Vijayawada Speech

It is a little late, but I haven't gotten a chance to post my Vijayawada speech. Probably one of the finest, most disciplined, and determined audience I have seen in the last couple of months. At one point drizzle turned into pouring rain. People held nearly 100,000 chairs over their heads to cover themselves, and they refused to leave the grounds. Instead they demanded the guests to speak. It was a memorable scene.

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  1. AMRAO says:

    We all had a chance to listen to the speech and really appreciate it. Especially,

    Teluguwale jaago. KCR Bhaago.

    • AMRAO says:

      You are progressing vey well from a writer to a speaker. My one cent of advice (bodi salaha).

      Unlike the readers of your blog who read every word, the typical listeners in a large meeting do not pay attention to long sentences or explainations even though that information is crucial.

      They pay attention to slogan like information and it is carried with them. For example, jaago bhaago.

      If you try to explain to them in 10 sentences, that the Govt of India agreed for the merger of AP after the majority approval from village level, district level, Assembly level and Parliament level resolutions, in both Hyderabad and Andhra states and that there was 2/3 support for it in Hyderabad State Assembly, THAT MESSAGE WILL BE LOST.


      Venkaiah Naidu won only one election in his life. But he is considered a great speaker.

      Katte. Kotte. Techche. More of KISS, the American style.


      Wishing you the best!

  2. GK says:

    Kiran Kumar is going into the history books of Congress Party as the best and top deceptionist……

    • AMRAO says:


      I would like to hear from you about Kiran Kumar-s deception. Can you explain?

      • AMRAO says:

        On the other hand, Kiran Kumar, who says he became the CM because of Sonia Gandhi and Congress Party, has the guts to question his boss and his party. He put his political future in jeopardy by these comments. 


        While these are not obvious, the message to the bosses are in-built.

        1. The CWC announcement was done in haste. Problems, that were expected to arise as a result of division and duly highlighted in the roadmap presented, should have been shown solutions first and then ony the decision should have been announced. In other words, this decision was taken for political mileage and not in the interest of the people.

        2. The problems that arise are far more serious than what the big bosses are thinking. Committees will not be able to solve these issues. Like the Cauvery issue which has not been solved until now.

        3. For me, his reference to the decisions of Nehru in 1956 and India Gandhi in 1972 are direct attack on the CWC decision.

        4. If Sonia thinks the merger failed and therefore division is necessary, then Congress is solely responsible for the failure as it ruled AP for the largest amount of time. If whatever the T separatists claim is truth, then it was all because of the misrule of the Congress.

        5. In the interview given to Rajya Sabha TV, he talked about dividing a river and a dam between two states, ridiculing some of the solutions proposed for water management.

        6. His point about a one liner or two liner announcement from CWC can not be the same as that of the Central Govt. The Central Govt. is expected to detail every aspect of the division.

        7. He will not resign on his own and will try to oppose the decision in every way he can. He is not worried about his future so carrots wont work. I DO NOT KNOW THE TRUTH BUT THIS IS THE IMPRESSION HE GAVE.  

        • prabhakara rao says:

          I believe Kiran is miffed by Diggy remarks just like any RSA person. He is daring the High Command to take action. Which needless to say will aggravate congress problems. 

      • GK says:

        This is so naive….do you think the Congress at Center expected Kiran to blackmail on the decision taken by the CWC? Read the TOI articles below. If he said that the division decision has been taken but before it is implemented the problems of SA need to addressed, then it is fair. But he is in denial of the decision taken by CWC…


        • prabhakara rao says:

          Ha ha ha! Our dear Prince has already proven క్యాబినెట్ నిర్ణయాలు అర క్షణ బొంగరాలు అని. (ప్రాస అంతగా కుదరలేదు, సరి పెట్టుకొంది ). CWC నిర్ణయమ ఎంత! :-)

    • prabhakara rao says:


      Kiran kumar had lost the CM post on July 30th. His career in AP state politics is over.

      But he had chance to enter National politics had he played a Kavuri, Chiranjeevi or Panabaka.

      Be he chose otherwise. Considering that he is not a crowd puller, his political career is more or less over.

      Deception! Some people might be thinking Kiran may backstab RSA people. It is not possible anymore. People are so cynical that they believe no-one.

      I have strong feeling even Botcha is shaken and bound to sing untiy sooner than later.

      Every observer, regardless love for YSR and Jagan, knows the quid pro quo between Congress and YSRC. 

      • satya says:

        Botsa is an out right crook. I have no belief in him. He may be telling one before media and the opposite before high command. He is another YSR/CBN kind. anything for power.

      • vivek says:

        Mr Rao,

        But look at it from another view point he knows that bifurcation is inevitable and the only way for him to salvage his non-existential political future is to be a hero in the eyes of the ppl of SA which is quite natural as he is from SA, I think, he thinks when a Jagan can be a force(I am still wondering how) why can't he after all he tried his best to stop the unstoppable(that's his assumption). But the only problem is there is no cogent platform for him to really make a difference, he was right when he said he dosen't wish this kind of a situation for even his enemy. But at the end of the day honourable chief minister of "A.P" u've brought this on urself so don't pass the buck thats the easiest way out. And by the way he really did put a good show. ..

  3. satya says:

    Excellent efforts by Kiran Kumar Reddy to keep the state united. His fight looks genuine unlike the traitors & manipulators like Chandrababu. (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (Part 4)

    Watch Part 4 especially.

    • VK says:

      Excellent and highlight of the speech,  were Nehru and Indira Gandhi wrong to create united AP and cement it further through article 371D (respectively)?

      However had he been this vocal before the CWC decision, it would have fetched better outcome. Nevertheless he is showing dissent against AP bifurcation before it is too late.

      • Chandra says:

        That was a fantastic speech.  I dont see any deceit in this.  I see a depth in his spontaneous answers to some questions. Looks like we still have some truthful people. He WILL BE honoured in future.

        • GK says:

          But is he honest to the people of T? He repeatedly said that whatever decision the center makes, the state congress will implement the same…

  4. P. Rao says:

    @AMRAO:  "His point about a one liner or two liner announcement from CWC can not be the same as that of the Central Govt. The Central Govt. is expected to detail every aspect of the division."

    I am amazed the government departments in different Cabinet ministries do not have draft plans for a state division.  This was not an unforseen event. At least since 2009, this was a possibility for AP. But nobody put a plan on paper?  No minister said to his department heads, prepare a plan , just in case? If you have a plan it can be discussed and modified as needed. With no script, they will decide things on a daily basis on a historical event like this. Of course the history is on their side. The British divided India in 1947 in a matter of days. I read that some guy called Radcliffe was asked to prepare maps and he did his job over a weekend, that some people had their homes divided between the two countries. The bedroom in Pakistan and kitchen in India. Are we doing any better under swaraj?

    PS:  I also read once that the USA has a contingency plan for invading Canada!  Just as a military exercise perhaps, but still shows preparedness.

  5. VK says:

    NTV Nielsen Survey People Opinion Over State Division (

    Majority in Hyderbad, Mahbubbnagar and Khammam districts are against AP bifurcation whereas majority in only 3 districts (Warangal, Nalgonda and Nizamabad) for AP bifurcation. If telangana gets this kind of support now (after the CWC decision), one could imagine what kind of support telangana had before 9th Dec. 2009.

    • Chandra says:

      Show me  2/3 of North Telangana supporting state bifurcation after declaring  that " Telangana will be divided and Hyd will be a joint capital for 10 years and after that Teangana has to construct a new metropolitan city either in warangal, KNR or NZB with support from center".

      It depends on what the options they have. I am emabrassed to be from one (actually couple) of those districts. They dont get it.



      • vivek says:


        Ee tokkalo theories anni oorike janala reaction guage cheyyadaniki chestaru.Hyderabad Telangana de. oka dora poyindu inko dora vaadi place teesukundu ani vaadi alochana adey mana poratham.Tedha vasthe mana pranalane lekka cheyyakundu poradutam

    • Mano says:

      ABN conducted SMS survey in Hyd and SA. Did they do the same in Telangana?

  6. vivek says:

    Mr V.K

    Do you know a person by the name G.Kumar chowdary Yadav… let me refresh ur memory, he runs a political party named "Samaikhya Andhra Samithi party"(SASP) and had participated in 2009 elections from Sanath nagar constituency which by the way has considerable population from SA. You know what the results were…. he got 182 votes of the total 1,11,118 votes that is 0.16378% of the total votes polled,Please check these number may be I copied it from "Seperatists" websites.and Sanath nagar by the way is in "HYDERABAD".. To Reiterate, the  genesis of  this kind of analysis is from the very blog I am writing in. so be rest assured if this is the case in Hyderabad then u can only imagine how it would be in Khammam or Mahaboobnagar…….?


    • satya says:

      Another Reddy came to the forum.. Vivek, Check the election history from 1956 to till date. There was never a support for bifurcation in any general elections.

    • VK says:

      Can you please remaind me how many seats TRS won out of 40 plus seats it contested in 2009 assembly elections?

      Many in India are against special status to Kashmir but didn't vote to BJP, which supports removal of special status to Kashmir, in 2009 elections because it was not an election issue at that time. Similarly unitedAP won't be an election issue in unitedAP and therefore it is not surprise that G. Kumar didn't get enough votes.

      • vivek says:

        HAHAHAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAHAHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHA see u guys don't disappoint me u r n always be wat can I say…….. lets leave it. I have mentioned categorically in the post…"To Reiterate, the  genesis of  this kind of analysis is from the very blog I am writing in.".EM SIR ARDHAM AYINDA LEY…! SARE Telugu lo digudam. mimalni em analo ardham aithale mundu post la ne cheppina ilanti dhed dhimag concepts neenu e blog lane chusina daniki respond ayina. Specially nuvvu VK neeku telUsu…. oh sorry neeku em telavakane matladutunnav ani nee reply tone clear ga ardham avutundi. capital letters lo rastunna kantastham chesuko "TRS OKATE TELANGANA NI  REPRESENT CHEYYALE 2009 PRATHI KAUN KISKA GOTTAM GADU  TELANGANA ANI MATLADINDU IPPUDU VALLE ANNI MOOSUKONI EKKADIKIPOYINRO ANDHARKI TELUSU. OKKATI GURTHU PETTUKO EDO MANAME NEWS CHUSTHALE MOTHAM DESHAM CHUSTUNDI EVADU ENTO ANDARIKI SPASHTANGA ARDHAM AYINDI INKA WONDERLAND LO UNNA ANUKOKU. And ur comparision to the current situation to Kashmir amply represents ur pathetic sense of awareness or shall i say CHUTIYAPA. First familiarize ur self abou the Kashmir problem and then try to build an anology mate.Let me ask u this if u r so confident that the bill for the Re-formation of Telangana is not gonna happen then why don't u go ahead let the President send it to the Sate legislature and see what happens..there is ABSOLUTELY nothing that comes out from a state legislature resolution it is and will always be only an opinion taking exercise and at the end of the day the decision will be taken by the "INDIAN PARLIAMENT". Neenu cheppala majority of the regional parties… hell even the national parties are in favour of the bi-furcation and which is justified.

        so I say VK if u have any real concerns(Hyderabad) put that on the table just don't beat around the bush "Herr Commandant"… I think u get the reference

        Cheers Mate lets catchup once Telangana is formed and have a toast…..

        • vivek says:

          @ Satya

          Another Reddy came to the forum.. Vivek, Check the election history from 1956 to till date. There was never a support for bifurcation in any general elections.

          For the record my caste is of no concern of yours. unlike u I do not make my observations based on caste,creed religion…etc. and let me tell u this as well there was never an election in the period that u've mentioned that was based on Bifurcation of "A.P", I would at the least expect u to read the full post that I've written, just bcoz a chowdary has been mentioned dosen't mean I am a reddy. If caste is the prerogative then I am a Madiga,Mala,Kapu whatever does that satisy u….?

          Malli meelanti vallu mana Desham abhyonnati gurinchi matladutaru! baga undi.

          This is a very good observation from a social activist hope u can imbibe the message

          "Edagandi Ra Edo Americano leka oka MNC lo work cheste saripodu mee guname marchukolekapothe manaki oka gadidhanki thedha em untadi"

          • vivek says:

            I am really very ashamed to have pulled Donkeys into the discussion they deserve much more than we humans can ever imagine…..

          • AMRAO says:

            Prati vishayamlo vivakshanu tavvi tavvi vetiki, leni daanini etti choopadaaniki prayatninche meeku @Satya maatalalo tappulu tappa nijaalu kanupinchavu.


            How does @Satya know your caste? Does he care? What he said was Reddochche Modalettu ane saametha. The issues you have raised have already been discussed here including the election of G. Kumar Chowdary Yadav. You come into the scene like a hero and asking us to start discussing the same issues again.



            Coming to Donkey comment, you guys are trying to make a horse look like a donkey. Telangana is a well developed race horse. Even if 10 of you come together and shout it is a donkey, it will remain a horse.

            Every one knows you want to steal the horse in the garb of a donkey and once it is yours, you want to announce to the world that it is a race horse.

          • satya says:

            Babu Vivek, I don't know  about your caste and I least care about it. I just used the idiom 'Reddy vache… modalette'.. In this forum, we discussed almost everything that the separatists raised. 

            Our problem is suddenly some new person comes, and raises the same questions and disappear after couple of days with a feeling we do not have answers.

            >>  let me tell u this as well there was never an election in the period that u've mentioned that was based on Bifurcation of "A.P",

            That is your knowledge. and you ask others to grow up. Go and read what is samporna telangana praja samiti, and how many seats it won in 1972 elections. you can find data in election commission of India website.

            And please do not loose your cool. This forum is not like telangana forums,where you can vent your frustration in abusive language and get applauds. 

            • vivek says:

              @VK and @Satya 

              So what if u have discussed it earlier, I gave that example just bcoz its has become a norm of late for equating elections results to T-sentiment. And you have very rightly mentioned about TPS in the 1972 elections but u also forgot to mention the same party's performance in 1969. They abandoned their main agenda for cheap political gains, I ask if today a party who is fighting for SA suddenly changes tack and falls in line for Telangana, they may get votes in Telangana but wat would be their fortunes in SA….? common sense.


              • satya says:

                You don't know the difference between TPS and STPS and you ask others to learn history.. lolz

                Telangana people's apprehensions were exploited by unemployed politicians multiple times. They succeeded in couple of bi-elections. Once they achieved their political objectives they abandoned it. From Bhargava committee to Sri Krishna Committee never did the discrimination claims of telangana separatists were proved. 

                • vivek says:

                  My dear Satya

                  fortunately I didn't even care to remember the idiom that u distinguished gentlemen have said and given examples for lets take another example shall we….

                  During the June 2012 bypolls in Andhra Congress party used the ‘united AP slogan’. Several Congressmen including chief minister Kiran Kumar Reddy, PCC chief Botsa Satyanarayana, Chiranjeevi, TG Venkatesh, JC Diwakar Reddy and maverick Congress MP Lagadapati Rajgopal have campaigned that a vote for YSR Party means a vote for state division. They alleged that YSR party has a tacit understanding with Telangana RashtraSamithi (TRS). They said that only Congress can keep the state united.

                  Rajgopal went to the extent of giving a ‘guarantee’ that the Congress high command would issue a clear statement that they would keep the state united if people vote for Congress in these elections.And, what has all this campaigning resulted in? Humiliating loss in 15 assembly seats for Congress party (deposits forfeited in 7 seats) and disastrous loss in Nellore Parliament seat by almost 3 lakh votes

                  wat do u say about that mates aye……?

                • vivek says:

                  EE comment lo levadishina questions ki answers leva sir

                • vivek says:

                  Arey Siru Satya,

                  TPS ayina STPS ayina neenu oka question adigina nee valla aithe answer cheyyi neenem cheyyale ippude cheptunna Channa reddy gaadu Talangana ko athi pedda drohi saaala inkemina kaavala

                • satya says:

                  @Vivek, I can give tens of such examples where telangana ppl rejected parties directly promised T. like BJP in 2009 and TRS 2008 bi elections, 2009 general elections, STPS 1972 general elections.

                  Look at your own TRS performance in parakala bi-election? chavu tappi kannu lotta poyindi. saved face with just 1500 votes in a dist like waranal where telangana movement is its peak and against a party like YSRCP.

                  Do you think ppl of seemandhra believe an vote to YSRCP is a vote to telangana? There is no bigger joke than it. that is utter foolishness whoever think so, There is not even an iota of logic and commonsense in it. Any leader from seemandhra who has the potential to become a chief minister would prefer the state to be united.

            • vivek says:

              See sir Satya and VK

              Let me ask u the most basic thing u guys have kept ur mouths or whatever shut since 2001 thru 2009 and suddenly u find ur long lost love for ur bretheren. Ask this to any third party who r not at all involved in any of this and they'll answer u appropriately.

              The writing is very clear and u know wat it is, even the BJP kicked the hypocritic Babu out and the other parties are completely in favour of bifurcation….. so its only a formality to declare Telangana

              Entha tondarga meeru adi ardham chesukunte adi meeke manchidi

              JAI TELANGANA

              • satya says:

                >> Ask this to any third party who r not at all involved in any of this and they'll answer u appropriately.

                Look at SKC report and realize the truth in baseless claims of discrimination,

                • vivek says:

                  SKC's credibility is as good as an Umbrella with holes, the day the secret chapter of SKC was revealed. everyone lost whatever faith they had on them.And I've answered the same question in another thread Praja pratinidulu resign cheyyali… please refer to that…

                  Cheerio JAI TELANGANA

                • satya says:

                  The creditability of telangana movement itself is farse. That is why the 8th chapter. 1st 7 chapters are for ppl to understand, 8th chapter is to deal with jobless politicians.

        • vivek says:

          I've had the  previlage to interact with people from different states and territories and what was common was the way they all felt that the the call for a seperate Telangana state is genuine and the sooner they realise the dream the better it is for our country for the very reason that a federal structure of governance supports regional aspirations…wat say!

  7. vivek says:

    Sorry forgot to say JAI TELANGANA…

    • Rana Pratap Singh says:

      Jai Nizam Telangana anali bai malla…Gajji Kukka Deshapathigadu cheppindu gitla ani Ganga Jamna Tehzeeb yedkoyindhi. The name Telangana is not your bapka jagir. It is the whole of Telugu region. Slowly as as your lord nizam kept selling parts of larger telangana, he had left with him what is now called Naizam.

      • AMRAO says:

        It is like the leaders of Pakistan saying their history was always different from that of India. Needless to say their history is the same as that of India until 1947.  

      • P. Rao says:

        "It [Telangana] is the whole of Telugu region. Slowly as as your lord nizam kept selling parts of larger telangana, he had left with him what is now called Naizam."

        Best description of the situation, short and easy to remember. Thank you Mr. Singh.

      • prabhakara rao says:

        To vivek:

        మా పూర్వికులను బానిసలుగా అమ్మి ఆ సొమ్ముతో మీ పూర్వీకుల కడుపు నింపాడు 

  8. Hari Busireddy says:

    Chakravarthy garu,

    You need to hold a press to answer this fellow. Jayashankar's own caste fellow.

    TRS Leader Dr Sravan Kumar Fires on APNGO's Sabha Part 01

    TRS Leader Dr Sravan Kumar Fires on APNGO's Sabha Part 02

    • vivek says:

      Hari anna,

      Nuvvu post chesina links tone ardham avtundi nuvvu endo nee jaatakam endo. castu ee tokkalo arguments teku idi neeku manchidi naaku manchidi kaadu. Sravan kumar okkade ee struggle ni represent chestale 


  9. Sujatha says:

    Chakravarthy, you kammas should at least get eye-opener with this. Doing the same mistake again and again. APNGO leader is Kamma, the youth leader that Devineni is Kamma, every one is of Kamma leadership in your sabhas. If you really want to win, invite excellent orators with good knowledge, rehearse just as the T people rehearse. They rehearse their speeches etc. Invite all caste people and not just one caste Grow-up at least now. People in T in every corner are getting ready for the Sakala Jana Bheri.

    M Vedakumar, State Vice President,TPF and Chairman, TRC @ TNGOs Sakala Jana Bheri@Nizamabad 23 9 13

    • P. Rao says:

      The gentleman speaking in that video (M. Vedkumar) was saying it was the conspiracy of Seema Andhra capitalists to invade Nizam Hyderabad state in 1948 and occupy it.

      • P. Rao says:

        "…the conspiracy of Seema Andhra capitalists to invade Nizam Hyderabad state in 1948 and occupy it."

        I have problem understanding the above sentence uttered by Mr. Vedkumar.  A little reflection would reveal the following:

        Seema Andhra capitalists:  The present Rayala Seema and Kosta were part of Madras state in 1948.  There were no capitalists to speak of in the area at that time.  In fact Andhra area was a hotbed of communism in 1948 and many Seema-Andhra communists  were fighting for the people of Telangana against the brutal regime of Nizam risking their lives.

        Conspiracy:  A contingency of Indian forces went from Bezwada (Vijayawada) to reach Nizam Hyderabad. So this becomes a conspiracy of Seemandhra capitalists? Can they influence the Indian Army to do the job?  Did Nehru and Patel take instructions from the non-existing Seemandhra capitalists?

        Invade:  The police action, called operation polo, is no invasion of a foreign country. It is a response to the violence perpretrated by the Razakars on innocent villagers in Naizam. Britain through Lord Mounbatten refused to grant separate independent status to Nizam Hyderabad state in 1947 when it granted independence to India and Pakistan.

        Occupy:  The police action is liberation of people from dictatorship to democracy and not occupation.  

        The so called Telangana intellectuals are good at propagating lies and brainwashing even some smart people.


        • vivek says:

          Mr. Rao,

          Very gud lecture on how Hyderabad was liberated and who took part in saayudha poratam. thank u for ur wonderful insight but. Talk about what happened from 1953 onwards thats the crux. ippudu last month jerige vishayale marchipotunru janalu meeru edo operation polo, adi idi ante evariki gurthu untadi. Naaku telsu migitha valla gurinchi naaku meeru ippudu ee time lo jarigina events gurinchi discuss cheste chala baguntadi


          • satya says:

            nuvvu korukkunadi neeku nachindi discuss cheyyataniki kaadu ikkada janalu undi. so don't dictate on what to discuss.

            • prabhakara rao says:


              wait for a little you and your fellows can inflict Baanchan Dora on Telanganas once again. There are enough people in Telangana who did not los salve mentality even after half a century.

              But do not practice here.


    • satya says:

      Sujatha garu, I saw the speech. Most part of it revolves around investors. I think he is of the opinion that the growth of investors is a defeat of dalits and BCs. In this separatist movement I am seeing there is a great influence of maoist ideology. The word 'pettubadi darudu (capitalist)" become a boothu. What is their fault? shouldn't they have any say? if Ordinary citizens who gain/loose nothing in division can have an opinion, why not these industrialists irrespective of any region, have thousands of crores at stake can not have any opinion?

      Ask the common public who are for the separation, are they willing to loose at least some one lakh rupees for the formation of telangana, no one will come forward. But they ask these industrialists to keep quiet when they have huge investments at stake. 


      • vivek says:

        aa Satya I can see u can bring in maoist ideology in everyting that dosen't suite u. I am sure u didn't even have to wait days for a proper meal so don't bring in an ideaology u cannot even fathom. The word Pettubadi daarulu is more than a boothu. If they adhere to the rules then no one has the right to ask them questions, but is that the case. Ask urself then respond!

        • satya says:

           I did not bring it. It is Sujatha who made the casteist allegations and the professor in the link who blamed capitalists for all the telangana problems.. that too capitalists belongs to a region and a caste. How narrow thinking he is..

          Maoist ideology is a failed one across the world.

          There are many causes that I am prepared to die for but no causes that I am prepared to kill for." – Mahatma Gandhi

    • satya says:

      >> APNGO leader is Kamma, the youth leader that Devineni is Kamma, every one is of Kamma leadership in your sabhas.

      None of this is true. That fellow Devineni is confine to VJA. He don't represent any JAC. By the way, Check your self the upper caste influence in telangana movement.

      PS: Since when Kammas was outcasted in the state?

    • prabhakara rao says:


      I am an ordinary person from Andhra. We can, from scratch, build or rebuild a state to our satisfaction.

      But we do not need crooked intellectuals who poison minds against fellow country men.

      ముందు తెలంగాణ వాదులు ఈ మానసిక రుగ్మత మాన్చే మందులు వేసుకోండి 
      రాయలసీమ ఆంధ్ర లో ఉన్న కుల వ్యవస్త మీకు ఎందుకు?
      అక్కడున్న వెనకబడ్డ వారిని మీరేమైనా ఆదుకుంటారా?

      ఉత్తరాంధ్రలో లక్షల మంది వెనుక బడ్డ వారు ఉన్నారు. 
      వారిని తీసుకొచ్చి తెలంగాణలో పెట్టుకుని అభివృద్ది చేసి ఆప్పుడు ఈ కథలు చెప్పండి 

      ఈ రోజున వేలమంది అటువంటి వారు హైదరాబాద్ మాది అనుకోని ఇక్కడికి వచ్చి ఏదో ఒక పని చేసుకు బతుకుతున్నరు. ఇప్పుడు మీరు వారినికుడా తరమాలని చూస్తున్నారు 

    • Vali Ahmad says:

      What are you proving from it? We know that our leaders have played with us in the name of Samaikyandhra. Do you and your Nizam Vadis find fault with the Seemandhra people or the Seemandhra politicians. Just answer this. If you also think that it is the politicians, then why should we people of the Seemandhra ask for division.

      Didnt Devendar Goud, KCR etc change parties? Didnt KCR at one time oppose GO 610. Didnt KCR at one time say that NTR is the only man in the Telugu land. Didnt KCR name his son by NTR's name (KTR accepted it in Open Heart of RK), then why are they against all this now. Didnt KT study in Guntur. Dont show us some video about a lawyer talking about a bunch of politicians who have sold us. Here in Seemandhra, the movt is peoples movt.

      According to the video that you posted, the seemandhra politicians sold the people of politicians. But there in Nizam, the people have sold themselves to their politicians. There is a difference you fool.

      • satya says:

        వీళ్ళ దృష్టి లో ఒక తెలంగాణ వాది సమైక్యవాది గా మారితే మోసం, కుట్ర. అదే సమైక్య వాది వేర్పాటువాది గా మారితే మాత్రం realization.

        KV Ranga reddy i& chenna reddy are Visalandhra vadulu in 1953. By 1956 they become telangana vaadulu.

        Chenna reddy again become a samaikya vaadi when he was a chief minister.

        Kaloji is a visalandhra vaadi 1956 but in 1969 he become telangana vaadi. He even contested against Jalagam Vengal Rao in 1972 elections and lost badly.

        KCR is a samaikyavaadi in 1996 but become a separatist in 2001.

        There is an endless list of leaders like this who did this flip flops from telangana. Yes. The leaders from andhra side played shameless power politics and raked up regional sentiments. but are they alone? a big NO. 

        • vivek says:

          thats his take whats wrong with that…!

          • satya says:

            I am not questioning an individual's stand. My question is, if telangana leaders have a liberty to change stand at their will, why not others?  If CBN, Jagan or Congress today change their stand to samaikyandhra why is it called as a 'deceit'?

            • vivek says:

              Show me One Telangana leader who has changed his stand as far as Telangana is concerned… We will make sure he dosen't even get the deposit in the next elections. If thats the case in SA  there won't be anyone contesting as well let alone loose their deposits

    • prabhakara rao says:

      ఇక్కడ ఆవేశపడ్డ నాయకుడు బానే ఉంటాడు. అయన ఎవరినైతే తిట్టిపోశాడో, వారు అ కులం వారుకూడా ఎక్కడో అక్కడ బానే ఉంటారు ఎటొచ్చి నష్ట పోయేది ఎవరంటే ఈ మహానుభావుడు ప్రాతినిధ్యం వహిస్తున్న బడుగు కులస్తులు. రేపు రాజధాని లేని రాష్ట్రంలో పరిశ్రమలు ఉండవు ఇతర ఉద్యోగాలు ఉండవు
      ఒక రెండు సంవత్సరాల తరువాత మా నారాయణ మూర్తి సినిమా తీసి అందులో పల్లె కన్నీరు పెడుతుందో… (తెలుగు అనువాదం) పాట పాడుతాడు.

  10. satya says:

    Rasamai Balakishan asks the 'seemandhra producers' to take him as a hero.. :D

    • vivek says:

      Em Sir Satya,


      Nuvvendo andhagadivi anukuntuunava, nee pic post cheyyi dan tarvatha janala reaction edo neeke telustadi, edo pedda sundarangudu anukuntunnava bevacoofh daddamma. Ikkada photo pedithe chalu mastu nee mokhanini evadu chustado neeke telustadi. a manishi edoanukunnadu taapendi Bali, manoj, charan,vishnu ee pagalganle heros aithe vaadu adige dantlo tappemundi

      • Syed Basheer says:

        Vivek, you post yours first and let us make a decision as to whether take you or Rasamai. But since Rasamai is SC, he has more reservation like us muslims. If you are Vivek Dora then sorry you will have to live with reservation vivaksha. Satya is not contesting for an actor or hero role.

        • vivek says:

          Syed siru,

          e silly topic neenu start cheyyale me Satya babe edo links post chesi aa visual lo unna valla gurinchi commente chesindu. daniki nenu relevant ga respond ayina. Malli cheptha e caste ane junglee topic, I am sorry am at loss of any other appropriate word discussion loki teku. Nuvvu neenu mundu manshulam tarvatha mana desham tarvatha mana rashtram anthe daniki minchi poye avsarm ledu. kulaam gurinchi matladaku adi neeke manchidi kaadu naaku manchidi kaadu… and BTW even post urs buddy neeku unna minority sentiment toh nuvve kotteyocchu first place…..Em kopmostunda anduke ikkada discuss chestunna vishayala ambit lone discuss cheyyandi. its a humble request

          • Syed Basheer says:

            "mana desham tarvatha mana rashtram" phir ey mana prantham kahan sey aya. Matham endhuku theeskarakudadhu. We believe in one god unlike you. We do not worship people, like you worship dhed KCR and dhed Jayashankar.

            • vivek says:

              Arrey Bhaiyya Syed oka prantham Rashtram kaavodda inni rojulu nidra potunnava.nuvvu neenu a devudini nammutamo adi ikkadi question kaadu. I can believe in any number of gods I like, u may believe in one god good for u, aa clarity undi santosham. inka KCR gurinchi annav vaadini ee stage ki tecchindi mee SA vaadule Telangana ante KCR annaru sare ani ikkadi janalu kooda vadini mundu pettinru antamatrana aa sir edo Telangana ki protector kaadu em kaadu. Prof Jayashankar gurinchi matladaku papam poyinru atleast aa respect ivvu bai adi kooda meme cheppala meeku…..

              [Comment edited]

              Note from Mods : Don’t take the liberty to address fellow bloggers with ‘ra’. Next time entire comment will be deleted.

              • Kiran says:


                Answer Syed question straight. he is asking why cant muslims demand a seperate state within telangana.

                • vivek says:

                  Kiran it lies in ur very arguement Bro don't bloddy ask me to answer questions to a gentleman who bloddy dosen't answer to my question… Mind it!

              • prabhakara rao says:

                ఓ బాబూ మీ కచరా ఒక పిట్టల దొర. ఆంధ్రా వారి మీద జోకులు వేసుకుని బతికేస్తుండేవాడు.
                ఏదో జోకరు లే అని ఎవరు పట్టించుకోలా
                2009 ఎన్నికలలో తెలంగాణ ప్రజలుకూడా ఈ జోకర్ను పక్కన పెట్టారు 
                ఈయన తన వ్యవసాయ క్షేత్రంలో దీర్గ కాల విశ్రాంతికి ఉపక్రమించారు 
                పాపం వీరి మేనల్లుడు ఆపరేషన్ ఆకర్షకు లోనై కాంగ్రెస్ లో దూకుదామని సిద్ధమయ్యాడు 
                ఇంతలో పాపం పెద్దాయన పుటుక్కు మన్నాడు 
                వారి సుపుత్రుడు అధిష్టానం కు కొరకరాని కొయ్య అయ్యాడు 

                అదిగో అప్పుడు కొత్త నాటకానికి జోకర్ అవసరం పడింది. ధిల్లీ పెద్దలకి. కొత్త డ్రామా మొదలు.
                ఇంకేం వీరు కొత్త కొత్త జోకులు కనిపెట్టడం మొదలు పెత్తరు. పెండ లాంటివి (ఎప్పుడు రుచి చూసాడో మరి)
                ఈయన ఉంటే తెలంగాణ ఉద్యోగులకు భలే వినోదం. 

                అంతా బానే ఉంది దొరవారి స్థాయి ఏమిటి ఇప్పుడు? 
                ఒక MP, ఒక MLA జంప్ జిలాని. వేధించి తెచ్చుకున్న గంప గోవర్ధన్ గాయబు, 3-4 మాజీలు కాంగ్రేస్సులో
                కాంగిరేసు వారు వీధి వీధి కి బోర్డులు పెత్తెసారు. తెలంగాణ మా అమ్మ వేసిన బిచ్చం అని. 
                ఆచార్యుల వారు కూడా కుండ బద్దలు కొట్టినట్టు చెప్పెసారు. ఈ క్రెడిట్ అంతా అమ్మకే అని. 
                సదరు దొరవారి కుమారుడు ఇది చూసి రోజూ కుతకుతలాడి పొతాడు. 
                రేపు నిజంగా విభజన జరిగితే ఈయన గారి పరిస్థితి ఏమిటి? 
                మళ్ళీ పిట్టల దొర


              • AMRAO says:

                Chakravarthy garu,

                This comment needs to be deleted. Thanks.

                • Jeeva says:

                  Nuvvu itla Commentlu Delete chesukuntu koorcho, memu Celebrations chesukuntu untamu.

                  Jai Bhadrachalam, Jai Telangana

                • prabhakara rao says:

                  నీకు తెలంగాణ వస్తుందన్న నమ్మకం ఉంటే వచ్చేదాకా వచ్చిన తరువాతకూడా పండగ చేసుకో 
                  ఇక్కడ ఎందుకు నస. టైపు చెయ్యాలని వెళ్ళు పీకుతున్నాయా? బూతులు రాసుకునే మీ బ్లాగులు ఉన్నాయి కదా!
                  అక్కడ ఎంత నీచంగా రాసిన ఎవరూ డిలీటు చెయ్యరు

                  ఒక ఉచిత సలహా! ఈ బ్లాగులో పేర్లు మార్చి అతి తెలివి చూపనవసరం లేదు 
                  ఇక్కడ విషయం చూసిన తరువాత మరీ అసభ్యంగా ఉంటేనే డిలీటు చెస్తారు. 

            • vivek says:


              Neenu categorical gaa cheptunna naaku  dhimaag clear ayindi, neenu oka paagal gaadini mundu, ippudu realize ayyina. ippudu naatoh matlaadu em edo pedda iddarni target cheste saripothadi anukuntunnava.. inka kashtapadali sir dilli…. sssrry Hyd abhi bahut door hain……

              Cheerio Syed JAI TELANGANA

      • satya says:

        lol at your frustration. You (hard core T separatists) become hyper tempered and on the verge of hospitalization. For people like you meaningful debate is not a right place. Shouting and belly dance on the streets is a better place for you.

        I don't mind any Rasamayi or pulusumayi becoming a hero. But when he is fighting against the so called seemandhra domination, begging them for a hero role shows the knuckle down attitude.  We andhra people don't bother about the regions. We watched great Kanta rao, we are watching Nitin, we enjoy Rajnikanth, we enjoy Babu Mohan too..

        PS: My 1st para is a retort to your personal abuse. If you want to continue in this forum, please be watchful at your comments.

        • vivek says:

          @ Satya

          I don't care if I continue in this forum, I am just giving u a hope that there is still there to salvage, and please don't me get started on this Tollywoood crap. they realized the truth way ahead of anybody else..

          Cheerio mate JAI TELANGANA

  11. vivek says:

    @ Vali Ahmed

    Vali bhai please ask the question to the the representatives of ur region and also urself the very same question u've raised and I hope u'll get an answer. we have have anaswered it and we are not obligated to repeat it again and again



  12. subhash says:

    Option 2 of SKC is best. Bifurcation of the state into Seemandhra and Telangana; with Hyderabad as a Union Territory and the two states developing their own capitals in due course:

    • vivek says:


      SKC is the single most devious commision that has ever been established and if you think otherwise then please read the full report and I ask u why should Hyderabad be made a UT.if thats the case then every major city in this country should have been made a UT . so don't just post remarks without any backing……I've amply answered why?

      • subhash says:

        Yes you are right every major capital with regional disparities should be made a Union Territory. Hyderabad comes into that league. Your suggestion is welcomed.

  13. vivek says:


    The day u can convince the central govt to take this step,we will be more than happy to agree for Hyderabad to be made a UT….! 

    • Ved says:



      Finally you hit one legitimate point. The day you convince central govt to make a policy that states be divided based on whoever ask for it, we are happy to divide the state.  Can we start with easy one – division of UP where the state assembly already requested division into four states? While dividing AP , can we make few more new states for Hyderabad, Rayalaseema, and Uttarandhra as well.


      • vivek says:

        mee madhyalo unna kada annai time padthadi….. UP gurinchi matladinav very good kaani adey flow la rayalseema,uttarandhra.. inka Hyderabad kooda annav. Hyderabad aithe tension pettukoku adi Telangana ki capital… migitha rendu pranthala gurinchi valla ishtam vallaki em kaavalo

  14. prabhakara rao says:

    ఈ తెలంగాణ విద్యాలయాలలో ఏమి చదువు చెప్తారో అర్ధం కావడంలేదు 
    దేశ రాష్ట్ర ఆర్దికమంత్రులు మా దగ్గర పెట్టుబడి పెట్టండి అని కనిపడిన ప్రతివారిని బతిమాలుతున్నారు 
    కాని ఈ తెలంగాణ విద్యార్ధులు పెట్టుబడి పెట్టడమే తప్పు అంటున్నారు 
    ప్రపంచంలో భూములు కేవలం దున్ను కోవడం కొసమెన?
    చదువుకున్న వాడికి ఉద్యోగం కావాలంటే దానికి ఒక కార్యాలయం అక్కరలేద?
    పంట భూములలో మంచే కింద కూర్చుని ఉద్యోగం చేస్తారా?


    • satya says:

      Prabhakar garu, I think there is a great socio economic history for such attitude. For years lakhs of people in telangana were deprived of cultivable land, a major reason for telangana peasant armed struggle. So land become very dear to them. But post annexation, the lands that were acquired thru armed struggle were returned to Doras. 

      Multiple land ceiling did not help them till the time of abolishing of Patel patwari system, and the beginning of naxalalbari movements. The dream of having some land passed from the forefathers to the present generation. or a one generation before. If you see, these are the groups;vocally oppose industrialization and many of them are maoist sympathisers. Unfortunately by the time they got possession of some land, country is shifting towards industrialization. They feel a sense of losing their lands again thus they oppose industries. And all the added irregularities in the land acquisition act coupled with crony capitalism worsen their fears.

      • Chandra says:

        Satya aptly analyzed in just 2 paragraphs. Just perfect.

        • prabhakara rao says:

          Satya & Chandra,

          I fully agree with the analysis.

          Still the situation reflects the stagnant ideology of Telangana intellectuals and students.

          Why they talk of only lands in Hyderabad, leaving the vast lands in rest of Telangana? 

          In 1992 I visited Banjara Hills for the first time. It took me almost an hour to find a company in Andhrajyothi colony. There were hardly any people to inquire the address. Even houses were very few say 5 to 6 spread over a kilometer.

          I did not see any cultivatioon activity at that time.

          While co-ordinating with HCU I used to go to Gatchi Bowli from Ameerpet via jubilee hills. It was a single road like the ones in grade B towns. Actually half of the stretch was mud road. I did not see any cultivation activity here either.

          I do not know status of Madhapur area before HiTech city came up. Was this area under cultivation?

          Shamshabad area was under cultivation. But how much of it was grabbed? Why these students did not oppose International Airport in agricultural land? Who benefited from the airport? 

          ఒకటో రెండో ఎకరాలు వ్యవసాయం చేసుకుంటూ గుడిసెల్లో ఉండే వారు ఎంత మంది రాత్రికి రాత్రి లక్షాధికారులు అయ్యారో అందరికి తెలుసు. 

          Do people know how many showrooms were setup in Shadnagar by car sellers? Even the premium segment cars were sold there. Kokapeta kanakam was not joke but truth.

          (on side note, the idiots from Krisha, Guntur and Godavari districts purchase premium cars in Hyderabad, register here and use in those areas)

          To my knowledge it was YSR regime that made land as a commodity. Everything happened with full knowledge of state cabinet where Telangana ministers also decision makers. Remember even TRS was part of this cabinet for a while. Majority of the media sort of ignored these except for a couple of anti-Congress media. These very ministers from Telangana attacked those media as biased. Parties like CPI/M also questioned these allotments. No one from Telangana supported them. 

          BTW, samething happened about Jalayagnam too. Ponnaala was on offensive w.r.t. Potireddypadu project. Even ridiculed Telangana TDP members opposing that.

          I am sorry to say that corruption and irregularities are pan-Indian and not specific to Telangana or AP. They are studying in universities. Having support from national level universities like JNU. Still their think was lost in Nizams time.

          ఆ భావజాలంలోంఛి బయట పడడానికి వీరికి ఇంకా రెండు మూడు తరాలు పడుతుంది. నిజానికి బయటపడడం వీరికి ఇష్టం లేదనిపిస్తోంది. 


          Emulating a successful person or society is natural to humans. Sometimes it goes to the extent of COPYING. There are rumors, rather jokes, about our former president. He by-hearted missile designs during his visit to NASA and started Indias missile development program. 

          Today entire world is desparate for so called growth and development. It is ready to compromise and learn from each other. Even some hard-core thiest nations are yielding to this.

          Whereas I get a strange feeling that our T brothers are still thinking and looking for survival without competition. Thousands of thier own people becoming experts in various fileds and even migrating across the globe. But people and thier leaders here are talking of agricultural lands in Hyderabad that is already a global city.


          • satya says:

            >> Do people know how many showrooms were setup in Shadnagar by car sellers? Even the premium segment cars were sold there. Kokapeta kanakam was not joke but truth.

            This is true. I personally witnessed. Oneday me and my friend going around the outskirt villages near tellapur, for a leisure drive. I was shocked to see Scorpios and Safaris parked before very small small houses too. This is around 2008. Good or bad, these guys earned lakhs (some..crores) of rupees by selling these barren lands.  Not sure how many of them properly utilized that money.

  15. prabhakara rao says:

    కొద్దిగా ఆలోచిస్తే విభజనకు ఒప్పుకుని రాజకీయ నాయకులు రాయలసీమ ఆంధ్ర ప్రజలకు మేలే చేస్తున్నారేమో అనిపిస్తోంది 

    కష్టపడి అన్న వండుకుని కంచంలో పెట్టుకుని తినే సమయానికి కంచం నాది భోజనం నాదే నువ్వు పస్తు పడుకో అని చెప్తున్నారు మన తెలంగాణ సొదరులు.

    రాజకీయ నాయకులకు ఇది స్వానుభవం అనుకుంటా 
    అన్నీ ముఖ్య పదవులూ ఇచ్చినా, ముఖ్యమంత్రి ఇవ్వలేదు అని ఏడుపులు గొడవలు

    విభజన జరిగి హైదరాబాదు కూడా పొతే ఒకటి రెండు తరాలు నష్ట పోతాయి 
    కాని ఇంకా కలిసుండి ఆ రెండు ప్రాంతాలు ఇంకా నష్టపోయిన  తరువాత కూడా విభాజన అడగరని నమ్మకం లేదు 

    1972 ఒప్పందాల సమయంలో అన్ని ప్రాంతాల వారి హక్కుల గురించి ఆలోచించారు గాని భాద్యతలు ఏమిటో చెప్పలేదు 
    ఇప్పుడు మన తెలంగాణ సోదరులు వారి హక్కులు మాత్రమె మాట్లాడుతున్నారు 

    సమైక్యవాదులు మరోసారి ఈ తప్పు చేయకూడదు 
    ఈ దేశంలోనే ఎన్నో ప్రాంతాలు వెనుకపడి ఉన్నాయి 
    కష్టపడలేక పొతే రాయలసీమ ఆంధ్ర మరొక రెండు వెనుకపడిన ప్రాంతాలు అవుతాయి 
    కష్టపడి పని చేసి పస్తులు ఉండే కన్నా మంచి నీళ్ళు తాగి పడుకోవడం మేలు 

    • AMRAO says:

      Prabhakara Rao garu,

      I too thought on the same lines for a short time but then I realized there are many deficiencies in our thinking.

      1. Telugu as a unifiying language – Once the theory of Telugu as the basis of an united state is set aside, the state will have to be divided into 3 states, at the least. I have said this many times. People of Rayala Seema have always saw themselves as different from Coastal people. There is no point in starting a similar movement after 10,20 or 30 years down the lane. DO NOT TAKE THE CURRENT SILENCE AS AN OK FROM SEEMA PEOPLE. THE MOMENT DIVISION IS CONFIRMED, THEY WILL RAISE THEIR VOICES.

      I do not have to explain the problems associated with division.

      2. Central govt. has committed to so many social programs that they can only run the govt in deficit. Interest rates are high for the private players. The boom that we saw in the last 10 years has stagnated. Inflation will remain high. Spending is coming down. The only saving grace is IT.

      With this being the scenario, any promise from central govt. can be treated as a mirage.

      3. Capitals can not be built in 10 years. Some of the news items I have put on this blog indicate that it takes 30+ years to build a capital which can accomodate 6 lakhs of people.

      The new land acquistion bill makes land acquisition extremely difficult and expensive. Who is going to fund this?

      4. What are the sources of revenue in Seema and Andhra areas, going forward?  As I said,the sources of revenue to the govt. comes from spending – housing, automobiles, restaurents, services, excise, etc… With few high paying jobs like IT and Pharma, what kind of taxes can the Seema and Andhra govts collect?

      5. Central govt. is moving away from creating PSUs. They are trying to get out of the existing PSUs. Given this,what kind of Central institutions can you expect in Seema and Andhra areas? The only thing I can think of are Income Tax offices in the new capitals.

      Previously, Central govt. used to invest in education, training, health institutes, etc…Now , they only want to invest in programs that get them publicity like MNREGA, Rajiv Sadak,etc… The funding to universities, health institutes is coming down.

      6. If Seema Andhra people can be driven out from their own capital, what stops Karnataka people from driving Seeme Andhra people from Bangalore? We all know what happenned in Chennai. The Telugu people in Chennai stopped believing themselves as Telugus and started behaving like Tamils.

      You do not see any sign board in front of their shop in Telugu even though the owner is a Telugu person.


      The list goes on and on.


      • P. Rao says:

        The body polity of a well functioning state is being meddled with. It is going to be expensive to begin with.  The results are anybody's guess.  Folk wisdom says, do not try to fix (repair) anything that is not broken.

  16. Vineel says:

    Our power. Wait and see. Happy New Year 2014 in Separate Telangana

    Janani Song on Sakala Jana Beri Sabha – V6 Telangana Song

    • Sanjay says:

      Chiranjeevi movie 100 days function ki vachinanta crowd leru, telangana nadi bodduna pettina sabha lo :D

      • Vineel says:

        See this and Save Your Ass (100 times the people for Save Apes Sambha)

        No more communal riots in separate Telangana – Hamid Mohammed Khan – Tv9

        • AMRAO says:

          There were just 1 lakh people at the Save AP sabha.

          Sakala Jana Bheri Sabha – 100 times x 1 lakh = 1 crore people.


          Yes. No more communal riots. Only Razaakars.

        • prabhakara rao says:

          ఎంత మంది? లక్ష? రెండు? మూడు? నాలుగు? 
          పదమూడు ఏళ్ళ  ఉద్యమం చేసి రాజకీయ పార్టీలు నూట ముప్పై సంఘాలు పది జిల్లాల నుంచి కలిసి పోగేసేన స క ల జ ను లు!
          ఒక్క హైదరాబాదులో SETTLE  అయ్యిన తెలంగాణ వారిలో పదవ వంతు లెదు. 


          • vivek says:

            EE Estimation neeku evaru icchinru census dept lo pani chestunnara, meeku correct ga samadhanam 2014 elections lo telustadi as far as Hyd is concerned. kaun kitne paani main hain….

            • prabhakara rao says:

              2014 ఇంక మూడు నెలలు ఉంది. మనం ఇప్పటి సంగతి ఏడుద్దాము!

              2009 లో 3 కోట్లు ఉన్న తెలంగాణ జన సంఖ్య 2011 కి 4 కోట్లు 2012 కి 4.5 కోట్లు అయ్యారు
              అదే తెలంగాణ వాదుల లెక్కలలో 
              అప్పుడు లెక్కలు ఎవరు కట్టారు? లేకపోతె ఓవర్ టైము పని చేసారా?

      • Vineel says:

        Bhayapadandi ra, idhi choosi bhayapadandi raa meeku emi migaladhu mee Samaikyandhra natakamu apakapothey.

        Janani Song on Sakala Jana Beri Sabha – V6 Telangana Song

        • vvk says:

           You guys are living in a fools'paradise, thinking that Telangana will be no less than Heaven if it is separated. You think KaChaRa and gang will do miracles overnight to make impossible things possible.

          విడిపోతే మీకందరికీ కచరా గాళ్ళు ఇచ్చేది చిప్పే . అందుకైన మేము భయపడాలిసిందే !!!! 


          • vivek says:


            Nee sangathi nuvvu chusuko meemu evarini ela deal cheyyalo ippadike chupinchinam adi mee scientistlu inka decode chestunru wish them the best mate 

            cheerio JAI TELANGANA

      • vivek says:

        aa Sir gurinchi enduku ley Sanjay. Nuvvu join avvalsindi matho a sabhalo telustunde endi ento…..

  17. prabhakara rao says:

    I feel the present situation in AP is retribution to sins of its people*. 

    In last decade seeds of brazen corruption were sown in this state that has spread to entire nation today. 

    బిచ్చ గాళ్ళలా  ఇందిరమ్మ ఇల్లు, పావలా వడ్డీ, ఆరోగ్య శ్రీ, MNRGEA, వగైరా వగైరా తీసుకుని అవినీతిని బాహాటంగా సమర్ధించారు. 
    రేపు విభజన తరువాత ఒక్క పథకం కూడా ఉండదు అప్పుడు నిజంగా బిచ్చగాళ్ళు అవుతారు. ఈ అవినీతి రాజకీయనాయకులు ఒక్క పైసా కూడా విదల్చరు


    *This includes T-vaadis dreaming a great future while the reality will be harsher.

  18. prabhakara rao says:

    T-vaadis repeatedly blamed AP governemnt for not celebrating 17th September officially. Natually the మేధావి followers of KaChaRaa raked up the same every where.

    Read todays The Hindu 5th page of Hyderabad edition. 

    Note to T-vaadis bloggers. Read before jumping on me. These statements are by participants of 1969 movements. 

  19. GK says:

    The more this is dragged…the darker the chapter of separation will get into history…

    • prabhakara rao says:

      On contrary it is good for future generation. The history will record all crooked intellectuals who worked with divisive forces for petty gains. Also illogical minds like that of Mr. Potturi.

      Even more the future generation will be proud of freedom of speech in Rayalseema Andhra socities unlike elsewhere in Andhra Pradesh.

      • GK says:

        T people are fighting for their liberty and empowerment…look at all the court cases filed against T people to show whos freedom was being curtailed…

  20. prabhakara rao says:

    AMRAO Garu,

    నిజమే! మీరు చెప్పినవన్నీ  సమస్యలే! తీర్చలేనివే!

    కాని కొత్తగా వచ్చినివి కాదు. నా ఉద్దేశ్యంలో మీరు నేను ఇంతకు ముందు చూశాము
    మట్టి రోడ్లు, మురుగు కాలవలు, రోజుకు పది గంటలుకూడా కరెంటు లేని పరిస్థితి, ఉద్యోగాలు లేక గాలికి తిరిగేవాళ్ళు వగైరా వగైరా 
    1977 లో వచ్చిన దివిసీమ తూఫాన్, 2001 లో వచ్చిన కోనసీమ వరదలు, ఈ మధ్య ఉత్తరాఖండ్ లో వచ్చిన వరదలు మించిన ఉపద్రవం ఏమి కాదు 
    అందులో నష్ట పోయినవారు రోదించారు, కోపం ఎక్కువ ఐతే దేవుడ్ని నిందించారు 
    మళ్ళీ కష్టం చేసారు ఫలితం దక్కితే ఆనందించారు. రాకపోతే తిరిగి కష్టం చేసారు 
    (ఐతే ఈ దశాబ్దంలో సాధికారిక బిచ్చ గాల్లుగా మారారు లెండి)

    కాని ఈ కొత్త యుగంలో ప్రజాస్వామ్య వ్యవస్తలో కష్టం చేసి, ఫలితం వెరే వాడు లాక్కుంటే ఏమి చేయలేని  స్థితి. 
    మళ్ళీ  మళ్ళీ  అదే తప్పు చేయడం సబబా? 

    ఇంక ముఖ్యమైనది ఏమిటంటే 
    ప్రపంచంలో కొన్ని సమాజాలు అప్పుడప్పుడూ పరిస్థితుల ప్రభావాన తమ అస్తిత్వాన్ని దాచి పెడతాయి కాని మర్చి పోవు 
    కొంత మంది పుట్టుకతో వచ్చిన అస్తిత్వాన్నిపెద్దగా విలువ ఇవ్వరు కాని ఇతరుల మీద రుద్దరు. 

    విచిత్రంగా మన  తెలంగాణ సోదరులు తమకు తాము ఒక కొత్త అస్తిత్వం నిర్వచించు కుంటునారు. 
    మాది తెలంగాణ జాతి మాత్రమె, తెల్గు జాతి కాదు ఆంధ్ర జాతి కాదు. 
    దీనికి చారిత్రిక ప్రమాణం ఏమిటి? నిజాం పరిపాలనా కాలం. 
    అంతకు ముందు? మాకు అవసరం లేదు మాది తెలంగాణ జాతి మాత్రమె, తెల్గు జాతి కాదు ఆంధ్ర జాతి కాదు
    సమ్మక్క సారలమ్మ మాకు దెవతలు. మరి కాకతీయులు? మాకు అవసరం లేదు మాది తెలంగాణ జాతి మాత్రమె, తెల్గు జాతి కాదు ఆంధ్ర జాతి కాదు
    సురవరం ప్రతాప రెడ్డి, నిజామ్ ఆంధ్ర మహా సభ? మాకు అవసరం లేదు మాది తెలంగాణ జాతి మాత్రమె, తెల్గు జాతి కాదు ఆంధ్ర జాతి కాదు

    ఇంకా విచిత్రం ఏమిటంటే తెలంగాణ విశ్వవిద్యాలయాలలో, మామూలు స్కూళ్ళు కళాశాలు కాదు, చరిత్రకారులు కూడా ఇదే నిజం అంటున్నారు 
    వారు చెప్పింది నిజమే ఐతే తెలుగు జాతి ఐక్యత అనే మాటకు అర్ధంలేదు 
    నిజం కాకున్నకూడా తెలుగు జాతి ఐక్యత కు అర్ధం లెదు. 
    దేశానికి నాయకుల అవసరం ఉంది నాయకులకు హద్దులు ఉంటాయి దేశానికి సరిహద్దులు ఉంటాయి.

    కాని జాతికి  మేధావులు, మార్గదర్శకులు అవసరం. వారికి భౌగోళిక   హద్దులు ఉండవు. జాతి హద్దులు మాత్రమె ఉంటాయి
    కాని ఇక్కడ తెలంగాణలో మేధావులు కొత్త జాతిని సృష్టించి దానిని ఒక ప్రాంతానికి పరిమితం చెసారు. 
    అయినా వారు మనకి సొదరులె. భారతీయ సోదరులు తెలుగు సోదరులు మాత్రం కాదు. 
    మనం ఇక్కడే హైదరాబాదులో ఉంటాము కాని భారతీయుడిగా తెలుగు వాడిగా. కొత్తగా సృస్టించిన  జాతిలో కి మారనవసరం లెదు. 

    మిగిలిన రెండు ప్రాంతాలు కూడా విడిపోయినా పర్వాలేదు. వారి లో మేము ఒకటే జాతి అనే  భావం ఉంది అని నాకు గట్టి నమ్మకం  
    నేను తెలుగు వాడిని కాదు అనే మేధావిని పట్టుకుని వేళ్ళాడడం అవసరం లేదు. 
    అటువంటి వారి వల్ల జాతికి లాభం లేకపోగా ఏదో ఒక రూపంలో నష్టమే 

    నా ఉద్దేశ్యంలో ప్రస్తుత సంక్షోభం తెలుగు జాతికి ఒక వరమే కాదు అవకాశం కూడా. 
    జన సంఖ్యలో జాతి చిన్నది ఐనా అభిమానంలో చిన్నబోదు 
    స్వచ్చమైన తెలుగు సాహిత్యం కళలు పునరుద్ధరిమ్చుకునే గొప్ప అవకాసం 

    • AMRAO says:

      Prabhakara Rao garu,

      You have to realize that the Indian society is being divided day in and day out by the leaders in the name of religion, caste, sub caste and now regions. Only division and identity politics get them votes. This way they do not have to provide solutions to any problems and get away with their illegal, corrupt ways and still win elections. Luckily for BC, SC and ST leaders, their caste is the best weapon for them. Mayawati will continue to win elections. Mulayam will continue to win elections. Just on the basis of caste.

      What can the upper caste leaders do? Since they can not use caste, religion and region are best sources.

      I want to give you an example. I do not want to insult any one here but just want to highlight some thing.

      I saw some posters near RTC crossroads a few days ago. The poster was from Chaakali Aikya Poraata Samiti. The Poster displayed Chaakali Ailamma photo.  In the middle of the poster, a large photo of the would be messiah of chaakali caste was displayed.  The poster talked about Atma Gauravam. Then, it said Chaakali caste must be treated as SCs and be given reservations.

      I was shocked at this demand. Another well tried - divide and rule – trick based on caste.


      This division is similar. If this division succeeds, this is going to become another tried and trusted trick for every one else.

      It is sad that the first state formed based on language is the first to be divided.

      Actually, this has to be fought not just by Telugus but all patriotic Indians. Alas. Just like every thing else, we Indians will only respond when it hits us. Until then, it is not our problem.

      • prabhakara rao says:

        Exactly sir!

        It is not politicians but we, the common people, responsible for this.

        I wanted to vent out my frustration here. But it is waste of cyber space.

        I will try it short.

        As a country we moved from community to joint family to micro family to single parent. And now we have latest slogan HAPPILY UNMARRIED.

        We demand our RIGHTS. We want to enjoy our rights. There is no meaning to the phrase common interest anymore. Human rights at the expense of the national interest. We demand perfect justice by pitting nations investigating agencies against each other.

        We watch mutely, actually admire, while our own practice are projected as archiac, uncivilized, discriminatory blah blah.

        We want to speak only English because only that makes us look civilized.

        (We actually continue to carry the sense of uncivilized everywhere)

        For us democracy means making illogical demands and get it done too.

        While we are busy rather lost in social churning, political establishment destroyed every democratic institution. We turned blind and deaf. We are confident it will not hurt us.

        We are afraid of one single person and back every undemocratic act of center for a decade.

        Now it hurt us. Soon it will hurt the nation too. There is no getting away. We are already past the time for that one single stitch.

      • GK says:

        The main idea was to have one main language in state to facilitate better administration because of illiterary….Our SA people are trumpetting that only one state for one language.

    • prabhakara rao says:

      భద్రాచలం మాకే కావాలి. మంచిదే! రాములవారి ఆలయం ఆశీస్సులు కోరుకుంటున్నారు 
      అక్కడితో ఆపొచ్చు కదా ! చారిత్రిక ఆధారాలతో వాదనలు. మా తానీషా కాలంలో కట్టారు అని?
      మరి అదే తానీషా రాజ్యం ఎంతవరుకు విస్తరిమ్చిమ్దో తెలుసా?
      మాకు అవసరం లేదు మాది తెలంగాణ జాతి మాత్రమె, తెల్గు జాతి కాదు ఆంధ్ర జాతి కాదు

    • Ved says:

      Actually, had somebody asked him whether they are going to include Vizag, Vijayawada, and Tirupati also in the new Telangana, he would have said 'yes'. Either he is a joker or thinking to keep the state together and trying to be tecnhically correct.

  21. prabhakara rao says:

    Dammodara Rajanarasimha the latest Gurivinda Gimja.

    He and all other T ministers took oath for Andhra Pradesh consisting of 23 districts.

    They talk for Ten districts only. Do not hesitate to belittle remaining 13 districts.

    They find CM talking for unity objectionable. 

    As on today thier stand is clar, they work for ten districts only and bound discriminate remaining 13 districts. They must resign ASAP and wait until Telangana formation.

  22. prabhakara rao says:

    KCR is true medhavi.

    He lashes out at Kiran Kumar reddy for defying adhistaanam. Let us not mistake KCR talking about Congress Adhistaanam.

    But he conveniently ignores same Adhistaanam and Adhinetri in sa ka la ja nu la bheri.

    Whose adhistaanam is this and who should obey adhinetri?

    He also conveniently forgets those ditched him and joined congress. 


    I am still waiting for FEET WASHING HEAD SPRINKLING cermony.

  23. prabhakara rao says:

    VH the true bantu is seeing conspiracy by Ashok Babu. He can suggest to his mataaji to use CBI against all those in smaikya movement. Which the great art mastered by congress over last decade.

  24. GK says:

    The main idea was to have one main language in state to facilitate better administration because of illiterary….Our SA people are trumpetting that only one state for one language…. Note this point your honour!

    • AMRAO says:


      I think you have spent enough time on this site to know that all of us are aware of what happenned before and after 1956.

      You may try your best to twist the facts but the facts can not be changed.

      As Sri Dasarathi Rangacharya said, the demand for a Visalandhra was stronger in Telangana areas. The majority of the people agreed for the merger in 1956. With out the support of the majority, the merger would have been impossible.

      All the accusations about the Parliament and Nehru being influenced by Andhra leaders to merge the states is a big fat lie.

      In a democracy, no decision will get a 100% approval. Some people opposed the merger and their concerns were considered. The Gentlemen-s agreement, which was informal, was a result of that.   

      The bottom line is that the merger in 1956 was based on the wishes of the majority of the people as they felt historically they are the same set of people but divided by the Nizam and British.

      Nothing to do with better administration.

    • prabhakara rao says:


      AMRao was right! But it was based on wrong understanding of our ancestors. Telugu leaders in 1950s were fooled by Telangana leaders. They fell for we all are Telugu

      Now Telangana intelletuals established true identity of Telangana people. Which is not Telugu, not Andhra but Telangana.

       మాది తెలంగాణ జాతి మాత్రమె, తెల్గు జాతి కాదు ఆంధ్ర జాతి కాదు

      This will be sufficient reason for center to go ahead with division.

      Along with bifurcation demand center to list Telangana as a new language under 8th schedule of constitution. The will end the relation for ever.

  25. prabhakara rao says:


    Here is the party leader in assembly who cannot understand what is a party decision and what is a parliamentary decision. 

  26. Chandra says:





    prabhakara rao says:

    September 30, 2013 at 4:05 am"Still the situation reflects the stagnant ideology of Telangana intellectuals and students."

    They were all waste lands until early 90's. If the investors or experimentors had not tried something on those lands, they would have remained waste until now. Hyd would have been worse than Lucknow. I hate to say but, as somebody rightly said, " T people know how to fight but not know how to build".

  27. prabhakara rao says:

    Our old gang is doing more damage than T-vaadis.

    Mr. Pottoori – during his career did he ever wrote an editorial in favor of Telangana? వృద్ధ నారి పతివ్రతః Now he says T-demand legitimate. Even that is fine. Any elder will tell people not fight. But this intellectual says people are divided already.

    Mr. Tripuraneni Hanuman Chowdary – retired as a secratary. Witnessed growth of Hyderabad as capital for everything. But says new capital can be built easily. It seems dealt with only sand and cement through out his career. Concretely struck in concrete structures.

    Mr. I Venkat Rao – scared of KCR. Desparate to hold on to Hyderabad. Gade Venkat reddy had very decent and logical debate. Even then makes senseless comments. Is it possible to continue united state. People are divided. Then why this bugger does not leave Hyderabad ASAP?

  28. GK says:

    watch this please as it is from a researcher from outside…

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