Our Case for a United State

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Many of you have asked for a digital copy of the exhibition and presentation we have been doing around the State. So far, the exhibition was conducted in Delhi (in English language), Hyderabad, Vijayawada, and Tirupati.

Since the file is large, I have split it up into four pieces. I hope you will find it informative.







Nalamotu Chakravarthy

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  1. YSR says:

    Part 4 is link is redirecting back to Part 3, please fix it.
    Presentation is good. Please keep up the efforts towards the united cause.
    Mr.Chakravarthy, I always wanted to ask you this. Why can't AP state have more number of districts as much as 40. Wouldn't that result into more number of IAS & IPS Officers and more district offices resulting in more reach of the government to the people or will it be a burden to the people with a bulk government??
    All the neighbouring states of Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka seems to have more number of districts per population or per total area. AP seems to be lacking in this. Also AP seems to be very poor in literacy rates according to 2011 census reports. We are just above Bihar in the very bottom, despite all the big ranks in IIT and IAS ranks etc.. Why is this wide gap??
    Please post your responses….

  2. Chakravarthy says:

    @YSR: Fourth link has been fixed now. Thank you for pointing out.

    I don't have anything against more districts. I am for decentralization of power, starting from central government on and down. However, I would never create more districts so that we have more IAS & IPS officers. Creating more government jobs is detrimental to the economy. We should seek ways to allow productive jobs to flourish, in other words private sector. Government sector eats what private sector produces.

    I haven't studied 2011 census yet, so don't have an opinion on low literacy rates. As far as IIT and IAS ranks go, (in my view) it has to do with our business of education aka our training institutions.

    Tune into my online radio show for my views on current affairs. I am on every Thursday from 8:30 PM IST for at least two hours. Go to http://www.tharangamedia.com.

  3. Jai Gottimukkala says:

    @Chakravarthy: A couple of irrigation related questions please.
    1. I heard about a World Bank project in Tamilnadu for restoration/conservation of storage tanks. Do you have any info on this please? Given that the tanks in Telangana are in an equally bad shape, would it not make sense for a similar program here?
    2. The most important crop in Andhra is paddy, a water intensive wet crop. Paddy cultivation as well as rice consumption is on a rise in Telangana too. Should we not encourage dry crops instead? By changing food habits (e.g. eat more jowar), we can not only conserve water but also improve general health levels.
    I realize the questions may not be directly relevant to your activism. I am asking your opinion as a think tank on general policy rather than a pro-AP status quo activist.

    • Chakravarthy says:

      1) Not just tanks in "Telangana" are in bad shape. In fact Rayalaseema in a far worse state when it comes to tank irrigation. Irrespective of regions, my belief as to why tanks failed is primarily due to two reasons a) govts are not too keen on tank irrigation projects as they cost very little and hence no kickbacks. Something like Polavaram, NS, Pranahita that cost thousands of crores have enough overhead to pay off everyone in the chain of execution. In my view, we should abandon all large scale projects as ROI is highly questionable. Spending a fraction of that budget on tanks restoration and improvement will supply water to lakhs of acres of land, improve ground water, will not displace people and deny them their hereditary properties, last but not least- tanks are eco-friendly.
      2) Yes, I've heard this argument. A good bit of paddy in Nizam is grown under canals. For example those under Sriramsagar and Nagarjunsagar left canal. I've also seen small patches of land where non-canal farmers grow paddy- this is mostly for their own consumption. It costs the farmer about half when they produce their own rice than buy in the market. Farmers go for a crop that is beneficial to them. If dry crops are more profitable they would've gone for it. In fact, in Nalgonda where I come from majority farmers used to grow castor. In a span of 10 years, they've all shifted to cotton. If Jowar is better than rice, sure why not encourage it. I am for educating farmers and am against more government programs in the name of farmer welfare.

    • A MAHENDRA says:

      @ Jai,
      My appreciation to you for raising the issue related to optimum utilization (alternative methods for the conservation) of water in farming sector.  I think Tamilnadu is doing right thing by restoring tanks for water preservation. Restoration of water tanks will definitely yield good results to the farmers of Telengana region. It is a need of hour. It is better to spend monies on restoration of water tanks rather spending lot of revenue in Big & Medium irrigation projects, which are not environment friendly in long run. 
      I think, it will be difficult to change the food habits of people by making laws. Depending on ground realties, people changes the food habits in a slow and study manner by their own.
      What we need is a dynamic & visionary leader who can genuinely fight for the cause of common people unfortunately, we are lacking the same and present leaders are exploiting our own people.

  4. Jai Gottimukkala says:

    "AP seems to be very poor in literacy rates according to 2011 census reports. We are just above Bihar in the very bottom, despite all the big ranks in IIT and IAS ranks etc.."
    There has been a great degree of focus on college education since the mid 80's. This is not matched by commensurate investment in primary education. The policy makers in effect took the easy way out by sanctioning hundreds of "professional" colleges without taking the trouble of establishing a good elentary base.
    In paralell (or perhaps as a corollary to the above), there has been an excessive focus on services, especially white collar desk jobs that do not require comunication skills or customer interaction.
    Together this resulted in creating a "creamy layer" aspirational class divorced from reality. This divide is a contributing factor (though not the dominant one) to the present schism.

  5. Reddy says:

    You have a point. Several viewers suggested in this forum that Telangana may not be conducive for agriculture especially paddy. Hence instead of crying foul over not getting water for agri purposes, efforts should be made to strengthen the vibrant Industrial corridor that already exists in T region.
    Paddy cultivation rise in Telangana can be attributed to NTR's Rs2 Kg rice policy, I think SKC dealt exclusively on this topic. Rice farmers were getting the MSP from the gov't making it a lucrative crop, Telangana farmers followed suit with disastrous results ecologically.
    You have several pertinent points, please follow up these issues with your local MLA/MP's when they are not  busy with hunger strikes, rasta rokos, distributing liquor for bye elections , running around their party leaders pleading for posts.

  6. Jai Gottimukkala says:

    @Chakravarthy, @Mahendra:
    My point is (broadly) outside of politics. I am not advocating Govt. legislate our food habits. This is not only undesirable but will end up as a disaster.
    I share Chakravarthy's skepticism for big Govt. I also believe politicians (of all hues) are a part of the problem.
    What could work is a sustained campaign to popularize foods like jowar & peanuts. This can be taken up by activist groups including environmentalists & healthcare advocates. After (and only after) the campaign makes some headway, we can start pressurizing Govt. to help this effort through positive measures (e.g. reduced water charges for jowar farms).
    Regarding large projects, they are not only an environmental risk & financial uncertainty but also create an uneven level field. The water charges are miniscule compared to the production cost incurred by farms using ground water. As the latter group is already at a disadvantage, it does not make sense to subsidize the well-off farmers.

  7. globalvillage says:

    welcome to our club  'Development First and let everything else rest'. Backwardness is everywhere and not confined to our region. Lets show our strong regional bias towards our region to fight for our region to be self sufficient by producing our own:
    1.clothes(not to depend on chennai and mumbai) – Can create jobs for over 100000-Remember whole bangladesh surivies on cotton and textiles. Our Region produces over 60% of India cotton requirements. But buys back fabric from other states by paying 100 times more than. See how our money is drained into others coffers.  
    2. Automobiles: Atleast one car manucaturing and two motor cycle plants : can can create over 100000 jobs directly and indirectly. It is shame on us our state that has 12% market share of automobiles can not produce its own Cycle leave alone motor cycle.
    3. Unitedly agaisnt babli and alamatti.  Fight for share of our state first from Krishna and Godavari waters. I have no objection even if later whole share is used by Telangana.
    4. Let us refrain from eating North indian/Punjabi food and discourage Northfood(the way telangana agitators camapign against Andhra food and called for a restraint on andhra canteens) and estabish telangana eateries that can offer hot  hot jonna rotte, pachi pulusu etc., across telenagana and on Highways instead of Dhabhas .
    5. Train nurses – over 60000 nurses from kerala work in AP. These jobs can be transferred to our own sisters
    6. For a moment, let ur MLAs stop crying telangana vadam and focus on championing for investments in his constituency not less than 20000 crores. This can bring in 20000 additinal jobs(Estimates say every 1000 cores can bring in 1000 jobs).
    6. Set up our own supers markets and discourage thes Tamil chains like 'more' or 'Chennai shopping mall or 'food world'or mawarri chains liks Bigbazzar or relianace or spences. similar to the way Telangana agitators attack chandana or bommana.
    7.Let us fight for telugu identity at national level as south identity is always dominated by Tamil in natinal media,movies, parliament and all the where. It should similar to how Telangana warriors are fighting for their identity with in Andhra. The identity crisis for telugus at national level is much more than Telanganites in Anhdra Pradesh.
    8. Ban all Dubbed movies, serials or non telugu artists or advertimsent and modelling It can earn 3000 crores to our telugu/telangana brotherin and bring in thousands of jobs for our telangana brotherin that are currently ruled by tamils
    9.Discourage all marwari shops in our colonies and replace them with shops owned by telugus only(similar to what telangana agitators want inform of crying foul against andhra people doing small time business.
    10. More importantnly Ban Liquor from Andhra Pradesh and substituate this revenue(Rs.12000 crores) from Brahmini steels alone
    11.Discourage those immigrants from UP/MP/Nepal who have occupied over 80% of the jobs in Hospitalaity industry  who adulterating our telananga culture by promoting their dishes and langauge in hotels and shoping malls.
    12. Bring back legacy of our region that existed in 14th centure before it got adulterated by persian invaders. the legacy of Rudrama devi and Rayalu. The slang and language that existed in those days. Take pride in that culture that is authentically Telangana . Let us shred the hang over of this adultered cutlure and languauge brought in by Bahamanis and qutub shahis who raped and battered our clutural roots.
    13. Fight for fair share of our region in all central goverment jobs and IT jobs. There is a suspicion that Tamils and Bengalies get undue share in these jobs. These are much more than jobs lost under GO610. Why are we just fighting over 610 while we are our share every where in national avenue. Bihari agression in Railway jobs lately is a universal fact.
    14. Let us fight for our share in Railways from central government. Bengalies, Biharies and tamils always take lion's share. Let our Telanga vaadis release a document on growth in SCR vis a vis growth in Southern railways or other zones.I have seen literrally every Mandal of TN has got railway connection and electrified railtracks and computerized booking.
    Jai Tel(un)gana

  8. globalvillage says:

    Dear Jai,
    Let the seperatists stop the agitations for a moment and start thinking more enterprisingly. I agree that we should certainly fight for fair share of water resources between regions in a state and more importantly between states in a country(stop K and MH agression on Almatti and Babli). However while continuing our fight for water, let these telangana agitators learn from Israel who can grow and also export from desert lands. Basically Indian farmer is looking at deluge of water for his farms. While it is impossible with limited availability of water, our so called telangana vadis should focus on training the farmers on crop choices, drip irrigation and fertigation etc., Vast lands of Telangana can be brought into the sphere of corporate cultivation where all farmers can become shareholders (somewhere close akin to punjab)  where end to end agribased industries can flourish. Imagine the fate of Chittor where farmers throw tons of Tomotoes every year on Roads which could alternatively processed for tomoto puree.
    we should  pull our socks rather than crying foul and ignore people like  Gaddar who always pamper people in their songs  that hardship in thier lives is because of others. These so called lyricists and singers fail educate people to work hard and avoid addictions, rather they always find fault with some sections in society for their poverty.

  9. Neutral says:

    globalvillage, in his (assuming it is male) enthusiasm, is trying to substitute T goondaism with AP/Telugu goondaism!! "Start your own supermarkets in the place of MORE and Chennai Shopping Malls"??
    Who is stopping us now?
      "similar to the way Telangana agitators attack chandana or bommana."?
    Then what would be the difference from T fascism and Telugu fascism?
    Ban dubbed movies? Like the T goons 'banned' telugu movies until the leaderamma was paid?
    A linguistic or regional group or race cannot achieve greatness by suppressing others. It'll make us another Bihar/UP.
    We can achieve greatness by being free – from goondaism, whatever the grounds they may show.
    We should have the sense to know that 'dying for a cause does not automatically validate the cause'

  10. guru says:

    Hi Chakravarthy,You should correct the 64_92 ppt's image which displays aspiring new states. Rayalaseema does not include Nellore. Your map shows Nellore in Rayalaseema. If regions divide in future they have to divide with the existing borders otherwise there will be cheap agitations again in future. If you want to make valid statements through your presentations, you should be correct first. Every politician wants the adjacent district that borders a district, if that happens, let India get divided on the basis of districts. I have seen the same image online. You cannot grab whatever you find online and add it to your research. There is so much wrong info online. Beware. Thank you

  11. guru says:

    Correct the aspiring states map. Nellore is not in Rayalaseema.

    • Chakravarthy says:

      There is a demand for greater Rayalaseema that includes Nellore. The map is only intended to send a message that there are many demands for a separate statehood.

      • guru says:

        Is the map that TRS is using for Telangana also intended for just sending a message for separate statehood. Did you know that the Telangana map has towns that should not be in Telangana.

      • guru says:

        "There is a demand…". And the demand for Nellore is by some politicians of Rayalaseema. Consensus is what matters but not Demand. And the consensus can be controlled by politicians as they have done in Telangana. Uttarandhra has demand more Consensus and more Demand than this. I am not talking about what is justifiable. According to me Samikhyandhra is justifiable. 

  12. guru says:

    If tomorrow somebody asks guntur in telangana is it right. Let the regional borders be what they were before.

  13. guru says:

    I think you got that map from online, there is so much nonsense online. You cannot add every idiots work to your research if you want to be true to your hardwork

  14. guru says:

    If one slide is not correct, then people will not believe your work

    • Chakravarthy says:

      We will try our best to maintain accuracy. If people don't want to believe because there is one mistake somewhere in 100 slides, god bless them. Those are not the kind of people we are after. We are going after a rational mind.

  15. guru says:

    you say it was prepared by a media friend of yours. I can show you the same map being used in Telangana websites and also else where.
    As you may think there is a demand for Nellore, there are so many demands. Where is Manyaseema in your map then. Rather than correcting you say 30 people have touched, I never expected this from a person like you. You know how many people are doing Telangana agitation. 4 crores of them. That does not make them right.

    • Chakravarthy says:

      What if the map is used in other websites? I have even seen the same map on TV. Please read my comment again: " The map is only intended to send a message that there are many demands for a separate statehood." It is not intended to be an accurate map of all the subjective demands across the country. It would be a criminal waste of our time to indulge in such a cartographical exercise.
      The problem I have is with the demanding tone of your comments. This is a voluntary effort and well intended people dedicate their time and effort to this. Many have even been beaten up.
      If you are disappointed, so be it. I am not here to please everyone and meet the whimsical demands.

      • guru says:

        The problem with my comment is not demanding. I think that is the way you are taking it. First of all I may be almost double your age. Second of all we must get rid of arrogance. Afterall truth matters my child, it is not how you take my comments. The problem with such maps is they strengthen a dirty demand if it becomes a everywhere thing. If you still do not understand, then it is up to you. Same way as you take my comments, I take your comments to be arrogant. But in our arrogance we lose the ground. What is the use. So if you think I must be polite, "I request you heartily to either remove the map or change it". Thank you

        • guru says:

          I think another reason for you to take my comments as demanding is your comment box which makes life horrible. Most of the times, I have to break my comments into pieces just as our state is divided.

          • guru says:

            Initially I must have typed my message to you 50 times before I became tierd and then I started typing one liners. The original message was written more like an article.

        • guru says:

          And every debate must not be considered a demanding talk. You have attended debates, Consider this a debate. I again advise you as I would to my own sons, let emotions of pride and shame not ruin you from thoughtful thinking.

        • guru says:

          AND THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER IS DO WE KNOW WHO MUST HAVE MADE THE MAP IN THE FIRST PLACE. How can one judge the intentions of the person who avoided the representation of Uttarandhra and Manyaseema or many other separatisms and address only Telangana (with places do not make Telangana) and Rayalaseema (with places that do not make Rayalaseema). I personally saw it first time only last year in a Telangana pdf which I can trace if you are interested.

          • guru says:

            Personally, I do not doubt that the map would have caused anger to other states if their internal separatisms were shown with mixup of something does not belong to someone. Look at the grand scale. One such map, let it be used for whatever purpose can create more maps with more mindlessness. Let our grandchildren deal with it. God Bless them.

        • guru says:

          Naaku mee comments arrogant anipinchanavasaramledhu kani whimsical demands and waste of time matuku alagey anipinchayi. kaani i am judging by the content of your comments and not by the way they sound to me. Meeru nenu arrogance anna padhanni vadinandhuku  thappu ga theesukokandi. adhi naaku varthisthundhi meeku varthisthundhi that is just an example. Adhi enduku cheputhunnanu antey meeku naa comments demanding ga kanabaduthunnayi antunnaru andhukey.  English lo politega rasthamu eppudu kudharadhu. idhi oka debate matramey. English lo peddavallani chinnavallani iddarini You aney antaru choosara, ala anna mata.

      • guru says:

        My dear Chakravarthy. You think my comment is a whimsical demand. I think what is shown in the map is a whimsical demand. You think it is a criminal wate of time, I think a minute that you will lose [not waste] is what is called the real research. And this minute can save your grandchildrens years of wastage in such brainless separatisms. alojinchandi oka peddhayana cheppedu anukuni.

        • guru says:

          Sorry for so many broken comments … rephrasing.. You think my comment is a whimsical demand. I think what is shown in the map is a whimsical demand to be addressed.

  16. guru says:

    where did uttarandhra go with the srikakulam, vizag and vizianagaram. where did manyaseema wih adilabad, karimnagar, khammam, west godavari go.

    • guru says:

      You are rational enough to understand that what I wrote about Uttarandhra and Manyaseema is not wrong and these two separatisms are equally worthy for representation in the map. I have tried to make my point. It is up to you how you take it. Don't judge the way a comment is written, judge the content. Then our state will be happy. God Bless the truthful

    • guru says:

      It is not the way a comment is written that matters. It is the content of a comment that matters.

      • guru says:

        Are not Uttarandhra and Manyaseema not big enough news than some of the other aspiring states represented on the map in the slide.

        • guru says:

          More than anything else we are trying to address our state's separatism movements, next in order is to take other states headache. Who cared about our state, Did Chidambaram care or did Congress and other national parties care anything. Most of us that make up India are mean that is why the state that we are in now. First, let us deal with separatism in our state and care about other states that do not care for us.

        • guru says:

          More than anything else we are trying to address our states separatism movements, next in order is to take other states headache. Who cared about our state, Did Chidambaram care or did Congress and other national parties care anything. Most of us that make up India are mean that is why the state that we are in now. First, let us deal with separatism in our state and care about other states that do not care for us.

          • guru says:

            JUST NOW I REALIZED IT IS THE APOSTROPHE THAT IS CAUSING ISSUES WITH YOUR COMMENT BOX. If there is no apostrophe in a message, then it can digest it,

  17. guru says:

    47,300 results for manyaseema
    143,000 for uttarandhra
    Out of these there are so many that are in websites which are considered worthy.

    • guru says:

      Frankly for me results do not matter but I am only showing these results in comparison to the Paritala Movement, ans especially in comparison to the many demands in other states which not many must have heard before.

  18. Chakravarthy says:




  19. guru says:

    Hi Chakravarthy,
    I sent you the map a week ago. I hope you have received it. Let me know otherwise. Thanks

    • Chakravarthy says:

      I have updated and please let me know if there is a problem. Also, I welcome you to join our organization to work towards the unity of telugu people.

  20. guru says:

    Hi Chakravarthy,
    Thank you for updating the map and also offering me to join the great samstha. At the moment I am busy with my family. I would love to help the movement in any manner by giving suggestions that may help you. Thank you

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