Silver Lining in the By-Elections

Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS), Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Nagam Janardhan Reddy must be congratulated for their recent hard-fought victory in the by-elections. Yes, the winning candidates spent a lot of money; but, so did the losing parties.


Like in every other election, TRS contested on a single issue platform of a separate state. TRS claimed that they are the only genuine party representing all those people aspiring for a separate state and accused Congress and TDP of deceiving the people on the issue of separation. Congress and TDP were on the defensive from the get-go on the issue of separation.


At this juncture, it is an open secret that Congress Party is not in favor of division. However, the national leadership lacks courage to state its position publicly. They could also be wary of a possible Jagan-KCR tie up.  Congress Party’s inability to come out openly against division should be a concern for all integrationists. It could mean that Congress Party is capable of using this issue for electoral gains, yet again!


TDP is also seen by most people as either indifferent to division or against division. Therefore, in my view, those that voted for TDP or Congress could not have separation as their primary criterion when voting.


Given this scenario, there are a couple of encouraging elements that integrationists can take comfort in, despite separatists’ victory.


Firstly, the BJP angle- the rumblings from Mahbubnagar is that BJP used both the community and the communal card to steal the TRS vote. Going forward, a strengthening BJP will continue to steal more votes from TRS than from Congress or TDP. Division of the separatist vote does not bode well for TRS. If BJP and TRS enter into an alliance down the road, it will result in TRS losing Muslim support. Such a tie would only strengthen the argument that MIM has been making for many years on the issue of separation- that in a separate state BJP would emerge as a stronger party.


Second and more encouraging aspect is the erosion of vote for parties that have clearly stood for separation. In the year 2010, when by-elections were held for 12 seats, TRS raked in 66.26% of the vote. In the just finished by-election TRS got 45.39% vote including Nagam Janardhan Reddy’s votes. Even if BJP’s vote is added to the total, the percentage votes received comes to 50.05%. To the contrary, Congress and TDP which have been dilly-dallying on the issue of separation gained votes. In 2010 by-elections, Congress got 18.70% votes and TDP got 7.22%. In this election both the parties strengthened and got 23.74% and 19.22% respectively. Both the parties appear to have gained at the expense of TRS.


Yes, while TRS won in 5 of the 6 seats it contested in, integrationists can take a little bit of comfort in dwindling TRS support among the voters. A strengthening BJP will also alienate Muslims and accordingly weaken TRS. We have to wait till the next election to see how things play out. Clearly, the separatist issue is not going away anytime soon.

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  1. jai jai telugu says:
    Telangana people show few old Muslim buildings and show off their senseless pride. They do not know that they were treated like slaves under Nizam. No Telugu, no religous freedom, no education, no nothing to Hindus under Nizam. If Telangana becomes a state, they will be back under Doras. News this week is that whole of Hyderabad is Wakf. This is new plan. Read other news on thirdclass Terrorist fanatics newspapers Siasat (MBT), Etemaad (MIM) etc

  2. jai jai telugu says:
    Telangana people show few old Muslim buildings and show off their senseless pride. They do not know that they were treated like slaves under Nizam. No Telugu, no religous freedom, no education, no nothing to Hindus under Nizam. If Telangana becomes a state, they will be back under Doras. News this week is that whole of Hyderabad is Wakf. This is new plan. Read other news on thirdclass Terrorist fanatics newspapers Siasat (MBT), Etemaad (MIM) etc

  3. Jai Gottimukkala says:

    @jai andhra pradesh:
    Reg Basavanadu vs. Royal Telangana:
    There is no public demand in either place.
    The only present demands are for article 371 status in HK & statehood in Telangana.
    Only the opinion of the concerned people counts, not  you or me (or JCD)
    Both T & RS have a rich culture but there are considerable differences. BK & HK, on the other hand, share the same culture (e.g. Basava, jowar, Kannada-Marathi bilingualism etc.)

  4. AMRAO says:

    This is a little digression from the topic being discussed here. I was going through the PEDDA BALA SIKSHA which my father bought yesterday for my kids. There was an interesting story about Andhra state and Telugu there. Here it goes.
    This incident occurred before independence. Before independence itself, there was a strong demand for a separate state of Andhra. One day, during a Congress meeting attended by Gandhi, Nehru, Vallabhbhai Patel and others, Bhogaraju Pattabhi Seetaramayya (BPS) brought the topic of separate state of Andhra. Sardar Patel ridiculed BPS by saying where is the state of Andhra that you keep talking about, you are all nothing but Madrasis. Then BPS took out a 1 anna coin from his pocket. He said to Sardar Patel — Please take a look at this 1 anna coin. There are four languages in which the value of the coin is printed on the coin. English, Hindi, Bengali and Telugu. The British have recognized Telugu as the third most important language of India and thus have printed the value of the coin in Telugu. Unfortunately Gujarati is not recognized. —- Sardar Patel was shocked and surprised. Gandhi whose native language is also Guajarati, smiled.
    The photo of the 1 anna coin is printed in the Pedda Bala Siksha which shows the words oka anna in Telugu.

    • GK says:

      Well, at the end they did create Andhra state. Hope you realize how T ppl are strongly feeling to realize their identity. Makes me wonder why the same stalwarts decided to eliminate the total identity of Hyderabad state by merging it with Andhra?

      • satya says:

        what will Nehru or Patel or Sastry get if they crush a glorifying identity called telangana? Does it exist in the least in 1950′s or prior to SRC? It reflects one’s narrow thinking that those stalwarts tried to ‘ELIMINATE’ the identity of hyd state. They did not. They joined the respective regions with similar identity inline to the policy of linguistic states. They valued centuries old identities than merely those artificial identities raised for political benefits of Ranga reddy & co..

  5. Jai Gottimukkala says:

    Congress did not support division of UP but is now considering "dividing" UPCC into four zones!

  6. GK says:

    The I-Max (Prasad) is built on such a historic land that the common man does not know. It was the place where the first power plant of India existed. The land was handed over to private parties without realizing the value of the history context and educational, tourism and pride value of the site… So sad, makes me emotional.. I-Max could have been constructed at the different site too. But now we cannot create a historical site that is lost!!!

    • GK says:

      Correction – read India as South India

      • satya says:

        1st power plant? later u will correct as thermal power plant..
        historic land? In what way? How many of telanganites used to visit such a historical place per day before it is handed over to I-Max? Did Pundit Jayasankar mentioned it in his fake papers? A structure that does not even have a century old history is a historic monument? then I can blame the govt for not funding my grand father’s home which is more than a century old. :)

  7. Jai Gottimukkala says:

    London city spent over GBP 200 millions to reconstruct Covent Garden. Here we are happily demolishing the historic Sultan Bazar market!
    There are protests in Chennai over the proposal to demolish the 40 year Anna arch to make way for the metro. The metro company agreed to relocate the arch. Here there is a talk that Allauddin building will fall a victim to road widening.
    Our baghs, our lakes, our rocks, our Irani hotels, our heritage buildings & even graveyards are falling to the real estate mafia & crony capitalists. Our composite culture (Ganga Jamuni tahzeeb) is suffering under the "only Telugu" onslaught. Yet Mr. Sunkara of Hyderabad Bachao Samiti (an affilliate of Chakravarthy's VMS) feels the best way to "bachao" Hyderabad is to fight against Telangana!

  8. Jai Gottimukkala says:

    Interesting "anecdote" but we should not take everything in textbooks as gospel truth. These are articles written by individuals who are  almost certainly not historians. Remember the "shoot me" episode attributed to Prakasam: this is debunked by his own autobiography.

    • AMRAO says:

      Whether it was true or not, the fact remains that telugu words were printed on the anna coin (unless it was digitially modified).
      In this age of lies, we tend to agree what we like and discount all other facts.

  9. Jai Gottimukkala says:

    "They are neither states or UTs in a regular definition"
    They are union territories with an assembly (Delhi is now a state). SAR is a term used for Hong Kong style setup that is not allowed in India.

  10. sera says:

    @ Jai
    Yet Mr. Sunkara of Hyderabad Bachao Samiti (an affilliate of Chakravarthy's VMS) feels the best way to "bachao" Hyderabad is to fight against Telangana!

    I absolutely agree with Sunkara saab. The best way to bachao Hyderabad is to keep it neutral – UT/SAR. Goondaism and Holliganism which the supreme court well stated is not the culture of Hyderabad at least. 
    Hyderabad belongs to as much as a person in Vijaywada to as much a person in Karimnagar and also as much to someone in Bidaar to as much as someone in Aurangabad. It belongs to all the people of all the districts of AP and the other districts which were given to Karnataka and Maharashtra. Why should there be a monopoly over it by these so called 10 districts. Sunkara saab is doing the right thing.

  11. sera says:

    @ jai.
    They are union territories with an assembly (Delhi is now a state).
    Looks like you have mastered the art of answering in pieces you like. What is Pondicherry? Take the Wikipedia definition
     However, along with Delhi, Pondicherry is one of the two union territories in India which is entitled by special constitutional amendments to have an electedlegislative assembly and a cabinet of ministers, thereby enjoying partial statehood powers.
    Pondicherry consists of four small unconnected districts:  PondicherryKaraikal and Yanam on the Bay of Bengal and Mahé on the Arabian Sea. Pondicherry and Karaikal are by far the larger ones and are both enclaves of Tamil Nadu. Yanam and Mahé are enclaves of Andhra Pradesh and Keralarespectively.
    So let Hyderabad be the same. And being geographically non-contiguous is not a problem in a nation state which is well proven in the case of Pondicherry which is geographically non-contiguous to itself (forget being geographically non-contiguous) to neighbouring states – so much for the brilliant arguments of the so called intellectuals like late Jayshankar and politicians like KCR (actually should call them rabble rousers and nothing else).

  12. sera says:

    @ GK
    The I-Max (Prasad) is built on such a historic land that the common man does not know. It was the place where the first power plant of India existed.
    Another lie. These guys who know little about Hyderabad (and are not Hyderabadis) speak.

  13. sera says:

    @ Jai
    Yet Mr. Sunkara of Hyderabad Bachao Samiti (an affilliate of Chakravarthy's VMS) feels the best way to "bachao" Hyderabad is to fight against Telangana!
    I fully agree with Sunkara saab. Why should Hyderabad be given away to the people of 10 districts when it belongs to all the people of AP, the districts lost to Karnataka and Maharashtra. A person from Vijaywada, Karmnagar, Aurangabad and Bidaar have ewual stakes in it including (first among equals :) ) the Hyderabadis wherever they came from.
    If you are having a monopolistic/fascist vision then it needs to be resisted and that is what Sunkaraa saab is doing. Why blame him. Blame your own narrow and contrived thinking selfishly.

  14. jai andhra pradesh says:

    sera says:
    April 7, 2012 at 3:37 am
    @ GK
    The I-Max (Prasad) is built on such a historic land that the common man does not know. It was the place where the first power plant of India existed. 
    Another lie. These guys who know little about Hyderabad (and are not Hyderabadis) speak.
    this lie was brought into surface by telangana transco employees jac.They even  pasted posters in several areas  in hyderabad this was brought immediately after the desecration of idols  on tank bund to divert the attention of the public and hide their mistake.
    when the land was given to imax where were these fools??why didnt they protest??

  15. jai andhra pradesh says:
    bid to convert accidental death into t-suicide thwarted 
    what is your answer for this??

    • Andhra says:

      This is conspiracy by seema andhra media . Andhras using their 'tamil connections' trying to discredit the holy cow that is TG movement.

  16. sera says:

    Our composite culture (Ganga Jamuni tahzeeb) is suffering under the "only Telugu" onslaught.
    Do you people use some words or phrases because they sound cute.
    1. What happened to your Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb feeling when the Hyderabad state was split and districts given away to maharashtra and karnataka, You people gleefully talked of "only telugu" spirit and kicked the concept of Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb in its face.
    2. What happened to your Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb when in your so called pesant revolution you kicked the muslims in their faces and slaughtered muslims.
    3. What happened to your Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb when you razed to ground the statues and the buildings of Muslims and non-telugus during the same uprising and occupied lands that were not yours in a violent manner.
    4. What happened to your Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb when every year you people committed riots and had curfews and killed many non-telugus and muslims which thankfully came to a halt with the coming of NTR.
    5. And now you talk of sultan bazaar which is challenged by a modernisation activity. What was your Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb doing when monda market was being occupied by people from T area forcefully through goondaism. Could you not protest that it should belong to those small original owners. No it was ok to throw out some non-telugu people because you could do it. Or for that matter the way "chaman ki hotel" was demolished?
    Do you people use such words because they sound cute. 

  17. sera says:

    To add to the above even you sidelined the non-telugus in the congress party and also in the 1969 movement. While Keshavrao Jadhav saab could have been the head of the party TPS you never allowed him.
    You will remember that the back-stabber chenna reddy taker over of TPS was big time resisted by Hyderbadis and it was the other people from the T area who expressively sated that the Hyderabadis know nothing of politics and installed chenna redyy and see where it has got us into.
    Next even when madan mohan split and formed his own party he and others never gave Keshav rao Jadhav his due place. Even consider MA HAshim who was totally sidelined by your "only telugu" onslaught even in the peak of the 1969 movement. For that matter do you even mention a name like Badri Vishal Pitti whom Chenna reddy disgraced when he supported the division after the "Jai Andhra" movement had started and there was a good chance to form the state.
    Even now see the way BJP is making inroads which you seem to be happy about (and is BJP a harbinger of the Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb)
    And now the funny part is you can't even live with people (telugus) that you deserted us for. Sometimes I dont know what problem you guys have.
    But stop speaking of Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb and things like those just because they sound cute. 

  18. jai andhra pradesh says:

    well said sera ,
    these t-vadis have only one agenda to carry out hate campaign on seemandhra people.

  19. Jai Gottimukkala says:

    "You people gleefully talked of "only telugu" spirit and kicked the concept of Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb in its face"
    GMA includes two points: a. Urdu continuing as an official language & b. one of the Telangana ministers should be a Muslim.
    Several non-Telugus occupied important positions right from HC Heda to Suresh Shetkar. Contrast with Andhra that can come up with just one name viz. Anantasayanam Iyyangar.
    Your "hero" NTR stopped the practice of a Telangana Muslim becoming minister, imposed Telugu everywhere & put his foot firmly down on other languages.
    "your so called pesant revolution you kicked the muslims in their faces and slaughtered muslims"
    The so called rebellion was a communist (Naxalite) insurgency led by andhras like Sundarayya (and guided by the Kremlin). They killed many "doras" and occupied their lands. Samaik"h"yavadis like Chakravarthy eulogize these men as heroes for the "Telugu cause". The "freedom fighters" whom VMS parades (Narra Madhava Rao & Sugunamma) belong to this ilk. Telangana communists like Ravi Narayana Reddy wanted to stop the fight once Indian army entered Hyderabad but overruled by Andhra bosses & Russian super bosses.
    I can go on but I guess you get the gist. If you want to champion the linguistic minorities, why do you join hands with those who worship "Telugu talli" or claim "Telugu roots" as a unifying force?

  20. Jai Gottimukkala says:

    This comment is for Sera only. Others please do not respond.
    "These guys who know little about Hyderabad (and are not Hyderabadis) speak"
    Who is a Hyderabadi Sera sahib? Will you qualify the guy who is described below as a Hyderabadi?
    a. When asked "where are you from?" replies Kakinada, Bapatla or whatever but never says Hyderabad
    b. Leaves Hyderabad every conceivable opportunity (e.g. three day holidays) to go to his "native place"
    c. Rarely ventures beyond Punjagutta & has never been beyond Gunfoundry & Masabtank
    d. Speaks & understands only Telugus
    e. Sees only Telugu movies & TV programs
    f. Can discuss ad nauseum about his favorite Telugu hero (choice depending on his caste) but can't even recognize Shahrukh Khan by face
    f. Rooms with people from his own region (and preferably caste too) & shuns all others
    g. Patronises only Andhra mess, curry points or tiffin centers. Never been to an Irani hotel, Udupi restaurant or  chat bhandar
    h. Hates Marwaris (usually shopkeepers) & Muslims (usually autowalas) because they speak Urdu and don't understand his heavily accented Telugu
    i. Hates Gujaratis, UP-ites, Marathis, Punjabis etc. because for  him they are all "North Indians"
    j. Hates Tamils & calls them aravollu
    k. Rants about Telugu not dominating in the capital of "our Telugu state" (e.g. తెలుగు దేశం రాజధానిలో తెలుగుకు విలువ లేదా?)
    This is a typical Y2K Andhra. अगर आपका केंद्र पालित सपना सच हुआ, इनी लोगोंसे आपका पाला पड़ेगा.
    PS: Do you remember the last time I replied to you in the Devanagari script? A Telugu only "integrationist" immediately objected.

    • satya says:

      Sorry.. can not resist to interfere.

      a. When asked “where are you from”? replies Medak, karimnagar, Warangal.. is he a qualified hyderabadi and have stakes on the city or its future? or if the answer is gujarati, sindhi, turkey is a more hyderabadi?
      b. People who fetches their roots in turky, pakistan and try to migrate to any arab country thru all means will be a more qualified citizen of the capital than those who go to their ancestors house just for a 3 day holidays? or celebrating budh purnima or parsi newyear makes a person more hyderabadi than celebrating sankranti?
      c. Only confined to 1/3 rd of city and don’t mingle with others (so much to ganga jamuna tehzeeb) is a more qualified citizen of the city?
      d. Speaks understands only gujarati/hindi/urdu and all other minorty languages imposed by His highness but denies to speak in the language of locals is a more qualified citizen than people who trade in state’s language?
      e. I doubt T people (likes of Viplav reddy, sujai) who migrated to USA started watching american soap operas, eat semi boiled pork and celebrates easter (but not batukamma)
      f. which movies will run for more days in hyderabad? Chiranjeevi’s or Shahrukh khan’s? I surprised not watching shah rukh movie is a crime and make a person a lesser citizen in his own’s capital but on the contrary not speaking and watching telugu movies will make somebody more hyderabadi? LOL
      g. To qualify a hyderabadi some one has to share his room with a complete stranger? But people who vote for the party of their own religion is more hyderabadis. And people (marwaris, gujaratis) who does not even consider matrimonial alliances (even after 100 yrs, and after getting authentic hyderabadi tag) too with the locals are more hyderabadis. But people who share such relationships with the locals are less hyderabadis)
      h. Can someone prove those who go to curry points are only from andhra and all other locals and other telangana ppl are living on irani chai and hyderabadi biryani (that too prepared in gunfoundry or old city) everyday?
      I) Hate locals and oppressed them for years (with the great help of his highness). and the seth’s wife speaks his naukar, kya re yadgiri.. kidar gaya re.. kaam kab koroge re? to make herself a proper hyderabadi.
      j) hated telugus for years calling them as madarasis will make some one a proper hyderabadi
      k) Reading urdu news papers, speaks in english or urdu but not telugu is the typical style of hyderabadi? and how many such people exist in entire twin cities?
      People who speak state’s 1st language in the state capital is a less citizen of the state than those who speak their ‘native state’s language’ even after 100 yrs of migration will be more qualified citizen of the city?
      l) is Resident of kukatpally is a less hyderabadi compared to resident of karwan?
      M) Liking mutton biryani makes some one more hyderabadi compared to liking chepala pulusu.. is that what how u identifies some one as hyderabadi?
      N) Sloganeering Jai Karnataka on Nov 1 will make someone more hyderaadi and where as saying Jai Andhra Pradesh will make somebody non hyderabadi?

      such is the thinking of your disturbed brain, which is no less than of Akazu group. The extremist group behind rwanda massacre.

    • sera says:

      @ Jai
      Right now I am travelling and I will respond to your post in some time.
      But meanwhile I definitely take exception to the kind of direction in an open conversation that you are taking saying "This comment is for Sera only. Others please do not respond."
      Sounds like speaking into my ear by calling me aside in a group of people which itself you should understand is a behavior that I can take offence to when we are arguing quite openly (and I might add civilizedly).
      An other thing at a macro level is most of your reasons or posers seem juvenile. I have known people from both sides and I can find whatever you stated being applicable to both sides. I have found many TGs also not liking Hindi and it is not just a seema-andhra prejudice. We have come to live with it. But I find it funny when you exceptionalise it.
      There's no reason for you to say sorry to interfere. I am embarassed. After all just because Jai says so there is no need to say sorry. You should have said "inspite of Jai's orders that only sera should respond.  . ."
      I think I should say sorry for being this lecturey :)
      @ Jai
      Anyway satya seems to have captured some of the macro level things that I too felt when I said it is juvenile. If you don't mind you could respond to that. I want to actually respond to the other things that you raised.
      BTW do you consider that the peasant revolution was also a seema-andhra conspiracy to vitiate the "Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb" that was there according to you? And what's your stand on the peasant revolution – bad or good? I see praises of it everywhere from your brethern :) I will give you my opinion whenever I manage to sit at a place.

    • Andhra says:

      @ Jai
      You are nothing but a dirty minded bigot. Andhras should realise the prejudice that is there in some of the dirty minds in TG , who will be in control once TG state forms. One more perfect example of why Hyd should not go with TG because Andhras will be in physical danger once Hyd becomes part of TG.

  21. Jai Gottimukkala says:

    "Keshavrao Jadhav saab could have been the head of the party TPS"
    Sera sahib, not only Prof. Jadhav but the other non-Congress leaders (Badrivishal Pitti, TN Sadalaxmi, B. Satyanarana Reddy, Easwari Bai etc.) were all left high & dry when Chenna Reddy sold out to Indira Gandhi (Chakravarthy's "hero"). They started a party called STPS with BS Reddy as President & Prof. Jadhav as Secretary. Without any resources, this party did somewhat OK in the 1972 elections but could not continue their momentum.
    I guess you read Prof. Jadhav's article  because you are  quoting other material from that. I am surprised you missed the above in the same article. You will note he blames Chenna Reddy for politicking but does not complain of being sidelined on his language or caste.
    BTW you still owe me "one" pro-Hyderabad UT name.

  22. Jai Gottimukkala says:

    "the fact remains that telugu words were printed on the anna coin"
    I agree. I am only cautioning against the urban legend that tries to glorify Pattabhi at the expense of Sardar Patel.

  23. Jai Gottimukkala says:

    My comment is for Sera only.
    Interesting response but I guess you are mixing up three different profiles (let me call them Yadagiri, Sera Singh & Khader Khan :)
    Let Sera respond to my question (meant only for him) and part of yours (directed at non-Telugu Hyderabadis whose champion he is)
    As far as I can gauge, Sera was born & bought up in Hyderabad and his family is here for 100+ years. He does not read, speak or understand Telugu. It is a fair bet he does not watch Chiru movies (or any of the other caste heroes). Yet he is a pucca Hyderabadi.

    • satya says:

      I doubt you are again trying to (intentionally) misinterpret my comment. I did not said Sera or someone else who can not read, speak or understand telugu is a non hyderabadi. I objected to your definition of those who speak urdu or uses arabic quotes or drink irani chai is ONLY a (more) hyderabadi but those who speak in telugu, eats andhra meals who in ur shrewd opinion non hyderabadis. None can champion the tag of pucca hyderabadi over others even the latter likes to follow the tradition and habits of the place where he came from… In other words I am equally as hyderabadi as Sera even though I don’t need to cross gunfoundry or Some Jai is also an EQUAL hyderabadi even he doesn’t like to step in kukatpally but wishes ppl of karnataka on rajyotsava. That is what a city offers… different set of people.

  24. Jai Gottimukkala says:

    @Sera: I said "for Sera only" is because I am asking for an interpretation of your definition of Hyderabadi. Satya can interpret the profile according to his definition, not Sera's.
    I will wait for your answer on whether the profile I gave (whether it fits T or SA guys) is a Hyderabadi as per your definition. Bon voyage!

  25. Jai Gottimukkala says:

    Satya, what is wrong with “Jai Karnataka, jai Telangana, Bharat mata ki jay ho”?

    • satya says:

      I jst questioned does sloganeering on nov 1 as Jai karnataka (though someone living in hyd, AP) make someone make more hyderabadi instead of saying Jai AP?/

  26. sera says:

    @ Jai,
    You can take Satya's response as very valid to points that I think are very childish. Anyway here are some that you need to think of.
    The Jews living in America or New York and practicing their own faith and visiting Jerusalem as a ritual every year and following their food habits does not make them less American or New Yorkish. That is the whole idea of a Cosmopolitan City. It stems out of cultivating a sense of tolerance and not from a sense of losing your identity which you seem to indicate. 
    Of course cosmopolitan cities over a period of time and mainly through loosening of conservative mores and values tend to become real melting points. Cross marriages help in those and accelerate the same. And so do pub cultures etc :) (I know there are people who hate that kind of modernisation) 
    So essentially what defines a place like Hyderabad is its spirit of tolerance and that everyone can live here safely and peacefully. There is no pucca Hyderabadi in that sense of the word. The problem comes when a movement like the TG movement disturbs this atmosphere and damages this sense of tolerance. The seema-andhras for all you say did not disturb this sense/balance of tolerance. Maybe like you put it they ganged up and lived in Kukatpally (like Jews live in certain parts of New York). Why should we have a problem with that? We (now I mean Hyderbadis) have a problem with the way peace is destroyed because of this TG movement. And when I specifically mentioned NTR, I did so because the shift that he brought about was dramatic when it came to communal clashes. One should also credit CB Naidu for the way he changed the city for the better in terms of infrastructure etc. In fact many of us non-telugus recall the good old days of Babu.
    So you may want to deny the contribution of seema-andhras in the city but we non-telugus don't see it that way. In fact we feel that the old Hyderabad state should not have been split. But anyway that's history and there is so much that can be done or undone. There is only nostalgia.
    I have had marriages in my family from Telugus and I must say the couples and we as relatives are very happy and they have come from both the areas of TG and seema-andhra. 
    The real problem here I have is when there is a ton of lies there. For example that I-Max thing where there was only a building and a large steam generator which used the water from the lake. It only powered that building. There is nothing revolutionary about it. The Nizam used it as a farmhouse or a lake guest house in those days :) And when you say there was a thermal power plant there or something like that I find my stomach hurts. There is so much lies that one can buy. 
    And this area never had "Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb" like you very well know. The phrase may sound cute and the truth may not. It was a phrase invented by the Nizam so that he psychologically feels nice – a lot like "Jews friendly programs" that Hitler took up. So when you say that I balk.
    And the telugu integration has not been all that bad honestly. Though of course I wish we could have the erstwhile Hyderabad state without the Nizam and give a shot at making a real "Ganga Jamuna Tehzeeb". But with the maoist ideology so embedded I am doubtful we can even dare to dream of it.

    • Andhra says:

      @ Sera ,
      Let me add , Do you know who are the people who plant the seeds of prejudice against Hyd muslims in the minds of people who have never even been to Hyd. In my case it was my friends from TG ,who joined under non  local quota in andhra engg colleges  ,who told me all these prejudices against Hyd muslims. In many other cases it is intermediate students who come from TG and study in Vijayawada /guntur .
      So much for the 'Ganga jamuna gulaab jaam baadushah'

  27. Jai Gottimukkala says:

    You did not answer whether the fictional person I described is a Hyderabadi in your opinion. I should have guessed you would not.

  28. jai andhra pradesh says:

    what is wrong with 'jai andhra pradesh','jai telugu thalli' 

  29. sera says:

    @ Jai
    You did not answer whether the fictional person I described is a Hyderabadi in your opinion. I should have guessed you would not.
    Is the fictional person that satya described a Hyderabadi in your opinion. Satya actually saved me a post :) Thanks satya.

  30. jai andhra pradesh says:

    yet another venom spewed by pro telangana websites on communal riots:

    • Andhra says:

      I am a soldier in moron state movement. I am suffering with constipation for the last one week. This is a conspiracy by Seema Andhra people , seema andhra media , seema andra xxxxx industries

  31. Jai Gottimukkala says:

    "Is the fictional person that satya described a Hyderabadi in your opinion."
    Satya mixed up three different profiles (Yadagiri, Sera Singh & Khader Khan!)

  32. Jai Gottimukkala says:

    Nothing wrong with praising your state & "mother". I don't do it because I don't support the former or recognize the latter.

  33. sera says:

    "Is the fictional person that satya described a Hyderabadi in your opinion."
    Satya mixed up three different profiles (Yadagiri, Sera Singh & Khader Khan!)

    Mixing of profiles is all about what being a Hyderabad is. The profile you mentioned (which is true) is also Hyderabadi as well as the profile that Satya mentioned (which is also true) is also a Hyderabadi.
    You know where and when the issue comes? It comes when you tell one of the profile that he/she does not belong here. At which point of time someone like me raises up and says "who gives you that right to profile in such a manner". And if one were to abstract the same argument (we add) that you also don't belong to Hyderabad or are not a Hyderabadi.
    So who gives a right to someone;
    1. To say one is not a Hyderabadi because he goes to his native town of Vijaywada or Karimanagar?
    2. To say one is not a Hyderabadi because he eats andhra meals vs jowar roti?
    3. To say one is not a Hyderabadi because he celebrates Bathakamma vs some Sankranti?
    4. To say one is not a Hyderabadi because he speaks Parsi and not Urdu (this actually came up my grandfather tells me at one point of time when the Parsis were told that they were not "pucca/true Hyderabadis")?
    5. To say one is not a Hyderabadi because he eats hot/spicy Pickles vs someone eats them sweetishly tinged?
    So if you take up that right Jai and think its rightful to ask that question then you will be asked the question as to why should anyone from the 10 districts be considered Hyderabadi while people from the other districts of AP or the districts from the erstwhile Hyderabad state from Maharashtra and Karnataka should not be.
    And for the record let me tell you that no one in Hyderabad considers someone from Warangal as Hyderabadi and neither did they ever. It is after this movement (and the desire of hegemony over Hyderabad) that you are championing it. You may argue that it is true for SeemaAndhras too which is true. As far as we are concerned in that sense you are both the same and we welcome you both as long as you can leave us alone – which is UT status or a Pondicherry like of status.

  34. Jai Gottimukkala says:

    "This is a conspiracy by Seema Andhra people , seema andhra media , seema andra xxxxx industries"
    Please see the story at where Owaisi accused Toorpu Jayaprakash Reddy(alias Jaggareddy) for the arson. Normally Majlis targets BJP but this time chose to accuse an MLA of their friendly party Congress (that too holding an important position).

    • satya says:

      Not only Jagga Reddy, he mentioned the name of Shaik Saber from his own religion. But that is an accusation. How does it become a conspiracy by seema andhra? Is Jagga Reddy or Saber seema andhra people?

  35. jai andhra pradesh says:

    @ satya garu
    from pollution in hyderabad to communal riots every thing is blamed on andhra people ,this is the height of hatred in t-vadis towards andhra

  36. Ramesh says:

    After following this discussion on this portal , I am feeling rather sick.
    Jai, GK and other TRS members who are hard-core separatists are using a very mild language on this forum and that itself is so sickening. God only knows what is being discussed on other forums where only T-Separatists are using an exclusive forums. And I can't even imagine what is being discussed in closed meeting rooms in T Bhavans etc.,
    Nothing concrete has happened in terms of GOVT decision-making and they have already started profiling people as Hyderabadi/Non-Hyderabadi  (with a hint of hate-campain intention towards people from costa-seema origins) on pro-integration forum.
    I think Chakravarthy garu did an excellent blog on this topic with subject "Hyderabad is not your Jagir !!". With due respect to everyone living in Hyderabad for past 400 years or more, who gives the right to term anyone whether they are hyderabadis or not. Any India Citizen / Legal resident (including short-term visa holders) are as much hyderabadis as the one who lived there for ages and paid income tax, sales tax etc..,. As a resident it is one's obligation to pay the tax. That does not give any right on the entire city or state. Every legal resident has to abide by law of the land. Period. If someone (whether the person is a minion or a CM) has broken the law, TRS and TJAC members have every right to raise it with appropriate law enforcing agencies. And nothing more.
    I don't think I would recommend anyone to visit Hyderabad until this hate campaign comes down. For me, this city is on the 'Red-Alert' status.
    @Jai @ Sera – With due respect. You have the right to determine who is your family and who is going to be invited into your home. That's it. You do not have any right to determine who is a Hyderabadi.
    P.S: I always wondered how could such a massacre happened in Rwanda between two tribes who have common heritage. Now I know, exactly how easy it is to instigate such campaigns.

  37. sera says:

    @Jai @ Sera – With due respect. You have the right to determine who is your family and who is going to be invited into your home. That's it. You do not have any right to determine who is a Hyderabadi.
    Ramesh. I take a exception to putting me and jai in the same mould and making the comment. Looks like you have not taken the time to read the comments before.
    I have said the same thing that no one has a right to decide who is a Hyderabadi. But if Jai says so I provided info to the contrary.
    As a Hyderabadi I feel disgusted that someone takes my name (and clubs it with someone else) and makes a comment like that.
    Ramesh, I expected more civility and understanding.

  38. Sunil says:

    Read how the Rwanda genocide unfolded and I do see similar lines in the T movement – Hatred for other people, false media propaganda, distorting the historical facts etc.

  39. ramesh says:

    Apologies for clubbing your name with Jai. I think I jumped the gun and had misread a post pertaining to Jai as posted by you.
    My apologies again.

  40. bellaryredu says:

    I am writing from Bellary. We do not want another division of Telugus. But unfortunately the Telangana peoples lie are knowing no bounds. They are writings new stories and history even about Gods.
    Look at the news paper. It is filled with false history. They are just too jealous to understand the facts. They are not able to digest the fact that their regions were totally destroyed under the muslim rule, and thats why they were backward prior to 1930s. From 1930s the most magnificently improved region is Telangana. No other region in India witnessed riches from rags in few years. Nothing needs to be told about the last 20 years. Once illiterate region turned into literate overnight. They are not able to bear the prosperity of their benefactors, the Andhra people.

  41. bellaryredu says:

    This happens no where. This is absolute jealousy. The whole Telangana movement is filled with lies, lies and nothing else. This newspaper like all media about Telangana is just a pathetic lie. They want to compare the seemandhra which improved because of colonial rule with their nizam regions. Though they will not listen, tell them the facts. They tell that Godavari and Krishna pass through their regions but their regions are backward (a total lie now; yes they were backward when they were under nizam). Godavari and Krishna also pass through the Nizam regions of Maharashtra and Karnataka. Why are then the nizam regions of Karnataka and Maharashtra the most backward regions compared to Telanagana which was once as backward as them.
    If these news are not countered the country will be a shit bag for ever. No one can change it in future. These lies are worse than what Pakistan tries to portray India as.
    Get this friends it is not the Politicians that are at the back of this Telangana Movement of lies. Some of their educated fellows who are immensley jealous are behind all this nonsense.

  42. bellaryredu says:

    They want create lies in every field and brainwash their people. wow, this is the worst and most horrible movement filled with lies i have ever seen in history of the world.
    They have brainwashed their people against other Telugus by telling them that their language is used by comedians and villains. Dialects used in Telugu movies for comedians and vilains included some dialects from Srikakulam, some dialects from Krishna, Godavari, Nellore some dialects of Kadapa,Chittoor some dialects of Hyderabad (not all dialects of Telangana: Warangal has many dialects, so does Mahboobnagar, so does Karimnagar, so does Nizamabad and Nalgonda dialect is totally different from some dialects that are in Adilabad and Medak. Since the film industry is in Hyderabad the most used dialect of Telangana region is that of Hyderabadi Telugu accent which is totally different from Khammam, Nalginda, Adilabad, Mahboobnagar. In India their are 6000 dialects. India cannot have 6000 states. Tell them to watch Hindi movies Govinda, Sadasiv Amrapurkar, and more. In Hindi movies comedians and vilains have used Bihari, Bhojpuri, Hyderabadi Deccani (by comedian Mahmoud and others), Haryanvi, Rajasthani etc. They have even used Madrassi dialect.

  43. bellaryredu says:

    They tell that their history is ignored, their culture is ignored, their language is ignored, their lies knows no bounds. In fact the people who protected their history are from other regions. Potanas Andhra Mahabhagavatam was preserved by the other people Andhra. They were the first people to make film on him(Deshapathi says pothanaki kooda anyayamu jarigindhi) Even the first statue of Potana was erected by other ANdhras. He says they have to read and talk in others tongue. WHy cant he question himself, how were his ancestors able to talk in urdu all these days when Telugu was banned in their own region. He says in Peddabalasiksha it says Ontey ekki Ongole vellamu but we can never go to Karimnagar etc. Question yourself Deshapathi and ilk. What are you crying about. Why did your Nizam ban Telugu in your regions. And why do you want to go to Karimnagar. Does it even have your regional name. It is named by the Nizam rulers.. I remember 30 years back I had school lessons about Kakateeyas, Potana, Kaleswaram etc. The first history about kakateeyas was written in Telugu by other people of Andhra. Their Nizam rulers did not even let them study in their own language. What are these fellows compalining about. Who wrote about ekasilanagaram. It is the other Andhras who preserved their history. Who called Kaleswaram as one of the temples in Trilinga. It is the telugus of seemandhra. Who made the first Bathukamma song? It is the other Andhras.
    They also complain about their dialect (first thing their are 100s for dialect in AP and in India) is not used and they have to talk in others dialect. They are suffereing from a very pathetic ego problem that cannot be seen anywhere in India. First of all why didnt they do anything for their language when Nizam ruled out their language and banned it. Why Why. Why are they not thankful to the other ANdhras for reintroducing their own Telugu as their official language. Secondly, every where in this world one dialect or a combination of few close one (which are away from other language interactions) are chosen as the standard for any language. In Maharashtra, the standard Marathi does not come from their Nizam districts,. So is true about Karnataka. The dialect that is chosen in Karnataka is Mysore. The dialect that is chosen in Tamil Nadu is Madurai or Tanjore ? The one for Urdu is UP Lucknow and Agra. In UK, the Wales dialect is not used. For Urdu, the Hyderabadi Urdu is not used. These guys will not change.

  44. bellaryredu says:

    Chakravarthy, you may think that this inciting of jealousy in Telangana people is only from 10 years. It has been their in the academic circles of Telangana since at least 20 years. It has its roots in the Osmania, Kakateeya universities. But it became more since last 10 years as that was the boom period. The people who were originally rich became richer. The people who were politically powerful became powerful. And stalwarts in it were from seemandhra region. Even in it, only the Kammas, Kapus, Reddies and Brahmins of other regions became rich. The film indusrty was hardwork and not some stealing like it was done by YSR and KCR and nizami razakars that linger around still.Where are the other castes. Castes like Balija, Golla, Mala, Mangali , Raju, Komti, Rajaka etc remained as they were anywhere. Then how can they say the whole of Seemandhras. Is nt that a big lie. Velamas, Reddys, Brahmins, Munnuru Kapus, Gouds and Yadavs of Telangana also benefitted from the Telangana agitation. They made crores. All the politicians research about them. The muslims of Telangana and elsewhere benefit from all things as usual.  

  45. bellaryredu says:


  46. bellaryredu says:

    Tell Deshapathi and his kind of guys that even in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and elsewhere there are books such as Pedda Balasiksha which were equivalent to it. These people are shame to the whole concept of education.

  47. Jai Gottimukkala says:

    Anyone can come to Hyderabad (or Mumbai) and live here whether he is from Kakinada, Nirmal, Jaunpur, Ratnagiri or Kapurthala. All of them have equal rights as much as those whose families are living for several generations.
    One point that people are missing amidst all the cacophony is "equal". I find people asserting special privileges on grounds that like "this is my own capital" or "my language is the official state  language". They go to the extent of castigating other residents with "why don't these guys not speak Telugu/Marathi" or calling them "outsiders" etc.
    I see so called "integrationists" attacking non-Telugus on several forums. Sera is nowhere to be seen in such situations :)
    Insisting on others speaking the "official language" (e.g. దొంగ వెధవ, ఇక్కడే పుట్టి పెరిగినా తెలుగు మాట్లాడడు ) or opposing their right to celebrate their festivals (e.g. chat puja) is against the spirit of India.
    A Hyderabadi (or Mumbaikar) is an individual who understands, appreciates, nurtures & celebrates the uniqueness of the city (or region). This tag does not bestow any privileges but rather places a duty to protect & promote the unique cultural heritage. In other words, a Hyderabadi loves the place & its ambience. Some of my friends (originally from Rayalaseema or Telangana) call themselves Bangaloreans for similar reasons.

    • satya says:

      Is there anything wrong if someone belong to a particular state, calling its capital as my state’s capital? Does feeling such affinity and affection also hurt others? You must 1st digest the fact that Indian states formed on linguistic basis. So there is nothing wrong in saying my language is state’s official language. Also there is nothing wrong for a govt to promote the language of the state. People who migrated from other areas(like gujaratis, sindhis) have every right to speak their language and they are inclusive of the state’s population. But it is the usual practice people call them outsiders. But the inner meaning of such description is “వీళ్ళు ఎప్పుడో ఫలానా కాలం అప్పుడు వచ్చారు. ఇంక తర తరాలుగా ఇక్కణ్ణే ఉంటున్నారు” Every common man cannot have so rich vocabulary like Jai or speak such a politically correct language in their day to day conversation.

      “Integrationists attacked non-telugus? There are so many non-telugus (Jains, Marwaris and Rajastanis) live in vijayawada, guntur and in other areas of the state. Never did there is any physical or other forms of “attacks” happen on these people. contrary to ganga jamuna culture It is the natural aversion in telangana against north indians and is the origin for the birth of mulki movement.

      >> (e.g. దొంగ వెధవ, ఇక్కడే పుట్టి పెరిగినా తెలుగు మాట్లాడడు )
      People have different opinions. like some other similar sick brains think “దొంగ వెధవ.. ఇక్కడ ఉంటూ ఇరాని ఛాయ్ తాగడు. షారుక్ సినిమాలు చూడడు. బతుకమ్మ ఆడడు. ఆంధ్ర మీల్స్ తింటాడు”.

      >> This tag does not bestow any privileges but rather places a duty to protect & promote the unique cultural heritage.
      Sorry there is a myth called cultural heritage of a city. A city or any place does not have cultural heritage on its own or if any it never is a static. Culture do change depends on what majority follows. or what the majority likes. But does not mean it is enforced on others who want to follow their own. A gujarati did/need not change his/his family culture when he lives in hyd or guntur so is a fellow from coastal AP need not change his food habits if he lives in hyd. Interestingly those who ask to promote heritage of a city find it offensive if a CM of a telugu state promotes telugu in his own state.

      • sera says:

         @ Satya and @ Jai
        This kind of discussion had come up even earlier in the post by Chakravarthy saab titled "Hyderabad is not your Jagir"
        I am just reposting the same in part. It was in response to Prakash.
        Thanks for adding an other dimension to this discussion. Let me give my thoughts on this for whatever worth they are. Be sure that I am no expert at this but I don't think anyone is either 
        What makes an identity or what the self thinks that the self is. Many things go into it – language, geography, caste (specially in the case of India while you could replace that easily with religion in other places.) For example someone in New York will tell you he is a german austrian jew – language/geography/religion while when he goes lets say to China he will say I am a New Yorker or an American. When pushed further he will say I am orginally a german austrian jew. Note that history and culture are an integral part of all these dimensions – language, caste/religion and geography. History and culture are too abstract to be beginning points of "identity formation" for most people. and anyway language specifically defines the history and culture you learn and evolve. This is also the reason why one finds that most people who know more than one language have a more broader "identity" of themselves.
        So when someone is saying I am a "Hyderabad Gujarati Marwari" he follows the same structure but remember he says that when he is in Delhi. When he is in Gujarat he says he is a "Hyderabadi Marwari". And in Hyderabad where there is no need to say Hyderabadi he may say he is a "Gujarati Marwari".
        The definition of the "self" is dependent on which other "self" he is speaking to.
        Further to this now I add @ Jai
        The attack on other forums against non-telugus is nothing new. Even in non-forums in real world it is done. And it is done everywhere. That is a totally different and universal issue and can be found from London to Tokyo. That is a general prejudice (and a part of human nature of human beings who still need to evolve :)
        This discussion is entirely different from the dislike non-telugus discussions. This is an issue of politics and the fate of Hyderabad as a political unit. That is why you will see me here and not there. Of course these days you don't see me at Sujais blog as Sujai particularly censors all of my posts (I presume it gives him happiness :) or he is unable to digest this Hyderbad UT/SAR argument by a Hyderabadi.
        In fact Sujai should be credited with the fact that he allowed me posting later which he took a dislike to me :) This is unlike other Telangana forums or blogs where my first post itself is deleted and thrown out.

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