Never Forget – Never Forgive

Today is a day that will go down in infamy for centuries to come.


Telugu country was painstakingly put together piece by piece by the Kakatiyas in the past. However, Kakatiya King Prataparudra lost the Telugu Empire to Delhi. Unable to bear the burden of losing the country that was entrusted to him by his ancestors; he took his life on the banks of river Narmada.


Andhra Pradesh state was achieved after nearly a half century long struggle. Our elders learned about the glory of our ancestors. They were inspired by the accomplishments of the Telugu kingdoms of Satavahana, Kakatiya, and Vijayanagara. They fought to bring all Telugu territories under one state, to re-awaken the Telugu spirit. Alas, today all those efforts have gone futile. We have to carry the burden of our failure for a long time to come. Telugu people’s dream of living together, as of today stands shattered.


June2nd 2014 will be remembered as a day when Telugus were separated by the vested interests in Delhi that wanted to weaken us.


It is important that history records all those that have letdown the cause of Telugu unity. While some failed in their constitutional duties others sold us off for power. While some traded us for financial gains many just didn’t stand up for the fear of being attacked. But the most damaging forces are those that divided us to strengthen Delhi’s grip over India. These forces if let alone, will destroy India in the years to come.


Here is my personal list of those that have let Telugus down in our time of need. We should never forget, nor forgive these people and institutions:

  1. Sonia Gandhi (The woman singularly responsible for the destruction of Telugu unity)
  2. Supreme Court of India (Failed to deliver justice in the time of our need)
  3. Pranab Mukherjee (A puppet President, who was more of a party agent and less of a constitutional head)
  4. Meira Kumar (Put the nation to shame by cutting off video broadcast and acted as a ruling party agent all through the farce of division)
  5. Kavuri Samba Siva Rao (He ranks higher than KCR in the list. A leader of the integrationist cause, who sold fellow Telugus off for a ministry. A traitor of the worst kind)
  6. Daggubati Purandeswari (Daughter of late NTR, brought disgrace to Telugus as a minister, instead of fighting she accepted division. She too ranks above KCR for being a traitor to the cause)
  7. K. Chandrashekhar Rao (The man who started the separatist movement after losing his ministry. Though he started the movement, the division became a reality because of the schemes of the two national parties. In the end he became a pawn used by our enemies to divide us)
  8. N. Chandrababu Naidu (Leader of the party that stood for Telugu pride. He is a power monger for whom saving his party was a higher priority than saving the state)
  9. Sushma Swaraj (Leader of BJP, who joined hands with separatists)
  10. P. Chidambaram (A man who almost seemed to have held grudge against Telugus for their role in demanding a separate province from Madras presidency. He played the Shakuni role in the division)
  11. Chiranjeevi (Another traitor and a consummate bum. His shallowness was evident during the course of agitation)
  12. Panabaka Lakshmi (A traitor who openly said she is more loyal to Sonia than to the people of her state)
  13. Killi Kruparani (A sold-off traitor)
  14. J.D. Seelam (A sold-off traitor)
  15. Pallam Raju (A sold-off traitor)
  16. Botsa Satyanarayana(State Congress President whose loyalties remained questionable)
  17. Venkaiah Naidu (A hard-core separatist, when the division bill came to Rajyasabha, he put up an act that deserved an Oscar)
  18. Digvijay Singh (Part of Delhi’s evil ruling coterie that divided us)
  19. Sushil Kumar Shinde (Part of Delhi’s evil ruling coterie that divided us)
  20. Prof. Kodandaram (An incapable leader but was put in place by Maoists. He did his bit in promoting division)
  21. K. Taraka Ramarao (part of KCR clan)
  22. Harish Rao (part of KCR clan)
  23. Kavitha (part of KCR clan)
  24. Y.S. Jagan (A corrupt and an opportunist politician who first was indifferent to division, then for equal justice, then became an integrationist)
  25. Jayaprakash Narayan (An intellectual by education, but a leader lacking vision or conviction. He saw evil of separatism, but lacked the courage to call a spade a spade)
  26. Manmohan Singh (Probably the worse Prime Minister in India’s history, proved once again that he was a mere puppet)
  27. Kishore Chandra Deo
  28. Jaipal Reddy
  29. Jairam Ramesh (Let down the region that sent him to Rajyasabha)
  30. CPI Narayana (Party of Visalandhra, yet gave up its ideals for a few seats)
  31. Dokka Manikya Varaprasad
  32. Rosaiah
  33. E.S.L. Narasimhan (Governor who gave an impression that he is against the division, but showed his true colors at the right time)
  34. Kishan Reddy (In private he tells integrationists that he is an integrationist, yet stood for division)
  35. Yerrabelli Dayakar Rao (Played a key role in coercing TDP to support division)
  36. Vasantha Nageswar Rao (Separatist from Kosta that strengthened the voices of separatists)
  37. Madhu Yashki
  38. Gulam Nabi Azad 

483 Responses to “Never Forget – Never Forgive”

  1. VK says:

    TJAC to fight against Polavaram project in Delhi

    I think it is time for SA (telugunaadu) to fight for Bhadrachalam division and Hyd as an UT or reversing the AP division bill by NDA govt. If T separatists can fight for the region (6 mandals given to Polavaram) that originally belong to telugunaadu, why can't we fight for reversing the AP division bill.

  2. VK says:

    Ration cards are double that of families in Telangana

    According to official statistics, there are more white cards than the number families exist in telangana. I hope the T separatists who claim SAs as cheaters and T as whiter than white could explain why there so many white cards in T region.

    I know there are more white cards in SA and hence SA no different from T. This is different from what T separatists saying about SA.

  3. VK says:

    500 T employees in AP secretariat whereas only 100 AP employees in T secretariat

    In a recent discussion on ABN regarding a baricade between AP and T secretariats, the secretariat employees belong to both states agreed that there are 500 T employees in AP secretariat whereas only 100 AP emloyees in T secretariat.

    T separatists have been claiming that 90% employees of unitedAP secretariat are fron SA. If this turned out to be a lie, how many more of their so called 101 reasons for T are lies?

  4. VK says:


    The students who died in a tragedy in Himachal Pradesh and those who died in gas leakage accident.

  5. sandeep says:


    Whatever it takes they will rewrite history. The world's most pathetic liars. Read it. They want to prove that somebody from North Telangana is older than Nannayya. Rogues in the attire of Professors and Poets. No where did this happen in the world.

  6. anil says:


    Godavari Pushkaralu to happen in Telangana this time – Teenmaar News


    ee kojja lanjakodukulaki entha cheppina arthamu kadhu. annitlo vishamey. lanjakokulaki theliyalsina vishyamu Rajahmundry pushkaralu konni vandhala samvathsarala nundi unnayi. Nizam ippati Telangana pranthamulo hindu mathanni anagadhokkadu andhukey vaallu chesukolekapoyaru. Kavalantey ippudu chesukondi kaani verey vallameehda padi edavadamu enti.

    • Mohan says:

      This is really a hatred filled atrocious coverage from V6. Some places get traditionally popular for some events.

      If we start thinking in lines of V6coverage wants to tell. Ganges runs form Himalayas of Uttarakhand into UP, Bihar, WB and then into Bangladesh. But in the event of Puskaras of Ganga known as Kumbhmela whole India flocks into Allahabad.  Luckily , the other indians are not thinking as low as V6 channgel anchor who sees ultierior motives of AP government, for people celebrating pushkar in Rajahmundry. 

      Please some give some wisdom to those rougue channels spewing veno


    • Jayanth says:

      Pushkar's or Kumbhmelas per vedic tradition can be performed only at specific regions at confluence or other particularity of the river, at Rajahmundry for instance. They cannot be performed else where in Telugu region because it is against authentic religious followings. In addition, as Tirupathi is the ultimate place of worship for the Sri Vaishnavas who believe in Lord Venkateswara, there cannot be a place like it anywhere. The T people have popularized Chilkur balaji with cock and bull history just as Basara to attract people to these places. The only religious places in T without fabricated history are Yadagirigutta and Vemulawada and Kaleswaram. Others are fabricated in the last 15 yrs. Basara means Vyasara. Nonsense. Show me one reference prior to 1980s with this nonsense. Chilkur is Visa temple, non sense.

    • anil says:

      HYDERABAD: Former prime minister PV Narasimha Rao’s birth anniversary should not be celebrated by the state government as he opposed statehood for Telangana all his life, co-convener of 1969 Telangana Udyamakarula Samakhya Chiranjeevi Kolluri and president of Voice of Telangana L Panduranga Reddy have said.

      Addressing a press conference here Saturday, they urged the state government not to celebrate Rao’s birth anniversary from next year.

      “PV Narasimha Rao was an outright supporter of the Visalandhra movement and did not encourage formation of a separate Telangana state. A day before he became chief minister, a delegation led by Kaloji Narayana Rao had met him and sought his support for Telangana but he blatantly refused,” Kolluri said.

      Panduranga Reddy said he had met Rao in 200 for Telangana state but he told them that he had requested Pranab Mukherjee to recommended a second States Reorganisation Commission without fixing time limit so that the demand would fizzle out with time.

      “Had Narasimha Rao initiated steps for formation of Telangana when he was prime minister, the state would have been formed before 2000,” Reddy said and added that Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao had taken up many initiatives for Telangana but this one was not one among them. A letter detailing all these fatcs would be written to KCR, he said.

  7. sunil says:

    The latest Tsunami is building up. Just as they brainwashed and corrupted the minds of students and enraged them against the Seemandhra for separate statehood filled with lies, Prof.Haragopal of Marathi-Tamil Brahmin and Vara Vara Rao and Prof.Kodandaram (created by Seemandhra hatred monger Rama Melkote Marathi-Kannada Brahmin — whose father and relatives lost their govt jobs in Hyd after the formation of AP) are seen in Kakatiya University holding initial conferences with students to begin a new agitation.

    Open google maps and look for the number of dams and their sizes in Telangana area. One will be amazed how much lies they spread. One will not find that many dams in any other part of south India as there are in Telangana. They are still planning on building 26 more dams and keep saying they do not have dams and their water is being stolen. How can a region lying on the east steal somebody's water.

    Though I am from Seemandhra I do not accept Polavaram, but at the same time I do not accept the so many dams that were built in Telangana either. Millions more people were displaced when all the dams and lakes in Telangana were built. Where were these rascals when they were built. They are planning 26 more.

    I think Bhadrachalam, Munagala, Aswaraopeta, parts of Huzurnagar, part of Nagarjunasagar all should be correctly given back to Seemandhra.

  8. Mann says:

    Visalandhra Mahasabha Convener Parakala Prabhakar garu is set to become chief media advisor to CBN Govt. Chakravarthy garu, whats your opinion on this development?

    • GK says:

      Awesome. I am glad that he got employed, but am sure that CBN idea behind that is to open a bedroom channel to Delhi…

      • ramana says:

        I know many have said this about you before, but can't help it – you are one disgusting person.

        • sumith says:

          so are most telangana people. you cannot oppose it anymore. that is a fact of life. when they hate the whole andhra people, how can one let it go after so many years of hatred and jealous filled crying on andhras.

      • Mann says:

        Nothing wrong with that on part of Naidu, especially when the new AP state needs all the support it can get from center. Political parties in AP lacked articulate and politically savvy english media person from SA region (T region has had a few) all these years, and Parakala garu would fit the bill nicely for TDP. But my question is how this development is viewed in Visalandhra Mahasabha, as their stance is to mantain distance from all the political parties that supported division of the state.

        • sumith says:


          • P. Rao says:


            This tells us that in present day India, you can lie, lie, and lie about facts and hate, hate, and hate your neighbor and achieve a division of a state and keep the state as your family jagir by taking the first three cabinet posts including the CM job for your family and yourself. This is the take home lesson as I used think that such feudalistic and dictatorial days are gone. KCR is a counter revolutionary and a history maker.


            • Kapil says:

              What Nizam did to these fellows was justified. They deserved it. No regrets. The only other regret is the thousands of people from AP who initiated the Andhra Mahasabha to educate these pigs which led to Nizam Telangana Rebellion. In my home town in Proddutur, these pigs from Nizam Telangana came running to hide their asses from getting raped by the Nizam and Razakars — told by my grandfather.

          • YSR says:

            Only if Maharashtra builds more and more dams in the Nizam Maharashtra region, then these liars and villains will understand how it feels.

          • Harish says:

            That is why they stole the Bhadrachalam constituency. It is the most startegic area with rivers from orissa and a big percentage of godavari flowing down into AP. If people in draught areas in Rayalaseema and the Prakasam and Visakhapatnam have to have water for drinking, irrigation etc, this is the only source. This area has to be regained otherwise the AP is dead.

  9. News says:

    Headlines: " Telangana Police to Study Policing in New York, London "

    These rogues must first understand that for New York or London police REGIONALISM does not mean anything and they treat everyone equal in front of LAW.

    These rogues deserve to go to some barbaric state or country that has same thought process as they do and learn more selfishness, jealousy, regionalism, meanness, lies, fraud, gundagiri, naxalism, terrorism, and NEPOTISM. Yes these fellows are the nepotists and not the Seemandhra people.

    These rougues should be denied visas to free countries like US and UK.

    • Rahul says:

      Boss, those rogues will not understand because they account for the most number of Telugu NRIs in the USA and they all hate Seemandhras equally. They are here stealing the jobs of locals and they cannot bear if Seemandhras compete for jobs in Hyd.

  10. GK says:

    Good news after good news….

    Hardware park, 20 industrial clusters, customs and excise academy, IIT, AIMS, Agri University, AP express, polavaram including 236 villages….list goes on. Note that all of the above are slated for this budget year….

    I hope they also move tsunami center, fisheries to Andhra as well…

    Basically the sooner AP gets every thing that Telangana has the better….

    Very happy with the progress….

    • VK says:

      The division of AP to get above benefits is like breaking leg to give medicine to tooth pain.

    • Kiran says:

      People like you have just single agenda ….somehow convince everyone division is the best. I dont know whether you are child yourself or assumme everyone here is a child that a simple single agenda will be swallowed here. You need to understand how people who are not passionate about dividing people will think about these things. Moreover you may sound you are happy about it but is telangana govt. happy ? will not the unfair reactions of KCR lead to more bitterness in seemandhra.

      • Kiran says:

        one more thing – all those things are not "boons" or "gifts" by indian govt.  they are promises made in the parliament by indian govt to their fellow seemandhra citizens for the pain they caused by ripping apart a succeful state created by telugu people. it is seemandhra right to demand them and indian govt is duty bound to deliver them

  11. VK says:

    TPJAC chairman Prof. M Kodandaram on Saturday said that TPJAC would strongly oppose the Polavaram project with its present design.

    Strongly opposing the merger of seven mandals of Khammam into Seemandhra, he said that the TPJAC would not allow the Centre to give away even an inch of Telangana land to other States.

    1. Polavaram with its present design is in the AP division bill. If TPJAC can oppose issues in the AP divsion bill why can't we oppose including bhadrachalam etc and Hyd in telangana.

    2. If TPJAC wouldn't allow the centre to give away even an inch of land that originally belong to telugunaadu (seema-andhra), are we have no shame in giving our land to telangana and begging to get back part of that land for polavaram.

    3. If TPJAC can object strongly for giving back the part of land (7 mandals of bhadrachalam) that belong to telugunaadu, imagine what they could when we need to get our share of water.

    4. If the Supreme court fail to give verdict on the AP division bill, we should immediately start fighting to make Hyd city as an UT and to get back bhadrachalam, awaraopet, munagala etc. 

    • P. Rao says:

      Now Bhadrachalam revenue division is the new Kashmir (disputed land) between AP and T?

    • P. Rao says:

      @vk: "If the Supreme court fail to give verdict on the AP division bill,—"

      You have a point.  If we consider the fact that Sonia Gandhi is unhappy about how her attempt to bifurcate AP turned out to be, she may wish for a reversal of the decision.  Some of the justices on the supreme court bench who are Congress sympathisers and friendly to Sonia may take a negative stand to the state's division in the coming trial in August.  Let us not forget that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi still is a very infulential person in Delhi politics..

      • VK says:

        Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the possible Supreme court verdict. However, I still don't understand why the Supreme court didn't postpone the official AP division date if it believe that there is a problem in the division process.

        • P. Rao says:

          The judiciary is beholden to the executive many times, because they were originally promoted or appointed by the executive (Prime Minister) in power. During the time before and leading to the parliament vote on AP bifurcation, TRS was in favor of merger with Congress and Sonia might have enough influence on the juidiciary they did not interfere in deference to her wishes. I see your point that it was nothing short of a partisan decision by the Supreme Court not to interfere during the process of bifurcation. Now the relation between TRS and Congress is broken, Sonia and her coterie in the judiciary can behave differently now.  Pardon me for saying this, but the so called independent judiciary depends on the circumstances. The law gets interpreted depending on who is giving the verdict.

          Many believe, Gore won the Florida and majority vote but, unelected George W. Bush was given the U.S.Presidency by the Supreme Court in a partisan manner. It could not be any other way because a good number of the justices were appointed to the court during the elder Bush's time as VP and President.  So it was payback time for the justices.

  12. Hemavathi says:

    Please see the link for how Telangana used to be at one point in history. The current Telangana agitation is know in the world as the Longest, Biggest and the Worst intellectual lie of any generation. The only place in the world where a complete set of people who call themselves as Professors, Poets, Educationalists and Activists lie, hate and fabricate.

  13. VK says:

    KCR is opening Toddy (kallu) shops in Hyd to make sure it as a part of telangana.

  14. Jayanth says:

    Why is it that all boards in Hyderabad are being changed to have Telangana State? Isn't Hyd supposed to be the Joint capital for 10 yrs?

    Even Lok Satta Hyd has Telangana State office on its board. And JP is singing Jai Telangana song.


  15. Jayanth says:

    Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao had announced after a Cabinet meet on Wednesday after the Cabinet meet that N.G. Ranga Agricultural University and Venkateswara Veterinary University will be split and renamed after TRS ideologue Prof. K. Jayashankar and former PM P.V. Narsimha Rao.


    Goppa vallu ey pranthamvaru ayithey enti vaallu chesina krushi mukhyamu. ayina sarey okavella maristhey PV Narasimha Rao gari peru pedithey thappuledhu kaani aa kojja gayshankar gadi peru pettakoodadhu. inka senior Owaisi peru pettachu dhaanibadhulu. he was much better.

    • Jayanth says:

      The article also says, "Almost all the major universities and institutions located in Hyderabad are named after personalities hailing from the Andhra region. Acharya N.G. Ranga was a freedom fighter hailing from Guntur district.  Potti Sriramulu hailed from Prakasam district and fought for the cause of Andhra while N.T. Rama Rao hailed from Krishna district."


      My Ans:

      About Acharya NG.Ranga:

      Ranga was one of the founders of the International Federation of Agricultural Producers. He represented India at the Food and Agriculture Organisation (Copenhagen) in 1946, the International Labour Organisation (San Francisco) in 1948, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Conference (Ottawa) in 1952, the International Peasant Union (New York) in 1954 and the Asian Congress for World Government (Tokyo) in 1955.
      His name found a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as a Parliamentarian with fifty years of service.
      The N.G. Ranga Farmer Award for Diversified Agriculture was instituted by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research in 2001.
      A commemorative postage stamp was released by Government of India in 2001.
      He was awarded Padma Vibhushan by the President of India in 1991

      About Potti Sriramulu:

      Father of Linguistic States in India – a philosophy that kept alive so many languages of India. A great being who self-sacrificed for the cause of Telugu people in Madras presidency which ultimately brought all Telugus together under one state, though unfortunately his cause did not live long because of pathetic lies of a set of professors, poets, writers and reporters and politicians of one region.

      About N.T. Rama Rao:

      The first man who brought all the Telugus emotionally together. Taught what it means by Telugu Identity. The first person to have a real party for the Telugus. The first man to abolish old tradition of karanam and patwari hegemony and uplift the BCs. He is the person who gave chance to C.Narayana Reddy. He is the person who made the Tank Bund as a Telugu Identity. He is the one person who is the King of Puranic movies of Telugu industry.

      About PV.Narasimha Rao:

      An integrationist and the first Telugu Prime Minister of India.

      About Venkateswara:

      Lord Venkateswara whose is no match for any crooked fellow of Nizam Telangana.

      About GayShunkar:

      A rogue of the very high standard.




    • prabhakara rao says:

      to my knowledge Telangana is the only race that lasped into 700 year long cultural hibernation

      what else can you expect from the race that does note know other than

      tinnamaa padukunnamaa tellarimdaa

  16. Kumar says:

    But no seemandhra fellow will open his mouth and claim their portion of land lost in nagarjuna sagar. Silence has to blamed for in every loss of Andhras.

  17. Kumar says:

    People like Prof Haragopal has been using the word "Pettubadidharulu" for the seemandhras. He was opposed of them and now these T politicians are the ones hunting like kukkas for more pettubadidharulu. So pettubadidharulu can be anyone else other than from Andhras. Nice.

  18. Narayan says:

    V6 video on Telangana Assembly oath. Not any different from TV9's but the since TV9's CEO belongs to Seemandhra, eventhough its employees 95% belong to T, TV9 gets all the bashing.

  19. Kapilavasthu says:

    I was reading a telugu article written by so-called acharya named phanindra who is most confused about most things just as any other telangana person seems to be about everything. He says that words like Chesaru are used by Andhras and Chesinaru are used by Telangana people because Golconda Patrika has used them before formation of AP. This so-called Acharya must refer to the Andhra Patrika which is decades older than the Golconda Patrika and formed by the Andhra people. In the Andhra Patrika Chesinaru is used and not Chesaru.

    This same professor hates Andhras but travels to Andhra frequently to receive Awards from the Andhras. And he also hates Andhras because some fellow named Mudumbai it seems said something about Telangana long back. But the weirdly enough, this guy has relatives who are of suname Mudumbai. Mudumbai was a Sri Vaishanava brahmin and this guy is also a Sri Vaishnava Brahmin. And when somebody asks him where the so-called Mudumbai who had said something about Telangana belonged to. He does not know it but all he knows is he does not bekong to Telangana. Therefore his interpretation is that he belongs to Seemandhra. But this guy needs to be aware that there are Telugu Srivaishnavas in Bellary and Tamil Nadu state as well. And poor Mudumbai did not say anything odd. These guys are bitten by a bug called jealousy and are not able to digest facts and want to hit back at Seemandhras whether something was initiated by seemandhras or not. Very pathetic odd fellows.

  20. venu says:

    Till yesterday thess fellows are crying all the government jobs are occupied by andhras , now they themshelves are admitting that 90% of government employes of seven mandals (Most of them actually part of andhra ) belong to Warangal, Khammam and Nalgonda districts.

    Now who robbed whom?

  21. VK says:

    OU students demand the arrest of T Harish Rao

    The students of Osmania University have raised their protests against the Telangana government for neglecting the concerns of them. They have strongly alleged that Telangana minister Harish Rao has taken the law in his hand and manhandled the students at City college premises. They demanded that SC and ST atrocity case should be booked against him. They also demanded his arrest. The students faulted the T-CM KCR's political move handling the contract workers issue and demanded to do justice related with the educational fee issues.

    • P. Rao says:

      It looks like Mr. KCR is riding a tiger.  T-people's expectations can't be totally ignored. Where is samajika Telangana? Three cabinet posts per family? What are all other protesters doing these days? Where is that no shirt singer? Just my rant for the week. : )

    • VK says:

      There are many students from Telangana studying in telugunaadu (seema-andhra) but no such incidents happened in telugunaadu. So why would a murder in another state would be realted to the regionalism? This is same as covering up some murders (for example one in the OU) as the sacrifise for telangana.

      • P. Rao says:

        Everybody note that the news about the injured student is dated November 17, 2013. It took me some time to realize that It is last year's news. Please do not feed the trolls.

        • GK says:

          Oops! sorry I did not realize that it was old, looks like Deccan Chronicle presents very old and stale links as related news…

    • VK says:

      Forget about conspiracy theories and tell what you think about KCR's decision to pay fee reimbersement only to the students whose parents settled in telangana before 1956.

      • GK says:

        Oops! sorry I did not realize that it was old, looks like Deccan Chronicle presents very old and stale links as related news…

      • GK says:

        1. Deserving students should be provided assistance to all residents of T.

        2. We do not want a resident of T or A to cheat the other state in order to benefit from the welfare schemes of both states.

        3. HYD is a joint capital of AP and T. Naturally residents of both T and AP are living in HYD. AP should be willing to support the welfare of all AP residents living in HYD.

        4. Regarding fees, once T govt decides on the eligibility criteria, it should be applied not only to Andhra but also to Bihari, Marwadi, Gujrathi, Marathi…..

        5. I wonder what the criteria for many states is on the eligibility for state jobs and/or major welfare schemes.

        6. Obviously we hope the farmer in AP does not expect T govt to pay their loan. At the same time if T govt pays fees to a AP student and if the student goes back to AP which could be the case of many in Hyderabad. 

        7. T govt has no issues in having AP students studying in T. Now what is the problem for AP in paying the fees? Do you want to disown you own people? If brothers in a family separate then don't the parents take the responsibility of paying the fees for their kids?

        • subhash says:


          every student joins in either AP quota (quota of AU and SU zones) or TG quota with current zonal system, irrespective of which state the college belongs to. Here AP govt is ready to pay fee to students who joined as part of AP quota. But T goverment wants to shun those people who are joined as part of T quota being descent of a family came to T after 1956. This is absolutely hatred nothing else

        • Mann says:

          Hyd is part of T today mainly because it is geographically in T. All the assets geographically in T (outside of joint capital) totally belong to T and same goes for AP. If a farmer or a businessman faces calamity in a state, it is the responsibility of that state Govt to come to his rescue. Atleast that is the norm in all the states across India. People of T, especially northern districts are totally consumed by the slow poison given by Gayshankar and KCR, I only hope they will come out of it in a few years.

          Hyd is joint capital only for administrative purposes. There is no revenue sharing. Is T government returning back taxes paid by AP employees, businessmen etc in the so called "joint capital"?

          Every University or college wants to attract the best and brightest students to their campus. With the divisive ideas of TRS, if the best and brightest go away to AP and other states, it is the loss of T colleges and T students. Dont cry if all the reputed corporations go to AP colleges first for campus recruitments and all the colleges in T including Hyd have to scrape for leftovers!

          By the way, I am opposed to YSR fee reimbursement scheme. It should only be given for merit students and for economically backward candidates. For others, Govt should simplify and facilitate for obtaining loans.

    • prabhakara rao says:

      Why Telanganas are still outside? KaChaRaa is truning it into Gold and now his daughter started Telangana independence movement. Already gathered full support of Kashmir separatists.

  22. kishorilal says:



    Telangana govt to allot land for new industries
    K V Kurmanath
    Hyderabad, July 22:   The Telangana Government has begun a survey to identify lands that can be offered to new industries in the State.

    "Of the 35 lakh acre government land in the State, about 20 lakh acres are not arable, " Telangana Chief Minister, K Chandrasekhararao, has said.

    Addressing various industry organisations here on Tuesday, he said about three lakh acres are immediately available for allocation to the new industries.

    The Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation will complete the survey in a week.

    (This article was published on July 22, 2014)



    In United AP when the govt allotted lands in Hyd and around Hyd, everytime these idiots would make an issue and say farm lands are being taken over and sold for industralization.

  23. jinnah gayshunkar gadu says:

    Congress Takes Exception to Kavitha Remarks over J and K, Telangana


    NEW DELHI: The Congress on Monday took strong exception to certain “controversial and factually incorrect” remarks made by Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) MP K Kavitha on Jammu and Kashmir and Telangana, which the party believes could “inadvertently cast serious doubts on the integrity and legitimacy of the Indian Union”.

    A rather worked up Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi virtually devoted the entire media briefing to counter the “objectionable” remarks of the first-time TRS MP from Nizamabad.

    Kavitha had said, “We need to come out clean on J&K. Few parts were not ours, we should agree, we should redraw the international lines, and move on.”

    According to Singhvi, the stand of the Congress and even of Parliament is that the (erstwhile) princely state of Kashmir in its entirety is “an integral, invisible, inalienable part of India, according to the Accession Instrument of 1947.”

    He insisted that whatever parts held by Pakistan physically were illegally occupied and therefore, “A few parts were not ours” is not a correct statement either of history or of facts or of politics.The Congress spokesperson asserted that it is important to clarify these things because the foreign leaders, institutions or bodies coming across such statements by an elected representative and member of the Lok Sabha are liable to misunderstand, misquote it and alter India’s stated, established and invariable position.

    Singhvi also took exception to her statement claiming that J&K and Telangana were both formed forcefully and annexed to the Indian Union. The whole meaning and purpose of Instrument of Accession is that princely states surrender whatever autonomy they had.


    I wont be surprised if these telangana goons ask for a seperate country in few years.they exploited andhrites to develop hyd and kicked them out. Now its turn of rest of the indians tto invest and take hyd to next level before they ask for independence

  24. Naizam Kodukulu says:

    Hilal War hails Indian lawmaker’s statement on Kashmir
    Statements Add comments

    Srinagar, July 23 (KMS): In occupied Kashmir, Hurriyet leader, Engineer Hilal Ahmad War, has welcomed the statement of Indian lawmaker K. Kavitha, whereby she has categorically stated that Jammu Kashmir and Telangana are not parts of India and New Delhi has forcibly annexed these territories with India.

    Hilal Ahmad War in a statement issued in Srinagar termed K .Kavita’s statement as historic, realistic, bold and brave stance on Jammu and Kashmir. Kavita, who is also daughter of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandra Sekhar Rao, had said that Kashmir was not an Indian part; it was a sovereign nation forcibly occupied by India by her military might.
    War said Kavita’s statement is an eyes opener to India and her statement vindicates “our historic stand that India has occupied Jammu and Kashmir through its military might against the wishes and aspiration of its people.


  25. VK says:

    Telangana is not part of India

    The above statement was made none other than Telangana CM KCR's daughter and Nizamabad MP Kavitha. Speaking to an English daily, Kavitha said, Telangana and Jammu & Kashmir were not part of India but they were forced to merge with the union of India after the Independence.

    “Both Telangana and Kashmir were not part of India before 1947. They were separate nations. But we were forcibly annexed to the Indian Union after 1947. Our troubles have started since then,” said Kavitha. Further expressing her views on Kashmir, Kavitha said, “we do come out clean, few parts of Kashmir are not ours and we need to draw International borders.”

    My comment:

    This was the reason, Hyd state (which had 16 districts, 8 telugu [telangana], 5 marathi and 3 kannada) was split and merged with three states on linguistic basis to avoid Kashmir kind of problems in South.  BJP and Congress opened the Genei by dividing AP. 

    Further, equating Hyd state with telangana is nothing but insulting Nizam marathi and kannada districts merged with their parent states.

  26. Sania's Brother Mirza Moin says:


    Sania said she was born in India and came to Hyderabad when she was three-weeks-old.
    She said her forefathers had lived in Hyderabad for more than a century.

    "My grandfather, Mohammed Zaffer Mirza, started his career as an engineer in Nizam's Railways in Hyderabad in 1948 and died in his ancestral home in Hyderabad.

    "My great grandfather, Mohd Ahmed Mirza, was also born and raised in Hyderabad. He was chief engineer, Water Works, Hyderabad, and was responsible for constructing the famous Gandipet dam.

    "My great, great grandfather, Aziz Mirza, was the home secretary under the Nizam in Hyderabad and worked tirelessly for relief works during the historic Musi river floods of 1908.

    "So, my family belongs to Hyderabad for more than a century and I strongly condemn any attempts by any person, whosoever, to brand me an outsider."


    I wonder shy she did not mention about her father. Anyways, when her grandather, great grandfather and great great grandfather were holding jobs in Telangana, the telugu Telangana people were washing their latrines. I was educated in Jagirdar's college in early 1950s and 100% of the students were either muslims, hindi kayasthas, malayali nairs, tamil pillai's, tamil and telugu brahmins of madras state and kannada and marathi brahmins. Yes the chaprasi was from Karimnagar. That was how it used to be in those days.

    These fellows are not ready to accept the fact but fact is a fact they were licking Nizam's feet those days and now showering flowers on the Nizam.

    • Rajendar Balloju says:

      Giving 1 crore to Sania and making her a Brand Ambassador of our Naizam Telugu State is horrible. This is like telling that there is no one worth among us. And it also tells how rich the govt treasury is.

      • P. Rao says:

        Not to worry.  Andhra Pradesh CM should invite Nina Davuluri, Miss America as she finishes her term this September and make her the brand ambassador for new AP.

        • Lalitha says:

          P.Rao garu, we are going to do the same mistake as the naizam CM did if AP invites Nina. AP must make Koneru Humpy, the pride of India, the once woman's world chess grandmaster and now ranked the 2nd or 3rd.

          • VK says:

            Lalitha garu,

            I completely agree with you and Koneru Humpy would be excellent choice. However, we should make someone who made our country proud in any field in the past and struggling to make ends meet as telugunaadu ambassador.

  27. VK says:

    Sania Mirza, who refused to carry Indian flag in Olympics, is Telangana brand ambassador

    KCR paid 1cr to Sania so that she could accept telangana brand ambassador post. She not only refused to carry Indian flag in Olympics but also live in Dubai. So KCR chosing Sania as telangana ambassador is for muslim votes in Hyd muncipal elections.

    • Rajendar Balloju says:

      Her roots go to Arabia. Most of her extended family is in Arabia and Pakistan and that is a reality.

  28. prabhakara rao says:

    w.r.t to Sania Mirza controversy Media is totally unfair to BJP.

    Mr. Laxman maybe in BJP but end of the day he is Telangana T E L A N G A N A

    they cannot tolerate outsiders

    they cannot share anything anyone on the earth

    • VK says:

      Prabhakara rao garu,

      I beg to differ with your comment on this occasion.

      I think you are unfair on Dr Laxman just because he is from telangana. Please watch his speech regarding Sania's appointment as Telangana ambassador on youtube (the web address given in one of the above comments). He was against the appointment because Sania's refusal to carry Indian flag in Olympics. Yes he did say Sania husband is Pakistani but his opposition to Sania's appointment has nothing do it.

    • Andhra vallani Amma boothulu thittina Kukka Kaloji Gadu says:

      SANIA is HALF INDIAN and HALF PAKISTHANI. Just because she is some kind of superstar in tennis! does not mean! that she could represent telengana!! Let her first make a PRESS STATEMENT to clarify to public whether SHE is AN INDIAn FIRST or MUSLIM FIRST, then her true colors will be known!! She has made a statement now that she is an INDIAN. Please see her press release, when she has made a statement while she was in PAKISTHAN – that says, she is proud to be a "PAKISTHANI". There is a clear press report that says this!!! F Y I. who is she FOOLING NOW ? She is just similar to a VERMILION – that changes colors based on the circumstances!!! she is nothing but a HYPOCRITE!!! how can such vermilion be brand ambassadors to represent any INDIAN state ? She may have made such a. Statement, since her parents are in Hyderabad!!,

      • Mythreyi says:

        What amazes me most is that from BBC to DAWN from ALJAZEERA to CHINA TIMES from KASHMIR TIMES to TAMIL NEWS from SIASAT to ETEMAAD from ANDHRA JYOTHI (90% Telangana reporters) to TV9 (90% Telangana employees), all newspapers enjoyed and wrote pro-telangana news when Andhra people were cursed, humiliated, tortured and emotionally raped and branded as stealers for 15 years during the world's longest, biggest and worst lie called Telangana Movement.

        Now for one Arabo-Pakistani woman called Sania, a pseudo Indian, these same newspapers and tv channels published so much pro-sania news in one day at a rate of 1billion times than they have ever published any such pro-news for the real sufferers, the Andhras.

        Where was the Dr.Laxman with such opposition for Sania when the fraudsters of Telangana called Andhras by the most horrible names.

  29. Andhra vallani Amma boothulu thittina Kukka Kaloji Gadu says:

    Telangana citizen smart cards soon

    The Telangana State government has decided to issue “Telangana citizen cards”, a multi-purpose card, to ensure that the welfare schemes offered by the government reach the real beneficiaries. The cards will be issued by taking up “door-to-door verification” along the lines of issuing the passport.


    One more step closer to finding out who is not a Andhra person.

  30. P. Rao says:

    @kishorilal:  "The Telangana Government has begun a survey to identify lands that can be offered to new industries in the State. "Of the 35 lakh acre government land in the State, about 20 lakh acres are not arable, " Telangana Chief Minister, K Chandrasekhararao, has said."

    Let us see how much of the land will be left at the end of the present term of the TRS government. And trust that this land will be sold/given to new industries at the fair market value and all the money will go to the T-state treasury.


  31. kojja gayshunkar says:

    How many of you believe that if I am alive I would have brainwashed the naizam people that the latest bus-train accident in medak is caused because of the Seemandhras vivaksha towards naizam in railway budget and stop signs etc.

    For Yes, type "Kojja GayShunkar" for No, type "Kojja Kaloji"

  32. Ramesh says:

    I wanted to discuss a topic away from Hyderabad and steer it towards Andhra Pradesh.

    Very much surprised with the initiative of the AP Government to collect funds from people to create the administrative buildings in the new capital. I don't understand the basis for this. This is not to help for a good cause like Charitable School or Charitable Hospital etc.., Why should the people pay for building an assembly or a secratariat. They are already paying taxes for the purpose. 

    • P. Rao says:

      I have seen news to the effect that ABN/Andhra Jyoti is collecting funds for building new AP capital. They hope to give that money to the government for that purpose. Perhaps, they want to encourage people to express their solidarity and be part of the effort.  That is understandable. But I am not aware of AP government doing it by itself.

  33. mohan says:

    SA people continue to be targets of hatred in T media and Government. I know some illinformed sections of society are happy with KCRs hate filled deeds and talks.

    There is nothing SA people can do about it. The only way SA can reduce this hostility is promoting rapid development in SA and surge way ahead of T. I think this will nutralize and diminish hte hatred since T people can then realize, it is attitude and spirits of the people(like gujarathis) that drive over all development of region and Not governments alone( AP statement government has been branded as seemandrha palana) and has been shown as cause of T-under developement(As if T is only region in overall India that is under developed and  has been battered beyond repair by successive SA CMs.)

    When T people visit other regions/ states, there is nothing so bad with T in terms of development as claimed by T vaadis. Afterall, nothing is good or bad, but by  comparision.

    Where SA people miserably failed is convincing T people that there is 70% of India which less developed than T. Politics and Governmenance are same across India and there nothing typcial or unique the SA CMs could do.

    T activitsts are successful at the same time, by isolating T from rest of India and proving people as if  T is the only back ward region in whole of India,becuase of united AP and successive SA CMs.

    • GK says:

      Please provide references or quote the incidents so we all will know the facts and can understand the reality or debate.

      Recently I read in the news that SeemaAndhra presented huge crop loses in justifying the loan waiver funds from RBI to which RBI is seeking clarity as they have a contrasting information from other sources. In the past loses because of natural causes etc. were exaggerated to get more free money from the state while famine/drought was estimated at lower numbers. The reason for this I believe was that the SA lands are much valuable and generate more money and hence need to be compensated more. Moving forward T farmers will get what the T state has to offer irrespective of what SA farmers.

      • prabhakara rao says:


        what is the use of proofs? 

        90% secretariat occupied by Andhras. A decade long lie for which no proof is shown.

        All the liers still talking shamelessly.

        The myth that telamgana vaaru amayakalu manchi vaaru is shattering.

        Telangana is race of opporutnists and gorss liers

      • Mohan says:


        'Celebrating Bonalu, Bathukamma or honoring Daasharathi should not be perceived as hate'.Tell us one single reason why should anybody perceive it as 'hate' by telangana towards SA.

        Who said SA people are perceiving them as 'hate' . There would haven chance, if these celebrations or facilitations started as part  T-movment/statehood.

        Batukamma and Bonalu have always been celebrated with same euphoric mood and bonhomie year after year in last ..since I was born and seen these happening. Has it been different this year???? after T formation. Contrary to traditional and authentic way of celebration, the change I have seen in past 4 years added to pious and devotion, are DJ beats and bibful joy of  of country liquor (atleast in our Golconda /Langerhouse area).lukily this kind of tradition was not there during and before 2000.

        As far as Dasarathi Dasarthi Krishnamacharyulu, KCR did nothing extra in honoring him as T poet more than what AP government did. Even before T-movement, his songs were loved by every household in entire AP and not just T. I have seen his novels particularly Rudraveena and Agnidhara in bookshelf of many of my relatives and friends. It was visalanddhra publisher(vijayawada origin) who published hsi books.   He was given sahitya academy award by AP government and has been honored as AP Asthana Kavi. His Galib Geethalu was part of our first language telugu book during secondary school days. Is this not way of honoring or facilitating a poet. Do you think , the only way of honoring a poet or person is having his statue on Tankbund. If 'yes' do you think, the only way of honoring our freedom fighters is to have thier idols at all places where ever gandhi or amdedkar statues are there? if not would they be considered as lesser or inferior and insult to them?

        KCR mentions, AP government had scanty respect for even great poets like him becuase and did not place his idol( tank bund meeda chala paniki malina valla vigrahalu vunnayi). This is what we called as creating hate.

        Every frame in Namaste Telanagana is replete with verbose creating hate against SA. I dont have to scan every page or provide url for every page to show proofts. Every sane man with  balanced judgement reading that news paper can clearly construe deniable bias in reporting and deliberate attempt to create divide.

        If SA people had to repatriate, the channels like Rajnews, V6 or Tnews would long ago been banned in SA region. I am sure SA people showed more tolerance in this aspect and deserved kudos.

    • GK says:

      Celebrating Bonalu, Bathukamma or honoring Daasharathi should not be perceived as hate. They were neglected in United AP and now surfacing as TS people identify themselves with them…

  34. GK says:

    Request Chakravarthy to start a thread on Fee reimbursement and other current topics lingering between the states…

    • VK says:

      Today T govt. issued G. O. no. 36 on the FAST scheme.  According to the G. O., students of parents who had been in T prior to 1956 are only eligible for the scholarship.

      Does this indicate you that KCR want T just for self rule?

  35. VK says:

    T govt. considering those who settled after 1956 as non-locals for fee re-imbersement. If this is the case, then the taxes of people who settled in after 1956 shouldn't pay taxes to T govt.

    • GK says:

      As per GOI, anyone who studied for 7 yrs in a state is eligible for state govt job.  T state cannot be different on this. Now the question is whether the T govt is violating the constitution by defining a welfare scheme with the above eligibility? Even if TRS goes with it, Congress or BJP will change it when they come to power…

      • VK says:

        KCR is making sure that he and his son after him will rule T so where is the question of BJP/Congress coming to power in T.

        What should those who moved after 1956 do until then ?

        • GK says:

          Most of the SA students who live in HYD would not qualify for financial assistance. If T agrees to pay then there is a possibility of those who qualify and are now in SA migrating to HYD. For those who move to HYD after the separation, which state should fund? Does SA wants to disown their students just because they are living in HYD?


          • VK says:

            If your argument is right, then those who moved or born after 1956 in T shouldn't pay taxes. Hyd city receiving 12K cr surplus income becuase of the so called migrants. So if you don't want pay fees for the migrant children, then migrants don't have to pay taxes (part of it should go to their children welfare)

          • VK says:

            1. Why 1956 cut-off for nativity, even if T govt. don't want to pay fee for migrants from SA to Hyd city after the separation.

            2. If I remember correctly, you said in previous comments that 1956 cut-off for nativity is not correct. So what made you now to think that T govt. correct in setting up 1956 cut-off for nativity.

  36. nani says:

    Sonia Gandhis rutlessness:

    This blog was written on June2 and on Jul 31 after hearing Mr. Natwar Singhs interview i really feel ashamed of sonia gandhi. When she was made leader of oposition during Vajpayee's government i wholheartedly welcomed the move.

    But the way she ruthlessly divided the telugu people, i dont feel that she deserves to stay in india, she is as much as Hitler or Mussolini or Stalin. I hope when india wil get rid of this grave disease.

    Many may have forgotten the tragic story of partition of telugu people, but the scars are deep in me. And above all i feel indignation rather than vengenceful.

    A Telugu person.

    • GK says:

      It is not fair to completely blame Sonia. Please acknowledge that there was also a strong desire by a vast majority of the T people to have their own state. What if Sonia said no, does it mean that you do not care for the wishes of T people…

      It is understandable, the feelings regarding HYD…but I hope that we can put that in the past and move forward as hyderabadis…

      • Mohan says:

        Whole world has seen, what a happened in Loksabha….the speaker did not even take 1 nano second to count show of hands for introducing the bill and satisfying with majority number for approval the bill. May be she has skill of robo(rajnikanth who reads telephone directory in 1 minute)

        Infact  people not wanting a new state are more number than people who wanted a seperate state.. whose desire should prevail GK?

        Inorder to influence innocent people T activists allways claimed that T was never partof India also leave aside being in Telugur franternity(recently also reiterated by Kavitha). Then why didn't  T people ask for seperate country.

        Asking for seperate state has been more a convinient desire ( known as 'constitutional desire') though asking for country was more rational than state as T was a seperate country before (atleast as claimed). So what won is convinience choice than a rightful choice.

        If only people desire should be respected in entirety and in its spirit.. why does not the constitution provide creating seperate country with same ease as the case with creating a state. That means.. peoples desire etc etc., are simple matters of opprotunistic usage even our constitution.

        Our constitutions says Students, who are still to understand the complex processes of economic and social developement can decide whether it is good to have a  seperate state or one state. For that matter even a grossly illeterate like Nayini can talk about  advantages of seperate state. A professor in socilolgy smitten by naxal ideologies and knows nothing and rationale of capitalistic economies and rapid economic development can talk about under development of Telangana in public and blame another race for that.This is what our constitution provides..

        Blame it on constitution GK… you lucky to have it.. No wonder better were Nizam days, that did not have a constittuion of convinience.


  37. GK says:

    Hyderabad is for all telugus and indians…hope the dust settles soon and people chase prosperity in which ever state they want to…

  38. prabhakara rao says:

    Nothing new about Talibans. Shoot off the mouth first and then inquire the truth.

    Soon T-government will face the embarrasment for statements of its ministers including CM.

    Already L-and-T rejected demand to change Metro project.

    Let us see how Telangana students respond to Education minister.

    What! TV channels and Truth?

    The day would have been different, if TV channels aired truth during T movement. 

  39. hemanth says:


  40. VK says:

    In an interview with KK on V6, K Kesava Rao was described as the leader with nationalist vision in the TRS party…


  41. Kiran says:

    Fee reimbursement issue is a show of deliberate meanness by T govt to a large section of people who have been living and contributing to hyd for a long time. These people in hyd did not migrate like some biharis but came as people of the same state to their  capital to actively plan, invest and contribute whose benefit telangana is sucking out now via various taxes. but why did KCR do this as some involved is very small ? I think is strategy is to appeal to lowest feelings of telangana people and give them hope that telangana govt is willing to discriminate against fellow telugu people to  benefit them. it is to  be seen wheter t people respond favourable to this.

  42. GK says:

    I don't understand why we are talking about people who are paying taxes, as I am not sure if they should qualify for the fee reimbursement at all. I am guessing that the new FAST schema by T is going to be based on economical status…

    All the people in HYD have the right to demand equal benefits from the city/state. I agree.

    • Mohan says:

      GK.. people paying taxed does not ONLY mean income tax paid to union government. Every person in India both poor and rich pays tax inform of indirect taxes such as VAT when he buys goods and services. Depending upon nature of goods and servies and source and destinations of goods movement, majority of it goes state treasury(Telangana treasury).

      so KCR wants people to contribute to might of  T treasury but does not want them to share it inform of various welfare schemes the government implements for its people.

  43. prabhakara rao says:

    ఫీసుల గురించి మా విద్యార్ధులు మీ విద్యార్ధులు అంటూ లేకి గొడవలు చేస్తునారు 
    కాని కరెంటు దగ్గరకి వచ్చేసరికి మీది కూడా మాకే కావాలి అని లొల్లి పెడుతున్నారు 
    అది కూడా చాలక కృష్ణ పట్నం విద్యుత్ కేంద్రం మీద పెత్తనం కావాలిట 

    గర్భ దరిద్రుడు కూడా ఇంతకంటే గౌరవంగా ప్రవర్తిస్తాడు 


    ఏమి జాతిరా ఇది!

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