TV5 Pravasandhra

I was on TV5 recently on their Pravasandhra program. Looks like they had some behind the screens chaos. In the first half hour there were no calls. In the next half hour there were all hostile calls. To me it appeared like a set up. I guess one shouldn't be surprised with the TV studios modus operandi at this point. Anchor was not interviewing me but was debating me. Oh well! It wasn't my best day either. Went ill prepared.

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  1. venkat says:

    I have seen this. I think at a point your answer should have been more lucid on the topic of all parties supporting the T issue. The way I see it is.
    Its a matter of conviction or strong desire. The fact that TRS and lets add BJP to it cannot get all the votes means that the conviction or desire is not that strong or in an other way translated means that Telangana is not the No. 1 Primary important issue in the voters list of things. So if this is the case then Telangana can be called a "desire" or "good if it comes" but people are definitely not making it a priority No. 1. And among these we do not know who really dont want telangana. In fact the problem is as much as the votes for TDP and Congresss and YSRCP can be seen as pro-telangana they also can be seen as anti-telangana depending on the lens one sees it. The truth really is that it is a apathetic vote vis-a-vis telangana where telangana is a non issue.
    This is the only thing I thought should have come out well. But yes I agree that the show did seem totally engineered and at times looked like the anchor or channel was taking a pro-telangana stand (I say channel because I see their other programs and it does look like TV5 is a scaredy cat channel and I have seen the anchors cowering under pressure). Sorry but yet the truth is such.
    But on all other points I think it was wonderful. I specially liked the TV9 one which was more balanced from the viewers/questions point of view.

  2. Chakravarthy says:

    Point well taken.

  3. AMRAO says:

    Once again, I appreciate your hardwork! Many in the US may not know, but the fact is once you released your book, the Dopidi theory of TRS and other Telangana proponents took a back seat and self rule the front seat.
    One point that most people seem to ignore or oblivious to the fact is the imbalance in the new age jobs. What I mean is, 95% or more of the high paying jobs in IT, ITES and Pharma are located in and around Hyderabad. Barring less than 5000 jobs in Vizag, rest of all the IT and ITES jobs are located in and around Hyderabad. These jobs and other indirect jobs supported by these jobs are significant contributors of tax revenues to the state government. 
    If the state is to be divided, with few industries, zero taxes on agriculture incomes,  the newly formed Seemandhra state (assuming one but not two) will struggle to raise tax revenues.

  4. @Chakravarthy:
    To my knowledge, TV5 is as much anti-Telangana as all other Andhra channels. Perhaps this lone anchor is different.
    You could have found this out by viewing other programs involving other anti-Telangana activists. Perhaps you should have done some homework before accepting the invitation.

  5. Chakravarthy says:

    I don't think the anchor was as such pro-division. He was playing to the gallery, just like every other "Andhra" channel does. I don't have much respect for these channels and their journalistic standards. I accepted their invitation to get my message out. You want me to sit and watch their programs as homework? Just shoot me instead. I can't do it!  :-)

  6. Kodali Santhu says:

    Dear Mr nalamotu Chakravarthy garu,
    I watched the Youtube video of TV5.
    Fankly speaking you were perfect during that TV Program, and there are no moments for you to regret of either the show or your response.
    It is true that the Anchor tried to interrogate you, but he was not successful to prove you wrong, because you were talking truth. The Anchor at the end seems to be convinced with your explanation.
    There may be a feeling among Telangana People for a separate state today, after many years of falsehood propaganda, which shall not be considered today, because it is provoked by falsehood narration.
    There are many examples and citations since the days of puranas, where people will be easily convinced, if they were told that partiality is done to them.
    It may be the case of an individual, a caste, a religion, or a region if it is told that partiality is done to them they will beleive. So at present the feeling of the Telangana people was pravoked, so shall not be considered. 

  7. sudheer says:

    I watched this program for sometime and I always thought anchor is  bit pro-seperatist , I dont know it always looks like only people from only one region calling and making offensive comments and anchor seems to enjoy everything and acts as if he doesnt like the comments at all.I believe all this news channels should take responsibility for the situation in Andhra pradesh!! Whether Andhra pradesh divided or by God's Grace stay united next time who ever forms the government should look into this and cut down news channels for better AndhraPradesh!!

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