OCCUPY DELHI: Nov 6th – Nov 9th

In today’s world, linguistic nations are common. Italy, France, Greece, Japan and many other countries around the world have formed on a linguistic basis. When the Soviet Union disintegrated, it broke apart along linguistic lines. Unlike much of the world, India is a unique experiment. Our country has people speaking many different languages, cultures, food habits, and lifestyles.

During India’s freedom struggle, when the desire for linguistic identity emerged on the Indian sub-continent, Mahatma Gandhi chose to solve this problem by agreeing to the formation of linguistic states. In 1938, he wrote: “I have always aimed at redistribution of Provinces on a linguistic basis. The cue was taken from the Andhra movement. I should therefore be more than glad if Andhra could have its status as a Province recognised even now.”

                Today, credible surveys done by Nielsen and CNN show that more than 70% of the people in Andhra Pradesh are against the division of the state. Decades of separatist propaganda claiming under development, deprived political power, lack of opportunities, stolen government jobs, violation of agreements have all been conclusively proven wrong. The study done by Justice Srikrishna Committee has shown that almost all the separatist allegations are untrue. The Committee also showed that, since the formation of the state, Telangana region has developed the most when compared to the other two regions of the state.

  • A large majority of the people in Andhra Pradesh are against division. Then, why is the UPA going forward with this undemocratic division?
  • Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) fighting for a separate state has 17 MLAs in an assembly of 294 members. Why is UPA yielding to their demand?
  • When almost all the allegations of separatists are proven false- why is the UPA adamant about dividing the state?
  • Is it right to divide a large state like Andhra Pradesh to gain a few seats in the upcoming general elections? Won’t this “divide and rule” policy dangerous to India’s unity?
  • Anthony committee was appointed to receive feedback on the division process. Why is the central government not waiting for the report and instead rushing to divide the state?
  • Group of Ministers have refused to come to A.P. and seek public opinion. They are asking people of Andhra Pradesh to give their input via emails. Does the government expect farmers, weavers, fishermen, and laborers to write in English and send their views via email? Is this how fate of nearly ten crore Telugu people decided?
  • When Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru, and Indira Gandhi stood firmly for linguistic states, why is Sonia Gandhi against linguistic states?

To protest against Congress Party led UPA government’s dictatorial, undemocratic, divisive, opportunistic politics- thousands of activists are heading to Delhi in a rally of buses. We will go from Hyderabad to Delhi via Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana. We will travel nearly four thousand kilometers. We will hold public meetings in Nagpur on the 7th and in Bhopal on the 8th. On November 9th 2013, we will hold a meeting in Jantar Mantar from 12 noon till 5PM. We request you to support our cause.


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332 Responses to “OCCUPY DELHI: Nov 6th – Nov 9th”

  1. Raju says:

    Chakravarthu Garu

    Can you please share the link which says CNN & Neilsen surveys which says 70% of people in AP want to be united. What is the % in 10 disticts of Telangana. I have seen a N TV survey which cannot be taken serious because it biased survey. I did not find any link of Nelsen and CNN surveys that you are propogating.

    All congress, TDP MLA's from Telangana are supporting seperate state. All of them have won on seperate state plank in 2009. Hence please dont misjudge people by writing only 17 MLA's from TRS want seperation.


    • VK says:

      If all Congress and TDP MLAs in telangana won on separate state in 2009 elections, why telangana voters rejected TRS in 2008 mid-term elections and 2009 elections. If telangana voters want telangana and nothing else, why do you think they voted against TRS (single agenda party) and for Congress (though it didn't full fill [2nd SRC] what it said in its 2004 election manifesto)?

      • Raju says:

        If you consider elections, during 2004 , TDP stand was United AP. It got routed in both regions.

        What does this proove. Seemandhra people are not against bifurcation. No point in using selective logic.

        • VK says:

          TDP lost in seema-andhra in 2009 elections, doesn't mean they are against AP bifurcation. In fact, telangana was not an issue in whole AP in 2004 elections. People do change their opinion so often and hence we have elections (thankfully) for every 5 years. People opinion in 2009 elections is valid until next elections. On that basis, TDP lost in 2009 elections in SA because it supported telangana and therefore SA people are against telangana. However, TRS (with single agenda of telangana) lost in 2009 elections and therefore telangana voters were not in favour of AP bifurcation. In reality, TDP lost in 2004 elections due to antiincumbancy and Congress won 2009 elections in AP because they could market YSR's policies. AP bifurcation was not an issue in either 2004 or 2009 elections. Very simple question you should ask yourself: If people in telangana want AP bifurcation and nothing else why would they vote for congress (which didn't full fill its promise of 2nd SRC in its 2004 election manifesto) against TRS (single agenda – telangana) in 2009 elections.

    • satya says:

      A recent survey after july 30th announcement, done by Nielsen proves that only 59% of ppl in telangana wants separate state. This clearly exposes the lie of separatists who claim an overwhelming support for Telangana


      • VK says:

        If only 59% of people in telangana want AP bifurcation after 30th July annoucement, one could imagine what percentage of people in telangana would have supported separate state during 2009 elecitons. If only minority supported telangana in 2009 elections, then where is the question of Congress and TDP MLAs winning in that elections on separate state plank.

      • Raju says:

        As I said N TV survey is biased and cannot be taken seriously. Do you have any CNN & Neilsen survey links.

        BTW , I can share a survey by ABN which said more than 80% of people in telangana want a seperate state and more than 70% of people in hyderabad want a Hyd to be capital of telangana.

        I requested Chakravarthy Garu, to give links to validate his commentary.

        • satya says:

          isn't it a common practice for Telangana separatists, calling which ever report is not favoring their argument/views as biased?

        • VK says:

          In ABN survey also, the majority (more than 90%) in seema-andhra (SA) are against AP bifurcation. If GOI bifurcating AP on the basis of the SKC 5th option, then the bifurcation should be carried out only when the majority in SA agree for it.

  2. P. Rao says:

    "When Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru, and Indira Gandhi stood firmly for linguistic states, why is Sonia Gandhi against linguistic states?"

    Atta sommu kodalu danam chesinatlu. Indira Gandhi saved the integrity of Andhra Pradesh at a critical time.  She saved the integrity of India from Khalistan separatists by giving her life; knowing her actions are going to cost her life.   That was then and this is now.

  3. Ashish Kumar says:

    What will be the outcome of the protest at Jantar Mantar, other than grabbing a few soundbytes on national TV? In Jantar Mantar there is some protest or the other 365 days in a year.

    Instead Samaikyavaadis should do something that can yield concrete results. Currently both national parties – Congress and BJP are supporting division. Since Congress is in power and has initiated the division procss, the only force that can stop the process is the BJP.

    BJP currently has no stake in Seemandhra but are reasonably strong in T. Hence BJP on their own will not change their stance on division.

    What will happen if SA people vote enmasse to BJP in Lok Sabha elections ? BJP will get about 20 seats in AP as against their current expectations of 0 seats in AP. Opinion polls are already giving about 200 seats to BJP and with Seemandhra voting for BJP, this would go to 220. Hence BJP with other friendly parties will form the government. Do you think that after coming to power BJP will divide AP given that AP has outperformed in their electoral calculation? No, they will not. They will go for a fair and negotiated settlement of the issue in a transparent manner.

    What will happen if SA people will vote YSRCP? BJP may or may not form the next government in centre. YSRCP eventually will support Congress on the excuse of "secularism".

    If BJP forms the government somehow, they will go ahead and complete the AP division process and focus their electoral energies in Telangana. Division of AP 101% certain.

    If BJP does not form the government, then Congress will go ahead and complete the AP division process and then try to win YSRCP to join back into Congress (aka PRP) after 5 years. Division of AP 101% certain.

    Hence the options before SA people is simple and straightforward (if they are sincerely interested in United AP) – Vote BJP enmasse. There is simply no other choice. If SA people are not sincerely interested in United AP, then they can vote EMOTIONALLY to any party of their choice and become like Jharkhand or WB in 5 years, depending on central funds to pay salaries to their employees, and going to other states like TN, Karnataka and Maharastra for jobs.


    • GK says:

      Jagan and CBN will never let BJP get inside SA. SA will become a typical southern state where they won't allow national party. They will whip up the anti-north sentiment if need be….

    • Karthik says:

      Ashish Kumar,

      I am posting a link a video of Sushma Swaraj Calling Attention i n Lok Sabha on creation of state. It is 30 minute speech, if you have time watch it as she is very good speaker. If not watch that last 3-4 minutes where she categorically insists to the GoI to bring the Telangana bill to the parliment and BJP will categorically support it.  Lot of poliiticians might be involved in foul play, but for issue as big as creation of new states which alter internal map of India, they wont go back after such commitent. BJP will support the bill. After coming this fasr, so will congress push ahead wit Division.

      Telangana s inevitable. If everuthing goes as planned we will be in 2 states in next 2 months else in near future. No U turn is possibe after coming this far.

      This is the link to the video.


      • Chandra says:

        I think Ashish Kumar got a pretty good political satrtegy. BJP eventhough had T in their manifesto but will change as SKC report clearly mentioned the progress of T in united AP, and large scale opposition from integrationists. They will not support the bill as there have been large scale opposition from the people (Until this is resolved which is not possible).

        They will never support any bill which gives atleast 10 seats or more to their opponenets. BJP has determined to root out cong in 2014 and never allow it in future. BJP is not going to loose anything even if it wants the bifurcation to be stalled until peace is brought back. But it will gain something in future if it says this.

        • VK says:

          Although what Ashish Kumar mentioned is feasible, it is otherway in reality. Telangana bill may come to parliament before next general elections. So BJP should say that they will oppose telangana bill in loud and clear so that people in coastal andhra, rayalaseema, Hyd and some of telangana (Khammam, Mahabubnagar etc) could vote in favour of BJP in next parliamentary elections. However, this kind of blackmail strategy may not be good for Indian democracy in long run.

  4. GK says:

    GOI saved Andhra Pradesh already by getting rid of T. Going to Delhi now is a paisal waste activity…use the funds collected for any other human cause and give the needed pride to Visanlandra…rather than just using it for only vested intrests….

    • VK says:

      GOI can save AP by getting rid of Telanagana separatists and not by its bifurcation.

      • GK says:

        Wake up my friend….list a few names who are not T vadis…even MIM is finding hard to find people who are not T-vadis in Old city…this was evident in his recent press meet…

        • VK says:

          If every party in AP agreeing for telangana, then GOI shouldn't worry in sending the resolution to AP assembly for its approval. But it is not sending the resolution to AP assembly, indicating that the majority MLAs are against AP bifurcation. If GOI creating telangana based on the option 5 of the SKC report, then it should get consensus for it from all three regions of AP.

  5. Chandra says:

    Occupy  was never intended, but GOI forced calm people to do this. Still GOI has chance to avoid all such things and solve the issue in an amicable manner. Occupy is not for fun or for camping. Telangana extremists demand is a luxury, even after rapid development they want T with hyd. But integrationists demand is dont snatch away what we have. Dont divide Telugus.

    Few things I wanted to say:

    1. There might be arguments saying that occupy effort is denying SA the illusionary, IIT, IIM, HITECH city etc. VMS should  highlight that those institutions shoud have come to AP long time back and are not any  additive. For those institutes neither telugu unity nor Hyd have to be lost. Definitely those institutes and infrastructure should come to SA and "all Telangana people also should be eqally eligible in those institutes in SA". This clarification should be given by integrationists. (We all know T replies(like we dont want ur's etc) but shoud be done to gain maximum support of integrationists and neutrals in T and national media of India)

    2. National media should be prepared before hand about the  accupy and fact that AP bifurcation is not a proposal from AP but by GOI yielding to extremist views of certain sections of AP.

    3.Surely they dont want 5 million  People  camping around  parliament just to watch, live  around parliament to see the mockery of democracy by the  unilateral parliamentary moves in december the second stage of occupy.

    4. Surely if the parliament comes out with a policy on bifurcation of states, respecting the "affected parties", occupy will become unncessary.

    They started the mess, they have to end the mess.


  6. telugodo says:

    ayyaa chakravarty telamgana jaati telugu talliki chesina samaikya droham chaalu

    telugu vaariki koodaa aatma gouravam koddo goppo migili umdi

    meeku kotta talli ade telamgana talli vacchimidi

    meeru samtoshamgaa umdamdi

    maa chaavo batuko maa paata tallito umtaamu.

    maa jaati veru mee jaati veru

    maa bhasha veru mee bhasha veru

    ika meeru maakoddu

    memu chetakaani vaaram alaage batukutaamu

    nashtapoyedi padi mamdi naaykulu vamdamadi udyogastulu vidhyardulu amte kada

    okati remdu dasaabdaalu maaku ikkatle

    kaani maa telugu samskritini koddo goppo maaku chetainamta kaapaadukutaamu

    maaku okkate samtosham ika ee bajaaru alagaa telamgana samskritiki maaku sambhadamledu

    • VK says:

      Speak for yourself. No telugu in right mind would support your comment.

      All telugus are the same. Telugu accent in Guntur is more close to that of Nalgonda than that of uttara Andhra. Similarly telugu spoken in khammam is similar that in Krishna than in Adilabad.

      Telugu language and people will survive only in unitedAP, otherwise they will perish through interstate fightings.

      • ram says:

        Nalgonda accent is 1000% different from Guntur… Dont talk to People came from guntur in nalgonda…Just check accent for local Nalgonda Person….This is the problem with people aganist T…dont have true knowledge …. this is the prime reason for seperation….

        • VK says:

          The accent difference between Guntur and Nalgonda is no different from the accent difference between Guntur and Krishna. Even within towns, you would see difference in accent on social back ground basis.

          If you have knowledge of both Guntur and Nalgona, why don't you tell us. The problem with telangana separatists is that they try to create differences where there are none.

        • VK says:

          You mean to say Khammam accent is more similar to that of Adilabad than that of Krishna? Similarly, do you think Srikakulam accent is more close than that of Nalgonda to Guntur accent?.

  7. "In today’s world, linguistic nations are common. Italy, France, Greece, Japan and many other countries around the world have formed on a linguistic basis."

    Any particular reason why you selected these countries and not Germany, Canada, Korea, Nigeria or even India? Not to forget the many Arabic speaking countries in Middle East or Spanish speaking nations in Latin America (all geographically contigous).

    Do even these cases meet your criterion?

    France is home to around 55 million French speakers. Around 6 million French speakers live in the neighboring countries of Belgium & Switzerland.

    Switzerland was founded by German, French & Italian speakers fleeing their "home countries".

    Greek speakers are an overwhelming majority not only in Greece but in Cyprus.

    Lega Nord, a party fighting for the rights (sometimes calling for secession) of Padania has become a powerful voice.

    "When the Soviet Union disintegrated, it broke apart along linguistic lines"

    Russia itself is a federation with dozens of linguistic groups.

    70% of Belarus citizens speak Russian as their first language.

    Around 11 million Ukranaians in the east of the country are Russians by language.

    Native Russian speakers are more than 30% of the population in both Estonia & Latvia.

    Native Russian speakers are a strong minority position in 4 of the 5 Turkic republics

    Around 15% of Tajikistan & Kyrgyzstan population are native Uzbek speakers

    • VK says:

      On the basis of what you have written here, you must be supporting Kashmir now and punjab then. Also you shouldn't have any probelm if India gets disintegrated into several pieces like former USSR.

      • USSR broke up because people were fedup with the Stalinist atrocities, not because of language.

        • VK says:

          The majority in AP fed up with state bifurcation for political gains. So the outcome whether in USSR or AP should be based on the majority wish.

        • satya says:

          But the imaginative  'atrocities' are not proved in the case of Telangana. then why to divide?

          There is no rationale in AP bifurcation. Telangana demand is another offshoot of dirty political games in India

          • GK says:

            Lagadapati is saying that the GOI is cooking up numbers…

            Looks like you will say the same…it is not far before your eyes will open upon learning that 80% of secretariat is SA and the remaining 20% are from rest of India.

  8. "Does the government expect farmers, weavers, fishermen, and laborers to write in English and send their views via email?"

    They can also write snail mail letters in a language of their choice.

    Was a similar facility provided when the other states (including AP) were formed? Why criticize even a good practice?

    BTW did you make any submission to the GoM?

    • VK says:

      So your complaining that GOI didn't provide email facility in 50's to telugus to write their views on state re-organisation.

      • Your friend Chakravarthy is complaining when the center provides a facility that was never given in the past. In his haste to criticize the Govt., he did not even bother to check whether they accept snail mail in Indian languages.

        • VK says:

          If GOI want a common man view, they could simply set up a post box number in AP to send letters with address in telugu to it.

          If GOI not asked a common man view in the past for 1st SRC, then it was wrong but it cann't be undone by doing same mistake now. So if you are against 1st SRC not taking common man views into account, then you should  be dead against GOI repeating the same mistake now. Instead you are critising Chakaravarthy garu just for the sake, which make no sense.

    • VK says:

      If remember correctly from your previous comments, you are supporting telangana because the majority there want it. Now the majority in AP are against AP bifurcation  but I don't see your support for it. Please explain this before commenting about others.

    • satya says:

      The major complaint is they are undermining the importance of legislature and taking these alternate measures as an eye wash. These do not yield any results. These steps are not imbibing any confidence neither they reflect the sincerity of the govt. Even a sane man from Telangana will accept these facts. 

      Congress yet to come up with answer why they never debated SKC in both parliament and assembly?

  9. telugodo says:

    Dear Chakravarty,

    please stop the drama. Enough of Telugu unity. Now you have a new race called Telangana and brand new mother Telangana talli. And of course wealth enhanced by Telugus.

    We are like ant in the fable ant and gross hopper. 

    We are not sorry about it. This is the reality of Providence. The weaker are endowed and hard working carry on with the duty. We are happy that we are leaving lively hood for a new race that lied dormant and incompetent for centuries. I further pray to the god that your race does not squander the wealth but learns hard working. 

    We Telugus know living in adverse conditions. We do not need someone else hard earned wealth.

    Division will be blessing for original sons of Telugu talli. At last a great relief from this adopted brother from inferior culture with lazyness.

    You better enjoy with your newly created Telangana race.

    Cut your roots with Telugu jaati and join Telangana jaati.

    • VK says:

      Stop pretending that you are a telugu. If you are really telugu, you would know that the regions (coastal Andhra, telangana and rayalaseema) created by our invaders in our trilinga desa.

      • Nyaya says:

        Agreed. There was no telangana desam. Only andhra desam. Ruled in previous eras by andhra satavahanas and then Kakatiyas from hanamkonda. Owaisis are only pretending against bifurcation. See already pushing urdu as first language. Looks like kcr people want "Urdu Thalli"…



      • telugodo says:

        I give a damn!

        I am proud Telugu. Not owing to the number. Not becuase some Telugu origin guy will be Microsoft CEO. Not becuase there are millions of Telugu NRIs.

        I am proud of Telugu for its multi-faceted culture.

        talli godavari aagrahiste bhadha padataamu. anugrahiste prakirti geetalu prema geetalu paadukumtamu.

        jeevitamlo okka edupu rasam tappa vere rasaalu teliyana moddulam kaadu. Maaku madraasu rasam kooda telusu. 

        We are proud fans of Tyagayya not becuase Entire south India sings Tyagaraaju keertanalu. But becuase they are sweet to our ears.

        bapu-ramana movies are not mega movies. Nor world famous. Yet we love them becuase they reflect many color of Telugu culture. They make us smile even when in depression.

        kallu taagina kotullaa gemtadam maatrame vachhina vaalam kaadu

        puli-meka dappu numchi koochipoodi saastreeya naatyaalu madhyalo recording danceto saha annee maaku kalale


        • VK says:

          I am not questioning telugus ability but you and your intentions. If you really proud of telugu for its multi-faceted culture, then you won't say telangana people are different race.

          • Nyaya says:

            Exactly! Seems like pretend "telugodu" would rather create an Urdu state than keep a Telugu state. All the telugu lines in the world won't change that fact. Proof is in the pudding–by praising same Nizam/razakars who attacked their grandmothers, they show where their loyalties are.


            Shame that few bad apples like kcr are giving bad name to all Telangana people. Most are good hardworking people like seemandhra (andhra refers to all telugus). Politicians are just taking advantage of people's innocence. 

            • telugodo says:

              Alright! Alright!

              Are you people familiar with moorcha billalu? Maybe not.

              Few decades back some people used to carry metal plates hanging from neck.

              The plate says the person carrying it was a moorcha rogi 

              In few months you people in Hyderabad will get similar moorcha billalu

              nenu aamdhrodini naa meeda daya talachamdi

              then you will come to know the true colors of telangana jaati

              paapam avs poyyaadu meeru maatram maadi teluge meedi teluge amtoo gemtamdi

              • VK says:

                What you said will happen to coastal andhra and rayala seema people in telangana if it gets separated and hence the opposition for AP bfirucation. If you really believe in what you said, then you should strongly oppose AP bifurcation.

                • telugodo says:

                  why should I oppose bifurcation?

                  meeru hyderabadulo koorchuni maaku kaasto koosto migilina water, gas, roads koodaa telamganaku dochi pettadaanikaa?

                  vela kotlu appulu techhi hyderabadu meedaa pedataaru. imko padellaki imko telamgana jaati vaadu udyamam leputaadu. appudu imko laksha kotla appulu maa nettina ettukovadaaniaa?

                  venakku vachheyyamdi. telamgana jaati vaarilaa kadupulo pettukoleka povachhu. kadupu nimdaa timdi pedataam. moorcha billalu umdavu

                • VK says:


                  I have no connection with Hyd. All my family live in Gutur district. I think you are missing the logic. Yes, I agree so far the so called development in AP took place only in Hyd. So it is time to invest the returns of Hyd development in rest of AP. If you agree for division now, then there won't any development in SeemaAndhra, which is because of most efforts will go in developing new capital. There will be interstate problems in water distribution. Moreover, telangana want separation because it has been looted, so agreeing separation is nothing but agreeing of looting. So no telugu from coastal andhra and rayalaseema with common sense would agree for the separation. So stop pretending that you are from seema-andhra.

  10. Ashish Kumar says:

    The tragedy of SA people is their extreme shortsightedness and lack of long term thinking. Eg: Voting out CBN eventhough he was doing an excellent job and building the AP brand, Voting in parties that were in alliance with TRS, unable to attract a single large private manufacturing industry in the last 20 years with 42 MPs in parliament.

    The current IT industry in AP is courtesy CBN and supported by the BJP government from 1998 to 2004.

    Now the situation is going to be even more painful.

    1. Hyderabad is gone from SA and along with it 50% of current revenues and most central govt undertakings and defence industries and IT industry.

    2. Constructing IITs, IIMs, AIIMS will not create jobs. These institutions are not just buildings. It takes atleast 30 years to build a institutional brand.

    3. How will the jobs get created? With 42 MPs in parliament AP could not attract a single private manufacturing industry, what will AP now do with 22 MPs?

    4. With Rayalseema not allowing AP to choose capitals in Vijaywada and Vizag (given the bad experience of loosing Chennai and Hyderabad and Kurnool), a compromise capital will be choosen at the border area so that if there is another state division, the Chandigarh model can be applied. So most of the state's finances will be used in building another city from the scratch.

    5. Since the AP growth momentum has been disrupted, Chennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Mysore, Mangalore will catch up and shift the potential industry growth in AP to these cities.

    If the SA people want to avoid this pain, then the only option available is vote BJP enmasse and give BJP atleast 20 seats in Lok Sabha. Then BJP may EITHER stop division OR ensure a fair non-controversial division (acceptable to both regions) as it has done with Jharkhand, Uttaranchal, Chattisgarh. BJP is a very nationalistic party and they (in my opinion) would not do anything that is unfair to 6 crore indian citizens who stay in SA region.

    • VK says:

      Telangana bill may come to parliament before next general elections. So BJP should say that they will oppose telangana bill in loud and clear so that people in coastal andhra, rayalaseema, Hyd and some of telangana (Khammam, Mahabubnagar etc) could vote in favour of BJP in next parliamentary elections. However, this kind of blackmail strategy may not be good for Indian democracy in long run.

  11. Nyaya says:

    More food for thought on Telangana below. Do people support urdu domination of Telangana and destruction of dharma there?


    Owaisis have long been pushing for return to Nizam Hyderabad state, Telangana only first stage to go back. See here, what they were pushing for back in 2006: 




    Same jamaat that is banned in bangladesh is legal in India



    Telangana is nothing but stealth attempt at recreating Nizam's Hyderabad to form  new pakistan in south india. Refugee Rohingyas are already swelling razakar ranks.


    People should remember that razakars existed:

    "The Razakar militia brutally put down the armed revolts by Communists and the Peasantry and committed horrendous atrocities on the Hindu population and even eliminated patriotic Hyderabadi Muslims such as Shoebullah Khan who advocated merger with India.[5] Countless Hindu "women became victims of rape and kidnapping by Razakars. Thousands went to jail and braved the cruelties perpetuated by the oppressive administration. Due to the activities of the Razakars, thousands of Hindus had to flee from the state and take shelter in various camps”. [6] An official estimate is hard to come by, but tens of thousands of hindus and progressive muslims are thought to have been killed. "


    and still exist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0hmoO9Dcac


    Telangana brothers, don't fall for kcr's of the world. They will live good life while selling you out to razakars and leeching off of you. Urdu can never be Telugu–your native tongue and birthright–unmatched in beauty. Stay loyal to Telugu Thalli


  12. Kiran says:

    There are lot of BJP supporters here – Kishan Reddy minions who hook or crook want BJP to benefit. I dont  think they care about seemandhra.

  13. Kiran says:

    I read an articile by a t sepratist in new indian express citing pondicherry as an example that India is not divided linguistically. Most rational people will cite that tiny exception as only proving rule. But then that stupid guy is a t sepratist.

    Another funny thing if there is even a shred of reality in this telangana identity based on hyderabad state there would have been a significant traction in bidar, marathwada areas for merger to telangana or some voices within telangana to merge them. But no this is exclusively demanded by telugu people with borders defined by telugu demography. Still they pretend about being something above and beyong lingusitic divisions.

    • P. Rao says:

      "A t separatist wrote. . . . .pondicherry as an example that India is not divided linguistically."

      Perhaps I can help him with a close by example.  Yanam with 32,000 population lists its official language as Telugu in the Wikipedia. It is not part of Andhra Pradesh. So there are two states for Telugu people already.

      There is no end to this trivial pursuit.

  14. VK says:

    AP bifurcation resembles Pakistan's partition: Minister Parthasarathy – TV9


    Spot on. Kindly go and convey this immediately to your high command.

    • GK says:

      Hope someone will ask him what would be the capital of SA…

      Ek number ka chalaaq…

      No SA has the guts to propose capital location…why? it then displays the true colors of unity of SA people…

      Mr. Parakala and Mr. Nallomothu will surely be the best ambassodors or bridges for the two regions, I hope they will still not hate T people after division…

      • VK says:

        GOI is planning to make Hyd as an UT. So you should ask telagana separatists where telangana capital would be. If telangana separatists have guts, please propose capital location for telangana.

  15. GK says:

    To all bloggers on this site…very soon we will get to know all the numbers for the two regions…

    SA and T(including Hyd)…we will all get to check our arguments, sources and logic etc…

    Eagerly waiting…

  16. GK says:

    I propose that we all meet in May/June 2014 under the banner of Visalandhra…it could be any place in T or SA or Delhi…in the assumption that the current episode will end by then…

  17. Nyaya says:

    Telangana, Seemandhra, and Rayalaseema people are ALL Andhras. All are sons of same Telugu Thalli. Our culture is the same. Our language the same. Andhra refers to entire state.Keep the unity.

    Some of our NRI telugus have already started a site to restore our traditional language culture to maintain unity. Was forwarded to me earlier this week:  http://www.andhraportal.org/

  18. Kiran says:


    If division takes place fires may simmer for generations.   You think you can run away with telangana and have your head buried in sand and nothing will happen. Shit will hit the fan .

  19. Kiran says:

    And one more thing GK…I am not eagerly awaiting anything from you if and when CG publishes any figures. I am sure you will blame it on seemandhra officers if the figures dont agree with you. You will pick and choose what you want. You have the backbone of a reptile after all.

  20. VK says:

    T bill/resolution in AP assembly on 25th Nov?

    UnitedAP supporting MLAs/ministers

    1. Should vote against it

    2. Resign immediately

    3. Put a case in Supreme court (no state has been formed against parent state assembly approval)

    MPs/central ministers should resign and meet president to get their resignations approval or say they lost faith in Congress govt.

  21. Chandra says:

    As usually our funny ex judge Sudershan reddy keeps repeating his  regular rhetoric that, for bifurcation,AP state legislature consent "NOT REQUQIRED". I am not sure If he has absorbed the  spirit of the constitution like a respected judge with wisdom, instead of saying one side of the story.

    Anybody who reads the following link (posted by Satya) about the parliamnetary debates shows what, Ambedkar said

    Ambedkar says:  "I have not the least doubt about it that the method of consulting, which the President will adopt, will be to ask either the Prime Minister or the Governor to table a resolution which may be discussed in the particular State legislature which may be affected, so that ultimately the initiation will be the local legislature and not by the Parliament at all. I therefore submit that the amendment of Professor Shah is really unnecessary."

    Here Shah means Prof Shah who said the majority opinion of the affected parties has to be taken first.

    Basically what they said is that the process for the bifurcation should be a "Bottom uP" apprach and NOT a "TOP Down" approach like how, out of the blue, GOI has decided to bifurcate AP and asks state assembly to sit and tell opinon .(Or manipulate/convince the members to obey GOI orders backdoor). They knew of such sinister possibilities.


  22. GK says:

    All, Relax. I see tthe same because of Kiran…

    • Kiran says:

      See what ? I dont see your post. Must have been deleted. Knowing the standards of the blog ..must be some silly abuse from a silly person.

  23. Kiran says:

    Whats with latest obsession around Bhadrachalam after years of "maadi maggavale" " de-merger" "unique culture due to living under nizam" . To me it reveals the juvenileness of t sepratists – just get away or grab whatever you can- like looters during riots. what does it tell about Delhi ?

    • GK says:

      My friend, it is the people of Bhadrachalam to decide their future…not SA or T people… value democracy…irrespective of whant T or SA politicians keep shouting…ultimately the think tank in the center are wise enough to consider right aspects for their decisions…

      The same is going on with Hyd as well, it looks like the Hyd brothers, MIM will have a big say in how Hyd will get designated in the near future as well as long term…

      • Kiran says:

        Yes they are wise enough as long as they go "your way". And ofcourse your way is that "people" of AP should have no say in what happens to their state. You will pick and choose which people should have what say.

  24. GK says:

    T state will not have the right to cancel any land alloted previously by the united AP…is this justified constraint on granting T? who benefits from this? Does this mean that the VANPIC or even EMMAR lands should not be probed? who is asking for limiting the rights of T? It is justified for SA to seek rights on Hyd but it is not justified for curtailing the rights of T on Hyd…

    • VK says:

      Keeping AP as it is the only justification needed for all telugus

    • satya says:

      >> Does this mean that the VANPIC or even EMMAR lands should not be probed? 

      No. The lands can be probed with the existing laws. No new laws should be enacted to 'take back' lands or any such that affects the existing allocation thru the authority of TG govt.


  25. GK says:

    Kiran will be an example of SA political specimen against T for a long time to come…the more hurdles he creates in the last phase of the process the deeper will be the mistrust against SA followed by a wider rift between the regions in the short term…

    • Kiran says:

      Ha Ha ..what hurdles am I creating  ? But yes I dont think the grab all ..right or wrong ..t sepratist political leadership may neither have peace nor prosperity ..thanks to lies, greed, hate and a lack of integrity in everthing they do. T is a not a laddu you can grab, run and eat off in some place hiding from the anger and rage of right thinking people.

  26. GK says:

    Please watch or listen starting from 18:05 on the below video. Folks this is so recent when you look at 100s of years of history…


  27. P. Rao says:

    Visalandhra Mahasabha was able to mobilize people to go to Delhi in 46 buses to protest the division. Good show. It looks like the next elections will be fought in the united AP.

  28. GK says:

    What will happen if the comming elections are held in united AP? Which parties will gain or lose is interesting to imagine…may be yet to be proven as a chor, Jagan, will benefit the most or SA congress? What about TDP in SA and T…can a single party win enough to form the govt? if not who will join with whom to form the govt….Jaipal reddy is confident…but still VA has hopes and money to burn…

  29. GK says:

    Count down begins…31

  30. Chandra says:

    FOlks are saying, people of Bhadrachalam will decide whom to go with. Why only special status for Bhadrachalam. Each district of T should decide themselves whom to go with, including, Hyd,RR, MBR etc and then propose the boundaries and discuss in the state legislature, send the opinion/resolution to president. Is that OK?

    • Kiran says:

      well he gave very good speaches against telangana as well. Obviously someone like you with a trivial mindset did not pick and choose them while you are super pleased now. I dont think both the title and the way you interpreted the article are corect. Owaisi is only questioning the center's propriety is assuming law and order without any precedence. It is not against any claims by "seemandhras". He is simply protecting his turf here when presented with a fait accompli by center.

  31. Kiran says:

    Which seemandhra fellow is asking for special favors in Hyderabad. they are asking state to be kept united. Those favors or protections are delhi proposals to paper over its guilt. we are questioning the propreity of delhi to divide a state.

    • ram says:

      If you question Propreity of Delhi … you would be called Anti-National …If still want to question authority of Union Govt…realize yourself, you cannot win aganist Indian Constitution… Constitution is designed in such a way to protect Telagana People from SA people like you who dont care of other person wish or pain or feeling — How many of your SA Integrationists did good for T people and created a brotherhood feeling instead of scolding KCR and T people…YOUR WHOLE SA REGION GOT A FITTING LESSON FROM DELHI BUT STILL YOU DONT WANT TO LEAVE YOUR BAD CULTURE…

      • VK says:

        Practice what you preach and care the feeling and pain of person from seema-andhra. If you really care about others, then you won't support undemocratic AP bifurcation.

  32. Kiran says:

    I want everyone here to reflect on how effective and articulate and fearless Owaisi is when it comes to defending his
    community even when they are a minortiy and internationally villified as supporting violence. He opposed telangana
    despite knowing it will politically benefit his party because he thought long term..when center strongly backed telangana
    he backed off knowing its no longer in his community interest to be seen as the big spoilsport.

    Why telugu leaders both in telangana and kostha unable to display this much thought and unable to be fearless in expressing
    their thoughts.

    My conclusion is simple – caste. If the rich communities in kostha were velama or reddy instead of kamma and raju you can bet
    there will be no great opposition in telangana against andhra.

    Rajasekhar reddy could speak of seperate t or rayalseema because he is reddy ..and when he said no to telangana he still won
    in t because t reddy's were behind him.

    when chirankeevi took up samaikya in 2009 kamma and to some extent reddy arrogance means no one really came to his
     aid or gave him strength to keep his party independent.

    We are weak because we are hindus…even when center divided us we are still calculating what benefit where.

    as long as we dont get rid of oursevels this caste system and its twin hinduism we will be people who are taken lightly
    without respect and dignity.

    • P. Rao says:


      You are right on everything. A Hindu will not fight for another Hindu unless connected to the issue personally or by caste. The caste equations are a reality and interesting to watch.

      There are some unintended consequences when a large state is split 60:40.  Politically speaking, the Reddy hegemony in A. P. politics is going to go down. Kapus will be a force in Semmandhra. In Telangana, Velamas, B.Cs. and Dalits will be prominent.  The Reddy's did not realize this coming, otherwise YSR would not have paved the way for a separate Telangana.

      • Kiran says:

        I always hoped that the very disciplie of living in one state – sharing  political and public places together – for decades will dissovle the stupid caste feelings without the need of any revolution. But  before that were to happen we seem to be getting new borders. Thanks to petty minded jealousies and caste feelings in telangana and moneyminded and caste feelings in seemandhra. Only on paper is our population 9 crores and india's 120 crores …in reality our sense of brotherhood does not extend a few of of our caste for large majority of people.

        • P. Rao says:

          @ Kiran:  "…in reality our sense of brotherhood does not extend a few of of our caste for large majority of people."

          This statement is very true.  You talk to  many middle and lower middle calss persons in Andhra, they say there is no poverty in India. Every body is alright they say. This is mostly because in their internal vision, India means they, their relatives, friends and at the most their caste members only. Many Indians get offended when Westerners point out abject poverty in India. They start writing letters to the editor complaining, ascribing motives to former colonial powers.

          Q. In which major country in the world today, a person not a native born and does not belong to any ethnic groups of that nation is the ultimate polical authority and why?

          A. Caste divisions is the answer for India. Hinduism did such a good job of  inclulcating caste consciousness in everybody, there is no way it will go away. Just like the dust and the heat of India.

          PS: This may be a little off topic, but still impinges on the Telangana issue.

          • PavanR says:

            I tend to differ with the above observations.

            You seem to be blaming Hinduism for the current state of affairs in Andhra Pradesh. If
            you look at diversity that the religion brings in … then Karnataka has got much more
            variations than we see in AP. The influence of the mutts and religious authorities on the
            political parties and governments are much higher there compared to here. Neverthless
            when it comes to keeping their state united, they (I mean the political parties and the
            intelligentia) are much more active than their counterparts back here. The way they went
             out of their way to placate their north Karnataka brethen recently is a good example
            of this (High court bench, Assembly at Belgaum and special status to NK).

             Similar phenomenon is very much conspicous by its absence here in AP. Though AP was
            created with much fanfare as the first linguistic state, efforts to neutralize the
            divisive forces were sadly missing all along (barring a few years during NTR's regime).
            This is the reason why any govt at the central govt wouldnt dare to bifurcate states
            like TN or KA like the way they are doing with us. This is the reason why a state that
            gives 33 MPs have to be content with paltry representation in the central cabinet while
            KA that gave less than 10 MPs walks away with more plum cabinet berths (Railways, Justice
             etc). We have our own bangaaram to blame for this. I guess it is too late now. Even if
            we manage to stall the bifurcation now, it takes humongous efforts to bring about the
            badly needed reconciliation between all the regions.

            I have been a silent follower of this blog. I would be really grateful to Mr. Chakravarthy
            and other bloggers on this site for changing my perspective developed over the years
            going through some of the T blogs.

             Post SKC report, creation of Telangana is a crime that any central govt would commit on
            the telugu people.I belong to the most remote part of Anantapur Dist. We  have seen much
            worser situations in terms of drought, backwardness that is extolled on any of the T
            websites; still we are for United AP as we are proud of our identity and feel secure in
            such a bigger family. We dont blame anyone for our backwardness; not even our own leaders
            who were CM's for sometime now. Development was concentrated in one place due to the limita
            tions we had and when it is time to distribute the fruits across the state this is being
            brought upon us.

            • ram says:

              I am from Nalgonda and I dont have a feeling of Telugu… I am not much intrested in Telugu where English is Dominated in Assembly and in daily usage….where CM doesnt speak good telugu words…. what is the fun in living in Telugu Limbo…I consider myself as Telangana Person and Be pride in our Telangana Culture 

              • VK says:

                Whether you feel as telugu or not, which is immaterial here. You may think you are not a human being (based on your comments it may be correct thinking), which doesn't applicable everyone in your region. AP is the liguistic state for telugu and telangana part of Hyd state merged with Andhra in 1956 because of the language spoken there. This fact don't go away with few individuals think otherway and support Nizam/Dora's culture.

                • ram says:

                  Yup that Dora culture is shown in your attitude and I dont say YOU, I say whole of your SA region…you pick the words of your choice from my commenst … whats is the great of you **** telugu pride when your CM is not speak telugu and your whole govt. business goes in english and when YOUR TELUGU IS NOT SINGLE SLANG ???? !!!! Ah.. 

                • VK says:

                  Telugu people in telangana are proud of the language. So when say YOUR TELUGU, which it self indicates that your are not telugu but fell no bad in talking on behalf of telugus from telangana region.

                  What you mean by your CM is not speak telugu. If you are a telugu, then you know that he speaks telugu.

  33. Ram Singh says:

    I am from Adilabad. I am very happy that Telangana is formed. Because now Adilabad people can start a separate state agitation for a new state made of Adilabad and Nizamabad. This is because we people have culture very close to Marathi people and not Telangana people.

    Also doing agitations and protests is part of Telangana culture and we want to keep this culture in practice.

    • KKM says:

      :) good…you dont worry ..you have the support from people like Rama melkote or so called madhu yashki goud( I heard he too has marthi roots). This is thier hidden agenda too…In fact the hidden agenda behind shinde being so active quickly completing his job is to see deshpande regime again in T.

      Your dreams will be fulfilled. You can have Marathi as official language in adilabad and Nizamabad and urdu as second official language.

      Everyone has hidden agenda in the game called bifurcation of AP.  SA people are fighting like abhimanyu(not sure if they wil die like abhimanyu) agaisnt evils called chidambarms hidden agenda(kill the competitor), hidden agenda of prof. jayashankar(personal vengeance for humiliation for him caused by some SA guys), Radicals (bring back nazalism), shinde(deshpande rule) etc., etc.,

      Ramsingh sir you play your game..after all by your name it is clear it is not your native land..so you care a f**** for this

  34. P. Rao says:

    About the CM Kiran Kumar speach:  He speaks Telugu well and good.  He is not a fast speaker by nature. That should not be understood as he not knowing Telugu or not able to speak Telugu. He has a great voice too (kanchu kantham).  He is born and brought up in Hyderabad city.

    • ram says:

      This is utter crap crap crap… its not he is not a fast speaker, he is not reading a proper word and you can watch many TV sattires on his speech….atleast accept this and this kind of arguments shows Andhra and Telangana are NOT connected and proves a substantial evidence for seperation.

      • VK says:

        See his today's press meet, then you know whether can speak telugu or not


        Disagreement in healthy discussion is actually indication against the separation. It is normal to see disagreement between two people irrespective of where they come from, so it is not evidence for the separation.

      • KKM says:

        Ram,  com on..you should have better reasons to redicule to CM apart the his Telugu speeches. Please know that.. language is not his problem..he is not good orator and public speaker. Thats it. At home he should be speaking telugu like you and me speak at me. I speak wonderful telugu, but when asked to speak from dias I stammer and mingle words.

        What you do you mean.. if MY CM can not speak telugu, then all of us should also also shed our telugu identity. If Sonia can not speak prooper Hindi, does that mean all of us should shed our Indian identity??? Moreover what makes so much attached to be taking Pride in being identified as Telanagan being in Nalgonda? after one more feet acroos the border you will hit hard core seemandhar regsion. I dont belive the crap that Nalgonda has a tangitially different culture (that you crave to be identified) that is not there in sattenapally or nandigama…You guys have been thoughroly brain washed hearing one sided speeches and arguments and are failing meserably to frame rationale..

        I fear you are no longer different from those radical islamic groups acrros border who have hatred for india for no reason. NO wonder like mothersa we are having Telanganarsa brain washing people creating hatred.

        I frequently tour all districts from Adilabad to nellore…I have not seen any hatred for T people in general (some high heaader guys are always there every where rediculing others not only T but people of other states, castes etc,)


  35. VK says:

    Article 371(D) a sticking point: Law ministry


    In a significant development that could have implications for the process of division of the State, officials of the Law Ministry reportedly told the Group of Ministers (GoM) that an amendment to Article 371 (D) of the Constitution was necessary as part of bifurcation.

    • ram says:

      Only time will tell the result of your demon efforts… you lost the oppurunity of assembly resolution because of the Noise you made in 2009, if you would have allowed that time, there would have been enough space for your concerns…only for few SA politician who wanted to protect their assest and illegal lands in HYD you guys are supporting them…. You are more corrupt than them

  36. GK says:

    I came to know that private transport sector in T is completely wiped out…! no lorries or buses owned by any T business people…40 years ago this was not the case?

    • KKM says:

      I came to know that small and retail shops in T which were largerly owned T vysyas and others is marginalized now..

      YOu kow to whom..marwaris and gujarathis..(upcourse you dont find it an issue becuase you people are brain wahsed to cry and war against SA aggression only and not any body else.

      Even if 95% clothes and ready made ware being sold in T are form TN you have no issue.. they are your tamila sodarulu

      Even 100% automobiles in T are sold in are made in other states none of will raise a eye brow..

      If all chat vendors are from karanataka and Rajhastan you wont make a noise about it..no one says our peoples prospects are hampered.. if one SA chap sells idlis,,it talk flow all around T seperatists..gets to discussion forums..becomes main contention point on TV debates for inteluctuals..

      hypocrasy has no boundaries.. after all…

  37. Chandra says:

    @ram, If you dont consider you as a Telugu, good for you. Stop speaking in telugu with your family. (Let mee know their response). Stop eating idli dosa, sambar etc, if you feel thats not deccani food. Ask your family to stop eating all those (Let me know their response) :)

    Eat Chudwa, jowar etc.  But thats not the average opinion of a Telangana person. You DONT represent Telangana. The word Telugu, Andhra etc are more associated with Telangana region than anyother.

    I am pretty sure, your dialect was rediculed couple of times in your childhood and you developed a grudge against people from certain districts and thats why you are demanding Telangana. This silly reason is the ONLY fundamental reason behind Telangana demand. Including the ones like Chukka Ramaiah.

    By the way, T separatists are now demanding Tirupathi and Vizag to be made as UT's. I wanted to know seriously, if semandhra accepts them to be made as UT's, then, are T separatists going to accept Hyd also as UT?

    Is T JAC proposing such a deal? That should be an interesting one infact.


    • ram says:

      I see my comments are not getting posted….

    • ram says:

      I consider myself as Telangana NOT telugu– I am a Telanganite NOT a Telugite…If I speak Hindi at home, It does not mean that I belong to North India…UT topic is not an issue to discuss, you should have discussed issues like which would be the best place of SA capital and how to get business into that – You SA guys lost your wisdom because of making money without efforts by free and adequate supply for water. You were not moulded with knowledge like T guys where you have to face oppition and criticism at every step of life in Andhra Pradesh….

      • Chandra says:

        @ram, u r lost. Please show your postings to your family and ask their opinion. Still you guys are not able to tell why you need telangana, other than that its a current popular demand or  political parties will loose coming elections etc. Theres no point. Its like convincing naxalites. Nobody tries to do that. And we saw what happened few years back.

        Its not what you consider yourself. Its what u r considred as. You can consider urself as a martian who came to earth  also. No problem. But reality wont change.

        BTW Telangana demand is a mental problem. Its not a historical or socio economic -poitical probem. There is no solution for this. Only treatment.

        • ram says:

          @chandra – you guys are lost in limbo and none treat you guys — Why is Telugu is NOT Spoken Properly by CM ? Why is English Dominating Assembly ? Why is Telugu is Spoken in different Slangs ? Why was no there is unification of languague made like Tamil ? Why One Region Telugu is insulted by other Region? Isn't funny people abusive same lang. spoken in other region ?YOU feel this is TELUGU, then I dont belong to this TELUGU and IAM A TELANGANITE… Crap what you consider about me…world watching at FUN of TELUGU..

          • Kiran says:

            You are telanganite only because that gives you an oppurtunity to rape hyderabad. otherwise you will be something else …whatever suits you for some small gains in near future.

            • ram says:

              @Kiran > If you ever watch "any" news channel you would have realized you works for short term benefits – Its proven 1000 times SA people including SA Leaders tried to Cheat T people by false promises for election benefits … You guys are all with same mentatlity that we can cheat anyone – But time has taught you a fitting lesson for your attitude.

              • VK says:

                Telugus people are no different from SA people or rest of India. So please come out of victim mentality and talk on issue based. Politicians are politicians and they cheat irrespective of where they come from. For example, Dubai Sekhar (KCR) and his family loting public in the name of agitation. Jana Reddy did nothing for Nalgonda fluorosis though he is representing a constituency in that district for long time. Similarly politicians from uttara andhra and rayalaseema did nothing to make those regions more developed. Therefore it is escapism to blame politicians from other regions. There is a telugu proverb MANA BANGARAM BAAGUNTAE….Kindly recollect that proverb before writing non-sense here.

                • VK says:

                  Please read "Telugu people" in the first sentence as "Telangana people"

                • ram says:

                  People of Telanga is 100% perfect and only SA people voted for T parties like TDP and Congress and now screaming when it is coming for decision. Your intention is to cheat or you are non-serious of fellow Telangana People. You check whether your A** before checkign others - 

              • VK says:

                Practise what you preach and follow the advice you have given to me by yourself.

                We have gone through 2009 election results several times, so your argument has no validity. As we said before, we least bothered with you logicless and senseless comments.

          • KKM says:

            Ram, seems your awareness of different slangs in knowlege is far limited. Even in TamilNadu each and every region redicules nativity of other slang. for your kind your information not only between regions in TN the slang differences exist and rediculed but even among castes. Iyyers and Iyyengards of TN detest the slang of lower caste people. (I am sure this happens some parts of SA also).  Hindi movies make mockery of Bihari slang but biharis never revolted since they dont take it personally like you guys do..

            Telugu movies make fun of EG and WG slang.. but those people enjoy the moves since they feel their nativity there. but lately people in T like you have are reeling with inferiority complex. My friends would have rediculed my language ( I belong to Medak-Narayankhed) by birth but have roots in SA.

      • telugodo says:

        thanks annaa I like you the Telanganite

        but only funny part is your assertion of Telangana superiority over Telugus

        maree gattikaa anake demtono navvi poduru

        edo italy talli meeku kotaa tallini ichhimdani chelaregi povaddu (idi maa telugu tallike mamchidile)

        naalug aidu yella taruvaata venakki tirigi choosi appudu cheppu

        • ram says:

          @Telugodu…. I dont want to hurt you replying to you comment. Enjoy!!!

          • telugodo says:

            anna mammalni imka emi hurt chestaaru

            60 ella chillara saavaasamto memo eppudo digajaaripoyaamu

            gamdham chettu pakkana unna picchi mokkalaku koodaa suvaasana amtuthumdita

            maa paristhiti daaniki vaytirekam 

            mee italy talli punyamaa ani maa telugu talli gouravam punaruddarimche avakaasam vacchimidi 

            kaani kemdramloni ee rogishti mantrula vyavahaaram chooste bhayamgaa umdi

            imkaa ee telamgana taddinam maaku tappademo ani


  38. GK says:

    watch this please as it is from a researcher from outside…


  39. VK says:

    విభజిస్తే నక్సలైట్లు పెరిగిపోతారు: మాజీ డీజీపీ ఆంజనేయరెడ్డి   

    ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ రాష్ట్రాన్ని ముక్కలు చేస్తే నక్సలైట్లు భారీగా పెరిగిపోయే ప్రమాదం ఉందని మాజీ డీజీపీ ఆంజనేయరెడ్డి తెలిపారు. హైదరాబాద్ లో ఆయన మాట్లాడుతూ కొడుకు, కుమార్తె, అల్లుడులకు రాష్ట్రాన్ని దోచిపెట్టేందుకే కేసీఆర్ తాపత్రాయపడతున్నాడని అన్నారు. ఇప్పటికే సినిమా, ఇండస్ట్రీ, పారిశ్రామిక వేత్తల నుంచి కోట్లు దండుకున్నారని ఆయన తెలిపారు. తెలంగాణ ఉద్యమంలో నక్సలైట్లు ఉన్నారని ఆయన స్పష్టం చేశారు. మహారాష్ట్రలో శివసేనలాగ రాష్ట్రాంలో టీఆర్ఎస్ ఉందని ఆయన మండిపడ్డారు.

  40. GK says:

    Listen to what people of Bhadrachalam are saying…


    If they go with SA then it will very difficult for their education, employment as they will find it difficult to find a place in the highly competitive student population in SA. Also their survival will become tedious because of geography…

    • VK says:

      Yes, we should listen to Bhadrachalam people and on that basis we should also listen to what SA (and silent majority from telangana) people are saying about AP bifurcation.

      • Kiran says:

        Age old practice of people who fundamentally lack principles and believe in nothing other than what suits their present convenience.Just pick n choose. They will rape everything including telangana as credibility is essential for social development

        • P. Rao says:

          @Kiran, you are correct. When it comes to Bhadrachalam issue, the t-vaadis turn around and say the same things that they blamed the SA people all along.  This shows the t-vaadis have no principles and no shame. Once in power they will bankrupt Telangana and come after the Andhras again.

          • Kiran says:

            These people seem  to be planning for next 5 or 10 years – when they can profit from hyd as much as they can. whereas states or countries usually live for decades at a minimum and centuries as norm. I think you are right – they are likely to bankrupt telangana pretty soon.

      • telugodo says:

        maaramdi baabu dayachesi maaramdi

        gk is telling the obviouis feeling of telamgana jaati

        yes we are inferior and cannot compete with andhras

        this is the reality these people did not mature even after 60 years of association with india and andhras

        telamgana jati medhavulu paristi idi

        chukka ramayya: CM said Naxalism may return to both states after division this great scholor interprets it as CM blamed telangana jati

        madabhashi sreedhar: eeyanaku law university lo pedda post unnattumdi lawyer kaani constitutionloni articles chadavadam raadu 371D savarana chaala chinnadi addu kaane kaadu annadu. Attorney general of India clarified to GoM that division can be done only after repealing 371D. deeniki imkochema prahasanam umdi lemdi aa sinimaa kooda tvaralo bayataku vastumdi


        mlc naageswar: gata remdu nelalugaa eeyana goppa telamgana vaadi ayipoyaadu amtakumdu ekkadaa telamgana ki jai kottaledu sare eeyanagaaru bhadrachalam meeda comment polavaram kadite bhadraardi munigi potumdi kaabatti bhadraadri telamganalo umdaatala aite mari CWC teeramaanamu emavutumdata? bhadraadri ivvakumdaa polavaram kattakumdaa aa projectku jaatiaya hodaa istaaraa? silaa saasanalalo lines amta easygaa cherigi potaayaa leka sila saasanaalu maarchi raastaara!


        naa maata vinamdi ilaamti medhavulato manaku unna kaasta matikoodaa dobbuddi

        mana jaatini mana sakthi koddi kaapaadukumdaam

        aa padi jillaala jaati manadi kaadu

        nijaaniki prapamchamlo imka koti paigaa telugu jaati umdi

        manadi opika unnamta varaku kashta pade jaati

        we are ants alliance with grasshoppers only destroys us

  41. VK says:

    AG Vahanvati's report to GoM on Article 371D

    Attorney General Vahanvati's was told to the GoM that for Telangana state to be created, Parliament would have to pass a constitutional amendment.

    • telugodo says:

      emee vaddu ordinanceto chesoyacchu

      60 ella taddinam chaalu

      • VK says:

        You may be happy to separate with Loter and Cheater tags but neither me nor the majority in SA prepared to agree for the separation with that kind of tags. As we discussed before, the so called development took place only Hyd and hence the separation has to wait until the rest of AP develop.

        • ram says:

          @VK. Vizag, Vijayawada, Guntur, Baptla, Chirala, Tirupathi, Nellore, Kadapa are the real estate prices are same as earlier Or were they hiked? Do you want same land price of Gacchibowli accross AP then it would be communist system which is not possible in this country.  SA is developed pretty good than Telangana. Anyway, if NOT developed then how would you be developed in United State if all the focus is on HYD ? Do you want funds for SA Development or Just HYD for your politician illegal assets ? 

          • VK says:

            Asking for status quo is not indication for supporting any politician whereas asking for the separation is supporting politicians like Dubai sekhar.

            • The learned advocate general (as well as senior advocates appearing in related litigation) would be well advised to study the high court judgment in PV Krishnaiah's PIL. Some excerpts:

              "The petitioner submits that in the event the State is bifurcated in exercise of power of Article 3 of the Constitution of India, then the object as enshrined in Article 371D will be frustrated and rendered nugatory. We *do not find any merit* in this submission".
              "The petitioner then argued that so long as Article 371-D is in force, no steps can be taken under Article 3 of the Constitution for forming a new State. Such argument is *absolutely absurd*. As we have already indicated that Article 3 operates in one particular field and this power is *originally given* by the framers of the Constitution to the Parliament by the Constituent Assembly and such power *cannot be abrogated or cannot be put on hold* at the instance of any citizen of India. Accordingly, we are unable to accept this contention that operation of Article 3 will remain suspended so long as Article 371-D is in force and is not amended. It is *an absurd proposition* suggested by the petitioner".

              • PavanR says:

                I think the question is not only whether 371D is an obstacle for bifurcation. Assuming that it is not, What will be the fate of 371D in case of bifurfaction since it is specific to Andhra Pradesh? In case it continues to be valid for the residual state of AP (by virtue of retaining the name "Andhra Prasesh"), wouldnt the backward districts of Telangana (viz. Adilabad, Karimnagar, Mahabubnagar) be losing badly to their highly competetive counterparts from Hyd, RR, WG districts? Couldnt see the Pro T organizations addressing this anywhere.

  42. GK says:

    Looks like the new SA assembly will decide the capital for the residual state.

  43. GK says:

    Hi Chakravarthy,

    Wondering why the two stops in Nagpur and Bhopal were selected, because Nagpur is in the middle of a separate state demand and Bhopal already conceded one….in what they will justify the united stand???? Or were they just rest stops on the way to Delhi?



    • Chandra says:

      GK, Your claim that Telangana people are inherently incompetent is just insulting Telangana people.

      Let me consider your statement as a fact for a moment and analyze this. Suppose you accept that you are a mediocre guy and another commentator here Ram, another mediocre telanganite (Accd to you not me). You both form a mediocre state, then how you both will uplift each other, as both of u r clueless about the world?  Dont you guys need some help?

      If tribals want separate state thats fine. But it will be a failed state.

      Telangana separatists have become an embarassment for Telangana Telugus. Please stop this nonsense demand atleast now.

      • ram says:

        @Chandra AP is a failed state and your and our counter arguments are precise proofs for any third party. Unless you and both concur on any issue – Don't feel you are in a Good State and we are United.  As long as feeling of Telagana and Andhra Sustain….it will be failed state and reason for failure is 100% SA People by NOT accepting Telangana culture and dominating their cutlure in T Region. People like you many args…it does not matter. Atleast we are mediocreYOU proved to be waste Guy.

        • VK says:

          According to your logic Maharashtra should be a failed state because of Vidarbha issue, KN because of Belgaum and Kodugu, WB due to Ghoorkhaland, Gujarat because of sourashtra, Assam due to bodoland, UP because of harithapradesh etc. Does this mean India is a failed country due to so many failed states. Then Kashmir or any other state has a point in asking for the separation on the basis that India is a failed country.

          However, in reality AP did very well in non-congress rule and Congress destroyed development in AP by playing polical games with AP people. Your comments clearly illustrate what kind of guy you are and hence there is no need to reiterate it here.

          • ram says:

            @VK – You are 100% aganist Congress but not aganist Division of State. Your Motto for TDP and you are lying here.  Every State what ever you mentiond is a failed state if the people of the state is engaged. Any Doubts ? Country or State should engage people and if not result will be like Egypt.For that matter India is NOT a failed Country but few states are FAILED states and people like you are anti-national.

            • VK says:

              India is made up of states, so comment against states is against India and therefore you are anti-national and not me.

              • ram says:

                India is NOT only made up of States but also with UTs… First know about India  then you can talk of State Bifurication. The way you are Insulting and Questioning of Union Govt. Says YOU are Anti-National and Not for me for accepting the Authority of Union Govt.

                • VK says:

                  I know better than you about India, which composed of states doesn't mean there are no UTs.

                  All political parties, including BJP, question Union Govt. on daily basis. Does this mean all political are anti-national? Indira Gandhi disagreed with AP bifurcation but telangana politicans are agitating against the IG govt. decision, does this mean all people, including you, who asking telangana are antin-nationals. So please thing before writing rubbish.

              • ram says:

                Your SA arrogance is displayed by saying you know more than us ? This is attitude which not digestable by T people…aahamkaram…NO politeness….Political Parties are Questioning and NOT individuals ….You are not same as a Party. As an Individual you have bow infront of Union Govt.

                • VK says:

                  What the heck you are talking. You questioned whether I know India and I replied to it. You and not me behaving here like Mr know it all, so you lack those adjectives and not me.

          • ram says:

            if the people is NOT* engaged then its failed state

            • VK says:

              You are right, majority people opinion have not been taken into consideration by Congress govt. at the centre regarding AP bifurcation. Therefore AP bifurcation will leads to two failed states and hence the opposition for AP bifurcation by people with average intelligence.  

              • ram says:

                Home Minstry of this Country has taken 3 times opinions from AP Political Parties in 3 years… It has spent crores with SK Comitte to get opinon from all stakeholders… Majority said YES for T and then CWC said YES. You are sleeping and feeling SUN did not arrived.

                • VK says:

                  Yes, all stakeholders opinion taken by the SKC and hence the decision on AP bifurcation should be based on the report. The SKC report recommended 6th option (i.e keeping AP intact by introducing some regional councils). If majority said yes to telangana, why congress high command worrying to send the resolution on telangana to AP assembly?

                • ram says:

                  There are 5 other Options given. Union govt has a choice to select from 6 and outside from 6 …. You need to tell your issues and NOT jealsory and cruelty on other Region….How many of SA people are telling Lets Develop Backward districst of T Region… How many of SA illegal job holders left volunterly to empower T for their Legitimate Jobs… Do you think Union Govt is obesrving this ?

              • VK says:


                Stick the issue, you raised the SKC report so I mentioned that if the Central govt. is really serious about the SKC report, then it has to follow the best option (which is 6th option) in the report. If not, the centre has to explain why it is not following the best option before chosing the options.

                There under developed regions in all three regions. Unlike you, we want the govt. focus on developing under developed regions in all three regions. We already discussed about job violations several times. One of the main problems with people like you is the half knowledge, which is more dangerous than no knowledge. According to Griglani commission, most of zonal violations took place in 6th zone and the violators are from 5th zone. In case if you don't know both zones 5 and 6 in telangana. Moreover the so called job violations are within 20% sealing allowed by 6 point formula. Please go and read update your knowledge before start uttering same old and unfounded accusations.

                • ram says:

                  Crap… NOT convincing … atleast I have half kowledge which is no harm but you have cooked knowledge which is poisoness…better you check .. .Recently, Ashok Babu Accepted there were voilation in Zone 6 .There are no Voilations in Andhra Zones !!! Isn't embarssing ? Girglani Report is Displayed in APNGO strike no need read any doc. You mean say that 6 Point Formula gave a quota to voilate ? Isn't funny VK ? SKC mentioned its BEST Option to them is their Opinion NOT a Mandate to Republic of India. Parliament, Central Govt. Policies in Parliament are Mandate. Parlamanent has vast knowlege than any Committee…

                • VK says:

                  I am sorry I failed to understand what your are saying here. I said the majority violations are in zone 6 (due to Hyd) and you are saying the same but opposing what I said for the sake. Moreover the majority violations in zone 6 are by zone 5 employees and also there are no violations in zone 5. Doesn't they make you embarassed to make false allegations that jobs in telangana were taken by SA people? Please read before writing the so called crap. You said "It has spent crores with SK Comitte to get opinon from all stakeholders… ". Then I said if it were the case, then why don't central govt. take decision based on the SKC report? Now you are saying there is no need by Central govt. to follow the SKC report. If it were the case, why didn't central govt. constituted the SKC in the first place and ask it to take all stake holders opinion in AP.

        • KKM says:

          for gods sake Ram.. can you please tell me… what is T culture that is tangintilly different from culture across your district border. And tell me how is your culture supressed.. I always had feeling that the telugus in toto is being hijacked to north.. I have written this many times earlier.. I have seen sea changes in last 10 years regarding the way we perform our religous and cultural programs..

          Our festical names are changing( no one wihsed me happy deepavali this year.. every one wished me only happy diwali. I am sure no one will wish me happy sankranthi.. they will only wish me happy Pongal.. The name of very own T festival Dasar is changed to Dushera. Your very own vinayaka needs "ganapati bapa moriya" in every pandal.

          I am crying out to see even the wedding celebrations are changed…no more telugu way of wedding ceremonials…we started having mehindi, sangeet , baraat etc.,

          Our deiy we call with love "ammavaru" is now fading and replaced with "mata di"

          It is our culture and language we loosing in toto.. not just T culture.. I am emabarassed to listen to telugu version of anoucement of at Hydreabad airport..they think Karmachari(which means employeee)  is telugu word, they also think suraksha(security) is telugu word (as against bhadrata)

          We are losing our charm Ram,,Never do you say again that you dont owe to Telugu for some silly and one sided reasons.. A language born when jesus christ was born..  a language that stronger literary base than next only to Tamil(not even Hindi) in indian languges. OUr sathavadhanam is literary feet that no other language could dare to..

          I am sure you will open up to respect the greatness of our language. There 64 crores of Indian to transfer Hindi to next generations, But there are only 8 crores of Telugu to package this pride to our posterity.

          • P. Rao says:

            @KKM.  You are correct for your concern for Telugu culture.  A local language acts as a protective cover from other ethnic groups from flooding the area in large numbers.  The Northerners will try to fill the vacuum created by the departing Andhras in case of state division.  It is very convenient for North Indians to colonize Telangana area due to prevalence of Hindi/Urdu there. The T-vaadis are unknowingly paving the way for it. They are very concerned about the presence of coastal people among them, but they somehow think it is ok if Northerners take their place.  The Center's full support for the T-movement all along is part of the overall plan to occupy South by the North. The relatively small state of Telangana will be overrun by more northern immigrants from the Hindi belt.  We will have a northern state in the geographical south. The undercurrents of Aryan domination from north on the Dravidian south is easy to recognize.  No one should mistake this as prejudicial thinking.  The thing is, coastal and Telangana people are two hands of the same body politic, one is not an outsider to the other. That is what one jati means.  The coastals and T-people should learn to identify with each other and realize their close fraternity for their own good. 

            • ram says:

              If you are From SA pls respect T culture and start celebrating our festivals and start speaking in Telangana slang… then that will 1% confidence that you are for betterment of people other than what ever you say everthing is to cheat us again.

              • KKM says:

                Ram, Whose slang should I speak. The KarimNagar Brahhim slang or Narayankhed slang or Miryalaguda slang or slang of Khammam ??????

                What are your festivals different from rest of Andhra or even INdia????

                Why have you reached to the point of Self pity? Who is cheating you? Dont you think you need some counselling? And for gods sake tell me..why do you think that I should speak telangana slang leaving aside the slang that is touight to me by my mother and my family? is it inferioriy complex or superiority complex?

                If we have to show that we are indian, should we only speak in HIndi? That is the rule you want to bring in asking or People in T speak T slang.


          • ram says:

            Never Never Never, you guys will realize the Some Other is Better than us and that is the reason Tamil Movies has lot of creativity than Telugu Movies….I belong to Nalgonda and My Border Dist is Krishna and Guntur. We celebrate Batukamma and they dont and they celebrate attlataddi and we dont … we have maisamma festivals and they dont and after Hyderbad Bonalu almost month later we celebrate similar festival and they dont….."THEY TREAT US BORDER GUYS AND NOT OUR GUYS"….. Telugu Marriage is same and SAngeet wangeet is only in HYD for few Rich folks and normal people did not changed. I can never understand the reason why speaking lang is differnent than book language… I dont say any kind of such language is NOT great.  I still, feel Telanganite becuase I have a RESPECT than TELUGU

            • VK says:

              Please come back when you are sober to write something sensible. You failed to understand there is no homogenity in celebrating festivals in all three regions. Not everyone in telangana celebrantes Bathukamma and similarly not everyone in SA celebrate attlataddi and undrlataddi. Marriages some sects take place in groom place whereas at bride place in other sects, which is same in all three regions. I grow up Gowda's neibhrohood in SA, marriages take place at groom place in Gowda community (I guess it is same in telangana) and at bride place in our community in either SA or telangana. So don't try to magnify microscopic differences. Also I failed to understand what these microscopic differences go to with telugu unity.

              • ram says:

                I think you read a line and not a context. I am replying to above question saying that BRODER dists dont have same cutlure… How ever you did not condemmeed or supported differnces I said…you were Just saying in arrogance that my post is NOT sensible… I think you should first understand Arrongance is the mail problem of division… I can write 1000 time arrongant words but that does show the harmony and culture of Telangana People….

                • VK says:

                  Why would anyone condemn differences, which make us humans differ from animals. It is very clear from our comments here who is arrogant. You are the one bringing unrelated or microscopic differences as the reasons for division whereas people with average intelligence would oppose the divison based on the microscopic differences you mentioned.

            • KKM says:

              Ram, What made you to bring in Tamil creatvity here. I sincrely feel it is out context.  I have seen some T vaadis suddenly becoming fondly brothers to Tamils than their own telugus. KCR went on to saying " Andhrollu kiri kiri mana tamila tambila meeda ka choopindru. Madras maade ani eelllu lolli chesinru".

              Everybody in crow clapped at his speech and went besmirk. I am surpised, KCR convinietly forgot. at the same same time Tamils Claimed Tirupathi as part of TN, and KCR did not see them as kiri kiri gallu and nor did any one from crowd.

              This Aswathma Hathaha Kunjaraha type of lies by KCR and his group everyobdy develop needless detest against SA like the way you have developed.

              Even you were not able to tell more than one cultural different (saving so called batukamma celebration). It is not just u even so called chairman of T Jagruthi can not tell that. It is proved by her constant show of only bonalu and batukamma and nothing else T culture. Please go and educate her about distinctness of T culture if you know more than she knows.

              The other mysamma and all are various names given to ammavaru whose name differs from village to village leave alone region to region. They are mysamma in srikakulam to Nellore to anathpur.

              Comging to slang, Can you ask tamils, why their news paper and channels use slang of Cuddalore or tiruchi? why are they using neutralised slang..if Tamils ( becuase T vaadis consider them as very genuine and creative race) neutralizatio of language is  is oK to you why is neutiralised slang in Andhra pradesh not OK to you. After in our media we dont use any specific slang of EG or Srikakulam.  If you expect a T slang in media and academic publications then, what should a person EG do? should he also revolt like you for thier slang?

              Lately another Politician starting talking about giving 2 TMC more to Chennai out of telugu ganga project as he claims that, SA people have cheated Tamils by not fully giving water to chennai.I am sure he knows how much TMC of water has been proposed to TN under Telugu ganga project before he made that remark. And same politician would have conviniently forgotten that the Tamil lobby was strongly agianst any sinle unit allocatin to AP from its Kudankulam project where as Karntaka and keral got decent allocations and obviously TN got more than 50% of currently installed capacity.

              All movies in India are same saving some shade here and there. Robo is a super duper success where asn Krish3 is a box office distaer. If you are genunie movie critic what makes Robo sucessful film and Krish a disaster. Poeple like U suddenly might want to say it is Rajanis acting, sankars direction or so called Tamil creativity or graphics etc., Krish has equally good direction, technques or graphics. The only diffeerence is  promoter were able to sell robo better than Kirsh (tamils in our company in hdyerabad sold tickests to us at Rs.500 and constanly canvassed and made it a point to bring the film into discussion in every huddle and gathering)

              Song like Kalaveri di becomes a smashing hit. Sit down relax and think..should Kalaveri be such big hit??? should it get that much aplaud and hype from media?  Imagine you wouild have heard that sone for first time even before any one would have told about it or before internet or media hype..I am sure people like me would simply ignore to hear it second time. It is 'WE and only WE'  who should decide to make some one a celebrity or a hero . If you ignore them they are zeros. If you want to fall for media hype then you make them big hits and celebrities.So dude it s media hype that kills any Rationale and logic…..these days take it granted. Fortunately Tamils chose to ignore everything however good other part of film industry is.

              Infact we recognize Tamil creativty much more than tamil industry recognizing our creativity


  44. ram says:

    if the people is NOT* engaged then its failed state

    • Kiran says:

      This is not some bullsh*t namasthe telangana where you can bluff what you want and get away with it. "not engaged" should translate to something economically and socially and must be proved. T is very highly engaged with ap state when it comes to paying taxes, recieving funds, getting themsevles justice from judiciary …taking full advantage of govt schemes. even t sepratists are fully engaged getting themselves elected to ap assembly and at a private level many have high levels of business dealings.

      Words have some meaning here.

      • ram says:

        Its proved "many" times.. T people are NOT engaged in this United AP. CM, Speaker, PCC, Finance Minister is from SA and all Deputy posts are for T. Is this engagement ? CM in assembly announced he would not give single paisa for Telangana ? Is this engagement ? Chittor has got 7500 crores for water and nalgonda is ignored ? Is this engagement ? TDP, Congress, YSR said they are for T before election and against after elections ? Is this engagement ? What are you taking is utter base-less. Ecnomonically all SA companies has SA guys very limited for T people and there is NO single T person elected from SA Region and SA Region Guy got elected only in Kukatpally with SA votes — ? Is this engagement ? BullShit…SA people live in their own world and T people also ? None exchanges their culture ? Onam in kerela is celebrated by all people as state festival ? Karanataka has a seperate state flag ? Tamilnadu made neturalized slangs …How come you T and SA is engaged ? Dont show workarounds just show the real truth ? 

        • KKM says:

          Ram..I think you belong to 20 to 30s group influenced by happenings in last 10 years. There were days when districsts like Medak were given all APIIC ventures and have been made Industrials Hubs. PVNR got elected from nandyal

          what do you mean by Nutralisation of slang???you mean in Assembly and other public forums. Dont you think we also have it?  The news channels and Radio new has a neutralised verion.. they neither speak in Srikakulam slang or EG slang or Nellore slang or Kadapa slang or Adilabad slang or Nalgonga slang( :) Ihope slang differences exist even with in T) have u not observed it???

          Please wath in T assembly.. mla from Madurai does not speak the same slang as mla from cuddalore..) .

          in what way are u telling TN has neutralised slang

          • ram says:

            Its proved "many" times.. T people are NOT engaged in this United AP. CM, Speaker, PCC, Finance Minister is from SA and all Deputy posts are for T. Is this engagement ? CM in assembly announced he would not give single paisa for Telangana ? Is this engagement ? Chittor has got 7500 crores for water and nalgonda is ignored ? Is this engagement ? TDP, Congress, YSR said they are for T before election and against after elections ? Is this engagement ? What are you taking is utter base-less. Ecnomonically all SA companies has SA guys very limited for T people and there is NO single T person elected from SA Region and SA Region Guy got elected only in Kukatpally with SA votes — ? Is this engagement ? BullShit…SA people live in their own world and T people also ? None exchanges their culture ? Onam in kerela is celebrated by all people as state festival ? Karanataka has a seperate state flag ? Tamilnadu made neturalized slangs …How come you T and SA is engaged ? Dont show workarounds just show the real truth ? 

            • VK says:

              CM, Speaker, PCC, Finance Minister are from SA, who installed by the Congress that is in power at the centre. You said in one of your comment that anyone who questions central govt. is antinational. So are you antinational to question central govt?

              The rest is already discussed in other comments.

              • ram says:

                Its not a question … It is the attitude and discriminatoin and NO-BrotherHood feeling of SA people for T People…It says there is NO Inclusiveness.. I did not Questioned Union Govt.. I am reply the statement of Engagement of T people in ths AP. Just for winning the argumument dont try to tweak words..It will NOT yeild anything.

                • VK says:

                  If it is descriminated, then the congress high command is responsible for it. Because of all most all Congress CMs and others political leaders are installed through sealed cover. You are the one who trying to twist words, bringing unrealted issues into the discussion and using words anti-nationals etc for opposing AP bifurcation.

                • KKM says:

                  What makes you feel, rest of Indian have so much of naive brotherhood feeling towards of T that SA people are not having on you. What makes you so much Fall for feeling of Indianness ( what did India give u that SA deprived you) that you guys will detest SA so much and embrace Marathis and Tamils or Marwaris or other rest of Indians so much.

                  If you open up and see, it is rest of India who grabbed every single opportuntity for T and not SA.

            • KKM says:

              why do you convienetly choose points in your favour. Did you forget PCC post has been held by T people for the past 10 years before Botsa.  Suresh Reddy(nizambad) has been speaker beofre manohar. Sabitha has been for Home. Infact home has been held more by T people than SA people. Moreover coming to CM tell me……………….

              Do you think T pople did not know that they are going to see NTR and CBN as chief minsiters when they voted overhelmingly for Telugudesam. Does it not mean that they CHOSE them and NOT COMPELLED TO SEE THEM AS CMS. When they voted for congress in 2004 didn't they know they are voting for Rajsekhar reddy as CM. what fould are trying to cry here Ram?

              Every T vaadi says CMs have been from SA. Why do you guys forget the fact that you chose them. During earlier regime of congress, you haad some fair share by having Jalgam, Chenna Reddy ,ananjaiah , pVNR though some of them are not full term 5 years. Again it is not fault of SA people. It is Congress high command politics.

              If T People were so much worried about T people not occupying CM position, if it is one of biggest contetion of cheating by T vaadis like you, people of your earlier generations did not think so biased liek you did. They got NTR into power on thier own and saw happily that patel and patwari system got abolished. They Bought CBN into power to learn what is developement all about.

              People like you should now cry that, we have not got fair share of uniton minstries for last 60 years or central governmnets for past 60 years. Why is cry of foul limted to SA agression only?

  45. Kiran says:

    People who have no respect to an entire region claim to be nationalists. some cheek they got. They cant respect someone with same language caste and sharing the same state for 60 years but when it comes to nation their chests gets puffed and become hyper patriots. Only a fool will believe in their patriotism. All they seek is handouts from the nation and the state.

  46. P. Rao says:

    Do people still believe that the Nehru-Maino-Gandhi dynasty decided to split Andhra Pradesh for the 17 Lok Sabha seats in Telangana region? My elementary school arithmetic says 25 seats in SeemAndhra is more than 17 in Telangana.  The dynastic bosses should be trying to befriend the 25 seats region than the 17 seats region if they are interested in numbers.  They will even get some bonus Loksabha seats in the 4 districts in the region around Hyderabad if they are allied with SA people.  So what gives? Everybody knows a vote for YSRCP is a vote for Congress. People in SA will be voting for independents or TDP in 2014.  The imperial N-M-G dynasty people also know the arithmetic that I know, 25 seats >17 seats. :)   We should look for the real reason for AP bifurcation somewhere else.

    • ram says:

      @PRao Please explain this to Kiran..when 25 > 17, why would they chose 17 ? Simple, you wanted UNited AP but you will not vote for congress and you VOTE for Jagan  & TDP who are opponents for Congress.. IN recent YSR bi-elections the message is clerly given if Congress wins you have will AP but still SA people ignored went in for their choices … this proved Division is not a poltiical vote factor for SA people.

      • PavanR says:

        I guess you are missing the point here. Congress is very sure that without bifurcation they are going to draw a near zero in the state. With bifurcation they thought TRS will merge and they will make it around 14-15 in Telangana region(state)… in AP (residual) they were going to be zero anyways … So it was a calcultion of 14 against near zero. Hence I dont think it was a consideration of 25 > 17 but it was a consideration of 14 > near zero that kicked off this bifurcation process. In case the YSRCP + jagan bail agreements are indeed true (appears so prima facie) they wanted to achieve some seats in the residual AP also through Jagan. That way a win win situation all the way for congress at the same time making a mockery of all the remaining parties. The game will turn interesting once the bifurcation actually goes through and if both KCR and Jagan turn towards Modi (not a improbable possibility though) .

        Net net this is a bifurcation for seats. They wanted to show that they are the ones who brought the T state (ichedi meme techedi meme)  hence all the confusion and behind the door introducing of cabinet note and I am sure the GOM will finalize the bill today inspite of the rants by the home minister to the contrary.

        The way this is being done, this is not good for the Telangana people also … For Seemandhra folks, they already have a third cyclone in the offing this year … left to fate and god…. ;)

    • telugodo says:

      mee peru paddati chooste pedda vaaralle unnaaru kaabatti mumdugaane kshamaapanalu emaina tappuga amte

      I assume you are in Hyderabad and had long association with Telangana jati
      naturally you are Moulded with Knowledge as your telangana friend ram claimed 
      unfortunately your Muolding is far from ground reality just like your telangana friends
      sitting in hyderabad you are guessing too much about us
      sorry but meeku mee telamgana sodarula laagaa oohallo batakadam alavaatu ayyimdi
      you became rather armchair analyst

      first and foremost we are fed up with this nuisance of agitation every 10 20 years
      we lost a lot far more than your telangana friends claim

      politics in our region is different from your region
      your region has no leader 
      almost every MLA/MP needs a party symbol to win, congress, TDP or TRS
      take the case of kadiam srihari after losing twice to rajaiah he joined the same party hoping to win on that party 
      whereas dadi jumped as a protest for not giving MLC 
      in last 75 years (including pre-independence era) andhra politics are different
      starting with prakasm andhra politicians always rebelled against congress both while in and out
      sanjeeva reddy, kbr, ysr and now kiran
      this is primarily based on thier own strength in politics rather than party support
      there are many leaders capable of winning purely on local factors including caste
      grouping is even more bigger factor that dents chances of an organized party

      division or no division congress will win at least 7 out of 25 seats in our region
      it has successfully engineered caste divisions now kapu-bc-minorty combo is congress strength
      it may lose royala seema completely but can retain five districts of north andhra
      it still has good chances in krishna, guntur and prakasam

      if division is not done it may get another 3-4 seats
      with division it always has the comfortable ally trs


      • ram says:

        @Telugodu "sorry but meeku mee telamgana sodarula laagaa oohallo batakadam alavaatu ayyimdiyou became rather armchair analyst" … If this feeling of T people change your ID to "Andhrodu".

      • ram says:

        Damodar Reddy Won as Independent, Motkupalli WON as Independent, Nagan Won as Independent and We Lanched TRS with GUTS …and Many More..People Organizations …. Its the other way around buddy… Telangana  has TRS, MIM, TDP, Congress, Loksatta, CPM and CPI and Andhra has Congres, TDP and now YSRCP. SA leaders are NOT able to come out of legacy parties and NO courage for lanching a Party atleast NOW ? If you dont need a party, when dont SA leaders Launch a party for United AP ? YOu Guys Never Revolted aganist Congress ? How many SA Central Ministers are aganist ? How Many State Congress Leaders from SA Revolted ? Its Just your dream and your feeling but as per the standards of Community ? 

        • ram says:

          Telangana has BJP aswell and SA dont have any BJP Presence ? Its an illusion you are living that you can manager with caste ? In the Recent YSRCP BiElections Pattipadu Constituency in Guntur with 90% TDP Community Voted for YSRCP ? What happened to your caste ? Chiru lost in his home place and prominent Kapu location ? where is your caste ? 

  47. Chandra says:

    PavanR says:

    November 21, 2013 at 7:27 am" be losing badly to their highly competetive counterparts from Hyd, RR, WG districts"

    It has always been like that only. Whenever T separatists from KNR WGL, or NZB want to show backwardness of T, they immediately show Mehboobnagar and flourosys in Nalgonda, but did nothing for those districts.

    KCR can never answer why Pochampad was constructed on godavari for catering to North T and expanding irrigation facilities in NZB,KNR but drought ridden Mehboobnagar was neglected in lobbying for Krishna.

    They can never answer why domestic consumption of electricity (Accd to TElec JAC) Mehboobnagar is almost 40% lower than KNR or WGL.

    If you look at cities of KNR or WGL and compare with nalgonda or MBNR you will see how much discripancy in the development.  They never bothered to question why such huge economic disparity exists and 50 year negligence of those poor districts of Telangana by developed dists of T.

    SKC said rich and poor difference in T is the highest in in entire AP.

    Bottom line is if 371D is nullified by Article 3 then within Telangana there will be major fight between developed and underdeveloped districts of T and constant agitations about violations in education and jobs and throwing the well develped Hyd under the bus for their idiocracy. Already TRS says entire T will be one zone. And they want us to give away Hyd for these morons.

    • GK says:

      After separation SA people or politicians do not need to worry about T and same with T people or politicians….cyclones impact SA the most…electricity is more needed by T farmers…this is one example there are many that  both regions can progress with their interests as the primary agenda which was not possible in united state…

      • PavanR says:

        Not that SA people are worried about what T politicians do and what they will not. When SA people are being accused of looting oppurtunities and jobs inspite of the safe guards under 371D, we are just curious to know how the visionary T separatists would be addressing it once if it actually gets divided and you no longer have the safeguards provided under 371D.

        It is easy to conveniently push the issues under the carpet through a sweeping statement like the above. It is difficult to face the issue and resolve it and on the same lines it is difficult to keep getting branded as looters without much truth (mind you … SKC established this) but it is very easy to be on the side that keeps making allegations. This is the reason I mentioned the way this is being done, this is not good for the Telangana people also.

        I tend to agree a bit with you on the "both regions can progress with their interests as primary agenda" but we dont think anything great can be achieved in a divided entity that cannot be achieved in a combined state..as Mr. Chandra pointed out above if the well off parts of T state start descriminating with the backward areas what would be the fate of T state itself? Not my problem as you pointed out … but try  to face it if you can… now itself

        • GK says:

          The discrimination within T will not going to be like what it is between T and SA…

          SA people either deny and/or will never understand why…

          • VK says:

            You are denying the descrimination within telangana (dora culture). So you are no different from SA people.

          • PavanR says:

            One more sweeping statement. So you decided to push this issue under the carpet. 

            Let me give you one anology. Lets say once T state forms and some 200 posts come up for recruitment in revenue dept and the posts are evenly spread across the state. When they conduct written test + interview, the top 200 ranks are people from Hyderabad city itself (not possible? why not.. with all the educational facilities and central institutions that the Seemandhra looters facilitated), without 371D you will be forced to recruit all those 200 people from Hyderabad itself. With 371D, atleast a  few of them would have gone to other districts. But then You are right.. this is a different kind of descrimination…earlier atleast a few people from the districts used to get benefited .. now it will be straight forward descrimination from the well off… only we are saying that it may lead to much more resentment than what you are seeing now and in our opinion if the division is inevitable… face it now rather than waiting for the inevitable to happen. Ask KCR if possible on what basis did he say that entire T is going to be one zone when SKC established that the disparities are much higher in Telangana and what is the solution if we really get into such issues. 

            Our SA leaders kept on pushing the separate state demand under the carpet all these years so we are in this situation now. Just wanted to say you may get into a similar situation if you keep pushing things under the carpet. Not my wish but just a warning. We have gone through the pain of being called looters, bhaago etc… I cannot wish the same things to anyone … not even my Telangana brothers.Already we have seen one blogger on the same forum claiming they will start agitation to merge Adilabad and Nizamabad in to MH post T formation. 

            Jobs, I feel is just the beginning… As you keep assessing the other areas you keep encountering more and more issues. I reiterate, this is the reason I mentioned in one of my earlier posts "The way this is being done, this is not good for the Telangana people also". SKC gave clear guidelines on what needs to be done if option 5 is adopted, the question is how much is it followed? not even 1% if you ask me!!!!

            • ram says:

              @PavanR – You are so sensible and appreciate your points … can you pose some issues of concerns for SA region post bifurication … Would be intrested to see their problems as well becuase you have great depth into Telangana Problems

              • VK says:

                There will also be concerns in SA region post bifurcation. So AP bifurcaiton will create more problems than those existed now in all three regions of AP and hence the opposition to AP bifurcation by the mojority in AP.

              • PavanR says:

                Problems in SA in my opinion would be humongous. To name a few
                1. No IT hub/carridor, no major revenue generator means it will get started as as a financiall sick state with loans proportionate to the population heaped upon it.
                2. Loss of a developed capital city. All talk of packages being announced 
                    for building a new capital is all eyewash. Nothing will come. Much of the resouces it could muster would be spent on building the capital which is a waste.
                3. 900+ Kms of coastline is more a bane than boon… Look at the cyclones 
                    and floods faced this year. With Telangana gone, you will not have any
                    land left that is not prone to floods/cyclones  (fron Srikakulam until     Guntur)and for Nellore and Prakasam, you have Rayalaseema. In combined
                    state itself you have so many issues on water to  Rayalaseema… Less said the 
                    better post bifurcation. what does that tell you? In years like this, SA needs to      go begging even for food!!!
                4. We are sure Polavaram will never get built. If not CH and Odisha, T will     ensure that it will not get going. 

                And many more… What is the solution we have for these… nothing other than
                staying united and thats what we are saying all along.now dont tell us that
                staying united means T having to bear the liability of SA burden… there were
                lot of instances on this same blog  when the advantages of staying together 
                were discussed.

                 Not that the other bloggers on this forum didnt tell all these things and more earlier, I felt there was a bit of sarcasm in the way you appreciated my sight into T issues  so I had to ponder upon what could go wrong in SA as well.

                I felt one 
                 angle of 371D's fate was conveniently being ignored and could prove to be a 
                time bomb so tried highlighting it. If it is something to be pushed under the carpet.. please go ahead and do so…


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