Proud of our Team

Dear All,

Visalandhra Mahasabha's media workshop in Delhi was successful beyond our expectations. Kuldip Nayar, Dr. Sanjay Baru, and KPS Gill have made waves across the nation with their unequivocal stand against the division of Andhra Pradesh. Each of them took a different line of reasoning to make their case. Kuldip Nayar talked about Punjab and Haryana and how division of the state is not in the national interest. Dr. Sanjay Baru, with his experience at the Prime Minister’s Office, reasoned that smaller divided Telugu states will lose the leverage that they currently have in Delhi. Lastly, KPS Gill took the internal security angle while reciting his experiences in Punjab and Assam. On the whole, all three vociferously said that division of Andhra Pradesh is not in the national interest.

Follow-up to our exhibition and media workshop, the integrationist cause continues to make headway in the media.

Here are some of the other articles that came, after we held our media workshop:

1) Visalandhra Mahasabha Dr. Prakala Prabhakar’s interview in the Business Standard:

2) Visalandhra Mahasabha Sri. Challagulla Narasimha Rao's article in India Today:

3) Manoj Mitta from Times of India for sometime has been writing articles that look like TRS pamphlets. A day after our Delhi workshop, we were elated to see Times of India editorial critical of the separatist movement. To our greatest satisfaction, the editorial had some of our lines of argument:

4) Here is a link to the article I wrote which was published in Tribune. You will need to scroll down the page to find it:

5) Here is a link to the article that Dr. Parakala Prabhakar wrote for Tribune, again please scroll down:

6) Andhra Prabha carried a detailed story on Visalandhra Mahasabha in its op-ed page on July 13th 2011. I am unable to find an Internet link, but you can find it in the printed edition.

7) Here is the article that was published in Governance Now, which I sent you in the past:

'8) Lastly and most importantly, Chaitanya compiled the extensive coverage that the event got in the media. The following pdf has all the details:

In conclusion, I am proud to be surrounded by an extraordinary group of brave, driven, and thoughtful individuals. Our accomplishment in Delhi speaks for itself. Visalandhra Mahasabha will be relentless in its efforts to keep our state united.

Save Andhra Pradesh!

Nalamotu Chakravarthy

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50 Responses to “Proud of our Team”

  1. Prabhakara Rao says:

    Chakaravarty gaaru,
    congratulations for exposing separatists at national level. Change of TOI tone is real big thing. Earlier it was almost sided with separatists and went on advising division.
    Dr. Prabhakar rightly said (in TV9 interview) that many lakhs inside in Telangana desire unity. 
    It is high time more and more of these people come out and campaign for unity.

  2. Sunil says:

    Thanks for sharing the links. Its high time we stay united and defeat these T goons.

  3. Kiran B Mandava says:

    Dear Mr Nalamotu,
    According to me the treatment to Telangana issue lies some where else. Why I am writing this to you? Because you can carry the word to the next level. Please bear with me and read this. 
    The Hindu Business Line' reports in its 11 July edition that Hinduja Foundries Limited has cancelled its proposal to set up a greenfield castings factory in Toopran in Medak district, because of the 'Telangana problem'. Instead of a new plant at Toopran, the company is planning to expand the existing factory at Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu.Hinduja Foundries had chosen Toopran because of its proximity, as compared to Sriperumbudur, to the automotive manufacturing belt of Pune and to Gurgaon, Haryana. The new plant was estimated to cost Rs. 550 crores, and would have created at least 100-150 direct, well-paying jobs, and hundreds of indirect jobs.
    Now, that is not going to happen. Instead, Hyderabad and Telangana will need to continue to indulge in circular trading of real-estate to generate phony economic activity.Industry does not like uncertainty, because it adds to the cost of setting up and running a manufacturing unit like Hinduja Foundries' proposed unit. And the reason the listed company is staying put in Sriperumbudur is that it is a "very industry-friendly state", the newspaper quoted B Swaminathan, Hinduja Foundries' managing director, as saying, as opposed to Andhra Pradesh from where manufacturing has almost disappeared in the past 15 years.The demand for Telangana will only push back the region, including Hyderabad, to the bottom of the list of preferred investment decision for manufacturing companies. And the leaders of Andhra Pradesh, and the Telangana partisans, need to explain to the people why no manufacturing unit is willing to invest in the State, though I have an idea that half, if not most of the political class, has no idea what manufacturing jobs mean for the local economy, or, even if they somehow do, they don't care, consumed as they are toward their own personal agendas. Back-of-the-envelope estimates show that for every manufacturing job created, at least 10-12 indirect jobs are created in the support-services, like transportation, eateries and so on, which together bring dynamism to the local economy. The government also gains by way of an expanding tax base, so it is generally a win-win situation for the economy around a manufacturing unit.If Hinduja Foundries' decision is any indication, then Telangana's, and indeed Hyderabad's, future prospects as a manufacturing destination indeed looks gloomy, because beyond a point you cannot expect economic growth by circulating money through shady land transactions.
    You know better what manufacturing jobs can do the economy and to the community. China is a classic example. The manufacturing jobs which gone from USA to China today made China the 2nd largest economy in the world and is knocking on the doors to become the number 1. Coming to our state the same old story is repeating again. When in the mid 60’s the naxalite movement was picking up fast in west Bengal a lot industrialists were looking for an exit from there. Because of the location, cosmopolitan culture and knowledge of Hindi language among the citizens Hyderabad was their first choice. Even Vizag has edge over Hyderabad because of a well developed sea port still those industrialists opted for Hyderabad. Hyderabad achieved the status of 5th largest metro in the country a long time ago. Things were shaping up and a lot of industrialists met the then CM of AP late Kasu Brahmananda Reddy who promised them all the support regarding infrastructure etc., Then came the  Supreme Court judgment  debarring Dr Marri Chenna Reddy from contesting any type of elections for 6 years because of his irregularities committed in 1962 Loksabha elections. He was out of power and has got nothing to do for 6 years. Then suddenly Telangana become backward, suppressed, destroyed by Andhra people etc., and what not. He started agitation for a separate state of Telangana. The first word came out his mouth was Andhra Go Back.  MCR was successful in poising the minds of Telangana people by convincing that if Andhra people are driven out of telangana all the jobs, lands and their properties can be theirs. The telangana people trusted his words as gospel truth. There is reason also for they believing him.  At the time of partition of India a lot Muslims from Hyderabad state migrated to Pakistan leaving their properties behind just like that. The telangana people occupied those properties free and illegally. Though an Administrator was appointed by the Government of India to manage those properties under the Administration of Evacuee Property Act nothing happened. Telangana people then believed and still believe that such thing can happen now. This is the weak point of Telangana people touched by MCR then in 1969 and now by KCR also. That’s exactly the reason the slogan Telanganawale Jaago Andhrawale Bhago was coined by KCR.  Who is going to educate the people of Telangana that such thing can never happen in the democratic country. Since Telangana people were under feudal Nizam rule for centuries can never understand how rule of law works in a democracy. The most funny thing is that even highly educated people like professors, lawyers, doctors believe in this philosophy. Because of the first telangana agitation Bangalore city and Karnataka benefitted. All the industries which were supposed to come to Hyderabad went Bangalore city. The single agitation made Bangalore to overtake Hyderabad and snatched the position of 5th largest metro. It took 40 years and relentless efforts by Chief Ministers like PV Narasimha Rao, Jalagam Vengala Rao, NTR, and Chandra Babu Naidu and even to some extent Chenna Reddy to put the Hyderabad economy back on track. At the peak of its’ growth Hyderabad city and Telangana got another setback in the shape of same old telangana agitation and all over again started by another political un-employee called KCR who enjoyed power for 20 long years. After amassing a massive amounts of wealth suddenly when he lost power it struck his mind that telangana region looted, suppressed and what not by Andhra rulers. He conveniently made the people to ignore that even there were 5 Chief Ministers from telangana ruled the AP. Even people also ignored it. Reason if Andhra people are driven out of Telangana once state is formed they can enjoy those lakhs of acres of cultivated land owned by Andhra farmers, real estate in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad the way they enjoyed at the time of partition of India in 1947. Unless the people of Telangana understand that we are living in a democratic country and division of state can be done only by way a democratic process like a resolution of assembly of that state means AP Assembly. Even if state is divided it is only administrative purposes and rest of the things will be the same. Every body is a citizen of India and has got a constitutional right to live and work for gain any where in the country including Telangana state. This is law whether it is Ghulam Nabi Azad says, I say or you say. We need to educate the people of Telangana on this point. But who has to bell the cat?
    Thanks and Regards,
    Kiran Babu

    • sameer says:

      Too late to bell the Cat buddy, The damage has alread been done. Now only re-surrection has to happen.
      Even if you setup an industry here, There is no guarantee that Telanganites will aloow outsiders to work in those factories.
      You have given the example of china, china and japan are disciplined countries. In those countries, You will never find people complaining about govt policices because they realise that it is THE PEOPLES FAILURE and Not of any govt. Even in India, Especially Andhra Pradesh (Including Telangana) People want free Current,Free Job,Free education and Jokers like Telanganites want separate state etc. What these loosers fail to understand is that in the name of free and Separate State ,,, Leaders like KCR & Party are lighting fire at their(The peoples) Bottom. They are giving everything in the name of free and exchanging it with dignity of the people.
      People with Zero Acumen and Competitive Spirit will want telangana. Even if a separate Telangana Forms, it will be like a Bihar or Arunachal Pradesh, At that time these Loosers will ask for a separate Country Status as they not treated fairly by people from other states :P

  4. Reddy says:

    Mr Chakravarthy,
    Looks like KPS Gill and Kavuri shot themselves in the foot.
    Quoting KPS Gill "He said that the demand for separate states have risen due to unfair and unjust attitude towards the regions by the state governments on the development front"
    So does that mean that Telangana state demand rose out of Unfair and Unjust attitude of the AP gov't ?Then Telangana demand must be justified?
    Quoting Kavuri 
    "He added that the agitations for separate statehood had cropped up in various parts of the country mainly due to lack of development in their respective regions".
    So Telangana state demand propped up due to Lack of Development, hence it is justified right?
    Again, I don't see any Telangana Intellectual in the workshop.
    Sanjaya Baru wrote in one of his article that his parents migrated from the  "other side of the region", so he wont' be considered a Telanganite by the common man.
    Who are the Telanganites supporting United AP, apart from "settlers" living in Telangana?

    • sameer says:

      Settlers did more good to telangana than the natives who were  mere "ANGOOTHA CHAAP" people. Even i know people of telangana settled in andhra. So shall we throw them out ??.

    • satya says:

      Ok Reddy. As Gill explained, do u want to separate the underdeveloped regions of telangana a separate state leaving hyderad and ranga reddy apart? seems.. ur leaders are not interested in a poor and undeveloped T. :)

  5. Udyama Telangana says:

    Kiran Babu,
    Even though your write up is all BS, I would appreciate certain points in it. By comparing the fled Muslims to  the Andhra's who would run away tomorrow, you have done justice to your pen. The Muslims who fled to Pakistan never had love towards India, Mostly were Razakars and they were the ultimate lloters of innocent Telangana Masses. As such they should flee from the wrath of educated masses. If you are referring to such Andhrites similar to Razakars then be it.
    The jungle raj wherein a Powerful animal kills the innocent weak-in Strength Animal is not called as Democracy you are referring to. Please read the happenings of  Fizi at your leisure and try to understand that as long as the locals are not affected by the  migrants crooked ways of grabbing the fair share of others, Normacy would have been maintained. Common Language alone cannot be a binding factor, instead should be looking upon various other factors that Samaikyavaadis like you fail to understand as your belly is full.
    "Who shoudl bell the Cat?" This Bothers me even. Who should wake you up as you pretend to be asleep?

    • sameer says:

      It seems you do a lot of drugs.  Kiran meant that Your Meaningless agitation has pushed industrial prospects backwards.
      Even if a telangana state forms, What will you do? Wash the buffalos of KCR or will you accuse a Higher caste person for doing injustice to you ????? You will work in a private factory itself or if you are an SC/ST you may get a govt job by giving suitcase to the recruitment authority. 
      If there is No reason for Keeping the state united, There is no Concrete Reason for Splitting it either.
      Please dont cry that You didnt get water,electricity etc. The Govt data has proved you wrong.
      Accept the Fact that A jobless Politician by the name of KCR and 2 Jobless Professors Kodandaram and Jaishankar made a proper fool out of you and they have used your shoulder  to fire the gun.

    • satya says:

      So UT, finally u confessed ur intentions behind the movement. Like if u get succeded and andhras leave this place, you want to occupy the houses and properties illegally like how u did earlier as kiran explained. But Pity you dude, your dreams could never come true.

      your BS stories are thrown into trash cans by all committees. So, stop uttering the nonse of fair share etc..

  6. sameer says:

    Quite easy to provoke Telangana people,
    1.) Just Speak some crap on Self-Rule(God knows which HITLER is ruling them).
    2.) Say that we dont have jobs(50% of telugu software youth is from telangana).
    3.) We dont have water(Biggest Lie in the world).
    Even the whole India was mourning The bombay blasts, These people were laughing and dancing like Circus Jokers in Indira park. I have never seen such selfish people in my life. Now it is quite clear why Nizam used to rule these people with IRon hand.
    Even if a telangana state is formed,, these people will fight among themselves, give shelter to naxalites and terrostists and ruin the country.

  7. Udyama Telangana says:

    The Messaiah's of Samaikyavaadam are fighting a Drama on the Streets for supremacy:

  8. Udyama Telangana says:

    Whom do you support or which Bufoon do you choose among these?

    • sameer says:

      You are reffering to a  TV channel which is a mouth piece of a Waste Fellow like Jagan.

      • sameer says:

        Even i am not a fan of Seemaandhra netas. I have my own political views.

      • satya says:

        Sameer, If UT is writing something irrelevant to Samaikhyandhra or telangana, dont entertain. This is my request to all other bloggers too.

        • Udyama Telangana says:

          But you keep writing all the stuff  irrelevant to Samikyanadhra or telengana and let everyone entertain you.

          • satya says:

            UT, you become like a comedian in telugu movies who comes every now and then and plays his role, whose presence has nothing to do with story.. Like how venu madhav comes in Pokiri having a bowl in his hand and begs.. But dude, its boring and not funny.

            • Udyama Telangana says:

              Good relevance  established by you towards Samaikyavaadam and Telangana.
              Great Going Satya……………………..

              • satya says:

                yeah UT. Do u remember the list of the assets owned by Ali (as a beggar)? In another scene, Brahmi orders tea but Ali orders for a Boost. May be I established correct relevance. Since you like youtube videos, I think a video explanation can give you a better relavance on similar lines.

  9. Chandra says:


    Its unfortunate that the brainwashed separatists are unable to understand what  integrationists or KPS Gill are saying even now.  None of us are denying the fact that Telangana has underdeveloped regions. Negligent regions.  Mehboobnagar  is classic case.  BRGF funds also goes to these districts. At the same time we deny that Telangana as a whole is an underdeveloped region. NO. Infact a big NO.

    So to develop these underdeveloped districts we dont have to get seprated. Thats what KPS Gill or others are saying. Such negligent regions are there everywhere in India. That does not mean that other districts are being given preference by govt.  There is a significant variation of GDDP between mehboobnagar and karimanar or khammam. That does not mean that karimanagar or khammam is being given preference by AP or looting the mehboobnagar. You can not say Rangareddy dist is looting Adilabad.

    First separatists have to stop  proudly saying that we are from under-devloped region. Stop it first. We are not underdeveloped….we are well developed like any other districts, but we have some issues which definitely needs attention.

    For your second point about Integrationists in Telangana, do you think separatists are dare enough to go and attack KPS Gill house. They know what the consequences will be. But they can comfortably do with parakala prabhakar house. How do you think integrationists can speak  in such scenario.

    Integrationists do not have a well established attacking force like TRS. SO their voice is not being heard loudly. But can never be like that forever.


  10. satya says:

    Chakravarthy garu, I request you to consider writing a post on the wicked role played by educationists in separate telangana movement…  ppl like Prof. Madabhushi Sridhar and others have mastered the art of misleading telangana youth and educated society by spinning the regional feelings with ill informed facts and unlawful support to the agitators in their writings

    • Chandra says:

      You may be right to some extent, but I feel at ground there should be an impact. Chakravarthy garu did far more than any other passionate person would do. This is a very simple problem  and none in India who have the power to do is able to solve this. This again shows how incompetent India is (Indians).  In every country such trouble makers will be there. We have and had these people who are sympathizers of maoism and brainwashing techniques for a long time. In 80's and 90's in OU and KU capmpuses there used to be frequent raids by police on hostels to seize such emotional and falsified literature.

      Now same brainwashing techniques are being implemeted by same people openly on all TV channnels and news papers daily! forget about literature. None of the media folks are realizing that they are being brainwashed!. Entire state is being brainwashed. That is why police in those days used to seize such literature and control people like madibushi. Because, Once brainwashed it will be very difficult to bring them back to balanced thinking.


  11. Udyama Telangana says:

    At last you are advising Mr. Nalamotu to spit on the SKY.

    • satya says:

      No dude.. I am advising to give the rabies medicine to the retards. I think Prof. Kodandaram should be given at least 10 doses of the same. Today he is asking bonala should be made as national festival. Tomorrow he may demand michelle obama and queen victoria to learn batukamma.

      • Udyama Telangana says:

        @ Satya,  You speak of Rabies vaccine. LOL Say, All is Well! All is Well and surely you would find peace of mind as seen in 3 idiots. Else you need to visit Erragadda.

  12. Kiran says:

    Bullshit! you are way too confident about the ability of likes of you to mislead telangana masses. They resisted maoist literature which had far more ring of truth as it was based on real and brutal repression of t doras against t masses and  you think they will suck up to your cuckoo telangana literature unconditionally? they are quiet smart now and playing their own game to make their own money in this messy situation.
    I think we have to some part of the blame for not being aggressive enough in presenting some united view agressively in front of media much earlier. Ofcourse we thought it is political crap and people will simply wriggle out of of it. But thanks to political games by everyone including Delhi it has become difficult for many players in t region to find a face saving exit of the mess they are desperate to get rid off.
    As intellectual what we need to do is  to market out viewpoints more aggressivley and deliver some catch phrases which can act as crutches for people in t region who are wriggling to get out this dunghill called separate telangana. Workshop in delhi was brilliant stuff in this process and I wish more success to Mr Nalimotu Chakravarthy on this.

  13. Udyama Telangana says:

    Good Luck Bud. Soon  exploring new areas to stage Nalamotus exhibitions should begin.
    By the way Its not "Nalimotu", its "Nalamotu". I think this is the second time you addressed this way by mistake. I too make such spelling mistakes at times.

  14. Kiran says:

    If you have nothing useful to say my advise is you better remain quiet – in your own interest.

  15. Sudheer says:

    Mr. Chakravarti, an important part of your post is the different lines adopted by the various speakers.
    Kuldeep Nayyar opposes all divisions including that of Bangaladesh from Pakistan and Haryana from Punjab. In an open debate (which it was obviously not), one would ask him if he supported the division of Madras on linguistic grounds.
    Linguistic states does not appear to fascinate Nayyar the sway it does Baru. Gill's stand is based on state size, not language.
    Did Yechury & Sanjeeva Reddy turn up as advertised? I can only see prominent reports on Kavuri's speech though he is not on the original list.
    Overall, an excellent advertisement for Dr. Prabhakar (former Congress, former BJP & former PRP leader), an "unemployed politician" if there ever was one. Unfortunately well meaning people like yourself fell into his trap.

    • satya says:

      >> In an open debate (which it was obviously not), one would ask him if he supported the division of Madras on linguistic grounds.
      Sorry. This reminds me of an earlier person who is interested in pidakala veta..

      Sudheer, why do u worry about the different lines? The common point they all are against to formation of telangana and their views are from different perspectives. whether andhra should be with madras or aurangabad, bastar should be part of hyderabad state or travancore and kerala should be separated is sheer irrelevant in this time frame.

  16. Prabhakara Rao says:

    your, and so the separatists, frustration seems to deepen day-by-day. 
    There are many worlds (read websites) to enjoy in your illusions. 
    Why loose your temper here and expose anti-social, anti-democratic approach of your movement?
    Yesterday a friend of mine made a good point. He compared behavior of T media and TRS to that of cult group in movie 'anukokunda oka roju'.  

  17. Udyama Telangana says:

    Prabhakara Rao,
    I can't understand you. What made you think that I am frustrated? If Frustrated, I would have never come back to see all this Bakwaas of persons like you.
    I can see how a supporter of  A - Exploiters can have two tounges by  calling my advice to Satya to visit Erragadda as  anti- democratic, anti-Social whereas mr.Satyas advice to give rabies medicine to the likes of Prof. kodandram, Prof madabushi Sridhar as Most democratic, Most intellect thought. .
    By  the way can you please furnish me the list of Media that you firmly beleive  to be most reliable. I would like to concentrate little bit more on that.

    • satya says:

      oh.. Udyama, You typical of a separatist in twisting the things. My initial comment asking Chakravarthy garu to write a post on how they are misleading T youth is in a perfect democratic way., and your reply is in provocative manner and you got the answer on a matching wavelength. Now you are alleging as if we instigated it first.

      >> By the way can you please furnish me the list of Media that you firmly beleive to be most reliable.,

      and You have enough concentration on that.

      • Udyama Telangana says:

        You need to visit Eye specialist too! You could see "You Tube"  but failed to realise that all news channel Videos are shared on  You tube ( Open your eyes wide and then you would know that Youtube is  just  used for  Video – Sharing ). 
        Before advising others on the Forum to refrain themselves from  replying back to me, Better you practise first. Anyways, I am least bothered to answer your filthy stuff.

  18. Prabhakara Rao says:

    no surprise that you lost thinking in absolute sense and  know only comparing with SA for everything.
    raajugaari pedda pellaam manchidi ante chinna pellam cheddadi ani kaadu.
    Think of converse also.
    I am talking about madness of T media and TRS. If you believe nothing wrong with them, you can say the same. Asking who is reliable is sheer escapism.
    Better you ask fellow Telanganites which is a reliable media.
    It is more than 18 months but so-called SA media could not be stopped reaching Telangana homes. 
    Unlike being forced to stay together in united state, Telangana people have choice to do away with SA media. But it did not happen.
    The dedicated T media also could not do away with most hated SA industry, Tollywood. In fact making money on it.

  19. Udyama Telangana says:

    I do not beleive in Ranking media in terms of their TRP Ratings. if You see  Youtube links that I posted, they are links of Clippings shown on TV channels other than T-News Or other words they are Videos shown on Andhra / AP Media (Whichever way you would like to call).
    Either you could agree or disagree with the clippings. Instead I see couple of guys raising useless comments which in a way would irritate the rest.
    Well, Just for  a change here is a youtube link of videos belonging to T-News :
    Again if I am an escapist, I would have not come back to this Site.
    …… Telangana Vacche Daaka Teginchi kotladudee………………….
    Udyama Telangana

  20. Common Man says:

    …… Telangana Vacche Daaka Teginchi kotladudee………………….
    Go for it without Hyd and RR or else keep your bloody mouth shut Mr.UT(so called)

  21. Super Man says:

    क्यों  भाई   जान ,
    हैदराबाद  और  रंगा रेड्डी जिले  अन्ध्रोंका   बाप  का  जागीर  है  क्या ? अगर  रहना  है  हैदराबाद  में  रहो  मु  बांध  करके  वर्ना  फूटो  जल्दी  यहें  से .
    हैदराबाद  के  तुम  हो  सकते  हो  मगर  मुरख  हैदराबाद  तुमारा  कैसा  होगा   जरा  सोच ?

  22. sera says:

    Hello Superman,
    Bhai Jaan,
    Aap samajhte ki Hyderabad Telangana ki baap ka jagir hai kya?
    Band karo ye Bakwas.
    Hum hai Hyderabad me pura 200 saal se pehle se. To bas karo aur aap bhi samjho ki aap Hyderabad ke ho sakte ho par Hyderabad na Andhra ki hai na Telangana ki. 
    Hyderabad hai to Hyderabadi yo ka.

  23. Prabhakara Rao says:

    actually I am wrong saying you are escapist. Instead you try to be spin doctor.
    Unfortunately you do it very bad.
    What you posted, what I posted, what is there in youtube or mytube is most irrelevant.
    All that I wanted to say was T media and TRS are mad and spreading news as if Telangana formed already. 
    If you do not believe in something there is no point talking about it. I am talking about T media. Have something to say, say. Otherwise leave it. We are not debating TRP ratings media owner ship blah blah.
    A few logical points but rather harsh 
    Starting with Sammakka-saaralamma fight against Kakatiyaas till 1969 movement many agitations, rebellion, mutinies all have demonstrated valor but sadly they never won.
    (This is for Super Man)
    True, Hyderabad belongs to Telangana. But the reality is also that Telenaganas never ruled from Hyderabad. Even if you manage to push out SAs, (I feel sorry to say) it will be somebody else ruling from Hyderabad.

  24. Udyama Telangana says:

    It is said that out of the 10 who come to Hyderabad, 12 stay on. That character of the city, built over centuries, will remain.”
    — Narendra Luther Ex-civil servant and historian
    “Brand Hyderabad won’t get devalued. The political leadership is more mature than in ’69 when 370 lives were lost.”
    — Y. Harish Chandra Prasad Chairman, CII-AP
    “Andhraites who came here and invested needn’t worry, only politicians who speculated on land will be affected.”
    — A. Raghava Rao Director, Abin Advertising
    “Hyderabad was open to outsiders even during the Qutb Shahi and Kakatiya dynasties. That character won’t change.”
    — Zaheeruddin Ali Khan Managing editor, Siasat
    Nobody’s asking anybody to leave. Outsiders have always come here as Hyderabad has a nice climate and infrastructure.”
    — D. Amar Chairman, Press Academy
    “Telangana has come of age and Telanganaites want to rule themselves. There is no point dragging the issue.”
    — Gita Ramaswamy Publisher, Hyderabad Book Trust

    • Andhra says:

      Andhrawale Bhagoo – KCR ,MP
      Telanganaki adduste addanga narikestam – Vijay shanti ,MP
      Hyderabad gurinchi matladite naluka kosta – KCR MP , R Damodar reddy MLA
      Mee aasthulu maa daggara vunnai , nasthapoyade meere – Harish Rao ,MLA
      Andhras have to live similar to  H1B visa holders in US in TG state – KTR ,MLA

  25. Prabhakara Rao says:

    who are these Luther, Amar, Ali Khan? Came from Mars or Sun?
    we heard a lot of them raising bogey of dopidi time and again.
    Their assurances make no sense. Neither they are authorities nor they ever denounced call for violence by KCR family and TRS.

  26. Neutral says:

    There is a conflict. There are allegations of exploitation. Without proving or disproving the allegations, if the conflict is sought to be resolved, the allegations will become FACTS by default. Then based on those FACTS, who can protect the 'exploiters' from getting lynched and why will they protect?
    So, let us first of all see if the allegations are true or false…then only consultations will be meaningful.

  27. avinash says:

    I have a basic question to Nalamotu Chakravarthy garu. You say you were born in a small village of Nalgonda district. You know how the people of your district are suffering from severe flouride problem which is still not solved inspite of 50+ years of Independence. What has VishalAndhra done to resolve this issue and what you have done to highlight this problem. I suggest Instead of wasting your energies on Vishal Andhra movement, first try to do something for this…..

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