Save Andhra Pradesh!
Telugu tribe today stands at a crossroads. Next few months will decide the fate of our race. Unfortunately, the people of our state have little say in these vital decisions. Our future today rests with the leaders at the center, and opportunistic separatist politicians of our state. The leaders at the center neither understand our history nor have any interest in protecting our race. On the other hand, the separatist politicians neither have facts nor history on their side. They therefore are holding the people of our great state hostage with the threat of violence.

Our future today looks bleak. However, I believe we can change the tide, if the good people of our state rise up against this atrocity being committed by the separatist politicians. There were many instances in our history when Telugus fought back from the brink of extinction.


After the demise of the Satavahana Empire, Telugu country was in a state of utter disarray. From nowhere came a king named Rudradeva, ruler of a small principality of Warangal. With the consummation of Kakatiya Empire, he achieved something that was till then deemed impossible. Rudradeva united the Telugu country that disintegrated after the demise of the Satavahana Empire.

 Delhi’s formidable Muslim army occupied entire India. During this process Tuglaq mercilessly destroyed the Kakatiya Empire. When things looked bleak for Telugus, a common soldier named Prolaya Nayak and his cousin Krishna Nayak from Musunuru, raised an army and dared to achieve something no other Indian king could achieve. The brave Krishna Nayak drove away Tuglaq out of Telugu land and took back Sultanpur i.e., Warangal.
Then there is Vijayanagara Empire, founded by two brothers from Warangal- Harihara and Bukka. The legendary duo consolidated entire South India under their rule. When northern India was besieged by invaders that came from across the border, Harihara and Bukka built an empire that acted as an impregnable wall against the invading armies. They protected the entire South India including today’s Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, and Kerala. During these battles, millions of our forefathers sacrificed their lives – sometimes losing half a million men in a single war. Despite these monumental losses, our forefathers refused to give in to the enemy. What inspired them to make such sacrifices? There can’t be any other reason, but to protect our culture, our heritage, our history, and our identity.

My friends- Telugu people are capable of rising up even when backed into a corner. If history is any guide, we should be optimistic. My recently published book- “My Telugu Roots: Telangana State Demand – A Bhasmasura Wish” delves into the details of our glorious past. My Telugu Roots goes through many aspects of our medieval and modern history in the context of current demands for a separate state.


In many of the debates occurring over the separation of our state, there is a lack of statistical data to respond to allegations of regional discrimination. I have put the entire Chapter 19: “Telangana State Demand Built on a Platform of Lies” online. You will find comprehensive statistical data in a simplified format to help you with your arguments for unification.


The current so-called student movement is a mere repetition of 1969, when politicians used high school and college students for their selfish ends. Learning about the Jai Telangana movement of 1969 is crucial to put the current violence into context. Please find the entire chapter 17: “Jai Telangana- Chenna Reddy versus Indira Gandhi“, online at my website.


I will be writing regularly on the crisis in our state. Join me on my website at, or on my facebook page and twitter at the links given below. Please share my website link with your friends and family.




Nalamotu Chakravarthy

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113 Responses to “Save Andhra Pradesh!”

  1. KB says:

    ..the seperation of the state is such a sad affair and the more sadder thing is the helplessnes of common people !

  2. Nagavalli says:

    ….Very true, being a comman i was helpless wanted to do something and not sure want to to…tried to talk to with some local newspaper guys….. they act common people i guess they always want some meaty stuff to publish…

    …but i must say your link came as a boon…… and as a hope….there is some place where we can voice how we as common people feel….thanks for listening and sharing!!!!

  3. Manojk says:

    I have accepted most of the supporters of Telangana argument that the Telangana is backward. When I read your blog about foundation of lies as platform for Telangana demand, I am speechless. This is one heck of great job by you. Telangana or not, I love all Telugu people and hope we can build unity of all Telugus whether it is a separate state or the same state.

  4. Raghava says:

    very nice info sir, I’m planning to buy your book to know about our past.

  5. Narender says:

    I would love to ignore the reality and live in dreams like you people perhaps do. But I find it hard. So I leave it to God. Before that below is what came out from my burning fire for Telangana:

    “I can say that your work is also full of lies. If one can’t believe Prof. Jayashankar’s data then why should one believe in your data?

    Because you collected it from A.P. State records. Heck with it! First of all one cannot believe that data itself. When state syllabus never mentions the historical truth of Telangana and all the whatever agreements / conditions decided and recklessly ignored to implement, why should one believe in its manufactured reports? Note that A.P. Government is well known for double standards, atleast now.

    Why in the whatever, do the Tollywood films portray the Telangana dialects for comedians and villain characters only? Would it hurt business if they are given for leading roles? But Telangana too is a big market for films even after excluding Hyderabad. A Telangana person not liking his/her dialect is like an Indian who after learning English says “Heck with Indian languages, I hate to listen to them”. Doesn’t that sound terrible! That is the state of some Telangana people. Hard to say but I too adapted to feel like that for a long time about Telangana dialect. Even Seema dialects seem funny but somehow Andhra dialects seem to be posh. I had to think, rethink to change this mentality and respect everyone’s culture.

    Why in the whatever, does the state then have the name as Andhra Pradesh if not to show the pride of Andhras? Why not Telugu Pradesh like Tamils have Tamil Nadu. I wondered about this ever since I got to know that the state has three distinctly marked regions.

    Every idiot who says that problems should be resolved within the state is indirectly insulting the previous generation whose efforts like Gentleman’s Agreement, Mulki Rules and so on ( are recklessly ignored by the government for decades. Telangana people kept quite because they were always slaves for centuries in the past and they adapted being like that. But not any more. And they won’t remain slaves in whatever form, as long as India boasts of its democracy, freedom, unity in diversity or whatever.

    The truth cannot be hidden. You and I may sit and write from the comfort of our chairs. But the burning fire in most of the Telangana people cannot be stopped. It is already ignited thanks to Internet, new information highway, Wikipedia and news sites.

    And just for the sake of Telugu pride or whatever, a hungry starving man would not die in vain. He will take 10 men’s lives that he does not like, before taking his own. This is proven in history and will continue to repeat as long as govts like UPA with their policies continue to suck the blood of the poor to serve some bulls like IT industry and exporting businesses (and all its employees, may be the modern young Indian (including myself) thinks good, feels good about his talent which has nothing to do with his salary which is at the mercy of Rupee-Dollar rate).

    Personally I don’t gain a heck from Telangana or other state. But the truth cannot be suppressed for long. Today it is Telangana issue but it could have been anything else. At the heart of all these issues lies the basic fact that unfair justice is done to the poor of India during the 6 decades after Independence and more so during the last decade alone. They have to race against time to combat inflation. They still live amidst this reality thinking that atleast their children will get a better future.

    But our and previous generation has done much damage that can’t be (cannot be) undone easily. Given the capitalist mentality of majority of Indian voters, it is less likely that it will ever change. Then the poor will have no choice but to resort to survivalist mentality and I need not tell what happens after that.

    India can only continue to grow in its diversity. From the richest to the poorest, from cold to hot, languages, cultures, tribes, difference of opinions in the same parties, groups, regions, factions, gangs, religions, states, political parties, marxists to maoists in communists and so on, the other name for India should have been Diversity. The number of poor is growing at an alarming rate in the country and who in the heck cares for that. But somehow many Indian do care about this issue which is just a symptom of chronic illness.

    You and I may desire a different future, but somewhere we have to sacrifice to stand on the same rope.

    If Hyderabad is the loss, then let it be common capital. It may develop in its own way (IT industry etc.). But the water sharing and job sharing between the regions should be in the court of center than within the state. It is 21st century now. A slave cannot be a slave anymore?

    There are 9 Hindi Speaking states in India. People should wake up to this reality. Older generations likingly or unlikingly grouped languages together. Separate state does not necessarily mean division of people. The boundary between people of the three regions always exists as hidden line or boundary line. But atleast corrupt Telangana politicians who couldn’t care for the Telangana people would now have a lot of job to do for Telangana only.

    And for those who still can’t think that Telangana is backward remember Chiranjeevi who said Mehboob Nagar District is the poorest in the world (though he shifted gears now). Compare the land rates in other Telangana towns like Warangal, Karmnagar and Suryapet with the likes of Vijayawada, Guntur and Vizag. If Telangana people were so prosperous where in the heck do they invest their so much money?

    • Indian says:

      My dear fellow citizen of Andhra Pradesh I understand your pain in your statements. I would perhaps in the same set of mind set of yours if I follow or believe our self motive politicians. I always feel that we need to stand for our rights. I used to sing songs along with Gaddar on Nizam's rulers. I would be in the same state if abused by rulers for centuries from our ancestors time. I am with you for the seperate state if really abused by non lengana people. I am not an expert neither historian to talk about something which happed decades ago before my social concious age. I am only asking one thing to conside the development of State actually began when NTR brought the thought full nature among people. I debated with my father for the 55 year retirement policy when I was studying 9th. No body poked me for this. But I felt from the social need of jobs. I obhserved fly overs across places where ever I noticed. I saw a strage movement in people in the state who were just living lives like tuned drama players. I saw a dynamic change in the society. Next time I noticed another change when IT was brought to the state. I saw all people aross state left their jobs and run for attending Mainframe cources in Hyderebad to take foriegn trips. I saw another change economically making the state more colour ful with glorious economy. Why Micrsoft should come to AP. Why the new most prestegious and competitive Management Institute with heigher rank to the IIMs. I saw an insult when people talked these IT revolutions as mere concrete structures and took 4 centuyr old Charminar and other palces which were constructed for living life style of Nizam Nawabs. May be we are innocent by ignorance but did our ancestoers forgotten the Puchhalapalli Sundaraiah's movement against the landlords when these brothers sweat their lives for the liberation of the place from these landlords. I am pained when we are looking for logic in every selfish motives of politicians. Is it not the truth that we all across state moving towards better lives through our education and encouragement.  Are we not looking for extra ministrial posts, goverment jobs,extra reservations behind this movement.  If this is the case where does the money come from. Shouldn;t we look at the extra exprenditure which we all need to pay through our own taxes. DO we have confidence in our politicians that our borrowings from the world take us back to Slavery to some other country if not paid properly. Who guarentees the new loans would be repaid. Remember the era before Narsimha Rao's era where entire country gone for task. Imagine if the similar situation arises due to any unrest due to any reason. What happens if Madhi Koda's situation arises in the newly formed states. What happens as some one says the movement is in lords' hands. I am not asking each one to be pacimistic but what is the capacity to bear such a risk. I felt ashamed when Mr Viplav talking on the TV channel that he had to flow to US from the state because of the presssure. Does it mean our Country didn;t help him so he is taking a shelter in US. how shameful it is. I am not sure whehter any one from US has got the transcript of his statement, definitely it would cause a big blow to India's Sovereignity. Is the current situation not a blown agitation by some policiticians and influential people's hatred speach against other people. I was urging each person across state to bring the realities to people rather than creating cooking stories. We are responsible for each action. I think your question to Chakravarthy on the truth of the detais to be verified. Let us take the same site to comparision with existing facts by getting the count from each place of the state and verify the reality rather following blindly these emotion genrators, who are the politicians.  Hope the new team under Justice Sri Krishna would bring the naked facts of the state to realize what happened and hope we all get reliived by these emotions and show empathy if there was any unreasonable hatred or not listening to others' pains. Jai Hind!

  6. Ravi Adapa says:

    Our country is not a federation of states like in USA. States can be broken for adminstrative or other conveniences. If Telangana wants Hyderabad let them have it. I dont see a reason why rest of Andhra wants to hold on to someone who wants to break away. If you are from rest of Andhra invested in Hyderabad, pl move to Hyderabad. Other than this I dont see a reason for Telugus asking for holding on to Telangana or Hyderabad. Current adminstration would like to have big budget to play with, more number of MLA seats if we stay together- their main reason for staying together. You can always build your capital that you can call your own. Leaders initiate agitatations for their benefit, yes. that is democracy. You can fight for staying together but it is a daily hell in a joint family. Just move on and go look for how to improve what you are left with.
    In all this struggle, no one can tell if a common man’s life will be better before or after. I can definitely tell you that it remains the same. So to me this struggle is a waste of time. Just split and move on……

  7. Kamal says:

    A person who hasnt even spent 20yrs in this RegioN,says he has written a book about this Issue,with collecting facts ,by browsing websites .LoL
    If you are so worried about this state,regioN,why dont come here and do something instead of writing some book with cooked facts taken from random websites .

  8. M says:

    I read the excerpts you put online. I am going to buy the book. It looks like you put a lot of hard work and did a thorough study of our history and AP statistics. Your analysis seems to be very fair and impassioned. Thanks for bringing this book in just the right time.
    Much of the statistics and numbers provided by Telangana activists and politicians are cherry picked and conveniently massaged to highlight their side of story. They also add a few trivial but emotional aspects like movies showing Telangana people as villains, or Telangana slang used in a funny way etc. Even educated people fall for these and get carried away by the tide emotions this issue generates.
    IMHO, you should go to AP now and promote your book in news channels. I feel ashamed that even in this information age people are becoming pawns for vested interests and politicians.

    Good luck


    Dear Chakravarthy garu,
    I have read your excerpts you put online. Sir, one thing to make you clear is that seeing Moon from Earth appears bright and soft. You can write number of romantic songs on the beauty of the Moon. Only when you land on the moon you can see hard,shapeless rocks,dust and the dark valleys over there. Sitting in U.S. in a comfort zone in U.S. I too can write hundreds of books advising lot of people. If at all staying united is such a great thing then why dont you come and stay with your parents and your family in India, why did you got aparted from your family, it is for your development. Why the people are having nuclear families, because to have more concentration on development of one’s family and children even though there are some disadvantages like missing your family.
    One thing you please make a note that getting seperated doesnot mean that Telangana is becoming a different Country. It is beside Andhra and when there are two states in India with a common language then it will be the second of its kind in India other than Hindi. You can imagine it makes us honoured, after all TELUGU is the SECOND largest speaking language in India.
    People like you stop misleading the people and write about actual facts.

  10. kishore says:

    @ Narender, I pity your ignorance and advise you to read other chapters of this book.
    @ Kamal, These are the facts, and they will remain facts.

    Thanks chakravarthy for this book

  11. Sirish says:

    Dear Chakravarthy
    if one cannot believe in the statistics given by a learned professor like Jayashankar, then why should i believe in the statistics provided by somebody who is not even associated with the separate telangana agitation?? if you are so passionate about united andhra, why have you not uploaded your entire book? are you trying to sell it? trying to make money in every available opportunity is a coastal andhra culture and not telangana culture. anyways, it is not the major thing here. as i said, chapter 19, is full of distorted facts. you may have collected it now, but i have data collected from past 15 years even before the agitation reached this stage. further, chapter 20 is only sweeping statements. and a few points need to be countered

    Comment in Chap20 – The same leaders want us to believe that in a Nizam Telangana state, all the river waters in the region can be tapped and used locally. However, what they do not reveal is that the central government-appointe d tribunals allocate river waters and that not a drop of water is left in the Krishna and Godavari Rivers for new allocations.

    Reply – This is a sweeping statement. When Prof.Haragopal (fortunately, i think you dont know him, otherwise, he too would have become stupid and wily professor) went with facts and figures to Late YSR for re-designing river water allocation, even YSR told there is no water. Then it was brought to his notice that 1700 TMC of water is being wasted into the sea. that water can first be allocated to Telangana. This is a common sense point. however, the coastal and rayalaseema leaders ensured that this was not okayed. how many know this?

    Comment in Chap 20 – For the 2009 elections, after all the seat adjustments were made, TRS contested in 45 assembly seats and 9 Loksabha seats in the Nizam Telangana region. When the results were announced, TRS won a meager 10 assembly seats and 2 Lok Sabha seats. So, is the case for a separate Telangana state that clear cut?

    Reply – In 2009 every political party supported a separate Telangana except CPM. Even Loksatta did not take any stand. in such scenario, no wonder that voters voted to their own party thinking that they are for a separate telangana. the votes got divided. Congress bagged only 156 seats compared to what they could in 2004, why? the margin of victory on average basis was only 2 to 3%. This, on a polling percentage of 65%. Which means the party which got 20 votes in 100 is ruling us !!! So, dont take elections as benchmark in our country which goes by “first past the post” system. However, the only party which fought on united andhra is CPM and they got one seat. DOES NOT THIS MEAN THAT PEOPLE ARE NOT FOR UNITED ANDHRA?

    Comment in Chap20 – However, let us not fail to acknowledge that Telugu people have far many more things in common than differences. Our music, our dance forms, our movies, our festivals, our dress habits, our food habits, our rich literature, our art, our gods, our value system, our glorious history, our bravery, and last but not least, our sweet language, uniquely define the Telugu race.

    Reply – really a stupid observation. See what is being quoted – music, dance form, movies, festivals, dress habits, food, literature, art, gods, value system, history, bravery, and finally sweet langauge. i shall not dwell into each and every aspect, but a few important ones.

    Literature – people in this field hailing from seemandhra themselves accept telangana literature is different than that of andhra or rayalaseema. the poets agree that the literary roots are different. who the hell are you to say it is same?

    value system – ahem….. i know about this. we have Tsundur and Karamchedu happening in coastal Andhra (attrocities on Dalits), we have Kola Venkat Rao and Neelakantham from Andhra (dupers of thousands of crores of public money), we have Babas and Shambhavis (trying to fool people, already Shambhavi story is out). Somebody please tell me how the value systems are same??

    Festivals – though some festivals are common, the zeal with which they are celebrated are different. for Andhras, it is Sankranthi, for us it is Dussera. We dont have Atla Tadde. They dont have Bathukamma. Come on Man, no, no, even festivals are not common.

    i agree fully with Narender and Rajender. but please answer one question. why did you leave the family and go out. what would you have done if your parents/brothers protested your idea of staying and living separately? would you have been in this position today? Come on man, there are certain things which needs to be understood from ground level. not from 30000 feet. and i can defenitely say that your kind of pseudo intellectuals dont understand it. if you want name, fame and money, then please do something else. dont try cheap tricks

    Jai Telangana

  12. Madhu says:

    Good I have read you comments on Telangana the chapeter 18 i hope.
    Good collection of the information …
    but one question from my side how many people from Telangana are educated in Telangana region is my question. in good schools if you check any corporate school you will find more than 75% are from other region only.

    All the people came to Telangana region and increased the stength but where is improvement for Telangana people.

    If u compare the growth of Telangana and other regions you will come to no know it .
    and from ground level you need to check it not on the paper …

    Jai Telangana

  13. eeswar says:

    Dear Chakravathy garu,

    Great work! thanks a lot for your efforts….dont bother about these morons, who is talking that you are sitting some where else and writing…before they comment on you, they should ask TDF people and from where they are doing theyir activities!

    I am always thinking the wather gathered from Indravati and Sabari rivers to Godavari is more than enough for Irrigation in East And West godavari…we dont need any water that come from Telangana region.

  14. Narendhar says:

    Dear Chakravarthy

    Would you mind to provide the links to your sources please? I am educated and I can analyze the AP State government data. I dont understand why AP Govt failed to bring the facts into light so far when the state landed in turmoil and at the brink of division. It surprises even more about why YSR (Late CM) and current Congress/TDP/PRP/Lok Satta/or any other party who wants United AP could not use this powerful data (soruces of your analysis) to tell the people that Telanagana being a backward is a pack of lies. It surprises even more why Congress/TDP/PRP supported Separate Telangana in their election manifesto?? Perhaps you can dwell on these topics as well. I suppose it is powerful weapon to crush baseless movements..isn’t it? Well ground reality seems to be different at the state level. None of the pro-United Leaders are using the Goverment data and I wonder what might be wrong with using data. Surely they are better master minded than we are.

    I suppose I will find the facts for myself when you provide those links and sources. Just a suggestion if you dont mind. why not publish those documents as they are? It looks more real and stops people from misinterpreting things. I guess only educated can read English and understand maths I guess. so we shouldn’t have any problem if you just publish those sources.

    Anyways thanks for your efforts. I can now feel the great need to dig the facts for myself to understand if atleast I cannot educate others properly.


  15. Sridhar S says:

    In recent years pro-Telangana activists seem to have shifted their strategy from claims of backwardness to the idea of self-respect.  They probably came to realise 'age-old facts' may not stand the test of time.  Things have indeed changed a lot economically in the Telangana region.  So any fair and balanced data could refute the claims of acute backwardness.  So the Telangana proponents and pseudo intellects stopped spreading lies that were backed by 'data'.  Rather they now take shelter in — self-respect, culture, identity, self-governance etc.  Further they are increasingly realising that with the presence of a prosperous world-class city like Hyderabad in their backyard they would at some time be ridiculed for claiming backwardness.  United Andhra acitivists on the other hand seem to be acting too 'politically correct' by calling for a United AP than indulging in war of words and numbers on the need for a separate state.

  16. rajesh says:

    You are completely wrong!! Please watch video to understand the Telangana issue:
    Please do post your comments after watching the video.

  17. Vbasa says:

    In this  book you mentioned that 11 lakh hectares under canal irrigation for more than 100years before the integrated state of A.P was formed. Only 1 lakh hectares is done in 53 years than where is the need for biggest dam Nagarjuna sagar beneifting?  Each book have sources of information gathered provide this in your book.
    If you think we Telangana are having growth rate of more than 100% on every sections and AR are less growth compare to us(Telangana) just break away with Telangana and increase your %Growth and Area Growth.
    Jai Telangana

  18. Sirish says:

    i dont

  19. esvar says:

    Who made that video? Discovery channel or National Geography? Lagadapati Rajagopal can make such Video stating injustice happened to Coastal Andhra!
    Govt should come out with Official statistics! Govt info is the closest reliable info no matter one have faith in it or not!

  20. Ravi says:

    @Rajesh, Someone with strong biased opinion made that video and it is not just unethical but a crime to make a documentary based completely on personal opinions. I am telling this because I am a filmmaker myself and I stayed away from making documentaries because they need very much researching done and only the facts must be shown not the personal thoughts.

  21. srikanth palle says:

    Hello brother i am from kalwakurthy near nalgonda.
    According to me as a telanganite i want saperate state.
    why because andhra politician totally bad(see jagan what he had done 3 days back)
    not only jagan see any M.P from andhra region they are very big in terms of money
    lagadapati rajagopal
    rayapati sambasiva rao
    kavuri sambasiva rao
    t.subbarami reddy
    magunta srinivasulu
    y.s .jagan
    my dear friends can tell me one telangana m.p(expect nama)
    they are not for country they are for their business .
    here we no need to discuss about  chandrababu and jagan
    every body knows about their business
    they are in politics for their business not for country

  22. Abhinav says:

    dude you seem to be a big literate. and god knows the truth ness of your articles..
    but my only doubt is "Why are you not entering politics which would either open people eyes or opens ur eyes".
    are u scared ..? then stop to much thinking. this revolt is not a poltical drama from telangana side. the literates, students of this region know what telangana meant for them.try leaving here and speak those words.
    i think u might have got much about, what I am asking for.

  23. Abhinav says:

    dude you seem to be a big literate. and god knows the truth ness of your articles..
    but my only doubt is "Why are you not entering politics which would either open people eyes or opens ur eyes".
    are u scared ..? then stop to much thinking. this revolt is not a poltical drama from telangana side. the literates, students of this region know what telangana meant for them. Try living here and speak those words.
    i think u might have got much about, what I am asking for.

  24. Raj says:

    You claim that 1700TMC of water is going into the ocean from the rivers flowing thru AP. I am just wondering if you are familiar with the terms "Drainage basin" , "Watershed", or "Catchment area". It is not necessary that all this 1700TMC of water is available at every location.  Get your facts correct and clear. Also, try to learn how geography of a location is an important factor for building dams or barrages and for water usability.
    I hope your next post will be a bit more rational than the previous posts.

  25. Raj says:

    It is very interesting that you ask Chakravarthy if he's scared. Let's talk about yourself. Why don't you list some facts and stop indulging in personal attacks. Try to participate in a civilized discussion with rational arguments. Do not get so emotional. No one has a real solution for this problem yet.

  26. Rao says:

    good website with facts from govt

  27. praveen says:

    Chakravathy garu,
    Good to see so much of details on this.
    I am surprised that why government is silent on the overall issue. Govt should act in a reponsible way and it should openly publish the facts to public. Truth should be out irrespective of whether state will be split or not. If truth is not out, silence will be considered as acceptance.
    Even media is not taking the resposibility of presenting the facts to public. I no longer feel proud about things happening in AP.
    If at all division of state happens, it should happen on a peaceful note after understanding the consequences but not based on regional hatred spread by political parties/professors.

  28. Kishore says:

    The problem here is with Telangana supporters. Some times they say they want Telangana for self respect and some times underdevelopment. They don't have an answer with correct numbers to justify. Its all emotional argument. In such a case no one can convince an arrogant person who is on the rampage of destruction and emotional fire. Looks like all the Telangana supporters say they don't believe government numbers, they don't believe government officials etc. They only believe in Naxals who believe in socialism. Every one works for the day and they get their share of food at the end of the day. No intelligence levels and no difference between a scientist and a daily wage worker.

    • Sirish says:

      Dear Kishore
      very wrong of you to use the sentence – They only believe in Naxals who believe in socialism.
      this is just an arrogant statement which insults all telangana people.

  29. Bommera Rajanna says:

    you want to build andhra pradesh on the graveyard of telangana ?
    even our souls will say 
    Jai Telangana
    then what you will do

  30. Sirish says:

    Dear Chakravarthy
    Keeping aside Prof.Jayashankar for some time, can you also please go thru the following link written by Prof.Kodandram

  31. Fact seeker says:

    Dear Chakravarthy , I hail fromTelangana and i never wanted my state to get split. All books written by TRS are fake. I did some research and took some info from AP govt official website. The following is the analysis of some important parameters.

    Forest area%–28.07———–19.86—–22.8



    Literacy——-57.03—-79.09—62.5——60. 65
    This data can be obtained by anybody from
    (Just add up all dists data and take average)

    My Telangana is NOT UNDERDEVELOEPED. Telangana region is on par with coastal andhra and had beaten rayalaseema in all parameters. Infact rayalaseema is not appropriately developed.
    Your book is a great resource and in coming days TRS fake info has to be questioned before Judges in supreme court to settle this issue once for all.
    Thank you

  32. talangana says:

    Hello chakaravarthy garu,
    what ever u said it is just your assumption, In telanga people are fighting for justice , life and you here enjoying and writing books people of telangan are good . if you have guts you can go to telanga and live there and talk.

  33. Khammam says:

    Hi Sirish,
    I am from Pakka telanagana . Straight question, please give straight answer.
    Why do we need separate State? Answers are 1) Water share not given 2) we are ignored 3) Illiteracy 4) Jobs taken by Andhra people 5) we are cheated
     My question here is WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THESE? Pick one or multiple answers. But please ask your heart and give me pakka answer
    A)    Andhra People
    B)    Andhra Politicians
    C)    Telangana People
    D)     Telanagna Politicians
    E)     All the above

    • kk says:

      "E" <All the above>
      Ans to All Qs) –> If you T-guys can come together and fight for T-State why didn't you do this when there was injustice happening.
      Is any other T- districts have other region MLAs, MPs or MLCs. — If yes also it will max of 1%.
      If your ministers won't work because of their inability or selfish benefits why should you blam others for that.
      More strong in a fist than a single fingure of the palm. United we stand dived we fall.
      If you or anybody wants to see the data from AP govt …

  34. Hello Chakravarthy Garu,
                       We are from Andhra working for Samaikya Andhra. We feel very happy by seeing your website. The Website is good. We started a website on Samaikya Andhra  We will be thankful to you if you give any suggessions regarding our website. 

  35. ved says:

    Sirish says
    “Dear Chakravarthy
    if one cannot believe in the statistics given by a learned professor like Jayashankar, then why should i believe in the statistics provided by somebody who is not even associated with the separate telangana agitation?? “

    What Jayashankar is doing, by raking passions and hatred, is to garner support for his pet dream. In several instances he lied blatantly with deceit.
    Chakravarthy gaaru gave dispassionate account of facts. Nowhere he blindly said that separate state is wrong or united state is good. He presented the facts to support his view that united AP is better for the betterment of Telugu people. In his book he never presented the case as Andhrites versus Telanganites. It is more like separatists versus united AP establishment. That is one of the big difference – one is campaigning for separate state with lies and destruction and other is campaigning for unity with facts and harmony. The problem with separatists is that they intimidate and terrorize anybody who say that separatism is wrong. When 30 lakh settlers in Hyderabad are silent on this subject, one can understand the fear.
    As per the book not being available free, for a small time employee, collecting the information and publishing the book costs lot of money and time. From my experience, let me tell you that he would make more money by focusing on his job than researching on this subject, writing the book or answering all our questions. You better appreciate his effort. Jaya Shankar is a seasoned politician, with all kind of titles, and has army of followers donating crores of rupees. Whether Telangana forms or not, he is set for his life.
    If I were a passionate Telangana admirer, I would buy this book and try to know the facts. If you are a true admirer of Telangana, you should be hungry to get all the contradicting facts. But none of the separatists would like to know the facts. They participate in the discussions to attack anybody who opposes their view. Raking up hatred and splitting the state is easy but creating harmony and uniting is very hard. When they have this intense hatred against fellow Telugu people, worse than what Pakistanis have against Indians, I know they are on the wrong path.

    • prabhakar says:

         you have summarized the present mood very well. Especially the comparison with Pakistan.
         Pakistan formed on the foundation of Hate India is a failed state today.
         It created and abetted Terrorism against India. The same Terrorism is destroying that country today.

  36. sridhar says:

    Dear Chakravarthy garu,
    Great effort. I have read the excerpts and read some of the responses here. 
    While I appreciate your sincere effort which gives a good insight of lot of details, I do not want to be lost in the details. Pro-telangana people have their own statistics inspite of all your effort…so, it is hard to convince them even if we take your statistics for granted. Anyway, I want to focus on the big picture here.
    The big picture (In my view anyway) is how the underdevelopment of particular region is linked to demand for separate state.  In my view, separate state should not be an option anywhere in India. We are done with separating the states based on languages and thats it.
    If underdevelopment is sufficient enough reason to demand a state, India will be under constant process of splitting states because, it is practically impossible to have a uniform development across a nation. One should remember that in post liberalization era, we are in constant competition with ourself, our neighbouring states and also countries across the world. One of the first things a MNC Looks before setting a shop is political stability. So, if there is constant demand for states because of whatever reason, we can never compete and therfore we all fail.
    The whining of pro-telangana people is that, all these disparities are because we were not in charge of decision making (ruling) in the state. Infact, this is wrong. Some of the most powerful politicians in modern Andhra history are from Telangana. Even if we agree for argument sake that Telangana is underdeveloped relatively, the blame squarely is on their own incompitenet or selfish politicians – and ironically, these are the same politicians who now want separate state and people are wrongly behind them.
    I think all this can again be attributed to a weak leadership at national/state level. Just few dozen smart and selfish politicians were able to stoke emotions in millions of even well educated and normal people. This just shows how easy it is to start a revolution – because it is so easy to blame. It is so easy to tell someone that all your unfortune is because of someone else. It is hard to explain that it is you who need to pull up yourself and succeed in life.
    Then they bring up another reason : administrative benfits of smaller states. I am surprised to here BJP's (and some others) argument that it is difficult to administer large states. If a national party concedes that it cannot manage a large state, I just wonder how they can manage whole country ? It is just ridicoulous.
    Hyderabad case :
    Hypothetically, let us assume their demand is right. Let us assume that these telangana politicians are really dedicated to the upliftment of poor people in Telangana. Will they agree for taking all the poorer regions only ? I mean, why do you need Hyderabad, because, per your argument, telangana is underdeveloped and you want to develop those regions, right ? Hyderabad and infact number of other major projects (Including Nagarjuan sagar dam etc.,) where combined efforts of lot of non-telangana people too. When central government granted large projects like Nagarjuna sagar, their intention was development all across the state…not just Telangana. Why not leave Hyderabad as a symbol of our unity and make it a union territory ? Today, Hyderabad is in such an enviable position because of effort by lot of leaders, including those of Andhra & Rayalseema. Anyway, this Hyderabad case is just a hypothetical argument only and I do not even want to think of separating the state, that too yeilding to pressure tactics by cheap politicians.
    I am sure they won't agree for this proposition because something deep down is inherently wrong with them. KEEP WHINING OF ALL THE ILL-FORTUNES ON SOMEONE ELSE. AS LONG AS THAT KEEPS EATING THEM FROM INSIDE, NO RATIONAL ARGUMENTS WILL CONVINCE THEM.
    Your book reminds that their demands started in very early years of formation of AP – even before any region even started to develop – which proves that their real issue is not under development but something else.
    Finally, since I am convinced that this is not a true revolution but as you said in our book, a 'platform of lies', how do we deal with it ? Convincing by giving them chance to take leadership roles both at central and state level, giving special packages at the cost of other regions etc., will not work with them because THEY CONSTANTLY DREAM AN EASY SHORTCUT TO SUCCESS – SEPARATE STATE  - only if they know how difficult it has been for us to come to this stage after separting from Tamilnadu. I just can't even imagine what they would they achieve from Central government with dozen MPs if they were
    given separate state. Even with 40+ MPs, we see how weak we are in convincing them for a fair share in  railway budget or for a genuine flood relief. They constantly cry on Andhra people and forget that we are pitched against even feirce competitiors like Tamilians, Gujarathis and even Chinese and other struggling nations that are constantly working to get a share in global market.
    Someone needs to tell them to stop dreaming about shortcuts to success. To tell that, we need a strong leader who can say that SEPARATE STATES ARE OUT OF QUESTION, ANYWHERE IN INDIA, NO MATTER WHAT. Else, these crooked local politicians all across the country will always keep stoking the emotions of people…and the curse of India – LACK OF GOOD LEADERS – will continue to drag as down.
    May God bless India and Andhra Pradesh !


  37. Justice says:

    Where were prof Jayashankar's papers when he was VC of kakatiya University. 

  38. santosh says:

    Great work , keep going……though i am from telengana i am agains seprate state.I think people should think of the future and should take steps for the development but not by divide and rule policy like british.

  39. Rajesh says:

    I can convenienty say you hails from Andhra and your Data is utterly wrong. Stop showing your cunning nature in books as well.
    Jai Telangana

  40. Bindu says:

    Don't waste time reading this book. Better concentrate on your academics.

  41. Manas says:

    Dear Chakravarthy..
    "Saving Andhra Pradesh!"
    Please clarify precisely what is practical loss of  'Telugu People" having two states. (please note that Telangana and Seemandhra will not be the small states. They are sophisticatedly big enough than most of the states in our country)
    Language/Religion is not the binding or diving factor for humans. (East Bengal (Bangladesh) /West Bengal, & Iran/Iraq).
    Why we fought against Britishers even though they are developed (in own interest) our country.
    At the core we need 'independence' from selfishness of region, interests and respect.
    As per your posting after centuries of historical events they have named it as "Andhra Pradesh" despite some suggestions to name it "Andhra-Telangana".
    What it tells?
    1. The regions(Andhra/Telengana/R Seema) are distinctive at the time of formation of AP as part of the historical development.
         Naming one region's identity to the united one is short sighted or dominance. Both ways u think it is faulty.
    2. If it is your love for Telugu u should have corrected the short sight in due course when the questions are  raised. But as it is all in the game. no such intentions are persist.
    3. Telangana People are not seperatists. Over 200 years of supression and non exposure to the education and modernity  they have child like faith in united leaders for their upliftment.
    4. Instead of sympathy and support to uplift the masses morality u exploited the situation.
              – Where there is oppertunities (Resources – materialistic/services)
                 Britishers came to India not to develop us. You know better. In their Hidden/Open agenda some development is mandatory.
                  We are going to America/ Bangalore not to develop that region to develop from it. If it doesn't have potential u even not dare to glance on it. only UN mission will look after it.
    6. So Backwardness/ Development is not the criteria for the formation of T.
    7. The responsibility of leaders:
          Without any sidetracks please find the data on "PULIVENDULA AND KADAPA" on all aspects upto 2004 and after 2004
        Is it possible to Mr YSR to develop a region such way if he was not as CM. Can ANY minister other than CM have that oppertunity to develop like that.
    What here point is that some are yelling at backward regions of Northern Andhra and some parts of Rayalaseema are not willing to point out the selfish motives/ shortsightedness of their leadership.
    If they have developed Hyd means they actually not developed the Hyd. They developed their business, their interests, their family circle and by default some body get the slice of it.
            NATIVE HYD IS COMPAITIVELY IGNORED. Even it is not recieved the development which should have in due courese. Because they concentrated the areas where their vested invests and interests.
    8. Dominance:  Is really there was an ear to listen the plights of T-people and react sympathetically. No. The Seemandhra Rulers created the gap. If a Devender goud asks to attend the freak voices of TG people he will be sidelined and marginalised. If it were attended there is no question of TG. And again they claim that what TG leaders did at the time they were in power?
    I think u better know the root cause of the movement. It is what ever u say lies on YOU people.
    An open mind and good heart can united any thing. Consistent denial of oppertunities make people move-ment who ever be the opponent. i.e. Britishers/Nizams/ Administrators

    • Chandra says:

      Very simple to answer your points.
      1.Britishers developed, but they did not give 40% of ministries in cabinet to indians like it happens in AP assembly. 40% ministries including key ministries like home and irrigation always goes to telangana MLA's.
      2. Britishers did not give prime ministership to indians. PV Narasimha rao from telangana was made as PM. He was elected as MP from a rayalaseema constituency.
      3. You said CM will have more power for development. PV was infact PM. Why he could not do more according to your logic? He need not yield to andhra lobby right? .There were other CM's also from telanagana for some period of time.
      4. If Goud like politicians are sidelined they can leave parties and start separate party like TRS. TRS distributed many books with false facts in telangana area , but still could manage only 10 seats out of 119 and could not even venture to participate in greater hyd elections?
      Please think these points when you are with calm mind. Let all OU  KU JAC's know the realities.
      Its the hard core communists of this region who have seen this as their best opportunity and they started instigating students of telangana. No balanced thinker from telangana supports separatism.
      And critical decisions willbe taken by only balance people.
      By the way my parents and grand parents are from teangana

  42. Bhanu Prasad says:

    Chakravarthy gaaru,
                 Thanks for the timely book. Considering these, demand for telangana seems to be a purely cultural 

  43. Kiran Kamsetti says:
    On January 12, 1968, the Osmania University Student Union held an extraordinary meeting, they laid out a set of demands:
    Release the 70-crore balance of Telangana funds (it is unclear how
    the 33 crores that even the Telangana Regional Council agreed as
    the balance of funds became 70 crores"
    I am not sure from where you get those numbers, read the following link.

    This link numbers are more convincing than yours. I think you want your readers to think that those OU students are just dumbs.

    • admin says:

      I am removing the follow-up comments made to Kiran garu’s remarks.

      You can post anything and everything on this blog as long as you do not use bad words.

  44. prabs says:

    you are big liar..LOL..

  45. Diva$ says:

    Hello Chakravarthy garu,
    Thanks for providing the facts and i know some sect of people do not believe or even try to read these factuals as they believe in the whims and fancies of the figures and facts provided by the so called separatists/racists and professors.Please donot teach the future generations that telangana is colonised and you will settle down in life only if we sent the other people out as this erupts a derogatory opinion of the other human beings and develop the heights of laziness. Merit only pays and please work hard to reach the developing work force of India rather than fighting for the silly causes and reasons raised by the unemplloyed politicians. These people never sacrifice them selves for any right cause and now also for this non-ethical cause also, the poor people sacrifice and these leaders simply watch out.
    Irrigation ministry is held by the ministers who hailed from the Telangana region since 10 years-Kadiyam Srihari and Ponnala. Always 60% of the cabinet which is in goverment is from telangana people and they always had the key ministries. If these so called politicians would have tried their best( in the form of resigning also) for the development of this region i definetly say that this region would have been the best in India also. If this fight was done by the so called ministries long back for the sake of development every body from nook and corner would have supported them.First elect the leaders who can contribute for the development rather than the people who create differences when ever they feel discomfort. No state is good in one region. Every body should strive for oneness and develop the state and inturn the country. I dont want to go to histrionics of why telangana and why not telangana and finish my opinion here.
    Thanks once again by providing the eyeopening facts.

  46. Ravi says:

    Hello Chakravathy,
    This is a great blog. Can you write about following topics?  I am looking some critical analysis on various groups supporting Telangana movement and their motives.
    - What is motive behind Educationalists (Professors) and students  supporting the Telangana movement ?
    -  Why aren't  farmers be the major of part of this movement (If one considers that major discrimination being done in irrigation projects?)
    I am not in favor of separation. I am from Telangana region and do really feel pity on students committing suicides. Are these students influenced or shown false promise on separate state?

  47. Raju says:

    You are andhra guy in telengana disguide or you might be settler, that is why u don't know any facts about telengana. Stop writing biased articles and get the facts….
    If you are telenganite..then it is shame on your part you are supporting S andhra..
    All your articles are full of  b….sh……
    Jai telengana.

    • admin says:

      Raju garu- I will leave your comment in for now. Please refrain from using bad words going forward.

    • Ved says:

      All you guys do is to intimidate and abuse anybody that says no to separate Telangana. Mr Chakrawarthy did painstaking research in collecting the numbers and explain the issue. If you have any numbers to contradict, please post here with explanation. If you cannot take the truth, please stay in websites like TDF and ourtelangana. Please refrain from Internet rowdyism.. 

  48. ved says:

    First post in normal font so that we can read the post. Using bigger font doesn't add any substance to the post.

  49. Mufti Islah says:

    SAVE AP?  
    I fumbled upon your article while posting comments in You Tube.  
    I couldn’t, however, perforce myself to read beyond the first paragraph.  The words chosen by you are so loaded, almost unworthy of use by any disinterested analyst.  You sound like a fifth columnist eking out a living by being on the payroll of the opposite camp.  
    Let me take on the fiction filled in the first paragraph itself, sentence by sentence.  
    According to you the future of a community and a people depends on the formation of a new taluka, creation of a new district or etching out a new province.  By elevating a measly administrative division as an epoch making event in the history of the Telugu's you have exposed your naiveté.     
    Look at the third sentence: “the people of our state have little say in these vital decisions”.  My dear, the people and their representatives very much have a say.  Their mood and mandate was gauged by the state and central leadership of almost all the political parties.  It is precisely for this reason the entire political spectrum has expressed its solidarity with the movement.  It is the will and "the say" of the people that is determining the contours of the movement. The BJP, CPI, INC, TDP, PRP and others have declared their support accordingly.  Of course the opportunistic PRP has turned volte-face while TDP is still committed to Telangana officially.
    And yet, if you and your ilk have any doubt, then hold a survey or seek a referendum from the ten districts.
    Your prejudiced mind and colored vision is also evident in the fourth sentence when you dub our leadership as opportunistic.  The entire leadership is acting as per the will and the mandate of the people.  Their political stance is being fashioned by the public mood. Look at the 2004 manifesto of the INC and see for yourself its contents.  Try to know the fact that the TDP has appointed an internal panel on Telangana.  This panel has given its overwhelming verdict after touring and holding consultations in three regions of AP. And yet people of your creed see political opportunism in it.  What a pity? What a bankruptcy of intellect?   
    As if not enough, you go on to question the historic sense of  our leadership. My dear, systematic decimation of the Gentleman’s Agreement is a historic fact.  Every promise; every provision; every safeguard in this agreement has been incapacitated.  Even the archetypal  modus vivendi of 1973, the Six Point Formula, was stymied.  Take a look at the 610 G.O. and the report of the Girgilani Commission to know about the encroachment on that archetypal modus vivendi itself.
    The prophesies on the ulterior and imperialistic motives of Vishalandhra movement by none other than Pandit Nehru is a historic fact.  For educating the people of your clan I quote him verbatim:  “Vishalandhra is an idea bearing a taint of expansionist imperialism”.  The political hegemony of 54 years in which non-telanganites occupied the post of CM for 50 years is a telling demonstration of the perceptible mind of Nehru. The caveats of the Fazal Ali Commission against the merger; and the experience of 54 years is a historic fact.  The observations of the Bachawat Tribunal on the irrigation potential of Telangana has went on to become a fact.  And yet the fifth columnists like you question us about lack of historic sense.  What an irony? 
    My dear, the leadership of two federating units have agreed to come together based on an agreement in 1956.  This agreement provides for sharing of power and resources together with some safeguards.  It is the bedrock on which the whole super structure of merger is built.  If this very bedrock is incapacitated then the whole edifice it builds will come crashing down.   
    This is nothing but natural.    
    The violent insurrection of 1969, the rumblings in the 1990's and the protracted politics of elections, agitations, resignations and reelections during the current phase are an inevitable and natural outcome of the stultification of promises and assurances.
    "The promise given was a necessity of the past: the word broken is a necessity of the present" asserts Niccolo Machiavelli.  Being a true progeny of this grandee, the Italian Andhra's have mastered the art of winning over the other side with promises on one day and breaching them the very next day with no sense of qualm.
    The practice of Machiavellian politics is ab initio faulty and myopic.  It is prone to fail as it is not based on the foundations of justice, fair play, idealism and realism. It is a pity that the Italian Andhra leadership has not heeded to the prophesy and caveats of Dante Alighieri given in The Inferno and Commedia.
    Mufti Islah

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