Starting a New TV Show: Swecha

Dear All,


I have started doing a new show on hmtv that will telecast twice a week on Fridays at 8 PM IST, and Tuesdays at 12:30 PM IST. I am going to champion my philosophy of small government and minimal regulation on this show. First show was broadcasted last week. Here is a link to the show:



Nalamotu Chakravarthy

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  1. Chakravarthy, all the best for your show. Will HMTV allow you to oppose Telangana on their show? I ask because they are very strongly pro-Telangana.

  2. Chakravarthy says:

    My show is about forwarding my libertarian philosophy. I don't intend to put hmtv in a difficult spot with my integrationist agenda. I have also been doing a radio show for almost a year for tharangamedia. I've adopted the same principle there.
    PS: btw- the editorial team at hmtv doesn't think they are pro-Telangana.

  3. Prasad says:

    We watched your first show on the things that happened in Delhi recently. You are very wrong to think that Thupakulu will do the business. Since you lived abroad for so many years you think it is alright. In U.S no one believes eachother because of these things in the society. Neighbours don't talk to eachother and people are least friendly because they are afraid of lawsuits and thupakulu. Don't try to mimick culture and import them. The only reason the rapes have incread is becausse of the dirt in the society. The lack of morals in education. When we were growing up, we never saw dirt on TVs (only DD), never had pubs, never new about condoms, were taught morals at school. Don't try to make society crapy. If you do not have a better thing to do, just come back and join some other SOftware Company rather than trying to create more crap.

    • Chakravarthy says:

      Prasad- I am not sure where you lived in the U.S., but your characterization of American people not being social is grossly exaggerated. I guess rapes were not happening when there were no TVs, pubs eh?

      • Prasad says:

        You seem to have read it incorrectly, I never said about being social or not. I am saying that people live insecurely without having a belief in eachother. I have lived 45 years at 15 different apartments. Did you ever see neighbors believe in eachother and talk openly. No, and you know why. It is because of such things in society that your program is all about. If you think that to make someone not break a law one must introduce the crap you are talking about, then you are 1 billion times wrong. These will introduce more problems. Societies cannot be made through violence, vengeance and other dirt. Better and best societies can be only founded by introducing morals in every aspect of life. Then such things will not happen. Love and peace are what are needed. And not Insecurity.

        • Chakravarthy says:

          Again, I don’t agree with your characterization of the US. I lived in a neighborhood where people were quite wonderful and social. But some of that varies by area. Also, being an Indian and blending in is not easy due to culture gap. Even if there are areas that people don’t talk to each other, I doubt if that has anything to do with guns.
          In fact, I found people to be relatively more trustworthy in the US than in India. Many of my friends who live in the US agree with me. There is a lot more corruption in India. Starting from the maid, driver, gas station attender, fruit vendor, government bureaucrat they have all tried to scam me. So, we need to get over India is great and US sucks. Both countries have their pros and cons. If my wife was out late, she never hesitated to come home even at midnight. In India it is unimaginable for her to come home that late due to safety concerns.
          I advocate guns for self protection and reduce violence- not for “violence, vengeance, and other dirt”. When people are defenseless, criminals will have a field day.

          Lastly, this is a voluntary exchange of views. Mutual courtesy is the general netiquette. Language such as this is inappropriate: “If you do not have a better thing to do, just come back and join some other SOftware Company rather than trying to create more crap.”

          Let me be the judge of what is good for me.

          • Prasad says:

            Who is talking about Corruption, Trustworthy, Culture gap, Which country is better and not. You have been taking things outside the context. I agree Bharat has been a shit hole with corruption, etc but who is to be blamed. It is only us who did it and the resolution is certainly not Thupakulu. How many countries in the Old world (Bharat is one) are advocating for what you are telling? The only way that country can be cleaned is through removal of caste system, regional differences and all india state languages should be respected by everyone. If somebody lives in AP, they must learn it's state language like all other states laws. And basic education is needed for everyone. Family must be emphasized in the society. Elders and teachers should be respected. Morals shouLD prevail.  Showing a Thupaki to someone and telling them not to rape sounds ridiculous. What if all the bullets are finished or if there is no fear in the opponent. Thupakulu won't do any good in any way. It will create a much worser and hostile society. That is because unlike abroad, people will not have restraint and control and law never prevails in Bharath.
            And sorry if you were hurt with the lineabout Software Company.

  4. Prasad says:

    And don't try to make a society where lawuits, thupakulu, insecurity, meanness and other crap will exist.

  5. Mann says:

    First of all, I am a great fan of yours and I cant appreciate enough, the amazing work you have done for the cause of keeping AP united and exposing lies behind Telangana struggle. I also appreciate you starting this new program on HMTV and providing a fresh perspective (right leaning) to the audience who are used to and in general sympathize with socialist agenda.
    Having said that, I totally disagree with the content of this episode. I agree more with one of your interviewees, focus should be on providing services like 911, ambulances with trained staff to provide first aid, counseling for victims, quicker and strong justice, simplification of laws etc. Indians have no attachment for possessing firearms, like the people in the west (US in particular) have. Our police force is not equipped well to tackle naxals and robber gangs, even when it is difficult to obtain a gun. Did we not see the response on live tv when 10 terrorists caused mayhem in Mumbai for 3 days? Police from the tiniest town in US are better equipped than the best we got in Mumbai. Imagine what would happen if it is easy to obtain guns for petty thieves? Also, what percentage of Indians can afford to buy, maintain and get trained for using guns? I am against guns in general and think it is totally irrelevant for India.
    So, your program will be about all the right wing talking points of US? What next, anti abortion rhetoric? I know you are better than that. I watched your episode on Walmart and liked it. I request you to stick to topics like small govt, free markets etc. Thanks.

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