Response to your comments on “School Education”

1) What is the source of 33 crore rupees shown as balance of funds?


I've scanned the copy of the news paper I have from from June 16th 1968: (please download and view it in an image editor for better resolution)

33 Crores Balance of Funds


2) Investments in Hyderabad from other regions

This should be welcomed. Every developed country welcomes those that want to establish businesses in their cities/states with open arms. Even A.P. welcomes investments from other states and countries.

3) Discrimination in irrigation projects

The most controversial aspect of the current separatist movement is canal irrigation. Despite the tens of thousands of crores that government invested in this area, since the formation of the state, our government succeeded in adding a mere 3.3 lakh hectares to canal irrigation as of 2006-07. Of these 3.3 lakh hectares, 1.6 lakh hectares are in Nizam Telangana, 1.3 in Kosta, and 39 thousand hectares in Seema. Now, compare that with the 14 lakh hectares brought under irrigation using tube-wells. Please note that I am not talking about ayacut area, as that does not mean much, because we can build all the canals we want, but if there is no water they are useless. We have a canal going through our lands in Nalgonda and we haven't seen a drop of water in it till today. I am talking about actual area under canal irrigation as published in the Statistical Abstract published by the government.

We can argue till the cows come home about how projects are favoring one region or the other. Bottom line, government failure in implementing projects is across the regions and the data does not support that one region was neglected at the expense of other. Also, the current separatist movement precedes Jalayagnam when TRS aligned with the Congress.

Lastly, I personally am not in favor of Polavaram as I think the investment doesn’t justify the returns it will yield. A large number of people are being displaced due to Polavaram. Also, there are credible scientists arguing that it will have the same silt problem that Sriramsagar is having- which is typical to Godavari basin. Lastly, if we build Polavaram, we will lose some of the Krishna water to other states as per Bachawat ruling.

If there is one lesson we can learn from 5 decades of mis-investments into irrigation, mega irrigation projects are a colossal failure in terms of return on investment. The best mode of irrigation is tanks and unfortunately they continue to deteriorate by day.

4) "Because, both the major rivers krishna and godavari flow through telangana, the region has the right to first utlize its share of water. This is the rule everywhere in the world".


No, this NOT an international norm. If Karnataka and Maharashtra adopt this logic, they can use all the river waters they want. Bachawat did extensive study on this subject. He studied both the American and the International models. The internationally accepted rule is “protection of existing uses”. In other words, if there is a project already built, you cannot take water from that project and give it to other projects. Karnataka has 43.7% of the Krsihna river catchment area, while our state has 29.4%. Despite it, Bachawat awarded 700 TMC to Karnataka and 800 TMC to Andhra Pradesh.


5) Potti Sriramulu

Amarajeevi’s fast was not for Madras. His death was the culmination of 50 years of Telugu’s struggle for a state. I delved into this in my book. Yes, people during his funeral shouted “Madras Manade’, but that is looking at the history through a narrow prism.

6) Raavi Narayan Reddy, Komaram Bheem and other legendaries not in history books

Rudrama Devi is a Telangana icon and can be found in all history books. I remember reading about Andhra Pitamaha Madapati Hanumanth Rao, Suravaram Pratap Reddy, Sarojani Naidu and others when in school. I haven't seen an objective study showing discrimination by region in history books. If that in fact is the case, let’s fight for it- separate state is not the solution. I personally am very fond of Raavi Narayan Reddy and believe that he should be cited prominently in our school books.


 “Veera Telangana Naadhi, Veru Telangana Kaadhu”
- Raavi Narayan Reddy


Save Andhra Pradesh!


Nalamotu Chakravarthy

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44 Responses to “Response to your comments on “School Education””

  1. Dear Nalamotu
    People have to know that, " Investors are not looters" in a capitalistic society.(I do not want to go into the purity of businessmen in India here). Investments have to be welcomed from all regions in india and abroad  to AP, Hyderabad and in Nizam Telanagana areas. If they want to talk about SEZ's, its a different story. It doesn't have, anything to do with a separate state issue. SEZ is a policy issue.
    Thank you.

  2. Sampath says:

    Chakravarthy Garu
    -Amarajeevi Potti Sriramulu
     The JVP commitee (Jawaharlal Nehru, Vallabhai patel, Pattabhi Sitaramayya (prominent andhra lerader of that time) was appointed in late in 1948, as Dhar commision gave a report gainst the lingustic states in december 1948 and was also not in favour of formation of andhra province. The JVP comittee recommeneded the creation of andhra province with undisputed telugu districts. It also "adviced" andhras to give up their claim on Madras. The Union Govt accepted the JVP report and advised the Madras province to take steps for creation of andhra province. In response to this on Dec 7 1949, the madras Govt formed a partition comittee consisting of 7 members which inclided stalwards like Gopal reddy, Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy and T prakasam. The commitee was asked to consider the division of assests and liabilities between madras and Andhra. on January 26, 1950, the comittee recommended the formation of Andhra state with 11 districts of madras province and 3 talukas of bellary. It also recommended the madras should not be capital of andhra even temporarily and that rs 1 crore should be given top andhra by Madras govt for renunciation of all office in madras city. It is also not out of context that T praksham gave a dissenting note that Madras should be combined capital. Finally a settelement was reached the andhra state should be created by  April 1st 1950. Considering all this, why did Mr Sriramulu had to go for fast in last week of oct 1942. The reason being, the formation of andhra was delayed as similar demands were coming from maharastra and gujrat, PM Nehru said the andhra would be formed at appropriate time. Due to the delay in formation of Andhra and also to for andhras claim on madras Mr sriramulu started his fast. Here is his reply to swami sitaram's letter dated oct 2nd 1952
    “My Fast begins only for determining the future of Madras City”, he declared. “During my fast, people themselves will come to a decision….. My fast is intended to make the people and at least some Tamils in the City to agree to Madras becoming a separate State. Therefore, if I leave the question of the City in doubt and undertake the fast, I shall be failing in my purpose and duty”.
    Now what we see in all this, Mr sriramulu ir any other big andhra leaders at that time like, Gopal Reddy, T Prakasham, N Sanjeeva Reddy, Pattabhi Sitaramayya and others never even talked about telanagana area which was independent in 1948 and part of hyderabad state. If the so leaders were so wanted all telugu to be united they would have raised the slogan of vialandhra in 1948 itself. None of them did, Mr sriramulu never ever talked about telugu in hyderabad state, then how can he be the champion of all telugu's as potrayed in the text books. The whole Vishlandra movement started after the formation of andhra state, as the state wanted a capital city. Hence these is enough history to cliam that the whole vsalandhra movement was for hyderabad and not unity of all telugu's.

    • sampath says:

      Small correction, Shri Sriramulu started fast in last week of oct 1952. Please check out the links below, one of them is Times link of 1952. This clearly shows that althouh hyderabad was liberated in 1949 and consisted of large portion of telugu speaking people, the visalandhra movement never started in 1949. The andhra politicians were only talking of andhra state. The whole visalandhra movement gained momentum after andhra state was formed without madras city. If madras was made a joined capital of andhras and tamils, then there would have never been visalandhra movement at all.,9171,822565-2,00.html,9171,822565-2,00.html  

      • satya says:

        In the links provided, there is nowhere it is mentioned that the JVP committee has decided for the formation of andhra.
        see, what was written by Nehru in his letter to Rajaji.
        On December 3, Nehru wrote to Rajagopalachari: "Some kind of fast is going on for the Andhra Province and I get frantic telegrams. I am totally unmoved by this and I propose to ignore it completely". By this time Sriramulu had not eaten for six weeks. As his ordeal went on, support for the cause grew. Hartals were called in many towns. The sociologist Andre Beteille, travelling to Madras from Calcutta at this time, recalls having his train stopped at Vizag by an angry mob shouting slogans against Rajaji and Nehru.
        Nehru now recognised the force of popular sentiment. On December 12, he wrote again to Rajaji, suggesting that the time had come to accept the Andhra demand. "Otherwise complete frustration will grow among the Andhras, and we will not be able to catch up with it". But the formal announcement was delayed, and Sriramulu continued his fast. On the 15th he died.
        also, telangana leaders claim that because of their lobbying in delhi the integration happend. but the fact is, Nehru is nowhere in support of andhra people, because of his relationship and close acquaintance with Rajaji, who obviously has a hatred towards andhraites.

  3. Sampath says:

    I request the person who has written this and all other telangana people to stop writing such  nonsense.
    Chakravarthy Garu, is voicing his opinion which is democratic. Everyone can have their own view, that does not mean they go and write ridiculous stuff.  I request all people on this forum and elsewhere to excise restraint while commenting.  

  4. ved says:

    Mr Sampath,
    When George Washington became the commander of continental army and  rallied fellow Americans against Britain, his main aim was to liberate the 13 colonies from British rule. The grand United states of America was not in his plans, the vast western frontier was unexplored, the decisive Spanish and Mexican war was yet to come, and in a nutshell had no idea where the country was going beyond the 13 colonies. When he died in 1797, he passed a legacy and a strong foundation for a great Nation to emerge in the coming decades. For that he is eternally called the father of the Nation.
    No Californian or Texan would argue that it is inappropriate to call Mr Washington as father of California or Texas as Mr Washington not even had faintest idea of what California and Texas were. But they are eternally  grateful  to him for founding a country on the principle of equality, liberty and fraternity.
    So Mr Sriramulu might not have fought for liberation of teleugu people from state of Hyderabad, but his principle of separate telugu state for telugu speaking people of Madras state inspired every telugite to fight for visalandhra. I don't need to repeat what Mr Chakrawarthy garu wrote in his painstaking research that majority of telugu speaking people of former Hyderabad state aspired for Visalandhra.

    • sampath says:

      Ved Garu,
      "I don't need to repeat what Mr Chakrawarthy garu wrote in his painstaking research that majority of telugu speaking people of former Hyderabad state aspired for Visalandhra."
      I did not know, on what basis Mr chakravarthy garu calculated no: of people in favour for Visalandhra in telangana to come to a conclusion on Majority.
      Going vack to satavahana's and kakatiya's time makes no sense as culture and identities of people keep on evolving and changing.None of people identify themselves with kakatiyas and satavahanas, so talking about that now and saying telugu's wanted to be united at that time is illogical and makes no sense.
      About Sriramulu,
      I have never dis regarded the great man in any way. I only wanted to say that he cant be called a champion of telugu's. Naming universities in Telangana region (including hyderabad) on his name, errecting statues in his name telangana districts is only projecting that he chamopined for the cause of people here. Why is False. No one can deny that.  

      • ved says:

        You can discard and throw away the culture that bound us together for more than 1000 years under kakatiyas, satavahanas and other rulers because as per you, they change continuously and the former bonds don't matter any more. Then what is common in telangana except the fact that it was ruled by an oppressive Nizam for 250 years and muslims by more than 400 years. Why the 53 years of culture that bound people of AP together in independent India, based on common telugu language doesn't mean anything?. If you can go back by 54 years and look for common culture, why can't you go by another 160-190 years and come back to where we are now.

        • satya says:

          one more point to be added: under Nizam's rule also telangana, and andhra are togethor for250 years before he has granted the andhra region to madras province of british. telangana ppl talk only the mid 100 years where we are under different rule. again they will forget the current 50 years and the past 500 years.

  5. AMRAO says:

    Mr. Sampath,
    1) Most of the stuff that you wrote was from an article in which was originally written by M. Narayana Reddy, a former MP from Nizamabad. This was the article he had written on Zee news website. He was/is not a historian. He has not indicated the source of these letters. You will also be happy to know that Zee has been an unabashed supporter of Telengana cause.
    2) I am sure every one agrees that Potti Sriramulu has not fought for a united Andhra Pradesh like the one we have today. He fought for a separate state for Telugus who were under the Madras Presidency. I guess, all Telengana supporters wanted to say and prove that Potti Sriramulu has not fought for them or cared for them. Personally, I agree that Potti Sriramulu has not thought about Telengana. The formation of state of Andhra led to the formation of Andhra Pradesh and hence he is given the recognition.
    3)  But to say that he fought for "only Madras city" is a joke. Today, KCR has said many times that Hyderabad belongs to Telengana (apart from his many thousands of statements about Telengana). Ten years from now, a politician from Coastal Andhra can pick up one statement, highlight it and say KCR has fought only for Hyderabad. I am sure Potti Sriramulu, among many other things he said, also talked about Madras city and the interests of huge number of telugus in that city.
    4) You wrote "The whole Vishlandra movement started after the formation of andhra state, as the state wanted a capital city. Hence these is enough history to cliam that the whole vsalandhra movement was for hyderabad and not unity of all telugu's."  ——— This shattered my belief that I was communicating with a person who has some basic knowledge about the history of AP. I do not even know where to start. I do not even know how you missed the tons of information about the meetings, resolutions, etc… in Telengana areas about all the Telugus coming together, well before the formation of Hyderabad state. Please know the facts if you really want to know the issues.  
     5) In this debate, most people seem to prefer to stay in one camp and refuse to listen to the views of others. In this way, many lies are being spread as truths in both the camps.

    • admin says:

      In this case, I disagree with both Sampath garu and AMRAO garu. My position is that Telugus desired to integrate right from the early 1900s. I will clarify my stance on this topic in my upcoming note.

    • sampath says:

      AMRAO Garu
      1. Please find the link below, its the official governament websites. It states that " it suggested that Andhra Province could be formed provided the Andhras gave up their claim to the city of Madras (now Chennai). This report provoked violent reaction in Andhra as the Telugus were not prepared to forego their claims to the city of Madras."
      This only proves that Pandit Nehru was ready to formation of andhra in 1949, but without capital city. If andhras agreed for his proposal then, then the andhra state would have been formed without loosing the life of humanitarian sriramulu. These are facts and it is given in official website of AP.
      2. NO, everyone does not agree that potti sriramulu has not faught for united AP. Even govt text books and teachers say this. Every telanganite only wants to know the truth and calling sriramulu as champion of "all"telugus is unfair.
      3. I have never ever said that, he only faught for madras city. What i wanted to say was, the decision to form andhra was taken good 4 years before Sriramulu started his fast. Which implies that if the big leaders on Andhra agreed for andhra state you would not have lost sriramulu. infact, half way into his fast, there is evedence to show that govt agreed again for andhra formation, but he did not stop his fast, his demand was to make it a combined capital, which was not favorable to Rajagopalachari. I will leave his intentions for you to understand.
      4. I intended to say it gained momentum after formation of andhra state, which is true. I know andhra mahasabha championed this idea on both sides and there were some takers for it. But, these people did not include that big leaders at that time. leaders like prakasham pantulu, sanjeeva reddy who were fighting for andhra state should have raised there voiced then, they didnt because they wanted madras and they raised the visalandhra movement and went to agitate against the Fazal ali report. Suddenly it seems they realized that there existed species who speak telugu's and all should be united. I say all this because, there will people talking about every issue, then and now unless this issued is backed by powerful political leaders it does not get the momentum it requires. The same was with visalndhra movement and the same is the case with current telangana movement. Organization and people like TVV and gadar have been propogating it much before TRS was born but it gained momentum afterwards.
      5. I am a telanganite and do support the movement, but i do listen to others. Infact i have wriiten in this blog (to u specifically) saying that if someone proves me how pothirediipadu and polavaram are legal i will go to the extent of propogating United AP. None has comeback.
      One more thing, everyone thing large majority of people from telangana were supporting visalndhra slogan, that i think is false on three accounts.
      1. If that was the case Borugulla Ramakrishna Rao, would not have written a letter to Pandit Nehru stating clearly that sentiment in rural areas is against unification.
      2. Nehru, would have compared the visalandhra movement to imprelistic attitude.
      Inspite of the Prime misnister of India, the tallest leader being against this why did AP form, beacuse T Prakasham and other tall leaders went to nehru and said, they were robbed of madras and andhra required hyderabad to sustain. They also gave reasons like how this will help hyderabad state. You should understand the congress leaders from hyderabad did not have influence on nehru as they never participated in independence movement, you know the reason for it.
      Here is the link. Please read it. This is official, dont say no sources to claim. In my earlier post also i have given times link dated 1952.

  6. Mohan says:

    Chakravarthy garu,
    Though it is a bit late, I finally joined the chorus on this site in thanking you for such a stupendous work. Great rebuttal. Thanks for all your efforts to shed light on real facts that fly in the face of lies and half-truths spread by the hate-mongers.
    Re. water allocation – as a licensed professional civil engineer, I can assure you that the demand for water allocation based on catchment area (referred to as watershed in US) is the most ridiculous argument I have ever heard. First of all, it is akin to every person who owns a piece of land “demanding” the rain water fell on his ground to be his and his own.
    Second, catchment area is a merely a geographical statistic. Catchment area is not proportional to the rainfall it receives. I am very sure that Thar desert is also a catchment area to some big river. It may be feasible to irrigate entire Thar desert. However, it will come at an enormous cost. Deccan Plateau, by very definition, is at a higher elevation. Forget about the fact if this region is arid or dry. I am not sure about the engineering feasibility of irrigating the areas in this plateau. There is only a limited extent to which humans can defy the nature. There is a reason why rivers flow down the slope and to the seas.
    Third, as you correctly pointed out, if Maharashtra and Karnataka make a similar demand and get it (for the sake of argument, assume that it is possible to make such an allocation), there is not much water left for Andhra Pradesh people to fight about.
    Furthermore, I would like to know if these separatists are making “DEMANDS” for excess flood water also to be allocated to Telangana districts thereby easing the flood-burden in the delta districts?
    Let me repeat your slogan.
    Save Andhra Pradesh.

    • sampath says:

      Mr Mohan
      There is logic to your argument on catchment area. I agree to it. If its not feasible to build projects on high altitude and elevation, then how are karnataka and mharastra utlizing the krishna, godvari waters. You must understand what gift nature endowed on these 2 states and not telangana. Here is why telanganites (hate monkers according to you) they were given a raw deal in irrigation.
      1. Hyderabad Governament has planned many projects on krishna godvari river before unification. The nagarjun sagar project was planned to be built at ileshawaram, 18 KM north of current site nandikonda. This was planned to irrigate lot acres in Nalgonda and khamam districts. After unification, this was shelved and narjuna sagar was constructed saying it helped both region (70% andhra and 30% telangana). The projects was also financed on excess budget of hyderabad state.
      If the orginal project was completed (which would have unless state was united), then according krishna tribunal would not have telangana got more share of water. (please think)
      2. Even considering that this was done and agreed for the cause of our "telugu brothers", why is it so, that exsiting projects on krishna and godvari are being put on hold and projects like pothireddipadu, which has no allocation being given to krishna tribunal being completed.
      3. Why is godavari water being directed to krishna delta through polavaram before completing age old projects like, Rajolibanda, jurala etc.
      Mr Chakravarthy garu, convienently does not discuss about pothireddipadu and other small projects which are pending in telangana region for decades. Please remember "Telangana is only asking its share of water".In 53 years also this did not happen.

      • Bhanu Prasad says:

        Sampath Gaaru,
                     It is interesting that you mention the nagarjuna saagar was funded by excess of Hyderabad state.
        a)By hyderabad are you speaking of under nizam or after 1948?.
        b)Do you have any document quoting the budget figures that were allocated to Nagarjunasagar till 1967?
        c)Why did hyderabad state have a surplus budget?. is it because nizam was spending next to nothing on welfare and Hyderabad Governement had taken up some time to set up welfare activities?.
        d)Why do you think that polavaram is illegal?. Please elaborate.

      • satya says:

        Sampath gaaru,
        could u elaborate what legal means.. so that i can answer. if u r referring legal as getting clearance then polavaram is pending clearance from enviromental ministry, as like many projects in telangana.
        as far as potireddypadu is concerned, there is never an issue whether the construction is legal or not. it is legal. the objection of telangana leaders is only the approach in channeling the water. as ysr govt planned for a tunnel at a level lower to the max. capacity of srisailam reservoir, these are fearing that chances are there to divert the water. and there is some counter argument that it is highly difficult to grant the drinking water in case of any scarcity, also some other valid points from their end.

  7. ved says:

    For irrigation by gravity, the elevation of fields with respect to the crest of the river is very important.  In Maharastra the river starts at 1300mt above sea level and leaves Maharastra at a height of 550mt providing an opportunity to irrigate by gravity. Even then you don't see agriculture at the same level as in Delta area. 
    There is hardly any water past NizamSagar. The mid basin of Godavari is dry until pranhita confluences with Godavari and by the time river already plunged to 107m height. By the time it reaches Badrachalam it is mere 50ft above sea level. The average height of agriculture lands is 300 mt above the river. Any dam to be constructed between Kaleshwaram and Badrachalam has to be so high, the back water will inundate hundreds of villages in Telanagana, Maharastra, Chatishgarh and Orissa. The only possibility is small barrages to collect water and lift it by massive pumps.
    It is utter nonsense for KCR to proclaim that Delta will be converted to desert and T separatists to gloat in the false ego. The massive lift irrigation currently attempted is a pure political move due to T separatists. You cannot defy gravity and cannot try to imitate delta area. Economically it is infeasible. If this is continued it will ruin separate Telangana state. 
    Nobody robbed Telangana. On the other hand, with senseless regional politics we are wasting 2000 TMC of  Godavari water to sea every year. The only potential project with minimal  interstate issue is Polavaram. It is needless to say the benefit will go to downstream districts of Andhra.Therefore this will never be completed. At least the power generated from Polavaram (900 MW) can be used for lift irrigation and prevent 300TMC of water being wasted to sea.
    BTW, the NS foundation at the current location was done in 1955 a year before AP formation. Please don't have the habit of making everything andhra centric. This is getting ridiculous..

  8. Sampath says:

    Bhanuprasad Garu
    Check out the link and you will know about Polavaram
    Besides these factor the dam diverts godavari water to krishna Delta. That is why is also unfair.
    1. Why did hyderabad state have a surplus budget?. is it because nizam was spending next to nothing on welfare and Hyderabad Governement had taken up some time to set up welfare activities?.
    So, what, point is hyderabad had surplus budget, whereas andhra was in deficit, BTW the reason you have cited it cause for birth of mulki rules, which the andhras fought to overturn the supreme court ruling.
    whatever you might say, Telangana was/is a state with a abundant resources and would have developed much better if it was not united with andhra. No one can deny this. Andhra was major beneficiary with this meger. (There cant be any better example than nagarjun sagar) Land submerged in telanagana, people displaced are telanganites and major beneficiary, Andhras. This has been story of telanagana since last 53 years.

    • satya says:

      can u tell me the benifits of andhra because of merger?

      • Sampath says:

        Satya Garu
        Here are the benefits andhra got fro merger.
        1. Nagarjun Sagar dam: Without merger, telangana would have bulit the dam at ileshwaram, 18 KM north of the current site.
        2. Telangana could have as well completed many projects before krishna tribunal and according the principle of existing use, it could have got more allocation.
        3. Andhra did not have well constructed capital city, so merger gave them a capital including, assembly hall and other facilities.
        4. More andhrites got govt jobs as telangana were less educated at that time. Govt jobs were the only jobs at that time.
        5. Because andhra govt budget was in deficit, they could finance a lot of other devlopment activities.
        Hence, andhra was a major beneficiary from the merger. You can no way dispute this fact.

        • satya says:

          1) again and again ill informed and baked lies on nagarjuna sagar dam.
          the appointed khosla commission visited the current site and felt it is the best place to construct a dam.
          "The Khosla committee visited the site and found it to be the most ideal location to build a gigantic dam across the river. There were attempts to suppress the report of the Khosla committee. The Raja went to New Delhi and with the support of N. G. Ranga, Moturi Hanumantha Rao and Kotha Raghuramaiah resurrected the report, distributed it to important people and urged the Planning Commission (Government of India) to take cognizance."
          Also before this, it is nizam who proposed the site at the current location during british raj.

          There was never an evident as TRS propoganda that dam site was moved 18 km ,or some say 25 km.. there was never such report.
          2) quite wrong. telangana got a share of 283 TMC of water than the allocated 260 TMC by the tribunal. for more such facts, see JP answers on telangana.
          3) this is agian wrong. though they dont hav a capital city, they never carved for merger because of this. if so, in 1972 jain andhra moment y they asked for a seperate state unconditionally.
          also note that andhra hav many bigger towns and cities in their region. like vizag, vijayawada, tirupati are good revenue hubs already. what is the status of hyderabad before IT boom? nothing. and aprart from hyderabad the majority of the cities in AP are in andhra region only.
          Infact, andhra lost because of our narrow minded politicians who made everything hyderabad centric. and brought the revenue from all the disticts to develop hyderabad. this is also because of the six point aggrement.
          4)  the mulki rules in gentle men agreement itself is biased. as it says, person lives in telangana for 15 yrs only eligible for jobs. it is like this.. if u hav experince only u will get the jobs, but how do one get exp without having job.. similarly why the hell one will stay for 15yrs without a job?
          and the worst is this applies to hyderabad too. doesn't ppl from other regions have any right to work in their capital city?
          my qn is on what basis in the current condition that a seperate state ensures more jobs? which govt sectors going for recruitment? so y cant u think this is a false propoganda.
          it is andhras which lost because normally any state will hav 3 types of capital. administrative, legislative, and judiciary. and ofcourse financial. before merger, atleast guntur has its own high court bench, now everything is in hyderabad,.
          5) it is other way round i can say. because of six point formula, all the revenue from districts moved to hyderbad

  9. praveen says:

    Nagarjuna Sagarproject was originally conceived by the British, around 1903, with Siddeswaram and Pulichintala as possible balancing reservoir sites. Unfortunately, these proposals did not materialize. Floods in Krishna river used to devastate Krishna district, while Guntur and Nalgonda were drought prone. As part of the first five-year plan, Nehru Govt. appointed Khosla committee to examine and report on the optimum and most beneficial utilization of Krishna River waters. The recommendations of the Committee, which were later endorsed by the Planning Commission in December, 1952, are to construct Nandikonda Dam across Krishna River with full reservoir level at +590.00 feet with canals taking off on either side. Water allocated to the Project is 281 TMC. The foundation stone of the Dam was laid by the late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India on 10.12.1955. (It is worth noting here that Andhra Pradesh state was formed in 1956, after the dam foundation was laid.

  10. Rajkumar says:

    It seems simply he wants to become a hero among andhra people by saying against a popular movement.
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