Save Andhra Pradesh, Sunday August 4th 2:00PM, Tankbund Pothana Statue

Dear Friends,


There is a sense of despair among the people of Andhra Pradesh. The state division is not a done deal. There is a long road ahead. We can push the decision back and we will. The only thing that will stop the division from happening is a groundswell of Gandhian movement.


Let us join hands at the Pothana statue on Tankbund at 2.00PM on Sunday August 4th 2013.


When the entire Indian sub-continent came under the occupation of Delhi Sultans, Telugus were the first ones to fight back and achieve freedom not only for Telugus but for the entire South India. It all started under the leadership of a common soldier named Prolaya Nayaka.


We can turn the tide. Time has come to fight against the Delhi Sultans again. Let us teach them a lesson and let us save India from divisive forces.


Save Andhra Pradesh
Nalamotu Chakravarthy





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  1. VK says:

    JP who shared the dais with Harish Rao, nephew of TRS chief KCR at the launch of English daily Metro India, said “We have a tendency to put the blame on others for our problems. If we have a migraine, we blame it on the wife. If our locality is not clean we blame it on our neighbors. If we don’t progress in life, we blame other castes for it and if we happen to belong to one region, then we blame other regions for our problems. We have to do away with this kind of petty mindedness in order to have genuine growth”.

    So it was not surprising to see a frown on Harish Rao’s face who was smiling until then. But that is JP. 

    By frankly expressing his opinion once again, he has shown the stuff that he is made of.

  2. VK says:

    ఓటింగ్ పెడితే సమైక్యాంధ్రకే ఓటేస్తా: జగ్గారెడ్డి

    రాష్ట్రంలో నెలకొన్న తాజా పరిస్థితులపై విప్ జగ్గారెడ్డి తనదైన శైలిలో స్పందించారు. మెదక్ లో నేడు మీడియాతో మాట్లాడుతూ, తాను పక్కా సమైక్యవాదినని చెప్పారు. రాష్ట్ర విభజన అంశంపై ఓటింగ్ పెడితే సమైక్యాంధ్రకే ఓటేస్తానని స్పష్టం చేశారు.

    • prabhakara rao says:

      During last three years many T-vaadis on internet as well as other media made many comments on samaikyavaadm. There are no people in the movement. Non even ten thousand people attended any meeting etc etc.

      This is a good reply to those comments.


      BTW, just now called NTDV to find out why agitations in RSA are not covered. They confirmed the official GAG by National Broadcasting Authority. Suprisingly the lady at NDTV is saying it is communal agitation.

      • Prabhakar:

        The biggest political event in Vijayawada on August 30 was the retirement of two senior railway union leaders. This is based on my first hand observations.

        • prabhakara rao says:


          I could not understand what you are trying to convey. I tried to look at the angles of sarcasm and humor. Yet I could not make out.

          There is nothing about VJA or railways in Ramanas post or my response. I am talking about T-proponents arguments, prior to july 30th, that there was no samaikya movement. Do you agree with my comment or not? You still subscribe to contention of T-proponents that RSA people are NOT against division.

          BTW, I do not debate anything on specific cases or personal experiences. The reason is simple I do not want to present the world as seen thourgh a (possibly) defective vision. Nor through my VISIONS.

          • Prabhakar, you said the claim "There are no people in the movement" is disproved. My observation from Vijayawada shows there is very little stir on the streets.

            You may like to visit & check yourself. It is much better than blindly believing some people.

            • prabhakara rao says:


              We are talking about Pydibhimavaram to Itchapuram and you are repeating VJA.

              I have already requested you

              కాని కుక్క గురించి మాట్లాడుతుంటే నక్కని మధ్యలోకి తెచ్చి దీని సంగతి ఏమిటి అని అడగొద్దు


              God save Telangana people from these self-styled intellectuals.

  3. Subhash says:

    VK sir, You said, "Problems will be solved by keeping AP as it is and folliwng the 6 option (the most preferred one) of SKC report."

    Non-NizamT prajalatho vachina problem valla burra pani cheyadhu andhukey NizamT vallu vallatho ishtamu vachinatlu adukuntunnaru. Do you know the consequences of option 6. It will again cause the same havoc, lies and balisina agitation by the Tvadis. They will not be satisfied even if you give your chaddi and you roam around nanga. The reason is there agitation is founded on lies and is carried on the shoulders of fraud and another reason is that the agitation is filled with a country-type agenda and not in the interest of all telugus or the country.

    Adding to the 610 GO and what not crap, you want to add option 6 of SKC which is "Keeping the State united and providing for creation of a statutorily empowered Telangana Regional Council for socio­-economic development and political development of Telangana region".

    For how many more years, decades, centuries will they keep saying that their region is not developed and for how many more years, decades, centuries will they ave regional councils for development. If it is not developed why is it generating so much money as they indicate. Why does it have the capital. Why aren't pathetically underdeveloped nizam regions in maharashtra and karnataka doing the same drama and asking for these GOs and Committees. Why arent the the regional councils for development not awarded to uttarandhra, palnadu of guntur, prakasam, rayalaseema which are even more backward than telangana. Forget dude, meditate for some common sense.

    Whatever good you do for them they will not change their behavior. They will again comeback with these lies. They have developed billions of times since formation of AP.

    – They have earned billions of rupees in the manner of separate packages since all these years.

    – They have earned billions of rupees and developed even more their areas in these 15 years by showing TUnderdeveloped-Gun to the seemandhra politicians.

    – They have earned billions of rupees in the manner of t-agitation since 15 years by scaring the seemandhra politicians, industrialists etc.

    – They have prospered billions of times because the capital is in their region.

    – They have prospered billions of times abroad (search for the T organizations around the world) because they grew up in or close to a cosmopolitan city (hyderabad) which has an international airport and national and international organizations (ISRO, Genome Valley, ECL, BHEL, DRDO, IIT, NIT, IIIT, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, PharmaHub, DNAhub, Central Universities).

    There will never be an end to this agitation. It is a money making and more development making fraud machine that will make seemandhra into a nizam-era telangana and telangana into nizam-era andhra. The whole asking for a separate state is a big lie. They will be the first people to not ask for it. NonNizamT people are naive and fools to do samaikhyandhra agitation.

    The biggest winners from this division are seemandhra regions only. I know it is hard to let hyderabad and other development that was created by seemandhra peoples chamata but did we not develop madras. They must be satisfied

    Water sharing, you believe it or not, the disadvantaged will be people of seemandhra, even if the state is divided or not. Open a Google Maps and see the number of water bodies in NizamT area and the number of dams being constructed. You will be astonished. No other state or region has this many water bodies and dams. I have been practically researching all events. I have friends in osmania and ku. I heard from them that the aim is to make telangana a water rich delta type model and the coastal region a desert, deliberately. That is the only aim of Jayashankar and other lectures by professors in the agitation. It seems they have this very jealous feeling that the prosperity that happened in the old ages in andhra is only because of te rivers.They are lying that their projects are held by seemandhras.If they are help, it is only because they cost more because of lift irrigation and they will go forward whenever the money comes. Whereas the dam small pulichintala project has stopped because the contractors belong to TRS party. No on knows this. It costs only 1 percent of 1 lift irrigation project but it is not going anywhere. I can show you all the proofs.They have grown at the destruction of seemandhra.

    2 or 5 are the best options which will benefit not just the seemandhra people living in their regions but also nizamt people living in seemandhra regions. it will also give separate state for nizamt which they falsefully asked for without thinking that their wish will be come true. so congress gave them their surprise gift and killed their golden goose, the seemandhra.

    I will be the happiest person if this division happens. You will see the natak now. I have heard that most of the samaikhyavadhis agitating in seemandhra regions are actually led by tjac students and leaders etc. That is the Tehelka report from me.

  4. Ravi says:

    ee stats trs party, tjac, naizamnris, naizamt media, newspapers, tv channels andhariki choopi mosapucchuthunnayi.stats lo jobs SA ki 43-44, Naizam Telangana ki 22-23.

    First point ivi corrects statsa? Correct anukuni Second point ki veldhamu.
    Second point correct ayithey, Pranthalani moodu, nalugu, ayidhu ga vesukunna leka rendu ga unchukunna seemandhrakey nashtamu jarigindhi.

    1. Moodu antey (Kostha, Rayalaseema, NaizamT)
    2. Nalugu antey (Uttarandhra, Dakshinandhra, Rayalaseema, NaizamT)
    3. Ayidhu antey (Uttarandhra, Dakshinandhra, Rayalaseema, Uttara Telangana, Dakshina Telangana)
    4. Leka 610 go paramu ga vesukuntey (the state was divided into 6 zones. Zone-I has Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, and Visakhapatnam districts. Zone-II has East Godavari, West Godavari, and Krishna districts. Zone-III has Guntur, Prakasam, and Nellore districts. Zone-IV has Chittoor, Cuddapah, Ananthapur, and Kurnool districts. Zone-V has Adilabad, Karimnagar, Warangal, and Khammam districts. Zone-VI has Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Nizamabad, Mahboobnagar, Medak, and Nalgonda districts.)

    Asalu 610 GO lo emundho evaru chadhavaru. chadhivina vakrabhashyamu istharu. prantheeyatha bhavamu okkati pettukuni dhweshistharu. kullu pettukuntey mind-block avuthadhi kadha mari. emanagalamu.

    list point 4 prakaramu, Tulasi Reddy cheppinatlu Nalgonda, Medak zone 6 lo undi migatha Telangana ki ravalasina quota antha avey kottesayi.

    Asalu 610 GO violate chesindhi Nalgonda, Medak, RR vallu. Unna NaizamT jobslo maximum sathamu veerey correctga visleshithey. Zones etc gurinchi malli  chadhavandi.

    Third point
    Hyd NaizamTlo bhagamu antunnaru. Evaru kadhu ani anadamuledhu. Kani rajadhanini (dhesamantey matti kadhu manushulu) dhochukuni separate rashtramu korukuntamu thappu, adhikooda laksharetlu bagupadinatharuvatha inka inka thappu, boothu ani kooda anukovacchunu.
    Hyd thamakey kavali antunnaru, mari statistics vesinnappudu matuku konnimarulu Hyd kaluputharu leka konnisarlu separate chesthunnaru. Konni sarlu Seemandhra antaru. Neella vishayamu vasthey Kostha antaru. Bhasha compare chesukuntey kostha antaru. chief ministers stats vesukuntey seemanunchi ekkuva mandhi ayyaru antaru.
    ishtamu vacchinatlu vyavahistharu.
    Fourth point
    Okasari 610 GO pakkana vunchi choodhamu. seemandhra population 60%. nizamt population 40% (kottesina pranthalu bhadrachalam, munagala, huzurnagar, aswaraopeta theesivesthey inka thakkuva, tulasi reddy cheppinatlu only medak nalgonda varey max nizamt nunchi ani). ee lekkalo 60% (it will be more if bhadrachalam etc are included) population ki seemandhra population ki 43-44 jobs mariyu 22-23 jobs 40% (will be less than this if seemandhra population of hyd and bhadrachalam etc is taken out) ki 22-23 jobs aa.  land area paramuga alochinchina anthey. nizamt 41% (if you remove bhadrachalam etc it will be much less) and seemandhra 59% (if you add bhadrachalam etc it will be more).
    inko vidhamu ga alochisthey, seema population kostha andhra population kanna chala thakkuva, but it seems, govt udhyogalalo max seema varey anta kostha kanna just as medak and nalgonda took more percentage.
    enni yellu hydlo untey local avutharu.
    seemandhra pillalu hyd lo pudithey kooda settlers antaru. V6 news kathanalu thayaru chesthadhi. laxminagar-medak antha seemandhra valley. rajadhani annatharuvatha ithara pranthalu varu raraa.
    50000 Naizam intermediate students 2 Kostha jillaloney unnaru. ika akkada govt udhyogalalo enthamandhi t varu unnaro.
    AP erpadakamunupu Naizam literacy 3% Seemandhradhi 33%.
    ippudu naizamki avagahana sakthi perigi varikanna vegamuga edhuguthunnaru.  prathidhi castism, regionalism, nepotism aney boothaddhamu nunchi choosthey manamu eppudu bagupadamu. alachoosthey film industry lo majority oka caste (vari regionlo verey caste vari vishayamu mari), trs choosthey doralu, congress choosthey doralu, tdp choosthey kamma main power.  edhi lekka chesukokunda chadhuvu rani varilaga pravarthisthunnaru. naizam inka chala abhivruddhi chendhindhi.evaraina eppudaina maharashtra leka karnataka lo govt jobs choosara. aa rendu rashtralu example ga theesukondi endhukantey avikooda AP lagey old hyd state bhagalatho erpaddayi. akkada rajadhanulu mana dheggarala kakunda non-naizam prantham lon unnayi (mumbai, bengaluru). govt jobs lo naizam pranthamu varu mana dheggarikanna chaala chaala thakkuva.

    Inko vishayamu kooda chaala sochaneeyamu. nizamt variki 20 yrs nunchi vidhesala picchi ekki USA, Europe, Australia, NZ, Singapore velthunnamu. Seemandhra (okappudu undedhi) variki Karnataka variki manaki unantha foreign picchiledhu. Tamil nadu lo otti Iyers ki undedhi nation lo verey chotaki leka outofcountry picchi, ippudu vari govt udhyogalalo andhukey verey kulalavaru ekkuva. nizamt varu(ekkuva sathamu) USA ki vachi Software udhyogalu chesthuntey SA vaaru ekkuva sathamu hyd bengaluru leka airportlu sariayinavi leka varipranthamuloney undipothunnaru. naku thelisina oka nalgonda ammayi US lo panichesthunnadhi, avidaki prakasam lo karamchedu nunchi sambandhamu vachindhi, antha bagundhi kani abbayi intiki vellali antey hyd airport lo dhigi, malli traino busso adhikooda sachi sachi oka marumoolu pranthaniki vellataniki auto theesukovali. officelo 2 weeks selavu dhorukuthadhi. aa gramaniki velliravadanikey 5 rojulu paduthundhi (flight kalipi).abbayi hyd lo BHEL lo pani chesthadu kaani parents karamchedulo untaru. ippudu manamu karamchedu lo airport kadadhama, leka rajadhani kadadhama. vallaki hyd ey oka usa. deshapathi, jayashankar, kodandaram, vidyasagar, chakrapani mariyu itharathra profs rajakeeya nethalu veeriki dhweshamu nerparu kaani seemandhrulu 100 yellanundi chesina manchi choopaledhu. they saw only 1 side since 15 years. alojinchandi AP erpadaka mundhu nizamt ki chadhuvu cheppadaniki, poratalu nerpataniki seemandhra nunchi rayaprolu, madapati, puchapalli vanti varu vaccharu, nizamt pranthamu nunchi seemandhra pranthanni uddharisthaniki evaraina emaina chesara. emaina antey edho saaku cheputharu. hyd lo chala hospitals unnayi mari kadapa, prakasam etc vanti maru moola pranthalalo RMP lu thappithey evaru leru. nizamt pranthamu nunchi evaraina velli hospital establish chesthey varu thappakunda harshistharu.

  5. satya says:

    Whose Hyderabad is it? Good article by Sailajanath.. This guy should have told these facts long before..

    • This is a repetition of the same old stories packaged as facts and repeated ad nauseum the last few years.

      Leaving aside the truth behind these claims for the moment, do you really believe this is a new story? Lagadapati, Undavalli, Daggubati, Chakravarthy etc. have said the same things several times.

      Very interesting point about all these guys is that no one mentions when the capital moved to Hyderabad. See the timeline:

      1763: Hyderabad becomes capital

      1766: Circars transferred to East India Company

      1781: Mysore wrests Rayalaseema

      1782: East India Company wrests Guntur

      1788: Guntur officially transferred to East India Company

      1799: Mysore split, Rayalaseema comes back to Hyderabad

      1800: Ceded transferred to East India Company


      Circars contribution to Hyderabad city: 3 years

      Guntur contribution to Hyderabad city: 16 years

      Ceded contribution to Hyderabad city: 19 years

      • VK says:

        Nizam used the most income in developing Hyd city development only. What happened to the money Nizam received from selling/leasing SA to British. What happend to the Nizam marathi and Kannada regions contribution to Hyd development?

        Moreover, we have been living together for 57 years out of 66 years of Independent India. This is more important than what happened in Nizam/British era; we had very little to say in Nizam/British era.

      • prabhakara rao says:


        Calc on my system says

        2013 – 1763 = 250

        I am sure it is not buggy.

        Then what about the 400 years history of Hyderabad?

        too silly trick to start with when did Hyderabad become capital.

        I do not want dump all the crap here. Anyone who can google can tell about growth of Hyderabad. 

        Can you explain how Golconda became famous for Diamonds? Where from these diamonds are mined?

        • 2013-1956= 57 years. During this period, Hyderabad more than paid for itself. Andhra contribution is negative.

          1956-1766= 190 years. During this period, Andhra contribution, even if positive, went to Madras.

          1766-1763= 3 years

          < 1763= Andhra contributed to Aurangabad, Delhi & Golconda

          Do you sincerely believe Aurangazeb transferred the diamonds to the Asafjahis? Gimme a break :)

          The crap or ప్రపంచంలోని ప్రతి చెత్త as you like to call it was started by the hawala hero Sailajanath & transmitted by Satya.

          • prabhakara rao says:


            I know you do not have right answer. Hyderabad was founded 400+ years ago. You cannot bring numbers convenient to you.

            As Smt. Pushpas research shows Nizam mined Diamonds in Paritala until 1946.

            What matters in debates is not ones belief but facts. Where from Golconda got its diamonds?

            What is the contribution of RSA to Shahi and Jahi dynasties?

            Why the debate should be limited to a period of ones convenience?

            Without these the debate will be crap only.

            • Hyderabad was founded in 1591. It became capital only in 1763.

              Does Ms. Pushpa quantify any numbers that went to Asafjahis? Anything that went to Qutubshahis was lost when Golconda fell to the Moghuls.

              Lagadapati, Undavalli, Chakravarthy etc. have been making tall claims all these years. Let them come up with credible numbers if they can. There is little point in repeating the same thing endlessly without this.

              • satya says:

                Hyderabad built for the purpose of making it as a capital.

                >> Anything that went to Qutubshahis was lost when Golconda fell to the Moghuls.

                Do you mean to say, Asafjahis started from zero revenue? Even, if the loot went to Moghuls, does it nullify the contribution of Andhra and rayalaseema people to hyderabad’s Exchequer? Also, if all that went was lost then even people of telangana cannot make a 400 years claim on hyderabad city.

                • If I remember right, Golkonda withstood the Moghul siege for months till it was broken through treachery. Fortification was the order of those days, not grand capitals. After Golkonda fell, the capital shifted to Aurangabad. Hyderabad became the capital in 1763. In the first 172 years, it was a trading town without any public funding.

                • satya says:

                  Jai, whether Hyderabad is a capital or not for these 172 years is insignificant. Whatever spent on hyderbad to make it as a capital had a contribution from seema and andhra. and not only Hyderabad there is a claim on Golconda too, if you prefer to differentiate both.

                  no public funding? Do you mean to say, it is the traders who built charminar?  lol.. you  are in desperation to claim andhras have no contribution to hyderabad..

                  If fortifying is the order, where comes the claim of 5th largest city? Jai, there were large cities in history of India and world. Not just forts. Suggesting you not to go to an extent of altering the history just to prove something out of thin air.

            • satya says:

              For Jai Go, number of tents and size of tents raised in Vijayawada is a matter of substance where as historical facts are crap.

          • satya says:

            >> 2013-1956= 57 years. During this period, Hyderabad more than paid for itself. Andhra contribution is negative.

            again wrong. It is andhra which contributed to the capital expenditure with 2:1 ratio. Check for Bhargava committee report. Hyderabad money did not float to andhra areas. 

            Bhargava committee clearly debited the expenditure of common institutes,(which includes research institutes, and even parks like zoological park) in 2:1 ratio.

            Also the expenditure on state capital was debited in 2:1 ratio beteen andhra and telangana regions. An interesting fact is the expenditure on state capital till 1961 is completely born by Andhra region, as the committee considered the existing buildings at the time of merger as the contribution of telangana. In other words, andhra contributed its share for the existing buildings.

            With this it is amply clear that it is the share of Andhra region which double to that of telangana in establishing the common institutes and capital expenditure. So, It is the andhra region which has more claim on hyderabad than telangana.. Dot

      • satya says:

        >> Circars contribution to Hyderabad city: 3 years

        Guntur contribution to Hyderabad city: 16 years

        Ceded contribution to Hyderabad city: 19 years


        With this logic, not only hyderabad, Andhras have a right on even Golconda.

        Andhras also contributed to the security of the hyderabad state. Nizam was exempted to pay the part of the money to British (as a security expense), which he gets by leasing out the circar & ceded districts to British.

        • prabhakara rao says:


          Andhras have right on Golconda and even Warangal.

          The reference in time can be as per ones convenience.

          T-vaadis emphasising only the period Telugu were separated. But forgetting the long association dating back to 1000AD.

          • Satya: you yourself admit the treaty was one sided like most treaties. The so called dues from Nizam are in the nature of reparations. Even conceding these as genuine dues, pray how did Andhras contribute to it?

            Prabhakara Rao: Please select your own time frame and calculate the period in which the entire current AP was together under any one administration.

            • satya says:

              @Jai, Lets not get into the moral part of the treaties because neither Nizam nor British were saints. They worked at mutual benefit.

              I cannot recollect the exact revenue numbers but the contribution of andhra and seema is as follows.

              Initially Nizam leased circar(in phases) and ceded districts for X amount to British based on the revenues of these dists. So, the British has to pay this X to Nizams.

              But, after some years later British had an agreement of providing security to Nizam for Y amount. where Y >> X

              since, Nizam has to get X already from British, he has to pay the Y-X amount to British. where X is the contribution of SA to Nizam.

              And this is only from revenue end.

              The forefathers of Andhra and Seema have equally fought for Nizam and Golconda rulers, thus there is a claim from that perspective too.

            • prabhakara rao says:


              how can you expect me to do that I preach against? There has to be sceintific method for debate. Not ones convenience.

              In another place you asked about numbers given by Smt. Pushpa. Yes she mentioned those numbers during telecast. In fact she gave sources for them which cane be verified by anyone. See the website

  6. satya says:
    Jai Gottimukkala says:

    I replied to your SPF-Hyderabad questions at

    @Jai, If you want to discuss this further, you please post your comment here. Otherwise, I will have to quote a lot of excerpts from this blog to your blog to reproduce the perspective of the debate on this issue that we discussed here. Also I prefer it to have a larger reach.

    • prabhakara rao says:


      జైగో ఉద్దేశ్యమే రచ్చ చెయ్యడం.
      ఆయన ఇకనుంచి ప్రపంచంలోని ప్రతి చెత్త ఇక్కడ రాస్తారు. 
      మీరు ఆయన స్తాయిలో రాయలెరు. 
      కాబట్టి, అ లింకులను పట్టించుకోకండి

      • Ravi says:

        Your whole posts in this blog is utter non-sense….Telangana People are not following your links

        • VK says:

          Personal attackes are not acceptable. Who cares whether you follow the links or not. Please don't attribute your (unlogical) thinking to whole telangana region as if you were representing them.

        • prabhakara rao says:

          Hey Ravi,

          You are your own master. You can ignore my posts and have peace. I once again advise you to free yourself from over anxiety. It is good for you and your near and dear.

  7. Please see my blog post for an account of the anti-Telangana "movement" in Vijayawada on August 30

    • VK says:

      We also think those who want telangana doing so for Hyd city.

      If going to Hyd is the requirement to support for unitedAP, then there may be many in telangana region who never been to Hyd. What does it matter to them, whether telangana come with or without Hyd?

      If you think there is no agitation in SA for unitedAP based on what you witnessed, then what should we think about the so called 60 year old telangana agitation though I never heard about telangana agitation or witnessed any agitation during my studies in UoH.

      By the way, Do you think the 175KM human chain formed just for the sake (


      • @VK:

        When did you study in UOH? Was it in the last 12 years?

        The discussion about Hyderabad was between two locals. I did not enter into a discussion with them. I am only reciting what I heard.

        As far as I saw, there was no human chain in Vijayawada. I saw only one rasta roko near Enadu office with just a few people.

        My conclusion is that the anti-Telangana agitation is nowhere to be seen among ordinary Vijayawada people. I covered the heart of the city including station & Benz Circle.

          • VK says:

            I studied in UoH in late '80s. If the agitation for telangana going on for last 60 years, why you are asking whether I studied in UoH in last 12 years or not.

            You used the discussion to imply that visiting Hyd as the basis for supporting unitedAP. If that is the case, there may be many in telangana who never visited Hyd. For them how does it matter whether telangana come with or without Hyd.

            We said several times, the agitations for telangana and unitedAP started after the cetre's unthoughtful statement on 9th Dec. 2009. But it is untrue to say telangana agitation going on continously for last 60 years.

            If I remember correctly, you memntioned several times that you are supporting telangana because it is the wish of majority there. On that basis, why you are not supporting unitedAP though more than 99% SA people who participated in recent ABN survey said they are against telangana.

          • Narayan says:

            Dude Jai,

            No one is comparing 175KM vs 500KM or if they both ever happened. Dont be a cry baby and put links. Only kids in their teens do comparisons for no reason.

            • @VK: I never said the Telangana movement is going on for the last 60 years.

              Unity requires a majority across 23 districts. Telangana requires majority support only in 13 districts. If anyone wants UAP, they should convince Telanganites instead of demanding unity at a gunpoint.

        • Joppakurra says:

          Jai, yes there is no anti-telangana agitation, there is only samaikyandhra agitation. when people do samaikyandhra movement, they do not do anti-a-region agitation. you are fully drowned in ou poison that is why you are talking non-sense.

          Whereas only separatists hate other regions. That is what is separatism is about.

          • Joppakurra says:

            You are not innocent or a fool to use the word anti-telangana for a movement of unity, though you may not like the movement. People in Seemandhra are innocent or more appropriately put under-developed in wisdom, and therefore if they use the word anti-telangana or if the media uses it, it is out of ignorance. As ignorant as, media of seemandhra, showing Bhadrachalam etc in Telangana maps without correcting. Since you are educated, write something that makes sense and dont put your personal stories like vijayawada station etc. Anyone can invent personal stories. We all hear thousands of things in railway stations, for and against telangana. If we have to talk about such things this blog will not be enough.

            • Joppakura:

              For the time being, let me ignore your claim that unity is possible without all sections.

              Did I say anything about Bhadrachalam? Why drag it here?

              You appear to think I wrote the post based on visiting only the station. FYVKI I spent a full day in the city. I went up on Bandar Road till 10 km after Benz Circle. 

              You say anyone can invent personal stories. If so, all the claims of groundswell, mass movement etc. used by Andhra guys are also inventions.

              Is there really a movement? Not in Vijayawada.

              • Mohan says:


                you are gone nuts. Where has Joppakura claimed unity is possible or impossible with or without all or some sections.He did not talk about Bhadrachalam issue specifically. He seems to have mentioned that for the context and did not go beyond the subject. Dont just comment for the sake of commenting, there is a better place called for your sandbox events. Personal stories have started on your end. That marathi villain kaloji with his one sad invented personal story he divides telugus. That marathi lady rama melkote (phd advisor for kodandaram and kancha ilaiah and many fellows you see in this fraud agitation. she is the direct descendant of a one Mr.Melkote who served in hyderabad state and has lost his govt job due to the formation of AP) with her personal grudge against telugus, she incites hatred among telugus with her personal stories which asre all over the internet. Is there really a justifying movement in T? No there is nothing but hatred born out of jealousy.

                • Mohan, the point is about the so called samaikya agitation. I did not find any trace of it. Please let me know if you find it instead of venting your anti-Marathi hatred.

                • prabhakara rao says:

                  Personal views are not important. But I felt Prof. Kodandaram far better than Rama Melkote. Her grudge against SAs was tell tale when she talked in an NDTV show. 

                • VK says:

                  @Jai Gottimukkala

                  If you think there is no agitation for unitedAP, we think there was no agitation for TG on the same set of standards. If there is no agitation for TG or unitedAP, then the UPA shouldn't bother in bifurcating AP.

              • Mohan says:

                That is the problem with you fellows Jai. "anti-marathi" by saying that do you want to buy marathi votes for your agitation. we are talking about individuals and you seem to be venting your hatred for a telugu by supporting these few well-evident marathas who divided telugus with hatred. you are not acting like gottimukkala but instead as gottimukkarkar.

                • Your tone betrays the hatred you nurse towards Marathi, Tamil etc.

                  Mere ghar ka nam se apko koi matlab hai?

                • Mohan says:

                  Now Jai is buying Tamil votes for his cheap agitation. You are gone one nuts again Jai, where did this Tamil thing come from. What are you dreaming about, next you will add Kannada and then the rest of the Indian languages. What is this you are writing in your Nizam doras bhasha — need some translation Jai Anna.

                • Kiran says:

                  Jai Gottimukkala,

                  Dont know about anything else but belive that people working for a cause to unite people do not hate anyone. One example is one of our leaders Nalamotu sir. However, people who advocate for separation do it so as they hate to live with someone and hate or are jealous of somebody. The agitation you are doing is anti-seemandhra people. The destruction of statues on tank bund that do not have anything to do with the agitation itself shows how much hatred T-people nurtured towards seemandhras and tulus also by destroying sri krishna devaraya's statue.

          • Ravi says:

            There is no agitation in SA..its all paid news …crap …CBN is having his yatra succesfully.

            • VK says:

              Have you heard his talks in the yatra? If you do agree with what he is saying in his yatra, then there is no need to separate AP. I am glad that you agree with him.

              • Ravi says:

                This is called cunning attitude …. See how you are twisting the fact…Atleast you accepted that there is no SA agitation as shown in paid news … Now, we heard what he talked in Telangana and what he is talking in SA and See what he is going to Telangana again …. You Guys DONT have clarity on what you need…first think of your needs 

                • VK says:

                  You are cunning and not me. CBN saying against AP bifurcation (I opposed AP bifurcation during NDA govt. etc) and therefore where is the question of oppsing him. I am no way support CBN views but prople are oppsing him where he doesn't make his stand on unitedAP clear.

  8. Manda Krishna Madiga calls for RTC & Govt. schools to be exempted from the strike

    • Ravi says:

      Its unfortunate, no person from SA region is responding to this ? RTC strike but private buses ON..Govt Schools Off but private schools ON…this shows clearly they dont have vision and clarity of their need.

      • Joppakurra says:

        yes, i agree Ravi. Poor seemandhra fellow they lack in wisdom and cunningness that is in the otherside. Lack of development.

        • When Manda Krishna Madiga raised similar issues during Sakala Janula Samme, this very blog was fully behind him. Sundry Andhras went hammer and tongs against Telangana. Chakravarthy organized his own save-kids campaigns. The silence this time around is deafening.

          • subhash says:

            The SA agitation is following the success formula of T agitation. When there is a success formula infront of them, it is difficult to convince people to try something different away from that

            • Ravi says:

              Joppakurra is gone out of nuts… this guy dont their school children to go to schools and loose money to private volvo vendors instead pay for AP Govt. This shows his attitude ie., SA attitude…. They are ready to destroy to extent if others are living happily … Jealousy….hatred on brothers …. they are brand for cunniness…

              • VK says:

                Is Jealous (hatred on brothers) the reason for destroying statues on tankbund?

                Is jealous (hatred on borthers) the reason for opposing polavaram?

              • subhash says:

                if violence gives results, it will drive people towards violence for results. However with division though SA is looser in shortterm, it would be the one to gain in longterm.

  9. subhash says:

    In my opinion, the bill wont be passed in the parliment before elections unless the it satisfies all the congress MPs of SA region. If they introduce the bill too close to the elections, for the leaders staying loyal to congress wont help anyway as their political future is at stake. They can withdraw the support to government as UPA wont be there at cetre in near future to trouble them. Finding new alliaces just for the sake of passing t bill would be too costly for congress 

  10. prabhakara rao says:

    Many leaders from both regions are quoting stand of BR Ambedkar on smaller states. The points they put forward is administrative convenience and benefit to deprived sections, minorities etc.

    I could understand the first one, but not the second one.

    How smaller states with lesser resources will help any section?

    Thanks in advance to anyone helping me understand this.

    • The logic is as follows. This comment is for explanation, not argument.

      - Hegemonistic groups consolidate in larger states

      - This consolidation breaks down in smaller states 

      - Oppressed groups can take on the dominant ones better in a smaller state

      I need a clarification from you. How will the total resources reduce? 

      • VK says:

        "Oppressed groups can take on the dominant ones better in a smaller state"

        If oppressed groups concentrated in one particular region of a big state, then separating that region make the oppressed group become dominant. However, oppressed groups are equally distributed in AP. So how AP bifurcation will make the oppressed groups dominant?

      • prabhakara rao says:


        thanks for response

        here is my take, no counter argument just logical analysis

        - before independence India was 500 princely states. But caste oppression was there in smaller states (as small as a single town)

        - IMO the real problem among oppressed groups is lack of unity owing to separate identities

        - breakdown of consolidation is applicable to oppressed groups too

        - the ground reality seems different from this idea. 

        - smaller states Haryana, Punjab, Himachal, Assam did not show any specific improvement of oppressed castes

        - Maharashtra is a big state yet it has shown reformist tendencies for more than a century

        - UP is a state larger than many countries. The oppressed could capture the power, same with Bihar

        - TN and Karnataka are not small states, today they are under control of OBCs


        I do not have exact data but I heard in AP the composition of caste is not balanced across three regions. The oppressed sections are concentrated in Telangana region. In case of division those sections in residual AP will be vulnerable


        Reg. resources 

        Development is the only way to improvement of oppressed sections. This is a fact emerged from economic reforms in India over last two decades. Resources are important for development.

        With a larger state resources can be pooled and used in rotation for development. Of course it will result in some imbalances across various sections. With development as agenda time will address these imbalances automatically.

        AP could tackle Naxalism very well owing to dedicated resources, from common pool. Whereas Chattisgarh and Odisha could not do the same even today.

        Recent floods in Uttarakhand is another example. The damage could have been minimized, had Kedarnath been in UP which could have dedicated resource for a shorter period.

        BTW, smaller states can lead to larger corruption as in case of Uttarakhand. Both parties congress and BJP colluded in the name of development. They sanctioned too many projects leading to ecological disaster.

    • Ravi says:

      You people will suffer SA people in either case by putting your investments in HYD or Outside AP…. Lagadapati moved his office to Gurgoan and not to VJA. TG Venkatesh, HYD and Kurnool and he will not keep any investments in other part of SA… you guys dont love your SOIL and Blame T people for their patriotism.

      • VK says:

        Hyd is the AP capital and hence telugus from all the three regions invested there? What investiments TG people invested in TG? Vivek got industries in Vizag and WB and not in TG? We all know where KCR invested all the extorsion he collected in the name TG.

        • Ravi says:

          Ah Ah.. This shows you are unware… Vishaka Industries is across the state.. Nalgonda and many more places owned by Vivek…KCR is pure politician and not a Business Man like Lagadapati,Rayapati,Kavuri etc., Why people did not invested in Machilipatnam when it is District HeadQuaters and instead people invested in VJA ? Why TG Venkatesh did not Invested in VJA when he can invest in HYD ? Telangana Investments in HYD is 1. Drinking water 2. Assembly Building 3. High Court, 4. Airport, 5. Osmania, NIMS and all the major investments required to build this city. HiTech is developed by Raheja Mindspace and Gacchibowli is by DLF, EMMAR etc.,  All Pharma companies are children of IDPL…what is your contribution here ?

          • Ravi says:

            Writing again one more fact, go to any Big gated community more than 60 Lac Apart.. 80 % owned by Non-telugu …SA people are in Kukatpally, ECIL etc where apts range between 15 to 30 L … so your contribution or non-telugus contribution is more? 

          • subhash says:

            By quoting children of IDPL, you conviniently ignore the origins of owners like reddy. and who are GVK, GMR, appollo owners

  11. Piyush Rottimukkala says:

    Sardar Patel on Hydrabad Issue

    Sardar Patel warns Rizvi not to threat innocent (once-upon-a-time, now they turned poisonous snakes – gayshankar(viswabrahmin),kodandaram,chakrapani,madabhushi sridhar(tamilrivaishnava),deshapathi,nandina siddareddy,vidyasagar(velama),konatham dileep(vysya), sujaikarampuri(padmasali),kcr,tjac,trs,tnri,haragopal,nishanthdongari,bahraintjac,dubaitjac,usatjac,uktjac,australiatjac,new zealandtjac(marathirelatives),hmtv,tnews,rajnews,v6,porutelangana,etelangana,missiontelangana,gautampingle, jinka,harishrao,ktr,kcr,tvadis, ou,ku,uoh -tvadis,jayadheer,namasthe telangana editors, juluru gowrishanker(vysya),chukkaramaiah(brahmin), people of Hydrabad,ramamelkote(marathi),kaloji(marathi) these make up 90% of the innocent poison)

    Read about

    Read about


    • P. Rao says:


      I am looking at the historical paradox. Thandra Paparayudu, a Velama, a great leader, a person who personified Andhra (Telugu) spirit.  Virabrahmam, a Viswabrahmin, a great Telugu man before whom Nawabs used to bow, a man worshipped as a god.  Contrast this with the two individuals from the same samajika vargams most responsible for the mayhem in Andhra desham today.

    • Piyush Rottimukkala says:

      Here is the correction. Juluru Gowrishankar is a Viswabrahmin. Konatham Dileep is Golla, that is why he is red. Forgot about another innocent Nellutla Venugopal (Brahmin). Watch all these guys videos and articles. They are all poisonous.

    • Piyush Rottimukkala says:

      Juluru gowrishankar is viswabrahmin and Konatham Dileep is Golla. Add Nellutla Venugopal to the list.

    • Narayan says:

      Congratulations to you separatist.

      • Ravi says:

        Congrajulations for you aswell .. Narayan Mr. Separatist.

        • Narayan says:

          Ravi, we would like to see you writing more on this blog. You write comments that make no sense but keep us all entertained on this blog. look at our dear ravi, he is calling Unity-seekers as separatists because I called separatists as separatists. Ravi, give me more himsa, I am liking it.

  12. prabhakara rao says:

    T-vaadis claim RSA have no right on Hyderabad as they were separated shortly after Hyd made capital by Asafjahis. They should remember that constitutional method followed to form AP grants same right to RSA as any T. Period.

  13. VK says:

    Seperate Telanga demand fueld by alleged discrimination or hate?


    • Prashanth says:

      VK garu,

      aa video choosanu. naa uddesamulo aa video choosi vallu inka chedipotharu thappithey bagupadaru. idhi definite. nenu videolu articles 2007 nunchi vrasthunnanu naku thelusunu valla mathi ela panichesthadhannadhi.

  14. Kiran says:

    Sri Chakravarthy garu and Sri Prabhakar garu,

    Here is the evidence of how Nizam and Hyderabad got their riches from in those days and
    the origin of all false pride in Nizam T people.


    Forbes is an American business magazine owned by Forbes, Inc. Published biweekly, it features original articles on finance, industry, investing, and marketing topics.

    Here is the notable excerpt from the article named, "Taj Falaknuma Palace: A New Experience of Palatial Splendor" "Located in central southern India, Hyderabad lies 460 miles southeast of Mumbai and 350 miles north of Bengaluru, the country’s first high-tech hub. The new high-rise Hyderabad (nicknamed “Cyberabad”), with its office towers and irrigated lawns, has been built 10 miles to the northwest of the historic center. As a result, the Old City is still a place of shadowy mosques and teeming bazaars clustered around the Charminar, a 16th-century landmark with four distinctive minarets. By Indian standards, however, all of Hyderabad is fairly new, the city having been founded in 1591. Initially, it was administered by a governor on behalf of the Mughal emperor in Delhi. But the Mughals’ power declined, and in 1724, their representative proclaimed his independence, becoming the first of seven hereditary Nizams.

    Not only was Hyderabad the largest of the princely states bigger than Great Britain it was also the wealthiest. When he was deposed in 1948, the last Nizam was adjudged the richest man in the world. And in 2008, Forbes magazine placed him fifth on its “all-time wealthiest” list, with a personal fortune in inflation-adjusted dollars of $210.8 billion. (Bill Gates came in 20th.) His legendary jewel collection contained more than 25,000 diamonds, among them the 185-carat Jacob Diamond, valued at $150 million. (The Nizam discovered it in one of his father’s shoes and used it thereafter as a paperweight.) Indeed, the chief source of his ancestral riches was the diamonds from the Kollur Mine on the banks of the Krishna River. These were stored in the fortress at nearby Golconda, seven miles west of Hyderabad. Among the most famous were the Koh-i-Noor, which later belonged to Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan who commissioned the Taj Mahal and which today is part of the British Crown Jewels; and the Hope Diamond, once the property of French King Louis XIV and now on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History."

    READ THIS SPECIFICALLY. Indeed, the chief source of his ancestral riches was the diamonds from the Kollur Mine on the banks of the Krishna River.

    Kollur mine is in Guntur District. Now it does not yield many diamonds as its whole wealth has been looted by the Nizams and Moguls and later the British empire took some with them.


    Vajra Diamond Mining Private Limited

    Look at the management team:

    VDMPL has a small equity in the Mines Management India Private Limited (MMI) group and the company has an understanding with the Krishna River Alluvial Project to take a majority stake, if desired. The focus in Andhra Pradesh is the pursuit of virgin extensions of the alluvial deposits the Krishna River Alluvial Project (Map-1) that supported the ancient and fabled Golconda diamond digs. These digs produced 13 of the world's 20 most famous diamonds including the Hope, Kohinoor, Great Moghul, Dresden, Orloff, Regent (Pitt), Idol's Eye, Star of Egypt, etc.

    Thursday 18 April 2013

    NEW YORK: A 34.64-carat pink diamond once owned by the world’s richest man — the last Nizam of Hyderabad, has sold at auction in New York for nearly $ 40 million, setting a new record for Christie’s auction house.
    Dubbed the “Princie Diamond,” the gem is “one of the largest and finest pink diamonds in the world,” with a “fabulous provenance,” Christie’s jewelry chief Francois Curiel said ahead of the sale.
    An anonymous telephone bidder paid $ 39,323,750, or more than $ 1 million per carat, for the stone from ancient diamond mines in southern India, the auction house said in a statement Tuesday. The pink gem was once owned by the royal family of Hyderabad, rulers of one of thewealthiest provinces of the Mughal Empire, Christie’s said in a statement.

    Probably the largest of Indian diamonds is the Great Mogul, the history of which is very obscure. This was seen in the treasury of the Great Mogul, Aurungzebe, in 1665, by Tavernier, who both drew and described the stone in detail. This diamond had then the form of a very high and round rosette (Plate 4., Fig. 2), and was of good water. It weighed 319 ratis, which Tavernier calculated to be equivalent to 280 carats, assuming 1 rati = 7/8 carat. Authorities, which consider this value of the rati too high, give the equivalent as 188 carats. The rough stone is supposed to have been found between 1630 and 1650, in the mines at Kollur, and to have originally weighed 787 1/2 carats, a weight which would make it unquestionably the largest of Indian diamonds.

    Opinions differ also as to the derivation of the name "Koh-i-noor," which is sometimes said to signify "Mountain of Light," and is supposed to have been given to the stone by Nadir Shah. It has also been supposed to be a corruption of Kollur, the locality at which it was found, and the name by which it is formerly known in India.

    Hyderabad: Riches beyond Compare
    Hyderabad was a vast 82,000 square-mile superlative that dominated the middle of India.  It was the largest, the most populous and, with its diamond and gold mines, the richest princely state in the subcontinent.

    Ivvani choosina tharuvatha Tvadis Andhra antey inka edavadamu modhalu pedatharu. Kani manamu emi cheyalemu. Vinasa kale Vipareetha Buddhi annaru kadha peddhavallu.

    This is how Hyderabad city was created for the muslim population to enjoy. Sad TVadis, Hyderabad was created with mines of Andhra for the Nizams to enjoy. The Nizam T people got jobs such as coolies and masonry etc but Andhras got nothing in turn, but had to hear dirty remarks from NizamT. This is how Nizam got rich. Nizam was the richest but his people were the poorest.

  15. Venkat Vishwakarma says:

    Hi Everyone , i am from  Venkat Vishwakarma , i am basically from ANDHRA Region of AP , but i say Jai Telangana Jai Andhra Jai Rayalaseema , there is no Social Justice for BC s in AndhraPradesh All the Political Parties are giving 50-70 seats for BCs who are 50% and 150 seats for OC who are 35%, where is Political Equality . any ONE Dare to Comment Practically on this SAME issue are welcome, Plz dont divert with this issue ,Comments must be on Same issue , if my Complete Statement is Wrong , then i AM ready to Support for United AP.

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