Refuting an Agitation: 101 Lies and Dubious Arguments of Telangana Separatists

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Here is the soft copy of the book that was released today: Refuting An Agitation




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  1. "Lastly, I agree 100% on CNR and JP. Let me add one more name to that list- CBN!"
    Chakravarthy, perhaps "add" is not an appropriate term. TDP politburo resolution is nearly five years old now.
    The other point relates to LSP. They have never opposed Telangana on the "neither a catastrophe nor a panacea" principle.

    • satya says:

      >> The other point relates to LSP. They have never opposed Telangana on the “neither a catastrophe nor a panacea” principle.
      Jai Go, the votaries of telangana need supporters and that of visalandhra need opposers to split the state.. not the other way round.

  2. Bablu says:

    Bollywood lo Telangana ki jarigina vivaksha
    Seemandhra people in the industry.

    One of the best comedians:
    Johnny Lever
    Some of the best yester year actresses:
    Jayaprada, Bhanupriya, Divya Bharathi
    One of the best sacrificial villains:
    Rami Reddy
    Some of the best directors:
    Ram Gopal Verma, Dasari Narayana Rao
    One of the best male playback singers:
    SP Balu

  3. Bablu says:

    AIDS/HIV lo Telangana ki jarigina vivaksha
    AP Accounts for 20% of India’s AIDS/HIV
    HIV in the General Population:
    Percent of Women Attending Antenatal Clinics Who
    Tested Positive for HIV, Andhra Pradesh, 2005

    District Total
    West Godavari 3.14
    Khammam 2.88
    Prakasam 2.88
    Guntur 2.75
    East Godavari 2.50
    Hyderabad 2.00
    Nalgonda 1.88
    Krishna 1.75
    Rangareddy 1.75
    Nizamabad 1.63
    Vizianagaram 1.63
    Warangal 1.63
    Chittoor 1.60
    Visakhapatnam 1.50
    Medak 1.48
    Karimnagar 1.47
    Adilabad 1.38
    Anantapur 1.38
    Nellore 1.13
    Srikakulam 0.88
    Kurnool 0.75
    Cuddapah 0.63
    Mahbubnagar 0.25

    Unsafe sex –
    (Kostha Andhra fellows lack proper education,
    means and money to buy/use Condoms),
    Unsafe blood transfusions –
    (Because of lack of proper hospital facilities),
    Sharing needles –
    (Because of lack of proper hospital facilities)

    • Abbulu says:


      Nee list lo kooda vivaksha jarigindhi. Hyderabad ni exclude cheyali. Hyderabad lo 2.0 endhukantey antha Andhrollu kabatti. That means inka ekku vivaksha jarigindhi Telanganaki. Forming AIDS/HIV JAC will only resolve this. Govt should give a package to lessen this vivaksha.

    • Abbulu says:


      Hyderabad count avvadhu. You are cunning. It is state capital and it is high only because of “SETTLERS”. That means inka ekku Vivaksha jarigindhi. AIDS/HIV JAC can be formed to look over this Vivaksha.

  4. Hareesh says:


    Dubai point kallallo neellu tirigeytatlu chesindhi. nenu dubai lo untanu. Chadhuvu, dabbu leni Andhra prantham Ammayilu Telangana prantham ammayila kanna ekkumandhi vastharu dabbulu leka. Idhi nootiki nooru palla sathyam. Kukka kanna heenamaina brathuku ikkada.

  5. Dr.Gopal Reddy (Irrigation Dept Srisailam) says:

    Flourosis lo Telangana ki jarigina vivaksha
    Creation of JAC: Flourosis Affected People’s JAC
    Request Additional Package: All Telangana irrigation projects are on the back burner. Every western Telangana Districts must have 10 dams. Then only the “WORLD’S MOST BACKWARD REGION” (which makes “”"”75%”"”" of states income as per Telangana medhavulu) can increase in Flourosis rate across all our region.

    Only 1 district i.e Nalgonda in Telangana is “highly” affected with Floursosis. Whereas Andhra has 3 highly affected districts Prakasam, Nellore and Guntur. Building of Polavaram dam can add 3 more districts of Andhra i.e Visakhapatnam, West and East Godavari but only 1 district of Telangana i.e Khamma (which also will not be accounted as it would affect Bhadrachalam division only and this originally belongs to East Godavari). So in total 6 districts of Andhra will have high Flourosis and only 1 district of Nalgonda. This is Vivaksha to heights. Flourosis ni kooda dochesaru.

  6. Komaram Bheem says:

    I request all the Telangana people on Facebook groups such as Jai Telangana, Mission Telangana etc ( who are misusing their tongues) to first read SKC’s report no matter what and also do some real research before wasting their time and life believing their leaders and professors. The reason suicides (so many of which are actually accidents reported as suicides) are happening is only because the Telangana students are feeling that they have been cheated all these days by TJAC and their politicians. Thappu dharilo padina Telangana vallu research chesi nijanjalani visleshinchakapothey, inka inka valla jeevithalani thappu dhari pattinchey avakasamu undhi. ee dharey chivaraki athmahathyalaki dharitheesthadhi. Oka Telugu bidda chanipothey mana Telugu prajaneekanikey nashtamu.

  7. globalvillage says:

    True shades of  the T champions:
    Rama Malkote, VarVar opposing the hanging of Afzal, they call it ' Shame on constitution' in the guise of Human rights. Unfortunately for Human rights guys criminals deserve more human rights than victims( guards who lost life fighting Parliament attack). These are the Naxal sympathisers and will handover T to Naxals and Deshpandes(Rama Malkote can not dream more than this, as their marathi origin families can skirt again in T).
    God Save T from wolfs.

    • Indra Rao says:


      u are 100000000000000% right. This agitation is about Lies, Jealous, Selfishness, Naxals, Doras, Deshpandes, Deshmukhs. If you need a list of each people I will be very happy to provide with names.
      I have a feeling that this is the end of Telugu peoples peaceful survival.

  8. globalvillage says:

    Please read through Eenadu coverage on Kodandaram :
    …ÅŒpAh ª½¢’¹¢©ð ®Ô«Ö¢“Ÿµ¿ ‚CµX¾ÅŒu ¬Á¹×h© åX{Õd-¦-œ¿Õ-©Õ ©ä¹-¤ò-«-œ¿¢ «©x …Ÿ¿u«Õ¢©ð ¦µÇ’¹¢’à „ÃJ …ÅŒp-ÅŒÕh-©-ÊÕ ©Â¹~u¢’à Í䮾ÕÂí¯ä N†¾§ŒÕ¢©ð ®¾p†¾dÅŒ Âíª½-«-œË¢Ÿ¿E ÅçL¤Äª½Õ. 殄Ã-ª½¢’¹¢©ð ®Ô«Ö¢“Ÿµ¿ åX{Õd¦œË «â©Ç©ÊÕ Ÿç¦s ÂíšÇd©¢˜ä Æ¢Ÿ¿ÕÂ¹× ®¾£¾Ç-¹-J-®¾Õh-Êo “X¾¦µ¼ÕÅŒy «u«®¾n-©-åXj¯ä …Ÿ¿u«Õ¢ ’¹ÕJ åXšÇd-©-¯Ão-ª½Õ.
    It is clear from the above, The T agitation is not for T people deprived of business and Job opportunities, if it is then, the udyamam should target every business that is supposed to have grabbed the opportunities of so called 'children of lessor god(amayakulu) . Instead they only vow to end  SA business service sector.. These people will also not have any issues if somebody from Chennai takes these opportunities after SA business is killed in service sector whether or not T people fill in those slots vaccated by SA  people.  
    Therefore the true color of T agitation is some one's hate for SA than love for T.
    I still wonder, why such hate speeches are not tried in courts.

    • Indra Rao says:


      Your Telugu news post is not readable. Anyways, you are again very correct. If law had prevailed from day-one, we would have not seen this false agitation spread like this. It is too late, but even today Congress and all parties should come forward and just arrest these rogue politicians and jac members for lifetime. There have been so many occasions when they could have arrested them as they have done with Owaisis.

  9. Indra Rao says:

    Watch the below video. First of all my condolences to the family of Kranthi Kumar, a Telugu brother from Telangana. Hope his wife and parents come out of the grief very soon. I wish the unborn baby a good future and a peaceful nature.

    NRI Kranthi Kumar dies in U.S.A – TV9

    The family is seeking help from TANA (a Telugu association formed and run by Kammas of Coastal Andhra) which is not wrong. We Telugus must help each other. I have seen many incidences in US and only TANA comes forward to save the Telugu people living there. Today there are 100s of Telangana associations which fuel money to TRS and TJAC and also spread hatred and fraud Telangana sentiment in USA. The majority of the websites that post this fraud Telangana news and blogs are written and maintained by these NRIs only. Search for Telangana association by city in USA. You can find one in each city. 30 years back only people from Coastal Andhra used to come to USA and now all most every Telangana graduate aspires to come to USA and majority of the Telugu people who came during the last 30 years are from Telangana (US has a mini Karimnagar, Warangal, Nalgonda, Medak, Nizambad and Ranga Reddy). This I mention to give you an idea of the educational development of that region whereas Seemandhra lagged behind in awareness and proper university-style education.

    Watch this video also from Jan 27th. The guys in the video mention that they can support 30-40,000 people during the Samara Deeksha. These fellows are in USA occupying jobs that could have been filled by the locals. Aren’t these fellows parasites and settlers (that is what they called SeemaAndhra people who wanted to live in their own nation and in their own capital).

    We should fight irrespective of political parties for Telangana – Dallas NRIs – USA – Tv9

    Where are these green-eyed monsters now? Why is it only TANA coming forward to save all people in USA? I commend TANA for such generosity and helping nature. I am asking this question so that people from Telangana region will come out of their false agitation.

  10. Neutral says:

    Service sector is a recent phenomenon. And services are global. If 'andhrollu' didn't loot in manufacturing, who then looted in that sector? Without going through manufacturing, can any segment of population jump into service sector directly?
    Now that this debate is opened by K, let him name 100 persons in whatever sector who 'looted' so that we can get to specifics. Whoever questions their 'looting' theory, they say it was not intended against the questioner but those other 'capitalist' 'looters' without ever naming them. Finally, no one knows who those supposed 'looters' are but the propaganda continues.

  11. @Dr. Gopal Reddy:
    Excerpt from KWDT-II report showing GoAP contention on fluoride affected areas (page 796):
    "It is also submitted that water needs to be allocated for fluoride affected areas and at page 10 of the affidavit of the witness of Andhra Pradesh Shri V.V.S. Rama Murthy, in paragraph 5.2.1, it is stated that in Andhra Pradesh there are 12068 habitants who are fluoride affected. The highest number of fluoride affected inhabitants is in Anantapur where there are 1491 such persons, in Warangal 1382 and in Nalgonda and Prakasam 1122 persons in each of these districts. It is because of bad quality of water. But the total population of the aforesaid districts is not indicated."

  12. globalvillage says:

    Lagadapati has released a CD on hate speeches given by KCR.
    KCR has always been giving speeches, hiding truths and one sided arguments and provoked sentiments of illiterate students (?) and illiterate govt employees (?) of T.  Atleast the truly illiterate farming community does not seem to have believed him so much(outcome of cooperative elections)
    His comments lately on AP state formation in 1952 by separating from Madras State where he mentioned  'SA people created lot of 'Kirikiri'  by asking Madras city caused angry to Tamil Brothers that created lot anger and ultimately tamils had to chase SA in Lungis overnight.
    Fighting for right becomes a kiri-kiri to KCR. Going by his standards of meaning of Kirikiri, even his so called Tamil 'brothers' also created lot of kirikiri by asking Tirupathi and vellore(we did not get vellore though). The same tamil brothers have also created Havoc in srilanka demanding separate state. The same Tamil guys enforcing malaysian government to make Tamil one of the official language. 
    This guy should not spared. Leave aside justification of T state on any ground. But people like KCR and Kondaram who can create permanent rivarly between two regions are a threat to integrity of nation. They should be tried in courts and pay for their sins.

  13. @Nagesh:
    KWDT reports are available on AP irrigation dept.'s site. Go to
    For KWDT-II report click on "To download New draft KWDT Award on 30.12.2010".

  14. Rusokeha says:

    Telangana varaku edhuku Jai Gottimukkala ki kooda vivaksha jarigindhi.
    Jai babai, mee intiperu Vijayawada Kamma kulaniki chendhindhi kadha andhukey mee peruki kooda vivaksha jarigindhi. Padu prapancham. antha vivakshey. Babai ela mari.

  15. Prabhakara Rao says:

    do you mean the new VC of AU GSN Raju is not Telangana Bidda?
    which gottimukkala is migrant? rather SETTLER. 

  16. రుసోకేహా, రంది పడొద్దు వారీ. పరకాల ఉన్నడులే ఇయ్యన్ని సీదా చేయ్యనీకే
    PS:  గీ బాబాయి అంటే ఏందీ? గిసొంటి ముచ్చట ఎప్పుడు విన్లే, అందుకే అడుగుతాండ.

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