We are Victims of the Union Government

Crores of Telugu people feel alienated, insulted, and unwanted by the Indian Union.  Actions of the Indian Government since July 30, 2013, when UPA made the decision to divide the Andhra Pradesh State, have deeply hurt the feelings of many. Union Government’s unfair, undemocratic, dictatorial, and unconstitutional methods have caused despair to millions of Telugu people around the globe.


Our sense of alienation is borne out of deeply troubling nature of Union Government’s assault on the unity of Telugu people. In order to gain a few MP seats in the upcoming elections, Union Government has adopted the divide-and-rule policy of the British era. Following are the reasons for our sense of deprivation:

  • The Andhra Pradesh Reoganisation Bill, 2013 states that it will meet the long standing demand for the creation of a separate State of Telangana. While there are many long pending demands for state divisions such as Uttar Pradesh, Vidarbha, Gorkhaland, and Bodoland, why was Andhra Pradesh singled out for division? In fact, Uttar Pradesh State Assembly has even passed a resolution in favour of division, yet UP division was shelved, while Andhra Pradesh division is put on a fast track.
  • When far stronger demands for division of Andhra Pradesh came up in the past, both Pandit Nehru and Indira Gandhi stood firmly for linguistic states in the larger interests of the nation. What compelled the Indian Government to change its mind this time? We deserve an explanation that goes beyond politics of votes and seats.
  • Separatists for years have been making allegations of under development, discrimination and violation of agreements. Union Government appointed Srikrishna Committee report proved the separatist allegations to be false. The committee also said that not dividing the State is the most desirable solution. Why has this report’s findings and recommendations been shelved?
  • Antony Committee was appointed by the UPA to study the concerns related to the State division. Why did the Union Government not wait for Antony Committee report and instead rushed to form a Group of Ministers (GoM) to oversee the bill preparation? Is it not true that Antony Committee report highlighted several problems that will come from State division?
  • All the new states that have been formed in the recent history were formed after the respective State Assemblies passed a resolution favouring the division. After repeated promises made by ministers Chidambaram and Shinde, why has the Union Government backtracked on the State Assembly resolution?
  • GoM, which was formed to decide the fate of crores of Telugus, did not have a single Telugu person in it. The GoM couldn’t carve out time to visit the state that they are dividing. Adding insult to injury, GoM asked people to submit their views via email. Did the Union Government expect farmers, taxi drivers, masons, and daily wagers to send their views via email?
  • Why has the Cabinet took up the crucial reorganization bill that decides the fate of crores of Telugu people as a table item not once but twice? When Telugu cabinet members asked for a day to read the couple of hundred pages bill, their request was turned down. Are Telugu people outcastes in this nation?
  • Union Government’s own Intelligence Bureau Chief has warned that division of the state will strengthen Maoist and sectarian forces. Why has the Union Government disregarded this advice and put the future of Telugu people at peril?
  • When the State Government asked President Pranab Mukherjee for a month long extension to discuss the bill in the Assembly, while extending the deadline by a mere week, President  wrote: “After considering the need for the expeditious introduction of the Bill in Parliament, I hereby allow a further period till the thirtieth day of January, 2014”. Did the President think that this will be the last time Indian Parliament is ever going to meet? Why does the bill need to be rushed to parliament without giving the State Assembly sufficient time to discuss? Didn’t the President abdicate his constitutional responsibility while trying to assist the ruling Congress party pass a bill quickly that helps them in the upcoming elections?
  • In the history of independent India, no new state was formed without the consent of State Assembly. Why did the state division process move at bullet speed, when Andhra Pradesh Assembly rejected the reorganization bill? 
  • All three recent states reorganization bills were sent to Loksabha first. Why has the President first sent the reorganization bill to Rajyasabha? Why has Pranab Mukherjee failed to see the obvious legal flaw that Vice President Hamid Ansari saw right away? Hasn’t Pranab Mukherjee put the Congress Party interests ahead of his sacred Constitutional duties?
  • For months Speaker Meira Kumar refused to introduce the no-confidence motion under the pretext that the house was not in order. However, she went ahead with the introduction of Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Bill, while hundred MPs were engaged in hand-to-hand combat in the Loksabha well. Isn’t it clear that the speaker abdicated her constitutional obligation and engaged in partisan politics of helping the Congress party?
  • What can be more outrageous when the ruling Congress party employs MPs from other states to physically assault Telugu representatives right in the parliament? Is this not a declaration of war on Telugu people?
  • Two national parties BJP, and Congress colluded and passed a bill that decided the fate of crores of people in less than half an hour in Loksabha. Conveniently the live broadcast of the proceedings ran into a technical glitch exactly as the voting began. Not to mention, speaker’s rent dues for her Delhi house to the tune of crores of rupees were waived by the ruling party. In addition, she has been rewarded with a second bungalow in Delhi rent-free for 25 years. Aren't these million dollar perks suspicious?
  • In Rajyasabha, the main opposition party BJP vociferously claimed that the bill was unconstitutional and yet supported its passing.


Union Government broke every convention and violated the spirit of the constitution as it pushed the Andhra Pradesh State Reorganisation bill through the parliament.


The two national parties in India, Congress and BJP, are determined to destroy the identity of Indian tribes. Unless Indians don’t wake up to this stark reality, there will not be an India left. If India has to survive, we must bring Gandhi’s Gram Swaraj back. We must de-regulate, de-centralize and make states independent.  We must get rid of the system of Governorships, get rid of UPSC- no more IAS, IPS interfering in state affairs, Railroads should be owned by states, national airline must be scrapped, no more central security forces to maintain law and order in the states, income taxes should be collected by state governments and not by the Union Govt., we should not require Union government permission for establishing universities, medical and engineering colleges, we should manage our airports and seaports. Central government should be confined to basic functions such as national defence and foreign affairs. If we do not deregulate and decentralize, our nation is bound to disintegrate. The more power we give to the Union Government the more destructive their actions will be.


Telugu people must realize that we are victims of a wicked game played by those in Delhi. Union Government has instigated us against each other for their selfish motives. Let us try to resolve the state division disputes as amicably as possible. As the two new states come into existence, we should not repeat the mistakes of the past. Diminish the powers of Chief Ministers. Empower the Panchayat Raj system, and allow the districts to administer themselves.


I do anticipate that the feeling of alienation among regions will take several years to heal. But, I am confident that there will be a day when we will reunite and prosper together.



Nalamotu Chakravarthy

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  1. Reddy says:

    Even after Statehood is granted, lies continue unabated.


    He says there were one lakh Seema-Anndhra employees illegally stationed in Hyderabad!!!

    Well GK showed a link that says that read that 80,000 employees of Hyderabad will be divided among T and SA.

    "108 facts of Telangana" puts the figures at 2 Lakhs

    Popularly accepted number among TNGO employees is 3 Lakhs.



    • Chandra says:

      @Reddy,  T extremism is nothing different from what China is right now doing with Japan.  China keeps instigating their citizens against Japanese "for Japanese past atrocities."  The same arguments will follow on the people of remaining 13 districts. T extremists will ask compensations to be paid for all the losses T people have faced until now. Media for their selfishness will give high importance to extreme views and allegations daily. Unregulated "state sponsored media of T" will instigate daily hatred  and self sympathy on T people. They will cook up stories that "so and so national project should have come to T, but snatched away by SA state".

      All the tactics China uses, T will employ. The tiny opposition to this within T will be "tackled by strong men of T".  When people dont feel any improvement by separation, T extremists  will argue by saying "is this not better than the rule of Andhra or Andhra exploitation. Atleast your own T brother is dominating."  They will convince T folks with arguments like, "it takes long time to rebuild  the damage done by Andhra for 60 years". Like how China makes sure it's citizens are more nationalistsic, these extremists will make sure these are more "T regionalistsic" and patritotic to T.

      People like GK are already convinced that they are starting in 1956. They act innocent, do indecent.

      These are the things that needs to be constantly be kept in mind by everybody . (If any strategy needs to be adopted in countering these inevitable things) A "dedicated cell or wing" needs to be established in constantly countering their strategies.

      Parliament made a blunder by allowing dictatorial methods to be used, in accepting this most dangerous bill.

      • Ashish Kumar says:

        @Chandra, I would 100% agree that the kind of scenario that you have mentioned is entirely possible. We have to watch carefully. I do not see any larger plan of KCR of creating jobs than creating vacancies by kicking out SA employees. But this plan will also fall through if the SA employees go to court and get a stay.

        But remember one thing, the more drama the T people do, the faster the business will run away to SA. No FOOL from any other state in India would want to invest in Telangana. Because If T people can steal an entire capital city built with the sweat of all Telugu people, they cannot be trusted with any new investments. Because people have seen on LIVE TV how the state was formed.

        My biggest fear is that in that case as and when T becomes another Jharkhand, the centre will again use article 3 and merge Seemandhra with Telangana and force to shift the capital back to Hyderabad. And again SA people will have to invest and develop. Let THAT not happen.


        • LR says:

          Chandra & Ashish Kumar,

          Immature stuff like this will not do us any good. You are showing the SA extremism. You guys make bizzare statements which don't even merit to be answered as they are at best slogans good to instigate a mob but not to have an intellectual discussion.

          One compares T with China and other with Jharkhand. If we are anywhere like China, you wouldn't dare to post stuff like this. If we become Jharkhand, then you will follow too. You are not 2 far. I am not sure why you guys have so much hatred for T but you are over thinking and writing stuff you cannot comprehend. T people didn't steal anything anything from anybody. All Telugu people (actually some outsiders too) developed Hyderabad and all those can still have a share of the pie if they wanted to. Nobody is asking hardworking regular people to leave.

          Only FOOLS will not be interested to invest in Hyderabad for its numerous oppurtunities after the dust settles down. Smart people grab oppurtunities as they come and one cannot compare with what happenned. This division is one time thing which was on our minds since the merger.

          Political leaders obviously blame somebody else for non-development. That is nothing new. They (United AP leaders) till now balmed central govt and neighbouring states all this time and they will have one more state to blame. They will never accept their mistakes. That is routine and even SA leaders will do the same. Its upon the people to recognize what is truth and act accordingly. Change will not happen by itslef unless its forced internally or externally.

          • vkv says:


            Most of your posts sound idealistic, which is far from what KCR and Harish Rao think and had done all the while. It is a fact that the whole separation issue was started by them based on lies and I know for sure that TRS gangs collected money from businesses run by SA people. Most of our apprehensions about what T politicians could do, stem from these things.

            We will be happy if they prove us wrong and what you said happens. As of now, there is less than 1% chance. Already, Harish Rao started demanding change in Polavaram project design, which was approved by experts from central government.

            Opportunities in Hyd.!!! If we look at what TRS did on the occassion of KCR return to Hyd., we will understand state of things to come. It would have been sensible, if they simply organised a HUGE meeting in a open place, rather than block heart of Hyd. But would they care a heck?

            Anyway, I sincerely hope all your expectations about T politicians happens.

            • LR says:


              I understand completely what you are saying – but you need to understand that emotions and tensions are running high now and this is not the ideal time to look for examples. TRS just won their biggest fight ever and they are going to show some arrogance and stupidity. This is all expected. We can't expect sensible things from any politician. Can we?

              But I am promising as a regular T guy to another regular SA guy that things will get better once dust settles down and everything stabalizes. Give it some time. One thing is for sure – if we ask or worse make every non T person leave, it will be our loss not other way around. No region or city develops hiding in its shell and without opening doors and welcoming people from outside and developing with them.

              I don't expect much from current bunch of politicians, but I do believe in people and I believe India is great because of the its people.

              • satya says:

                >> I understand completely what you are saying – but you need to understand that emotions and tensions are running high now and this is not the ideal time to look for examples.

                A person who calls for intellectual debate try to evade the evade the facts in the guise of 'emotionally charged situation'. This is what we kep hearning from every T 'intellectual' that comes to this forum. They try to justify every act, every talk in udyamam because ppl are on emotional high, and still have the audacity to call others 'immature'.

          • prabhakara rao says:


            there is no point in questioning your optimisim. Only time will tell who will be FOOLS.

            Hyderabad always had numerous opportunities. But the fact is Hyderabad did not attarct investment before 2000.  One can write a thesis on how CS/IT grads from Hyderabad opted for Bangalore and Chenni before 2000.

            Ponder over above fact and project what can happen in future. It is upto your mental abilities provided they work beyond emotion.

            Reg. United AP leaders balming

            you are definitely not in this universe. After SKC report almost every leader from Royalaseema blamed CMs from thier own region for lack development in their region.

            It is useless to argue samething again and again. Now definitely T leaders have to break the routine. They cannot blame SA rulers anymore but WORK WORK WORK. And let us see how great T people work when their leaders do not break the routine.

            • Ramesh says:

              Won't agree with you. Bangalore, once it achieved critical mass, developed inspire of chief ministers like DeveGowda, Dharam Singh, kumaraswamy, yedyurappa etcetera.,

              Hyderabad has already achieved that critical mass. So, in my honest opinion, hyderabad will develop at the same rate as Bangalore, inspire of KCR/JanaReddy.


              I do not have such optimism for other T districts. Especially places like Adilabad, nizam ad, mahaboobnagar.

              • Ramesh says:

                Inspire —> inspite.

                • subhash says:

                  I would like bring in the 'dharma' aspect to it. somebody earlier mentioned how india was driven by 'dharma'. Now every party deviated from dharma. Every party deviated from dharma when they supported their telangana just for some votes. But TRS is one party who deviated the most from 'dharma'. When they want to apply different criteria for hyderabad and bhadrachalam. Instigate hatred by propagating lies. Even after telangana formation, they still quote 'andhra media'. TRS would continue to quote 'Andha ..' for every public anger in telangana. I dont have better hope of them.  They will deviate from it only when public stops trusting them.  The so called T intellectuals need to educate people on the facts at least now than continuing hate andhra propaganda. .  When it comes to bangalore, people have similar hospitality levels as hyderabad. And there is only misgovernance but no hatred agenda against outsides and investors. Here if it is only misgoverance by KCR/Jana hyderabad would continue to grow. But if they continue hatred agenda as an excuse Jharkhand wont be too far from reality

              • prabhakara rao says:


                the difference between Bangalore and Hyderabad is people vs leaders.

                IMO, Bangalore stands unique in the sense in Independent India it is the only city developed by involvement of people rather government.

                In fact it achieved critical mass during acute political crisis in Karnataka, Bangarappa, RK Hegde, Bommai, Patil etc. SM Krishna was only CM who paid attention to the city.

                Hyderabad had government patronage from the days of Nizam but somehow needed a push every time. Since 80s GoI set up number of institutes but there was no global investment. Channareddy and NTRs initiatives brought Pharma. But it stopped again. CBN had to give IT push. Again now it is least preferred, after Bangalore and Chennai, destination for foriegn investments.

          • satya says:

            >>  All Telugu people (actually some outsiders too) developed Hyderabad and all those can still have a share of the pie if they wanted to. 

            yes. I agree that outsiders do have a share. Can you sincerely tell what is the share of Telangana telugu people in hyderabad development? 

            • GK says:

              Is it natural for you to exclude Hyd and create T state? Is your argument that because of the extra ordinary contribution of SA people to Hyd T state should never be formed? Don't forget that there are 30% telugu speaking people living in Chennai today, may it is more than those living in Hyd. 

              • VK says:

                So what? It may be mistake to lose once but it is stupidity to lose second time, hence stong oppostion to lose the capital which developed by all us.

  2. Chandra says:


    @LR, Every sentance I posted above is a real incident happened in T, eiher in televisions directly supporting extremism or real incidents of murders of OU students.

     I just projected the full blown fanaticism into future. You dont need dust to be raised for getting a separate state in a united country. But you did. Thats the fanaticism I was talking about. . You dont realize it but we just did a theft. A grand robbery. We shoud be ashamed to use the infrastructure of Hyderabad or the money generated in Hyd for the other districts in T, hating the very people who brought it to this level.

    Sure you can eliminate few districts and may be some religions and may be some castes etc in future in a never ending effort  for relief from obvious omnipresent problems in Indian society. But you need to realize one day that you are in hallucination and need to think objectively.

    You need to understand difference between blaming somebody and hating somebody,

    You need to understand difference between A politician-A bad politician-An extremist.

    You need to understand difference between being optimistic and being in fools paradise.

    If you are above 21 years of age,you are not expected to get  confused between these things like you did in your comments.

    • Ashish Kumar says:


      Very true. The theft of Hyderabad with its 20,000 crore (4 Billion dollars) of annual revenues would be regarded in history as one of the biggest grand robberies committed in the world so skillfully and manipulatively, that too under the full glare of the public. That SA people took T's wealth is an allegation without proof, while the grand daylight robbery of Hyderabad built with the sweat of 8 crore Telugu people is a NAKED TRUTH. That SA politicians were colluding in this plan is another INESCAPABLE truth. Who are the victims of this robbery? – 5 crore SA people. 

      That is why all T people are so overjoyed. Getting 20,000 crore money annually for free is not a small amount. There can be so many wonderful pathakams coming their way – free tv, free mixer, free soaps, free biryani, free, free, free. T will be the first "free free free" state of India.

      • GK says:

        When SA was merged T had excess budget while SA was in -ve.

        • VK says:

          SA (telugunaadu) replaced nizam marathi and kannada regions in 1956 to prevent excessive budget of Hyd state to go into negative. Now  Hyd city with 20K cr annual budget has been given to telangana by making telugunaadu as a begger state. So both are not same, which you and I know very well.

    • LR says:

      @Chandra -

      They are all incidents like you said not movements which result in changes. You need to understand the difference between incidents and movement.Those are incidents and you don't need to project or blow them out of proportion to make your argument. We have more radical incidents happenned in India (After death of Indira G, Rajiv G, even Ranga). That doesn't mean that we are all radicals. Some anti-social elements always take advantage of these times. YOu need to understand that and not blow out of proportion.

      Dust is not raised for the seperation. It is after the fact. You need to understand the difference between the change itself and after-effects.

      When Hyderabad is developed at the expense of other districts, its only fitting to use it other way around. The short sight of allocating all resources in one basket is what created this monster.

      I was the one who was thinking objectively and looking to find a common ground. You guys are on a rage and making ridiculous statements that you cannot comprehend.

      T people are blaming you and T politicians are making you think that we hate you and you are taking the bait. You need to understand the difference.

      You need to understand what a politician says and why he says and not to attribute that to whole community.

      I would rather be in Fools paradise than in devils paradise like you are in at this time.

      • Chandra says:


        You still do not seem to be able to justify your demand for T. You are just trying to "adjust with new situation and reap the harvest". I am not seeing you able to connect between the cause and effects. The general radical incidents u mentioned in India were effects. Here those incidents were causes to "bring a desired effect". Meaning radicalism has been the driving force behind an irrational demand.

        Hyderabad was not developed at the expense of other districts but WITH THE EXPESNSES from other districts. Its like investing in estanblishing a business hoping to enjoy the fruits of the business later. This is where backstabbing happened.

        You said "You need to understand what a politician says and why he says and not to attribute that to whole community"

        In that case same argument holds when you said SA people supported bifurcation when voted to parties who gave letters.

        Same argument applies in the other way also ,interpreting that T people never supported bifurcation but only politicians supported this. They voted on local issues.

        You seem to comfortably disconnect between radical leaders who robbed and brought wealth for you and now you just want to "enjoy it without sharing", putting the blame on the radical elements. General T population can not keep radical elements out of the loop,who brought them wealth by theft. Time for normal, decent T populace to take the responsibility for whatever happened and reach "your common ground". Not just enjoy with the free wealth which we just got.  I am still looking for an adult from T separatists groups to talk.

        If you want, it could be you.


        • LR says:

          First be a decent human being and then you can participate in adult discussions.

          Para 1) Why did you think I am justifying T? Its already here. I am trying to find a common ground with you guys now it is done. I was talking about incidents after seperation where some T politicians are asking SA people to leave or using hatespeech. If you were talking about things that happenned before, why? What good is it now? There is no point in arguing about why it happenned or how it happenned?

          Para 2) Your point on Hyderabad is utterly nonsense. You don't understand what you are talking about.

          Para 3,4,5) And same thing with your next argument. No where related. If you don't understand, talk to like minded people to better understand.

          and Para 6) Again T is here, what can you do now. You can still be part of Hyderabad and reap the benefits like you say we all are going to do or pack your bags and go. There is nothing else you can do about it. What is that you are trying to do here now talking about past incidents? If you are  just venting, then please carry on…

          I am not looking to discuss with you anymore.

          • Chandra says:


            Nothing surprising with your reply. This has been our experience for the past 4 years on this blog. If we  little bit press you guys for answers, people run away. Never separatists are able to give a proper explanation for a T case. Thats why SKC also rejected all your claims. You keep pushing for your one sided case without any basis. You yourself are not able to confidently say the justification for T. You just want to adjust with the new situation and carry on your life and ask all of us to do the same. Sure go ahead.  In that case I am still wondering why did you say "common ground", when there is nothing you can do about it.

            • LR says:

              If you read my comments with open mind, you would have realized that I didnot participate in this division in any form or shape because I was not sure of it myself and if it was the right choice. But now it is here, we can either find common ground and co-exist and prosper peacefully or can fall together.

              You showed immaturity and arrogance when you compared T to China and wanted to challenge the Indian Identity. I now realize that one cannot have a intellectual discussion with a person who can make above statements. I don't want to disucss past. To be honest, its useless.

              Have a good day and pat yourself for your achievements here.

              • Chandra says:

                Intellectual discussion….Intellectual discussion…..what do u meant by that. I dont get it. What do u wat to discuss here. I havent seen u proposing or contributing anything here. Are you like asking us to just move on? Thank you for that BTW.!

          • satya says:

            >> Again T is here, what can you do now. You can still be part of Hyderabad and reap the benefits like you say we all are going to do or pack your bags and go. There is nothing else you can do about it. 

            Mr. LR, people live in Hyd has a right on hyd resources, whether they are part of AP or T. so, rest of T people are not doing any favor but it is the other way. 

            What Chandra is talking about is the denial of rightful share of SA people on hyd, in other words, snatching their share in the guise of udyamam. Hope you understand it now.

  3. Ashish Kumar says:


    Let me tell you where the fear is coming from.

    1. T has not even been notified, but some member of the "Telangana Taliban" says that he will alter the Telugu language fundamentally by changing the alphabet. No condemnation from anyone from Telangana intelligensia (I am beginning to doubt whether this group even exists in T).

    2. There is no discussion anywhere about growing jobs and attracting investments EXCEPT how much % of SA employees will go to SA, so that the hired goons of the OU can get some jobs and keep throwing stones in return for their excellent contribution to the Udhyamamu.

    3. The entire T narrative has been hijacked by the TRS and this is turning into a congress franchisee "on rentable basis". The congress T politicians have already become the bellboys of the italian dictator, grovelling at her feet and building temples.

    . And the T people are going to vote for these 2 parties so that they can be "rented enmasse" by the congress on a need basis. Where can hope come from ?

  4. Kiran says:

    LR seems to think lying about figures and facts at a rampant scale is understandable and some targeted hate speech is OK if it is done under emotion. He even thinks such lying is justified because of some "hidden truths" he discovered where some yenkiah in karimnagar is blaming some pulliah from seemandhra regarding permissions from inter board. I really dont know what to say…does anyone here thinks meaningful conversations are possible with a person with such thoughts ?

    And to our brother GK who persistently infests this discussion board it is only "natural" to have third parties like GoM to arbirtrate the disputes in the state.He clearly does not understand the humiliation implied there. No country or entity in the world worth its salt invites "third" parties to arbitrate disputes which revolve around borders. India consistently refuses US or UK or China intervention in Kashmir. Even the small power sri lanka which has one third of its area occuped refused third party intervention from ex-colonial powers such as Uk and USA settling for Norway.

    Since the end of colonialism very few re-drawing of borders has been done due to disputes (not counting dismantling of USSR which was ideological). I can think of south sudan and maybe east timor and Bangladesh. even USA which has the same culture all througout did not change mainline state borders since 1912. 

    Its really unfortunate that people with such weak characters have infested our telugu society who have such casual view re-drawing borders and inviting "third" parties. 


    • Mano says:

      I guess LR will be ok if his friend yenkaiah in Karimnagar becomes the future "SRI CHAITANYA GUY". His ire is not against rampant corporatisation of education, but against the fact that it is being done by someone from Andhra. He will not question the politicians, many of whom were from Telangana, who were mute spectators at best and allowed this to happen. The Telangana movement has successfully brainwashed the public, even sensible people see only thru colored glasses.

      • LR says:

        2Mano – I guess I will not be ok if venkaiah becomes SRI CHAITNAYA GUY. Corporization of education is not the topic of discussion here and I didn't solicit any views on it. Thanks for making decision on my behalf.

        I am questioning the disadvantage of one guy to the other guy. I know and agree it goes both ways.

        Politicians are dogs for power and they don't care. Samething happenned to you guys during seperation. YOur politicians were involved in that too. Question them and teach them a lesson or two if you can. Don't show your frustration for pointing out something that is a real possibility.

        • satya says:

          LR, the problem with you is you are looking the problem in a regional prism. for the sake of debate let me agree with you the sri chaitanya is controlling the intermediate board. and if so, is it not disadvantageous to all small institutes (like the one run by ur friend) in 23 dists of AP? or is it a problem for one particular karimnagar guy? when you say problems are real and ask for the intellectual debate..but dont use that intelligence of yours in analyzing it but blindly believe your friend that every thing is because of some SA guy in the board and some SA run institute. 

          Let me tell you there are more no.of Intermediate colleges in telangana that are run by telangana people than by SRI CHAITANYA. 

    • LR says:

      @Kiran -

      Jsut because you saying them lies doesn't make them lies. Every story has 2 sides and obviously you are looking from one side and T politicians are looking at the other side. Thats why you both are making riduculous statements and arguments. I don't completely agree with either of you. When I didn't agree with you that they are lying why would I justify that. I am not justifying anything to you because you never made a valid point. These venkaiah and pullaiah are the people who won this seperation not TRS. TRS cannot do shit without these venkaiahs and pullaiahs support. They supported because they are effected.  YOu cannot get that basic point and keep saying that they are all lies.

      How are GoM and hence GoI third parties in this? Yehy are responsible for the division. All your examples are about countries not wanting other countries to meddle in ther internal issues. How is a state bifurcation compared to those? Apples to Oranges?

      You conveniently ignored numerous state formations with in India due to disputes after the 1956 States Reorganization Act.

      Its unfortunate that I am even willing to have a meaning discussion here when you guys are in the mode "nenu pattukunna kundeluki moode kaallu"

  5. mohan says:

    Who said, people of both regions can live with mutual cooperations and love after split?

    Have you read Geetha Reddy talking about special package to Andhra as 'kutra' and it will empty all Telangana investments??

    Have you heard KCR saying 'why do we need andhra parties who have brought us to this battered state?

    Have you Heard Vivek still targeting Andhra pettu badi darulu in his speech at Nalgondaa?

    Have you observed New democratic forum( a unsaid branch of Maoists) talking about Maoist T in Khamma?

    Have you heard TNGO leaders saying leave aside working with SA employeess, they can not even share secratarite with them?

    Have you heard every T udyamam mushrooming leaders owing to stop polavaram?

    Andhra is sure to be shown as 'boochi' for  next two decades. The history lessons in T are sure to present one sided views T udyamam that will eternally create hatred in young mind sets.

    I recollect from souces of books I have read, the 'Andhra jati(synonym for telugr race as whole) is a cursed jati by andha mahamuni, who cursed it syaing that this race will rerish by infightings'  Looks the seeds are sown.

    Lucky at my age, I may not live 50 to 60 years more to see that happening. But my posterity does..

    My sincerece appeal to SA guys: PLEASE COME OVER YOUR CASTE SYNDROMES

  6. mohan says:

    vivek should be read as komati reddy raja gopala reddy

  7. Ashish Kumar says:

    @mohan. I quote your post – "still targeting Andhra pettu badi darulu in his speech "

    NOBODY in the world actually speaks ill of people who come to invest in their region. But such is the IQ level of the T politicians that they have even broken the world record. Let us wait and see many more such world records being broken.

    KCR wants a T where people regularly come and wash his and his family's feet and do palaabhishekam, while he and his family will regularly go to delhi and do the same to the italian matriculate-failed. For this scenario to happen, he does not want any other party in T, even though this BOBBILI DORA hails from Vizianagaram and came to T to "lord" over the people here. Now to DEMONSTRATE that he has NO roots in coastal andhra, he has to be more extreme than the normal people.

    Nobody in India has any doubt over the IQ level of T politicians (with 40% assembly seats) and to be safe the govt has declared Hyderabad as the joint capital, so that in future they can always CONVERT the joint capital status to a full fledged UT. In such a situation the rest of T should be broken into 3 parts and merged with Chattisgarh, Maharastra and Karnataka using article 3 (not merge with Seemandhra please).

    I think the predictions in the SKC (I believe too) that Telangana will turn into a failed state like Jharkhand is coming out true faster than anybody thought. Welcome to the Jharkhand of the South!!!

    If Seemandhra people can just shun casteism by aggresively promoting Telugu unity and vote either TDP or Lok Satta or BJP to power, they WILL become the Singapore of the South. Ofcourse the next 10 years will be tough but then Swarnaandhra Pradesh will come by 2020 as planned. If SA people do not BANISH casteism and vote other parties to power, then will compete with T for the status of "Jharkhand of the South"!!!

    • satya says:

      >> NOBODY in the world actually speaks ill of people who come to invest in their region. But such is the IQ level of the T politicians that they have even broken the world record. Let us wait and see many more such world records being broken.

      @Ashish, funny part is the guy who accusing the 'andhra pettubadi daarulu' himself is a big time contractor and capitalist. and people still believe that everything happen because of andhra pettubadi daarudu  but not T pettubadi daarudu

  8. prabhakara rao says:


    it is worthwhile thinking a bit before you write

    >>> Jsut because you saying them lies doesn't make them lies.

    As long they were not proven they are lies. Tell who had proven them and where? These lies are nothing but claims. 

    If you do not want to accept the argument of Kiran and other YOU MUST PROVE THEY ARE TRUE. Otherwise just do not counter like a politician.

    >>> You conveniently ignored numerous state formations with in India due to disputes after the 1956 States Reorganization Act.

    Even more number of states are NOT divided since 1956. And they all are waiting for peaceful solution. Then T people could not wait for peaceful solution? Just because you wanted something you can bring million examples. Other can bring hundred million examples against your wish. What matters is rationality. Present division is more political vengence than rational.

    Moreover where is the maturity of democracy? Do you want to handle such an important matter based on methodologies used half-a-century ago? It simply indicates that we failed to improve as a democracy.

    >>> nenu pattukunna kundeluki moode kaallu

    Anyone would have agreed with you provided you have countered the argument logically and rationally. Instead of using past failures as benchmarks.

    BTW, you do not have to show any generosity in debating here. You, with irrational arguments, are better off this site.

    No one here wishes ill for Telangana state or people. All that happening is poste-moretem and future prediction. 

    • satya says:

      >> No one here wishes ill for Telangana state or people. 

      But otherway is still happening. They continue to cry over an enemy whom they made.. Telangana business people are against for special category status to seemandhra



      The SCS states enjoy concessions in excise and customs duties, income tax rates and corporate tax rates. This factor in the hands of a non-deserving state can have a devastating effect on other states,” TIF president K Sudhir Reddy said, while arguing that Seemandhra does not meet even a single criterion for SCS.

      Telangana Joint Action Committee(JAC) chairman M Kodandaram said the industry would not survive in Telangana if the other state enjoyed the SCS.

      My Home Group chairman Rameshwar Rao said the entire south India would suffer along with Telangana if the Centre accorded the SCS to Seemandhra.

      Looks like now they want to make seemandhra as an enemy to entire south India. what next? to entire nation?

      old habits dont die. Theye keep on cry over… and guys like LR will still try to find 'common ground' by keep sermonising others to forget.

      • P. Rao says:

        "My Home Group chairman Rameshwar Rao said the entire south India would suffer along with Telangana if the Centre accorded the SCS to Seemandhra."

        We on this blog at least told them, T people, not to go for bifurcation. Now they see the downside. The T people want SA to get out of Hyderabad empty handed. Even Centre should not help them.  What a greedy bunch.

        • satya says:

          I dont understand why these T 'pettubadi daarulu' need to worry if seemandhra is provided with some tax incentives? why can't they grab the opportunity and invest in seemandhra and increase their profit?

          Because one common logic T separatists parroted  during last 4 yrs is 'Pettubadi daarudu' dont bother about regional sentiment and his motive is only profit, thats why 'seemandhra pettubadi daarulu' invested in hyderabad. not because of any love. If the same logic goes with T pettubadi darudu, he should be more than happy for SA getting such offer because without much efforts he can gain those benefits too.. aah.. as long as people are concerned… even SA people have no issues with 'potta cheta pattukoni vachinavallu'. so, if T pettubadi darudu invest, let T people come to SA and enjoy those fruits too.

          • P. Rao says:

            Satya garu, The T capitalists know what you are talking about.  There is a rumor that the Dubai Babu himself holds extensive speculative land in SA that is a potential capital area for the RAP.

      • prabhakara rao says:


        there is old syaing

        tirige kaalu titte noru khaleegaa umdavu

        I quoted this many times to T vaadis hating Andhras

        these are definitely symptoms of Pakistanization 

      • LR says:

        I heard numerous people on this forum predicting/wishing T will become next Jarkhand, Pakistans, Taliban, Nizam state – If that is not ILL then I am not sure what is? I am guessing you are regular people with regular lifes and jobs and if you can say all those things, why not people in power to stay in power ?

        "old habits dont die. Theye keep on cry over" - It applies to all who cry on others developemnt – and I do not like it either.

        • prabhakara rao says:


          simple question.

          Are we all just making statement off our heads? Or we adding some logic/rationale for what we say?

  9. D S N Murthy says:

    Dear LR

    i have been following the post regularly. You have been trying to support T cause at any cost and deriding the sentiments of Telugu people. From its formation all the Governments developed Hydejrabad at the cost of other deserving cities. While Anantapur or Rajahmundry are the right places, Central University was established in Hyderabad. many Defence Laboratories were established in Hyderabad. But for the fact that Srihari Kota is ideal, the launch pad was established near Nellore. Because of its strategic location, Hindustan Shipyard, NSTL and Naval Armament Depot were established in Visakhapatnam. Being a port city steel plant was established in Visakhapatnam. But no central enterprise was established in SA region by the Union Government  for the benefit of people otherwise. However steel plant at Medak and others were political decisions.     

    Compared to Warangal no city in SA region is developed. Still if you feel T is ignored or injustice done to T, then God can only save you. 

    I don't mind your support for T, but don't belittle SA.

    Perhaps in future, you will write rationally and thoughtfully.

    • GK says:

      Defense labs in Hyd were established because the necessary ingredients were already there in Nizam state…just like how Sriharikota has….

      Yes, warangal was on par or ahead of many citiies in SA, not anymore. Right now there is no comparison fo warangal to Vizag or Vijayawada or Guntur or Tirupathi. Warangal has become sick with only agriculture GDP…industrial area collapsed…AJMills etc… closed and land sold as scrap by CBN and Rajasekar… what could have been perfect fit for an IT SEZ

      • VK says:

        Guntur used to be centre for education not that long ago and this was reason why KTR studied in Guntur rather than in Hyd. So not only Warangal but many other cities like Guntur last their glory due to Hyd. This won't change with AP bifurcation and hence failed to understand your logic in supporting the separation. With the separation, telangana invest more and more in Hyd at the expence of other cities to prove that telugunaadu has nothing to do with Hyd development. Similarly, political idiots in telugunaadu use all funds in developing a capital to prove they were responsibel for Hyd development in the past. So both states lose like the way idiots lost in golden egg laying duck story.

        So justiying separation for governance or self rule in 21st century is like justifying in giving land line telephone in the era of mobile phone usage.

      • D S N Murthy says:

        Are you blaming SA people for the sickness of Warangal? For you kind information I was an old student of RECW. I lost a year due to Telangana agitation in 1969. Even then, Guntur is not developed as compared to Warangal.

    • LR says:

      Dear Murthy,

      If you argue Warangal is more developed today than Vizag, Vijayawada or Tirupathi, I don't have any rational arguments to make.

      I am not sure where you read or picked up, but I never that Hyderabad is developed only at expense of T districts. I am now saying that is is developed at the expense of most of AP excluding few places.

      I don't think I am either superior or arrogant to belittle SA or even any other person. If I did, I am sorry.

      • VK says:

        If you do agree that Hyd city developed at the expense most of AP, then you should understand why telugunaadu (seema-andhra) opposing TG separating with Hyd before it can develope (along with TG) with the output from the developed Hyd city.

  10. P. Rao says:

    @mohan: "My sincerece appeal to SA guys: PLEASE COME OVER YOUR CASTE SYNDROMES"

    @A. Kumar: "If Seemandhra people can just shun casteism by aggressively promoting Telugu unity and vote either TDP or Lok Satta or BJP to power, they WILL become the Singapore of the South."

    Mohan and Kumar, I enjoy reading your posts and agree with them most of the time. That is not the issue I want to bring. Could someone expound on the above statements and explain how Andhra and Seema areas are infested with casteism that is hindering their progress, politically or otherwise? Some posters talk about kulagajji when they refer to it in Andhra. it is easy to criticise others of casteism. It is something all AP residents have, like intiperu, Hindus, Christians, and most of the Muslims as well. It is not that caste is absent in Telangana. May I submit that the whole of current T movement is caste based. Pure and simple.

    As someone on this blog asked before where was caste a factor in the discussions on this blog? Elimination of caste differences should be the ideal, I agree. As an identification marker it perhaps will never disappear. Like, one is a southerner, easterner, etc. I read a discussion once on internet that when two Indians meet the first thing they try to assess is what caste the other person might belong. The Goa Christians offer in the first few minutes of meeting, we were of brahmin ancestry.

    • VK says:

      I agree 100% with your comment. I said "where was the caste facotr in discussions on this blog" in one of my comments.

      I don't understand some bloggers use of casteism etc words without really explaning how caste factor affect the development. Caste factor is there not just in AP but also in other states (North and South).  For example, caste factor plays a major role in elections in KN, which doesn't mean there is no development in KN.  Similarly, caste factor plays a major role in north states such as UP and BSP, RLD (Ajit Singh) etc survive on the caste factor.  It would be great if we can remove caste factor but it is not correct to say caste factor is the problem only in telugunaadu (seema-andhra).  In fact, I don't hesitate to say that telangana separatists wrongly showed caste factor as regionalism though it exist in telangana. D. K. Aruna, a minister in KKR ministry, married two of her daughters to Reddys (Anam Reddy brothers) in Nellore. There is no evidence to suggest that more marry (arranged marriates) outside their caste in telangana than in telugunaadu. Similarly there is no evidence to suggest reddy (just an example and not intended to demean that caste) from telangana prefer non reddy from telangana than reddy from telugunaadu for marriage alignance or business partnership. I am certain that vysya from telugunaadu region prefer vysya from telangana than non vysya from telugunaadu for marriage or business partnership. As said earlier this way of thinking, though not correct, is not just unique to telugunaadu. Therefore it is incorrect to say caste factor ruin development only in telugunaadu.

      • P. Rao says:

        VK, Thank you for for your rejoinder. I was looking for your previous post but could not find it, so I quoted it from memory in my post above.  Your original comment was the one that prompted me to post.

        Due to extensive communist influence during pre- and post-independence times the caste divide is less pronounced in the coastal area compared to other areas.  That is my understanding. So I would like to know if that has changed.   

        • VK says:

          Thank you for your comment.

          Caste dividing reduced a lot with economic development. What I tried to say in my above comment and previous comments that caste factor may be still in existence (arranged marriages etc) but it is incorrect to attribute it as regional divide.

          You may remember, in one scene of Jai Bolo Telangana movie the interviewing officers use the word MANAWADA while discussing about the candidate they interviewed for a job. Anyone with right mind would know very well that MANAWADA doesn't mean person from same region. In this context I mentioned the existence of caste divide.

  11. VK says:

    No Mo has said recently in one of the meetings in KN that Congress destroyed telugunaadu (seema-andhra) in creation of telangana like mother being killed while delivering a baby".

    What Na Mo said is right but BJP support for telangana in Parliament remaind us the following

    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

    So BJP supporting telangana bill in parliament and crying now that Congress destroyed telugunaadu make us more angry against BJP.

    Telangana want to be known by the name given by the invaders just like Pondicherry and don't want to be associated with telugu talli.  Therefore there is no wrong in calling seema-andhra as telugunaadu just like TN minus pondicherry is called tamilnadu.

    • GK says:

      Majority of the political parties and politicians are not objecting to T but instead they are commenting on the way it is done…including Jagan and CBN…Ask Sujana or Ramesh who physically fought to stop the process…say the same things, it is some common people who got carried away and got illusioned by their political moves..

      Watch Venkaiah naidu's interview on ABN, who revealed what CBN said to BJP.

      • VK says:

        BJP cann't cry now and support the bill in parliament though it knows that the bill destroy one region (telugunaadu) that didn't ask for the separation. If BJP really want to prevent telugunaadu being destroyed by the separation, then it should have opposed the bill and introduced the bill with modifications that don't destroy telugunaadu after it come to power at the centre.

    • P. Rao says:

      @VK: Na Mo has said recently that Congress destroyed telugunaadu (seema-andhra) in creation of telangana like mother being killed while delivering a baby"."So BJP supporting telangana bill in parliament and crying now that Congress destroyed telugunaadu make us more angry against BJP."

      NaMo also said that congress was doing "zahar ki kheti", poison spreading about T separation.  We know this game. It is well known to telugus, gillewadu vokadu, jolapadevadu okadu.  They both are together.  NaMo was no less guilty of AP bifurcation. He is shameless to blame it on congress alone.

      • VK says:

        You are 100% right, both BJP and Congress responsible for destroying telugunaadu (seema-andhra) by supporting AP reorganisation. No Mo and other BJP leaders know very well that Congress going to destroy telugunaadu through the bill and yet they supported the bill.  I don't remember of No Mo statements on the bill during its discussion in Parliament. Why didn't he comment against the bill at that time and ask his party to oppose it instead of shedding crocodile tears (mosali kaneeru) now.

        • P. Rao says:

          VK, please see NaMo's comments below before the T-bill was passed.

          Surat: (February 16)  The Gujarat Chief Minister said when Atal Bihari Vajpayee was Prime Minister, he divided three states.

          "When the states were divided all of them were distributing sweets. But look at the situation in Andhra Pradesh. For a few votes you have made people of Seemandhra unhappy and have turned them against people of Telangana, and people from Telangana are now against the people of Seemandhra," Modi said.

          "This is called 'zaher ki kheti' (cultivating hatred), while what we did under Vajpayee is 'pyar ki kheti' (growing love)," Modi said.


          • VK says:

            You said

            "This is called 'zaher ki kheti' (cultivating hatred), while what we did under Vajpayee is 'pyar ki kheti' (growing love)," Modi said.

            Even LKA said he never seen such a faulty bill in his entire politcial carrer.

            So did they oppose the bill where and when it matters? Otherwise what is the use of empty words.

            • D S N Murthy says:

              BJP is no less guilty and corrupt than Congress. I was staunch supporter of BJP but now I oppose both Congress and BJP. I had high regards for Arun Jaitley and Jairam Ramesh but now I feel betrayed. They did not think and act rationally. Now my vote is for Jayalalita.

              • satya says:

                I am not disputing ur choice to vote Jayalalita, but are you believing her as a saviour of seemandhra or telugu?

                • P. Rao says:

                  Is she considered Telugu? I understand we are talking about her becoming the PM, right? Just curious how she is perceived, belonging to here or there?

                • D S N Murthy says:

                  Atleast she is developing her state.

  12. GK says:

    I think the regional fisheries HQ should be moved to coastal area. The telugu university in Hyd will soon been debated I guess…there should be another in SA and the one in Hyd should be made common to both.

  13. GK says:

    I believe constructive criticism is appreciated by all…demeaning, direct or indirect name calling, using slurs speaks of one's character and culture…so request all to have respectful disagreements…

    Self judging of right or wrong won't benefit the people at large…

    Debates are not easy to judge…to give a simple example, both parties quote opposing true facts, now it is the judges who weigh in all the points and then project one as a favored one….that does not mean that all the points made by the other party are false or not considered etc…

    • GK says:

      BTW, there are many many in here are making debating with decency…all of us want to raise the level of the debate…make it an educated debate, bring in more knowledge, take it to the highest level of civility.. I do notice Kiran mixing up his aggressive bashing and arrogance in his messages…let the content and its weight in the debate speak for you…

    • VK says:

      I wondered whether you would be using same tone if Congress had decided to keep AP united or the bill on AP reortanisation defeated in Parliament or Supreme court stop the bifurcation because the bill didn't approaved properly in Parliament and/or based on article 371D/E.

      • GK says:

        If T was not formed and it is kept united for now as you said, would the SA people continue to develop HYD? if yes why? if no why?

        • VK says:

          Also I don't understand the connection between my comment and that of your's, but anyway I still answer. Yes, telugunaadu people would have devleoped Hyd just like they did, with the help of telangana and outside AP, it in the past.

          AP reogranisation is like amputating head to get rid off head ache. 

        • satya says:

          yes. They will. coz they owned hyderabad as much as anybody else in the state if not more..

      • P. Rao says:

        There is a remote chance, neverthless a chance that the apex court may rule the whole division thing unconstitutional. At least in my dreams. But then again, our Congress Empress keeps even the judiciary personnel on a short leash. Nay, as lapdogs. They don't dare admit the case.

  14. VK says:

    1. In this week's BBC Question time in Newport (Wales), many worried about falling of standards in health care and wondered whether it would have been better to spend the cost of new state (created wales state by then Labour govt. in early 2000's) administration on healthcare. In otherwards, they would like to have more development than a new state.  Unlike us, they are not stupid to think mere separation make a region to develop.

    2. Several companies in Scotland mentioned that they will move out of Scotland (some of those companies are there for more than century) if Scotland vote yes to Independence.  On this basis, I hope some Industries (I don't see any problem in IT industry and tollywood moving to vizag in telugunaadu) move to telugunaadu by taking advantage of tax incentives.

    3. We keep hearing USA have 50 states (they decided not to have any more state though the population increased several folds, are they idiots to unware that small result in better administration?), so what is wrong in dividing India into 50 states. There is many countries in Europe, which is smaller than India, and on that basis what is wrong in dividing India into several nations so that we can have better administration at national level, we can have more than one vote in UN and BJP/Congress can become International party. Afterall Pakistan became two nations so why can't we.

    • GK says:

      1. It does not have to be the same everywhere in the world. There is no scientific way of creating new states in any part of the world. It is the peoples choice. If Wales people think it is not good for them then they may not become a state.

      2. Yes, some companies may move to SA it makes economical sense for them…Industry moving may not happen so soon as a company…but might happen in the long run…Tollywood – possible…IT – I don't think it will move rather, it will expand to SA…as there are few SA owned IT companies and even those such as Infotech Mohan Reddy made it crystal clear much before the T bill…

      3. In USA if it is part of the constitution not to make any more new states, it can be same in India if it is part of the constitution. If SA wants to becom a country then the people and political parties should start speaking up to… but many SA people wanted to keep T with SA united – what does this mean, so SA wants T as a gift to be with India? Note it is not Delhi who split the state. It is T people who demanded them to form a separate state. 

      • Chandra says:

        GK, Can you plz call your dad or any other elder in your home to come and discuss here if you intend to . Seriously this is getting nuts!


      • VK says:

        The bill approaved under closed door by Pariliament. It is other way both BJP and Congress blackmailed telugunaadu by supporting the bill for vote bank politics.

      • prabhakara rao says:


        I fully agree that it does not have to be same….

        At the same time you are pushing the debate back to pre-2009.

        What should be our way?

        For few minutes you put yourself in shoes of SA people and answer.

  15. Ashish Kumar says:

    In my posts my warnings on casteism as being responsible for underdevelopment and possible destruction of the new AP state is not without reason. Practically speaking casteism is tolerable as long as it is subordinate to a larger identity like language. In Andhra, casteism has a larger dimension and subordinates the Telugu identity.

    Eg: There is casteism in Tamil Nadu/Kerala, but the larger language identity subsumes it. I have seen in major cities in N.America and Europe, the Malayalees have just ONE Kerala association. But in USA, there are 3 Telugu associations "unofficially" based on caste.

    There are universities in AP, where students sit in their clases as per their caste, a boy of caste A cannot have an affair with a girl of caste B because the boys of caste B see that as an insult to their caste. If this the level of literate people, what about the masses? Contractors/companies of caste A will mostly employ people of caste A. In villages when I talk about a certain politician cheating people and making money, people openly reply something like – Athanu maavadu, Athanu Vallavadu etc. It is DISGUSTING. In this process merit loses. Every decision is seen THROUGH THE PRISM of caste and so EFFICIENT DECISIONS can never be taken because of caste implications.

    Telangana people, right or wrong, closed ranks when it came to Telangana, irrespective of caste. But in SA, NO POLITICIAN really wanted united AP. Every SA politician was taking decisions based on how his caste will benefit based on where the new capital will be located which is based on sub-regional caste population concentrations. Please watch JP's videos on youtube and you will see HOW CASTEISM was a major factor why SA politicians COULD NOT present a united front against the T vaadis and against the centre.

    I am surprised at the level of casteism in AP (in many parts of North India too, but HERE I am comparing casteism between T and SA). I went to a village in coastal Andhra to stay in my friend's farm and when I speak to ordinary people, I could sense that the whole village was divided into some 5-6 countries. Areas of the village where identified by A caste-vaada, B-caste vaada, C-caste peta etc. The way people differentiate each other I have not seen even between people of major european countries who had 2 world wars between them. I was shocked and horrified.

    The remedy going forward is to develop a larger Telugu identity like the Tamil identity. Once people start feeling PRIDE in their language, culture, history then casteism will take a backseat (it will not disappear but it becomes secondary). I feel that new TELUGU NGOs should come and do door-to-door campaiging to promote Telugu culture. In Telangana they are anyway bastardising the Telugu language by reducing the alphabets to suit their dialect, atleast now SA people should take up aggresively to promote and preserve Telugu culture – considered the SWEETEST of all indian languages by none other than the British.

    Narendra Modi is an example of how he developed his concept of "Gujrati Asmitha" or Gujrathi pride to subsume caste differences. We need another Narendra Modi in AP. I know there are people in this forum who do not like BJP, but truth is truth. AP NEEDS ITS OWN NARENDRA MODI to go forward. Let me also admit, that the one who is closest is Jayaprakash Narayan of Lok Satta.

    • satya says:

      @Ashish kumar, since you are not the one who 'experienced' the life style in seemandhra, let me tell you with confidence that casteism never hindered the growth of ppl in seemandhra.Further it created competition, yeah.. some good competition and some bad competition too. but when its comes to financial growth.. no its one of the least concern.

      PS: I for one hate casteism to the core. but the above is the fact & reality of the life in seemandhra.

    • VK says:

      I am really confused with your comment.

      All most castes, except Brahmin, in AP associate with telugu and therefore all the castes are subordinate to telugu. Did NGO's and people in telugunaadu (SA) agitated against AP bifurcation on the basis their caste?

      There are many telugus in the UK and Europe but you don't see association based the castes. If telugus from telugunaadu are caste fanaticts, would it you see caste based divisions in the UK and Europe also like the way you mentioned in USA. By the way, there are many tamil associations (connecting with Singapore/Sri Lankan/Malayasian/India tamils) in West.

      I born in a small town in Guntur district, studied upto degree there, then further studies in Hyd and outside AP (within India and in the West) and have living in the West for last two decades. I never come across caste based seggregation you mentioned during my study in colleges and universities in AP. If caste based seggregation in educational institutions exists now, then it should be prevalent during my studying days in '80s but in reality it wasn't the case.

      It is easy to show unity for the separation than fight against it. In case if you forget, telugunaadu also faught with unity to get Andhra state way back in '50s. Do you think Potti Sri Ramulu, who respected by every telugu in telugunaadu and not just by vysyas, would have been successful in getting Andhra state without support from telugus from telugunaadu? Kashmir seapratists want self rule but you don't see any agitations against Kashmir agitations in the rest of India though most of us aginst Kashmir separation. Even if Congress agree for Kashmir separation, then you won't see much agitations against it in the rest of India, which doesn't mean there is no unity in the rest of India.

      Although it is sad, what you said about caste based seggregations in villages are not unique to telugunaadu or for that matter AP or South. This is the reason, we hear killing of people who married outside their caste not just in telugunaadu but in whole India.  I am no way defeding the caste based seggregation but I am against saying that problem exist only in telugunaadu.

      PVN, with poor record in state level politics, and ABV, with no experience in the state level politics, had good governance at the centre, indicating central politics are entirely different from those required at the state level. So it is not good to assume that a politicians did OK (CBN also did a great job as the CM) at the state level would wonders at the centre. If No Mo really worried about whole India, then he could have asked BJP to oppose AP re-organisation bill in Parliament rather than shedding crocodile tears now by saying "Congress killed mother (telugunaadu) while giving birth to a child (telangana)".

      "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." (Edmund Burke)

      This quote is appropriate to say BJP supporting telangana bill in parliament and crying now that Congress destroyed telugunaadu.

      • P. Rao says:

        @VK  "I never come across caste based seggregation you mentioned during my study in colleges and universities in AP. If caste based seggregation in educational institutions exists now, then it should be prevalent during my studying days in '80s but in reality it wasn't the case."

        I never heard of it either. It is a figment of imagination.  I think Mr. Kumar is harking back to gurukula days! If such an open social apartheid is practised today in class rooms, the local communist party and dalit activists in the coastal area would keep quiet? The media would love to pick up on this too.  

        PS:  VK, Sorry to hover like this and follow you everywhere! Hope this is ok with you. When I see something good on the  internet I like to say something to support it.

      • Ashish Kumar says:


        1. I know the ground situation in Europe. There are too few Telugus to even form 1 proper association let alone caste based ones and most of them are floating population. Ask anyone in the USA, the 3 Telugu association are essentially caste driven.

        2. Casteism effecting economic growth is indirect. However it is clear that it fractures society, prevents optimal decision making in the best interests of the whole society. This means that if Mr. A belongs to caste A, he will support a particular party A ignoring that that party is stinking with corruption from head to toe, under the assumption that if the party A comes to power, he/relatives will get some positions where the public money can be looted and somehow Mr. A can get some share out of it. Mr. B is unhappy because party B did not come to power and so Mr. B does not get a share of the loot. Hence Mr. B will develop animosity and would look at opportunities to put down Mr. A, EVEN IF THAT MEANS collaborating with the enemy. This is how united AP was lost to Telanagana. I would not say this is 100% responsible but played a key component. Casteism is present in T too, but plays second fiddle to the regional identity.

        Caste based seggregations (only the prominent politically powerful castes) are very common in universities across AP. There are caste based students groups, caste based vana bhojanalu of the students + professors, even college buses are grouped as per caste so that the same caste people travel together and many more. Just call any of the current students and ask.

        CASTEISM  fractures the society so much so that the society is INCAPABLE of taking COHERENT decisions in the best interests of the whole society. Corollary to that, decisions taken by well intentioned leaders in the best interests of the whole society are looked through the caste prism and given caste colours to keep the caste divisions alive.

        I am too happy if casteism has no role to play in the future development of AP. 

  16. VK says:


    No Mo must apologise to telgana people for saying mother died while operating to deliver baby – Ponnam


    See what BJP getting in return for supporting telangana bill in Parliament. Telangana politicians hatrate for political gains is clear from these kind of talks. However I failed to understand what way No Mo saying Congress treated telugunaadu badly in AP re-oranisation is against telangana.

  17. P. Rao says:

    @Ashish Kumar

    "Eg: There is casteism in Tamil Nadu/Kerala, but the larger language identity subsumes it. I have seen in major cities in N.America and Europe, the Malayalees have just ONE Kerala association. But in USA, there are 3 Telugu associations "unofficially" based on caste."

    Ashish you are only partly correct.  In Washington DC area there are three associations for Tamils, one for Brahmins, One for non-brahmins, and one or two for Christians (Catholics and nonCatholics). The Sri lanka Tamils have definitely one more.  This is the scenario in all major metropolitan cities in the U.S.  Be assured that Malayalees,Gujaratis and others as well have multiple associations in each city and nationally.

    There is more info. for you. In North Amenrica there is a Telugu Brahmin association and Telugu Vyasya association who meet yearly nationwide. Check out their websites. There is a kayastha association in the U.S.(Chitragupta society).  There are definitely no Reddy or Kamma associations in the U.S.  At least, so far!

    Please don't say look at Tamils and look at Gujaratis. Let me tell you that you are on thin ground.  We Telugus have nothing to learn from these social cesspools of societies in TN and Gujarat. I can quote facts and truths that will make you revulsed.  We AP people have been very progressive since independence as discussed before by Kiran and I. We do not need to apologise to anything. A socially progressive person like NTR is born only once in a century. 

    This is kind of off topic and I do not want to take much of space here generously made available by Mr. Chakravarti.  Your contention that we lost samaikhyandhra due to caste divisions does not stand scrutinly. Everything happening in India can be traced to caste, because that is the way society is organised.  Like heat and dust it is there everywhere.  It is the common denominator.  You say look at Telanagana udyamam.  LOL. We, coastals definitey have nothing positive to learn from the kalmokkuta Telangana society  or the lies and hatred filled T-udyamam.

    You are trying to find evidence for your theories. You go from cosmopolitan Hyd to a small village and see the people there are organized as different neighborhoods and you say aha, Andhras are totally casteist. It is a juvenile conclusion. What else do you expect? Is there any village in India, nay, the world where things are different?  Do you see a secretariat employee in the city buying a house near Rajbhavan. Do you see all the programmers in Microsoft living/buying houses next to Bill Gates house in the U.S.?  I may venture to say that your posts border on demogoguery with a BJP flavor which is wedded to 4 varnas.

    I may be permitted to say, we on this blog like to share informaton and insights but not to further our secret agendas. We value you as a person. Don't be discouraged if something I said put you on the spot. We welcome your participation albeit in a more realistic and balanced way.

    With good wishes.


    • blueshitft says:

      @P. Rao 

      "There are definitely no Reddy or Kamma associations in the U.S.  At least, so far!"  r u kidding? just because they dont name them on their cast does not mean they are not there.

    • blueshitft says:



      Caste IS the BIGGEST factor how people in andhra vote. If there is no "caste politics" there wont be any telangana or chiru or babu. Its vote bank politics very simple.

  18. VK says:

    Congress and BJP declared

    Telangana with capital, assembly, high court, secretariat, Intl airport, IIT/NIIT/IIBM, world class labs, central universities, top SW companies etc as a new state


    Seem-andhra (telugunaadu) with no capital, no high court, no secretariat, no Intl airport, no IIT?NIIT/IIBM, no world class labs, no central universities, no top SW companies etc as an existing state.

    Yes, it doesn't make any sense.

    Add to this humiliation, telangana separatists saying telangana, instead of telugunaadu, should get special status.

  19. mohan says:


    On my appeal to SA to come over caste syndrome…

    I am not sure, If you had a chance to view (Particularly Krishna, Guntur, WG, and Prakasam) caste polarization in every walk and stage of life. I will not agree with your justification of its prevalence, particularly citing UP or Bihar.

    SA is relatively progressive society compared to other regions of north. Looking from this perspective, I have to emphacize that there is over dose of casteism.

    I am sure of what was the scence in 80s. But if you look the scene today, students colleges get divided between N and C even in junior colleges. They go to extent of having it on their mobykes as well as wrist bands/ chains. Suprising even adolscent minds are inflcited with dicease.

    i will not agree, if anyone says it has not been an hindrance to development. The very fact that congress dared to divide AP and still banking on Botscha and chiranjeevi is well knowing the kula gajji of SA people.

    @VK, ",All most castes, except Brahmin, in AP associate with telugu and therefore all the castes are subordinate to telugu"

    I dont know why did you have to single out Brahmins. Brahmins have always had strong affiliation and bonding for telugu. evident from thier contribution to telugu literature. If you are influenced by presence of Brahmin associations, every single caste has caste based associations in AP.

    More over the reasons for Brahmins to seperate associations could be, some of the rituals(like nomulu and varatalu etc., require only Brahmin participation.  These associations also work as matrimnonial beuros. It could be easier to reach out to fellow brahmins if there are associations. 


    • VK says:


      I think you miss understood "except Brahmins" in my comment. I said in that comment that all most all castes, except Brahmins in AP, can be identified with telugu. For example Reddys are of telugu origin irrespective of where they live. Brahmins are every where in India so we cann't assume all Brahmins are telugus. I and you know even vysyas exist throught India but I didn't mention them. This is because vysyas in AP are known as arya vysyas. So arya vysyas are of telugu origin irrespective of where they live like aiyyars and aiyyangars (brahmins) are of tamil origin.

      • P. Rao says:

        Some of the Telugu Brahmins are called dravida Brahmins (Tamil origin?). Sri Sri, Chilakamarti are some examples I know.  The famous Dasarathi family in T are Tamils. They trace their origin to Ramanujacharya.

        • VK says:

          Thank you for the information. Your comment confirms what I said earlier, telugu Brahmins have no tag to be identified as telugus only unilike other castes such as Reddys, Arya Vysyas etc.

  20. mohan says:


    The only reason I had to an appeal to come over caste polarization to SA , has only stemmed out of my overwhelming urge  to urgently turn around  T and SA  as  strong economies, stronger than TN or GJ, by eliminating every possible hindarance to that. I have also appeal to T peple to shed their 'Maoist' tendencies and 'erra jenda patalu and dappulu'   if they wish to shape up as enterprenueral and developing society like GJ.

    I am taking back my appeal since this was not taken in postive note, therefore Gumaadikayala dongalu bhujalu tadumukune avasaramu ledu,  

  21. Ashish Kumar says:


    You tend to say that all is hunky-dory in AP but some unknown thunderbolt came from the Andromeda galaxy and hit us and divided the state. If there is no retrospective introspection within, we cannot develop and progress. Israel today is what it is because of retrospective introspection within. More often than not, the enemy always lies within. That Telangana people always search for any enemy outside, has been their continuous tragedy. Let us leave them and let us introspect.

    I would definitely agree that SA people as such are progressive and forward looking and have a proud narrative. But somewhere we lost the moral compass and this COUPLED with caste fissures somehow made the society incapable in the last decade. We have 42 MPs, one of the largest contingent of MPs. We had the SAME party in the centre and the state for the last 10 years, Can you name one big mega project that AP got and completed that substantially added to the job numbers or economy ? I can name many such projects in Gujarat, TN which have far fewer MPs.

    If MPs represent people, what does this tell about the people? And if you still feel that it can be business as usual, we are in for cruder shocks. I have no secret agendas, but different views than you towards the SAME goal of Telugu unity and prosperity of Telugunaadu.

    I am no card carrying member of the BJP. But I tend to be realistic. Most opinion polls show that people think that NaMo is the best person to lead the country and will form the next govt unless someone wants the congress to come back to power.

    There is no choice – NaMo or congress or instability that will take India to dogs.

    You prefer instability, I prefer NaMo.

    You prefer the 25 SA seats to be split, I prefer the 25 seats to go to ONE party that is best known to ally with BJP to derive MAXIMUM advantage from the centre – special status, big projects etc.

    You prefer an emotional response to the STUPID short-sightedness of the BJP's support to the divison bill, I prefer a realistic practical selfish (for our sake) response.

    Please do not attribute motives when they are none.

    • subhash says:


      On the cast front@SA, i have a story to tell. I am born and brought up in a village in prakasam. There areas of organized mostly by caste. in one 'palem' almost all people belongs to same caste and it is an usual practice to refer people by caste like 'aa redla abbayai' or 'naidla abbayi'. At some time one friend of mine, who born and brought in vizag visited my home and my parents in some discussion referred him by caste. He is little offended by it. My point here is even SA, amount of importance to the caste is would be different between villages, towns and cities. In my village also, when it comes to elections, they wont really be on cast lines. There would be little bias though.  There used to be quarrels on the cast lines some 30-40 years. But Now it is no longer the case. Those lines started to blur.  In my view, cast based bias is more in politiations,  beurocrats than common people. Only that could be a hinderence, But its not a very big hinderance to stop AP from progressing. 

  22. subhash says:

    I would like to start a discussion on the new capital. Where ever the captia comes, the real estate business sorrounding it is inevitable. Considering the economy of SA state, it is important for the govenment to derive the maxiumum benefits out of it rather than individuals. For that to happen, if they select any existing city goverment can only develop a limited amount, all the surronding areas would be abused by builders. So instead if they select a hugh chunk of land may be by denotifiying forest land or govenment land so that all the development for the next 20 years happens with in the government land, then government can for a public private partnership for many things rather than they investing on it. Like if they want to build an mla quarters, they can give equal amount  of land for the builder to develop and sell and build the mla quarters for free.  All these need to be done with public auctions so that governement gets maximum out of it.  Considering a lot of investor support for SA like NRIs and enterpreners, they model may work unlike states like chattisgarh

    • Ashish Kumar says:

      I support JP's idea that the capital should only have government buildings, accomodation for the government employees and no business should be allowed to come within 150 kms from the capital. Let capital be like a small village.

      • blueshitft says:

        I think we cannot seperate development from concentration of people. Hyderabad developed partly because the top  percent of educated people who are employed with govt happened to be in the city, they wanted to develop, their sons and daughters wanted to develop. They wanted better schools, they wanted better colleges and they wanted better places to work. 


  23. Reddy says:

    రెండు కళ్ళ చంద్రబాబు రెంటికి జెడ్డ రేవడైనాడు. బ్రహ్మాస్త్రం సందిస్తానని ప్రఘల్భాలు పైలిన లగడపాటి సన్యాసి అయినాడు. ఆఖరి బంతి సిక్సరు కొడతానని ఊరించిన కిరణ్ కుమార్ రెడ్డి ఇంటికాడ గోళ్ళు గిల్లుకుంటున్నాడు. ఆరడగుల బుల్లెట్టునంటూ ఒక వెలుగు వెలిగిన అశోక్ బాబు తోక ముడిచినాడు. చివరి నిముషంలో ఏదో పొడిచేస్తానని విర్రవీగిన వెంకయ్య నాయుడు వెర్రి వెంగలప్పైనాడు. అందరూ శనిలా దాపురించినారు.

    వైఎస్ గనక బతికి ఉంటె ఈ అరాజకత్వం జరిగెదా? ఏమిటో అంటా మన దౌర్భాగ్యం.

    • P. Rao says:

      Ditto. I agree with you. A phone call from YS to Delhi would have stopped the whole division process.

      • vkv says:

        We tend to forget that the whole shit was started by YS in 1999 for his advantage, but he could keep it under hs control with Money and Muscle power. YS-Jagan combination for AP could have been worse than separation.

        • P. Rao says:

          YSR fully knew he could stop the process any time he wanted. My point being no ruler in the world otherwise voluntarily cedes 40% of his domain (kingdom). Being such a power hungry person and an empire builder by nature, YSR would never let that happen.  I also realise that the T-movement this time around was helped and abetted by him to a large extent. But he never meant it to go to the logical conclusion,IMHO. He did not anticipate that one day he will not be here to stop the unthinkable division of vishalandhra. 

          PS:  I agree with vkv on the alternate scenario.  By this time the last acre of government land in AP would have been annexed to be added to the YSR family estate and would have bankrupt the state.

        • Ashish Kumar says:


          I fully agree that YSRCP coming to power in united AP could have been worse than separation.

          What could be worst (and that gives me nightmares) is separation followed by YSRCP coming to power in SA. I would not wish that even on my enemies.

        • prabhakara rao says:

          Stoking T issue is the smallest of SINS committed by YSR.

          Bigger sins by him destroyed the democracy in Andhra Pradesh

          1. Turning voters into beggers

          2. Destroying all kinds of leadership – opposition and even 1st and 2nd level leadership in congress itself

          3. Subverting all institutions


    • blueshitft says:

      I voted CBN in 99. He acted very silly for this division. I think he time is done.

  24. Kiran says:

    KCR  says no merger with telangana. He uses the favourite t sepratist word "conditional" to describe creation of telangana. I dont see anything conditional the bill gives unconditional telangana after 10 years. KCR himself in the past was OK with joint capital and he was even fine with Bhadrachalam going to AP. He even said special status was not given to telangana. That was never a demand as far as i know. Basically its backstabbing and cheating in an audacios fashion. There are really no better cheats than t sepratist who pose themselves as innocents.

    But expect no outrage or shame from t sepratists here or elsewhere. LR will speculate on "emotions" of KCR. I really hope LR does not teach any values to his children. They will grow up as worst 420s in society. GK may try smart assed justification which only confirms what I said. Jai will hide until he can find something he can pick and choose – usually some obscure data on left bank canal of nagarjun sagar he tries to spin as result of massive conspiracy.

    • Ashish Kumar says:

      KCR is giving the italian matriculate-failed a taste of her own medicine.

      KCR himself said that TRS has no meaning to its existence after T is formed. But his decision not to merge with congress confirms what everyone in this country says:

      There are 3 kinds of lies – Lies, More Lies and Telangana

    • Ashish Kumar says:

      There are 3 kinds of Liars – Professional Liars, Congenital Liars and T-Separatists

    • LR says:

      @ Kiran – PoS

      R u out of your mind bringing my kids into this discussion and saying they will become 420s? Do you even understand what you are talking about? Idiots like you need to be taught baundaries. Don't you have basic sense/intellengence to know that kids are out-of-reach for this stupid discussions you are having here. Even politicians know that and follow that. What are you going to acheive from here? And you have the audacity to talk about society? Which society?

      I hope somebody from SA will also see this as outrageous and call it as it is instead of spinning it. Please don't say that I brought my kids into this discussion. There is a difference between talking good and talking bad.

      P.S: Ignorant scum bags all over the internet blogging with no common sense and basic human dignity.

      • Ashish Kumar says:


        Bringing kids into this discussion in a personal way is too puerile and irrelevant. I hope it does not happen in this forum again.

  25. Chandra says:

    "P. Rao says:March 1, 2014 at 4:19 pmThere is a remote chance, neverthless a chance that the apex court may rule the whole division thing unconstitutional".

     We want to see supreme court appreciating the parliament, in following constitutional guidelines fantastically, and say job well done reg AP bifurcation.

    We want to see supreme court endorsing ,in a matured (?))democracy like India, parliamentarians have complete authority to overrule the majority opinion of affected parties in  imp policy decisions.

    We want to see apex court endorsing the  parliament's right in  making arbitrary decisions without any basis or rationality provided both parties collaborating together (where BJP does not have even one representative from AP) and suspending representatives from affected state and taking a decision.

    But………… yesterday's incident of supreme court getting confused between hate speech and free speech makes me skeptical about their ability in profoundly understanding issues..

    But……….., If they endorse this as a fantstic job and say this process can be repeated in future, then we know the rules of the game.  All people of AP have historic emotional attachment with Hyderabad for centuries and economic rights over Hyderabad. That can be achieved without the opinion of T assembly(if any) or SA  assembly(if any). we all know  how to do it.


  26. GK says:


    About 3-4 weeks ago, California Senators have voted in favor of a bill SCA5, which will purposely reduce the enrollment of Asian students into university in California from 36% down to 13%. This will limit the chance of asians getting into higher education in a fair manner. As it will cause a deduction of 140 from the SAT score for Asian students and an addition of 360 for African and Spanish students. How would you comment on this?

  27. Ashish Kumar says:

    AP Poll tracker:


    45% people in SA still supporting YSRCP. 16% people is SA still support congress and they may gravitate towards YSRCP. I think that these results show that Seemandhra faces the biggest existential threat in history since the Battle of Talikota in 1565 AD in which the entire Vijayanagar empire was completely plundered. Only this time the enemy lies within the Trojan horse.

    There is a saying – Beware of the Greeks, who bear gifts. It needs proper contextual re-phrasing for Seemandhra.


    • GK says:

      Jagan getting power whether in SA or T or AP will be the most shamefull and dissappointing thing for me. I believe he is bulldozzing with shear money muscle…with his deep pockets he knows he can get back in T even if he looses this time…No where I have seen a TV channel so blantantly being used for political imaging and propaganda.. why is that a TV channel places a political figure YSR picture on the TV every second for so many years…it was not YSR channel.

      • Ashish Kumar says:

        When history is read, but not understood; When people get intoxicated with cheap TV dance sequences and promises of free-passes to heaven and salvation, When money becomes the measure of virtue and values, such things are bound to happen.

        In the TV debate people say they have a choice between Chota Chor, Bada Chor and Accha Chor (small thief, big thief and good thief), while completely forgetting that they have a infinitely better option in Lok Satta, shows that the love of the people for thieves is spectacularly deep.

        • GK says:

          Lok Satta – is the best option but not sure how they can counter Jagan in terms of expenses, candidates and the propaganda using YSR…

          • Ramesh says:

            I agree Loksatta is the best option in both the states. T and AP. The reason why it would fail is because they lack leaders other than JP. Till date, I haven't heard one name. And ofcourse, to add to it, he does not have money/media power to create a media buzz…. If you see AAP (I don't like them anyway), they had atleast 10 leaders other than AK who were known to India before the Delhi elections. That's not true for Loksatta.


            At the moment the true choices  AP people have areTDP and YSRC. You can only pre-judge TDP as we have seen CBN's government of 9 years in the past. Where as we have not seen YSRC. I do not think Jagan is going to do an encore of YSR's rule. If it was so, he would have never left Congress. I repeat once again, we need to see their manifestos and their plans to revive AP and ofcourse the kind of  candidates they can come up with. 

            And regarding Loksatta, I sincerely hope that they get a sizable number and start building more leaders who are visible other than JP. And realistically can become a good force in 2019 elections.

            • vkv says:

              It is unfortunate that we forget and forgive Jagan for what he done to the state (and its economy)


              Though law allows him to contest elections, after all that he had done, people should understand and not vote fo any of YSRC candidate.


              • GK says:

                My personal opinion is that any party is better than Jagan, who is running his party like an enterprise. It is only a matter of getting to power when he will steadfastly crushes his opponents without any news getting out. His biggest social service before starting his party was to distribute choclates on his birthday…I feel his lust for power is not depicted in any movie till date…he never wants to be a minister at the state or center…but rather only want to be CM or PM. I learnt that each wall poster he distributes to candidate costs around Rs. 1000…The way he is shown on his TV is disgusting, ordinary people crying and weaping and he is the savior of them…

              • Ramesh says:

                I am not a Reddy. 

                But can you explian why Jagan is more responsible for the corruption of YSR government and not Geetha Reddy, Jana Reddy, Botsa Satyanaraya or Raghuveera Reddy or Ponnala Lakshamaiah. In a way even Kiran Kumar Reddy is partially responsible for it, he carried on with the same corrupt cabinet ministers, than standing up to High command and say, I want cleaner MLAs as ministers, not the corrupt ones. 

                Also, why is free health (Arogya Sri) bad ? Many poor people who would have otherwise accepted death because they have been diagnosed by deadly diseases like cancer, got treated under Arogya Sri. Of course, with any government 'pathakam' there is a great scope for corruption. And all congressis, bureacrats  indulged in corruption under each and every  'pathakams' devised over the last 65 years. 

                • Ramesh says:

                  Sorry, forgot to add the name of 'Rosiah', the great. 

                  Why these ministers are not responsible and Jagan is responsible for the corruption ? Can any one give some logical reason. Not some emotional one. 

                • vkv says:

                  We have been seeing this trend where when we talk about corruptionn of one person, corruption of other persons is brought in. Jagan is corrupt doesn't mean others are innocent.

                  Fact is YS-Jagan combination is the deadliest of the whole lot.

            • Mann says:

              Loksatta should get down the high horse and join hands with TDP. It will help Loksatta grow the party in some pockets and also help TDP not to split their common vote. We need good guys, however disparate they are, to join forces in order to destroy evil.

              • GK says:

                This is impossible to happen but….if CBN moves to center and JP is made the CM candidate then it will create a huge tide in T and SA.

              • P. Rao says:

                "Loksatta should get down the high horse and join hands with TDP. "

                So everybody on this blog can shout Andhra casteism and kulagajji. : )

                • Ashish Kumar says:


                  I would anytime prefer Andhra casteism and kulagajji, if that can stop YSRCP being elected to power.

                  Frankly speaking I would not even mind TRS coming to power if that can stop the evil of YSRCP.

                • P. Rao says:


                  From the looks of it Jagan and JP lost their credibility with the people in the state bifurcation fiasco. Their electoral prospects for different reasons are low at this time of their careers. JMHO.

                • Ramesh says:


                  Frankly speaking I would not even mind TRS coming to power if that can stop the evil of YSRCP

                  TRS, of course, is coming to power in HYD (i.e., T). 

                  I would never like TRS to come to power in AP. I am ok with some one stealing money . But TRS has put a black mark on the character of 65% of AP. TRS started the propoganda that SA people are looters, cheaters and Rakshas. Union government by conceding their demands has put a 'stamped' seal of approval on these lies.  

                • Mano says:

                  Let them shout. The people who shout the loudest are actually the biggest casteists. I know there are mad Kamma followers rallying for TDP, weirdos who think Nandamuri family has to lord over us for eternity. But I personally believe both JP and CBN are above petty caste considerations.

                • GK says:

                  YSR reddy party or TDP kamma party….it takes some more time to get rid of the castetism in politics….more and more EDUCATION for next two generations should see an end to it hopefully…unless there is a quota system introduced sooner…which I doubt as it is a complicated issue at the national level…

  28. GK says:

    Sakshi has no mention of the ED notices on Jagan and his companies…this is unbelievable…

    One good thing that happened to T is that starting with NTR era all parties reached out to non dominant caste leaders to woo the voters…credit goes to NTR, though the reason he did was out of no choice, because dominant leaders who were pre-dominantly in Congress at that time did not want to submit to NTRs feet…

  29. Ashish Kumar says:


    When someone indulges in large scale plunder of public money and lands, he needs accomplices in the form of some ministers and bureaucrats whose collusion is critical for the whole plan of plunder to succeed. Obviously these accomplices need to be paid off some commission. But the kingpin ends up taking 80%. Obviously the names that you mentioned are involved but they are just sidekicks who got their "biryani packets", but they are not the major beneficiaries.

    YSRCP also has another hidden agenda of changing religious demographics of Seemandhra through more-blatant conversions with a view to create a permanent loyal vote bank. Anyone visiting Seemandhra can see how already religious demographics has rapidly changed since 2004 in most villages. But to keep the agenda hidden, the Reddy card is being used overtly so as to be in the good books of the politically powerful Reddy caste.

    So blatant corruption – blatant conversions – free pathakams are the 3 key interconnected agenda items to permanently enslave the SA people for generations to come. This is the existential threat to SA state, I have referred to in my earlier post.

    • Ramesh says:

      I could not disagree with you more.

      First of all these are all allegations of corruption. And why is kingpin some one outside the government and not the cabinet ????? For me, if the corruption is proved, Kingpin number 1 is YSR (not Jagan). King Pin number 2 is his Entire cabinet (unless someone resigned in the middle of the tenure alleging corruption. I haven't heard any). King Pin number 3 is Congress High Command, who have encouraged the CM and his cabinet to be corrupt. Culprint number 4 are beuracrats. And then lastly, Jagan, who is culprit number 5. Again, only if these allegations are proved. 

      Your entire logic is something like, saying, A Raja's son/daughter is culprit number 1 for Telecom scam. I totally disagree with you and others who think like you. For me, the biggest culprit for Telecom scam is (1) Manmohan Singh (2) Central Cabinet (each and every minister) (3) A Raja, individual accountability (4) Sonia Gandhi and Congress High Command (5) Karunanidhi and DMK high command. and never A Raja's kin.


      Second thing about conversions – Why would one need to be CM to promote conversions ? Non-Coersive relegious conversions are allowed by constitution of India. So, anyone, can promote a religion and people (including poor people in villages) have right to convert. If the conversion is bringing financial prosperty and they willingly convert, I do not see any problem with that. BTW, I am a Hindu and I strongly beleive that a person should have complete freedom to choose his/her own religion. And without using coersion, if India becomes a christian majority country in 2100, so be it. Religion is never greater than  humanity. 

      Last one on 'Free pathakams'. The free pathakams themselves are not bad. But our political/administrative/delivery systems that are bad and use all these free pathakams to aggrandise their wealth. If the Free pathakams can deliver prosperity/growth with minimal leakage and result in long-term growth what is wrong with that. In UK, the entire health system is free and is administered decently. And I for one, believe that the idea of free health service is not a bad idea. Of course, if you go into detail, there are lots of improvements that NHS can implement to arrest leakage. I don't wish to say every free pathakam is bad. But we need to review each and every free pathakam a politician promises in their manifesto. If the proposed free pathakams are bad for long-term prosperity, then I would oppose it. E.g., For Me  Arogya Sri is a very good idea. With proper implementation, this is a boon for many poor people.  At the same time, free power (not minimally charged power) is bad as it would remove the incentive to conserve energy from the consumer. This would impact growth due to scarcity of power and also effects water table of the region, there by impacting the long-term viability of agriculture based on ground water in the region. 

      • blueshitft says:

        Ramesh I completely agree with you.

      • Ashish Kumar says:


        1. The basic law of criminal investigation is – who is the beneficiary? Please read the law before trying to support blatant corruption.

        2. Your arguments for conversion are so facile that anyone can make out that you too are a victim of the conversion agenda or a crypto-communist or both. I would prefer not to argue on this topic with brainwashed people with Hindu sounding names. For your information, the law PROHIBITS religious conversion by inducements and fraud. Most conversions in India exactly happen by inducements and fraud – being a CM with a hidden conversion agenda helps here by asking the law enforcement not to take action.

        3. Free pathakams make people into beggars. Please listen to JP's talk on why ArogyaSri was designed. As JP says, if that money was used to improve govt hospitals, that would have had a thousand times more impact on public health. Anyone with half the brain of a butterfly will know that schemes like Arogyasri are designed to plunder public money.

        So stitching the 3 together – Free pathakams generates illegal money, that can be used to fund elections to get to power, that can be used to allow illegal conversions.

        • Ramesh says:

          1. Beneficiary is a. YSR b. Each and every congress minister c. Congress party and it's high command. Also, not every benefit need to be mone. Sometimes, the benefit could be kind in nature. Eg., Manmohan Singh, he enjoyed his seat of power by abdicating his responsibilities. For me he is more lethal and corrupt than Madhu Koda. 

          2. If you don't like the message, dont shoot the messenger. Don't throw a wild allegation that I am posting a fake Hindu sounding name.

          3. If free pathakams are bad why did your favourite CBN wanted to give free money direct to the voter's account. Was it also devised to make AP people beggars? BTW, don't answer it as I don't have problem with right free ideas that are affordable and beneficial to the people. Ok. You are criticising arogya Sri. Karnataka does not have such schemes. Can you prove me that the government hospitals in karnataka are thousand times better than the ones in AP.

          Just don't try to manufacture facts to suit your unproven theories.

          • Ashish Kumar says:

            1. Investigations look at – Who is the MAJOR END beneficiary?


            People who support YSRCP are those who have been given a share of the loot.

            2. On the topic of conversions, there is no point talking to brainwashed people who sell their souls for money and a promise of a free ticket to salvation. One needs a certain below average IQ level to fall into this trap.

            3. The state does not need free pathakams. Just put the entire welfare money in improving govt hospitals, schools and village roads. In Europe, govts do not have free pathakams. Because all their efforts go into maintaining public hospitals, schools, roads, community centres, libraries so well that they are far better than even private ones. That will improve the well being of people. Any free pathakams are just "legal fraud" to make people lose their self-respect and become beggars.

            • VK says:

              Practise what you preach and stop supporting BJP in a brainwashed way.

              In Europe (at least in EU), farmers get heavy subisidies and poor get everything through for free (which is equivalent to free pathakams).

          • Mann says:

            You say beneficiary is YSR and not Jagan. How can you differenciate between YSR and Jagan? Jagan is just an extension of YSR and is accomplice and beneficiary to all the crimes committed. So you think it is ok for Jagan to claim the positive legacy of YSR but distance himself from corruption and all the crimes committed?

            • Ramesh says:

              A person can claim anything, positive legacy or negative legacy. But law should treat the person lawfully irrespective of these claims. I never would vote YSRCP because of YSR's legacy. Infact, that should be the sole reason for not voting for him. But I do not wish for him to get legally sanctioned punishment for his father's wrong doings. Would you like to punish Dawood's son just because you could not catch Dawood. I would have appreciated CBI, had they prosecuted YSR.

              Some one earlier was saying that I am comparing his jagan's crimes to other politician's crimes. No, what I am saying is that the reason for this alleged crime of YSR government's corruption is YSR, his cabinet, congress party, beauracrats and Jagan in that order. You can't punish culprit number 5, before convicting number culprit number 2,3 and 4 for the given crime.

              All I am saying is examine every political party on their merits, rather than looking at their father, mother or brother. 

               I would never vote for Rahul Gandhi because Rajeev was good. Or vote for KTR because I like KCR.

              • P. Rao says:


                Your point is well taken about the descendants of a criminal could be innocent. But Jagan himself is culpable because of apparent financial gains through unexplainable means. During YSR reign Jagan was a parliament member. His financial disclosures one time was 2 crores or so  and within four years, in the next election time he declared his net worth as 200 crores or so (not exact figures but in that proportion). This is all of public record.  If you gain that kind of wealth without any means of earning legally it is considered culpability.  If you notice closely, Jagan or YSRCP are silent about the source of his wealth and never able to publicly deny wrong doing.

                Dawood's son is equally a criminal if he is ever found in possession of large quantities of gold smuggled by his father, though he himself is not involved in smuggling. It is that simple. Otherwise government won't be able to attach 860 crores of Jagan's properties in the last week.

                My point is some things are a matter of opinion. This issue of plunder is not one of those. 

                • Ramesh says:

                  I am not saying Jagan is innocent. Simply that, he is 5th in line. Why are we OK with the criminality of YSR's cabinet, but going for jagan's jugular?

    • P. Rao says:

      @Ashish Kumar

      You have summarised the situation very neatly. As you said in the first para, that is how the mafia operates. Mafia Dons like Coolie Mastan and Davud Ibrahim are much respected in some neighborhoods in Bombay and Pakistan. That does not make them any virtuous people.  People should remember that in evaluating past CMs or Babas.

      We are all for freedom of religious conversion. But some times it is not based on belief and hope of  liberation from social oppression. As you mentioned, YSRCP conversion plan is to develop a permanent vote bank of poorer sections of the society for a family party's electoral prospects; that is something sinister. The parent Congress party itself is accused of this practice of playing vote bank politics with Muslim voters.

      As you elegantly put it, "Blatant corruption – blatant conversions – free pathakams are the 3 key interconnected agenda items to permanently enslave the SA people for generations to come. This is the existential threat to SA state,- – -".

  30. GK says:

    Here is the list on Namaste T

    deputy secretary 13 out of 56
    joint secretary 3 out of 26
    addln secretary 0 out of 13
    asst secretary 38 out of 188
    section officers 101 out of 609
    asst sec officers 180 out of 1500

    • Ramesh says:


      Now that you have got your Telangana (maadi maggavale), why are you posting these numbers. 

      Unless you are preparing the ground in HYD to have regional fights ? 

    • VK says:

      How many of the telangana employees you mentioned are from North Telangana and how many of them are from south telangana. If you see variation in region based differences, will you consider it as discrimination?

    • Ashish Kumar says:


      Somehow you are just stuck up on some useless numbers. Grow up and think like an adult….

      By the way, do you know that there is an allegation that the left bank of Nagarjunsagar is made of cement coming out from companies that employed only 15.4% T people? That the Telangana people in IT companies in the USA are only 17.8% of the Telugu people? Of all the Telugu people who climbed Mt. Everest, Telangana people are only 10.1% ?

      Can you please do more research and find out percentages of T people in different other activities?

      • mohan says:

        :) I cant stop laughing….lol.lol…

        May I will help GK..some more astonishing facts about T and SA disparity…

        • GK says:

          Well who should grow up is for the wise to realise… I believe that apart from water this is another big reason for the T movement…

          deputy secretary 13 out of 56
          joint secretary 3 out of 26
          addln secretary 0 out of 13
          asst secretary 38 out of 188
          section officers 101 out of 609
          asst sec officers 180 out of 1500

          • VK says:

            How many of the telangana employees you mentioned are from North Telangana and how many of them are from south telangana. If you see regional variation in, will you consider it as discrimination?

  31. subhash says:

    Hope the people of telangana would take a leaf out of KCR's book. Now as KCR does not congress as they are not going to be in power at centre, telangana people also does not need KCR as telangana has come and all they need good governce. There are partiies like TDP, BJP, Loksatta for that than TRS

  32. Suresh says:

    Chakravarthy garu, sir which party we shud vote to in elections

    • Ramesh says:

      The best option LokSatta is not strong enough. JP needs to get some good people into his party who can become visible on their own. JP is becoming like a 'Marri Chettu'. 

      TDP and YSRC are other options. But I am really getting scared, when CBN says, that he would convert the new capital of AP into Singapore. That would be disastrous. I would like AP to become like Korea. Not Vijayawada/Vizag/Guntur/Kurnool becoming Singapore. That's recipe for another disaster in 20 years.

      The best bet would be a party who could get closer to 25 Loksabha seats (least bothered about assembly as Assembly resolutions do not seem to matter now a days). and can be part of NDA as part of a post-poll alliance. I donot wish for BJP to win any loksabha seats directly from AP.

      Regarding T, it does not matter, it will be TRS or a combination of TRS/Cong in a post poll alliance. It will be interesting to see KCR's decision if TRS falls short of majority in assembly and has to take the support of Congress at state-level and BJP is short of majority in center and starts talking to TRS about a post-poll alliance at the center. Can he pull off two alliances one with BJP at center, and another with Congress at the state. Interesting times…..

      • Mano says:

        @Ramesh, dont worry, CBN wont make AP a Singapore or a Korea. All this is for elections, AP will have to develop in its own way. The choice is easy between CBN and Jagan. CBN despite his flaws has a good track record of administration, there was reasonable progress during his tenure, no taint of corruption. Jagan is a prince with no administrative experience, amassed huge wealth by illegal means and will be spending half of his time to fight off criminal charges against him.

        In Telangana, I dont know if TRS forms an alliance with Congress, but TRS going alone would be my dream scenario. It is one thing when TRS talks of Andhra palakulu, but how shameless are the T congress leaders when they also talk the same language, they being part of palaka vargam. If TRS can win 50 seats, it can form Govt with suport of MIM. Congress will learn a lesson on what happens when you feed a snake.

        • Ramesh says:

          Congress will learn a lesson on what happens when you feed a snake.

          You are too optimistic. They never learned the lesson from Bindranwale. I doubt if they will learn a lesson from a much less fanatic, KCR. 

        • satya says:

          >> Congress will learn a lesson on what happens when you feed a snake.

          haha.. Congress itself is an anaconda.

    • VK says:

      One sincere advice is please don't vote to any cinema actor/actress who turned politician after AP reogranisation bill or to any candidate who use cinema actors for election campaigning. When whole telugunaadu burning, not a single actor or actress did anything for us. So don't believe any cinema actors, they are worst than politicians.

      I heard Pawan Kalyan contesting elections as an independent, so please make sure he lose in telugunaadu. He was interested in his 3rd marriage than supporting telugus who suffered when telugunaadu was burning with agitations.

      • Ramesh says:

        I totally agree with you. I hope all candidates who contest elections just because they have earned fame through cinema should be defeated. Especially those who did nothing for the soceity. We, Telugu people, made a mistake by giving 17 seats to Chiranjeevi.

  33. satya says:

    "Don't allow north telangana people ruling south telangana"

    DK Aruna wants to keep the ball rolling. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BiCrHGSCEAAlyZ-.png



    • Chandra says:

      We discussed this earlier couple of times. When the silly T idea was transformed into habits, dialects and "dominance" as the basis of separation, after SKC, ………….North T and south T (Including RR and Hyd) will have every right to decide their future also.

      If these 4 districts  thinks that merging with seemandhra will benifit them in having a share of "up coming" new opportunities in SA, sure they can do it .   :)    :)     You dont need north T approval. If they  want one can write hundred of articles on how north T systematically suppressed south T.  :)

      When you do something without any rationality everything else becomes why not.

  34. P. Rao says:

    To those watching the TRS and Congress fighting in Telangana, there is no need to take sides.  That is all drama, fake fight to rally their supporters and generating media circus. TRS and Congress are one party with two mouths exchanging political dialogues. Their support for each other and their merger are a foregone conclusion. Congress might have thought the best way to keep the Telangana fires burning during the coming election is to let TRS keep the brand name. So no TDP or YSRCP or MIM can hope to get many seats in T.

    In a similar context, Mahatma Gandhi said he would abolish Congress once India gets independence. They kept it running after he is gone, so far with one electoral success after another profiting greatly the fake Gandhis.

    • subhash says:

      Not merging TRS in to congress makes sense. But not having an alliance would definitely reduced the seats they get together. Not sure what logic they have

  35. Ashish Kumar says:

    It is a foregone conclusion that BJP will form the next central govt with NaMo as the PM. Have a look at this:


    The best bet for Seemandhra voters is TDP so that maximum advantage can be derived from the BJP govt in centre.

    The best bet for Telangana voters is TRS, provided that TRS does not merge/have alliance with congress. If TRS has alliance with congress, then best bet is BJP so that the new T state can also derive maximum benefits from centre.

    • VK says:

      No telugu would forget Congress passing telangana bill in most undemocratic way in Parliament and BJP supporting it.  If TDP align with BJP, then the other parties should show the visuals of how the bill passed and BJP support for it to make sure any party that supporting either BJP or Congress should be demolished in telugunaadu.

      • GK says:

        Well it looks like you would suggest voting for the Samaikyandhra party…then what make people suffer?? don't get carried away by your anger and get back to reality. Whether you vote to Ashok babu or CB or Jagan or Kiran…their political interests come first.

        • VK says:

          CPM would like align with non-Congress and non-BJP parties. Like CPM, telugunaadu should vote to parties that don't align with either Congress or BJP.

  36. VK says:

    Supreme court (SC) referes Telangana petitions to constitution bench (CB) (Acc. to NDTV)

    Will CB deliver the verdict soon?

    • Ashish Kumar says:

      There is time until June 2. It will be a tough but interesting decision.

      1. Article 3, gives full power to the Parliament to split/merge states, since states in India are merely administrative units.

      2. Whether such a power can be exercised in an arbitrary manner without a framework like the SRC is the question. This means either the state legislature initiates the state's divison, else the parliament should let the country know the rationale for a particular state's divison.

      3. Parliament is Supreme but it cannot pass a law that alters the basic structure of the constitution. Whether arbitrary application of Article 3, effects the basic structure of the constitution is the moot point.

      • Chandra says:

        States are not just administrative units (LIke districts) but have an elected legislature whch can make laws. It's more involved. Yes whether arbitrary application of Article 3, affects the basic structure of the constitution is an imp point.

        In any case, Its very good that a constitutional bench will scrutinize the entire issue. THEY MUST GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS. This will be a historic verdict and can give clarity on the federal structure and  the future map of India. And ofcource future precedents and practises of dividing or merging of states  or making union territories .


  37. GK says:

    It will be interesting to see if SA will support Samaikya Simhams new party. Technically he sacrificed personally for the cause, now let us see how SA people will vote for him….

  38. GK says:

    Curious to know why one-third of state employees data is still not available? Anybody know of any reason, please share…

  39. GK says:

    Mark my words, Andhra will just become another Tamilnadu…they will not let any national or non-local party win. BJP will learn it the hard way… It was only because of T, congress survived in erswhile AP…

    • subhash says:

      From now on it may become like that. But so far its T, its SA which was strong bastion for congress

      • GK says:

        Every party was born in Andhra and Congress was able to come back using T.

        • VK says:

          What about TRS?

          • GK says:

            Agree. TRS is the first to stay live…but I have a strong feeling that in the long run it will be Cong and BJP in T. TRS is continuing because there are many aspirants who are willing to contibute under TRS…closing shop now will let YSR get back in and then the same old story of looting…

            • VK says:

              Current situation is more important than what going to happen in future. As it stand, telangana is no different from telugunaadu in supporting regional parties. Therefore what you said about telugunaadu make no sense.

              Moreover, Congress won more seats in telugunaadu than in telangana (12 out of 17 MPs in telangana region and 21 out of 25 MP seats in seema-andhra region) in 2009 elections, indicating that Congress had more support in telugunaadu. Congress destroyed its support in telugunaadu with pure greed.


  40. Ashish Kumar says:

    @Jai Gottimukkala,

    The specific question to you is this:-

    1. No law can be arbitarily applied even if there is a provision in the constitution for the law to be applied. Example: Govt cannot apply Emergency arbitrarily, Govt cannot impose president's rule arbitrarily. The question here is that the proposal to divide a state did not originate in the state assembly, the proposal was thrust upon the state assembly which rejected it, the proposal itself has no rationale like the SRC why the state was being divided. Inspite of this, the Parliament passes the divison bill especially by keeping the MPs of SA out of Parliament.

    I believe the SC will examine this and I think is within its powers to impose a stay order for the 2nd June notification pending the constitution of the 2nd states reorganisation committee which will design a framework for the divison of states (especially those states where the divison bill does NOT originate from the state assembly) moving away from the "lingustic" basis. Once the framework is designed, then states could be divided on that basis.

    If this process is not followed, any party that gets 300 seats (like Rajiv did in 1982) can play havoc with the federal structure. Supreme Court will examine all these matters especially looking at how such a process affects the "BASIC STRUCTURE OF THE CONSTITUTION"

    • Let me answer the "basic structure" point first.

      Supreme Court in the Keshavanada Bharati case established that "federal character" is a part of the basic structure. The learned CJ interpreted this to be "division of powers". The Bommai case reiterated this interpretation.

      How does the constitution address this division? Various articles provide clear dilineation. Seventh schedule provides the most important clue with 3 different lists.

      When states are reorganized, the center does not appropriate any of the state powers. Rather the powers are transferred to 2 or more successor states. This is not an infringement of the "separation of powers" principle.

      Articles 1-4 are clearly in the central realm.

      • Articles 352-360 are emergency provisions unlike article 3. Article 352 (emergency), 356 (president's rule) etc. are also conditional (e.g. grave emergency, Govt. can't be carried out etc.)

        Articles 1-4 are absolute. This is clear from several SC judgments (Berubari Union, Babulal Parate, Mangal Singh, Mullaiperiyar Environmental Forum, Narayan Puranik, Pradeep Chaudhary etc.)

        Even in conditional aspects, arbitrariness is not a ground as there are no objective legal standards. The petitioner must prima facie establish one of the following: 1. violation of the essential conditions 2. malafide 3. "Wednesbury unreasonableness".

        None of the factors you cite prove malafide even if established. FYI the so called rejection is not viable as the resolution suffers from serious defects (listed in my post).

        BTW CJ Sengupta & Justice Bhanu dismissing PV Krishnaiah's PIL held article 3 to be a part of the basic structure.

        • Ashish Kumar says:

          1. An arbitrary decision need not be malafide.

          2. If the SC asks – Why was the state divided ? – The answer cannot be: Just for fun OR Because we wanted to win elections OR Because there was a regional sentiment.

          3. Articles 1-4 are absolute meaning absolute in the context of power resting with Parliament. Absolute power does not mean it can be exercised for fun.

          4. "objective legal standards" is the SRC. Anything else is arbitrary UNLESS the state assembly passes a POSITIVE resolution in favour of division like in Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttarakhand.

        • VK says:

          Jandyala Ravi Shankar (HC advocate) said in his today's discussion on Maha TV regarding the case in SC that if everyone who could understand English could think that (s)he understand the constitution that written in English then why do we need Narimans?

          • @Ashish Kumar:

            1. Agreed a decision can be arbitrary but not malafide. However arbitrariness is no ground for setting aside a decision. Anyway this is not applicable to absolute powers.

            2. SC can't ask this question. It can only check if the decision violates the constitution.

            3. The petitioner has to prove this instead of wild allegations.

            4. Sorry the correct term is "judicially manageable standards". Courts will not intefere with anything that can't be determined in this manner (e.g. "subjective satisfaction"). Again this is only for conditional powers.

            Going by your definition, even Andhra creation in 1953 & AP formation in 1956 are ultravires (no/against SRC, no assembly resolution).


            • @VK:

              Mr. Ravi Shankar is the same "intellectual" who claimed article 371-D was kept in the seventh schedule to preserve the state! He should learn the difference between a schedule & an article from Nariman :)

              • VK says:

                You made several wild allegations about Sri Potti Sri Ramulu's fast but still and yet we are not stopping to respond to your comments based on those wild allegations. Similarly, Ravi Shankar might have said some thing that may not be correct in your view, which doesn't mean that what said in other aspect is incorrect.

                If the petitioners just made wild allegations regarding AP reorganisation bill, then why would SC refer it to Constitutional bench?

                AP formed with the approval of both Andhra and Hyd state assemblies and based on 1st SRC, which didn't oppose the merger? If you had a problem with the merger, you should have stopped voting to Congress for creating AP. Instead Congress won with thumping majority in assembly elections conducted only telangana region in 1957. Even for argument stake, if we assume AP formed without assemblies approval, which doesn't mean that same mistake can be repeated now. Constitution was just 5-6 years old during AP formation whereas it is now more than 60 years old.  So it is like comparing falling while learning to walk with falling of fully grown man/woman.

                • @VK: Please read the Berubari Union, Babulal Parate, Mangal Singh, Mullaiperiyar Environmental Forum, Narayan Puranik & Pradeep Chaudhary judgments yourself. I am confidant you will understand the verdict easily.

                  Reference to a constitution bench does not imply any prima facie case.

                  I did not say AP formation is ultravires. I just applied Ashish's "SRC or resolution" approach. BTW article 3's text today is the same as 1956.


  41. P. Rao says:

    The AP bifurcation and the birth of the 29th state is causing lot of early retirements or near retirements from politics. First and foremost, L. Rajagopal openly announced retirement. Kiran Reddy was forced to retire and is trying to make a fresh start. D. Venkateswara Rao has announced retirement. His wife said she seriously considered retirement too but decided to adorn BJP as an after thought. JP is left in the middle, na Andhra ka, na Telangana ka. His plans are unclear.

    Some of the other survivors from the shipwreck are climbing different boats whichever is willing to accept them.  To fill the need for more vessels, birth announcements have been made recently for six or so new parties in the twin states of RAP and T-gana.

    • GK says:

      Yes, true facts, and there may be a need to repeal/change 371D, but the wisdom will previal…the existence of 371D is because of the combined state of AP. So, it is more of a technical correction. If T could have hired Vundavalli, the state would have formed years before…

      He is so desperately fighting as he made very slippery comments w.r.t. the formation of T. Now that it is formed, his arrogant ego has taken big time beating. As he believes that he is the super logical intellectual and no body, let alone T people, is above him…

  42. GK says:

    Good coversation between Harish and Lagadapati…


  43. GK says:

    This is for the ears of Mr. Chakravarthy…


  44. P. Rao says:

    In the news, former CM Kiran Reddy named his new party Jai Samaikhyandhra. It is hoped persons who worked for samaikhyandhra before are going to join him.  But is the party name appropriate after all we gone through? Are they going to fight for reunification of RAP and T-gana?  Is it realistic?

  45. Ravi says:

    After T-bill passed in LS, Lagadapati announced sanyasam. Immediately Ashok Babu finished strike and Chakravarthi said congrats to T-people.

    Now Lagadapati is back in politics. Chakravarthi & Ashok Babu will follow him. Anta dabbu mahimaraa babu.

    • GK says:

      One thing that will be in the history books, for which Undavalli will regret his whole life, is a press conference he gave a year or two ago. In it he inferred that the state if divided implies the acceptance that andhra people cheated T regarding water and A people looted T jobs…

      I feel that it is those comments he made on record forced him to act the way he did so far and his continuing efforts as well…

    • Chandra says:

      Spoke the minds of millions of Telugu's  around the globe.

  46. GK says:

    Should the govt employees be divided based on population ratio or nativity?

    • VK says:

      Should Hyd income divided based on population ratio or nativity?

      • GK says:

        I feel nativity is a fair way.

        • VK says:

          You mean Hyd income should be divided based on the nativity of telugus there.

          • Ravi says:

            income and expense shud be divided on nativity of all people

          • GK says:


            What it means you should know as you had asked the question…

            • VK says:

              I asked the question but you answered. So how do I know what you meant.

              What you want in dividing govt. employees should also be applicable to Hyd income. In the latter case, the income should be divided based on the nativity of income generating telugus.

              • Ravi says:

                malla ade telugu sutti endibai. veretollu manushulu kaaraa?

                incom maatrame kadu kharchu kuda ade nishpattilo panchalna vadda? kharchu maku ruddi miru adayamlo matrame vata kavalnante kudardu. panilopaniga hyderabadlo vade nillu, kuragayalu, karentulo kuda mi vata telchudam.

                • VK says:

                  "malla ade telugu sutti endibai. veretollu manushulu kaaraa?"

                  If you really believe in what you said, you wouldn't aks for separation.

                  Andharu manushulu annukonnapudu, vidipovadam yanduku?

                  If all us are human beings, why there was opposition to include two districts of rayalaseema in telangana to create rayala telangana? Why there is no opposition for including bhadrachalam, which was part of telugunaadu (seema-andhra) before 1956.

                  Yes, the division of income in Hyd, educational institutions/hospitals in Hyd, expenditure, govt. employees etc should be based on either percentage or nativity (of telugu Govt. employees or income generators in Hyd).

  47. AMRAO says:

    దగాకి, మోసానికి, వంచనకు మారుపేరు TRS – దామోదర రాజనరసింహ

    I wonder which of the actions of TRS he is referring to. I hope it is only pertaining to the actions of their merger with Congress. If he is referring to other actions as well, then Telangana is in deep trouble.


    Truths, slowly but surely, will come out. Just waiting for the day when some one will spill the beans and reveal the truth about the so called బలిదానాలు. How may of them were murders, natural deaths cloaked as suicides, suicides unrelated to Telangana but counted as deaths for Telanagana, etc…

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