Telugodu by Maestro Ghazal Srinivas & Sirasri

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Please watch the very first video presentation of Visalandhra Mahasabha.

As I watched the video, I got goosebumps and I had to fight back tears. The only time this has happened to me in the past was when Ghazal garu sang his famous patriotic telugu song "Oyi Teluguvada" in New Jersey. That audio is also on youtube, but nothing like listening to him singing live.

Ghazal garu, we need your artistic voice by our side in our fight against separatism.

Please watch:

Save Andhra Pradesh!


Nalamotu Chakravarthy

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71 Responses to “Telugodu by Maestro Ghazal Srinivas & Sirasri”

  1. Sunil says:

    Thanks for the video. Very heart touching and an eye opener to the T vadis that the movement they are doing is not on the right path. Save Andhra Pradesh from the TRS goons and the lies of T gang.

  2. Kiran says:

    I wonder with what face BJP whose workers were involved in rampage will come seeking for votes among Telugu people. One can understand what motives the maoists – but what motives these r_ascal rambhakths ? I beleive that party has nothing positive for telugu people.

  3. Kiran says:

    End of mainstream telangana "movement" ?
    Guys, I believe the mainstream (that is political) telangana movement is about to end. The revealing of chapter 8 through misdirected sneakiness of Justice Narasimha Reddy was in all likelihood the last straw. The pro telangana posters may pretend that chapter 8 gave them another greivance to exploit for the "movement" but it is actually a huge hit on their egos. ANyone who followed this whole charade of t movement will know that their whole belief of success was based around the assumption that the Delhi "doras" were always in favour of Telangana it is just the lungi clad idli eating kostha telugu people who are obstructing.
    They built up this whole narrative of Nehru supporting telangana , fazal ali supporting telangana ..every one and their aunt apart from Seemandhra "fellows" supporting telangana. THe telugu media's fawning atitude to KCR and the act of CHidambaram on dec  9 added to the conviction of these doras. Even when Sri Krishna gave the report KCR welcolmed it claiming it supported telangana. It was necessary for him to show his people that center is still behind them. But the  humiliation KCR faced in the parliament from both the govt. and the BJP while trying to create a hungama and the cross  voting of MLA's has vastlly reduced the strenght of this conviction. CHapter 8 must have destroyed it. KCR did not react to it. He was perhaps stunned.
    Ofcourse this applies to "mainstream" part of the movement. CHapter 8 was a gift to the maoist part of  it as this strenghtes their arguement that indian state cannot be trusted with people issues. THe support telangana because anything that weakens the state apparatus is a victory to him with the destruction of indian state being their ultimate aim.

    • Krishna A says:

      I asked once before and mentioned in this same blog..that Telangana population would be around 3.5 cr and not 4 cr. or 4.5 cr as exaggerated by seperatists. I showed these figures much before the censes figeres were out.
      What is your take on the seperatists lies and exaggerations even on basic information, dear UT

      • Air says:

        ee dustaa andhra vallu dabblu petti koneesi, maammalni anaga dokki maa 4.5 kotla telangana vallani 3.5 kotle ani telcharu. 4.5 c meedha neeku doubt unte inti intiki tirigi lekka vesuko.  if want to learn how to calculate watch this video

      • Udyama Telangana says:

        Well Krishna, Before I could comment upon the lie you are talking about, could I take the liberty of asking you when the famous slogan of " aru Kotla Andhrulu"  by our Ex-Chief minister N.T.R was started?
        DO you beleive that when this dailogue was delivered for the first time, the Population was really 6 crores?

    • Gan says:

      Sir Udhyama Telengana,
                                                I am from Hyderabad. I was born and raised there. Now I am a citizen of the United States and Canada and so is my family. My mom's father and grand father educated in England to be doctors and practised in Hyderabad. My dad's forefathers were from the French territory of Pondicherry who came and settled in Hyderabad. My wife's forefathers both worked for Nizam Mehboob Ali Khan and received jagirs from him and also from Mir Osman Ali khan. I narrated the family pedigree to establish my Hyderabadi credentials.
      If you look at the history, there was a Hyderabad state and an Andhra state. These two states merged to become Andhra Pradesh with Hyderabad as capital city. So technically and non technically, the Nizam Telangana region was part of Hyderabad state.
      I am not here to judge whether or not Telangana suffered injustices or not. Without any hesitation, I can say we Hyderabadis did not suffer any injustices. We always had bad roads but we had some good facilities for sure. Just like US and Canada, Hyderabad prospered because of immigration and several people contributed to the diversity, vibrancy, beauty, productivity and to the spirit of city in general.
      Culturally, we are different from the peoples of costal Andhra, Telangana and Rayala seema. What we sing, what we celebrate, what we eat, how we behave and even the dialect that we speak is uniquely and most sweetly Hyderabadi. Is it wrong for Hyderabadis to ask for a separate state? In our greatest tradition we will welcome every one and we will erect statues of all great souls based on their contributions to the mankind and we will celebrate life without any hatred or prejudice. Please do not, I beg one and all, please do not desecrate my birth place with narrow mindedness, sycophancy and silly political motives.
      Let Telanganites take their state, let coastal Andhra people take their state, let every body who wants a state, take their state but leave Hyderabad to us and to all those who want to make it their home and who want to treat it with the same sanctity and love as they would treat their home. Let Hyderabad be as great a city as New York or Toronto or Boston or Vancouver where people from all over the world come to make home and make it so rich that new horizons open up every day.
      Please don’t destroy my lovely birth place.

  4. Hyderabadi says:

    "Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children."  -  Ancient (American) Indian Proverb.
    If you destroy the glorious heritage, what will your children have ? will they not be pigmies among communities with their own glorious heritage ?  Krishnadeva raya looted T after the AP state formation ? WOW !!! 
    While I believe in an individual working hard to make his own destiny.  The negative baggage of past should be discarded. So must be brooding over past.  But destroying the glorious heritage AND defending the cultural rape as "justice/ natural act" ?  These retarded lunatics surely deserve to be shipped to Afghanistan to be in the company of Taliban (of the Bamiyan Buddha fame). 
    Though I'm not drawing religion into the debate here, I can see parallels in V.S.Naipaul's comments on Islam:
    ."It has had a calamitous effect on converted peoples. To be converted you have to destroy your past, destroy your history. You have to stamp on it, you have to say 'my ancestral culture does not exist, it doesn't matter'."
    Sir Vidia claimed what he called "this abolition of the self demanded by Muslims was worse than the similar colonial abolition of identity. It is much, much worse in fact… You cannot just say you came out of nothing."
    He argued that Pakistan was the living proof of the damage Islam could wreak.
    "The story of Pakistan is a terror story actually. It started with a poet who thought that Muslims were so highly evolved that they should have a special place in India for themselves.
    T vaadis disown and destroy THEIR heritage (most of it anyways….while retaining only that little part which has linkage to T-land).  
    So called poets and intellectuals dreamt  and played up the "differences" and "greatness" of Telanganites.
    Pakistan's state of affairs is foreboding for societies built on hate.

    • Udyama Telangana says:

      @ Hyderabadi, Thanks for the Quotes: "Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children."  -  Ancient (American) Indian Proverb.
      It would be more appropriate to pose this Question to Gurukul Trust Land grabbers, SEZ Land looters, Obullapuram Mine robbers, WAQF Land scammers, EMaar Blood Suckers and so on. These are only the tip on the iceberg. I would not go into details of it as it is a different aspect altogether for me. Surely, I had been and would be pissed of seeing these type of frauds happening in the society.
      The rest of the part of your analysis gives me a clear picture of the heritage you(Yours) are talking about and would hate to comment on it. Even you would be frustrated reading your own analysis more than twice. The comparisions you draw should would never help you to justify  your so called "Samaikyavaadam".

      • Hyderabadi says:

        Gurukul Trust Land grabbers, SEZ Land looters, Obullapuram Mine robbers, WAQF Land scammers, EMaar Blood Suckers
        >> Howz this Andhra vs Telangana ?  Are you not confusing issues here?  Fight corruption, Fight casteism, But where's the SeemAndhra angle here ? Is Anna Hazare asking all Corrupt central government, state government, non government etc etc to leave India and go away ?
        On V.s. Naipaul
        >> Suit yourself.  Destroying Bamiyan Buddhas, Archealogical heritage sites, Hindu/ Sikh mandirs because they are un-Islamic is only one trait of an intolerant society. See where they are now.
        You are welcome to be blind to the similarities.  Unfortunately I'm not the only one seeing parallels.  V.S. was ridiculed when he made these observations, but a decade later his opponents have no option but to hide in shame.
        Lastly, what made you categorize me a "Samaikyavaadi" ? Coz I disagree with your methods? Coz those not with you are with the enemies ? why ? coz you are a abhinava sri krishna and this is a dharma yuddham ? wow !! 

  5. Prabhakara Rao says:

    yes! political movement is more or less over.
    In addition, I feel, employees also retreated a bit after the settlement with government (of course non-cooperation is the excuse).
    That leaves students who are prone to fall into maoist trap.

  6. AMRAO says:

    Please take a look at the literacy rates in the state:

    you have to  scroll down to see the table.

    • AMRAO says:

      Very interesting data! People should know that these are collected by the local teachers and local govt employees.

        • Udyama Telangana says:

          Dear Prabhakar & AM Rao,
          I would be more interested to know your take on measuring literacy by Census in India. Here is one article I could forward that may help you analyse more properly about Literacy levels:

          • Prabhakara Rao says:

            I could not get what you want to convey.  (Sorry that I have not read the pdf fully).
            But I get a feeling that you are questioning methods of measurement in India.
            If these methods are really wrong what are right methods? Why these differences in methods play any role at all in T movement?
            Many of T-vaadis rejected stats by SKC. Now your are questioning methods applied at National level.
            You force us to say, "what you look for is not separate state but separate country" 

  7. Chandra says:

    Mr UT,

    I have seen the injustice book by T separatists. There is nothing new in that one, repeating the same lies and twists, except pointing out some extra decimal place and the 713% canal irrigation number. The following is my reply to some of the errors you guys are claiming to be present in SKC report.

    1. They are arguing in the report that a region should be allowed to decide its future…. article 3 etc. If this argument is taken then each of the district in T needs to decide including hyd, whether it wants to stay in AP or not. There is no official telangana region. But each district is already a separate administrative unit. What will you do if hyd, RR does not want to join T state and khammam, nalgonda wants to join coastal state?

    2. I also do not understand from where that 713% came from. But it is very nice to see that the same Irri engineers Vidyasagar Rao…shyam prasad reddy etc  who made all youtube videos,and excited you people, finally accepted that T canal irrigation facility increased more than coastal and seema districts after AP. I did not see any denial by them in the injustice book.They accepted that Increase in canal irrigation is 2.5 lakh hectares in T, 2 lakhs in coastal region after AP formation acording to SKC.

    3.They say in the book, thermal power station was there in 1920 itself in Hyderabad. Great discovery ha! What SKC was saying was there was no thermal power station before 1956 in Telangana districts. Now T has 3 thermal power stations. So there is no controvercy there.

    4. BRGF funds.
     Again and again same lies….

    According to central govt, only 3 Telangana districts and 2 Seemandhra districts are economically backward.

    1. Adilabad. 2. Warangal. Mehboobnagar.
    Please check Annex-1 of this link

    remaining 5 disticts in T are receiving BRGF funds as they are recognized as left-wing extremism affected districts.

    Check annex 2 page 23 in above link.

    • Udyama Telangana says:

      For your above points here is the clarification (Please keep the  Sri Krishna Committee for Consultations on The situation in Andhra Pradesh Report Handy for your reference)
      1.  Explanation was clearly given in Chapter 1 by Sujai under " Historical Precedents"  and " A new benchmark for creation of States in India?". That itself should be self-Explanatory. Further your talk on what would happen if  RR dist or Hyd asks for its identity does not deserve answer as it is a big Hypothetical question. Never the creation of new states in India was stopped based on these aprehensions similar to yours.  Creation of Andhra state from Madras Presidency was not stopped with a counter what would happen if Guntur tomorrow asks for seperate state?
      2. For your understanding  "from where the number 713% came" you need to peep into SKC report  Page 189 of the PDF ( or Page no. 230/505) . The contention or the question to the  SKC intellect group was how does 7 lakh hectares of net irrigation considering all sources in 1956  that grew to 18 lakh hectares in 2008-09 9(As per Duggal Annayya) mathematically equals 713%.
      3. According to SKC report, Kothagudem Thermal Power station is in Rayalseema.   I never knew that KTPS was transferred to Rayalseema from Kothagudem( you never told me).. Do you endorse this claim of SKC? Also we should pity SKC that they were unaware of  Hussain Sagar Theremal Power station existence in Hyderabad around 1920 itself.
      4. Here is one more link for  BRGF funds you should consider too:
      Further, SA Vaadis had been arguing that Telangana state would open doors for left- wing extremism ( Again a Hypothetical & imaginary Situation Preached by SA Vaadis). Then why do we have so many left- wing extemism affected districts now  in this great united Andhra Pradesh? 

      • Chandra says:

        I am not endorsing KTPS in rayalaseema. Similarly, TEJAC electricity engineers talk about shifting of thermal power from Manuguru in Khammam to VTPS.
        But, Manuguru got a heavy water plant . They dont talk about it.
        There is no injustice in this to Telangana.
        Regarding BRGF funds, what I understand is…you guys understand the truth, but do not want to accept it.
        The famous quote in Telugu…"nidra poyevadini lepochu…nidra natisthunnavadini lepalemu."

  8. Chandra says:

    Another important Lie  by separatists T electricity board engineers about per-capita power consumption. In their report submitted to SKC they talk about percapita consumtion of electricty (Which defines the prospertity of a region), they concentrate on domestic percapita consumtption number. That also they remove Hyd and RR.

    They remove RR and Hyd but while calculating state avg, they include them. When these two districts are not in the game at all why are you including them in state avg? Just to mislead people?. when you remove it, the state avg is not 126 but 119 .

    coastl-142 (including vizag)

    Telangana–>93 (excluding RR and Hyd)

    Rayalaseema-> 95.5

    One thing those engineers needs to understand that, percapital consumtion of a district including industries and domestic needs to be considered. The domestic percapita is the result of industrialization of that region. Its a cause and effect phenomenon. The present domestic percapita consumtion of electricity is the result of  recent industrialization in T districts and agricultural output.

    Separate domestic percapita will not give anything, unless they convince me that people from  thadepalligudem and kaikaluru   fly by helicopters to these industries in T , work here and go back to their districts by evening and enjoy the benifits of industrialization of T.  :)

    Industrial percapita consumption for 8 T dists is 237.375,  (removing Hyd and RR). This is higest in AP

    SKC mentions in the report that there is a significant  difference between rich and poor in T. That might explain why eventhough industrial percapita consumtoption is more in T, domestic consumption is not in proportion with it.

    More over your Ch Hanumantha rao itself talks about low industrial percapita consumtion in T 1960's statistics in his follwing book. Doesnt talk about domestic .

    He should feel happy about the growth now.

  9. Andhra says:

    If telangana people are so different from andhras , as claimed by Tvadis , why do they celebrate Ugadi  ? why dont they read panchangam in telangana accent ? why is ugadi pickle & polihora made in andhra style ?

  10. Udyama Telangana says:

    Mr. Andhra,
    This should clarify your  Surprises and queries,
    Yugadi or Ugadi (Teluguఉగాది, yugādi ?, Konkani: युगादी yugādi, Kannadaಯುಗಾದಿ, yugādiIPA: [juga:di] ?, formed by sandhi of yuga "age" and ādi "beginning": the beginning of an age) is the New Year's Day for the people of the Deccan region of India.
    It falls on the different day every year because the Hindu calendar is a lunisolar calendar. The Saka calendar begins with the month of Chaitra (March–April) and Ugadi marks the first day of the new year. Chaitra is the first month in Panchanga which is the Indian calendar.
    While the people of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh use the term Yugadi/Ugadi for this festival.
    The people of Maharashtra term the same festival, observed on the same day, Gudi Padwa.
    Sindhis, people from Sindh, celebrate the same day as their New Year day Cheti Chand.[1]
    Manipuris also celebrate their New Year (Sajibu Cheiraoba) on the same day. While it is observed as Baisakhi in Punjab and Puthandu in Tamil Nadu. However, it is not celebrated on the same day in Tamil Nadu as Tamils follow Solar calender.

    • Hyderabadi says:

      UT, what do we do now ? My research shows the popular version of Indian calendar is based on Shalivahana era and that Satavahanas are Telugus (but you may disagree and call them Andhrites).  So, calendar change kar dey ?  Coz if K.D.raya was dumped in T.Bund because he was deemed a non-Telanganite, Satavahanas should be honored the same way too and the calendar they started. 
      Your anger ought to be against the forces that Anna Hazare is fighting today.  Lack of maturity and inability to critically analyze issues, is making people like you to "find/ create" an imaginary "mother cause" which when solved would seemingly solve your problems.  So long as you do not face reality and fight imaginary issues, you will sink deeper.     

  11. Chandra says:

    UT garu,

    your argument about guntur asking for separate state is definitely a possibility when you ask telangana as separate state. Thats what we have been arguing……. there wont be any rationality if T demand is accepted.

    I think we need to repeat million times more, about how Andhra state formation is differenfrom T demand. Erstwhile congress party  1920's was highlighting the linguistic basis for division of boundaries within india. Based upon that Bengal wanted separate state for Bengal and here Andhra region was demanding separate state.

    Based upon bathukamma or sammakka-sarakka ….or Maisamma ….you can not ask Telangana state. If your demand is accepted then Yes, Guntur also will ask, Chittor with multilingual population will ask separate identity…what not…..Irrationality at its heights will be displayed.

    Its not SKC , but you people are defining a new benchmark for the creating of states in India.

    Please open your eyes….calm down…..leave emotion….think with logic….Things will be crystal clear. You guys are not trying this.

  12. sameer says:

    Udyama telangana is back to taste some more chin music :D :D :D :D . He is like a spring, the more you thrash him, the more he will start crying

  13. sameer says:

    No wonder, these people will demand to re-name deccan chargers IPL team to TELANGANA CHARGERS :D :P


  14. sameer says:

    @Udyama Telangana,
    Hi TRS boy welcome back :P .
    But Gujratis,marathis,punjabis dont eat ugadhi pachadi and pulihora. It is so called SPECIAL TELANGANITES who consume them and that too in excess :P   :P . Also, Your people were reading a panchangam prepared by a Andhra Peetham. I advice you write a telangana pancahngam and distribute it free to the 5 crore telangana people. :P :P .
    Your godfather's KCR and KTR will be proud of you :P :P

  15. sameer says:

    Also, i doubt Udyama telangana and every person like him was part of the TANK BUND VANDALISM. They might have had Taqila shots and did the most disgraceful act on earth. Don't be surprised if Udyama telangana  and party will destroy BIRLA MANDIR, TTD KALYANA MANDAPAM,DILSUKH NAGAR SAI BABA TEMPLE  in the name of a separate statehood.  Dont know what more tragedies we will get to see from these people

  16. justice says:

    Friends this comment is off topic
    Irrespective of our regional biases it is time to convey our support to Anna Hazare in one voice ..

  17. yadav says:

    ugadi anedi telugu pandaga.. andhra pandaga kadu.. andhra vallaku ok separate jati kadu. palu prantala nunchi vala vachina anni jatula mixing. why u r comenting on telangana?  press club lo kottindi saripoleda neeku? inka kavala babu?

    • Hyderabadi says:

      press club lo kottindi saripoleda neeku? inka kavala babu?
      >> Warning a ? Civil society lo vundi ilaaga vyavaharinchedi ? jungle law ayithey might is right avutundi…appudu yadav okarini kodithey,  aa yadav ni ottey yedav(a) unkodu untadu.  I just hope you do not build a culture where "kottukovadam" is a way of settling conflicts.  Imagine your kid/ brother coming home with a broken leg because yevado disagreed with him and decided to settle with "kottadam".  I hope you see the point now. 

  18. yadav says:

    andhra telangana eppatikina vere… inka enni samvatsaralu gadichina vidipoyedi tappadu

  19. yadav says:

    look this link for more information

  20. sameer says:

    @udyama telangana,
    What are you trying to convey man? Are you Ghajini :P :D :P

    • Udyama Telangana says:

      As fara as i am concerned I read the opinions of others, express my opinions, share the news & articles I come across. I do not have any personal grudges with anyone on this Forum. My experiences and opinions are purely based on the Lobby Suppressing Telangana's genuine aspirations. Are you one among them and if you are not one among them  I did not convey anything to you. Your comments on me were disgusting.  Your use of   Phrases like Chin Music, Telangana Chargers, TRS Boy, Vandalism on me personally indicates that you are mentally sick. Better you Take Rest and get well soon.

  21. sameer says:

    Anna, Tidtunava leda pogutunava :D :P

  22. sameer says:

    ur reply was sickest.ur genuine demand has no proofs of being matter how much you cry, people like you are solely accountable for the tank bund vandalism. my tone was satirical in nature and u dont even have that much acumen to differentiate satire and seriousness.
    even terrorism is genuine according to some is separate state

    • Udyama Telangana says:

      If that is the case Andhra State formed on October 1st, 1952 should fall  into your self imagined Category.

      • sameer says:

        FIRST OF ALL,
        Andhra State was a state created in India on October 1, 1953 AND NOT 1952 AS CLAIMED BY YOU.
        The category is not self imagined and yes 1953 state formation was necessary as the issue was totally different there. FOR YOUR INFORMATION,Telugu and tamil are 2 complete different languages and different cultures are followed. So it was in the best interest that people split. NO COWARD LIKE YOU DESTROYED TAMIL HERITAGE AND THEIR STATUES.
        The formation of linguistic states is the single most important event in the history of South Indian languages, as it provided an opportunity for these languages to develop independently, each of them having a state to support.
        THE CATEGORY IS NOT self imagined .and there is sufficient prologue and epilogue available.

  23. sameer says:

    Also, i am sure that people like UT will not hesitate to Destroy Birla Mandir, TTD office, Buddha Statue etc for achiving their goal.

  24. Udyama Telangana says:

    Worthless to reply to you. Thats All I could reply you

    • sameer says:

      Even i have same feelings for you.
      “objectionable comment deleted – chakravarthy”

      • Chandra says:

        Hey guys please do not fight like kids here. This blog is meant for serious discussions and a reservoir  of huge information, arguments and facts.  I hope you respect that one.
        Thank You.

  25. Chandra says:

    Please notice that you are also an Andhra. People staying in Hyderabad state before 1956 merger were referred as Hyderabad Andhras!. Check the following scanned news paper clipping of 1950.,2598358&dq=hyderabad+pcc&hl=en

  26. Udyama Telangana says:

    @ Chakravarthy,
    Are personal comments like " people like UT will not hesitate to Destroy Birla Mandir, TTD office, Buddha Statue etc for achiving their goal" not objectionable. Why are these comments not moderated?
    If you find any comments of mine objectionable you could moderate them too, no problem for me.

  27. Udyama Telangana says:

    Can anyone identify the famous personality in this destroyed Idol/Statue:

    • Reddy says:

      People, this is apples to oranges comparison.
      Had the agitators on Tankbund defaced the statues of Chandrababu or Lagadapati, there would not have been such furore in the state. The above said persons oppose or have dubious stand on the formation of Telangana and reaction against them is understandable.

      However what happenned on Tankbund is tragic and shameful episode that merely reflects the ugly, cultureless, militant, facist forces behind this movement.
      Destruction of statues like potanna, Annamacharya, Sri krishna devaraya who are legendary telugu persons whose contribution to our telugu literature is incalculable, cannot be compared to destruction of a political figure like Sanjeev reddy.

      Let me give an example (with due apologies to Talli Talangana)
      Imagine that someone defacates and mastrubates on Telangana talli’s statue and asks
      telangana people not to get offended, since only a statue has been defiled and that he loves the people of telangana. Will that be acceptable to us all?
      What happened on Tankbund should shame us all irrespective of geographical denominations since its an attack on our common culture and we all should unequivocally condemn it. This is not the time to get into a “Tu Tu Me Me” discussion.

  28. Air says:

       there is much diff between the people who worked for the telugu pride and distruction of statue of a minister for objecting the cause. how many times that you(telangana agitators) burned the distibomma of sonia or other ministers did any one objected it. how both are comparable. surprisingly  he  is the first cm of AP that you guys are always blame for violating the gentleman agreement. now he became great for you guys.

  29. Air says:

    at that time he hold the ministry of Steel and Mines in union cabinet.

  30. Udyama Telangana says:

    Did I ever  say that he is Great? Even today I would criticize him, thats for Sure.
    How do you equate Burning of distibomma to this idol distruction?
    I was just curious to know if there had been a March against the descretion of Idols earlier after NSR was dumped into Kaluvaa.
    Why should we wear different coloured glasses to see the stray incidents now and then?
    Lot of times I had been saying to my friends that I too respect Sri Sri, Anammayya, veerashalingam etc. My point is directed towards realising that instead of looking aftermath the incident at Tank Bund,  it is important to look at the reason behind the stray incident.
    As long as uncertainity prevails these type of incidents every now and then are bound to repeat even thoough we do not wish for.
    The incident is exploited and further hatred is ignited by sentences like "" people like UT will not hesitate to Destroy Birla Mandir, TTD office, Buddha Statue etc for achiving their goal"  which can never be my intent even in my dream. Atleast the proponent of so called Unity should refrain from addressing in this manner.

    • Chandra says:

      Mr UT,
      I just requested about not typing abusive and hatred messages here. And you immediately posted that link. Can't you search the news paper link and put here? why to  give the link to that crap written by some Telangana extremist?
      You should know that none of us support statue demolitions either in Afganistan or tankbund or your link. Those people who did in your link atleast learned the mistake and became  civilized people. Not like still uncivilized Telangana supporters who brought a scar to the entire nation in 2011.  When will we learn culture? we should ask ourselves. Seems education alone is not enough for our T intellectuals.
      There is no other option other than talks for this problem. Talks talks…talks….keep the discussions until you comeout with a clarity and reason why you need Telangana. Go and convince the people of T, rest of AP and India. Its your responsibility to do it.
      If you dont do it and continue with such heinious acts….India will become more angry on Telangana agitators and would take very serious steps like how 1948 police action happened, which none of us want to happen. We need you guys to respect democracy in India to stay in India.
      Please do not try to  multiply the nunmber of apologies you guys owe to India.

      • Udyama Telangana says:

        your Language is really very sophisticaed and showers love & affection instead of hatred. This is the way you should lead by example. Well done!

  31. sameer says:

    @udayama telangana,
    It seems you were crying when writing these explanations. :P

    • Udyama Telangana says:

      Were you shouting & running on the streets tearing of your clothes with this great Discovery that I was crying?

  32. Air says:

    How do you equate Burning of distibomma to this idol distruction
        In my point of view both are equal. because both the times persons are alive. your intention to display your unhappyness with out physically attacking that person for act done by them  or or for the acts he/she responsible. I feel it is reasonable. But if that person died or he/she no way related to that action i/you/we/anyone don't have moral right to touch his statue or other.  Its my personal feeling.
    I was just curious to know if there had been a March against the descretion of Idols earlier after NSR was dumped into Kaluvaa. 
        You digged it that it happen. You may search if anything like that is there and let us know. if you want you can do it now.
    it is important to look at the reason behind the stray incident.
          yes.  Reason are simple and discussed a lot of times in this blog.  tweeked facts are given to people raised their emotions. It took 10 years for TRS to do that in telangana. But if you take lower castes u can raise in less than 10 years. may be if it is between muslim and hindhu it can be done in few days. 

  33. Sunil says:

    One more attack by T goons.. Now expect  UT to start supporting these goons.

  34. Udyama Telangana says:

    What type of Coloured Glasses do you Wear?

  35. Udyama Telangana says:

    Hello All,
    Please Air your Views on:
    Whats your Take on G.O. No. MS. 177 ?
    Does it have any relation to SKC Chapter 8?
    Does it get related to Art.19 of Indian Constituition?

    • VK says:

      The government of Andhra Pradesh issued a GO Ms 177 (No Work No Pay) in public interest to restrain govt. employees from going on unconventional and innovative agitation programmes like 'Pen Down', 'Chalk Down', 'Tool Down' and 'Non-cooperation' strikes. The government stated that the GO has been issued in view of recent experiences and the difficulties faced by the Government as well as public and in the interest of public, a necessity has arisen to issue certain instructions to face such unconventional and innovative agitation programmes in future.
      In the UK, university employees went on strike twice (one day each time) recently for job security on no work no pay basis.   This is very common in democratic countries.  Therefore I don't see how it is related to the Article 19 of Indian Constitution (freedom of speech etc). If AP govt. threaten its employees with dismissal if they participate in the agitation, then it may be related to the article 19. 
      However, the Articles 15 (Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth) and 16 (Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment) prohibit 42% reservation for a particular region with in a state. 

  36. sameer says:

    Udyama Telangana says::-
    Were you shouting & running on the streets tearing of your clothes with this great Discovery that I was crying
    Hahaaaa. That was a good one. Atleast i have some manners left inside me so i will do a meaningfull celebration. If it were you in my place you would have celebrated by demolishing a statue or a monument in a regular meaningless T-Style :P :P :P

  37. sameer says:

    Even i have same feelings for you.
    “objectionable comment deleted – chakravarthy”
    Had chakravarthy not removed this comment, i think UT Would have gone mad :D :D :D

  38. sameer says:

    UT Watch this,
    Now please dont answer that T-Vadis are high on testosterone and have a genuine attraction towards girls :P :P :P

  39. sameer says:

    Infact UT stands for Youtube :D :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  40. Andhra says:

    @ UT

    You want to talk about constitution. Didnt you remember that when your TG rowdies were destroying the statues of Andhra stalwarts. Didnt you remember that when andhra teachers were beaten up in OU . Didnt u remember that in the numerous physical attacks that happened on Andhras in  the last 18 months.

  41. Sunil says:

    Do you see a pattern here…the moment TRS & his goons stop making noise, the T demand goes down. Its not a people's movement…its a movement started and continued by unemployed T politicians.

  42. isolent says:

    KCR in 1996 opposed 6 Point formula and Zonal System…Changed his stance to take advantage

  43. Seems like years have passed but the problem has not been resolved.

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