Today is a day of celebration. We have been vindicated. I won't say anything further. Just read what Justice Srikrishna has to say:



One of the major arguments for a separate state of Telangana has been that since the formation of the state of AP, this region has been neglected and even discriminated against, resulting in economic and social hardship.
Compared with coastal Andhra, it is alleged that Telangana has low per capita income, lower access to employment, lower business opportunities and low access to education and so on. It is also alleged that most of the higher level economic opportunities are appropriated by those belonging to coastal Andhra.
At the outset, some or all such allegations appear true when absolute amounts, numbers and percentages are reviewed. Yet, when a study of rate of change, growth rate and shares in the state economy is evaluated, nothing unusual emerges. Telangana excluding Hyderabad, currently has a share of 36% in state population and 41% in state land mass. Any development parameter that is consistent with these shares can be considered on par or at parity with the population / share of land mass. Indeed, one finds that at a reference point in the past, such as the census 1961 or 1956 or 1974 since when factual data are available, the shares for Telangana were far too low (refer to Figure 2.44). In recent years, however the shares of Telangana for many common development parameters are in league with the share of population / area, often being higher.
There are a few crucial indicators on which Telangana is lagging behind, and they appear to have occurred due to structural causes of the economy and also due to concentration of economic activity in Hyderabad district/urban agglomeration.


Overall, in spite of 50 plus years of policy protected planning and execution, one finds regional variations in the economic development of AP. The rate of growth in the development parameters summed up below is found to be robust both in Telangana (even after excluding Hyderabad) and coastal Andhra. Disturbing, however, are the growing levels of inequity within Telangana and Rayalaseema, and within the deprived population groups. Contrastingly, the evidence suggests that the inequity in income has, in fact, declined in coastal Andhra. It is essential, therefore, to take a note of inequity differentials between the haves and have-nots in Telangana, especially amongst the SCs, STs and minorities. Such deepening inequity in Telangana can not only sustain the separatist agitation but it can also carry it further and increase its intensity. The masses, therefore, can be easily used as tools of agitation by motivated groups and even political parties.

We have been vindicated by Justice Srikrishna. The time to fight for Telugu Unity with all our strength has come.


Save Andhra Pradesh!

Nalamotu Chakravarthy

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  1. deccani says:

    "Also he had intentions of keeping the hyderabad state intact because the disintegration of it linked with the demands of other states which he can post-pone as long as hyd is integrated. "
    Nehru thought that India will lose the case in Security Council,therefore he wanted Hyderabad to be intact.

    • satya says:

      Another Gobells Propaganda.. Nizam didn’t get support from either UK or USA to intervene in this matter, as a last hope or futile effort he reported it to Security council, which he withdrew later.

      “By cablegram dated 21 August 1948,Hyderabad informed the Security Council, under Article 35 (Z), that a grave dispute had arisen between Hyderabad and India, which, unless settled in accordance with international law and justice, was likely to endanger the maintenance of international peace and security. The letter stated that “Hyderabad, a State not a Member of the United Nations, accepts for the purposes of the dispute the obligations of pacific settlement provided in the Charter of the United Nations”. By subsequent communications dated 12 and 13 September, Hyderabad informed the Council of the imminence and subsequently of the occurrence of invasion. At the 357th meeting on 16 September 1948, the Security Council included the question in the agenda.s87 The Security Council considered the question, or made reference to it, at its 357th, 359th, 360th, 382nd, 383rd, 38&h, 425th and 426th meetings between 16 September 1948 and 24 May 1949.

      At the 357th meeting on 16 September 1948, the representative of Hyderabad” urged that the situation demanded immediate action by the Security Council, not only under Chapter VI of the Charter, but also under Articles 39 and 40.

      By cablegram dated 22 September 1948 the Nizam of Hyderabad informed the Secretary-General that he had withdrawn the complaint, and that the delegation to the Security Council, which had been sent at the instance of his former Ministry, had ceased to have any authority to represent him or his State.

      On November 23, 1949, the nizam issued a firman (edict) accepting the Constitution of India, to be formed by the Constituent Assembly of India then in session, as the constitution of Hyderabad State.

  2. George says:

    Dr. Krishna Rao may have been a Telugu by language but he did not support Andhra with or without Madras city. He choze to continue in Madras, won again in 1957 and became the speaker of the assembly.

    • satya says:

      If you are speaking of one individual, there are so many others who elected from other constituencies who had similar opinions of Prakasam. The KMPP that Prakasam lead had won in Ponneri, Thiruvallur, Kanchipuram, Trippor and in many other Tamil areas. The KLP party headed by N.G. Ranga won in 15 places.

      There were people who became the chief ministers of erstwhile Madras presidency and had a opinion that madras doesn’t or only partially belongs to tamils. 8 of the chief ministers of madras is of telugu descents. Prakasam is one among them.

      Calling great leaders as old Fox, and attributing greedy ambitions does not give any value to ur argument. your Rajaji also started swatantra party at age 84.

      • George says:

        KMPP did not fight on a Madras manade platform, Prakasam did so as his personal platform. KMPP was founded by Kripalani who later merged it with PSP. Prakasam stayed with KMPP just for a brief while. In fact, Kripalani opposed the formation of Andhra in parliament.
        KMPP & KLP winning seats in Tamil areas will be important only if these guys fought on the platform of giving Madras (city) to Andhra or sharing it. Please check how many of them were even Telugus.
        What are you trying to prove by saying Madras (province) had 8 Telugu CMs? This does not prove anything about Madras (city).
        The point is Prakasam & co lost so badly they needed a slogan to change their political fortunes. Rajaji's starting Swatantra was (atleast partially) due to his opposition to the license quota raj.

        • satya says:

          I found no references that says Prakasam fought on Madras Manade platform. Most of them quote the slogan came after 1953 where as the elections were held in early 1952.

          >> The point is Prakasam & co lost so badly they needed a slogan to change their political fortunes.
          You can cook any type of stories to suit your argument but the truth is majority of the congress men in Kumaraswamy Raja’s cabinet were lost at the time. Btw.. there is no Prakasam & Co in the 1st place as you created. The list you mentioned are all contested from different parties.

          Prakasam contested from KMPP. Ayyadewara Kaleswarao as an Independent. Sanjeeva Reddy and Gopala Reddy from Congress. N.G. Ranga from KLP.

          >> Rajaji’s starting Swatantra was (atleast partially) due to his opposition to the license quota raj.
          Seems the new slogan of Rajaji & Co for liberal policies didn’t convince the people as his party was able to secure only 18 seats in the aftermath loksabha elections and sadly only 6 seats (in aseembly) in his own state. So, should I say Rajaji’s plank (cunningness in ur words) with new slogan was unable to change his fortunes?

          • George says:

            I will provide my source for Prakasam's platform if you back up your claim that Rajaji fought on "Chennai for Tamils" slogan and other claims (like Prakasam starting KMPP).
            What Prakasam & co. had in common: losers rejected by voters reviving their fortunes riding on someone else's suicide.
            Rajaji's Swatantra party was the only sane voice champinoning free enterprise amidst the chaotic communist, socialist & language fanatic forces. The party received national status and gave rise to great parliamentatians like Minoo Masani & Piloo Mody. Not an achievement to be scoffed!

            • satya says:

              I never said Prakasam started KMPP. I told he lead the party in andhra areas. Its you who claimed Prakasam fought on madras manade platform. I didn’t find any evidence that backed ur claim. Infact, it is under his leadership in 1949 the APCC passed a resolution in vijawada asking for the formation of andhra province without the disputed areas. The fast taken by Swami Sitaram also asked for the undisputed andhra areas and leaving the remaining like madras city or bellary to an arbitrary group. I don’t want to dispute on Rajaji’s or his party’s policies as this is not the correct platform and its a kind of useless for me now. Everyone knows who is trying to make fortunes on someone’s suicides just by manipulating with fake numbers and glorifying the inability of those as martyrs.

  3. Dilip says:

    Hi All,
    Could any one tell me what is Justice Vashisht Bhargava commitee report  which was also mentoned in SKC report  or least post me the link
    thank you

  4. venu says:
    అది నోరా మురుగు కాల్వ, ఇది  ఏమి సంస్కృతీ 
    whats sort of language is this.
    vaerpatu   vadhulu  okka  vishayam  gurtu  paetukondhi meto  kalisina  papaniki  tuduchu  kuntae  potundhi  ani  anukuntae  nutiki  tombhai  tomidhi  sarlu  tuduchuku  potaniki  memu seedham  , adhae  maemae  potamu  anni  anukuntae  ……   sorry to say but maro  rakta  charitrae  …….
    వేర్పాటు   వాదులు  ఒక్క  విషయం  గుర్తు  పేటుకోంది మీతో  కలిసిన  పాపానికి  తుడుచు  కుంటే  పోతుంది  అని  అనుకుంటే  నూటికి  తొంభై  తొమిది  సార్లు  తుడుచుకు  పోటానికి  మేము సీధం  , అదే  మేమే  పోతాము  అన్ని  అనుకుంటే   ……   sorry to say but మరో  రక్త  చరిత్రే  …….

    • venu says:

      My above comments are only to those , who supports such kind of language at others, but not all separatists. 

      • George says:

        Your threats are not clear. On one hand, you threaten another seema style raktha charitra but limit it to some seperatists on the other.
        No one is scared of such threats. Your pathetic threats remind me of Sharukh Khan in Darr (and acid throwing "lovers").
        ప్రేమ ముదిరితే ఉన్మాదం, ఉన్మదన్ ముదిరితే శ్మశానం. ఇంత మొరటు ప్రేమ అవసరమా?

        • satya says:

          Replace ప్రేమ with పిచ్చి. It will aptly apply to the T movement. ఇంత పిచ్చి ముదరటం అవసరమా?

        • venu says:

          you might not be scared of violence, but i am sacred of rakta charitra. i am scared in case of violence i might get killed in violence or i may kill some one
          My intention is clear , such foul language on other region people , will ultimatly lead to rakta charitra, because of which i am scared of.

  5. Sandeep says:

    Kcr's comments were also not against all Seemandraites.
    Understand the context in which he told that.
    he meant those Political Leaders and Bureaucrats
    who have been at the helm of affairs and not allowing
    Telangana its rightful share in the system.

    • Prabhakara Rao says:

      I saw my namesake giving similar explanation on TV9 during discussion with TGV. He was so pathetic. In one movement he say KCR said this against "pettubadidaarulu". In very next movement he says one must understand KCR's 'udaaratvam' that he will lay red carpet for andhra 'pettubadi daarulu'.
      It is hightime KCR defender's look into thier own psychology and where they are heading.
      most of you already lost basic discrimination of good and bad. If you continue same brazenness, god knows where the fall stops.
      I will give one example of brazenness
      Look at central government. whole problem started to protect one minsiter who can topple the government. First they used SC/ST card, then compared with NDA policy. Now they are find fault with CAG report. They forgot CAG is independent constitutional body.
      Most recent, couple of days ago SG takes technical cover about CVC appointment.
      Telangana is an important issue, but not so important that individuals lose sanity.

  6. ved says:

    Nice spin. If we keep excluding these statements from KCR, KCR and his T separatism is  completely out of context. That is exactly  what we have been saying.

  7. Kiran says:

    Good to know it is only those seemandhrites. After all Dora KCR determines how seemandhrites should be so not to be the targets of t vadis. It is clear from the immediate context here that they should not aspire to be bureacrats and politicians. One can also fairly conclude from many such "clarifications"  and actions that they should not try to get rich either. It is best that they remain – kootu kosam hyd kocche janalu. Basically a crushed people with no hopes or aspiration to reach top – then I realise they will be acceptable to dora KCR and you.
    But I got some news – there are many social problems in seemandhra region – caste system for eg , illiteracy, poverty  and dependency on Hyd. But I dont think all of them are that keen to be banchans to your dora ..can you please pass that news to him ?

  8. Andhra says:

    PPl ,

    I recently happened to visit the yahoo group "TDF charcha" . I was shocked to see many of  the messages posted there. I think most of the TDF members are people staying abroad. They are talking about how to kick out andhras from hyd , how to andhras life miserable in TG, how to wage a war against andhras and all sorts of hate messages on andhras.
    Compared to the hate i saw on that group , TRS looks lame.

    • venu says:

      సంస్కారం లేని చదువు ఎందుకు. 
      They all blame the govt failure as seemaandhra govt failure . if its only seema govt  do they forget they all got educated , got jobs and went aboard in the same Seemaandhra government.
      They do such kind of discussions and fund money for TRS, but non is ready to leave their jobs abroad and work for people. Instead they put the future of their juniors of universities in trouble.

    • venu says:

      viplav of TDP member once said in TV debate , androlu sankuratri vasta train patukoni hyd nunchi terigi walla uriki velli potaru.
      He found fault in that also because he thinks Romanian in Rom, Italian in italy. But i did not understand why a american (as he is in US)  cares for telangana. either this phrase doest not apply for telangana people or its only applicable to kosta and seema people.
      I also found some separatists arguing, andhra people likes or have their own pickels in food not hyderabad biryanis or telangana receipis . memu yemi tenalo kuda mera chepita mudha degadhu andi.

  9. GK says:

    Looks like this thread reached a climax…
    BTW, I read the sakshi article and noted that 11/11 Deputy Comm..(revenue) posts are occupied by A.
    I agree in advance that their were appointed 100% legally. But would like to hear any of your comments on how I should be happy that this is good for all of us…
    Learnt from today's news out of expected 23,000 students only 900 appeared for the examinations as of now. Does this mean that this agitation is more than TRS?

  10. Please mind your language says:

    "— పెద్ద — రా బాబు"  ఇదేనా మీ సంస్కృతి, చక్రవర్తి గారూ?

    • Chakravarthy says:

      Is there a comment with objectionable language? Happy to remove the comment if you point me to it.

    • venu says:

      కాదు  కాబతే చక్రవర్తి   delete చేశాడు.  నేను  చక్రవర్తి  delete చేసిన  దానికి  అభ్యంతరుం   చేపాక పోగా సమర్ధించాను  .  ఇది మా  సంస్కృతి.

  11. Udyama Telangana says:

    Lot of Hue & Cry is created over KCR's Comment. Assuming that his comments are not in true shade, i would be happy if the rationalists comment on this clipping. Also it would be justified if we could ask our Media managed by dominating classes to explain why they failed to create such hue &  cry then:

    • satya says:

      We can’t go into loops. This was discussed earlier, You just came with lame excuse to support KCR comments. I wish the fellow bloggers also don’t respond to ur iterative argument.

      • GK says:

        Ridiculous – UT clearly says KCR comments not in true shade. Why do you say that he is presenting excuse to support the same?
        His point is that there are such things happening on both ends and that KCRs comments get extra-ordniary coverage when they could anger the A population…do you agree or not?
        Let us have substance in our comments and discussions rather than whipping out for/anti sentiments

        • satya says:

          >> UT clearly says KCR comments not in true shade
          is UT is a personal secretary of KaChaRa or Spokes Person of TRS? I didn’t see Kcr adding any rejoinder to his comments. Also this became regular practice of TRS leaders to comment 1st and make amendments later like అశ్వధ్ధామ హత: (కుంజరహ). The followers of his comments are taking them in true shade and it is quite visible in T blogs and other platforms.

          • Udyama Telangana says:

            Did you see your famous Babu coming up with rejoinder to his comments ever ?
            Did you shout and yell on his comments on any dias insulting a section of people?
            Are you Personal secretary to this Babu?
            Do you agree that you take this Babu's comments in TRue shade?
            Why do you spend your energies just attacking me? Do you get paid for just attacking me verbally and writing non-sense?
            Either answer my questions if possible or express your view point.

    • VK says:

      There is a difference in saying "మీ అమ్మ" and "నీ అమ్మ" .  What CBN said in the link provided by you sounds like "మీ అమ్మ" when compared to KCR famous spitting speech, which sounds more like "నీ అమ్మ".   

  12. Udyama Telangana says:

    It has become a habit of Satya making hue & Cry over my comments as he feels helpless to answer my genuine concerns.  He beleives half in " Either Convince or Confuse".
    As he cannot convince himself he tries to confuse others. At one point when he looks back he cannot understand himself.  Well done Satya………………..

    • satya says:

      @UT or Chandra Mohan Nellutla,

      you are quite famous here for pasting the links of youtube videos and cartoons. You have given the Chandrababu video link on December 17, 2010 at 12:27 pm. Chakravarthy garu responded for that and expressed his opinion on CBN’s comments. Many other did. and Now u again came up with the same video.

      It is you who runaway from genuine discussions. Longback (before Nellutla converted to UT) Chandra has given you the links of Girglani Commission report and asked you to point any specific lines that indicates lakhs of jobs were taken over by costal and seema people. Till now you didn’t responded for that saying you don’t have time. you are happy and convinced by enjoying the cartoons and some junk videos but expecting others to believe the same is unwarranted. Check the history of ur comments and u will come to know how u jumped from one topic to other when ppl exposed the hollowness in ur allegations.

      • Udyama Telangana says:

        You can never mend your ways as usual. It does not matter whether it is UT or Chandra Mohan Nellutla or Andhra or Deccani or some unkonown person, you should either contradict or come up with your view point.
        I may be famous for posting links, but you are famous for writing unnecessary BS. I would respond when it is appropriate to to do so.

        • satya says:

          >> I would respond when it is appropriate to to do so.

          Haha.. so it seems ur priority is on cartoons, or erecting statue of mokshagundam, or cut & paste articles like చంద్రబాబు నయా అవతార్ etc rather than reports like Girglani or SKC etc. sorry to disappoint you if you seek my view point on those crap that u post (paste).

          • Udyama Telangana says:

            Mr Satya,
            When dealing with certain persons like so & so, I find this situation fairly regularly. It is really tricky because if i disagree or defend my view point,  it triggers an attack from so & so. As of now you are trying to put me down personally or my comments & links makes you intensely angry.
            Also, remember, it's just your viewpoint of the other person(Me). It's not how I see it. I have my own thoughts about the situation and those are the important ones. Your comments are  most likely  coming from feelings of fear and bombarding me personally is a convenient way to vent your false  egoism. 
             Your personal  viewpoint on me does not make a difference to me  and it's very unlikely I'll be able to prevent you to refrain from personal attacks no matter what I say on the debate.

            Your energies are spent only to manipulate my comments and my links haunt you even in your dreams.
            Watch this comedy clip ( Resembles your way of answering):
            I beleive that all our discussions are based on some links or the other (Maybe you are eyewitness to everything, I am not sure).
            I never expected  you to be  the right source of information and then how come I ask your BS views on my Crap? 
             Just curious, you show all your frustration yelling, jumping and attacking with cheap comments. Are you a moderator or own this blog?
            If Calling yourself a Samaikyandhra vaadi does not make sense unless you try to exhibit utmost patience & coming up better presentation from your side.
            your intentions are to make me invisible on this Blog, this would be my last visit and let Mr. Nalamotu look at the loop of the things going around and express his concerns.

            • satya says:

              My Apologies if my comments hurt you personally, which I didn’t intended for. I am neither the owner nor the moderator of this blog. and I am not the only person who expressed such views against your comments. Many did so. I do not have any personal opinion on what type of comments you(should) post but I talked from the perspective of the character of this blog. I believe this is a healthy discussion forum where we put most of the energies in talking on statistics along with some historical references. But pay least attention to politicians statements. Again this is my view. You may notice that I didn’t responded to even Venu’s comments on KCR, and also your previous link on CBN or your cartoons because it leads to a series of cartoons and articles which doesn’t result in a conclusion. I don’t need to yell at you, it is you with frustration posted comments like Lagadapati’s third son etc which is no way related to subject.

              >> your intentions are to make me invisible on this Blog, this would be my last visit and let Mr. Nalamotu look at the loop of the things going around and express his concerns.
              I don’t have any such intentions as u assumed. Many of us here wants to have a meaningful debate. And of course, as Chakravarthy garu specified in his previous comment, I believe as long as anybody writing without any foul language, their comments will be published irrespective of their ‘contribution’ to a good discussion.

  13. Udyama Telangana says:

    @ Satya,
     అశ్వధ్ధామ హత: (కుంజరహ)     All Satya (Asatya)
    I am neither your Personal secretary either  and I do not need to go by your (A) Satya Talk show. Do not just intermix  unwarranted  issues and divert the comments. Come straight to the point and if possible answer  the concerns expressed or express your view points. It had become a fantasy for you to attack me whenever you have no words to digest the truth.

  14. Kiran says:

    I Joined TDF forum and posted this message. I used "us" as I consider myself a telanganite having lived there for more than 20 years. I was hoping for a debate or some pungent re-joinders. When I checked 5 minutes later ..  I was banned from the forum and all access to it is gone. I dont think cowards like them will succeed but if they do with someones connivance it could be really dangerous to telangana. And it is funny to see UT , GK Prakash whining about moderation standards here.
    The SKC  has determined that there is no truth in T separatists claims of discrimination. Therefore it follows that there can be no justice in their demand for separate Telangana when there is no truth in their arguements. In the light of this development lets call off this agitation as it lost its moral position. Lets show some grace in defeat and restore moral values in society. Because the present fight based purely on identity and politics is eroding social cohesion in telangana and is basically playing with bad feelings and fire.
    The agitation now is attracting people who are basically anti – system and would like to see the present democratic- capitalist system greatly weakened – that is maoists, three- quarter maoists, Hindutva fanatics , some dalit activists who dream that this will weaken the upper castes in general and they can make a grab at power. There is no longer  any benefit to resourceful telanganites from this movement.
    The opinion has crystalised in seemandhra that the purpose of the agitation is to rob hyderabad and access to hyderabad from them. Whether justified or unjustified what it means is that  the bill wont be approved in state assembly without which the parliament cannot approve it. Even though it is not mandatory that the state approve it for parliament to approve  it is highly unlikely that the parliament will take such a highly hostile attitude to the federal system. This will lead to all round worries in other states.
    With that being the case – lets call this off – the whole thing – lock, stock and barrel. We are now with our H1bs, green cards .. driving around in BMWs etc. We reached this when there was peace in OU and KU. This route was opened to us due to both seemandhra pioneers and some of us. THe competitive culture of AP thanks to EAMCET introduced by NTR (under whom KCR worked very loyally)contributed to this. THen how right is to fund agitation to juniors in OU and KU and a movement which has no chance of success in a way that is required ? Lets restore precisely the conditions we had to juniours – peace, no enimity with any groups…a focus on their prosperity and the prosperity of their familes. We share caste (lets not pretend thats not an issue here), customs with seemandhra people. We will get down to make friends them, trade with them , marry with them (funny as I was typing this I was looking at the newly announced marriage between bunny ( A Arjun) close to PRP with a very prosperous Nalgonda family)..and prosper along with them.
    ENOUGH of this.

  15. Udyama Telangana says:

    @Kiran Says:
    And it is funny to see UT , GK Prakash whining about moderation standards here.
    Kiran, what made you post this sentence ?
    Where was a mention of Moderation?
    I am trying to understand your intelligence!  If banning you from a Group made you sick & want to take revenge you can ask the moderators of this forum to do the same to the Telangana Proponents, not a problem.
    Again and again,  I wonder what rationality is prompting you or Mr. Satya shout and dance on  the actual questions asked on the link I had posted about CBN comments on Telanganites culture.
     If you do not have an answer you could keep quiet, remove the post, Ban from posting messages on this forum(The 32nd Chamber of Shaolin)  but it does not make any good to you twisting the debate.

  16. Kiran says:

    Can you be a little less self obsessed please ? You are writing as if my whole of post revolves around you. It does not. Prakash complained about "personal" insults being allowed here and GT was commenting on moderation. I did tag you in perhaps inaccurately  – apologies for that.
    And no I am not seeking revenge against moderators "banning" me .It is something to laugh at – at their cowardice and it also raises question on the intention of tdf – charcha. I beleive they collect money through the forum and inconvenients truths can be  rather costly to them – after all people paying in expect something.  I believe in free speech and I am generally more attentive to someone with a opposite view. It is another matter I more or less lost respect to t proponents. And to re-fresh your knowledge I dont run this forum – if you are seeking a ban on your posts please approach Mr Nalumotu.
    Finally on your CBN video which I just watched and which you are shamelessly parading as some sort of vindication of KCR's spiteful and hateful comments. If you are kind enough to consent that people of seemandhra also have some eyes, ears and brains through which they can intrepret politicians statements and do not need you or Sandeep to intrepret for them maybe you will read my intrepretation.
    First CBN never said telengana in that brief clip he mentioned Hyderabad and Nawabi culture. Much as you may obsess Hyderabad state ruled over much larger region than telangana including  parts of karnataka and Maharashtra. You are not its sole inheritors and on the other hand telangana culture has a history of exposing Nizam culture. Did gaddar not call Nizam as Dayyam koduku ? so I suspect any offense taken by t proponents is a bit of a drama.
    Having  said that I believe it is CBN upper caste arrogance which made him say what he said. The arrogance which most of us display in our houses where we regularly stereotype dalits as unclean, muslims as violent and women as weak. Lets not pretend we dont do that. Morover CBN perhaps genuinely believed what he said it was said on a discussion on his health where he casually slipped it in with his arrogance.
    However KCR (arrogant as he is) clearly does not believe Andhras are Rakshasas. He named his son Taraka Rama Rao and was a huge fan of NTR and was once a tireless worker of TDP. He is more likely to have thought of atleast one Andhra person (NTR) more towards the side of God than rakshasa. That statement is a lie he manufactured with the sole intention of increasing animosity among his audience – many of whome could be illiterates. It had a clear political agenda and was a part of a highly charged political speech – not a casual interview in a TV studio on health.
    It is utter nonsense to compare them both.

  17. Prabhakara Rao says:

    Heda & Krishna did support the idea in 1953 but Heda reversed his position by 1955 (SKC page 47).
    Other interesting points from the pages you link:
    CP Mathen: India should not be fragmented on language grounds

    they are definelty interesting points and refelct diverse (you can call opposing, if you want) opinions on re-organization.
    Let me remind you the very reason SRC came up is to address these differences.
    But the point more relevant here is "INVITATION" by Telangana MPs for Vishalandhra with Hyderabad as capital.
    Great proponent of T Prof. Jayashankar does not even include such feelings in Telangana.
    All T proponents did injustice to history.
    BTW, yet another "blast from past", if you care for.

    • George says:

      The oppsing views prove that the andhra case did not receive unqualified support from all groups as claimed. Even Heda's statement highlights the terrible state of andhra towns thus proving the real intention behind the merger and negating "we sacrificed our capital" stories.
      Many andhra guys claim opposition to Telangana in parliament will stall its creation. But the precedent shows Andhra was formed in spite of opposition. We can expect noises by Andhra MPs on lines similar to the Tamil MPs in 1953 but nothing to really worry.
      Not only Tvadis but SAvadis are also selectively reporting history. Even your Chakroborthi reports only what suits his line.
      I followed the link but find only Madras mayor, classified ads etc. Which page do you want me to read?

      • Kiran says:

        I think only Saddam hussien ever got unqualified support in a democracy (some 99% voted in favour of him in an "election" he conducted). Some opposition is inevitable..there were andhra people as well in 1955 who opposed the merger . But what is relevent is whether democratic process was followed through legitimate paltforms such as Assembly and parliament – which was in case of t and a merger. Parliament approval indicates a democratic consent at national level and the respective legislature approvals indicate consent at regional level. Heda's changing positions ..Nehru's misintrepreted comments are not anyones crutch to cling on to.
        Btw Tamil MPs got Chennai for their "opposition" – so are you sure it is nothing for you to worry about ?

        • George says:

          Tamils did not get Madras for their opposition, it always belonged to them. Nefarious designs on Hyderabad will fail like it did on Chennai.
          No one is asking for Telangana to be given without following due process under article 3.

      • Prabhakara Rao says:

        No surprise! You want to jump the real question in point but talk everything else.
        You are seeing only the "terrible state of andhra towns". But not "immediate formation of vishalandra with Hyderabad as capital".
        But what about the invitation? Can Tvaadis show a single proof that any Andhra leader ever called for a "VISHALANDHRA WITH HYDERABAD AS CAPITAL" before this INVITATION in 1953?
        IMPORTANT: Do take careful note of higtlighted phrases and do not see  as separate words.
        Ssee page 8 for comment by  one Syed Akhtar of PDF during resolution in Hyderabad assembly.

        • George says:

          I axcknowledged both Heda's support to vishalandhra & his subsequent freversal in already before highlighting the aspect of andhra towns status (which everyone else happily ignored).
          I am sure you can dug up dozens of statements from andhra politicians for a vishalandhra  with Hyderabad as capital. Even Prakasam tried to pooh pooh the Vijayawada-Kurnool rivalry saying "this is just a transit, Hyderabad is our destination".
          Fazal Ali report too mentions solution to the capital problem as one of the advantages of forming Vishalandhra.
          Sorry I missed the tiny column on page 8. In any case Akhtar's PDF (read CPI) was committed to the "genuine cause of nationalities like Pakistan & Vishalandhra".

          • Prabhakara Rao says:

            I axcknowledged both Heda's support to vishalandhra & his subsequent
            My point is not about Vishalandhra. But Vishalandhra with Hyderabad as capital.
            I am sure you can dug up dozens of statements from andhra politicians for a vishalandhra  with Hyderabad as capital.
            I will be happy if you can show one on the lines Prof. Jayshankar quoted Andhrapatrika during 1955.
            It is always easy to throw ball in others court.
            For quiet sometime I am asking a single newpaper report/article that says "majority of Telanganas were against merger" as claimed by T-vaadis.
            I did not get one. But you want me to dig in for statements of Prakasam.
            Even Prakasam tried to pooh pooh the Vijayawada-Kurnool rivalry saying "this is just a transit, Hyderabad is our destination".
            I too heard an old politican from Vijayawada quoting Prakasam. But this was after sperating from Madras. Not before.
            Fazal Ali report too mentions solution to the capital problem as one of the advantages of forming Vishalandhra.
            Nobody objecting to it. But all this was after T MPs inivitation.

  18. Neutral says:

    This is addressed to both sides:
    How exactly the merger happened is immaterial now. All claims and counter claims don't have any relevance. You have the committee report in front of you. There are some options. Central government should decide in such a way that no one's interests are harmed.
    If separate T is created and Hyderabad is made a UT with access to all countrymen, T people can not object because no one is denying them Hyderabad.
    It is undeniable today that hyderabad is populated by latge number of people whose security and interests can't be protected in T with Hyd.
    If Rayalaseema and Uttarandhra also want separate states, they should be given right away so that these cancerous movements don't bleed the new state.
    Let all the frogs prosper in their own chosen wells.

    • George says:

      Your scare mongering on Hyderabad negates your claim to be a "neutral".
      Will andhra guys agree to their towns (Vizag, Vijayawada, Tirupati, Rajahmundry etc.) being made UT? If not, why not? No one is denying them access to these cities.
      The SAvadi gloves are off. All the claims of brotherly love, common language/heritage etc. are  exposed to their obsession on Hyderabad.

      • Kiran says:

        I am yet see to any SAvadis obsession on Hyd. Please think. Have you ever seen anyone who espouse Hyd to be seperated from telangana ? But thats exactly what T proponents want – take away hyd politically from SA – who is obsessed with what ?
        Mate, 55 years is a long time. We have been together and much water has flown – now to say it amounts to nothing you will keep hyd  which is the main economic engine of AP as in some geographic entity called telangana is – well  you describe what the behaviour is called. Andhra towns dont come in to picture becase there are not espousing separatism – t ministers and rich and freely visit there, invest and reap profits – there is no movement there to impose any restriction on them . Its rather pretty obvious is it not ?

        • satya says:

          Kiran, these guys are frustrated as the committee refuted all the false claims of discrimination, looting spread by the separatists. Now they are simply making pigheaded arguments like “we just need our telangana. give it. whoever opposes they all have vested interests. “

        • George says:

          You tried to take their Chennai away from them but it failed. We are not asking for your Hyderabad. You are asking for our Hyderabad on the ground it is the economic engine of some entity called AP that is on its lst legs.
          We are not planning to restrict Hyderabad or any other place in Telangana to any Indian. Every one whether Punjabis or Andhras will be equally welcome to come, stay, do business, reap profits etc. as per Indiabn law. They just need to get used to the idea of giving up "special privileges".

          • VK says:

            Andhra didn't get Madras because it asked for the separation.  Similarly all most all new states, including recently formed three states, formed under indian constitution had to develop their own capital.  This is to avoid administrative distrubances to the areas that didn't aks for the separation.  Now Telangana requesting (or demanding) for the separation,  If Telangana forms, it is not possible to use it as the capital of SeemaAndhra due to its demographic locationa and therefore it is appropriate to make it as an UT.  This situtation different from making any city to an UT.
            Hyderabad was the capital of Hyd state, which had 16 districts (8 telugu [telangana], 5 marathi and 3 kannada districts].  Marathi and Kannada districts were replaced with SeemaAndhra to create AP in 1956.  Unlike Andhra, telangana region never existed as a state with Hyd as the capital.  Therefore I don't understand how you can claim Hyd as yours. 

            • George says:

              Thank you for acknowledging Hyderabad can not be Andhra capital.
              Andhra did not get Chennai because it was not theirs, not due to seperatism.
              I find it interesting you use "almost all". Please announce the exceptions if any.
              Andhra existed as a state for just three years. This does not give it any great claim as an entity. The justification for both Andhra & Telangana comes from their strength as powerful concepts, not the past existence.
              Let the Marathi & Kannada guys from the former Hyderabad state object to my claiming Hyderabad city. They will not do so because Hyderabad city was always a part of Telangana even when it was the capital of the entire state.

              • satya says:

                We are still in united AP, so hyderabad belongs to everybody. There is equal claim for Coastal and Seema people that as of Nizam telangana. Merely a geographical location doesn’t give any additional ownership of the city as long as AP exists. The claim of Seema and kosta people on the city is as historical as of telangana people. The city was built when all the regions were under one rule and continued to be the capital of present day Andhra Pradesh for morethan 150 years and also enjoyed benefits from other regions through either financially or military support after they were given to British. we have discussed much in the previous article “Whose Hyderabad is it?”. A blanket statement like Hyderabad city was always a part of telangana doesn’t hold much water.

                And lastly, Andhras didn’t gave up their movement when JVP committee made it clear they won’t get madras if they want a state, Gujaritis didn’t do it when they came to know they wont get Bombay, So is Punjab and haryana. Each state so far created had lost or gained some during their struggle for an identity. Never did they relinquished their fight for issues like a city or a dam location or other financial reasons because of their devotion towards a bigger cause that binds them more. But In case of telangana it is overtly evident that they binded more to hyderabad than the other false identity created. That is why we see statements like We don’t need telangana if hyderabad is not part of it.

          • venu says:

            Why do you keep our badrachalam in your map.

  19. Andhra says:

    One good thing done by Mr A.Jayaprakash. He filed a case in Supreme court against KCR on the basis of spreading hatred between people.
    Lets hope atleast the SC can tame this gutter politician.

  20. Prabhakara Rao says:

    The oppsing views prove that the andhra case did not receive unqualified support from all groups as claimed. Even Heda's statement highlights the terrible state of andhra towns thus proving the real intention behind the merger and negating "we sacrificed our capital" stories.
    no surprise you read only "terrible state of andhra towns" but not the "immediate creation of vishalandhra with Hyderabad as capital".
    Selective myopia like slective amnesia.
    The point of focus is whether Telangana MPs proposed Vishalandra with Hyderabad as capital or not.
    You conveniently drift to accusations.
    EVen now can you show a proof that andhra leaders proposed "VISHALANDHRA WITH HYDERABAD AS CAPITAL" before thie "INVITATION BY TELANGANA MPs in 1953".
    Read the highlighted phrases as single unit and not separate words.
    See page 8 of the archieve.
    One more on page 5.

  21. Udyama Telangana says:

    let us all watch this forthcoming movie :

  22. Chandra says:

    Some more first hand evidences about AP formation with Hyderabad. We read these things in books , now we have scanned images of news papers.

    1. If we just scroll the page up we can see Ramananda Theertha saying redistribution of states should start with vishalandhra formation.,4757884&dq=merger+of+hyderabad+state+andhra&hl=en

    2. hyderabad PCC demanding vishalandha.,5131896&dq=hyderabad+state+andhra&hl=en

    3.Deamand for vishalandhra in warangal


    4. N.G Rangal saying Telangana people should decide whether to merge or not in 1949.,3026946&dq=hyderabad+state+ranga&hl=en

  23. Neutral says:

    George said:
    "Your scare mongering on Hyderabad negates your claim to be a "neutral".
    Will andhra guys agree to their towns (Vizag, Vijayawada, Tirupati, Rajahmundry etc.) being made UT? If not, why not? No one is denying them access to these cities.
    The SAvadi gloves are off. All the claims of brotherly love, common language/heritage etc. are  exposed to their obsession on Hyderabad."
    Neutral was a name, not a claim. So is George.
    If central government wants to make UTs out of Vizag, VJA etc, most welcome. Why not? Though it is an irrelevant suggestion at this point of time, UT status gives guaranteed funding for infrastructure, assured law and order, better implementation of town planning and less corruption.
    I don't know if SA vadis ever had gloves ON. Common heritage and brotherly love.. all these are real. Even the people of India had common heritage and brotherly love towards people of Pak-Bangla before partition. But still partition happened. You had Jinna then and have KCR now. What can anyone do if people refuse to see reason?
    Why should any one have objection to make Hyd a UT?

    • George says:

      Thanks for acknowldging neutral is just a name. So this was bare knuckle fight all along?

      • satya says:

        Clarifying ‘neutral is just a name’ is better than changing the name after the report is released, to save his anonymous face, which claimed rational thinking and neutral perspective. What so ever, the art of pidakala veta continues.

  24. Chandra says:

    Demanding Vizag, Tirupathi as UT is insanity at its heights. Then how about karimnagar , warangal?.

    Hyd is the capital city of AP. Vijayawada or tirupati is not capital city.
    .We need to understand that neither Hyderabad belongs to Telangana region nor tirupathi belongs to rayalaseema region, nor vizag belongs to coastal region. Every city in AP belongs to  everybody staying in AP.

    As discussed earlier, zonal system in AP is the root cause for telugu people in AP to  be confined like frogs in wells. It should be changed.  Eventhough recruitment is done according to their zones and districts, it should be made mandatory for the employees to serve in other zones for atleast 8 years in their service. Encouraging even tax reduction for people doing business in other zones kind of things also needs to be considered . More ideas needs to be explored for attaining uniform amalgamtion of all telugus in AP.

    • George says:

      Every city in India belongs to every Indian, Why restrict to AP? If demanding Vizag UT is an insanity, so is the call for Hyderabad as UT. The whole ruckus is based on a mentality that says "humein nahin mila to tumko bhi nahi chodenge".

      • VK says:

        "humein nahin mila to tumko bhi nahi chodenge"
        This is more applicable to Telangana separatists who opposing "Polavaram"

        • George says:

          Polavaram will end up flooding lakhs of acres of tribal land (who support "Manyaseema" as per SKC).

          • VK says:

            The SKC report states on page 204 (see the last few sentences of 4.4.20)  " It is important that full measures are taken by the Government towards their (affected families) resettlement, rehabilitation and livelihood. This is one of the main concerns for which the project is being opposed in Telangana region, besides, of course, their general grievance that Godavari waters will be utilized for irrigating and further benefiting coastal Andhra.
            Based on the last sentence above, don't you think "humein nahin mila to tumko bhi nahi chodenge" is more applicable to Telangana oppositon to Polavaram.
             Also the SKC states in point 5 of  4.5.01  that the polavarm project envisages transfer of 80 TMC of Godavari water to Krishna, and this transferred water is to be shared between the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. A part of the share of Andhra Pradesh could come to Telangana also. Thus Telangana, while losing some land, would also benefit from the project. A demand for stopping the project at this stage appears misconceived.
            Also see the SKC recommend the completion of polavaram in Another apprehension of coastal Andhra is that the Godavari delta requires storage backing. The Krishna and Godavari deltas are the rice granary of India and need to be preserved in national interest. For further improvements, the storage backing is necessary. Unfortunately, storages like Inchampalli and Hydro-electric storages on Indirawati, as planned earlier in Chhattisgarh, are not coming up due to forest and related environment problems. Polavaram can provide some relief and needs to come up. Thus, the apprehension of coastal Andhra seems to be right, and Polavaram needs to be completed as per plans, while providing proper rehabilitation, resettlement and livelihood to the affected families facing submergence.
                 The SKC said "the acceptance of a radical demand like Manya Seema does not seem likely or viable at present; instead, the state government should see it as a pointer towards better implementation of policies meant for tribals, especially the Adivasis" in point 7.9.16 of the report. 

            • GK says:

              The biggest reason for separate T is water. You should know that once you start using certain % of water then the by law any new projects cannot be build to harm the previous allocation/usage.
              Now T people's claim is that they are not getting their share. It is very fair to place objection on new project like polavaram before T gets its share.
              Hope this clarifies you and SKC…

              • George says:

                OK, let us settle the compensation, rehabiliration & environmental aspects. We are not opposed to your dam but our just demands can not be wished away in your hurry for the third crop.

          • venu says:

            Tell me single project  because of which areas are not submerged. the problem is not whether the areas are submerged or not whether the displayed are getting compensated or not.?

  25. venu says:

    First of all i thank chakravarty for deleting my comment , which contains one wrong word.
    My intention of using that word is what if we say some wrong word it hurts you, then do not you people think that the same hurts us also.
    and i expected atleast one T separatist to condem the KCR language who find fault in my words, but none did so.
    As andhra said , its good to see atleast one Jayaprakash. filed a case in supreme court.
    Why i used the word rakta charita is , if violence broke out and if govt fails to take proper steps . that is what it is resulted, it will be heavy loss to both the sides.
    Our constitution does not allow such foul language base on caste , religion etc. But what about regions? Why do they be spared.?

  26. Neutral says:

    Why Hyderabad alone as UT?
    It is because a large section of the Hyderabad population has been threatened with Jago-Bhago.
    It is pure fear at an individual level from thugs.
    And the threatened sections know that in spite of the good intentions of the bloggers and even the leaders, the thugs have already got their cue.

  27. Neutral says:

    BTW, my question as to why any one should oppose UT for Hyderabad has not been answered.

    • George says:

      We give you reasons but you are not willing to listen. You want a UT due to imaginary fears fuelled by the vicious but well funded campaign. If Telangana people are thugs bent on causing mayhem on andhras, a mere technicality like which state/UT we are in will not stop them. I am not threatening, just reminding the irrational thoughts behind the scare mongering.

  28. Neutral says:

    I am not sure you would like to hold the brief for those thugs. Personally, I don't see any reason to oppose UT status for Hyderabad.

    • George says:

      By calling people thugs, you are missing the point. If there really are thugs (not a figment of your imagination or more correctly dreamt up by your propaganda chiefs), they will not stop even if it becomes UT.

      • satya says:

        Just for imaginative sake, In an UT we can counter such thugs with the thugs from other side or thru govt. But in separate state ur thugs can get all the political support for their acts.

        • George says:

          You claim you are not safe today when the Govt. is still united AP. How will things change under UT? How about HSBC & Kapil Chits?

          • satya says:

            haha.. One can change the name but not their pidakala veta. HSBC is a one isolated incident that too happen not because they opposed united AP. You attacked people who opposed telangana. You attacked an author who released his book which had opposed views of your thugs and shattered ur lies. But in andhra, Gaddar, Haragopal, Balagopal, X and y went and voiced their views without any trouble.

  29. ved says:

    If a proposal to make Vizag UT comes up, I don't  think any vizagite or andhrite will fret about. What is there to worry about? In fact as Vizagite, I will be jubilant about the official cosmopolitan status of Vizag and the potential for more central funds. Please let us campaign – Vizag for UT.

  30. Chandra says:


    It seems you didnt get what i am trying to say, Hyderabad is the capital city of AP. Vizag or Tirupati or warangal is not capital city.

    Every city belongs to every indian is true but  the word "belongs to" needs to be explaind properly esp in such scenarios. It was already discussed earlier here, that , every state in India has a separate treasury to which revenue generated from state is spent on the infrastructure developemnt.

    Old Hyderabad infrastructure was developed by sales taxes collected from Marathi, kannada and Telugu people of Hyd state. After AP formation, the maintancence of those old buildings, museums and construction of modern facilities , transportaion, govt buildings, , huge private capital investements for creating industries and jobs etc was done  from treasury of AP.  Capital cities in India are developed by the treasuries of the respective states. A person staying in Mumabai, does not contribute for Hyd developemnt. This is a high school standard of discussion.

    If you want Hyderabad people to get convinced to stay with your hypothetical T state, its your responsibility to convince them. Unless T separatists convince AP or rest of INdia, why they want T state, the dream will remain as it is for ever. You should be able to convince scientifically and come out with confidence bulding measures so that , the proposal for T is atleast considered and discussed in Assembly or parliament.

    Without that if merely keep singing public demand song ( without quantifying it)…this will be merely a law and order issue.

    • GK says:

      You have valid point which needs to be extrapolated into real money, meaning if T is formed how much T has to provide for A so they can build their capital city.
      You should also bear in mind that when A got merged with T they literally came with nothing to HYD, which means the high court, airport, colleges, assembly, electricity and you name it, everything was best in class and served as the means for prosperity esp to all business men and all professions…

      • George says:

        OK, let us drop the "emotional attachment" related nonsense and get down to money talk, shall we?
        There are two contradictory arguments bandied about by the anti-T-vadis. The first says "Hyderabad was developed with everyone's tax money" while the second says "Hyderabad contributes more tax revenues than expenditure spent on it".
        This is an easy problem to solve. Let the accountants & govt. officials of both states value all assets & liabilities contributed in 1956 as well as all receipts & expenditures from 1956. There will be some tricky questions on valuation, depreciation & conversion to today's rates but these are not insurmountable.

        • venu says:

          u r late for those calculations, skc already submitted their report. If you can try it , by asking your trs leaders to take up debate on this in next assembly proceduing.
          Also include the kosta people contribution to hyderabad before merger.

          • George says:

            Is this calculation already done by SKC? Page number please

            • venu says:

              my sentense does not mean they are done. what i mean is you should have raised these point before their submission, if would have done it and mention it in the report  or you can ask your tsr to raise it in assembly or for another committee to calculate the expenses.

            • satya says:

              George, Let the govt form another committee before which u can submit ur new lies. :)

  31. Neutral says:

    What was inherited at the time of merger, with whose money they (assembly, high court buildings etc) were developed – these are all historical studies the academics might be interested in.
    It is people who make things happen, not old buildings built with slave labor and looted money. Had it been otherwise, the Kakatiya ruins of Warangal should have created a hong kong there.
    At an individual level, I would demand the Govt of India (which collects taxes from me and has contracted to protect my legitimate interests) to secure me and my property by making Hyderabad a UT.
    I don't owe anyone anything because my grandfather did something…

    • George says:

      Do you want UT or security? All of us have a right to ensure our legitimate interests are protected. This does not give me the right to demand a  particular method (UT or paramalitary forces or Z class status) of ensuring this.
      How do you think UT will guarantee security? Nothing will change except the Govt. When you believe Kiran Reddy's AP Govt. is unable to protect you today, how can an unelected Govt. do so?
      Are you accusing the Kakatiyas of using loot & slave labor to build their buildings? Just curious, you are not a fan of Kakatiyas like our friends here.

      • Kiran says:

        Funny george. You want justice or a separate state?. How come you can get to choose what you you want  but others dont. Please take a look in the mirror. As I suggested before it helps if you cast aside some feudal mentality and stop seeing SA people as banchans and start seeing them as fellow citizens.

        • George says:

          We want separate state, are you happy now? Stop looking through your feudal mirror (aka karamchedu).

          • Kiran says:

            And I want Hyd as my jagir and you as my personal baanchan. Please spare forums for slognaneering and use them for debate.

          • venu says:

            We already discussed on this before still,do you forget day time burning of people in the name of chata badi in nalagonda dist just recently

  32. venu says:

    I agree in making Guntur-vijayawada as the capital of entire andhra pradesh and keep the state united for another 50 years and then divide it into telangana and andhra and then make guntur – vijayawada area as UT or shared capital.

    • venu says:

      apudu yenchaka nizam telangana wallu kostaki vachi dhochukoni pratikarum tirchukovachu.

    • George says:

      I have a better suggestion. Let us make Kurnool joint capital of Telangana & Andhra states. All businesses in Hyderabad can be given incentives to move to Kurnool. After xx years, Kurnool can be transferred totally to Andhra.. We will get our Telangana, you will get your developed city, Rayalaseema will get capital as per Sribagh: win-win for everyone :)

      • venu says:

        I agree for kurnool as a capital, but some correction , it should be the capital of united andhra pradesh for 56 years , but not as a shared capital of two states.

  33. Kiran says:

    Discussion about hyderabad etc is meaningless. All seemandhra people have to say is a firm NO to separate telangana peacefully in legislative assembly – thats all that is needed and there is really nothing to lose for SA people to say no peacefully in assembly. The facts support united AP it will take a very brave, very rash, very undemocratic and very immoral center to unilaterally cut up a linguistic state. telangana region will take time to adjust to this reality. THis is a movement set up for profit and will peter away as soon as it is clear to them that losses exceed profit. Some fanatics and i_diots especially in their bermuda shorts in usa will continue to froth in online forums but that hardly matters.

  34. deccani says:

    where is our dr.prakash these days?

  35. Udyama Telangana says:

    Sleeping in your heart? LOL

  36. Ramesh says:

    1) If under-development is the justification for forming a new state, SKC clearly stated that more areas in Rayalaseema, some areas in Uttarandhra, some areas of Nizam Telangana area are under-developed. Majority of Nizam Telangana area (both including HYD, excluding HYD) is more developed or as developed as any other developed area in Coastal Andhra/Rayalaseema.
    Hence there is no justification for forming a new telangana state as per the demand by Prof. Jayashankar and co. 
    If anything, the identified backward regions should be carved out into one or more states or UT and let the developed area continue as Andhra Pradesh.
    I would say a big THANK YOU to anyone who claims that SKC report is cooked up report, as the committee members were bribed by SA politicians. I would not bother to respond to such claims as it is a waste of time for me as well as them. 
    2) If being in the erst-while Nizam ruled Hyderabad state is the justification for carving out new states, this should be clearly notified by Parliament and Indian government should encourage all erst-while kingdoms to be carved out as separate states along with the new "Hyderabad" state. It still does not justify carving out only the Telangana regions of the erst-while "Hyderabad" state as a separate state. 
    3) If "smaller administration units lead to development" is the justification, then we should handover the process of carving the new states to an expert committee of Geologists, Statisticians, Cartographers to create the new state. If it is 2 divisions, They could go N-S division line, or E-W division line or NE-SW diagonal division line based on various social development statistics and geological information. And everyone should accept their recommendation. There is no reason why such a smaller unit be formed at the whim of few trouble makers, ignoring the aspirations of silent majority. 
    Also, the GOI should implement this plan at a national level, rather than at Andhra Pradesh level. 
    4) If "forced merger" is the justification, I will have a good laugh and hope the wise men/women running the country are wise enough to not believe the unsubstantiated story created by Prof Jayashankar and co. Please note that I am aware that there was no 100% backing to the merger in erst-while Hyderabad state and Andhra state (from both regions). And I will challenge to show a political decision taken by any democratic government the world over, where there was 100% agreement of all the citizen.  
    5) If public sentiment is the justification, then, All of the below new tates should be created by GOI in one  bill to be presented in Parliament.
    a) Nizam Telangana area without HYD as a new state
    b) HYD as UT
    c) Rayalaseema as another new state (as this is what RS people feel as the second option if we are not going to have an united Andhra Pradesh State)
    d) Manyaseema
    e) Uttarandhra
    f-z) And all other statehood demands outside Andhra pradesh. i.e., Gurkhaland, Vidharbha, North Karnataka, Greater Nagaland etc..,

  37. Dilip says:




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    mso-bidi-font-family:”Times New Roman”;

    Hi All,
    Iam new to this issue,  I have few questions,

    In 1969 telangana movement there where two major grievances,  one was violation in employment and other is mobilization of funds to Andhra .
    Regarding mobilization of funds, there was a committee called ‘Justice Bhargava committee’
    in the above link (from page no 205) it is calculated that total 85.83 crores of telangana surplus is been used in Andhara for a period of 12 years i.e. from 1-11-1956 to 31-3-1968 & my questions are
    wh  1. what was the committee logged by state govt for employment violation in 1969 ?
    2     2. Did 2/3rd majority of HYD assembly supported for Andhra & Telangana merger?
    Thank You!

  38. Dilip says:

    Hi All,
    Iam new to this issue,  I have few questions,

    In 1969 telangana movement there where two major grievances,  one was violation in employment and other is mobilization of funds to Andhra .

    Regarding mobilization of funds, there was a committee called ‘Justice Bhargava committee’

    in the above link (from page no 205) it is calculated that total 85.83 crores of telangana surplus is been used in Andhara for a period of 12 years i.e. from 1-11-1956 to 31-3-1968 & my questions are

    1. what was the committee logged by state govt for employment violation in 1969 ?

    2. Did 2/3rd majority of HYD assembly supported for Andhra & Telangana merger?

    Thank You!


    • satya says:

      Dilip, Since you are new to this forum, I request you to please check previous posts where we had good discussions on this. Hope you understand to avoid going in circles. If you find anything in the previous posts is wrong, we are happy to have a debate on it here.

  39. Krishna Mohan says:

    It is so unfortunate that people of Telangana are so much brain-washed against people from Andhra region. It is nothing less than hatred campaign in Pakistan  against Indians. KCR and his band wagon should realize that, triggering this level of animosity against fellow citizens though could give political mileage to them in short run, this can leave both  people of both regions restlessly bickering eventually leaving implacable differences between Telugu fraternity, akin to India and Pakistan or north Korea and south Korea. After all, we cannot change Geography, we still have to remain geographically neighbors.
    Can some of these Tvadis categorically tell me:
    Why  are jobs you  lost to Andhraties videGO 610 has becomes life and death for Telanganites, where as they simply did not bother about thousands of other opportunities they lost to others as pointed out  in lines below.
    Have you not found thousands jobs lost to  Keralites working  as Nurses/teachers in Telangana region ( about 40000), why have not our Telangana sisters filled in these positions?
    Why have you not grabbed  thousands of small entrepreneurial opportunities  which are otherwise grabbed by Rajasthanis and Gujarathis.  Every colony will have at least one shop of Rajasthani/Gujarthis not to mention their total domination in all leading markets such as begum bazaar etc., where they churn out crores ,
    Why have you not fought for thousands of direct/indirect jobs lost  to Chennai owing to total concentration regional offices of  public sectors banks, insurance companies, other central government undertakings , ALL NGOs in that city. There is no reason why the regional office of SBI or ONGC or Bank of Baroda and so on.. be set up in chennai and not in Hyderabad or banglore.
    Why have you not fought for thousands jobs/money lost of artists/technicians/models of other regions owing to dubbed serials, movies, advertisements etc?
    Why do you feel Telangana slang enjoyed a scanty respect? Simply because it used by Villans and comedians in movies. If so even konaseema slang is used by same villains and comedians until past 15 years( Rao gopal rao and raja babu), Rayaala seema slang is also used by villains and comedians( all faction movies).
    Why do you think Telangana slang should be used as medium of communication in Electronic and print media. Do you think Electronic and print media has been using any particular slang of Hindi in Uttarpradesh or Bihar. For any language there is standard that gets evolved and it does not pertain to any region. For you to feel ignored, do you think current telugu media used slang of konaseema or rayalaseema or Krishna?
    Why have you not found fault with centuries of oppression by foreign rulers from Persia as cause for your backwardness. Don’t  you think that these are rulers who kept you away from any kind of exposure to developments happening in outside world except forcing you to primitive methods of living. You should observe marked difference between Telangana and rest of world during in 19th century (British were little good in this respect compared to
    Afghans/Iranian rulers  of Hyderabad – Please don’t get emotional to claim hyderabadi rulers were Indians.. I was only referring to their original roots)

    Can you recall you own telugu was not a official language in Telangana and Urdu has been imposed on your for centuries depriving you of your own native telugu.
    Don’t you think these Islamic rulers that have foreign origin had strong liking for islam and sealed this region from any kind  of  cultural penetration from rest of India( don’t you agree presence of vedic culture or classical arts is marginal  in telangana until 60s)
    I want to ask more questions..but in next post…..

    • sitaram says:

      Since there is no hue and cry over other employment and enterprenuera opportunties lost except GO 610, whole uproar of telanganites seems to totally politically targetted against andhraites. If their concern was genunienly on their careers and jobs, the movement should have focussed and highlighted all segments where telaganites have been deprived of opportunites as mentioned in above post instead of targetting one segment(state government jobs) that hardly matter compared to other scopes of job creation.

  40. Prakash says:

    Just returning to blogosphere after weeks. I will try to be more active but continue to be swamped by piles of work. I scanned through the comments and found some interesting views.
    I caught my name a few places:
    deccani says: February 4, 2011 at 10:26 am
    "where is our dr.prakash these days?"
    Busy chasing bread and butter, mostly on the road. I am not a doctor though.
    Kiran says: January 31, 2011 at 3:02 pm
    "And it is funny to see UT , GK Prakash whining about moderation standards here. "
    Kiran says January 31, 2011 at 4:51 pm
    "Prakash complained about "personal" insults being allowed here"
    I brought a few cases of unprintable language to the blogger's attention. Mr. Nalamotu took prompt action n all such cases. I have no complaints with his moderation. In fact he deleted entire comments instead of editing the offensive words as requested by me.
    I did call for avoiding personal attacks but these are addressed to fellow commenters, not the moderator.

  41. deccani says:

    "I am not a doctor though."
    Dr as in wise and learned.

  42. Prakash says:

    Thank you for your kind words but I am sure there are many others more learned than me commenting on this  blog. This is why I visit this blog, to learn from folks such as yourself.

  43. sid says:

    my god just saw jai bolo telangana.
    Except for Gaddars song, The whole movie is C-Grade Stuff.
    I got a better idea,
    Why not make a sequel to it
    ENDUKU JAI BOLO TELANGANA  and we will ask a hollywood director to direct it


    • Udyama Telangana says:

       You need to refresh your Brain watching the Rakta Charitras, or Movies having dailouges " Kanti choopu tho Champestaa", Movies in which Tons of heads , hands legs cut with a stroke of the sword. You would be much releived watching Faction -Grade movies.
      Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

  44. Neutral says:

    Latest revelation:
    The Dec 9th statement was given by Chidambaram at the instance of Rahul baba. When it backfired, Chotey Sarkar was stunned

  45. Udyama Telangana says:

    SKc is the result of Two -  Eyes formula (& ten tongues Formula)  and this is best explained in the movie 
    " Jai Bolo Telangana" through the song " Gardi Chestunru".

  46. Chandra says:

    The other day i was going through  separatists websites. They were comparing the protests in egypt with Telangana demand. How insane is it!. Those people in egypt are trying to have more democracy in their country. These people here are doing the just opposite. These people want to move away from democratic and free market societies towards communism, Maoism and despotism to prevail in Telangana. And they fight for that.

    • GK says:

      Do you deserve credibility by making the statement like – "These people want to move away from democratic and free market societies towards communism, Maoism and despotism to prevail in Telangana."
      I will request Mr. Chakravarthy to archive and preserve every in this blog (good, bad and ugly) to a book so future generations would know a lot about the times we are passing thru.

  47. Praveen says:

    Who is doing real Garadi? Sleeping till 2001, suddently woke up and saw HYD developing, then wanted to run away with the cake, talk about reconstruction.. (it is a big joke).

    • GK says:

      HYD is an indian city. It is for everyone to live and benefit from. Who is running away with it, please don't continue any illogical concept. Nothing is going to change for HYD whether or not T is formed.

    • GK says:

      HYD is for all indians to live and benefit from. Who is running away with it. Please stop such illogical propaganda.

      • venu says:

        then why do not you agree for telangana with HYD as UT.

        • George says:

          Why are you so bent upon Hyderabad as UT? This is nothing but blackmail & vindictiveness.
          Try to give one good reason (not the usual "we will not be safe" junk). You claim there are 40 lacs andhras in Hyderabad but worried of safety inspite of this "huge" presence :)
          Fight for your Hyderabad as UT if you want. First convince your favorite party MIM!.

          • venu says:

            i did not understang how and why you thought that you are being blackmailing.. one end you say it belongs to every one and other end you are not agreeing for UT.
            i can give many reasons , but you will consider every thing as a junk. that 40 lacks people are still afraid to express their views, they will express it when the elections comes, wait for next elections . I am fighting for UT as the way i can. MIM is not my favorite party.

            • George says:

              Your logic is really great. Because all cities belong to everyone, let us make all cities UT :)
              40 lac darpoks LOL! OK, let us wait for elections. Please convince someone to contest without saying "they are afraid to contest".

              • venu says:

                By your logic when chandigarh is made UT , all cities of haryana and punjab should be made UT.
                No need of your advice on contesting for elections. if so tell your party to contest elections in hyd , who are afraid of doing so in municipal elections.

              • satya says:

                The entire world knows who were afraid to contest and ranaway from elections. The andhra party won 45, and MIM which against to T won 43 municipal wards. And the Telangana champion party…where is it?

  48. sid says:

    @Udyama Telangana
    hahahaaaa. That was a good one, but you cannot deny the fact that the Movie was made in bad taste in terms of both content and execution. Director made a big fool out of you and made big money.
    I did not appreciate RC  as well as the content was not good but to be frank, Presentation was good with excellent camera work and tight screenplay.
    In your movie, the director is encouraging your brothers ans sisters to commit suicide and take up violence. Where was in RC -2 RGV gave  a message to give up violence through the song "kathulo tho savasam"
    So agree that your demand for separate state is built on jingositic lines and inferiority complex not any anyayam etc.
    Narasimha Naidu is a comedy Film (not for humans) so let's not discuss that.
     carry on with your baby style agitations and keep on killing

  49. Dhruv says:

    You know what, your movement for a separate state is built on Inferiority Complex and Bad Ego.
    Looking at the way SEPARATISTS have replied to comments, it is very clear that they dont have  a thinking methodology.
    i am sure 90% of agitators don't even know what they are doing in rasta rokos etc's.
    On the whole, There is no clear cut agenda behind a separate state.
    You want it just because you want it!!!!!
    Man, get a life. Learn how to face competition and survive ethically.
    Look at your leader, the great KCR. What is he saying.??
    Andhra Food tastes like cow dung.
    2 Meanings come out of it:-
    1.) He is a regular dung eater
    2.) He doesn't know the taste of good food.
    P.S even i am not a Telugu, but i have been living in Hyderabad since very long and have developed a taste for Andhra food and i can't  live without it
    This is the attitude of your leader and Separatists in general!
    useless fellows

    • George says:

      The comment was about Andhra biryani. You may love Andhra food but have you tasted Hyderabadi biryani?

      • Dhruv says:

        First things first. I am a strict veggie and i eat vegetable biriyani.
        I have it at a friends house where her mother prepares it for me and they are andhraites. It tastes good.
        And it tastes good at paradise also.
        So both Andhra and telangana VEGETABLE  biriyani tastes good.
        Now one,Simple question:-
        Do you people have Biriyani as a regular food item?
        Man, 30 days biriyani for dinner/lunch will cost a lot. But according to TRS u ppl are poor and hungry.
        How are you people affording it?
        As far as i know, any ardent biriyani lover may be eating it 4-5 times or liberally 10 times  a month max.
        If you are having biriyani as a regular food item, then shame on you being claiming that you people are poor and hungry.
        Also, Regular biriyani servings is not good for health it seems.(PUN INTENDED)
        :D :) :) :)

        • George says:

          Not sure if you have only one andhra friend or many but apparently you have no Telangana friends. Great to see you jump to conclusions after tasting just one person's cooking. Anyway you don't know how andhra chicken biryani tastes :)
          Who told you that Telangana people eat biryani for lunch & dinner 30 times a month? Do you know biryani prices at places other than Paradise?
          Why do you care about our health or money when we are "useless fellows" who don't know "how to face competition and survive ethically"?

          • Dhruv says:

            What if you get the shock of life if it is revealed that the biryani chef in a well known biryani place is from andgra?
            Will you vomit the eaten one.Not at all
            Or else will you enquire about the native place of the chef in the hotel before having biryani?
            People will laugh at you
            All i want to say is telangana or andhra, food is food.
            Is it an issue at all.
            My God, dont say that you want separate telangana because you people make better biryani?
            LOL this is insane and joke of the decade.
            For george, biryani is a factor for state separation. Is it a justified demand
            :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

            • Dhruv says:

              Also, does it look pleasing for you to tell that one's prepared food tastes like dung?
              Dont you think that this kind of attitude is self destructive?
              :D :D :D :D :D

          • Dhruv says:

            1.) Do you know biryani prices at places other than Paradise?
            Nope. The reason is, if you look at the way they prepare the delicacy, you will vomit till you loose 15-20 kg's of weight :D .
            P.S there have been instances where lizards and cockroaches were found in the biryani of a reputed restaurant in hyderabad. :D :D . Anyways,dont say that they are added as toppings :D :D :D   :D :D :D
            I had biryani at paradise only once or twice thats it
            Why do you care about our health or money when we are "useless fellows" who don't know "how to face competition and survive ethically"?
            Criticism is meant for correcting people. So some where you have a feeling that you are doing wrong. I can sense the frustration in you. So the advice is to grow up and take care of yourself and your family instaed of listening to these t-seekers. Thats it, nothing personal


        • George says:

          @Admin: I posted my response to this. Can you please publish it, thanks.

    • Udyama Telangana says:

      Look at this video and let me know  who should feel inferior;
      I know you are not Telugu but you need Truth Velugu.
      Atleast refrain yourself from becoming a Useless fellow that you thought about leaders leading a Democratic demand.

      • Dhruv says:

        That was between 2 warring factions in vijayawada. How come your "DEMOCRATIC DEMAND" is related to it.
        They are fighting among themselves but  are not causing public Chaos by rasta rokos etc.
        Warring factions have existed since ages unknown and will remain forever.
        I am still unable to figure out what is the relation between The video and Your telangana Demand?
        And yes your leaders are useless fellows and even god cant deny it.
        Apart from agitations can you list one thing which they have done productive for telangana and hyderabad?
        No, Infact they have made the city dirty
        Also, You sound like a worker of TRS. How much are you paid to post pro-telangana comments

        • Udyama Telangana says:

          Comments Like "Also, You sound like a worker of TRS. How much are you paid to post pro-telangana comments" are allowed to be published, while my comments which were lot better than these were truncated.
          @ Dhruv, This is the Andhra way of distorting  the reality. My posting was modified such a way to make it meaningless. There were no fillthy langauage and useless stuff from my pen.
          The fear of facing the reality prevented the moderator from truncating the stuff.

          • Dhruv says:

            But chakravarthy ji is from telangana right.
            You are afraid of reality no one else in this blog

            • Udyama Telangana says:

              So What???
              Whoever it is my posting was modified so as to suit your worthless comments.
              I gave you a very good example to explain who should feel inferior. The picture was  presented as if I made some democratic demand based on Vijayawada day to day clashes which not right. Let the moderator explain.

              • Dhruv says:

                bechara  very pity

                • Dhruv says:

                  Also, No one can modify the video right?
                  As far as i can understand, it shows battle and compromises between 2 factions in vijayawada which have selfish motos
                  Warring factions like Underworld are in Mumbai also,so is it a inferior feeling for mumbaikars?
                  Not at all, it is a law and order and Governance problem.
                  What i am unable to figure out is how come some supremacy and caste war in vijayawada is making the city inferior?
                  Also, telangana demand and Vijayawada fights are 2 separate things.How can you say that andhra people should feel inferior.
                  For that matter, till today caste war is prelavant in Telangana also
                  So brother, lets not fight .
                  Simple suggestion is,
                  Have you ever asked your constituancy MLA and MLC as to what they are doing for welfare of that place.
                  With the energy you are showing for a separate state, show tht same energy for asking questions with your MLAS,MPs,Ministers and i am sure 90% of your problems will be solved and u wont require a separate state.
                  Please Please understand that your leaders are taking advantage of your emotions to fill their vote bank.
                  If their intention was telangana welfare, they would have done that by getting elected as a MLA or MLC.
                  It is 200 % wrong to blame andhraites for your problems.

              • satya says:

                @UT, Whatever may be the majority opinion on ur comments, never did the moderator stopped publishing them. Earlier also u made similar rants that moderator should explain etc.. Ofcourse, you got ur explanation then. People may have different opinions on what u write, but I guarantee never did anyone afraid of ur comments. Yes, Definitely they have other feelings.
                This is not ur crappy telangana sites where they will ask to click Jai Telangana to express views, or do not publish comments though they do not have any derogatory remarks but publish comments from T people who even writes in filthy language.

          • Chakravarthy says:

            In addition to me, there is another fellow blogger who moderates the website. I will again communicate to him that he should not edit postings that do not have swear words. If you would like to repost your note or email me the note, I am happy to let it come through.

      • Dhruv says:

        Also dont reply just for the sake of it.
        Accept the reality and look after your family and dependents
        Separation will not take you anywhere apart from destruction.
        One of you is arguing about biryani.
        Infact Biryani is not native of hyderabad/India, it came from Iran through Islam Rulers
        Telanganites Didn't invent it. So you cant claim your supremacy/Ownership on it.
        Reality is under nizams rule, telangana was like A mini africa. He kicked the living daylights out of you people and multiplied his own wealth.

        • Udyama Telangana says:

          "Accept the reality and look after your family and dependents"
          This above statement shows your Arrogance. I would term this statment as Balupu.
          "nizams rule, telangana was like A mini africa"
          This statement gives your poor Knowledge about History.
          "He kicked the living daylights out of you people and multiplied his own wealth."
          This can be taken inright spirit and that was the reason People waged war against him just the way we are fighting against the attrocities of present day ANdhra Rule.

  50. Udyama Telangana says:

    Atleast Good for you  that you are keeping yourself busy & hapy with your analysis.
    I know that "Jai Bolo Telangana"  is lot better than the series of Rubbish Faction Centered movies. Our Telugu film industry is devoid of values and an ardent fans like you  are bound to promote them.
    Atleast I found few lines of Appreciation on one of the Andhra Sites:
     Jai Bolo Telangana is a spirited effort to champion the cause of separate statehood and deftly captures the sufferings of farmers, unemployed and poor people of the region. N. Shankar, who had made Encounter, is back in his element in this saga of agitators and cleverly handles the theme with some hard-hitting dialogues and invigorating songs making it a tribute to the martyrs of the region.
    However, he also avoids taking a provocative stance and makes it clear that he prefers a friendly bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh.
    The film doesn’t mince words in blaming the nexus between politicians-corporate-investors-police for delay in granting separate statehood. It also ridicules the propagators of United Andhra for shedding crocodile tears to save their huge investments in the region.
    senior actors Jagapathi Babu, Smriti Irani, AVS and Janardhan Maharshi come up with decent performances.
    Although Jai Bolo… is no classic, it has its share of touching moments — the suicide of a youngster and the pathetic living conditions of the poor.
    The film also has stirring songs by Gaddar and Chakri that sustain the mood. Guest appearances by the TRS president, Mr K. Chandrasekhar Rao, Prof Jaishankar and some T-protagonists give the film a realistic touch.

    • Sid says:

      This is good.
      But i have never appreciated the Contents of Rakta charitra.But i appreciated the camera work and screenplay and neck braking pace.
      But JBT is third class material and no creature in this galaxy can deny this.
      Yes Gaddar's song is good.That is the only saving grace in an otherwise stale and stinking movie
      Will you accept a film JAI BOLO SAMAIKYA ANDHRA.
      Not at all.Not only you any separitist will not appreciate
      The above review looks like a paid one and the review writer might be even threatened to write a favouring review.
      For that instance, INDRA  got 3 stars but it is a dustbin movie.
      This is the main problem with you SEPARITISTS. You want to live in a fabricated reality.

    • sitaram says:

      4 Crores of people of Telangana region want Telangana…so this has to be formed….
      However the fact is:
      50% of  of people are illetreates(including those who can sign those name)…They dont even know what is state or centre or UT,  Their choice is not informed. The incentives are are no more than little booties offered by leades when they participate protests/demonstrations.- So ingore them
      out of remaining 2 crores.almost 50% of children.. again they have great dificlult in understanding their basic geography, history and civics leave about intricate issues of telangana…
      There leaves 1 cores.. out of whom 70% are educated for name sake perhaps so called degree holders…who can no way be assured on understanding the issue relating to ecomonic development process,regional imbalances, resource utilizations, investment mobilizations, Irrigation features etc.,
      That leaves a 30 lakhs of so called educated folks out of whom..80% are busy in their lives and they care a shit whether telanagana is ill treated or ingored.
      that leaves 6 lakhs… out whom 4 lakhs are political party leader and their cadre,pseduo professionals such as lawyers .. their views are biased and always in the intrest of thier short sighted agendas.. so ignore them..
      remaining  lakhs are educated…bermuda short…comfortably seated…nothing to loose..nothing to gain…people like u.. who can understand the issue in details. and who can appreciate the fact the Telangana is far better than it was under nizam rule….it as good as or as bad a any other place in india….or it is 10 time better than nizam coutner parts in maharastra or Mp. You guys pretty well know that your cutlure is no different from fellow telugus culture else where in other regions except for some tradition here and there that are different from house to house……STILL YOU YOU DONT WANT TO BE CONVINCED…
      Sooner or later Egyptians will realise Mubaraks regime was much better, when Egypt emeged as Arab leader, when youth focussed on education and enterprenural activities unlike other arab regions (saving moghran africa). There was no scope for fundamentalism under Mubarks regime(except incase of thier foreign pollicy in relation to Palistina) atleast in pulic life. In days to come.. no wonder talibans, mujhahidins will creeep in tomorrow's Egypt and will create their vote banks.. God Save Egypt.

    • sitaram says:

      Most used statement of Tvadis…4 crores of Telanganites demand seperate state…
      The fact:
      out of 4 cores:
      50 laks.. Peple from andhra region.. who will oppose this
      1 crore.. Non telugus( muslims, martathis, other people from other states….they don’t bother whether AP is divided or not..(though gujarathis and marwaris like seperate telanaga since they can rule telangana ibusiness without competition from people from andhra region..something similar hyderabad until 1980…..
      remaining 2.5 telangana telugu people…50% illeterate and uneducated who are not in position to make an infomed choice since they dont even know what a state or centre or UT or country…when you see them participating in agitation.. remember they are looking for that day’s mean out of it or some booties promised by politicians.
      left 1.25 croes. 50% are children therefore there is no way they may aware of anything about the issue except doing a parrot talk of what thier elders say..
      this leaves roughly 60 lakhs of educated folks.. out which 40 lakhs have education for sake of degree. They will neither understand the intricacies of issue or atleast have requisite knowledge to interpret the reports and statistics of the issue.
      Remaining 20 lacs.. 16 lacs are cool going guys,,they dont care where their race, caste , region or  creed goes as long as they are getting what they want.
      this leaves 4 lcas.. out which 3.9 lacs are politicians and their cadre, pseudo professionals like Lawyers, doctors, age barred students  who have their hidden agenda instead of people's interest at large..
      those final  thousands are people like udyama telangana..who pretty well know:
      1. Problems of Telangana are not unique to Telangana, they are omni present in India and that Telangana is as good or as bad as any other region of India
      2. Telangana is far better than Nizam regions of Maharastra, MP and Karnataka interms of all developmental index
      3.Telangans culture or slang is not different from another region of AP except marginal changes of tradition here and there
      4. Foods (dont claim biryani or other islamic dish as your dish unless you are shameless to  cling to legacy left by foreign ruler)
      5.Telugus are much repsected lot now in Hyderabad and neighbouring compared to 1970's when there was literal domination of urdu…remember your parents/grand parents were not even allowed to learn telugu and urdu has been imposed on them for centuries.
      6.Telangana of 2010 can not be compared to telangana of 1950's which was charterised by foreign rule, oppression, feudalism, cultural adulteration of forcibly imposed foreign and non-telugu cultures and so on…

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