Visalandhra Mahasabha (for a United Andhra Pradesh)

Visalandhra Mahasabha is formed by us who are dedicated to the cause of unity of Telugu people. We seek to celebrate our glorious history, our ancient language and our rich culture. We feel that it is our sacred duty to preserve the unity of our State.


We draw our inspiration from the founders and leaders of Andhra Mahasabha. They were the pioneers who worked for the unity of Telugu people. They planted the seeds of the idea of a linguistic State for the Telugu people in the beginning of the last century itself. They wanted the Telugu people, then scattered across different political units, to come and live together under one administrative entity. As a result of the great sacrifices of the Andhra Mahasabha leaders from the Circar, Ceded, and the Nizam regions, our State came into existence. Our goal is to revive the noble spirit of Andhra Mahasabha. Under the aegis of Visalandhra Mahasabha, we dedicate ourselves to strive for preserving the geographic unity and integrity of our great State that came into existence after a protracted struggle against the British, the Nizam rulers, as well as the Indian government.


Visalandhra Mahasabha is firmly opposed to the division of Andhra Pradesh.


We are immensely troubled by the separatist agitation that has been raging in our state for the past 10 years. We are of the firm belief that the separatist agitation is built on blatant lies, false propaganda, and agit-prop techniques. They are adopting Fascist methods to silence the voices of unity. They are resorting to verbal abuse, intimidation, and even physical violence. Unfortunately, a credible and sustained campaign against separatist agitation has not been built in the last 10 years. The falsehoods and canards spread by the separatists are not being effectively contested and exposed. All these months and years, the separatist argument went unchallenged.


Justice Srikrishna Committee’s (SKC’s) comprehensive and well-researched report rubbished the various false claims made by the separatists. After a year-long rigorous study, the committee dispelled the myths and falsehoods, the separatists have been consistently spreading, about the Nizam region’s backwardness, underdevelopment, and its discrimination and exploitation by Circar and Ceded regions since the formation of the State of Andhra Pradesh.


The separatists have lost their argument. Today, their lies stand exposed. But they continue their agitation. Without an argument. Without a basis. And without a reason.


Separatists want the people to believe that “if you love the Nizam region, you must demand the division of the State”. That is the conceptual trap that the separatists have successfully laid during the last ten years. Visalandhra Mahasabha feels that love for Nizam region and demand for a separate State are not one and the same. These two need to be decoupled in the minds of the people. Advocates of Unity are not the enemies of Nizam region. On the contrary, it is the separatists, who are, indeed, its enemies. This message needs to be taken to the people. 


Visalandhra Mahasabha feels that the immediate task, however, is to bring the findings of SKC report to the attention of the top leadership of various political parties in the Country. It is important to expose the falsehoods spread by the separatists, who sowed the seeds of suspicion, hatred and division, in the minds of Telugu people. Over the next few months, we will conduct a sustained campaign. We will make sure that the argument for United Andhra Pradesh is heard by all the important political and media personalities who will play a key role in deciding the fate of our beloved State.


We want you to be part of this noble endeavour. Please ‘Like’ our facebook page and become a ‘Supporter’ of Visalandhra Mahasabha. Do bring in at least ten more people to join our movement for Unity. Give power to the voice of Visalandhra Mahasabha. Help, preserve, the Unity of our State.






* Dr. Parakala Prabhakar (Ph.D., from London School of Economics, Political Economist, and Policy Consultant)

* Challagulla Narasimha Rao (Eminent Political Aanalyst, author of over 30 books, and 500 articles in various news papers and magazines)

* Prof. Atlury Murali (Ph.D., from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, Professor of History, University of Hyderabad)

* Prof. C M K Reddy (DSc(Hon) FRCS(Glas) FRCS(Ire) General & Vascular Surgeon. President, Tamil Nadu Medical Practitioners' Association (TAMPA), All India Telugu Federation (AITF))

* Sunkara Venkateswar Rao (Founder of Bachao Hyderabad organization, Founder of Sri Guru Peetham Spiritual Trust)

* Kumar Chowdhary Yadav (Founder, Samaikyandhra Samithi Party)

* Dr. Syed Faheem (Dentist by profession, started United Andhra Pradesh facebook group that attracted over 30,000 members)

* Nalamotu Chakravarthy (Management Consultant, MBA from Columbia University, General Secretary Andhra Pradesh Non-Resident Indians, author of the book “My Telugu Roots”)

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55 Responses to “Visalandhra Mahasabha (for a United Andhra Pradesh)”

  1. Chandra says:

    Chakravarthy garu and rest of the  organization members of "Visalandhra Mahasabha" ,

    Please accept my hearty congratulations on the formation of an organization to preserve  the   georaphic unity of AP and cultural harmony among  telugus. I consider this as a revival of the great "Andhra Maha sabha" existed pre 1956.

    I want to use the word which you used in one of your postings.

    "Fearless Commitment"….. Will be the motto.

    Telangana separatists have become extremists, who want to collapse  one of the most advanced states of india, AP and want to damage the democratic set-up in India.

    we all know, they will come and try to disrupt our activities. They will try to create terror by using filthy language , damage to property and physical abuse.

    We will come out with most clever ideas and innovative methods to expose their "each and every act" and show to the whole India and world.

    One of the immediate tasks also should be

    *).  To bring awareness among national leaders and leaders of neighboring states about the
    threat to the linguistic states in India and encourage them to oppose the separatists motives

    We will hit in the very heart of their Nazi propaganda…..Telangana does not want a Hitler(s). We will not allow Andhra pradesh to be divided. 

  2. ved says:

    Chakarwarthy garu,  This is a phenomenal work and you all inspire us. Living 10,000 miles away, I cannot attend in person but I will try my best  to propagate and promote this. Also running a movement like this requires lot of resources, including financial. Please focus on this too as  you need lot of  help in this respect. I will do more than my share. That is my commitment to this movement.   
    Finally, the goondas of T vadis will be constantly intimidating and creating violence against you and the organization. Please be careful and take necessary precaution.

  3. Sunil says:

    Chakarvarthy garu, Congratulations for being part of this organization. We missed such an organization for the last 10 years to counter the lies and hatred spread by TRS and prof's of OU university. We has SKC report to backup our claims. Wish I was in India to attend the walk on Tank Bund tomorrow. Jai Visalandhra.

  4. Praveen says:

    I think it is too late now but this idea is nice. It would at least help in cultural unity of telugu poeple even if state gets divided .

  5. deccani says:

    Dr. Parakala Prabhakar must rein in his wife Nirmala first and change her attitude . Then he can talk about saving Andhra Pradesh.The BJP acted worse than a subregional party. IT was a party to the statue demolition.                                

    • satya says:

      True.. But there comes politics. I couldn’t understand how smaller states ensure transparency and better governance when decision making is not decentralized. And it is irresponsible and thoughtless to compare AP with Bihar, UP and Madhya Pradesh. If smaller states ensure, why not small countries? will she agree? What is this arrogant attitude of imposing an vote bank plan made in Delhi on the people of AP? This is highly misusing the powers of parliament and article 3. Should the people of AP be constantly under threat because of such knife of misuse is always hanging on their head? There is a need for some serious discussion nation-wide on this. It is better to seize the existing states. Lets not divide, but decentralize.

      • AMRAO says:

        Satya garu,
        In my view, BJP has become an anti national party. All they want is power. Today, they are supporting two separate states and a UT. Telangana, Gorkhaland and Ladhakh. In fact, they have tried to introduce a private bill in the Rajya Sabha. Why two states and a UT?
        In the case of AP, they have no support in Coastal area and Seema areas. They have two MLAs in Telangana. They hope to win an MP seat by supporting Telangana. For just one MP seat, they are willing to divide the Telugu people.
        Similarly, Jaswant Singh was elected from Darjeeling with the promise of Gorkhaland. Again, just for one MP seat, they are willing to divide West Bengal.
        Similarly, in the case of Ladakh, they have an alliance with a local party (just like TRS in AP) and hope to win another MP seat.

        • Chakravarthy says:

          I am growing more and more disillusioned with the BJP. The party that is "supposed" to understand India's national fabric, appears to be tinkering with India's national integrity. Today, Kishan Reddy and Vidya Sagar Rao are demanding that Komaram Bheem statue be installed on Tank Bund. If they have any coscience in them, they should be demanding restoration of idols as they existed on tank bund and then go hang their head in shame for joining hands with the separatists.
          I've met Venkaiah Naidu yesterday. I had a glimmer of hope that deep inside his heart he might be an integrationist. After yesterday's meeting, I am convinced he is a consummate separatist. He offered the same line of argument one gets from a TRS ideologue.
          I am not sure if I want to consider myself a "BJP Sympathiser" any longer.

        • chandrakanth says:

          yes i agreed BJP is antinational party.why there are dividing the andhra pradesh. for only one r two seat of MLA only.

  6. Chandra says:


    Thanks for the information.
    I agree with AMRAO garu about BJP. They seem to be against linguistic states. The sole reason is political power( Religion and official language are only their objectives.).

    SKC also mentioned, it didnt find any evidence that smaller states are progressing in all sectors. I read about one of the , either chattisgarh or jharkhand, some state which had severe trouble to pay salaries to govt employees for 2 years after the formation of those states. Smaller states can not have large investments and can not have large work force can not ask big loans. These were the arguments i was hearing from different people.

    Again the basic question arises, how small is small?

    Telangana extremists  conveniently support smaller states. Again they themselves  will say, T if formed, is not a small state. This is all rediculous. Let them form second SRC based upon smaller states motto and come out with a study. Not some unscientific loose proposals and statements.

    we should not only keep opposing  Telangana separation but also against break up of linguistic states. 

  7. deccani says:

    I completely concur with AmRao. That's exactly what I feel. The BJP dreams of making it to power with 19 seats in Telangana ,assuming a tie-up with BJP .The entire problem in Telangana is only because of BJP. Nobody point out that. If BJP doesn't fuel the agitation, TRS would be scared in its day to day existence. It is the fear that TRS in conjunction with BJP will take the credit that is giving Congress MLAs and MPs the jitters. The BJP should think itself on a national level instead of taking to street squabbles. It is the ABVP cadre and the BJP workers that the TRS is relying on. The BJP should really think on both side of the equation. IF BJP is rein in the TRS will be automatically checkmated. As long as BJP gives its open support to TRS the fires in T will never be stoked. That is my assessment.

  8. justice says:

    All the small state proponents 

    MPs from Bihar are demanding a special status for Bihar 

    "The natural resources base of Bihar, he said, got radically altered with the bifurcation of the state. To add to it, he said high population base, low human development, low industrial base, recurrence of natural disasters and presence of international border had constrained Bihar's development."

    The same view was echoed by Kuldip Nayar in his opinion people of Haryana are repenting for seperating from Punjab 
    BJP did not have any takers for their slogan "Oka Votu Rendu Rashtralu" in 1996. I found a militant ally in TRS who can create rauckus ..
    The evidence is against small states arguments 
    Shame on Venkaih Naidu, Advani and Sushma Swaraj for dividing the country to make up a few numbers.

    • mohankurella says:

      I am only surprised that even learned people take the example of Punjab and Haryana when they have to support their argument on small states. All of us are pretty well aware that Punjab 'was' and 'is'  a wealthy state much before and after seperation. The punjab and sindh(currenlty in pakistan) were politically and economically leading regions even before independence. For that matter, It is only after fallout from Haryana the Khalistan movement started and country paid a heavy price to restore its normalacy. 
      Though Haryana was formed in 1966, the Haryana economic growth started picking up when National capital region started spilling into Haryana( more so after automobile penetration after  Maruthi udyog and Hero Honda) . People like Devilal came into power by saying contruction of hydro electic power plants leave demineralised water to farms( Bijli nikalne baad paani me dum nahi rahata was the verbatim of devilal during his election campaign). Such was state of affaris of Haryana. The changes have only started in late 80s only after 25 years of existence as small state.
      I will bet Punjab combined Haryana would have progressed more than they currently are.
      Please someone educate BJP and intelluctuals of TRS who take the exampleo f Haryana and Punjab every time to to support their argument and tell them make take two small states with existing MP and see if it can progress.

  9. Prabhakara Rao says:

    Chakravarty gaaru,
    running such campaign is very good.
    The voices of unity from outside are not good enough.
    We all know that there are many voices for unity, including political, inside Telangana itself. But they were oppressed by the separatists. It is high-time these people come out and express their views freely.
    Vishalandhra Mahasabha should try to reach to them and make them talk.

    • Chakravarthy says:

      Not sure what is it that you are referring to Prabhakara Rao garu.

      • justice says:

        I think what Prabhakar is saying is "the argument for United AP wond hold much water if it is done by people outside Telangana..It would be more credible if integrationist inside telangana speak out"
        That is a good idea ..but who do you consider a telanganite ?? Mr Chakravarty himself says he is telanganie but our militant friends dig up generations of ancestory and will go out of the way to prove that some person some place in the family tree belongs to Costal , Seema region

        • Prabhakara Rao says:

          Thanks for getting my point correctly.
          I heard that many people in MBNR told SKC that they do not want separate state and happy in AP.
          If such people/groups are made to voice thier opinion in public, the trend can be reversed.
          Of course I do not know how the physical attacks by speratists should be handled in such scenarios.

  10. justice says:

    I wonder what Venkaiah naidu's response would be if a seperate Shourashtra demand reaches feverish pitch
    How can he support the false claims of TRS when he himself agitated  for "Jai Andhra"  and alleged that andhra's became second class citizens ??

    • Chakravarthy says:

      I brought these topics up during my meeting with him. He says that the coastal region is being discriminated by the Nizam region and Kosta/Seema people are living as second class citizens and hence he is in favor of division.

      When he said that his party is for small states, we asked for how many small states? His response is that they won't be spelling that out. They have a broad framework for smaller states and will look at each demand based on its merits. For example, he said they are opposed to a Rayalaseema state, as it won't be viable. I couldn't rationalize his argument at all.

      • AMRAO says:

        I am able to rationalize his argument. He said and I am quoting you – will look at each demand based on merits – I removed the word its. He meant the merits his party will gain if they support the demand. Damn if their support leads to the disintegration of the country.

    • Chakravarthy says:

      He is not supporting TRS false claims. He is basically making the same claims that TRS makes, but in the favor of other region. He said he has been a separatist since his days of active participation in the “Jai Andhra” movement.

      • mohankurella says:

        I have never seen/heard BJP making demand for Telangana on the strength of its 'Small States phiolosophy'. Time and again I have heard Kishan Reddy and their ABVP band wagon only talking about injustice to telangana. If they are sincere about their small states philosophy let Advani come to hyderabad and open condemn all allegations done by TRS about insutice to Telangana then support Telanagna on their simple philosophy of small states.
        I  am yet to see any more opportunistic political party than BJP, atleast inrespect of T. Hook or crook it has to come to power this time,  I might want to suggest BJP to advocate two states in Telangana since it is not possible for BJP to forge int communist bastions of Khammam, Nalgonda and parts of Warangal. There fore let them propose norht T and south T. It will be more benifical to them. :)

      • satya says:

        Fine.. In that case BJP should voice more for separate andhra state and should make allegations on telangana. But what is happening in the state is the opposite. The T-BJP leaders are more active, violent and going hand in hand with TRS and other forums in spreading lies and giving its contribution for suicides. Whereas the andhra BJP leaders are no where seen in the picture. So, if something is not going in the way(infact, going in exactly reverse) of party’s opinion, don’t they take any responsibility to correct it? why are they allowing their T leaders behaving in such a disgustful manner? And lastly, Do the BJP leaders of central have enough dare to speak what Naidu said to you in private?

        btw.. can he provide any research, data or facts they figured out to support his claim? It is funny such people who didn’t do any groundwork, boycotting the SKC

  11. justice says:

    His arguments are a bunch of Bull S***..His party seems to be win over handsdown in the " who is the most hipocratic political  party"

  12. Chandra says:

    Chakravarthy garu,

    What is the opinion of BJP on sri krishna committe? since the committe does not fall under commissions act, do they say that, whatever the scientific study they have done is  untrue?
    So all the work done by PhD's and justice is wrong?

    Pathetic to hear him , saying , broad framework at one side and case by case basis on other side. Do they know what they are talking about?

    Do they again want to do some study on the merits of telangana? If they have already done  do they have anything to show us?. Do they have any report with them?

    I really appreciate you again for notifying us the inner details. All these points needs to be questioned by sane MP's in parliament. This has become a joke for all these people.  I did not think he would talk this way with a person of your qualification and understanding about this issue.

    According to me this is  a positive sign!

    • Chakravarthy says:

      His view is that BJP has been in favor of dividing the state since 1996. They have taken this position before SKC, TRS, and anyone else that came around. They have reached that position after a great deal of deliberation and his party will not go back on their stance.

  13. deccani says:

    "I brought these topics up during my meeting with him. He says that the coastal region is being discriminated by the Nizam region and Kosta/Seema people are living as second class citizens and hence he is in favor of division."
    It is all non sense they want to destabilize the Congress since it knows that winning big states is not its forte.BJP wants to create more states,more CM,more Yes men,rake up religion card and try to win some votes here and there. It is foolish on part of BJP. I'm disillusioned with it. It is only because of them that the Telangana agitation is spinning out of control.

  14. justice says:

    U are right classic  "Divide and Rule" ploy.
    Afterall they are no different from the congress 

  15. justice says:

    Can any one here through lite on the contribution of Bandaru Dattatreya when he was a railway minister ??
    I am looking for some facts regarding Railway projects taken up in Telangana 

  16. Chandra says:


    Venkaiah Naidu just says without any basis. The broad framework what they are saying is nothing but "political power". The case by casis is nothing but "prospects for votes in that region".
    There is no basis here. They dont even say, broad consensus. They just support smaller states and wherever there is an agitation going on, these people will jump over there and  will supply  man power and logistics to get their own share of the pie. So desparate and irresposible people.

    To the chakravarthy garu's question of how many states i think their inner answer would be less than or equal to all the princely states that existed at the time of independence.
    why not is the question.

  17. Prakash says:

    Mr. Nalamotu: good to note you  could line up some eminent persons.

  18. Prabhakara Rao says:

    Chakravarty garu,
    this particular topic is being used for anti-BJP campaign.
    The comments are not much different from what I read in pro-Telangana forums.
    BJP has a declared stand for long time about smaller states.
    They may not have any bule print for entire country. But as a party they maintained a particular stand.
    Advani even admitted NDA failure to create Telangana along with other 3 states.
    I know it is not a forum for political debate. Still I would like to convey something.
    Left parties are disappearing rapidly. BJP is the only alternative opposition. But slowly people are trying to take away even that status from BJP. Directly and indirectly people are supporting the way government is gagging the opposition.
    By doing so they are letting UPA, congress in particular, unaccountable. The result of the same is visible today.
    My personal experience with people around me (mostly educated and employed class) very pathetic.
    Most of them support Manmohan very strongly saying he is Mr. Clean. When questioned about his defense or inaction in cases of corruption they come back with very interesting counter. "What is the alternative? Is there somebody better than him?"
    I see similar comments in this topic. I hardly saw a comment (maybe I was the only one) holding Gandhi family responsible for current chaos in AP. But same people jumped to blame BJP based on a few comments from former president.
    Your "disillusionment" is unfounded. At least in comparison with what congress is doing (I regret taking counter-offenseive apporach of congress supporters) for last 15 months. They are allowing every odd fellow in State hold govrenment for ransom.
    The MPs from both regions playing meaningless politics and made AP a laughing stock in parliament. Sonia did not give appointment to ministers from TG. Similarly TG MPs were shouted down in Parliament. I do not know how commentors here felt, I definitely felt insulted as a fellow Andhrite.
    In case you do not remember my stand on Telangana. I was never against it. I am only against the hate-propaganda. At the same time I am knowledged about implications in dividing the state.
    Are there serious security concerns in dividing the state? The central goverment should convey the same in some forum in some fashion. But it cannot continue to play the dirty game forever.
    There is hardly any effort by either center or congress party to cool the tempers and create an enviornment for discussions.
    In all probability they will throw another surprise in June after state elections. This is going to hurt one side or the other.
    There are no signs of taking other parties into confidence before arriving at a solution.
    Your comments on BJP are exactly like TRS targetting TDP for U-turn.
    It does not matter whether BJP are saints. But congress is the one to act and come up with a clear ploicy not only on TG but other demands.
    Of course I am not expecting you to be a saint either. :-)

  19. justice says:

    I am (or should I say "was") a sympathizer of BJP but I cannot agree more with Deccani and others view point that they are playing with fire to make up numbers and it is a dangerous trend 
    I agree that this is no place for a cong vs BJP debate 

  20. deccani says:

    "In case you do not remember my stand on Telangana. I was never against it. I am only against the hate-propaganda. At the same time I am knowledged about implications in dividing the state.
    Are there serious security concerns in dividing the state? "
    If you are have knowledge about implications of dividing a state maybe you can apply to the Central govt for the post of advisor on smaller states and you can grow in your career. Whether there are serious concerns of not,we are against the division and stand united for the Status quo. Just like the Telanganas who claim there is a sentiment for creation of the state,we too have a sentiment against the creation of Telangana. I'm a born and brought up Telangana grew up with Telangana accent and still have reservations against the formation of the state. 
    Coming to BJP they failed utterly to make use of the political vacuum that has risen due to the corrupt UPA govt. They are worse than the UPA, atleast the UPA is fragmented,some parties are murky than others,but BJP is monolithically worse than the rest.The BJP instead of concentrating on the problems that are besetting the common man and ascending to the lofty pedestals and in the process are creating more problems. Instead of fingering with Telangana they can concentrate on something more constructive. What is their state cadre doing,singing paens in praise of the statue breakers. They are a national party how can they raise their voice just on Telangana? Somehow they have an impression that Telangana state if formed would boost its chances since there is a minority concentration. Instead of blaring night and day on Telangana it should try to understand that formation of a new state involves massive expenditure likes of which modern India hasn't seen.Where is the money? It is only because of BJP that the Telangana crisis is spinning out of control .Had it not been for the ABVP students who lead in the Telangana districts the crises would not have escalated.Innocent students would have been saved. It is just a number game few seats here and there. 

  21. Chandra says:

    Prabhakar Rao garu,

    I am sorry if my comments made you feel anti-bjp campaign. I believe this is beyond political parties. I think we bashed almost all political parties here equally!.

    My thoughts are ,This problem can be solved either in political way or non-political way. Political way might be faster and easy but willbe like a patch work. But non political way takes longer time but will be very strong.

    I believe  that there wont be any TRS for 2014 elections. Such a strategy is not a very difficult for Delhi strategists. But there will be a larger problem even if there is no TRS.

    Thats the BJP. They dont say, why they want Telangana to be separate and they dont have any popularity in AP. But they support smaller states without giving a person like me   any rationality. This makes it much more complex.

    It will be much tougher task to engage BJP which is beyond AP. Now, If BJP was in power they would have declared Telangana state and would have put a bill in parlieament by this time. Doesnt matter whether AP likes it or not!. That will be a more precarioius situation than what we have right now.

    I believe we all know that , the idea here is to formulate such an argument with the help of SKC report that, there should not be any idea of Telangana itself , atleast in this decade this has to die down completely. Yes, I know ,  the job of voluntery organizations. Govt's wont do it.

  22. Prabhakara Rao says:

    I cannot agree with you on BJP's approach. At least based on what appears on surface
    Hope you know BJP did not force Jarkhand upon Bihar but overcome Laloo's resistance by way of negotiations .
    I also disagree with your views on non-political solution for T problem. Simply because that is the only system in India that can fail or deliver a solution.
    Yes! I will be more than happy if voluntery organizations can bring peace to AP. But I do not believe they can achieve it.
    All such forums on Samaikhyavaadam are talking while standing outside the area of conflict. They should get into T and campaign for their belief in unity. 
    Sure I sound like T-vaadi but that is the inescapable truth.
    We should fight separatists like TRS but reconnect with other T-vaadis as fellows Telugus.

  23. Prabhakara Rao says:

    If you are have knowledge about implications of dividing a state …
    Not new to me, some of my friends make fun of me on same lines.:-)
    Anyways, I have clarified my stand once again not to sell myself as a great thinker but to avert attackers.
    Whether there are serious concerns of not,we are against the division and stand united for the Status quo.
    Just like the Telanganas who claim there is a sentiment for creation of the state,…

    People like you, who are Telanganas but against separation, really matter today. Unfortunately you do not dare come out in public and say the same loudly.
    My apologies for being personal. I read views of many people like you on web. But I hear none in public.
    I do not remember any popular personality, from any walk of life, from Telangana saying we want unity.
    The least we DO NOT WANT SEPARATION.
    Whereas separatists rope-in so called 'intellectuals', 'catse groups' and all sorts of disgruntled groups from other regions in support of division.
    BTW, being a Telanganite you are more responsible for saving your lot.
    With sustained campaign many minds are already polluted that SAs are villains.
    Whether division happens or not, Telangana will go extactly Pakistan's way.
    Degenrate while fighting a non-existant enemy.
    They are worse than the UPA, atleast the UPA is fragmented…
    I congratulate Congress party for another success story in you.
    This is exactly what they wanted to India think and they achieved it.
    How? By providing good governance?
    Nay! They adapted a great strategy and implemented it successfully.
    BJP questions why did you commit so and so corruption.
    Congress will not answer yes or no.
    It simply comes back you do not have right to question me.
    Thanks to our great peace-loving, elite educated, watched-by-employee-class media. It brings up post-Godhra ghost in support of congress.
    Here is a simple example.
    During a discussion on 2G scam, some BJP leader questions PM's slience.
    Ms. Jayanti Natarajan simply says BJP should first answer Yedyurappa's actions.
    The moderator takes the cue and brings material about Yeddy.
    Now the original issue of PM's silence is forgotten by the viewers.

  24. Prakash says:

    Mr. Nalamotu, just a few questions iif you please:
    Sunkara: I can not find any link of how he plans to "bachao" Hyderabad. I will appreciate any info you may have on his contribution to save Hyderabad's unique nature (e.g. cosmopolitan culture, architecture etc.)
    Parakala: as far as I understand, he is primarily a politician, please correct me if I am wrong.
    "Kumar Chowdary Yadav": Looks like a contrived name to me. Is this his "nom de guerre"? Can you post a short (non-political) bio of this person please?

    • Chandra says:

      Can I know why you need more information on these people please? I believe irrespective of their bio-data and prior experience they are working towards a common objective.
      I also need more information about the common objective of vimalakka, sambasivudu, Gaddar and ex DIG Pervaram ramulu…sitting on a common table. 
      I am also interested in their bio-data and "prior experience"    :)

    • Chakravarthy says:

      These are the people I’ve acquainted over a period of time and have been in touch for a year or two. The only question I care about is where these people stand w.r.t. United AP. Rest doesn’t matter to me.

      These are my close friends and terms like “contrived name” are not appreciated. I’ve never asked Prabhakar garu if he is a politician and I don’t think he is. It still baffles me why you think politicians are villains. You do not hesitate to diminish the image of honest leaders like JP because he is a “politician”. People like you and your condescending intellectualism that belittles politics is the reason why our political system is in such dire straits. Well meaning people like you sit on a pedestal and throw stones, instead I urge you to join politics. I will recognize your right to criticize politicians when you become one.

  25. Prakash says:

    I am keen on seeing if I can contribute in any way to Sunkara's Hyderabad related activities. This has nothing to do with his other activities. As I could not find any information on the web, I asked Mr. Nalamotu.
    I do not know personally any of the people you mention. My guess would be as good as yours.

  26. Prakash says:

    Mr. Nalamotu:
    I apologize if my choice of words was inappropriate. What I meant was that "Kumar Chowdary Yadav" does not appear to be a given name. If it is a pseudonym, he probably has good  reasons (like Gora & Vaigo). The other striking aspect in his case is the aabscence of non-political intro.
    I am somewhat familar with the Parakala family. The couple's work in the field of education is indeed commendable.
    I do not think all politicians are villians. I maintain politicians are more a part of the problem, not solution.
    I am not against Dr. Narayan as an individual. I found his politics difficult to understand and am skeptical about his bandwidth.
    With due respect, I can not buy the argument that politics will somehow be "cleansed" once honest & well meaning people join the system. I wish you luck should you decide to join politics. I will continue to commend your "can do" spirit irrespective of whether you do so or not.
    I however have no intention of taking up a political role in the near future.

    • Chakravarthy says:

      No need to apologize. Kumar Chowdary Yadav is how he introduces himself to everyone. The thought of whether it is his real name never crossed my mind. I have no intention of joining politics. But I’ve grown weary of people constantly bashing politicians. Politicians represent what we have become as a society. Yes, I don’t subscribe to many of JP’s principles, however it is undeniable that he is one of the cleanest politicians that our state has to offer.

  27. Prakash says:

    Mr. Nalamotu: my skepticism about politics (more correctly electroral politics) stems from deep rooted thoughts, not conventional "wisdom". I believe honesty is at best treated as essential trait but by no means adequate in a politician. I am as weary about the "clean guys will cleanse the system from inside" argument as you are of populist politician bashing.
    Anyway I guess this is offtopic. Sorry for lingering on in the old trail!

    • Chakravarthy says:

      I agree with you that being "clean" is not enough to cleanse the system, as it was evident in JP's case. However, JPs are far better than many political leaders whose primary goal is to loot. I am a non-believer when it comes to democracy/majority rule. However, democracy is a notch better than dictatorship. Democracy is often presented as a utopian system. However, it is an immoral system where 51% of the majority push their views on 49% minority at gun point. I personally dream of living in a free society where we are free to lead our lives according to our wishes. Only a fellow libertarian like you can connect with what I am saying :-)

  28. Leon Rao says:

    Dear Mr. nallamotu,
    We appreciate your efforts for the cause of Vishalandhra ( a Telugu State).
    We wish to have the world as a global village.
     GOI has come up with Communal & Sectarian Violence Bill to be tabled in the next parliment session.
    Hope with this The TALIBANIZATION of India will end.
    Leon Rao

  29. isolent says:

    KCR in 1996 opposed 6 Point formula and Zonal System…Changed his stance to take advantage

  30. Dr. J.K. Kishore says:

    Dear Sri Chakravarthy garu
    Request you to TITILE your Campaign as " Save Andhra Pradesh to Save India"
    The passage of  TIME has shown the damage of Smaller States to the NATION. The examples are available to all.
    a ) If only Punjab and Hariyana were united, it would have boosted developement and helped all people. The two states put together do not have more than 30 MPs. In other words, it could have been a single state. Due to seperation, we witnessed FEUDALISM in Hariyana and VIOLENCE in Punjab and good people in both the states  became silent sufferers.
    b ) Social damage due to skewed SEX RATIO in both Punjab and Hariyana which is the result of violence and feudalism.
    c ) Many other small states Jharkand / Chattisgarh are also victims of violence and a large number of dedicated Police Officers died in defending the internal security of the Nation.
    c ) Sharing of natural resources like water will become a big problem. Even today, the sharing of water between Punjab and Hariyana is a major issue. Water wars will naturally follow.
    d ) It will fuel the demand for smaller states elsewhere – Saurashtra in Gujarat / Gorakhland in Bengal / Bodoland in Assam / Vidharba in Maharashtra / Jammu  and may be even Ladakh in the sensitive border state of India etc., If each linguistic state of India  ends up in 2 or 3 smaller states it will lead to great damage to UNITY and INTEGRITY of NATION which won FREEDOM due to sacrifices made by countless people over 100 years.
    e ) All the economic progress made by various states will be lost as all time will be lost due to such demands for smaller states everywhere leading to unrest – domino effect. 
    Dr. J. K.Kishore

  31. Dr.VH says:

    hi all, i have been thinking over the issue for a little while. i have started out as a hardcore separatist, to be frank. Then we(with some 'friends', all of 'em from andhra) had a casual discussion over the matter, well i proposed my idea, they proposed theirs. We have agreed to think objectively…
     Their argument goes like this:
    1) Telangana people are asking for the statehood only on the basis of built up emotions, its only a sentiment it doesn't really help anybody if the state is divided,
    2) United we are strong, divided we fall.
    3) There is no security for the people of andhra in telangana, if the state is divided.
    4) AP if divided it will seed the separatist movements in other parts of  the country. If u keep on giving a state when ever there is a demand India would be shattered.(This one is the most rubbish, cooked up argument).
    Well I'll try to explain to u my views on these above mentioned.
    1)  What is the basis on which pro-samaikya andhra people are backing United andhra? apparently, it is single state for telugu speaking people, that is a sentiment too(or they should have chosen to stay in madras state at the first place). U felt the need of a separate state for telugu people, well we feel the need of a separate state for telangana people(our culture is distinguished). So the argument is nullified.
    2) What exactly do u mean united? in hearts or as a state, they don't essentially mean the same. Let us all stay united as a part of the bigger family(India). Moreover there is nobody who is trying hurt your interests, u are not in a war with anybody.
    3) There are people from all over India living in telangana, ask them how tolerant we are.
    4) Never gonna happen, people are not immature, small states are not a fancy, but if required definitely give them, that way we can have better administration. There are states in India with 1/4 population of telangana(40% AP population), well if they are states how is the asking for telangana a blasphemy?  
    I feel these are not the right questions to be asked though, we should think in terms of development so far, and from now on(i mean consequences), and the most important thing, who should take hyderabad?
    1) So far it is clear that our government did not spend much on irrigation projects in telangana(go search for urselves if u want information), which is really essential, and people don't go and fight for these things everyday. The leaders of ap(not only telangana, or else what is the point of united ap) should have taken steps already. 
    2) Some people feel, if the state is divided Andhra might not get there rightful share of water. Don't worry there are tribunal to decide on the stakes.
    3) I agree that Andhra economy might suffer a setback. But that will be temporary and can be compensated, negotiations are required. In the long run, there is a high probability that other cities will develop meanwhile which is an advantage.
    4) Until now it looks like the real problem in separation is that both the parties are clinging to hyderabad, i think it should go for telangana b'cos that is more practical and there is no other city in telangana with charisma, and hyderabad can serve as capital for both the states for sometime and then they can move on. Central government can compensate the loss of hyderabad revenue to andhra through some kinda packages.  Somebody has to forego or the problem will never be solved.
    5) Its clear that people of andhra and telangana have quite opposite interests and they can never progress if they are incoherent.
    Either the people of telangana or andhra should take a bold decision to take the state out of limbo. If u think pro-Telangana activists are villains, so are you.(Think about it u are selfish too)
    This total clash between andhra and telangana people is a proof that people are selfish infact, insensitive to others problems.
    well i say there are problems in India which are much bigger say castism, corruption, illiteracy, poverty etc. which require much more emphasis but Telangana issue is to be solved asap(either giving or not), any amicable solution is welcome.

    • Chakravarthy says:

      If you want a response, you should post your comment in the most current post. People won’t go back and look at the old posts.

  32. Soma Sundar says:

      I  congragulate Visalandhra Mahasabha  for its  struggle to save  United Andhra Pradesh. Backwardness exists  in  several  mandals around the state not  limited to Telangana or rayalseema or tribal districts. The  culprits are not a particular section of  people from a particular part of the state. Backwardness arose due to illegal appropriation of public money intended for development by a handful of  bussiness men, contractors in collussion with people in the  Government.Real solution to get away with backwardness in telangana, Rayalseema and tribal districts of Andhra is planned implementation of irrigation and industrial projects  i9mplemented under the  transperant and democratic  inspection  of peoples committees representing  women, students, farmers  and educated professionals functioning at Bottom ( ie  starting from mandal level locally).
     It is not wise to  start blame game on comman people froma particular region leaving away rich bussiness men, contractors and politicians.Once Late Prime Minister Rajiv gandhi said out of every rupee spent by state  for devellopment only 14 paisa is reaching the people. Some time back I  have written to   top leaders of  seperate state movemnt   about   flouride pollution in  drinking water of Nalgonda and other districts.  In Biotechnology  there are some bioremediation options that can  pottentially offer permanent solution to the pollution  problem. I suggested to    find  reserch solutions  in colloboration with   scientis collegues from Indian Council for Agric. research, IITs. Unfortunately  none of these ever busy & agiataing leaders could not find time to look at  such peoples problems.
    . Despite the   huge  agitation for seperation of state, I can see in Delhi, there is little  response or sympathy from  comman people from all our  the country, leave away the  central Government. National Hindi and English news papers do not care much for seperatist movement..
     Lets isolate self seeking  and corrupt section  of people from all around the state and unitedly start for development of our state.
    Dr. Soma Sundar Marla
    Principal Scientist
    Indian Council For Agric. research, Pusa campus
    New delhi

  33. Soma Sundar says:

      The attack  by  Telangana   seperatist political on  Visalandhra  book release   meeting on   17.4.13 needs to be condemned by all democratic sections of  society.  In a democracy  every citizen has a right  to voice  his/her opinions.  Such attacks to  curb  opinions  only show  the  phobia  being experienced by   seperatist movement  led by a bunch of politically unemployed politians.

      Telangana seperatist movement should learn to behave in a  civilized society. Political goondaism  would never    bring  results and sooner they  realize  this  fact the  better.

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