Shouldn’t TRS Mourn the September 17th Liberation Day?

In order to not lose the momentum of their movement, TRS is working hard to gin up issue after issue till the Srikrishna Committee finishes its work. According to The Hindu August 20, 2010, KCR said that “…citizens all over the world enjoyed the right to celebrate the freedom of their homeland. But, people of Telangana alone were unlucky on this front. The Independence Day on August 15 was not a matter of celebration for them. On the contrary, they got their real independence from the clutches of Nizam's rule on September 17”.


In my view KCR and his TRS cohorts should grieve on September 17th and not celebrate.


In the modern history of Telugus there are three salient events- 1) Formation of Andhra State 2) Liberation of the Hyderabad State 3) Formation of Andhra Pradesh (Vishalandhra)


In my view all three should be celebrated, by one and all. However, no more government, bank, or school holidays- they wreak economic havoc on common man.


Andhra State was formed on October 1, 1953. The state came into existence, after a struggle that started in 1904 when Young Men's Literary Association was formed in Guntur. This organization transformed into Andhra Mahasabha. Father of the Andhra State movement Konda Venkatappayya fought hard for over three and a half decades for a state that will unite Telugus scattered across different regions. After the death of Amarajeevi Potti Sriramulu, Nehru conceded to the creation of Andhra State.


Now coming to the Hyderabad State, half of the state was made up of Telugu people, while Marathi, Kannada, and others constituted the remaining half. Initially Persian and later on Urdu became the official language of the state, despite Telugu being the most spoken language in the state. Telugu people were not even allowed to speak in their mother tongue in public forums. Telugus tired of discrimination under Nizam formed Andhra Mahasabha. Respectable figures like Madapati Hanumanth Rao, Survaram Pratap Reddy, Raavi Narayana Reddy led this organization. Later on the organization came to be dominated by Communists who have organized the peasants in an armed struggle against Nizam and his feudal lords, who have committed untold atrocities against civilians. Over 4,000 people died in that armed struggle and over 2,000 from the Nalgonda district alone. This movement shook the foundation of Nizam's rule. During this struggle against Nizam, friendly relationships developed between the Nizam Telugu districts and the Madras Telugu districts, which laid the seeds for a future Vishalandhra.


After India's independence from the Britishers, almost all the 600 odd princely states merged with either India or Pakistan, while Nizam toyed with the idea of staying independent. On September 13, 1948 Nehru ordered Operation Polo, which was one of the easiest wars Indian army ever undertook. Andhra Pradesh state came into existence on November 1st 1956 according to the desires of majority of the Telugu people of all the regions. Burugula Ramakrishna Rao sacrificed his CM position for Telugu unity.


Therefore, Andhra State formation on October 1st, Hyderabad State Liberation on September 17th, and formation of Andhra Pradesh on November 1st should be celebrated by all Telugus.


For current day separatists, millions of peasants that suffered under feudal atrocities under Nizam’s rule are not so material. It doesn’t matter that Hyderabad was built for elites, with the blood sucked from the poor farmers who had to endure 26 different kinds of taxes including taxes such as levy- which is what farmers had to pay irrespective of the output on the land, dispute tax to have a dispute settled between two parties, ash tax to cremate loved ones, war tax to finance the British in the 2nd world war. While Nizam ruled from Hyderabad and gave over 80% of the government jobs to Muslims, feudal lords reigned over rural areas running their own fiefdoms and fleecing poor peasants. Janna Reddy Pratap Reddy of Suryapeta owning 1.5 lakh acres of land, Kalluru Deshmukh of Khammam owning one lakh acres, Visunur Deshmukh owning forty thousand acres gives an idea of how dire the situation was. While Nizam derived approximately 8 crore rupees annual revenue, the feudal lords combined revenues were around 10 crore rupees. As a result of this robbing, Nizam became the richest man in the world with 27 palaces in 7 different countries.


However, separatists look at this past very differently.


TRS chief KCR at a public event on June 19th 2007 said “Asaf Jahi rule of Telangana is a golden era”. Responding to those that criticized him for praising Nizam, KCR on November 29, 2007 said that he would praise Nizam’s rule a thousand times. He said that during the Nizam rule, Muslim kings sent pearls to Lord Rama in Bhadrachalam and jewelry to Kanaka Durga in Vijayawada. He said that when there were floods in Musi, Nizam performed prayers according to Hindu rituals. KCR claimed that any development in Telangana was only because of the Nizams. Osmania University, the Medical College, the Nizam Sagar project, and the Nizam Sugar Factory were all results of Nizam’s benevolence.


There are several other intellectuals in the separatist camp that subscribe to this position. Prof. Kodandaram, the head of the JAC, wrote: “Before the merger with Andhra State, Telangana, which was part of the Hyderabad State, was doing well in terms of agricultural and industrial development.”


If Nizam’s rule was a golden era and if the region was doing economically well before Police Action, why does KCR and the separatists want to celebrate September 17th as a “Vimukthi Dinotsavam”? Shouldn’t they be grieving the end of Nizam’s glorious rule?

Save Andhra Pradesh!

Nalamotu Chakravarthy

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763 Responses to “Shouldn’t TRS Mourn the September 17th Liberation Day?”

  1. Prakash says:

    @Chandra, @ AMRAO,
    Chandra, I concur with AMRAO that SKC will not go into your # 1. I am skeptical even on your # 2.
    They will need to go by their terms of reference. They might step out here and there but unlikely to go to the extent you might like. TOR # 2 can be interpreted to a limited extent as the "dopidi myth" but it is unlikely to be either full or direcft. You may need to analyse the report to prove your contention.

  2. satya says:

    Few days back we heard comments from bloggers saying the quality of the blog is degenerating. But if we see the comments from couple of days it is becoming more and more diplomatic and the discussions are spilling away touching virtually everything round the world whether it is american secession  or french elections and what not.. Dont know what more will come in on this board. Is this a ploy of diluting the issue at the center? I dont understand why is it appear so complicating for someone to call a lie a lie? whats all this beating around the bush when everything can be seen clear wrt accusations on andhra.
    The seperatists asking for the state on two grounds. 1) discrimination 2) self-respect. I assume we have put the best in countering these. Prakash garu, if u want to bring any other reason beyond these to divide the state please put it in simple. Or you can discuss on the above  2 as u have not expressed views on them.
    But using the arguement like 'democratic premise' or 'division doesn't affect India' will not hold water.  People being polarazed on basis of false allegations is what you see as democracy? then sorry. I doubt Your understanding of democracy.

  3. Prakash says:

    @ Prabhakar Rao:
    Rao sahib, nothing I can say will dispel your impressions. I can only wish you the best in your endeavors and leave it at that.

    • Prabhakar Rao says:

      I have already said that when you raised 'common grounds'.
      As Satya put just now, you are beating around the bush.
      I am putting my own effort to prevent others drifting from the focus of this blog.
      On premise of 'democracy' :-) if they want to continue irrelevant matters here, I have no concern.

  4. Prakash says:

    deccani says: October 8, 2010 at 8:29 pm
    "You are a know it all talking from Hanson's Razor to Civil War.I thought you'll figure it out yourself,you are smart or appear so"
    Bertie: Jeeves, is there something you don't know?
    Jeeves: I don't know sir!
    "For the capital to be constructed a minimum of 100 thousand acres of land is needed"
    Did they find it in Dehradoon, Raipur & Ranchi?
    "Big cities like Vizag and Vijayawada or Nellore,they cannot handle the burden of being a capital"
    Poor Hyderabad, forced with the burden of being a capital. Mallepalli guys must be proud of all this around them :)
    You are in essence talking about constructing one large city. Many cities can (and should) be developed on an on-going basis in any case. Concentration of "development" in one city is lop sided plsanning.

    • satya says:

      >> "For the capital to be constructed a minimum of 100 thousand acres of land is needed"
      Did they find it in Dehradoon, Raipur & Ranchi?
      Prakash sir, y u r twisting the things? Some of ur suggestions on division appear to be as if the other region asking for a seperation..  Your question above is only relevant if the coastal area wants to seperate and asking for a 'big capital'.
      The people of uttaranchal, jharkhand and chattisghad are voluntarily accepted Dehradoon, raipur and Ranchi since they want a seperation.
       Many cities will be developed in on-going process. that doesn't mean that one has to loss a revenue generating city forcefully.

    • Air says:

      Big cities like Vizag and Vijayawada or Nellore,they cannot handle the burden of being a capital"
      Poor Hyderabad, forced with the burden of being a capital.
      do you want to shift the capital of andhra pradesh from Hyderabad to VIZ/VIJ/NLR. i am ok with this but I think it cost a lot.

  5. Prakash says:

    satya says: October 9, 2010 at 6:24 am
    "The seperatists asking for the state on two grounds. 1) discrimination 2) self-respect. I assume we have put the best in countering these. Prakash garu, if u want to bring any other reason beyond these to divide the state please put it in simple. Or you can discuss on the above  2 as u have not expressed views on them"
    Satryaji, I did express my view that neither of these (whether true or not) is a ground for seperation.
    Sorry for holding a view different from yours. Thank you for asking my opinion even though you "know" I am not from this state

    • satya says:

      I have littler understanding in deciphering ur comments so I put it straight. Thanks for replying. When I said u r not from AP doesn't mean about ur geographical location.
      I would be happy if you give a simple answer(just like above) on whether u support a division or not. If so, reasons. I wish your reply will not mess-up  with so many things outside AP or India.

  6. deccani says:

    "For the capital to be constructed a minimum of 100 thousand acres of land is needed"
    Yes absolutely.
    "Poor Hyderabad, forced with the burden of being a capital. Mallepalli guys must be proud of all this around them "
    That's why we are proud of our Hyderabad and don't want the bifurcation of the state.We don't want our money to go waste. Further there were suggestions from Kishen Reddy that the new capital should be built with cess on Hyderabad since taking loans from financial institutions is not viable.I don't know why you despise Mallepally guys, did any Telangana leader help them in all these years? Do the Telangana leaders have kinship with them? They were rendered useless because of Telangana leaders who still harbour the ill feelings right from the Nizam days. It is communally polarized. The Gulf oil alone has helped the youth ,Andhra schools have educated some of them.
    "The people of uttaranchal, jharkhand and chattisghad are voluntarily accepted Dehradoon, raipur and Ranchi since they want a seperation."
    That's exactly the point, when Punjab was partitioned ,the capital was built to assuage the feelings of Punjabis.Same with Gujarat,Gandhinagar was built. When Meghalaya was carved ,Dispur was created.
    When Andhra state was created they were denied Madras and asked to use a stopgap arrangement.
    The people of Andhra are dead against the bifurcation they would not accept any temporary arrangement.Andhra region being heavily populated need a capital without burdening existing cities.Further in a country like India as somebody as mentioned earlier,capital is everything. People are tuned to decentralization in India they want every office to be available at one place.
    Why is Delhi still growing why can't they develop other city as second capital? Why are Mumbai ,Chennai,Benguluru and Kolkatta growing at expense of smaller cities? In India it has to only that way.
    Regarding the one lakh acres there were wide debates. The Center arrived at the figure not me. I originally thought 20,000 acres would be enough. See this link.

  7. Prabhakar Rao says:

    Bertie: ….
    Time to meet Dr. Glossop. Bonus if Ms. Honoria is also around.
    Poor Hyderabad, …
    Why not take a prgamatic approach and start shifting capital across AP, from Adilabad to Tada?
    You are in essence talking about constructing one large city…
    Let us immediately move some departments and ministries to Warangal, Karimnagar.. etc

  8. Chandra says:

    I agree with prakash garu and AMRAO garu on SKC presentation to  delhi. But my only big concern is, if they dont come out with conclusive answers for some critical questions, like is T state would pave way for more jobs and promotions? etc, there would not be any use with report. This is not an impossible thing.

    They will make this report, convert to pdf and put online on home ministry website. Great!
    But, if there are no YES or NO's in the report, again our fake separatists professors will start using their brains in "interpreting" the report. In news papers and TV debates, they would say "look,even SKC said the same thing".
    Fazal Ali did exactly such a report presenting pro's and con's. We have seen what happened. Even reports like Girglani report was totally twisted. Even SKC TOR was twisted , as we are seeing in daily TV debates. Some say, SKC is there to distribute  assets!. :)
    Merely presenting their findings will not yield anything in their one year exercise. They need to be conclusive in what ever they say. I like to see YES or No's heavily.
    Not a big deal to comeout with such a thing. Report by SKC should be made for people also, not only just for home ministry of India.
    Its people who needs to understand clearly. Otherwise interpretations will immediately start. There should not be any scope for interpretations.

  9. deccani says:

    " People are tuned to decentralization in India"
    Should read
     People are tuned to centralization in India

    • satya says:

      huh! Disgusting.. He joined the right brand of people, TRS

      • Air says:

        I think he is doing what he trained to do by TRS.  Till now they applied this technique on police, people who r running small shops,andhra  mess, lecturers, lawyers. they are using now on their own guys.

    • Chandra Mohan Nellutla says:

      Deccani Said : "This is the true face of Telangana."

       I suggest you to refrain yourself from getting into such conclusions. If you have guts I would match 1 to 10 of such disgusting news that would show the Actual  Face of Seema Andhra. So please beware.
      If you cannot present your case decently better you get out of the Loop and do not say that you need United Andhra Pradesh.

      • satya says:

        >> If you cannot present your case decently better you get out of the Loop and do not say that you need United Andhra Pradesh.
        Good, I think now you come to know the decent way of expressing the views rather alleging the blogger is funded by so and so.

  10. reddy says:

    Come on guys, you see, this is a part of a "53 year old peaceful democratic movement".
    Expect  much more such "Debates" after Dec31st.
    This is just a trailer to the blockbuster that is about to be released. 
    I wont be surprised if they beatup SriKrishna, Duggal et all if they don't prescribe Telangana state.
    I happened to atttend Bathukamma celebrations in Dallas last night, some of the stellar guests included
    Harish Rao, venkat reddy komatireddy, Errabali Dayakar, Sukhendra reddy, prakash javedkar and our beloved professor Kondandaram.
    Sukhender reddy thanked TANTEX (Telugu association of North Texas) for supporting TDF and Bathukamma festival . He said we should part peacefully and yet live like brothers after that.
    Javedkar said under Samaikya Bharat, Jai Telangana and Jai Andhra and wished both states good development.
    Some inebriated students (yes, alcohol was served at the  venue) started shouting Jai Telangana and resorted to unruly behaviour . Organizers chastised and shooed  them away  as TDF didn't want to give this festival a political flavor since other Telugu organizations were supporting  the celebrations.
    Other leaders were subdued and didn't comment much, except for wishing people on this auspicious day.
    Shouldn't TRS be rechristened as Telangana Rowdila Samithi?

  11. Prakash says:

    deccani says: October 9, 2010 at 11:22 am
    Bhaijaan, I grew up in Mallepalli. I am fond of both the place and the people. I regret the fact they are sprectators in the "development" around them
    I too am proud of the Hyderabadi culture of tolerance, mutual respect and healthy discourse. I am often nostalgical about the days when we discussed religion & politics (of course in Urdu, the sweatest tongue of India) late into the night sipping Irani tea and eating Rampyaris ignoring the communal tensions in the neighborhood.

    • Prabhakar Rao says:

      chandruniko machha
      Lack of development in all parts but one is not uncommon.
      Body builders with peanut heads are very common
      Even large brains with few gray cells dead is also evident day to day.

      • Prabhakar Rao says:

        Please read "development in all parts but one is not uncommon"
        Not "Lack of development in all parts but one is not uncommon"

  12. jagan says:

    Can someone post the link to srikanthachary's mother's suicide attempt at LB Nagar. 

  13. Prakash says:

    "When I said u r not from AP doesn't mean about ur geographical location"
    Thank you. I am amused though by some of the stuff that is going around this blog like people asking for my "mothertongue" etc.
    "I would be happy if you give a simple answer(just like above) on whether u support a division or not"
    You can put me down as "indifferent" on division. Please read at your convenience "Prakash says: October 4, 2010 at 4:16 am" where I outlined a "four point formula" to decide whether a state should stay united. Of course, this is only my stand & I do not claiom to speak for anyone else.

    • satya says:

      Thanks.. I missed that comment. Ok, now would you tell Prakash's stand or opinion on these 4 points. I would prefer mostly Yes/No keeping in mind how the system functons in India (Not a lab environment). Ofcourse u can elaborate ur answer but please do it in a conclusive way so that people like me can understand.
      a. Support of the population
      b. Protection of interests of vulnerable groups (SC/ST/BC and religious/linguistic/regional minorities)
      c. Respect for differences & mutual tolerance
      d. Basic viability

  14. AMRAO says:

    Well, another bait to fool the people of Telangana – 12% reservation for Muslims in Telangana state.
    KCR is aware that the courts will never allow the 12% reservations. But that does not stop him from announcing it.  

  15. Prakash says:

    Satya, my guesstimate on these points (as things stand today):
    a. Support of the population: below treshold level in most of the Telangana districts
    b. Protection of interests of vulnerable groups (SC/ST/BC and religious/linguistic/regional minorities): broadly OK, I would have liked it higher
    c. Respect for differences & mutual tolerance: broadly OK, could have been better
    d. Basic viability: good
    The key aspect for worry is # a that is going down steadily in the last few months. In my view, this is where "integrationists" would need to concentrate. It would be ironic if well meaning overzealous "fear mongerers" achieve in months what the "hate hongerers" could only partially succeed in years :)

    • satya says:

      Thank you. The #a is below threshold as people are emotionally polarized because of the myths propogated by the hardcore T-vadis. They are unable to differentiate between corruption and discrimination. one positive side is this shows the frustration of people against the corrupt politicians.
      Though it went below your said threshold, I dont think it is alarming. If we compare the sittuation just one and half year back it is pretty normal and things are carried with usual fashion. No signs of 60 yr movement. The man at the center went into hibernation. No student immolated for telangana. Infact, no telanganite (including KCR) thought about fighting for a state because there is a strong govt and leaders and ministers are very much united. 
      What I broadly understand is it is the inefficient of the government and political parties to make things out of control. But that is expected someday because instead of countering the allegations they tried to keep on pacifying those leaders. Anyway, I wish SKC will come up with opinion on allegations and hope the people of telangana respond positively. Signing off…

  16. Prakash says:

    AMRAO, a couple of questions if you don't mind:
    a. What is the % in TN? I see some guys referring to this state
    b. What is your opinion about YSR's similar scheme?

    • Prabhakar Rao says:

      A mature way of counter arguments.:-)

    • AMRAO says:

      Prakash garu,
      I am sure you know the answers to your questions. May be you did not give it a thought before hitting the Submit button.
      I was talking about the number 12%, not reservations to muslims. No court will allow 12%.

      • satya says:

        Muslim reservations in TN are 3.5%. That too not religion based. And even this 3.5% is adjusted under existing BC reservations but no additional reservations are provided. I am not sure about the generousity of BCs in telangana to give away 12% reservations.
        The TN's 69% reservations are also under review for an year by supreme court. The govt of TN should satisfy the BC commission by providing justification for providing 69% reservation which is against the cutoff (50%) given by SC.

        • satya says:

          Btw.. there is a strong rebuke on KCR's promise in most of the telangana websites. Funny part, those who are asking for 42% reservations (on population based) are against the 12% reservations which are also population based.

  17. deccani says:

    "Can someone post the link to srikanthachary's mother's suicide attempt at LB Nagar. "
    Why does that interest you? Is that a reality show? Why do you go near suicides and attempts.How would it influence you?  The media should immediately stop coverage to suicides. It would be better not to talk about suicides.Who ever does it ,they have to be discouraged and counselled.

    • Murli says:

      It was not really a suicide attempt. She was protesting saying that that her son was encouraged by TRS to commit suicide.  She was blaming TRS for her son's suicide. It is a good development because, slowly, Telengana people are turning against TRS and KCR. There was another demonstration by the relatives of those who died for Telangana in front of the TRS office saying that their photos were used for the bye elections by TRS but were neglected afterwards. I think the tide is turning and Telangana people are turning against TRS.

    • Prabhakar Rao says:

      I agree. Media should stop exaggeration of suicides of any kind. I strongly believe suicide tendencies are highly infectious.

  18. Kiran says:

    I did attend a weekend party and naturally, one of the topic we discussed is about T demand. Some of the guys in the party were from North India – one specifically from Uttaranchal. Not knowing one of the guests was from T region, I did ask the North Indian guy how are things going in his state and his instant answer was – bad to worse. And he asked me back why T demand. I replied back saying T regin is backward and demanding a separate state. Then he asked how can T region is backward when HYD is in the center of T and he has seen quite a development in and sorrunding HYD. I drew a blank face.
    On a side note, the T'vadi said he supports T demand and requested not to discuss this issue anymore. Not sure what his intentions were.  I did discuss the same issue with some of  other guests from T region and said that  they are dead against T demand and said that the people in T villages don't even care as they are more interested in their daiy livelihood. Just wanted to share.

  19. deccani says:

    "Bhaijaan, I grew up in Mallepalli. I am fond of both the place and the people. I regret the fact they are sprectators in the "development" around them
    I too am proud of the Hyderabadi culture of tolerance, mutual respect and healthy discourse. I am often nostalgical about the days when we discussed religion & politics (of course in Urdu, the sweatest tongue of India) late into the night sipping Irani tea and eating Rampyaris ignoring the communal tensions in the neighborhood."
    Good!You are a flamboyant Hyderabadi then . How many of the Mallepalli guys support Telangana? Hyderabad is very accomodative and would welcome people from other regions and other states with open heart.I've friends from N.India,Kannadigas ,Tamils and of course Seemandhra.But never thought about their antecedents or thought they are looting my city.My appeal to Telanganites ,let's not  spoil the open mindedness of Hyderabadis.

    • Murli says:

      "My appeal to Telanganites ,let's not  spoil the open mindedness of Hyderabadis."
      Shouldn't it be:
      My appeal to Separatists ,let's not  spoil the open mindedness of Hyderabadis.
      We should not equate all Telanganites with Separatists.

  20. deccani says:

    Ish sahar,ek khubsoorat sapna hamara .Pyar,dosti aur bhaichara ka anokha nishaana.Tehreek kaa naam leekhar awam koo dhur naa karo.Khaawaish hein,hoo sake tho mittao bhook garibhoon kaa.

  21. jagan says:

    In my view, all these suicides are due to immaturity, weakmindedness and encouragement(for lack of better word) from maliciiously beneficial parties like TRS, Seperatist organizations. This is like a trap.
    I have not learned of any suicides during independence struggle becuase it was led by stalwarts with human values like gandhi, patel, nehru etc.. Gandhi would have halted the freedom struggle if any such tendencies are noticed/reported.
    But our leaders from telangana are using suicides for emotional blackmail/blaming/inducing-guilt in the other parties. They are using them as a catalyst to spread/strenghten/sustain the movement. That's what they tell these persons that their suicide will add more enthu in the movement. And this is what all extremists organizations tell their people.
    I don't know why they call them "amaraveerulu" and say "telangana kosam pranalu arpincharu". Even the media does it and even the costa/seema leaders say the same. People are so afriad to talk the truth!!!!
    Did they die in prision? or did they die during a lathi charge or or did they die in encounters? or any civil war?
    They are nothing but weakminded immature youth who have been expoited by TRS and other seperatist organizations to their benefit.
    Rationally, they should have been disowned and critisized strongly for such acts, given no importance etc.. to discourage them.
    Instead our leaders do contradicting things like giving honorary titles to them like amaraveerulu and say that they have sacrifised their lives for the sake of telangana but after all that they will end with a note saying that that it is painful to hear about suicides and wish they never happened and say they are condemning them.
    How on hell will the suicides stop if you idolize on one end and say that you still condemn them.
    I think chakravarthy garu or someone from us should write a blog on this topic too..

    • Chandra says:

      Well said Jagan.  Even this tendency was not reported (to my knowledge) in 1969 agitation also.
      My wild guess is the recent anti Sui***e campaign by separatists was another plan to spread the "concept".  They made thousands of students to take an oath to stop committing such things, instead they vowed  to put up a fight. But seems, thats not the whole story, as such a simple oath is couter productive in such a sensitive matter  and i am sure Chakrapani knows that.
      There is a sudden increase of these incidents in recent two months. Definitely there is something fishy behind these things.  
      The entire thing  is extremely disgusting.

  22. jagan says:

    I am not interested in suicides nor it is reality show for me.
    I am actually interested in seeing for myself what she said exactly during that episode(for lack of better word).
    In NTV she has refuted that she said something against TRS/KCR or kasam satyanarayana. That they prodded her son to commit suicide and that they have not prevented/saved his son while he was commiting suicude.
    So I wanted to know whether she really said it or it is just creation of media?

  23. deccani says:

    "My appeal to Separatists ,let's not  spoil the open mindedness of Hyderabadis.
    We should not equate all Telanganites with Separatists."
    Absolutely.This is what happens when we talk day in day out of Telangana agitators.We forget the non-agitators.

  24. Chandra says:

    Thanks for the info on TANTEX-TDF festival program. great that local telugu associations are helping TDF. whether they want to celebrate Bathukamma in Baltimore or Bonalu in Boston or Dhoom dham in Detroit,  sure the local telugu associations have to assist them in bringing awareness of these festivals to all telugu people and all interested telugu's can participate irrespective of their district in india. :)
    Anyway, Just few more days for these passions to calm down and people to become  more logical….please bear with the passions..
    You are right in separting separatists and telanganites(?). Actually it doesnt make any sense to call people as telanganite, uttarandhrite, vijayawadite, coastalite, karimanagarite, adilabadite, medakite etc.
    To be precise, telangana region was never a separate entity in the recent history , Telanganite has no meaning for me. Guess AP'ites should be OK.
    Sorry if my above comment   appears frivolous. I am serious!

  25. Chakravarthy says:

    KCR must be proud of the cultural change he has brought about in our state. History will not judge him kindly, is all I can say:

    • Chandra says:

      History will not judge him kindly. He has collected  enough  notoriety that, definitely his name will be uttered in the history books in coming generations.
      As somebody here pointed out, such incidents will be seen more in post dec 31. Infact once, there was a close call between a T congress politician, mohan reddy and our great analyst chakrapani.
      I only wish in the january battle, the agitators wont come to the studios of these NTV, TV9 etc and punch the anchors when they are showing the battle live!
      Was just curious what happened after this incident. Did they continue the show?   :)

  26. Prakash says:

    @ Deccani,
    I never claimed Mallepalli support or oppose division. I only expressed my view that they have been bypassed in the "development:.
    I really like your expressions in Urdu. I wish more people participate actively in promoting this great language.

    • Murli says:

      I don't agree that Mallepalli has been bypassed in the development. First of all Mallepalli is a decent middle class locality. It is not a slum or anything like that. Second it is located within walking distance to places like Mehdipatnam, Masab Tank/Banjara Hills. It is not like it is some remote village or anything.

  27. deccani says:

    "I never claimed Mallepalli support or oppose division. I only expressed my view that they have been bypassed in the "development"
     Exactly that's my point. Nobody cares about what the people of Hyderabad .For lakhs of people they  don't go to work then there is nothing to eat. Who is thinking of that fruit vendor who has nothing to do with all this but he keenly following the events with a worry and scare.

    • Prabhakar Rao says:

      If there is a bandh, lakhs of city dwellers lose days meal.
      These very rationalists raise a huge cry when some political party calls for Bandh.
      But they do not find fault with separatists as thier cause is assumed just.

  28. deccani says:

    "If there is a bandh, lakhs of city dwellers lose days meal.
    These very rationalists raise a huge cry when some political party calls for Bandh.
    But they do not find fault with separatists as thier cause is assumed just."

    You can have the cake or eat it.MIM doesn't support Telangana nor does a majority of people in Hyderabad.If some of them do, let them not find fault with separatists ,let me realize what they are in store for.What else can you say. Separate State would not fill one's stomach. Whatever it is as a Telanganite myself and as a Hyderabadi I'm against the separate state. There are lakhs of people who are silently bearing the brunt. Let the separatist don't stretch this too far…

  29. deccani says:

    " I suggest you to refrain yourself from getting into such conclusions. If you have guts I would match 1 to 10 of such disgusting news that would show the Actual  Face of Seema Andhra. So please beware.
    If you cannot present your case decently better you get out of the Loop and do not say that you need United Andhra Pradesh."
    Show whatever you want.People have seen too much action. No sane person from any part of India after seeing these clips would say Tvadis are 'freedom fighters' . Patience and decency are virtues only when one doesn't lose them.IF a person slapping another one in front of TV cameras is decency then I'm indecent. Shame on TRS and Telangana leaders for abetting leaders like the one in the clip..

    • Chandra Mohan nellutla says:

      Then Watch and let me me know the beauty of the culture on the other side:
      Chandrababu Slaps Tribal Woman
      YSR Cheap Talk in Assembly:
      Roja Vs Shoba Rani
      If we want to scoop down to such level discussing unrelated and unwanted things  there are tons of such videos available on the internet. I would have not liked to post these but was provoked to do so.
      If you want a good debate foget what few leaders or few are saying. Rather concentrate on the issue.
      If you want to extend further on this  its not good for anyone.
      One quarrel before the TV Cameras does not speak about the culture of the entire Telanganites. There were many such scenes performed by our so called representatives. If you could recall Chengal Rao (MLA) episode hitting a Police constable,  you would have not talked about this.
      I have enough of information to quote lot more such incidents but I feel it as unnecessary  that deviates from the Core discussion.
      Chakravarthy says:
      October 12, 2010 at 12:33 am
      KCR must be proud of the cultural change he has brought about in our state. History will not judge him kindly, is all I can say:
      Mr. Nalamotu who calls himself as a  rational writer is not expected to take advantage of a small incident and generalise it as the culture of the region or associate it  as a whole to TRS or someone else.

      • satya says:

        Chandra Mohan, I pity u because when it comes to decency everyone know the behavior of TRS and the dirty tongue of its boss. You took a task of justifying their deeds.
        Dont try to alienate this as one incident. We haven't forget OU students hitting Nagam, forcefully writing TG on vehicles, attack on chiranjeevi at NIMS, attack on nannapaneni at NIMS, attack on Pranab mukherjee in HCU, sticking threatening notices to BSNL employees in sangareddy, harish rao kicking police at OU, attack on chandrababu in parigi, attack on CBN by lawyers at indira park, attack on lagadapati, verbal attack of the self proclaimed intellectual chakrapani in press, attack on jagan and konda surekha in warangal, attack on talasani, attack on NTR, mahesh babu, manoj, allu arjun shootings causing monetary damage, attack on manda krisha in KU, and atlast Attack on chakravarthy garu in press club, and u need more.. this is an endless list.
        when chakravarthy garu or someone mentioned cultural change we are not talking about one isolated incident. All the above incidents shows the growing impatience and intolerance of seperatists which are led by TRS and this definitely significe the change brought by TRS leadership. I hope SKC will make a strong note of these incidents and considers the security of andhras in case of a division.

        • Chandra says:

          Mr Nellutla
          Please do not behave like a teenager. First you should understand that, there is no "Telanganite". You are recognized as Andhra. There are only telugu people in this world. . In india if you go and tell anybody they will call you as a telugu or andhra.
          Just because u r staying in Atlanta, doesnt authorize you to be a Atlantite right? Similarly there is no Telanganite. First comeout of that confusion. Then everything appears clear to you. You can fight for telangana though.
          None of us support some filthy language or some fight whether it happens in India or Africa or anywhere in the world.
          Also you said //If you want to extend further on this  its not good for anyone. //
          What is this. Internet rowdism or what?
          Here is one more reason why your gang is called as goons.

          Whoever talks against TRS or TRS policies, will be beaten like this. With 12 representatives, if u r doing all these things, imagine KCR is given power to rule the region. So , this problem will be solved by Telangana people and we will not allow formation of Telangana in the best interest of telangana people. SKC is noting down all these developments.

          Instead of seraching for such crap videos and waste your time, try to read those reports which i asked you and comeout with some meaningful comment. 

      • Prabhakar Rao says:

        First you should stop talking on behalf of entire Telangana. Neither you represent entire Telangana nor we point to all Telanganas. You represent separatists and we question words and deeds of separatists. 

  30. Prakash says:

    Mr. Nalamotu, I believe you are returning to India for good. Please do post your plans when you find some time. I hope you will be able to play a more direct and hands-on role at this important moment.
    On an unrelated subject, thank you for deleting the comment with an "unprintable" invective. The comment itself was quite legitimate but for this. Would it be possible to just replace the offensive word (e.g. "vishapu <editede>") and let the rest of the comment stand?

  31. Prakash says:

    Murli says: October 13, 2010 at 2:19 pm
    Sorry to difer with you but Mallepalli has been neglected in the last 20 years. The distances to Nampally, Mehdipatnam etc. are geographic indicators, not related to "development". This is also true of many other localities that have seen better days in the pre-Y2K era.
    This is due to the lopsided "development" model better called as crony capitalism or contractor-babu-neta nexus.
    I realize this subject is connected to the blog's focus only to a limited extent.

  32. Prakash says:

    AMRAO says: October 11, 2010 at 12:09 pm
    satya says: October 11, 2010 at 1:15 pm
    Rao sahib, I was really not aware of the % till Satya enlightened us. Satya also throws light that only some "Muslim castes" are eligible for reservations in TN, that too under the overall BC quota.
    This is also in line with the court ruling so far on YSR's quota for Muslims. It may be cynical (but probably true) if we claim YSR knew this before hand but chose to go ahead in any case.
    On a side note, it is regrettable to note the Indian evil of caste has polluted Islam too. Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) would have never imagined this would happen.

    • satya says:

      Prakash garu, caste system is not an evil and it has its own merits and demerits. It is the evil people who misused it saying one is superior to others. Ok. Lets not go too much further on this as this is my pidakala veta :)

    • Prabhakar Rao says:

      you really shocked me about castes in Muslims. You think the participants here are just a bunch of emotional dudes not matching your knowledge. I do not want to dump irrelevant matter here but only summary.
      Like this it appears there are 13 castes in Muslims.
      Like this there are 146 castes in Kerala alone for Christianity,

  33. Kiran says:

    Chandra Mohan nellutla – Funny you mentioned about "Chandrababu Slaps Tribal Woman" – That's the heigt of yellow journalism by Sakshi newspaper and your are commenting about it. Everybody knows what happened the next day.

  34. deccani says:

    "Sorry to difer with you but Mallepalli has been neglected in the last 20 years. "
    There are limits to development in saturated cities. There are many localities not just in Hyderabad but all over the world that have fallen victims.Mallepally happens to be one example,the entire old city,parts of Secunderabad stand out as other examples.The buildings are ok,amenities cannot be improved without affecting the local people. This is not a Telangana or United AP problem,it is a sociological,cultural,religious,economic,environmental problem.People with deep rooted beliefs and old ways of life styles.The Govt has to engage services of Social Scientists to strike at the problem.I guess an inclusive approach has to be taken instead of foisting development on the people who are reluctant to change.

  35. Prakash says:

    @ Satya, @ Prabhakar Rao,
    Sorry for extending the "pidakala veta" but I did not want to get into the caste system. I acknowledge with regret the fact that Muslims (and Christians as Rao pointed out) in India are following the caste system to some extent.
    BTW I respect all the guys commenting on this site and believe most comenters are better than me in  knowledge & analysis.

    • satya says:

      Prakash, The caste is not alone to Indian muslims. There are morethan 150 sects in muslims. Btw, I just want to quote Ambedkar about Indian muslims..
       "Muslim society is even more full of social evils than Hindu Society is" and criticized Muslims for sugarcoating their sectarian caste system with euphemisms like "brotherhood". He also criticized the discrimination against the Arzal classes among Muslims who were regarded as "degraded", as well as the oppression of women in Muslim society through the oppressive purdah system. He alleged that while Purdah was also practiced by Hindus, only among Muslims was it sanctioned by religion. He criticized their fanaticism regarding Islam on the grounds that their literalist interpretations of Islamic doctrine made their society very rigid and impermeable to change. He further wrote that Indian Muslims have failed to reform their society unlike Muslims in other countries like Turkey..
      Btw.. there are morethan 150 sects followed in arabic countries and there are long feuds between some of them.
      I wish we shouldn't deviate further on this as this is not the forum for a discussion. (hope u agree)

  36. Prakash says:

    satya says: October 11, 2010 at 7:28 am
    "The #a is below threshold as people are emotionally polarized because of the myths propogated by the hardcore T-vadis"
    The reasons could be many (or any) but the level must be improved. This is where one needs to think out of the box. I also note the level is actually slipping due to the effect of the "reaction".
    As Comrade Marx said "philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it"
    "I dont think it is alarming"
    I too believe it is not alarming yet. However, it will not improve on its own. One more year of hostility could lead to irreparable damage.
    "I wish SKC will come up with opinion on allegations and hope the people of telangana respond positively"
    I am less optmistic than you here. I would recommend coming up with a plan B.

    • satya says:

      >> I am less optmistic than you here. I would recommend coming up with a plan B.
      The Bhargava committee did it in 1969 and hope the SKC do the same and people are more educated than in 1969. Plan B is always recommended irrespective of agitations.
      >> I also note the level is actually slipping due to the effect of the "reaction".
      I disagree. The other side is responded only in the 11th hour. But they would have done it in parallel in a slow and steady manner like whenever some allegations are made by seperatists the integrationists should have cleared it then itself rather than being in a hurry after dec 9th. The apathy of integrationists  (including many of us) and govt in this regard is the main reason for damage.

  37. Prakash says:

    @Satya, I differ with you on several points wrt Islam but agree this is the wrong forum for that discussion

    • Prabhakar Rao says:

      Prakash gaaru,
      I could not help but get irritated.
      In your second post you said
      I acknowledge with regret the fact that Muslims (and Christians as Rao pointed out) in India are following the caste system to some extent.
      As if the caste system does not exist elsewhere. They are following caste system only in India.
      I strongly object to these irresponsible statements and then simply wishing away in the name of wrong forum.
      Divisions in societies manifested different ways in different places. In India it happened to be in the form of caste. Someplace it is racial, somewhereelse it is class.
      What your rational thinking tells you? Man is genuinely intersted in 'oneness'?

      • satya says:

        Prabhakar garu, I agree with you that no society in the world is spared of with divisions and discriminations. But Request you to lets get away with the subject of main stream.

        • Prabhakar Rao says:

          Sorry Satya gaaru,
          I am just carried away by usual tact of Mr. Prakaash.
          I request Mr. Chakravarty to delete all these comments, if possible.

  38. AMRAO says:

    I think the whole debate about castes and religions must stop. When I wrote about KCR announcing 12% reservations to Muslims, all I meant was KCR was trying to fool Muslims, fully aware that courts would not allow such a high number. I wanted to highlight that this promise was similar to many such false promises and hopes.

  39. satya says:

    I came across this video where telangana poet Deshapati Srinivas accusing Andhras for not giving due credit to telangana actor Paidi Jairaj. (!
    Some of the quick followers of such stupid arguement can easily get emotional without searching for the facts. They dont know that when Paidi Jairaj got the Dadasaheb falke award (in 1980) the chief ministers of the state are from telangana (1st half.. chenna reddy and follwed by Anjaih). Though the actor is only worked for hindi films I doubt if none of the CMs know about him because those days they are more no. of hindi movies get to released in telangana as the telugu film industry is sittuated in chennai mostly until late 80s. But such people dont question themselves if the CMs have arranged any felicitation to the great actor? Who stopped? Why do they need to blame andhra leaders for that?
    In one way I am happy to learn on how far these seperatists can stoop down to malign people andhra for each and every damn failure of their leaders. I wish if SKC notices even such minute things then they will understand the real picture of the movement .

    • Prabhakar Rao says:

      few months ago, one Nandini Sidhareddy accused that 2 Rs per Kg scheme as conspiracy against Telangana. He says they are weaker eating rice in place of traditional 'jonna'.

  40. Gopikrishna says:

    Before I put forth my thoughts as a comment, I want to say that i take neutral stand on the whole Telangana issue. Part of the reason being, I never really understood the issue as whole and reasons behind it.
    Hence, I wanted to look opinions via statistics of both paties. Recently I have come across the TRS Submission to the SKC.
    My first impressions after reading the report were.
    1. Extremely well and proffesionally written report. As I expected it does good job to drive their point of opinion.
    Then after reading the the so called accusations of large scale discimination, i wanted to read high publicized chapter of Mr Chakravathy's blog.
    Again, very well written and drives his point of opinion very well.
    Now coming to my thoughts and why I wanted to comment…
    if you read both of these things carefully, I feel both of them are true… and both of the reports hide more than they reveal. For instance, just read education sections,
    Chakravarthy does not talk of degree colleges and professional colleges like medice grants towards universities..( I still cant understand on which pretext Andhra University is allocated more money than Osmania university) (As claimed and accused by TRS
    The TRS on other hand does not talk about primary education at all…which is what Chakravarthy focus is on (litracy rates)
     I read in TRS report alleges that 2 departements of govt publish different numbers…Directorate of economics and Statistics and Irrigation and Command Area development publish numbers on irrigation that are almost differ by more than 100%
    Now to the important point
    1. Why are not anyone from opposition camps to TRS by coming out in open and pointing the glaring mistakes as they allege in reports. The report have govt orders photocopied….This definetely would not be difficult to proove them wrong (if the are wrong as alledged). This is best way to counter TRS then coming out with a book with number supporting their argument like what chakravarthy has done..
    2, I absolutely find it amazing that govt is not coming out with any numbers!!!  This should not be difficult!! someone is accusing them left right and centre…and the govt is keeping quiet!!. why?
    Hence, this is the problem with all the people debating on this blog and with the overall telangana and united andhra movement… everyone put there opinion…but no one seems to discuss and counter others points!!!

    • AMRAO says:

      I am sure my esteemed friends will answer your specific questions but I wanted to respond in general.
      1) The state government, understandably, is scared to put out any numbers. However, the numbers are given by the government to the SKC. That is why many of us are waiting for SKC  to publish them.
      2) As far as I know, any one who has come to this site with a specific question or point has been answered. People using abusive language or some wild accusations have not been answered.
      3) I was told that reports submitted to the SKC by Undavalli and Lagadapati have counter points to many of the accusations of TRS.
      4) You say reports of two departments of the government differ by a huge margin. It is possible. Not just in this case but many other cases as well. We all know how the government gathers its data. Just do some research on White Ration Cards in AP. You will be surprised to know that there are more cards than people. 
      5) I am assuming that you will have thought a little bit about education before writing about what TRS has said about colleges and being mum on primary education.
      If you think for just one moment, you will know that it is the GOVERNMENT that spends money on primary education (not in cities but towns and villages). Very few private institutions invest on primary schools in smaller towns and villages. TRS knows that the money spent on primary schools in Telangana is at par or better than the other two areas. So they do not want to talk about it.
      Now, when it comes to colleges, there are more private colleges than government colleges in Telangana area. Since, private colleges can be conveniently ignored, they put out the government college numbers which are definitely less than Coastal or Seema areas because majority of the government colleges in Coastal areas and Seema areas existed from the pre-independence days.
      6) If educated people like you suspect the government figures, then what can be trusted in AP or India? There are people from all regions working in the Secretariat who are involved in the data collection, preparation and presentation. Can we believe that some one forced these people to prepare wrong data, over a long period of time?
       7) I want to say some thing about statistics.
      In one of the North Eastern states, in a village, the number of Christians grew from 100 to 200 in one year.  Using this data, Advani said that Christians are growing at 100% rate in India.
      What TRS did is the same to spread its hate propaganda.  If you are wise, you will think logically to get the whole picture instead of just what the head line says.
       8) I live close to the OU. Have you been to OU recently? Do you know how many new buildings have been constructed in the past three years? Just ask some one who can tell you honestly. If funds to OU are not being allocated, where did these buildings come from?

      • satya says:

        >> I still cant understand on which pretext Andhra University is allocated more money than Osmania university
        GopiKrishna garu, that is the trick of such presentation. Andhra university or Nagarjuna did not get more funds than Osmania.  The university block grants are for maintenance of blocks and salaries of non-teaching staff. It has nothing to do with the no. of students. In that sense OU gets far above than Andhra and Nagarjuna university.

    • satya says:

      I agree with you Gopi Krishna garu.. The best way to counter the seperatists arguement is to answer the TRS report. We did it successfully on main stream topics they repeat in media especially with respect to irrigation and GO 610. The only thing we are short of is time as most of the people are busy in their profession. Still we try the best to shatter the myths. For my fellow bloggers, here is the link of TRS complete report and lets try to expose the data in the report.
      For a quick note to tell how farse the presentation is,
      The TRS in its report quoted on telangana surpluses as,  "
       The first exercise on this count was done by K. Lalit, an Officer on Special Duty, deputed by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (referred to as Lalit Committee). Subsequently, the Prime Minister of the time, Indira Gandhi, constituted a high power committee under the chairmanship of Vashishth Bhargava, a sitting judge of the Supreme Court of India (referred to as Bhargava Committee) to have a further look into the matter. Both the committees came to more or less the same conclusions.
      After that para they have given the report of Kumar Lalit committee.
      But This last line in that para is highly misleading, because there is 100 crores difference (which is a considerable amount by then standards) between the estimates between the both committees. The Bhargava committee also mentioned some of the estimates by kumar Lalit are very wrong. The Bhargava committee came up with a figure of 23 crores of unspent surplus which is way below the estimation of kumar lalit report. At the sametime the committee said in some of the years the govt spent more than the rightful share of the surpluses.
      Now lets look at the revenue numbers given by TRS saying those are the numbers given by Rosaih in 2007 assembly
      The report says telangana had a very high revenue compared to andhra and rayalaseema. Lets take the figures of 2007 in the report. where telangana revenue without head quarters is 6093 crores comparatively way above than andhra (3690) and seema (987 crores)
      Now the fundamental question is how come this huge figure came up when government discriminated telangana
      1) They say Industries of telangana are ruined (citing examples of azam jahi and nizam sugars) and the money was diverted to andhra. There is no industrial development
      2) They say there are no irrigation projects in telangana as all water is diverted to andhra. and there are more farmers suicides in telangana. So I assume this revenue is not from irrigation
      3) This revenue is also not definetely from individual tax paying of 3 crore ppl because as they say telanganas are given only low profile jobs and there are no education facilities in telangana.
      4) The tax structure across the state is same and there is no additional tax on telangana people.
      For God sake can anyone help me solving the puzzle how come a region without irrigation, industries and education can get huge revenues over the regions who looted all the above?
      The answer what  I guess is the revenue that they showed is mostly generated from the industries which are around the city but doesn't fall under hyderabad (which doesn't become greater hyderabad by then). Like Patancheru, comes under medak dist etc.. 
      TRS put this in nice coverup and trying to showcase as telangana had more revenues. If that is the case, then it is andhra and rayalaseema regions which got discriminated by successive governments. Because telangana is developed at the expense of andhra. But the fact is the places surronding hyderabad are only developed and without taken that into count, the revenues of all 3 regions are more or less same.
       By the way, in the same report in the end TRS given the data most of the industries are owned by andhras and at the same time they argue andhras didnt developed the city. But aren't they indirectly contributing the said revenues of telangana? another thing to note is in sales and excise revenues they haven't given the break-up trying to put the revenue is from telangana (but that includes hyderabad)        
      Now lets look at the ration card %s given by TRS
      TRS says the population of telangana is 41% but the white ration cards are not distributed with the same proportion but around 36-37%
      In the 1st case the population percentage itself is questionable. They said it is 41%, by group 1 it became 42%. (an increase of 1% in less than 6 months the same way like 3.5 crore T people in 2009 dec became 4 crore by 2010). Actually the percent of telangna at the time of merger is around 32%. And on a normal census it should be around 37 or 38%. Theadditional 5% people are mostly migrants either belong to professional job holders (who are not eligible or less interested) or seasonal labourers from other regions who can’t procure a residence proof here or they usually get the cards at their native places. If they remove the above category it is easy to understand the hallowness in the discrimination claims.
      Reg. universities block grant
      I didn’t get proper link to talk about the numbers given in the report. But the report said ‘The discrimination is from past 5 decades’. A quick look at the link can tell us how much it is true.
      After going thru some other links It seems the govt releases the funds based on certain factors of number of affiliated colleges et. If more no. of colleges are affiliated to a versity it will get less in grants because the other amt needs to be procured from the colleges.
      I am not sure on whether the rule says the grant should be on ‘Per-capita’.  Because the grant that OU and KU gets is more than what SVU and Nagarjuna gets.
      Regarding the number of universities it is the arguement that state level versities are moved to capital is baseless and attributing it the leaders is bull****. If they have any such proof, why cant they attach the GO which made the govt to move the university.
      Anyway, The truth is not all the versities established in other regions are funded by govt. for eg. Sri venkateswara institute of medical sciences was established by TTD and later conceived by govt of AP just like AIMS in Delhi.
      Padmavathi university is funded by TTD initially for land and other facilities. will TTD approve establishing the institute at Hyderabad? Did prof. Jayasankar has any common sense in asking so?
      Sri Venkateswara vedic university is fully sponsored by TTD. What best place one can think of other than Tirupathi to establish such an university on Vedas?
      By the way, in another document this professor said Sathya sai institute ( a state level) is not established in capital. I doubt he need an emergency medical check-up
      Though the new Andhra Pradesh Law university is established in visakhapatnam, it has centers in both Kadapa and Nizamabad. It will function the same way as how JNTU did earlier. TRS report explicitly cited about JNTU centers at kakinada and ananthapur has deliberately ignored that the same structure is there for Law university and IIITs
      The Dravidian language university is not a ‘state level university’. It is multi-state. (Andhra, tamilnadu, kerala and Karnataka) and all the states will provide grants for the versity and want the university to be located near to all. That is why they have choosen kuppam. Also there is already a telugu university in Hyderabad.
      Prof. jayasankar cannot question how there are three central universities in telangana itself? They have Hyderabad central university, and at the same time Maulauna Azad urdu university and Nalsar law university.
      The university for English and foreign languages (EFLU)  is also there in Hyderabad. So there are already 3 big language universities (EFLU, Telugu university, and urdu university) are there in center of telangana but these professors lament for kuppam university.
      The RGUKT (Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge Technologies, formally IIITs) which the TRS mentioned is meant to provide best technical education for meritorious rural students. The 1st IIIT itself is established in Hyderabad. Later YSR established 3 more in Idupulapaya (Rayalaseema), Nuzividu (Coastal) and at Basara (telangana). But TRS didn’t mention about Basara in their report. And all these are autonomous institutes. So, in other words telangana region itself has 2 IIITs
      Also there are many other national level colleges and universities (like ISB, IIT, NIT, BITS Hyderabad and many) are established in Hyderabad which are meant to increase the level of technical education. Because of Hyderabad the other two regions didn’t get attention of the governments and now if divided all these will go to telangana.
      Will continue in later comments….


      • Chandra says:

        Mr Gopalakrishna
        If you read through ch 19 of myteluguroots ,and other posts by chakravarthy garu  , you will find most of the allegations by TRS are completely proved wrong. As satya said the best is to take every point in the report and analyze independedntly and we did to some good extent.

        In several of our discussions we gave several links and explanations countering the allegations by TRS intellectuals.
        Regarding university funds and degree colleges i could not find straight info.
        I am in the process of collecting some important discussions and likns happened in this blog and give them to chakravarthy garu so that he can post them .
        Unfortunately  my schedule is tight till nov 20th and its taking time for me.
        If you are skeptical of   our discussions and TRS report both, then i would recommend you to check the following link. Human development report of AP 2007 which published several statistics almost 40 general parameters districtwise.  Its a first hand govt report.You can do the analysis by yourself.
        Regarding irrigation, govt of AP gave its statistics to SKC and it appeared in eenadu june 16th 2010. (Archive not available online but i have an image in my laptop). It says before AP formation the aycut was
        T-1.42 lakh hectares
        A-10.93lakh hectares
        R-1.09 lakh hectares
        AP formation the aycut  in
        telangana region is 10.17lakh hectares, 
        coastal- 11 lakh hectares, and in
        rayalaseema region 4.28 lakh hectares.
        Following link also may be helpful to you reg GDP.

  41. Air says:

    there is another myth in the education that TRS report says many a times. The universities in hyderbad state are exclusively for telangana students. after merger their seats are shared with andhra. specially in the case of colleges in hyderabad. but all the seats in the andhra region are enjoyed by andhra guys only.  It is not true. all the universities has region wise has quota. in which 85% of the seats will be allocated to locals and only 15% are to non locals.means colleges under OU, KU, JNTU Hyderbad has 85% of the seats to telanganites. how this 15% calculated in OU is quite interesting. I am telling my personal exp. generally college offering mca has 30 seats. out of 30 50 %is reservation. so no of seats left to OC are 15. In that 1/3 are ladies so 10 seats to oc boys . in that they will remove .5 and one will be allocated.  that one seat will get to non telangana region student  if locals won't take it first means he should have better rank than locals.  ladies has 5 seats 15 % means no quota same in the case of BC A,B,C,D SC, ST quotas as they will be one per college. I observed this in many OU affiliated colleges  so hardly they are giving 1 or 2 ( i saw colleges where 2 guys r there) seats per college to students studied in coastal or seema in telagana.  so there is no much loss to the no seats to telanganites. I am not sure whether same technique is used in AU/KU/NU/SU. def of local is any student who studied last 5 years in colleges/schools in the same region. otherwise he is non local. of course there will some exceptions to that.

    • satya says:

      Air, u know when I had  this discussion on non-local seats, there  is a blogger kishore (a T-supporter), said the andhra students (those 1 or 2 per college) will become locals after they study for 4 yrs here. So that is effecting their jobs. He didn't have any problem of north Indians (children of Govt Employees or Other Private Institutes) becoming locals here. But he had so much worries about andhras becoming locals in their own capital. And our esteemed KK says only people come before merger are only locals. I wondered at the level of brainwash these people got. Highly irrepairable.

  42. Air says:

    another point from TRS report




    /* Style Definitions */
    {mso-style-name:”Table Normal”;
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    font-family:”Times New Roman”;

    "By the time the state of Andhra Pradesh was formed, two major irrigation projects of Andhra area namely, the Godavari barrage at Dhavaleswaram and the Krishna barrage at Vijayawada were dilapidated and needed immediate renovation and reconstruction. The then Andhra state was totally bankrupt and was completely helpless to take up those works. The merger of Telangana became a boon for the Andhra region. The surplus revenues of Telangana came handy to the Andhra bosses of the new state"
    The renovation Krishna barrage is completed in 1957 and it is started well before state merger . observ the link below
     where finance minister allocates Krishna-Regulator-cum-Bridge 52.96. And he already told that the project is already under execution.
    "he principal projects etc., now under execution are the Tungabhadra Low Level Canal, the Krishna Barrage, the Upper Pennar Project, the Romperu Drainage Project, the Pennar Kumudvathi Project, the Rallapadu Project, the Bhairavanithippa Project and the Sagileru Project"
    I don't think that there is some surplus from telangana that is brought to andhra to complete that project.
    budget speach confirms that it is started in 53 -54 and  last allocation found in 1956 speech. after that no budget speech talks about that. and also

    and in the
    check the heading Revenue Deficits




    1954-55 Accounts



    1955-56 "



    1956-57 R.E.



    1957-58 R.E.



    so by 57-58  telangana has more deficit than andra. and finance minister mentioned it is clear. so using the surplus of telangana in andra is not a fact.

  43. Air says:

    TRS report says
    i)    By the time the state of Andhra Pradesh was formed, two major irrigation projects of Andhra area namely, the Godavari barrage at Dhavaleswaram and the Krishna barrage at Vijayawada were dilapidated and needed immediate renovation and reconstruction. The then Andhra state was totally bankrupt and was completely helpless to take up those works. The merger of Telangana became a boon for the Andhra region. The surplus revenues of Telangana came handy to the Andhra bosses of the new state. These two projects which were almost dead were not only reconstructed but the ayacut was also substantially increased. These two projects put together now irrigate more than 25 lakh acres in karif and nearly half of it in rabi.

    ii)    Had those surpluses of Telangana region been spent on the Sriram Sagar Project, at least half of the Telangana region would
    have become prosperous perhaps more than the now affluent delta region. The construction of Sriram Sagar Project was deliberately kept in abeyance to facilitate the diversion of Telangana surplus revenues to the Andhra region. It is now more than four decades that the work on this project was initiated; but not even half of it is completed. Out of 20 lakh acres of ayacut proposed to be brought under this project, not even 5 lakh acres get irrigation facilities, that too for one crop, even to this day

    This is the tweeking of facts to its best. just forget where we got the fund that I discussed before . lets check amount of money spent. the cost of renovation of krishna barrage is 2.71 crores. i did not find any reffernces to upgradation barrage on godavari river. I am putting a guess numbers. as the width of krishna river is 1.5 km and it has incurred a cost of 2.71 crores. the width of godavari at rajamundry is 3 km so I am doubling the exp 2.71 *2=  5.42  on total both projects cost around   8.13 crores. let make it 10 crores. they are compring this to sriram sagar project till now spent is 2956 crores. means they are comparing barrages which cost around 10 crores with 2000 crore project and they will talk about only ayacut. they completly ignore terrain that shoot up the costs in telagana for a project and started comparin ayacut. if we shift this 10 crores to that project how much diff you will get in that project.

  44. satya says:

    The TRS report compares the block grants of telangana and mahatma gandhi universities with the kadapa university to make a glaring case of discrimination. But they dont want to show the block grants to other newly started universities like Vikrama Simhapuri (Nellore), Adikavi Nannaya (Rajahmundry) and BR Ambedkar (Srikakulam) universities. For Eg. if u want see the plight of Nellore university see the link and you come to know the university has no funds even to have own buildings.
    If at all the kadapa university has got such huge block grant (which is highly unlikely) it is a discrimination against all other universities which are both in andhra and telangana areas. Since late YSR hailed from kadapa may be he allocated more funds to his university which though wrong but not rare in Indian democracy. or may be he will get some share  in those allocations through corrupt means. Seperatists show casing corruption as discrimination is also the biggest contribution for this movement.

  45. satya says:

    There are numerous cases where seperatists trying to add regional color to the problems faced across the nation because of corrupt politicians who dont have foresight and vision.
    For eg, the seperatists trying to bring up the case of 'the beautiful musi river was polluted because of andhras." And some of the real idiots ( I mean it) will believe such non-sense. are they dont know what is the state of koovam river in chennai, Vrishabhavati and arkavati rivers of bangalore, dahisar and oshiwara and other small rivers in mumbai ..and the yamuna in New delhi, Budameru and buckingham canals in vijayawada?
    do these seperatists say andhras went to all the places and polluted the rivers there?

  46. satya says:

    After discovering the truth in the allegations of TRS, esp. Prof. Jaya sankar, I was amazed at the skill of writing cooked stories by this professor. He said, NTR shifted state level universities from other telangna districts to hyderabad under the pretext of all state level universities should be in capital. The professor gives the examples of Open university and JNTU. But you will wonder why actually the Open university shifted to hyderabad explained by none other than the committee head and 1st VC of the university.
    and infact u will get more surprised to know that NTR initially opposed the idea. ofcourse, there is no such pretext as told by that canny professor.
    I want you guys to read this to understand the blatant lies of Prof. Jayasankar.

  47. TelanganaGuy says:

    My reply to Telangana Song.
    I am from Telangana but hate the Telangana propagandists because of their lies and hypocrisy.
    1) They tell that they are forced to talk in Non-Telangana Telugu, whereas they chose it by their own will. They infact did not have their own mother tongue as their Official language until Andhra Pradesh was created and Telangana was rescued. Before that they were forced to write, read, talk, study in Urdu.
    2) Every language has an established dialect for usage. Tamil has Tanjaore dialect, Urdu has UP dialect, Punjabi has Amritsar dialect. Kannada has Mysore dialect. No one cries except for our Telangana people.
    Facts of Telanagan Song:
    1) Written by a Dalit: AndeSri
    2) It is written in: Non-Telangana Telugu. Why didn’t we chose to write it in Telangana dialect.
    3) Goluconda Navabulu goppavelugu Charminar anta. Whereas the Muslims destroyed the Telangana culture and imposed Urdu on us. Whereas the Muslims destroyed ( ex: Thousand Pillar Temple, Warangal) our structures and built their (Charminar).

    Other facts:
    1) Bhadrachalam does not belong to Telangana. They are still showing it in Telangana Flag. Is n’t that a lie.
    2) Bathukamma is a Low BC caste Festival. Low BCs never allowed SCs and STs to come near it. OC & Higher Castes like Brahmin,Komati and  OC castes like Reddy, Velama never practised it because it was below their dignity. Now Reddies and Velamas have all politicized the Festival. And an article was also written about it by Professor Kancha Ilaiah of Osmania University. He belongs to Telangana BC community.
    3) Telangana Thalli is depicted with Bathukamma in her hand. As Higher Castes and OCs did not come near Bathukamma how can she be their mother. As SCs and STs were never allowed to come near Bathukamma, how can they take her as their mother. Muslims and Christians do not practise Bathukamma. How can she be their mother. She is only a BC (that too only Low BC) mother.
    4) Telangana Praja Front (SC, ST, Muslim party) was formed by Gaddar as an answer to TRS (BC, Velama, Reddy) party.

  48. Prakash says:

    TelanganaGuy says: October 24, 2010 at 6:06 pm
    "Before that they were forced to write, read, talk, study in Urdu."
    This was for a brief period only. My grandfather was educated in (and taught) Telugu and did not spreak or read Urdu.
    "No one cries except for our Telangana people"
    This is far fetched. I have met several  people not only in India but all over the workd who hold similar resentments (i.e.  "cry" in your words)
    "Muslims destroyed the Telangana culture and imposed Urdu on us"
    Respect for all religions, cultures & languages is an integral part of Telangana culture. Urdu ki tauheen Hindustan ki tauheen hai.
    Batkamma: I am aware of Dr. Ilaiah's comment that "dorasandlu" never participated in this festival. But you will not find a single mention of Batkamma in his book "Why I am not a Hindu?".
    I don't know about your area but do know Batkamma is celebrated in Warangal by all castes & religions for the last four generations (and perhaps more). Even Mr. Nalamotu (not a BC to my knowledge) supports this to some extent with his experience (see Chakravarthy says: October 8, 2010 at 2:25 pm "Regarding Bathukamma festival: I have some fond memories of the festival as a child").
    "Low BCs never allowed SCs and STs to come near it"
    I am surprised you are surprised about this. This phenomenon was not unique to Telangana but applied all over India. Not only Batkamma, all temples & festivals were closed to SC/ST till fairly recently in the name of the "noble" instituition of caste. High caste "leaders" even protested the presence of Bhagya Reddy Varma at the first NAMS meeting. Reformers like Gandhi, Bhave, Potti etc. fought hard for opening up the temples.

    • Chakravarthy says:

      Here's a bit more elaboration Prakash garu. My father worked for most of his life in Nalgonda district. I lived with my grand parents and used to visit my parents during school breaks. Two festivals that used to happen when visiting my parents were Bathukamma and Dasara. Bathukamma was particularly fun because kids used to venture out in the morning to collect flowers of different kind. In the afternoon women used to make the Bathukammas and in the evening they immersed them in a well. The best Bathukamma experience was in a village called Varthamana Kota, where we had family friends. Families made beautiful bathukamma's that were over 3 feet high and took them out in a procession through the village. Strangely, I was in Varthamana Kota when I was younger than five and I still remember the event.
      In any event, my experiences are from about 30+ years ago. The festival was not divided along castes or classes in places where my parents lived. All hindus celebrated it. Saying that, there probably is history that goes much back in time, when Bathukamma was restricted to certain classes. I have no idea about it, as I have not studied the history of the festival.

    • AMRAO says:

      1) My father studied PUC (Pre University Course) at New Science College (near Shalimar theater) in 1960-61. He tells me that there were just two students studying Telugu in his class. Rest were all studying Urdu.
      2) Until NTR came to power, people who knew Telugu also spoke Urdu. The auto drivers would treat you as an alien if you spoke in Telugu. I was told majority of the offices also had Urdu boards with no Telugu translation.
      3) I am not against Urdu. I am only saying that Telugu was not a dominantly spoken language until 1984, at least in Hyderabad. It may have been, in other parts of Telangana.
      It was certainly not for a brief period.
      4) Also, there is no doubt that Muslim rulers (not the people but the rulers) destroyed Hindu culture in Telangana. I visited Bhadrakali temple in Warangal last week. At the entrance, there is a board that says the temple was constructed thousands of years ago but was ignored after the defeat of Kakatiya dynasty. The temple was again revived in 1950s.

    • Prabhakar Rao says:

      Respect for all religions, cultures & languages is an integral part of Telangana culture. Urdu ki tauheen Hindustan ki tauheen hai.

      It is very unfortunate that I had to pick up this topic again.
      Hope you visited 'veyi sthambla gudi' in warangal and heard tourist guides.
      If not please visit it and find out how only one of four 'siva lingams' could be saved.
      We do not want disharmony based on past conflicts. At the same time why should we alter the history for some gain.

    • Prabhakar Rao says:

      BTW, please read Sri. Ravi Naarayanreddy speech of 1941 on where from Telugu students got degrees and pomotion of various languages in OU.

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