Taking stock of 2010 & Plans for 2011

I would like to wish you all a Very Happy New Year.


Year 2010 has been quite productive in terms of accomplishments. Along with the help of my fellow integrationist friends, we have:

• Submitted a solid report to the Srikrishna Committee arguing against the division of the state. The statistical evidence we presented to the committee was comprehensive and compelling. We are already seeing snippets of our arguments in the SKC report that is being leaked to the media.
• Presented our case in the electronic media on many telugu TV channels.
• Written editorials in leading telugu news papers in support of the integrationist message and countering the false propaganda of separatists.
• Released the Telugu version of my book My Telugu Roots in A.P., titled Mana Telugu Talli and extensively distributed the books to leaders and media organizations.
• Conducted state formation day celebrations in six cities across the United States. I hope these events acted as an inspiration for those living in our state.
• Lobbied leaders across the party lines to fight harder for the integrationist cause.


Though we’ve accomplished a great deal in 2010, I have to admit that our efforts lag behind the activities being conducted by the separatists. Integrationist message has not gone into the masses. Integrationist leaders in our state have failed to build a unity platform. If you are an integrationist living in Andhra Pradesh, there is no credible organization that you can associate with. In the Nizam region, separatists are continuing to push their message of hate and are succeeding in poisoning people’s minds.

I hope 2011 will be a year when the integrationist message of unity and peace will prevail. I am absolutely confident that Srikrishna Committee will not find evidence of discrimination against any of the three regions. This should give the Central Government maneuvering room to back-off from their original stance in support of division. Therefore, our singular focus in the New Year should be all about getting the truth out into masses that corruption, under development, and poverty are not a result of discrimination but are a result of bad governance.

On the personal front, I am relocating to India this month with my family. Moving back to India for our children’s education and to be close to our parents has been our plan for many years. Saying that, I did contemplate quitting work and dedicating my time to the integrationist cause for a year or two. However, all the activities we conducted this year made me realize that raising funds is a significant challenge. I therefore decided to continue to work out of India, as it will enable me to support the Samaikyandhra efforts for 2011- at least initially.

I would like to take this opportunity to solicit your advice on what we can do in 2011 to fight against separatism. I am particularly interested in your ideas about ways in which we can influence the people of Nizam region. If you prefer to meet me in person in Hyderabad, please shoot me a note.

2011 is going to be a crucial year. Don’t leave it up to political leaders, the fate of our culture, our history, and our heritage, which are second to none. Let us all do our bit and fight the separatist propaganda machine in our own small ways. Let us make Rudramadevi, Krishnadevarayalu, Venkatappayya, Potti Sriramulu, Ravi Narayan Reddy, Burugula and many more of our ancestors proud with our FEARLESS commitment to the cause of unity.

Save Andhra Pradesh!
Nalamotu Chakravarthy

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  1. Sunil says:

    Chakravarthy – Good luck to you and your family. Please continue to support  the cause for United Andhra Pradesh or I would rather say "Status Quo".  We are all behind you to take your message to the public and save telugu culture & history.

  2. Vijay says:

    Happy New Year!!
    Small Clarification. SKC reportedly will suggest that Telangana is growing comparitively more than Kosta or seema, and backwardness is there in seema and north kosta districts!!
    THIS DOES NOT MEAN Telangana has not been discriminated. It is also reported that high on SKC priorities is giving telangana consititunal safeguards to protect it rights, because some safeguards provided WHERE NOT IMPLEMENTED. DOES THIS NOT ACCOUNT TO DISCRIMINATION.
    SKC will not talk in terms of discrimination, it will talk in terms of backwaardness and growth. This is not surprising because the Central Govt does not want anyone to feel bad. It wants time before it takes any decision. Congress will take any decision which will benefit it in 2014 general elections.
    By suggesting constitunal safeguards, SKC is indirectly agreeing that there was discrimination against Telangana.

    • satya says:

      >> THIS DOES NOT MEAN Telangana has not been discriminated.

      Yup.. In other words, That DOES MEAN all regions discriminated equally. as they said backward areas are there in ALL REGIONS. So, there is no discrimination in discrimination.

      >> It is also reported that high on SKC priorities is giving telangana consititunal safeguards to protect it rights, because some safeguards provided WHERE NOT IMPLEMENTED.

      As far as I know, constitution safeguards all regions equally. Gone are the days of Nizam's mulki rules. We have zonal system where each zone is equally safe guarded. and interests of each area is equally protected.

      >> SKC reportedly will suggest that Telangana is growing comparitively more than Kosta or seema, and backwardness is there in seema and north kosta districts!!

      Can anyone help me how development happens when there is discrimination, and organized exploitation. Grow up Dude.

      >> By suggesting constitunal safeguards, SKC is indirectly agreeing that there was discrimination against Telangana.

      By saying constituttional safe guards, SKC might be trying to avoid the same scenario in future where some of the likes of KaChaRa will grin the regional sentiments and calling the govt discriminated against them. They can't make the same claim again.

      btw.. The constitutional safe guards (Probably regional bodies) will be there for all 3 regions to avoid such scenarios from any region.

      Anyway, Lets stop speculating and wait for the report,


    • Pingala says:

      We all know that Telangana factors came to existence much later than Andhra kings (dated even earlier to Satavahanas from 230 BC). How do we communicate to the people in that region (separated by Nizam ruling)?  If Telangana is separated from "Telugu Speaking United Andhra", we will see more fighting among Telugu people for centuries and  our children and grandchildren will become the victims. We should oppose this KCR/TRS family selfish act. There are places in Andhra Pradesh that are neglected. We should fight with the government for the welfare of the economically backward communities.

  3. satya says:

    Can anyone give me the link of Brijesh kumar tribunal report?

  4. Prakash says:

    Mr. Nalamotu:
    Let me start by congratluating you for betting on India. I am certain time will reinforce the correctness of this decision. Also a happy new year to you & your family.
    A few points from my side:
    "Therefore, our singular focus in the New Year should be all about getting the truth out into masses that corruption, under development, and poverty are not a result of discrimination but are a result of bad governance."
    This is an inadequate motivator in my opinion. At best it guarantees continuation of the problems under the present dispensation. When the opposite side promises to wave a magic wand solving all problems at a go, this stand will not make much headway.
    It would be much easier to gain support for the "integrationist" cause by demonstrating how the problems can be solved under a united state. The competition would then move to a level playing field where "magic wand politics" can be countered by a plan built on sound principles. At a minimum, it would help the residual state in case of division.
    I see commenters arguing in favor of "status quo". I would like to quote Ayn Rand here: "I am not a conservatives but radical for capitalism". While the context is different, the intent behind the assertion could be similar.
    This brings me to my second point.
    "If you are an integrationist living in Andhra Pradesh, there is no credible organization that you can associate with."
    This is a blessing in disguise to some extent. The two movements are mostly led by politicians who are mostly a part of the problem, not the solution. This is due to their vested interest in status quo in some cases and ideology in others
    The other active groups are "professional agitators" like students, teachers, attorneys and government workers. Most of these folks are good at criticizing or fighting but not as effective in formulating positive win-win strategies.
    The "silent majority" may have formed opinions but their minds are not closed. The problem here is that it is difficult to reach them directly. They need to be contacted through "opinion leaders".
    The best channel in my opinion would be to draw from the spectrum of social and business leaders to act as ambassadors. They may be reluctant to come forward and may not pull crowds the way politicos would but will add no baggage on the positive side. Avoiding politicos will improve the image of the cause dramatically.
    This brings me to my third point.
    "Integrationist message has not gone into the masses"
    While this is partly due to the "ambassadors" (politicos dominating the debate), the tactics adopted by them also contributed. As far as I see, "integrationists" mimicked "seperatist" tactics (selling to insiders, middle class bias, confrontationist tone, "media war", sound bytes etc.)
    Thinking out of the box (e.g. town hall/nukkad meetings with small groups) may be more effective in the long run. Convincing one independant/indifferent/mildly hostile person is better than reinforcing the feeling in a thousand already committed individuals.
    Changing the message, medium & tactics all at once is indeed a big step but not impossible. The important thing though is not to throw away the gains already made.
    I commend you for your "can do" spirit and wish you luck in your endeavors.
    PS: I know I made sweeping genrealizations above but this is only for simplifying my comment. I request you to consider my view from this perspective.

  5. Air says:

        Chakravarthy garu – Good luck to you and your family.  you created one of the most informative site. welcome back to india.  If you come back please create a industry/company in AP. Atleast in your native place.  If can't bring some company to AP.  I know it is tough as per current scenrio. if NRI like you can create some employment in AP specially in rural places the development will reach rural area which is more needed for our state. Any how I am not strong supporter for samaikya andhra like you. from child hood i want coastal should be separated.(or atleast power should be there at district level. not at state level)  But I don't want that on hatred bases. because it will create not 2/n states it will create 2/n enemies. any how as you read my previous postings u will know that.  but all the best for your efforts for Samaikyandhra…

  6. Prakash says:

    Some examples of social and business leaders to act as ambassadors:
    - Gen. KV Krishna Rao
    - Mullapudi Harischandra Prasad
    - T. Hanuman Chaudhary
    - Dr. Kakarla Subbarao
    - VS Rama Devi
    - Dr. Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna
    - Akkineni Nageshwara Rao
    - Narendra Luther
    - Ampasayya Naveen
    - YV Reddy
    - Yandamuri Veerendranath
    - Babban Khan
    - Ramalakshmi Arudra
    - BV Pattabhiram
    - Ravuri Bharadwaja
    - Chilkur Sounderrajan
    This is a random list from the top of my head. I tried to avoid supporters of "seperatism" but I do not know the  stand of many people. I am sure Mr. Nalamotu & others can think of more names from the thousands of eminent persons in the state.

  7. AMRAO says:

    Chakravarthy garu,
    Unlike many who have expressed happiness about your decision to return to India, I am a bit circumspect about it. I am assuming that you have analyzed the pros and cons. I do hope you have a plan B in place. I returned to India just after getting my green card, not waiting for the citizenship. I too came back to be with my parents. I am happy with my work and family but not the society at large.
    The political system and the kind of leaders being elected scares me to death. People like JP would find it extremely difficult to win elections but people like KCR and Jagan will win. People seem to care more about emotions rather than performance. People like Danam Nagendar, Anjan Kumar Yadav  represent the areas having the most educated people!
    I wish you the best! Many of us here have high regards for what you have done for this cause.

    • Chakravarthy says:

      Rao garu- I haven't done a pros and cons analysis as such. It is something we always wanted to do. Unless I try living in India, I will not know if I made the right decision or not.
      Thank you for your words of caution. That will help me in tempering my expectations :-)

  8. Chandra says:

    Prakash garu,

    Your suggestion of involving celebrities for revealing truths and using them for propagating samaikyandhra movement will be very useful. I can see a significant change in the opinion of Telangana people and students.

    But again the same old problem. Law and order in India, is so poor thatscops are unable to arrest the visible attackers. I dont think these celebrities would be interested in getting involved, unless cops gives them assurance that they can protect the safety and property of these celebrities..

    Cops needs to show that, they are officials and not politicians, who can do some job, who can follow the rule book, by arresting prominant separatist leaders. Following a rule itself a big deal in India, what can we expect.

  9. Andhra says:

    Chakravarthy garu ,
    First of all let me say that you are a Gem of an Andhra. Your efforts towards keeping AP united and spreading the truth will be greatly appreciated. But having said that I am a separatist myself. I feel coastal & seema (people who call themselves as andhras) were the real loosers in united AP. Your statistics itself prove that overall growth rate in these regions is less than that of nizam region. Added to that capital is far away and it is not a free zone ,constant blackmailing, most PSU's being established in Hyd , now all modern industries set up in Hyd , all these factors are big losses for coastal & Seema.
    I can safely say that 80-90% of coastal & Seema people will agree for separation if Hyd issue is resolved to their satisfaction.
    So , you got two things to do ,you have put your view point to not just Nizam region but also coastal & seema.
    My advice to you is you have to use media & politicians. The system is such a way that we need support of these two people to run any campaign. In Nizam region you would need political support to spread your view. I dont know how far this will work , but CPI M is for UA and has a good cadre in TG. So if you can meet up with their leaders and start small programs in towns of TG ,you can make a start.
    You will need to use the media extensively. As a author and campaigner you have earned some recognition among viewers . You should capitalize on that. I can see every tom & dick from tg coming on TV , i cant see why as a author ,credible researcher you cant be on TV multiple times.
    You should also web media like rediff. Many educated people from tg read these web media. Truth will start spreading. And once SKC report comes out ,you can use the statistics they give out to strengthen your arguments.

  10. Prakash says:

    I suggested opinion leaders across the spectrum, not "celebrities". For example, we can even think of a community leader or a locally respected person untainted by politics. Similarly there would be many folks that have done excellent work in their own field but not widely known outside.
    I know there will be resistance about getting involved. This can actually be used to "test" the proposed message. If you can not convince a well intentioned sensitive thinking individual to stand up, how can you convince the "masses"?
    Personal safety fears exist but exaggerated in my opinion. Hundreds of politicians and the like have been actively (often aggressively) spreading the word in the last one year without much retaliation. Blowing up isolated incidents out of proportion is not a great promotion for any cause.

  11. Prakash says:

    I do not think the capital will become a free zone even after seperation. This is why there could be fights over the capital. I think the best option will be to limit the capital to just assembly etc. and not make it a big city.

  12. Prakash says:

    There are no doubt incidents (BTW on both sides) but nowhere close to a breakdown of the system. I do not believe there are any "pograms" under way.
    Both sides are publicizng incidents that suit their interest in order to further their cause.
    We can differ on the situation but this is not the point under debate. Chandra said eminent persons are inhibited from coming forward due to safety concerns. I am pointing out these concerns have not hindered any politician from airing his views so it should not stop others. I doubt if Gen. KV Krishna Rao (or others of his caliber) would be deterred by disruptions or attacks.
    I did not see the video you linked but guess this guy was probably not a "integrationist" campaigner. My sympathies are with him and all other victims.
    I do not condone any act of violence or intimidation. All I am saying is we should not give up before even attempting due to fear.

  13. Sunil says:

    I strongly agree with what "Andhra" said. Its the people from Andhra & Rayalseems that got looted by T region & HYD. The successive gov's gave too much importance to HYD & its surroundings without spreading the development across the state. I have a feeling the waves are turning against the T vadis and its the best time to bring the truth to masses.

    • venu says:

      Its the best oppurtunity for people of kosta and seema to make sure the further development is also done in their areas also. so that in future these two areas people are  not that much dependent on hyd as they do now. and it also helps in removing the misconception in nizam telangana people that some one is coming and looting them as their will be no or less migration of others area people to HYD.

  14. ved says:

    It is ridiculous to say that threats against persons and their families are exaggerated.  The mere existence of threat, the randomness, the associated terror and poor law and order situation is enough to scare anybody to speak out. Just listen to Chalasani's comments in the tv9 video clip attached (in the other blog) and you can see how scared he is. The fact that 40 lakh so called settlers became silent spectators, inspite of being the main subject of contention by the separatists, speaks volumes about this terror.
    I commend Chakravarthy garu's decision to go back to India and fight for the united cause. He has done a lot for the state and hope one day the people, the govt and the historians recognize his monumental effort. But I urge extreme caution in living in Hyderabad. I'm certain he will be the target of separatists goons. I personally advise to avoid Hyderabad until normalcy is restored. 

  15. Ram says:

    I have been a follower of this blog for some time. I saw merits on both sides of the arguments. Just curios, Chakravarthy garu, will you be able to share which community you belong to. I hope you don't get offended by this. I want to know this out of curiosity.

  16. Prakash says:

    Mr. Nalamotu, I urge you not to respond to Ram's request to share the "community you belong to".

  17. satya says:

    Excellent Report. Bang on to the point. just finished the one on water disputes. Very good info. Completely impartial

  18. satya says:

    The committee commended the power reforms happend in AP. Sadly, it is chandrababu naidu who lost his power by trying to make the state's power better. Such things happen when people's vision is not inline with leader's vision 

  19. venu says:

    It would have been good if the commitee made any recommendations for industrial and it improvement of kosta and seema.

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