OCCUPY DELHI: Nov 6th – Nov 9th

In today’s world, linguistic nations are common. Italy, France, Greece, Japan and many other countries around the world have formed on a linguistic basis. When the Soviet Union disintegrated, it broke apart along linguistic lines. Unlike much of the world, India is a unique experiment. Our country has people speaking many different languages, cultures, food habits, and lifestyles.

During India’s freedom struggle, when the desire for linguistic identity emerged on the Indian sub-continent, Mahatma Gandhi chose to solve this problem by agreeing to the formation of linguistic states. In 1938, he wrote: “I have always aimed at redistribution of Provinces on a linguistic basis. The cue was taken from the Andhra movement. I should therefore be more than glad if Andhra could have its status as a Province recognised even now.”

                Today, credible surveys done by Nielsen and CNN show that more than 70% of the people in Andhra Pradesh are against the division of the state. Decades of separatist propaganda claiming under development, deprived political power, lack of opportunities, stolen government jobs, violation of agreements have all been conclusively proven wrong. The study done by Justice Srikrishna Committee has shown that almost all the separatist allegations are untrue. The Committee also showed that, since the formation of the state, Telangana region has developed the most when compared to the other two regions of the state.

  • A large majority of the people in Andhra Pradesh are against division. Then, why is the UPA going forward with this undemocratic division?
  • Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) fighting for a separate state has 17 MLAs in an assembly of 294 members. Why is UPA yielding to their demand?
  • When almost all the allegations of separatists are proven false- why is the UPA adamant about dividing the state?
  • Is it right to divide a large state like Andhra Pradesh to gain a few seats in the upcoming general elections? Won’t this “divide and rule” policy dangerous to India’s unity?
  • Anthony committee was appointed to receive feedback on the division process. Why is the central government not waiting for the report and instead rushing to divide the state?
  • Group of Ministers have refused to come to A.P. and seek public opinion. They are asking people of Andhra Pradesh to give their input via emails. Does the government expect farmers, weavers, fishermen, and laborers to write in English and send their views via email? Is this how fate of nearly ten crore Telugu people decided?
  • When Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru, and Indira Gandhi stood firmly for linguistic states, why is Sonia Gandhi against linguistic states?

To protest against Congress Party led UPA government’s dictatorial, undemocratic, divisive, opportunistic politics- thousands of activists are heading to Delhi in a rally of buses. We will go from Hyderabad to Delhi via Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana. We will travel nearly four thousand kilometers. We will hold public meetings in Nagpur on the 7th and in Bhopal on the 8th. On November 9th 2013, we will hold a meeting in Jantar Mantar from 12 noon till 5PM. We request you to support our cause.


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332 Responses to “OCCUPY DELHI: Nov 6th – Nov 9th”

  1. subhash says:


    After a decade in hyderabad i recolated to chennai to a company started india operations in chennai 6 months back. To my surprise, around half of the people in that company relocated from hyderabad. Chennai has seen tremendous development and job creation over the last 5 years.  Division  or no division, its time people of telangana need to wake up and ensure a pleasant hyderabad

    • GK says:

      This shows the negative character of yours…and sick mentality in seeking ill of others…ask every T person and they want the people of SA to be happy and prosperous…why is that you want to do -ve propaganda…

      • subhash says:

        who is seeking ill of others, wishing for a pleasant hyderabad is seeking ill of others. Unfortunately people like you keep feeling as if telangana agitation is enhancing the brand image of hyderabad. My intension is to make people understand the damage that is happening to hyderabad. For people like me if not hyderabad, chennai or bangalore or pune. Not much of a difference. Its people of telangana who are going to benefit from hyderabad development (even in united state). Its you having sick mentality of not able understand facts, not me

        • GK says:

          What damage are you talking about and why is Hyd not for you?

          • VK says:

            It is otherway, you are saying Hyd is only for telangana. When you want to separate from a joint family, you will go out of the hounse but don't ask the ask the other members to go out from the house.

            • GK says:

              Who is going outside Hyd…you are the one who is creating the rumours out here… please stop.

              • VK says:

                The capital to a state is like house for a joint family. If you want separation and make us to create new capital, doesn't it mean asking us go out of the house?

              • subhash says:

                I am not saying people of scared of telangana and going out of hyd. The creation of new jobs has been very slow in hyderabad. When you are looking for a job change, nowadays its difficult to get a better job in hyd. That is the reason people are choosing to relocate to different cities. If you see it is as a rumour and still wants to say there is enormous job creation in hyderabad now, i cant help it.

  2. P. Rao says:

    @PavanR, You have touched upon some aspects of expected bifurcation of A.P.  There is a lot of truth to it.  But I see a  different scenario.  I am one of those who feel the division could be a boon for the Coastal districts.  My reasons for supporting Samaikhyandhra are different.

    1. The A.P. state has been progressing since its formation, equal  or better than any other state in the Union.  So do not break that trend.  Today, the Telangana region including the  city of Hyderabad in its middle  is the most developed of the three regions of A.P.  Don't fix something that is not broken.

    2. For long term interests of Telugu nationals ( If we consider Telugus a nation within the State of Indian Union) a combined AP is most important.  In a divided state Telugus will have a split identity in Indian politics. This is very bad in a person or state.  Imagine a person going around town with a split personality.  Or imagine a person with literally two heads.  Two heads make a person freakish, not  better or wiser.

    3. For historical and sentimental reasons we need to have one Telugu identity/nation within India.  Sri Krishna Deva Raya, Bhakta Potana, Taneesha, Nizam of Hyderabad state, the bygone British, Putchalapalli Sundarayya, Raavi Narayana Reddy, Suravaram Pratapa Reddy, Swami Ramathirtha (a Marathi), Potti Sreeramulu, Prakasham Pantulu, Sanjeeva Reddy, P.V.Narasimha Rao, Indira Gandhi, and N.T. Rama Rao all wanted us to be together.  The list is not complete, but we should also remember thousands of Telangana peasants who fought for Vishalandhra. We will be betraying their memory in a very real way by bifurcating the present united Telugu body polity.  They all aspired to see a united state as it is now which we enjoyed for the last 57 or so years; for some of them it was only a dream.  We are living their dream.

    If I thought bifurcation helps Telangana people in general I would not be for Samikhyandhra.  Telangana is already a developed region in terms of average Indian standards.  In my own assessment majority of Telangana people will lose both in short term and long term upon division.  For example, the real estate prices will collapse following bifurcation, causing an economic depression.  I heard someone saying , the prices of Banjarahills lands have fallen 75% in the last couple of years due to political uncertainty.  The numbers quoted were, the price of a square yard has fallen from one lakh sixty thousand (Rs.160,000) rupees to forty thousand rupees (Rs.40,000).  And there are no buyers at the lower price.

    There will be a flight of new and old businesses to the new state after the division, causing wide spread unemployment in Telangana.  There is a good possibility the vacuum created by the leaving Andhras will be filled by such groups as Marwadis and Gujarati businessmen who are notorious for their business conduct and also other nonlocals like U.P./Bihar peasants (popularly called bhayyas) who will take jobs meant for locals.  Remember Coastals created jobs in Telangana. This is not a secret.  Telangana people know this instinctively.  That is why there is no real support for division in Telangana from such groups as Dalits, Muslims, and Brahmins.  Other peoples' voices are shut from speaking their wish by the T-goons.  That is the ground reality.

    My next post will be on the vision for new A.P.

    • GK says:

      Kullu ante idhena… "square yard has fallen from one lakh sixty thousand (Rs.160,000) rupees." 

      Wish everything good for new AP…

      • VK says:

        Only unitedAP and nothing else is good for AP.

        • GK says:

          You have every right to have your own opinion, fight for it and say it loud any number of times…but please do not try do it by saying lies or maligning other people with diff opinion and desire…

          • VK says:

            Saying lies, maligning other people with different opinion and desire etc are the hall marks of telangana separatists. So please don't associate those characters with us (unitedAP supporters).

      • Satya says:

        GK, just for argument sake,

        Do you know the feelings of a guy who purchased a land with high price thru hard earned money for the well being of his family and with in few months the value cripple down to one third? Though investment is a gamble, can't it be avoided if the political mismanagement wouldn't occur? 

        Is the 'investor' get compensate thru any other means? why an individual has to loose for vote bank politics of political party?

        • GK says:


          I do keep knowledge of real estate prices in Hyd and felt that using 1,60,000 per sq yard in a general discussion is an over exaggeration…

          Here is my personal story…I lost 28 lakhs (2001) of hard earned (salary savings) money when my plot got washed away by ringroad re-alignment for which I did not get compensated a single paise even today. The plot was sold to me by Narne Appa Rao..I have all the papers and receipts for the money I paid, but to my fate I found out that the land sold to me was illegally acquired by Appa Rao and hence HMDA does not recognize me as a owner and declines my repeated claims… Appa Rao is constructing 8-10 high-rise towers in 14 acres close to the plot I lost, ofcourse he does not answer my phone calls nor does he care about the victims… 

          • satya says:

            GK, Sorry to hear the immense monetary loss and the ordeal you have gone through. These so called public officials are part of the lucrative land mafia deals acting as the agents and brokers of these realtors. When I read the stories like Emmaar, kakarpalli victims I wonder how heartless those in the power could be, to grab whatever the little this small ppl possess. 

          • P. Rao says:

            @GK: "I do keep knowledge of real estate prices in Hyd and felt that using 1,60,000 per sq yard in a general discussion is an over exaggeration…" 


            Sri GK garu,  

            At Rs. 40,000 per sqare yard an acre of land costs 19.36 crore Rupees (40,000 x 4,840 = 19.36 crores). At 4 times that price of 1.6 lakhs per square yard an acre costs 77.44 crores. I hear this kind of prices in Hyderabad and other places in India all the time. I have no problem believing that such crashes in real estate prices occured in the last few years in certain corners of Hyderabad.  Mr. Ramachandra Rao was saying once the division takes place that kind of slump is going to be widespread.


            I am extremely sorry to hear about your loss in land transaction.  I have my own stories to tell.


            PS: I had time to do some more search. The interviewer I was talking about is Consulting Editor Kandula Ramesh for CVR news.

    • P. Rao says:

      "I heard someone saying , the prices of Banjarahills lands have fallen 75% in the last couple of years due to political uncertainty. The numbers quoted were, the price of a square yard has fallen from one lakh sixty thousand (Rs.160,000) rupees to forty thousand rupees (Rs.40,000). And there are no buyers at the lower price."

      I was referring to a TV interview conducted by special editor Mr. Kandula (I do not have his first name) with the High Court Senior Advocate Mr. S. Ramachandra Rao. It was mainly about Constitutional issues on state division.  The above numbers were quoted by Mr. Rao when asked what will happen upon bifurcation. They were so interesting I made a mental note to remember them and told all my friends.  He might have said Jubilee Hills or Banjara Hills. That I am not sure, but in Hyderabad. He was talking about real estate market.  The prices he quoted could be for land or finshed building. But the rest of the quote is correct.  Interestingly Mr. Ramachandra Rao is not a samaikhyavadi. He is very much for the division of the state in the interview.  Another reason no to doubt his quote.  I tried to Google for the interview that was around October 12, 2013. I got the link but it says the youtube account expired.  Some of you might have heard him or you can help by searching another link.  

  3. P. Rao says:

    @ PavanR

    Sri PavanR, you have painted a grim picture for the residual A.P.  Here is another view point.  Regarding the surviving A.P. post bifurcation, it can be at the threshold of a revolutionary progress.

     A brand new Capital can be constructed in the next 10 years, creating employment and economic stimulation.  The plan is to split the income from Hyderabad 60:40 for the next 10 years to build a new Capital. This is not an empty promise since Hyderabad presently has real income. I heard some 5 lakh new jobs will be created lasting 10 years.  The real estate prices will increase tremendously all through the Seemandhra area, not just the Capital area.

    For Andhra students, the education enrollment will be at the same level as now in the Hyderabad area for at least next 10 years.  So there will be minimal disturbance for higher education.  There will be new facilities for higher education built in the meantime in the Seemandhra area.  This is not a problem as the capital expenditure needed is modest and the faculty are plenty available in the area.

     The long coast line is going to be its boon. Andhra region already has the best and biggest ship yard in Vizag.  Another couple of great harbors could be built on the coast line to improve local industry and trade. They can become a Singapore, a Hong Kong on the coast. Telangana is landlocked and has to depend on Andhra for shipping routes.

    The new CM of AP is not going to stay idle.  The new state will have incentives for starting new businesses including IT industry.  Half the businesses  in current Hyderabad city will leave to relocate in the new A.P. ; many owners who are Andhras will not feel safe in Telangana.  The Center likewise will be persuaded to move some of the PSUs located around Hyderabad to help the new state's economy. 

    Pavan mentioned food shortage in Andhra following division. Recently, one source was saying on TV that East Godavari district alone can supply rice to all of Seemandhra.

    In addition to Vizag, we will have Krishna-Godavari basin with proven natural gas and Tirupati Temple with contributions coming from devotees.  This is all to state that we Andhras are not dependent on Telangana for our survival.  we did not go there with no shoes and no clothes as alleged by madcap T-vaadis.  We want a united state does not mean we are scared of division. We simply want political stability, peace and prosperity for all.  Like Mr. Chakravarti said very wisely that the idea of a separate Telangana is a Bhasmasura wish;to burn others  along with themselves.  This can also be described as kalasi gangalo kaluddam attitude.  We should not let that happen.

    I hope readers will take the views expressed above in the spirit they are offered, with pain and good will.

    • Chandra says:

      @P.Rao,  Your positive approach is good but trying to reinvent the wheel or going back to 1953 and starting everything fresh is not a great idea,  either for T or for SA regions. We have seen that AP has been a boon for T which has been the fastest progressed region among all districts in AP.

      We should not let this slow down. Taking a part from home ministry proposal, there should DEFINITELY be a SECOND CAPITAL city of AP/ Financial ditrict . It should be connected to Hyd by high speed trains and roads. All the effort put to build Hyd from a sleepy town which was not even considered as Lucknow in 1990's has been able to beat Bangalore and Chennai on several parameters. All the fruits of Hyd should be used by all Telugus in entire AP eternally.

      All the talk we have been hearing about decentralizing the capital city and financial district should be done keeping the AP united. Opportunities arising up in new developmental zones in coastal and Rayalseema districts of AP should be shared by all regions of AP including people from T.

      But all this should be based on the pillars of Hyderabad.  Otherwise it will be a loose-loose for Hyd and new cities.

  4. Kiran says:

    The financial case for keeping AP unified is secondary. The primary case is the benefit in having political unity among 90 millions people spread around 2.75  lack square kilometers of land.  This political unity is huge asset for everyone in AP even though at some points it appears some caste's dominate and thefore only they are getting benefit. But everyone will benefit much much sooner. The ability to live, resolve disputes, manage identities through talks instead of making new borders is enormous strength.

  5. Kiran says:

    Let me give an example. Working in international settings I had oppurtunities to work with several identities including Africans(from Africa not African Americans). And I found that Africans in general have better manners, more graceful and no less productive than anyone else. Esp compared to many Indians whose manners are much less than world class. But it is still more useful to have Indians as your freinds.

    Reason is simple – Africa is bitterly divided in to tribes and they resort to new borders and violence to resolve thier differences. Tutsi, Hutu, Bantu, Congo, Rwanda etc. Where as India with its most primitive social systems of caste has an awesome political unity if 1.2 billion people. To enjoy full benefits of citizenship in India you need to be part of large state like AP.

  6. Kiran says:

    Sudden silence here in comments section for last 3 days. But worse is the silence everywhere else too – Delhi, Hyderabad. Its like living in feudal state - nervous about what turn the mind of empress takes next. By the way why this silence from Chakravarthy, Parakala of late ? whats cooking in delhi?

    • P. Rao says:

      Yes, we are living in historic times. We missed Noorjahan, we missed queen Victoria, now we can witness ourselves how an imperial empress operates. Just by a nod of the head or a hand wave, fate of millions of subjects is determined.  No need to give a statement, an explanation of her decisions.

  7. Chandra says:

    [Reposting the following comment as the earlier one didnt get through until now]

    Here is the proof about what Satya said above reg Nizam withdrew his complaint with UN.




    I dont think neither Indira Gandhi nor GOI would have been so naive about united nations officiallly not deleting  it immediately, especially after united nations accepting India's soverignity based on  its post 1948  geographical boundaries. If Indira Gandhi asked UN to give an official letter deleting the complaint she would have got it in 1971 itself in my view. She was a strong integrationist and all available resources point out that one. Conspiracy theories are always fun though.


  8. VK says:


    It seems during Gujarat separation from Bombay state, the assembly approaved the bill on separation with Bombay as an UT. However, Bombay UT had been removed from Bill during voting in Parliament.

    So, is it possible for the centre to ask opinion of AP assembly on royalatelangana and then introduce bill just on telangana in parliament?

    • p. Rao says:

      Any thing is possible with the centre on the state division.  They will be in favor of Royala Telangana to placate MIM and also to have some breaks on TRS. They may seek UT status for Hyderabad for a limited time to show that they care about coastal region and remove it in the last minute.

  9. VK says:

    Telangana may not succeed, suggesting Srikrishna's unpublished note to governemnt


    According to the note, which was submitted to the Union home ministry along with the main report on December 30, 2010, there is a strong possibility that such a decision would result in the birth of extremists. It warns the Naxalites, who were stamped out of Andhra Pradesh years ago, could make a comeback. Plus, the new state could create more frustration among people who agitated for it in the long run, it says. The note details the likely fallout of law and order situation in all scenarios related to the creation of Telangana. The main report doesn't mention such details.

    This note assumes significance in the backdrop of a Group of Ministers (GoM), which is to soon take a call on Telangana. The ministers are faced with a dilemma about whether to make Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, as demanded by the pro-Telangana agitators or make it a joint capital of Telangana and the rest of Andhra Pradesh for the next 10 years.

    The second decision is likely to result in a fresh spate of agitationacross the state. The GoM has held at least three marathon meetings so far and is likely to present a draft Bill to the Cabinet next week. If Hyderabad remains exclusively with Telangana, the Srikrishna committee predicts various repercussions such as renewed cycle of vicious agitation and adverse impact on revenue generation. When contacted, Justice Srikrishna confirmed the existence of such a note, but refused to comment.

    According to the documents, reviewed by Business Standard, Hyderabad as the capital of the new state may satisfy the emotional aspirations of pro-Telangana people, but it is unlikely to yield economic benefits. This may result in frustration among the youth, professionals and farmers. "This may lead to scapegoating, leading to targeted attacks on Seemandhra (residual Andhra Pradesh) settlers and their properties," it says.

    The decision to create Telangana was taken in October after the Union government failed to assuage pro-Telangana agitators and put an end to a long-standing political turmoil in the undivided Andhra Pradesh. Scores of people have lost their lives and many political leaders, including legislators and Union ministers, have resigned during the course of action.

    Political instability
    According to the committee, the situation doesn't offer an optimistic picture. It observed that pro-Telangana political parties are making gigantic promises, which may not materialise once the state is formed because Hyderabad largely depends on Seemandhara for resources and skilled workers.

    "Most of the industries are located in and around Hyderabad. With the bifurcation of the state and Hyderabad in Telangana region, incidents of agitations, dharnas and even violence are expected. This may lead to flight of capital, stagnant growth and disincentives for entrepreneurs, leading to a slowdown of economic activity," its says.

    "In short, Hyderabad may witness a vicious cycle of agitations, slow down of economic activity and greater frustration." A similar agitation may be witnessed in Seemandhra region, too.

    Maoists violence
    The Left-wing extremists are likely to gain. Some of them have been instrumental in garnering support for the movement and would try to exploit the situation.

    "The new state is likely to be soft towards them initially. By the time they (new state) realise the Maoists menace, it may be too late to handle them with a bifurcated police force, contributing to a weaker response to the problem," says the note.

    Andhra Pradesh is the only state among other Maoist-affected states that have successfully handled the Left-wing extremists in the past, especially when most of the ultra leaders belonged to the state and used its boundaries to spread the menace to other states.

    "It is likely that the Maoists will extend their activities from these neighbouring states (Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra) to Telangana especially in the districts of Adilabad, Karimnagar, Warangal, Khammam, parts of Nizamabad and Medak in north Telangana and Mahboobnagar and Nalgonda in south Telangana," it says. The report adds that slowing of economic activity will drive the poor into the arms of extremists.

    Communal violence
    Naxalism is not the only problem Telangana is staring at. It is equally faced with the threat of communal tensions. Hyderabad had witnessed many communal riots, many of which were instigated by trivial issues.

    The committee has identified Hyderabad city, Nirmal and Bhainsa of Adilabad; Nizambad, Bodhan and Kamareedy of Nizambad district; Jagityal, Korutla, Karimnagar towns of Karimnagar district; Zaheerabad and Medak towns in Medak district; Nalgonda, Bhongir areas of Nalgonda district; Mahbubnagar and Naratanpet areas of Mahbubnagar district; Tandur and Vikarabad of Rangareedy districts as pockets that are sensitive and prone to communal riots.

    "There is a certain sense of mutual suspicion between the two communities who are living in these areas. If communal passions become an additional factor in an atmosphere where unemployment, social unrest exists, it may give rise to birth of militant jihadi elements," the committee writes ."Telangana has a large number of Muslim pockets and to counter Muslim influence, Hindu fundamentalists may compete with them and try to polarise the Hindu population."

    Caste issues
    The committee says that most of the foot soldiers of the Telangana movement are from the backward and Schedule Castes. They are aspiring to acquire political space and leadership in the new state. "If these aspirations are not realised, it would become an important factor in contributing to social unrest."

  10. vvk says:


    This is absolute bullshit. I wonder how much of this stupidity we have to tolerate. Looks like there is no end to the downfall of our society due to these senseless KaChaRa like politicians.

  11. telugodo says:

    The idiots of royala seema are not understanding the game.

    There is news saying Srisailam falls completly under Kurnool district.

    In the long run, after the nonsense of common capital is over, AP will get full control of srisailam. Also nagarjuna sagar is nearing its expiry date. This means entire srisailam water and power will be with AP.

    Do not worry about krishna catchment arear in Telangana state. ee telamgana jaati poorthi kallu terichi krishna ku kaaladdam pettadaaniki imkoka ardha sataabdham padutumdi. Appatiki AP lo vyavasaayam amta godaavari kimdaku vastumdi.

  12. Kiran says:

    while rayal-telangan flip flop is tragic at so many levels (comedy too)..its another great expose of duplicitious telangana mentality – no public opinion of ap, ppublic opinion of bhadrachalam, no opinion of anathapur and kurnool. But are t sepratists aware of these double standards – the ones we got here like GK and Jai are clear narcists  esp Jai who will go to greath lenghts of meaningless detail and geekiness to cover his tribal narcissim- they are just obsessed with thesmsevles and their idea of telangana. its soo tragic what these people are doing to others and themsevles.

  13. AMRAO says:

    This is what I wrote almost 3 years ago. I am proved right again. India is being ruled by incompetent, selfish people who can only divide people in the name of caste, religion, region, etc… since they can not provide any kind of leadership and vision.


    AMRAO says:

    January 4, 2011 at 1:41 pm

    Chakravarthy garu,
    Unlike many who have expressed happiness about your decision to return to India, I am a bit circumspect about it. I am assuming that you have analyzed the pros and cons. I do hope you have a plan B in place. I returned to India just after getting my green card, not waiting for the citizenship. I too came back to be with my parents. I am happy with my work and family but not the society at large.
    The political system and the kind of leaders being elected scares me to death. People like JP would find it extremely difficult to win elections but people like KCR and Jagan will win. People seem to care more about emotions rather than performance. People like Danam Nagendar, Anjan Kumar Yadav  represent the areas having the most educated people!
    I wish you the best! Many of us here have high regards for what you have done for this cause.


    Chakravarthy says:

    January 4, 2011 at 2:21 pm

    Rao garu- I haven't done a pros and cons analysis as such. It is something we always wanted to do. Unless I try living in India, I will not know if I made the right decision or not.
    Thank you for your words of caution. That will help me in tempering my expectations


    • AMRAO says:

      Chakravarthy garu,

      My comment is awaiting moderation. Can you please clear it?


      • Chakravarthy says:

        I am unable to find the comment. There are over 20,000 comments in spam and am having difficulty finding it. WordPress search is not able to find it :-(

  14. ved says:

    Chakravarthy garu,  Looks like the state split is imminent unless SC intervenes on the basis of violation of article 371-B which requires amendment through 2/3 majority in parliament. Did you study this?  Is there anything Visalandhra Mahasabha can do on this?

    • Chakravarthy says:

      1) Visalandhra Mahasabha is going to Supreme Court on 371D&E, spirit of Article-3, and other issues.

      2) State split is not imminent. We strongly believe that the split won't happen prior to 2014 elections. What happens after 2014, is anyone's guess.

      • Chakravarthy,

        This line of argument has already been turned down in PV Krishnaiah's PIL.


        Payyavula & co's cases were also dismissed.

        You are skating on thin ice, sir!

        • Ved says:

          What dismiss? They asked them to comeback, as SC  cannot take a case based on speculation. SC will consider this as real only when it is placed on the floor of either assembly or parliament.. Also when the division is stopped before 2014 elections, dont run away from this site as you often do. I would like to hear your smartass comments.

          • Did you read the PV Krishnaih PIL judgment? Please read it and understand why the 371-D argument is res judicata.

            • VK says:

              తెలంగాణ ముసాయిదా బిల్లుకు రాష్ట్రపతి ప్రణబ్ ముఖర్జీ రాష్ట్రానికి ఇచ్చిన గడువులోనే కేంద్రానికి తిరిగి పంపుతామని ముఖ్యమంత్రి కిరణ్ కుమార్ రెడ్డి తెలిపారు. ఇవాళ ఆయన మీడియాతో మాట్లాడారు. 371 (డి) అధికరణానికి రాజ్యాంగ సవరణ అవసరమని రాష్ట్రపతి ఇచ్చిన నోట్‌లో ఉందని, బిల్లులో ఉన్ప్ర ప్రతి నిబంధనపై శాసనసభలో ఓటింగ్ అవసరమని ఆయన అన్నారు.

  15. GK says:

    Chakravarthy set a bad precedence by going to the homes of politicians…now the SA agitators are following suit…this was utterly wrong from an highly educated person…knowing how agitating group turns into a mob/violence…

    • Chakravarthy says:

      Separatists don't have the moral right to talk about "precedents" with all their violent activities in the past few years. Neither do I feel obligated to convince them. If anything, I might be willing to talk to integrationists on why we did certain activities.

      • Kiran says:

        As a T sepratist GK is basically dishonest and a scumbag and a pathetic little liar. Dont indulge them in anyform even when they claim (dishonestly) that they are victim of financial fraud and try to spin that politically by highlighting the name of the victim who cannot defend here.

        • P. Rao says:

          You have stated what I had in mind.  The disturbing part is this kind of behavior is common with allmost all the Telangana divisionists.

        • GK says:

          you better mind your tongue.. Build some character and integrity in yourself.

          • Kiran says:

            Typical childish reply. Leave my tongue to myself.What i said is what ppl think about you. Sad guy with little narrow mind.

        • Satya says:

          cool down guys.. Dont go personal. 

          • Kiran says:

            Mine was not person except maybe the word "scumbag". He demonstrated dishonesty and narrow mindedness and shameless tribal spin of claimed person experience. Its feedback .

            Also personal abuse is when people blame a person for things he dont control – like their birth, their looks, their region. Every t sepratist indulged in personal abuse repeatedly. Stop being so accmodative for them. It wont work. it only feeds in to their false sense of entitlement.

  16. Chandra says:

    I think the congress party and other leaders from neighbouring envious states of AP who are strongly trying to divide AP might try to buy atleast 25 MLA's to support the bill in assembly. Its highly likely that GOI unofficially will spend atleast 3 to 4 crore ruppes for each MLA from coastal and Rayalaseema dist to support bill in assembly.100 cores is a very very tiny amount in this effort.

    We need to do two things. One is pull and one is push for maximum resultant vector.

    1.VMS joining with APNGO and other integrationist organizations should force each MLA in SA areas to not only give a letter saying that they would oppose the bill in assembly but also record a video proving that they are strong integrationists. SO that incase they flip their stand on the floor yielding to money from GOI ,"some sort" of legal action can be taken on them. This must be cleared on all TV channels continuously.

    2. The other one is concentrating on 24 MLA's falling under the GHMC area. Very strong lobbyig should be done by integratioists in HYD RR and ask them to oppose the bill (Especially the bill containing the part of temporary joint capital city instead making it permanent so that protection of assets and security of integrationists in GHMC is assured).

    3. We need to convince another 20 MLA's concentrating on MBNR, Nalgonda district border areas to oppose the bill, especially the MLA's who have not been publicly vocal.

    Defnitely 119 is not going to the number from T. We need to try to bring it down to ateast 75, so that 90-95 could be the final number.

    • Kiran says:

      its really hard for politicians to oppose new states if you leave it just to them Simply because they may succumb to temptations of new posts which will invevitably come as seperation. Great moral pressure is required. How do we bring it on ?

      T sepratists have it easy that way -sepration is always good for narrow short term politician interest – in terms of positions. This will be test for the mettle of our political leaders.

    • P. Rao says:

      @Chandra, You have touched upon some crucial points. Whenever the state division Bill comes to AP state assembly, there is a possibility it will not be rejected. This statement may sound strange at the outset. When the Bill arrives at Hyderabad, the centre will be ready with its strategy and dirty tricks. I want to second your point that spending 100 crores is nothing for the interested parties. Some MLAs after taking money can abstain from voting and still maintain their innocense thus hurting the samaikhya cause.  Look what happened at the centre so far.  The central Ministers from Andhra who are supposed to prevent the division process from going forward have fallen silent. It is not going to be much different at the state level.

        • Ved says:

          When iI is pointed to T separatists that T already has 119 representatives to represent, they argure that the rich and powerful SA leaders are able to buy off the poor and impoverished T MLAs, preventing T to develop. They would like you to believe that T leaders, in spite of their sainthood, succumb to the greed and corruption, as if they have legitimate right to get their share of the loot. Otherrwise, T would have become paradise by  now. What is it called?  State of denial or state of deceit?



          • kkm says:

            ved, do you have the asset wise details of individual MLA of both regions to comment that SA leaders are very rich and power where as T leaders are poor. You should be simply parroting the T news or so called talks of T politicians.

            • Ved says:

              Even assuming that Andhra MLAs are rich and T MLAs are poor, it preposterous to suggest that T MLAs are bought off by Andhra MLAs. That is the real state of denial in admitting that all MLAs are corrupt across the board. What we are supposed to do is to fight against the corruption unitedly, rather than help them to split the boundaries of loot among them. What the separatists are doing is state of deceit.

  17. Chandra says:

    Kiran, Yes they wont oppose if it is more benificial. But the ones who knows they can not "earn" that much "even if "they again become MLA  (From T region), can be "convinced" :)   pretty easily.

    There r "plenty" of such ones in T (esp in GHMC).

    Also, even if majority in AP assembly agree for bifurcation they can not divide the state. Because when a large chunk of districts have received an injustice with regarding to their opportunities in education and jobs which are located in a city which is being denied for them on domicile basis, thats not justified.  This wont stand in the court of law.

    Separatist intellectuals never understood about constitution and justice difference. Constitution is like a rule book. It shows a way on "How" to do? NOT "Why" to do.

    This Why thing, is it justified or not ,kind of thing will be tested in court of law.

    They just crammed Article 3 word by word .And they can only repeat that one. But never really "understood" the  "why" part of it. The spirit of it.

    Official reports said T never received any injustice in AP. This is CLEARLY mentioned in SKC "the way forward chapter". T demand is only for "feel good". SA demand is about rights and injustice. So since T is not facing any injustice if AP is maintained, but SA will face injustice if bifurcated we have a pretty clear picture here even if majority in assembly support bifurcation.

    Also  we have a pretty clear open statement yesterday by AP cabinet ministers who said GOI did not even consider small requests which can satisfy SA. That means there is a pretty good evidence that SA is receiving an injustice with bifurcation. This is winnable in the court of law.

    So even if minority people oppose AP bifurcation, this will not survive the test.

    • telugodo says:

      You people became too emotional and missing ground reality.

      You maybe having enough legal and constitutional case. Yet no court will dare come in the way of division. At least as long as this UPA government is in power.

      Did you hear Justice AK Ganguly? He is facing a sexual assualt case.

      The background is he headed the bench that quashed 2g licenses.

  18. Kiran says:

    AP ploticians are better than delhi polticians. So they may oppose the bill in assembly. But again the samikyandhra movement should not take them for granted. Courts may also squash it. But people pressure is most important. 

    Delhi has humiliated an entire people. It cant be allowed to get away with that. 

  19. Ved says:

    With the election drubbing that congress has received, the chances of defeating the AP reorganization bill in the state assembly are improving considerably. As more details of the bill are emerging, the more opposition is building on the SA side. If the bill is defeated and the assembly declares that the state be united, a lame duck govt in center will not dare to proceed any further. It is very likely the division will not go any further before 2014 elections. But we need to keep the pressure on SA MLAs and MPs. The legal battle on 371-D needs to be continued. I urge Vislandhra Mahasabha to work with KKR who is putting brave front against Congress. He seems to be most sincere of all three parties.

  20. Kiran says:

    The victory of AAP is a lesson for everyone including BJP and TDP. People have little patience for traditional politics. And polticis should be about serving people not about saving party. BJP grew when it had a good sense of what it stands for  – like it is doing under Modi – the message is clear. Under Advani it did not have that sense – advani used to boast about two party system as his achievement – making party system the most important in politics and not people.

    Same with TDP – it used to stand for welfare to poor (Rs 2 kilo biyyam, mid day school lunch) and more freedom to entrepreneurs and local governance. And till 2004 – in 20 years of its existence it was in power of 15 years. After that it became more obsessed about preserving status quo – saving party in 2 regions as CBN obsesses even if state is detroyed- caste politics etc.

    We all know about congress – YSR bought the bogey of telangana to defeat TDP – tried to destroy PRP using illicit means – just so congress can get to power.

    Work for welfare of people – even when you lose one election – you will win other.


  21. VK says:

    Babus Clean Telangana Bill for Pranab Mukherjee


    In a major goof up, the Centre has sent Telangana Bill to President Pranab Mukherjee with what the officials concerned described as “minor errors”. The Centre withdrew the Bill and is now busy sending a fresh one.
    The modified AP Reorganisation Bill is still with the Prime Minister’s Office and is likely to go to President only on or after Monday.
    This is in contrast to the contention of Union Minister Jairam Ramesh and AICC general secretary Digvijay Singh that the Bill will reach state Assembly from President for expressing its views on Monday.
    Official sources told this newspaper that the original Bill sent to President contained crucial information relating to the severe objections raised by the Department of Legal Affairs and Legislative Affairs on contentious issues like Article 371 D and entrusting the law and order in common capital to Governor.
    “The Bill has been modified removing all that information,” sources said. The two departments made it clear that Article 371 D cannot be applied post bifurcation and the lengthy procedure of amending the constitution with two thirds majority in Parliament and approval of 50 per cent the state legislatures was suggested even to repeal or modify the Article.
    The departments also expressed their view that law and order subject can’t be entrusted to Governor in the common capital without a Constitutional amendment through which they suggested to insert an Article on the lines of 371 H.
    Special powers have been given to the Governor of Arunachal Pradesh through 371 H. The information retrieved from the first draft Bill sent to the President also revealed that the Bill was prepared in a hurry because the two departments pointed out either lack of proper information or its confirmation by the agencies concerned.
    Official sources also expressed doubts over whether the President would send the Bill to Assembly with the same haste displayed by the Centre in formulating the Bill and presenting it to the Union Cabinet as a table item.

  22. P. Rao says:

    In the present AP reorganization issue, there are two sides: a). Samaikhyavadis and b). Telangana separation vaadis. You have the third party,the centre that is supposed to look into the issue as a referee or arbitrator. Instead of three sides for the three parties they are aligned in the following way.

    1. Samaikhytavadis on one side

    2. T-vaadis and the centre on the other side.

    The centre is completely aligned with the Telangana separatists.  Dear samaikhyavadis you are fighting an unequal battle. The deck is completely stacked against you.

    Allmost everything that needs to be said for samaikhyata has been said on this blog. Mr. Chrakravarty and other posters here have given verifiable development numbers, reasons for unity, and answered all the questions raised by the separatists over the years. It turned out that presently Telangana is the most developed region in the state.  The centre refuses to see, hear, and understand any of this.  They openly take T separation side. I will leave you with the following word picture.  In a highly contested young couple divorce case the judge happens to be the present boyfriend of the attractive woman in the dispute.  How pathetic is this?

    You are not convinced?  Why is Mr. Digvijay Singh arriving now in Hyderabad except to tilt the balance to T-separation side during the assembly debate and voting?  The centre is a biased participant.  If they want to know both sides they could have waited for a transcript of the AP assembly debate. Why are certain people at the centre, who have conflict of interest are given the task of splitting a healthy state? I mean Chidambaram and Shinde.  They should recuse themselves in a division dispute of AP, because a division would directly benefit their states.

    The centre is served a warning in the recent assembly elections.  In a saner era the central government would have voluntarily resigned because they lost people's confidence. A minority government, a lame duck government wants to finish the task of dividing a historic state. They are making so many mistakes in the process, they will stumble on their way. The government will fall before this bill goes to the parliament or some sane judge will  declare the whole thing unlawful.

    • Chandra says:


      Few points I want to say . There is no referee in democracy. There is no judge in democracy. If referees or judges can decide the good or bad for the country we dont need village panchayats, city councils, state legislatures or parliament or senate etc. Just a judge or a group of judges will finalize the fate of every citizen.

      Moreover a judge is always a third party. He is NEVER affected by the judgement. Thats not how democrarcy happens from what we see .  A neutral person who is not affected by decision is not what we need to solve Telangana problem.

      Since somebody has to use the instrument article 3, parliament was given that final right. That does not mean it can use it whenver  ever they want. Like how a banklocker key is given to somebody. But that does not mean he can open it whenever he wants.

      Either you convince the majority or accept the majority opinion. There is no other way here. That DOES NOT  mean majority can behave recklessly. Imagine a situation where majority of AP wants to get away from Rayalseema and asking them to go away from AP. And parliament decides that using article3. Thats an outright injustice to rayalaseema.Then they can go to court in that case. Court will certainly not accept such a decision becuase Rayalaseema is loosing their rights. Simlarly T separatists also can go to court asking  for separation. Since they are not loosing their rights in AP, they probably will not get positive outcome. And, in my view court will ask state legislatire  and parliament to decide their future.

      [Regret for not orgnizing properly what I wanted to say]



      • Kiran says:

        Center encouraged referee system with their literal and naked usage of  article 3. THe telangana sepratists never felt the basic courtesy to debate their greivances with state of andhra pradesh. They treated AP as non-entity and center using the way article 3 is written obliged. THis violates principles of democracy and basic sense of justice.

  23. Dry noodles says:

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  24. VK says:

    తెలంగాణ ముసాయిదా బిల్లుకు రాష్ట్రపతి ప్రణబ్ ముఖర్జీ రాష్ట్రానికి ఇచ్చిన గడువులోనే కేంద్రానికి తిరిగి పంపుతామని ముఖ్యమంత్రి కిరణ్ కుమార్ రెడ్డి తెలిపారు. ఇవాళ ఆయన మీడియాతో మాట్లాడారు. 371 (డి) అధికరణానికి రాజ్యాంగ సవరణ అవసరమని రాష్ట్రపతి ఇచ్చిన నోట్‌లో ఉందని, బిల్లులో ఉన్ప్ర ప్రతి నిబంధనపై శాసనసభలో ఓటింగ్ అవసరమని ఆయన అన్నారు.

  25. Kiran says:

    BJP refusal to support no-confidence motion reveals how separated and arrogant the dilli billis (like sushma swaraj, arun jaitley, lk advani and the biggest clown of all Venkiah Naidu). They missed the recent message of 4 assembly election which is against Delhi not so much pro-BJP. Narendra Modi is populat for the reason he is not a dilli billi but from masses.

    BTW why does nobody pull up the buffon venkiah naidu ? whats he doing ?

    • Chandra says:

      I am not sure but, one thing appears to me that those who knows 100% sure that AP can not be bifurcated without amending 371D (Which will be counter productive for T), OR 371D will be nullified by article 3 (Which T separatists will not accept) are die hard supporters of T separation.

      • Kiran says:

        In the draft bill there is mention of amendment to article 371(D). They basically talk about substituting Andhra Pradesh with Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. So what does this imply ? why can't the amendment pass through a simple majority in parliament ?

  26. Kiran says:

    97. (1) On and from the appointed day, in article 371D of the


    Amendment of

    article 371D of the


    (a) in the marginal heading, for the words “the State of

    Andhra Pradesh”, the words “the State of Andhra Pradesh or the

    State of Telangana” shall be substituted, namely:––

    (b) for clause (1), the following clause shall be substituted,



    “(1) The President may by order made with respect to the State of

    Andhra Pradesh or the State of Telangana, provide, having regard to

    the requirement of each State, for equitable opportunities and

    facilities for the people belonging to different parts of such State, in

    the matter of public employment and in the matter of education, and

    different provisions may be made for various parts of the States.”;

    (c) in clause (3), for the words “the State of Andhra

    Pradesh”, the words “the State of Andhra Pradesh and for the

    State of Telangana” shall be substituted.

  27. Kiran says:

    Basically just a change of text. Does it really stop the process ?

    • Chandra says:

      Yes. It seems they want to proceed with just a change of text. I dont know who gave such a dumb idea to cabinet ministers.  Attorney general of India clarified regardng this, but seems they want to proceed without considering his opinion.

      They are basically trying to cheat Telangana people. Once  bifurcation happens without amending and when courts intervene and agree with AJ's opinion, then pretty much T lost 371D.  And it wont be easy to put it back.

      Telangana separatists are the ones consistently harming telangana region for few contracts and political power. Integrationists have to enlighten folks on  the hidden motives of T separatists.



      • Kiran says:

        I dont understand how it will harm t interests not being much aware of this.  But anyway to expect parliament to respect any nicities of constitution is not something i believe in. I remember a huge hullabaloo when governor rule was meant to be extended beyond 6 months in J&K that it will spark constitutional crisis due to article 370. But nothing happened.

        • @Kiran, @Chandra:

          This is an example of the commonly employed mutatis mutandis "draftcraft".

          KKR's argument is already rejected in PV Krishnaiah's PIL.

          "The petitioner submits that in the event the State is bifurcated in exercise of power of Article 3 of the Constitution of India, then the object as enshrined in Article 371D will be frustrated and rendered nugatory. We *do not find any merit* in this submission".

          "The petitioner then argued that so long as Article 371-D is in force, no steps can be taken under Article 3 of the Constitution for forming a new State. Such argument is *absolutely absurd*. As we have already indicated that Article 3 operates in one particular field and this power is *originally given* by the framers of the Constitution to the Parliament by the Constituent Assembly and such power *cannot be abrogated or cannot be put on hold* at the instance of any citizen of India. Accordingly, we are unable to accept this contention that operation of Article 3 will remain suspended so long as Article 371-D is in force and is not amended. It is *an absurd proposition* suggested by the petitioner".


          • Kiran says:

            Why does krishiah need to distinguish between an article "originally given" and an article later adopted by the constitution . The reasoning provided reveals the low calibre of justice in India. Pompus windbags who hardly show any substance.

            • Krishnaiah was the petitioner, not the judge.

              FYI it is a globally accepted principle that an original constitutional article can only be amended by parliament.

              • Kiran says:

                Yeah Right. Time for resident reptile Jai to put on his geeky hat fishing mistakes and spouting BS. Globally accepted ? really ? are there parliaments globally ? written constiutions globally ? written constitutions accepting amendments globally ? whatever suits this fellow to feed in to his self image.

                FYI – courts are expected to uphold all of consitution including amendments.

                I now understand Chandra concerns  a bit. Seeking to amend 371 d by simply replacing AP with AP and TG is just a dishonest and sly move by center even if technically correct and they have the power. The very purpose of 371 d is due telangana drama before . And without deliberating whether that applies to proposed new states and simply changing text to suit convenience reveals how dishonest various state apparatus of India are.


                • Name calling or personal abuse is no substituite for knowledge or logic.

                  Most states in the world, excluding only a handful, and several semi-sovereign states have written constitutions. These constitutions come into effect after a special process e.g. constitutional assembly.

                  Executive, legislature & judiciary all derive powers from the constitution. The power to amend a constitutional article lies exclusively with the legislature. Judiciary can only interpret the constitution, not amend it.

                  Constitutional amendments must be consistent with the constitution as it stands on the day. Courts can strike it down if it does not meet this criterion.

                  The fact that some individuals disagree with a judgment does not take away its validity.

  28. Kiran says:


    You neither demonstrate knowledge or logic. And worse you never demonstrate any intention to go in that way. If you dont show slyness and sneakiness in every response of yours then you dont deserve those names. But you do.

    Your one of those guys who need to be held by the scruff of neck in front of truth. For you make every attempt to sneak away and slip off unless it serves your agenda. How many times you have demonstrated here and that geeky blog of yours. Responding to just few lines while ignoring thrust of a post – offering an exception as an arguement against a rule. Deliberatly ignoring substantial responses and answering in a tangential way. There is never a wholesomess in your reply. You are not interested in understanding or relaying truth. its not just about the cause you represent – though that cause does seem to attract worst sot of people.

    I dont get that feeling when I read Satya or Rao or Nalamotu or Ved or Chandra here. They may make errors but they are decent people with a moral framework and some sort of intellectual honesty.

    Your latest response continues your sneakiness here. I see you took care to omit the word parliament. And you ignored the other remark about the basic dishonest by center in supplanting AP with proposed new states in article 371 d. And then you post some obvious generalities about constitution while doing nothing to support your core bluff – that courts worldwide differentiate between "original" article and subsequent amendments.

    I never said  Judgement is wrong or questioning the validity. I dont know whether its wrong or valid. I said some reasoning used in those two paras your pasted here is rubbish and reflects badly on judge. Funny how you never really respond to anything.

    • P. Rao says:

      @Kiran.  Some times it is doing everyone a favor by calling a spade a spade. When a person says there is difference between original text and amended text in the constitution, there is no need to continue the argument.  It is interesting to note that the two times there were complaints about personal attack, the accusation is not denied. Only that it is a personal attack.  That means what you said about them is correct but they would prefer to hear it in flowery language in third person:).

      • Kiran says:

        Ha Ha. One  a more serious note – I noticed this often from t separatists. Claim they have been personally insulted to end arguements they  dont like. Even when all I did is charecterize the behaviour they themselves demonstrate which is full of duplicity. A sissy move on their part. The same guys who claim personal insults NEVER EVER hold themselves from blaming an entire region and an entire classes of people including ascribing worst qualities to women  for the only reason  they were born in a particular region.

        Unfortunately some of our moderaters in a misguided attempt to appear neutral and avoid the unpleasentness of hard words hold both behaviours to same standard – when they are not.

  29. Kiran says:

    Banana Republic is busy retaliating against US with which it has deep economic relations for "humiliation" of its consular officer. Nothing riles up banana republic more than humiliation, loss of face and other feudal values it holds dear to itself. Whether it is correct or not is secondary. They are making it seem that a strip search done as part of law of land is a sort of rape- the samething countless Indian and foreign citizens have gone through doing far more productive jobs than consular officer clerical activities. .

    Ofcourse for banana republic what the citizens of its largest state think  about breaking itis irrelevant. here the issue is prestige of sonia gandhi and her word and the humiliation if the republic has to go back on the word of the madam.

    • P. Rao says:

      Apparently Ms. Devyani Khobragade comes from a powerful and rich Maharastrian family. They are pulling all strings with the Indian government to go into a diplomatic war with the U.S., a medieval over reaction when an offender is taken into custody by the law enforcement.  On other hand, Her Excellency Ambassador Nirupama Rao has been thoroughly searched a couple of times during her travels within U.S., but she took it in stride, refused to raise issue or claim diplomatic immunity.

      Sadly, the 5 crores of soon to be residual AP subjects do not have a powerful voice in Delhi to plead for them.

  30. Kiran says:

    The weirdest demand from banana republic is that its diplomats even when in the wrong are entitled to courtesies. Really India ? you deserve courtesy ? Did you extend the courtesy to the legislative assembly of one of your largest states in existence for 60 years by taking them in to confidence about your decision to split the state ? No you brazenly said article  3 gives you the power and you dont give a rats a$$ to what an assembly representing 9 crore people think – they can go jump wherver they can want to. Did you even have the courtesy of explaining to the people the raison d'aitre of why you are doing it? Now you demand courtesy on behalf of a single employee ? because elections times are near ? f**k you India (the state not the people).

    Interesting your editors are obliging you by going rah-rah and egging you to take more actions against USA in their editorials. Not one of them condemned the way division of AP is is being done even though all are happy to acknowledge its done for political power objectives.

    • P. Rao says:

      At first I thought these two are unrelated incidents. As I see more and more it is becoming clear the parallels between the Khobragade diplomatic incidence and the division of AP. Watch how a medieval kingdom operates, though it claims to be the world's biggest democracy. Kiran rightly calls it a banana republic (BR). Devyani Khobragade's father is an influential IAS officer, so all the Babus (entrenched government bureaucrats) are enraged that one of their own is touched by foreigners. Going against US where no law is breached by America is nothing short of crazy. This confrontation over nothing is clearly against the national interests of India. The person who complained against Khobragade is another Indian, Sangeetha and person prosecuting Khobragade is another person of Indian origin, NY attorney general Preet Barara. It is not that an Indian diplomat is arrested on trumped up charges of espionage and going to be executed. The whole thing could have been handled discreetly.

      Let me make the connection to what is happening in AP. They are bifurcating a major state in the union because a couple of persons with vested interests lobbied heavily in New Delhi and caught the attention of the top brass. The lobbyists are no other than say, KCR and Jaipal Reddy. Now for this BR or Delhi sultanate, nothing else matters. It does not matter they could not give one reason for the division, do not follow constitutional procedures, go against the majority wish of the people in the  state.

      Consider the irony that AP gets the award today for best administered state.  So only in a dictatorship or a BR decisions are made on a whim and not on facts or national interests. Knowing this mechanism how the Indian Government presently operates is important to manipulate the system and get your wish done, and not majority opinion or principles.

  31. Kiran says:

    The more I read about details of diplomat case the more my head spins at the crassness and crookedness of indian state, its diplomat and the "prestigious" IFS lobby. In many countries the rich try to buy their way out but nobody does it this cheap, this brazen and for such trivial purposes as ethnic indian 24/7 maid as Indian govt. and its functionaries do. I used to think YSR and Jagan are as bad as they come but compared to Delhi they are saints. let me summarize the case.

    Diplomat promises a pay in line with USA regulation to get maid's visa approved. Once done she drafts another agreement – lets call it "gentlemen's agreement" :)  - on plain piece of paper where the pay is well below the actual contract. Obviously the maid has to be grateful she is going to America and has to settle for less (like seemandhras should be grateful for Hyderabad) and show proper deference to natural privilege of IFS officer. The maid with a vision of bettering her life and also providing services to diplomat signs the compromise which is not worth the paper it is written on.

    The maid largely follows the "gentlemans agreement" for seven months but fed up with the arbitraness of privelege seeks permission to work outside for few hours on cash basis. The diplomat declines conveniently citing VISA regulations (which she ignored when drafting wage agreement). The maid walks way one day takes refuge in gurudwara and then a civil liberties organization. The diplomat strikes back. Asks the NY police to trace her. NY police determine the maid a full adult walked away on her own and close the case. But diplomat using official channels harrases NY police to trace her and bring her back to her work. NY police ignore the nonsense.

    The maid with help of a lawyer calls diplomat and offers not to go to court for 10,000 USD. The diplolat haughtiliy declines and tries to file a case of blackmail and extortion – really ? an out of court settlement is blackmail ?. The India strikes on a poor maid employed by it – a case cheating case is filed against her FAMILY  in Delhi ? Famiily ? on what basis ? the "gentleman agreement" ofcourse. Note the convenience of choosing agreements to suit purpose.

    And after 20 days of maid departure Diplomat hubby remembers valuables of paltry $100 are missing and files case of theft – this time conveniently in NY and not Delhi. IFS lobby continues pressure on US to trace and surrender the maid to them. In Sept the US state department informs Indian counterpart that the diplomat is in violation of law. India reacts hurt at tone of the letter blaming her diploamt. Once again the bitchiness of "hurt feelings" as opposed to right or wrong we so often notice in t sepratists. The mighty court in Delhi acts against the maid by issuing some nonsense directive.

    December the diplomat is arrested. All hell breaks loose in the priveleged Delhi. The world laughs at the joke called delhi and ignores.

    USA was able to shoot down Delhi greed but we in AP are nowhere poweful in many diminesions. but the lesson is simple – dont buckle or compromise with wrong demands. Whether it is T sepratists or Delhi – we samikyaandhra try hard to arrive at some commonground like UT- it wont work. Just say NO. Even if we are defeated because we are weak we keep our dignity.

    • kkm says:


      Good analogy of the IFS officers case with AP. India is sure to be caught on wrong foot in this case.  Sometimes we in India are so pseudo patriotic and sentimental that , we competely ignore to learn the facts before we breakdown with 'Jai Bhart Mata' like ' Tvadis do with 'Jai Telanagana'.

      India is sure to be caught on wrong foot in this case. Shifting her to UN position so as to give her a cover agaisnt police and prosecution is a hurried act of GOI. This will expose India's usual crave for  cheap popularity,

    • Ramesh says:

      Hello Kiran,

      I am supporter of United Andhra. If division is unavoiable, the GOI should appoint a 2nd SRC to define a new uniformly implementable procedure to create new states. (Not just because it will give us few MP seats). Having said that, I totally do not agree with your above inferences above on the Indian diplomat's case.


      US State is the last institution on earth who believe in Human rights. And less said about the 'labour rights', the better. US State can use any method to further their current/immediate priorities. If it helps them, they don't bother shaking hands with the most ruthless killers. And if it helps them, they can torture/bump an innocent. So let us be clear on that.


      Indian state's outrage against US State as they conveniently and ruthlessly outrage an indian diplomat is justified. In fact, I am pleasantly surprised by it. And if Indian state goes a step further to use every law in IPC to investigate the US diplomants (not US citizens) in India and punish them appropriately as per every provision in IPC, that would be ideal. But I know Indian state would not do that. And there are many reasons for that. Any day, I would support the hands of the corrupt politician on the land rather a remote/assumably uncorruptible US babu. Because fundamentally the corrupt indian politician is expected to be more humane than a remote an assumably uncorruptible US babu.


      Also assuming that the US state is pursuing this case only to uphold US labour laws is absolute rubblish. This case is being used US state and its diplomats to negotiate something else that Indian diplomats are not able to deliver so far. Don't assume that all the facts are on the table. The US is only putting partial information on the table not all the information. If US state or NY State to absolutely clear wishes to uphold the labour laws and pursue it with the vigour they have shown, they can get 10 cases per street and 100 cases per avenue within Manhattan itself where the labour laws are violated.


      And regarding your point of Delhi not listening to 13+Hyd districts of seemandhra. That is partially true. The MLAs, MPs, NGOs, bureaucrats of 13+1 districts have failed to 'unitedly' put across the opinion of the citizens. Let us see how the MLAs play their game in AP assembly. So far, during the winter session they have failed to raise to the occasion. Hopefully in the new year, they will coherently (not by creating ruckus) convey their views in the Assembly (record them) and vote on every paragraph of the bill and defeat each and every paragraph of the bill in a voice vote. If they don't do that (defeat the bill in assembly), then our own MLAs have failed us more than anyone else.


      In spite of all these failings, I will still support people from the land who might have failed us or fail us in the future than support a US state government who conveniently use their laws to ra*e an indian diplomat to pursue hidden agenda. I will experiment with different parties / different candidates to better the indian polity than support a foriegn babu from a land supposedly populated with people with paragon of virtues. 

  32. Kiran says:

    Nalamotu, Satya and Others,

    What is your thinking on the AP reorganization bill currently at Assembly. Just read a good article by MBK Prasad in Greatandhra.com that bill needs to be debated and commented by Samaikyavadi legislatures however the rubbish that bill may be. I appreciate his reasonings but not 100% sure whether that joke of a bill deserves that much respect.

    What is Visalandhra planning to do about it ?



  33. P. Rao says:

    Looking at the colored maps of new Telangana state and residual AP (RAP) I see the RAP map looks like the shape of a veena or sitar. Any body has any other descriptions.

    • kkm says:

      I have recently read in responses section of a news article, that  map of RAP looked like '*****" ( men's erect  genital) along  wih lot of redicule on seemandhra's indicriminate indulgence in  amorous life . Sorry for this but this what I have read, couple of weeks back browsing through forgotten clicks on some links.

      The way you see like a veena only reveals your standards of thought process agaisnt who, those who have seen it as in paragraph above.

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