Welcome to the Srikrishna Committee Submission Release Event

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4 Responses to “Welcome to the Srikrishna Committee Submission Release Event”

  1. Karthik says:

    Mr Chakravarthy,
    Are you aligning with the folks at AP NRI , people who have designed and written articles in http://www.andhrapradeshnri.org website. Some of the articles there absolutely hilarious. Like the one Hyderabad and who should it belong to. The website talks so gloriously about Lagadapati and Jagan, everyone in AP knows that these are most corrupt politicians in the state.
    And you the so called intellectual aligining with these people clearly prroves that you are staged and planned drama. The Telanagana development Forum which never mentions anything abouit politicians looks so fair. It will be fair on your part to tell your affiliations outside. It's clear that you have nexus with the seemaandra politicians.

    • Ved says:

      Mr Karthik,
      'TDF which never mentions anything about politicians' – what a joke?. TDF bends over backwards for any party or leader that supports separate Telangana. They never question their motives and totally turn blind eye on every corruption that goes in Telangana except looking for andhra angle to do some more abuse against people of Andhra. It is of full of jingoism, expressing nauseating chauvinism as if Telangana is a separate country.

      On the other hand you got problem with APNRI doing exactly reverse but in a more civilized way. On APNRI site, they didn't call names on people of Telangana or abuse the people of Telangana in any way. Where as every TDF post has to have an abuse against people of Andhra. As far as statistics, everybody has an opinion, except some are supported by official evidence. We all know what those are. As a TDF supporter you should be last one to complain about any accuracy of the statistics.

    • Chakravarthy says:

      Karthik garu,
      I am affiliated with the APNRI organization, but am not responsible for everything that is written on their website. I am responsible for the Srikirshna Committee report I prepared and I am happy to take any criticism for that.
      As far as political affiliations go, the organization is working with politicians that believe in United Andhra Pradesh. As far as Seemandhra nexus goes, most of the leaders demanding that the state remain united come from Seemaandhra. I personally am indifferent to a person's region as long as they believe in the unity of Telugus.

      Regarding, politicians and corruption- I don't think this is a regional phenomenon. Political corruption is there in all regions.
      I will pass on your comments about articles to the web team at APNRI.

  2. Gopal says:

    The way things are turning out is very bad. Two sets of NRI from states are divided, people are divided. The website by AP NRI only helps to increase the hatred from telangana people. I dont know how it helps their purpose.

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