Numbers do not support separatists’ wild claims

I would like to present more statistics on the state of Nizam Telangana, Coastal Andhra, and Rayalaseema regions. The data does not include education and irrigation as I’ve already published this data on my web-site at


I am not going to provide detailed commentary on the data, as the tables are self-explanatory in nature. 


Here is the gist:


In the categories of total workers, government hospitals, primary health centers, livestock, factory employment, power consumption, roads, school and degree education Nizam region performs better.


In the categories of number of beds in the government hospitals, number of vehicles it falls behind.


In the categories of total agriculture output, and poultry Nizam Telangana is comparable to the other regions.


Per-capita income is a good gauge to assess the economic well-being of a region. When summarized by region, Kosta per-capita income is Rs. 28,133, Nizam Telangana is Rs. 26,528, and Rayalaseema is Rs. 20,804. When Hyderabad and Rangareddi districts are excluded from Nizam Telangana, per-capita income drops to Rs. 24,168.


Based on per-capita income, clearly Nizam Telangana is behind Coastal Andhra and ahead of Rayalaseema. However, this difference is not enough to justify the kind of wild and inflammatory exaggerations being made by the separatists to further their agenda of hate. The backwardness of the Nizam Telangana region can be partly attributed to the feudal rule under Nizam. If one were to look at the absolute growth, Nizam Telangana region has grown more than the other two regions, since the state formation.


But here is a more important observation. Separatists mislead their supporters claiming that “self-rule” will change the face of the Nizam Telangana region. Ironically, Rayalaseema, from where 7 of the 15 chief ministers of our state hailed from, continues to be the most backward of the three regions.



















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24 Responses to “Numbers do not support separatists’ wild claims”

  1. eeswar says:

    Thanks a lot for the info and your efforts

  2. Ravindra says:

    Chakravarthygaru ,
    You have to send all the data that you have collected to Sri Krishna committee. If it is possible for you please try to get a personal appointment and present the case for united AP before them and expose  the lies of separtists.
    తెలుగు ప్రజల ఇక్యత కోసం మీరు చేస్తున్న ఈ సహాయాని తెలుగు ప్రజలు ఎప్పటికీ మార్చిపోరు

  3. satya says:

    I just want to say one thing, hats-off to u sir,!!

  4. T.S.C.Bose says:

    The claim of the separatists that they want self rule shows the hollowness of the claim.  Are they not electing their own leaders as Sarpanches, MPTCs, ZPTCs, MLAs and MPs?  Are they under British or Nizam Rule? Vengala Rao, Chenna Reddy and Anjaiah were CMs.  PVNarasimha Rao was also CM and PM for one full term.  Let them take the statistics during their rule to show that there was development only during the rule of Telangana CMs.  This is only an orchestrated attempt to mislead the gullible people of the Region with false propaganda and false promises of jobs. 

  5. vijay says:

    hi, where can i purchase this book in india? any online link pls..

  6. Mahadev says:

    Dear Chakravarthy,
    I have been following your information all through. We also believe that what these separatissts are doing is wrong. They also have fortified Hyderbad, people who want to talk some sense are afraid of physical abuse by these hand full of hooligans.
    See how this data can reach the students in the Telengana region, I am sure confronted with the truth, students may react differently. The unemployed politicians would like to bring your Data under the rug & ridicule it too! They are seasoned to cut people to size.
    I have to admit, you have done a great job & we would like to help you out in any way you want us to!!!

  7. ankaraju vadlamudi says:

    Sir,it is verygood. Send it to Krishna commmission for consideration towards SamaikyaAndhraPradesh.
                                                                                                                                       with regards,

  8. AMRAO says:

    Chakravarthy garu,
    I wanted to bring to you notice the following news:
    This was the speech Nehru made in 1956 while visiting Nizamabad just before the formation of AP. This may be removed after Sunday IST. Please try to read before that.
    —-Sakshi news paper saying the development of Ayacut in Nizam Telengana took place after the formation of AP.
    Again, Sakshi indicating the amount spent on drinking water in the last five years.

  9. ved says:

    Dear Chakravarthy gaaru,
    You should forward your book and all your findings to all main political leaders fighting for samaikhya andhra pradesh. 
    Most importantly you should present your book and findings to SKC commission. All telugu people will be permanently indebted to your hard work and sacrifice. This is a historic struggle faced by telugu people.

    I can also understand all the personal sacrifices you must have made in this effort. But all this will be wasted if you don't present this work to the committee. If there is any help we can do to help this cause please let us know.

    • Chakravarthy says:

      Ved garu,

      1) Yes, I am submitting my views to the committee and will try my best to meet the members in person
      2) Complementary copies of the book are being printed in India for the public representatives

      • Chandra says:

        Chakravarthi garu,
        Appreciate your efforts in trying to meet the committe members in person. It would be really good if there is a possibility of a small power point presentation to members.
        As we all  know there are three aspects in this T agitation.
        1.One is misconception/misinterpretation of numbers i.,e, development.
        2.Second false propaganda that a T state would completely change the lives of youth.
        3. Third is the sentiment.
        Sentiment arouse out of the first two factors. So we need to explain the committe members that, when they tour the villages, they might "feel the pockets of temporary sentiment" . Once the first two points are eradicated, the sentiment itself will die down. Anyway your book also discusses the disdavanatges of separation and, hopefully, committe members will take a note of that.
        Just wanted to post a brainstorming sort of message.
        Thank You.

        • Ranjit says:

          You dont seem to understand the telangana sentiment. Not only you even the author of this blog does not understand the sentiment. If he visit the villages of telangana, he will definetely find the change.

          • Chandra says:

            Dear Ranjit,
            I already expresses my opinion on the origin of sentiment. People like us who are well educated and experts in some fields, should try to convince the villagers and NOT the other way around. When Coastal Andhra area was searated from Madras presidency , there was a reasonable argument based upon liguistic differences. But, based upon local accents , if people starts demanding separation, imagine how many states will kannada people have, or Tamilnadu people will have? Is Madurai tamil same as tamil spoken in Madras?.  Why are they not demanding for separation?. And at last ,I dont think the sentiment of a separate state has stronger appeal than sentiment of  "Our Telugu State".

  10. me@hyd says:

    Hello Chakravarthy garu,
    You are really inspiring.
    What are some good libraries / institutions in Hyderabad where one can find good historical data and publications about Andhra Pradesh?

  11. srikanth says:

    hi can u plz provide the statistics of  implementaion of 610GO and committe recomendations which has to implemented for telangana..

  12. srikanth says:

    people r calling telangana people as seperatists.. same applies to poti sreeramulu adn andhra people who fought for seperate andhra state.. bloody hypocrites… if fighting for telangana is seperatism then fighting for andhra state was also seperatism

    • My friend who are not hypocrites..I seperate Telangana brother from the real separatists.You sing song and fight against the oppressive ruler Nizam once upon a time and now you say y Nizam was a wonderful leader etc.. Pls watch the movie "Maa bhoomi:" which shows the atrocities on Telangana people and who is behind them. Pls let me know if you living the same life now by any chance. The only scapegoats you get is Andhra People..Why???Were you and your politicians sleeping when there was no development. Is multiplex in city is development as per you??Or do i understand you were just minting money not spending on the public??Andhra & Telangana what is all this non-sense in this fast age??Pls workhard and get good jobs and settle..Unnecesarily dont blame other who are same Telugu speaking people and i appreciate if dont use such words once again. Everyone is familiar with English..

  13. satya says:

    and FYI, 610 GO is not just for telangana.., it was issued to take corrective steps on recruitment violations happend across all the zones. 

  14. Vinay says:

    Hatsoff Chakravarthy.its very good effort for uniting the state.

  15. Sree says:

    Chakravarthy Garu
                                           Meeru chesina sahayam maruvalemu , TV9 chushaka mee book gurinichi telisindhi , chala chapters chadivanu , baga rasaru !!! Mana telugu prajalakosam meeru padda kastanni andharu gurthunchukuntaru ..meeru chala kastapaduvuntaru information antha Sri karishna commite ki ivandi , students ki telapandi ,papam amayakulu , politicians matalavalla chanipothunnaru, thallithandralaku bada kaligsthunnaru … eppatikaina vallu baga chaduvukuni, ee politics ku doorangavundali…

  16. KK says:

    Hello Chakravarthy Garu,
    Your book should be an eye opener. I am not against Separate Statehood, but there should be a valid reason for that. 
    People who are dying for the sake of T-Statehood should realize that first they are children of their parents, next to parents only anything.
    People should ask the selfish politicians of their constituency what they have done for the welfare and development of the region before killing themselves or blaming others.
    People who claim that they have been cheated by non-T leaders first should question them selves first about the same. They will get answer in their own question.

  17. vinay says:

    telanganites are seriously and successfully brainwashed by kcr &co.thanks for the facts bro

  18. sang says:

    dear sir,
    before any statistics mde for  the issue we have to firstly sagregate the real sons of soil(telangites) and the people just staying/settled in hydrabad/telangana dist..  then only the real numbers will tell the actual truth

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