Telanganalo Visalandhrodyamam – Book Download

Yesterday’s book release event went well when compared to the previous events held by Visalandhra Mahasabha in Hyderabad. From Visalandhra Mahasabha we had Freedom Fighters’ Association President Narra Madhav Rao, another freedom fighter Mehaboob Ali, C. Anjaneya Reddy, Parakala Prabhakar, Chegondi Ramajogaiah, Kumar Chowdhary Yadav, Kethiry Srinivas Reddy, Sunkara Venkateswar Rao, Laxman Reddy and several others that were in attendance.


The book was released by Sri Narra Madhav Rao. After the book release, when Prabhakar garu was speaking, questions were raised by the media persons interrupting the session. When they were told to not to interrupt and let the program go on and that the questions will be addressed later, they would not heed. Some of their main concerns were, how is the book relevant in today’s context? If the whole Nizam region was for integration in 1950s, the same Nizam region wants separation now, why not heed to the demand?


However, we insisted on allowing us to finish the program first and the press questions would be addressed once the speakers are done with their speeches. However, the media refused to stay quiet and kept shouting at us. At this point, we decided to disregard the disruption and go on with the program. After Prabhakar garu spoke, Mehboob Ali garu spoke about their past struggles under Nizam rule and how Communists fought together. Sri Ali expressed his desire to see “visalandhralo praja raajyam”. Later Chegondi Ramajogaih garu who edited the book, chided the media for lack of respect to freedom of speech. After this we ended the session as the media guys continued their shouting match.


Here is a link to the book that was released yesterday: Telanganalo Visalandhrodyamam

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  1. globalvillage says:

    "All we need is separate secretariat and assembly for the two regions, so that the politicians can focus on the big population that both regions now have when compared to 60 years ago. Both regions are have different problems and/or are at different levels in various fields. Beyond that does not make sense to talk about anything else which only promotes hatred."
    I am sure Tvadis don’t have convincing reason for isolating SA people alone for so called robbery of neellu, nidhulu, udyogalu etc., when other settlers/states also have had their share even more than SA People. You conveniently escape by writing you will not make any comments since it will promote only hatred. It is not Saint in you that is preaching this vedam, but ugly political urge. By targeting on non SA-settlers, you don’t get any political advantage, so you keep quiet. If you were honest in your concern for T people, you should try tackling it from all its causes rather than biased and very personalized hatred on SA.
    It is too late to become a saint. Tvadis have ruthlessly promoted so much of hatred. You guys have successfully sold to majority of innocent and ignorant T people that, in the past you were actually living in beautiful and ideal world and suddenly evil aliens called SA have grabbed every joy from you.
    I don’t call 'T' a movement. It is rather a 'strategy'. A strategy that defines that given the resources in form of Media and education institutions, how  easily u can influence people and sell your ideas to the extent of igniting hostility within the same race.
    For those evil minded people in future, who aim to split their own race to its debacle for their ugly motives, Study of this phase of AP history can give quick solution.
    Yes, you sounded little more logical (separate assembly smells obnoxious political urge though) when you came with your new reason for T as ‘small states and focussed governance’ in place of  normal trash  eliciting "SA the cheaters, looters bla bla "".
    Progress with small states is a well debated concept with pros and cons. That too when a small state is favoured, why not south of Krishna and north of Krishna River, why geographically not so comfortable approach that includes 10 districts enveloped between multiple states. Is your interest in welfare of people of T region or T assembly?

  2. sera says:

    @ globalvillage
    I don’t call 'T' a movement. It is rather a 'strategy'.
    I said this many times. It is not a movement. It is a strategy by the guys who want to come to power. It is a self patting (mastur@#$ion) by the intellectuals and a kind of psychosis of theirs. Guys like Jai and Sujai are like mad people who just grew up from their childhood on this bhaang or LSD and now they can see truth even if it is presented to them. And for the others – the common people – it is sad.
    They sold a story so sordid that it makes my bones shiver. Once telangana comes the SAs will leave the town and you can get their cars and houses kind of stories. And this is not just in Hyderabad. Even in Nalgonda and Nizambad and Adilabad where I have personal info the telangana fanatics think that people from SA will leave and they can occupy their lands and houses. What nonsense?
    Anyway recently I heard again the great KCR saying telangana coming in 3 months – and that too with Hyderabad. What nonsense. Hyderabad as a city will never be part of telangana and it does not want to be. That is why no one votes for TRS or KCR or even BJP in Hyderabad.
    Forget Hyderabad and maybe you have a chance for telangana.

  3. Encore un post clairement fascinant

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