popular with a lot of people too. KCR is a flagrant hate-monger. Period.

  4. rk says:

    mr nalamotu chakravarthy garu,
                                                    i want to ask you one question,that i recently i came to know that you are from nalgonda dist. Is my question is write, please reply me soon.I am waiting for your reply.

  5. Vijay says:

    I beleive this shall be an eye opener for separatists… Atleast now they shall start introspecting on the lies which they have been talking all this time…
    Initially they started agitation saying there is no development and lot of descrimination in T region, now they started with new slogam self respect and self rule (BTW they were not ruled by Brits, infact all the leaders were elected by themselves)…
    I think this movement will be on back burner once the truth comes out in public….

  6. Aru says:

    I think it's too late to discuss about our historical roots. The timing and the way 'Samaikyandhra udyamam' started and talked by  politicians….created hatred among people. Now a days nobody discusses about discrimination and development. It became a question of "who will win".

  7. praveen says:

    Politicians will win

  8. ramakanth says:

    very good analysis sir……….
    hats offf……….and salutes to you
    ramakanth reddy

    • Sundar says:

      Well said sir,  The two major political parties in AP are playing safe game with the people of all the regions.  Their party presidents  never explain their stand on this serious issue.  Each of these political parties are  trying to push the other party in to graveyard.  So far, unfortunately, they are successful in pushing many innocent young telugus into graveyard.  Now, It is the historic responsibility of the telugu intellectuals and common people to put an end to this game.  AND THAT WOULD BE THE VICTORY OF ALL TELUGUS…  

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