Never Forget – Never Forgive

Today is a day that will go down in infamy for centuries to come.


Telugu country was painstakingly put together piece by piece by the Kakatiyas in the past. However, Kakatiya King Prataparudra lost the Telugu Empire to Delhi. Unable to bear the burden of losing the country that was entrusted to him by his ancestors; he took his life on the banks of river Narmada.


Andhra Pradesh state was achieved after nearly a half century long struggle. Our elders learned about the glory of our ancestors. They were inspired by the accomplishments of the Telugu kingdoms of Satavahana, Kakatiya, and Vijayanagara. They fought to bring all Telugu territories under one state, to re-awaken the Telugu spirit. Alas, today all those efforts have gone futile. We have to carry the burden of our failure for a long time to come. Telugu people’s dream of living together, as of today stands shattered.


June2nd 2014 will be remembered as a day when Telugus were separated by the vested interests in Delhi that wanted to weaken us.


It is important that history records all those that have letdown the cause of Telugu unity. While some failed in their constitutional duties others sold us off for power. While some traded us for financial gains many just didn’t stand up for the fear of being attacked. But the most damaging forces are those that divided us to strengthen Delhi’s grip over India. These forces if let alone, will destroy India in the years to come.


Here is my personal list of those that have let Telugus down in our time of need. We should never forget, nor forgive these people and institutions:

  1. Sonia Gandhi (The woman singularly responsible for the destruction of Telugu unity)
  2. Supreme Court of India (Failed to deliver justice in the time of our need)
  3. Pranab Mukherjee (A puppet President, who was more of a party agent and less of a constitutional head)
  4. Meira Kumar (Put the nation to shame by cutting off video broadcast and acted as a ruling party agent all through the farce of division)
  5. Kavuri Samba Siva Rao (He ranks higher than KCR in the list. A leader of the integrationist cause, who sold fellow Telugus off for a ministry. A traitor of the worst kind)
  6. Daggubati Purandeswari (Daughter of late NTR, brought disgrace to Telugus as a minister, instead of fighting she accepted division. She too ranks above KCR for being a traitor to the cause)
  7. K. Chandrashekhar Rao (The man who started the separatist movement after losing his ministry. Though he started the movement, the division became a reality because of the schemes of the two national parties. In the end he became a pawn used by our enemies to divide us)
  8. N. Chandrababu Naidu (Leader of the party that stood for Telugu pride. He is a power monger for whom saving his party was a higher priority than saving the state)
  9. Sushma Swaraj (Leader of BJP, who joined hands with separatists)
  10. P. Chidambaram (A man who almost seemed to have held grudge against Telugus for their role in demanding a separate province from Madras presidency. He played the Shakuni role in the division)
  11. Chiranjeevi (Another traitor and a consummate bum. His shallowness was evident during the course of agitation)
  12. Panabaka Lakshmi (A traitor who openly said she is more loyal to Sonia than to the people of her state)
  13. Killi Kruparani (A sold-off traitor)
  14. J.D. Seelam (A sold-off traitor)
  15. Pallam Raju (A sold-off traitor)
  16. Botsa Satyanarayana(State Congress President whose loyalties remained questionable)
  17. Venkaiah Naidu (A hard-core separatist, when the division bill came to Rajyasabha, he put up an act that deserved an Oscar)
  18. Digvijay Singh (Part of Delhi’s evil ruling coterie that divided us)
  19. Sushil Kumar Shinde (Part of Delhi’s evil ruling coterie that divided us)
  20. Prof. Kodandaram (An incapable leader but was put in place by Maoists. He did his bit in promoting division)
  21. K. Taraka Ramarao (part of KCR clan)
  22. Harish Rao (part of KCR clan)
  23. Kavitha (part of KCR clan)
  24. Y.S. Jagan (A corrupt and an opportunist politician who first was indifferent to division, then for equal justice, then became an integrationist)
  25. Jayaprakash Narayan (An intellectual by education, but a leader lacking vision or conviction. He saw evil of separatism, but lacked the courage to call a spade a spade)
  26. Manmohan Singh (Probably the worse Prime Minister in India’s history, proved once again that he was a mere puppet)
  27. Kishore Chandra Deo
  28. Jaipal Reddy
  29. Jairam Ramesh (Let down the region that sent him to Rajyasabha)
  30. CPI Narayana (Party of Visalandhra, yet gave up its ideals for a few seats)
  31. Dokka Manikya Varaprasad
  32. Rosaiah
  33. E.S.L. Narasimhan (Governor who gave an impression that he is against the division, but showed his true colors at the right time)
  34. Kishan Reddy (In private he tells integrationists that he is an integrationist, yet stood for division)
  35. Yerrabelli Dayakar Rao (Played a key role in coercing TDP to support division)
  36. Vasantha Nageswar Rao (Separatist from Kosta that strengthened the voices of separatists)
  37. Madhu Yashki
  38. Gulam Nabi Azad 

483 Responses to “Never Forget – Never Forgive”

  1. prabhakara rao says:

    The lousy beggars called AP voters should top the list. They dream, breath and live money, money and more money. And nothing else.

    Not to exclude the settlers ready to smile even after spitting on face.

    True Telugus will remember this day with all the grudge to bounce back someday.

    Others will continue to be boot lickers on the pretext of survival.

    • Kavi says:

      Prabhakar Raoa garu, that will never happen at least with the most mean mindset that the people of Coastal and Rayalaseema have now. They have no self respect. They think only money and movies is life. They are utter beggars.

      And no one could counter such simple lies as Telangana does not mean just the current naizam region, but the whole of Trilinga Desa.

    • Jaisree says:

      It seems most Seemandhras are happy about the division. This I heard from all my relatives. Just as Nizam people witnessed overnight richness from the growth of Hyd, the people of parts of Seemandhra are very very happy and are busy in festivities. They are shameless and we are helpless.

  2. Kavi says:

    Sir Mr.Chakravarthy, why did you leave empty the role of Jaipal and Yashki, who are just as worse as any other hatred mongers.

    And on a completely different note, what about you Dear Mr.Chakravarthy? Dont't get me wrong. I am a big fan of you and Parakala sir, who are most truthful and I think the only major fighters in the whole mess. But you did not have the courage either, you are a lesser coward (that said, even I am one — this comes from a sense of insecurity in me and lack of political, professional, financial, caste and other powerful backgrounds — can elaborate more on it if you need) than JP, but you are one though. You were totally scared of opening your mouth infront of TRS and TJAC thugs. And the other thing you were worse at was to not fight the foe with their own tactics but preach peace and calm. Such was not possible in the times of Lord Krishna and Gandhi, how could you have thought that it would be possible now. You censured the truth in the comments just because they had few harsh words. You were hesitant to portray the parts belonging to the coastal andhra in its own map — Bhadrachalam, Munagala, Huzurnagar, Aswaraopeta, parts of Nagarjunasagar etc. Why censure why why why?

    And there were times when you did not do proper homework before writing such as your 101 book. You did not know that Madapati belonged to Coastal Andhra. You did not know that Andhra Mahasabha was not created solely by the people of naizam. It was initiated by the people of Coastal and Rayalaseema who sacrificed their lives for the peasant movement, library movement and many more to make naizam telugus peoples lives better. You all believed to this day that Andhra Mahasabha, Telangana Rebellion, Library Movt etc were founded by people of Naizam. Infact they were initiated and founded mainly by the people of Andhra and then the fruits of pride were enjoyed by others like suravaram, ravichettu etc. People such as Madapati, Komarraju, Puchalapalli, Rayaprolu and many more had worked in the naizam region since the early 1900s. We are not new comers to naizam and our history does not begin in 1956. we contribute more to their region than they themselves. These are just few people. If you read Puchalapalli Sundarayyas books, Rayaprolus books, Madapatis history etc you would be amazed. It is unfortunate that the professors of osmania and kakateeya for their jealous means have done such an irrepairable harm.

    • Chakravarthy says:


      I have always welcomed constructive criticism. Being scared of TRS and TJAC. We did a lot of work at the height of the separatist movement when hardly anyone was willing to stand up and fight. Our bruises are evidence for our fight. I am not sure if you are aware of all that we were involved in. 

      This blog does not censor anything other than profanities. 'Given my travel, I sometimes don't check the blog for days together. The spam filter sometimes catches good comments too and they disappear in the ocean and hard to get them. Otherwise, as a principle I don't censor anything.

      Could you point me to where in the 101 book did we say Andhra Mahasabha is a Nizam region only organization? Your understanding of history is wrong. There were two Andhra Mahasabhas. AMS of Kosta-Seema has nothing to do with Telangana rebellion. 

      Madapati, as far as I am concerned is from Telangana. He spent his formative years in Hyderabad.

      • Sandeep says:

        Andhra Mahasabha was held in both regions by the same organizations. You should study ample before you write more. The one in Kostha-Seema was for telugus rights in Madras Presidency and the one in Naizam was for telugus rights in Hyd state. They were initiated and founded by Seemandhras. Don't make the lies of Naizam prevail.

        If you think so about Madapati, then what about these. Where do these belong?

        Vijayashanthi who belonged to Rajhamundry and whose husband is from Gudivada, and spent most of her formative years in Chennai, acted in Ramulamma and thereafter acted in real life as Warangal bidda and finally go the right punishment. Where did she belong? Why was she backstabbed?

        KTR did his Inter in Guntur. Where does he belong?

        KCR's ancestors come from Bobbili? Where does he belong?

        POW Sandhya's (per her Open Heart) ancestors came to North Telangana 100 yrs back to better the lives of those people. She claims approves all lies of TJAC. Where does she belong according to you? Did she forget all the good deeds that her ancestors did. Her husband is of Naizam and a real estate mafiaster.

        T-Ministers said a person though born in T cannot become T if his parents and grandparents are not born in Naizam. Where do they belong?

        Potana spent most of his poetic time in other regions. Where does he belong?

        Owaisi openly claims that he is from Arab lands. T people say they are their own brothers. WHat do you say?

        According to TJAC, only people who forget their ancestory can become a T-person.

        If seemandhra people like Madapati is T then what about I who spent most of my formative years in Naizam.

        It is all about how one puts it. The Naizam people have taught us how to put it all correctly.

        For that matter, Gottimukkala is a place in Krishna District. Where does Jai belong? Gottimukkala became Gottumukal and they live in Adilabad. They came during Naizam Rebellion to help the monsters of today.



        • Chakravarthy says:

          I have no problem if both the regions want to own Madapati. That is music to my ears. I care about the unity of Telugu people.

          If you can, please get a copy of my book and read about Andhra Mahasabha. I can't engage in that discussion.

          • Sandeep says:

            This lack of seriousness is what has caused this day, Chakravarthy garu.

            • Chakravarthy says:

              You clearly are incapable of understanding subtelities. That was my nice way of saying that you got your facts wrong.

              I have spent years studying this subject. If you are going to say "You should study ample before you write more." At least have the decency of offering some sources.

              Now you talk about lack of seriousness. Why don't you enlighten me about your credentials first? I have given everything for this cause over several years. Last thing I need is a lecture from you about "seriousness". Jeez people, learn some etiquette!

              • Sandeep says:

                Then what did you achieve from "That was my nice way of saying that you got your facts wrong." all these days except for accepting defeat at all times at the hands of so called intellectuals who claimed to have done more reading and research than you and me. Can we both equal to that Jayashankar fellow who was thet Vice Chancellor of KU. or for that matter any rouge professors. Just because one spends years studying a subject it does not mean they are experts on it. Everyday we learn new things, at least I do. Ok so you need sources, I shall provide them to you. What does etiquette have to do with a sober wording such as seriousnes. Such short temper will do no good to neither me nor any one. This is just a discussion, a debate and I never crossed any limit. You are finding wrong in even for ""You should study ample before you write more."" Oh my God Chakravarthy garu, then you cannot really debate with the TJAC rogues who use the harshest words. In a debate words such as these do not mean indecency or not of etiquette. But in a debate seriousness will matter.

                • P. Rao says:

                  We, many on this blog think Mr. Chakravarty and his organization  did monumental work towards dispelling the myths, lies and hatred  propagated by T-vaadis. This is not the time to spar with him.  He has been described as a lone warrior and he single handedly changed the course of Andhra Pradesh bifurcation debate and responsible for stalling the bifurcation for 3 years. This he has worked voluntariy as a private individual and nobody elected him for anything. In my opinion, he deosn't owe any apologies to anyone.

                • Mohan says:

                  Looks your postings are coming from the frustration of losing out the  war. But you can not  criticize  fellow warrior who fought the war more than any other blogger here or for that matter any other so called Samaikyavaadis.

                  May be, we have lost in saving the split of our state. But we are still having chance to prove the lies on which the T-movment is found. No sooner when bifurcation of Government employees is made, we will know if grabbing of jobs by SA people (to magnitude of 1 lac) is right or wrong.

                  We can wait to see in next 6 months, all  those people of Palamuru who migrated to Dubai  ONLY BECUASE THEY WERE DENIED JOBS UNDER SA rule, return back to T to fill the position waiting for them.

                  We can wait to see, if majority of lands in T can come under irrigation which were subjected to neella dopidi.

                  We have ample chances to win our war.. after all our aim to prove the lies of Tvaadis, that can marginalise the damage made.

              • prabhakara rao says:

                Chakravarty garu,

                sandeep may sound angry. But he is right. Sri Madapati was Andhra Pitamaha. But limiting his legacy, under some technical point, to Telangana is not correct. The fact remains he was born in Krishna district. And so that fact he was Andhra in the context of hate campaign.

                BTW, I read bio-graphy of Sri Madapati which clearly states that he was from Krishan dist. Again I am not trying to be technical that was Madapati Telangana or Andhra. 

                This logic of formative years etc is as good as telling us to forget our known identity. Even worse, declares one generation different from next generation.

                I am here for 20 years, post formative years. What bout my next generation born and brought up here? 

                • Chakravarthy says:

                  I clarified it already. I have no problem with Madapati being claimed by all regions. I welcome it.

                  The only point about highlighting personalities like Madapati, Suravaram, Ravi Narayan Reddy, PVNR, Kakatiya Empire etc. is to check the allegations of separatists that people of Telangana never wanted to be part of Andhra Pradesh. If that is twisted around for a different connotation, I am helpless.

    • prabhakara rao says:


      IMO you are bit too harsh on Chakravarty and Dr. Parakala. 

      All or most of that you pointed out could be right. But it is wrong to attribute motives. At the most it can be seen as incompetence.

      It is undeniable fact that many Telugus worked for Telanganas during pre-independence and pre-liberation period.

      While agreeing the same Mr. Revanth reddy insulted us in assembly discussions. Telanganas think rather demand that we remain noble and do not expect returns for good deeds of our ancestors. Yes, they have right to be UNGRATEFUL while we should forego all hardwork.

      Integrationists comitted two mistakes first one assuming that Telangans are innocent and entire burden of Telugu unity lies with Andhras.

      First one proven flat misconception. Telanganas are the real and petty cheaters.

      Second one did even bigger damage. Every a***le in public domain started demanding what you did for Telanagana. I never understood this. At least post 1975, all the regions were responsible for development of the state. This was also explicitly mentioned in 371d. But we like idiots assumed that we are guardians of state and responsible for welfare of Telanganas. All the while Telanganas enjoyed the way they did before (so-called) liberation.

      Ask them about the development that happened. These lazybones do not even claim they worked for all that happened. Instead they claim it as thier RIGHT. A slap on our face that we are here to serve these crooks.

      The political B****S CBN and YSR treated these cheats with kid golves.

      And we are paying for this.


  3. Satya says:

    Dear Chakravarthy, your list missed one of the worst person. Prof. Jayasankar.

    Also add YSR. The shameless b**** who is ready to even sell the nation for his chief ministership.

    • Sandeep says:

      Satya, in that case he missed a chunk of the 3plus crore people also. He missed Proph.Gayshankar, the Father of Fraud, the biggest Fraudster because the list is only about the last minute assembly guys.

      How these guys (profs — where it all started, the OU and Kakatiya, the houses of jealousy) operate? They will check upon a prosperous thing about a person or a region. They know about it or them about who,where,what,why,when. They hold meetings about how to cry on them if they do not belong to them. They will send an initiative to the tjac. tjac analyzes approves for operation roguery which will involve brainwashing of the students and reporters. Then its like the wild dogs (Media, National and International) left free. They will take care of it all and bring the civilization down. Neither Hitler, nor Musolini, nor Stalin, nor Prophet Molester could have been this cunning and worse. JEALOUSY to the core can be seen only in this region. May be jealousy originated here.

      90% of the TV9 and Andhrajyothi are also of naizam. Not kidding. That is why all news is pro-naizam.


    • Chakravarthy says:

      I spared the dead :-)

      • Ram says:

        I have watched your high handed body language in TV show, when all SA politicians went to Delhi under Sailjanath leadership and may have stopped the Telangana Announcement….  You said you are doing so much in background to stop telangana …Have you realized atleast now – You cannot win on false and mis interuppted words Mr. Chakravarty… I see your own SA people correcting your facts and you loosing your cool…. You spend 100 years to prove a truth as lie … that will fail Buddy… It does not matter what you lost … It matters what harm you are trying to do… better learn from your mistakes and work for good for the people … I still remember your high handed behavior in TV9 varadhi when you denied to anwer to Saleem when he questioned about Lagadapati Dual marriage… you felt it was your personal issue … If you are genuine and good person you could have anwered to that question ..with cavet saying you will not comment on some one personal issues … you tried to become leader on false issues but time has taught and your clan a fitting lesson

        • Kiran says:


          your show of arrogance here because of some biksha by a clueless italian lady wont change the worlds opinion about chakravarthy. You may think you won but we see you here as a lucky beggar throwing some airs.

          • Ram says:

            If lucky beggar is better than cursed beggar… GOD stands to lucky side people.  That clueless italian lady made YSR, KKR as CMs praised her… Atleast we deserve biksha but you were kicked out with nothing … At this point aswell, we proved to best and good. If you think it is because of mercy, then still your SA people living outside SA is because of some body's mercy and when it comes to Telagnana, its because of Our Mercy your brothers SA People Survive… I dont feel like that but I said, that it might make to you understand your statement .. Stupid fellow….

            • VK says:

              It is very clear from your comments how smart you are. In what way you proved the best? If you are best, you are crying for regional reservations. If SA people want to live now in T like jews lived during Nazi time, then it is their problem.

              • Ram says:

                I dont want to claim anything here… I was just giving reply buddy. If you can see this thread … there is no single comment from whole of your clan that would take me into confidence …all of your clan started attacking me and leaving Blog Owner for his mistake on Madapati…. I believe, I am qualified to adivice based on the response  I got from you…. Please STOP this hatred… If someone questioning you answer politely …

                • VK says:

                  You are the one started hatrating SA based on some invented excuses (such as Andhra Principal etc). So stop that and talk sensibly then you make get response in similar way.

                  Currently SA hurt with injustice done to them through the division. Therefore if you are sensible, then you wouldn't try to sprinckle peppar on the wound with your sensless accusations such as regional discrmination.

                • Ram says:

                  Nope … All I asked … Why were you spreading false news about Madapati…. I was a replying to some one your SA people who said telangana people are in-capable….Kindly, read my statments and then make a conclusion … 

                • VK says:

                  see your first comment on this thread

                  Ram says:

                  June 2, 2014 at 11:31 am

        • Sandeep says:

          Ram you do not deserve the name of Lord Ram. You are a Ravan. We are corrrecting Chakravarthy garu because of minor errors that all make, including me. Whereas the Lies propagated by Naizam people are premeditated for their cunning, selfish and jealous aspirations. Chakravarthy garu is not a professor. In your region even professors lie.

          • Ram says:

            why are you running away from truths – If you are correcting him then he made a lie – its crystal clear…. You guys write here where world is not watching and you could not spread your so called truths even to SA people because you guys did not voted for JSP again you voted for TDP… It again proves you statements are fake.

            • Sandeep says:

              Moron, there is a difference between an error and a lie. Get off of the internet and serve your Nizam and Dora.

              • Ram says:

                Same applies to you Sandeep …. Need to have patience first before asking some one to get Off from internet … if the same word i use to get Off Telangana …it sounds ackward … Senseless idoit

            • Sandeep says:

              And Chakravarthy garu is 1 million times decent than you rogues. He lets us openly talk on his blog and lets rogues like you as well. He accepts his mistakes, I accept my mistakes which every human being do. But you rogues live for the sake of lying. You deserve the razakars again.

              • Ram says:

                Both SA and T got what they deserve and coming days will prove for what you are deserved… If we are rogues then you are SA rouge… There are many TV channels who allow to talk openly … take it for NTV / TV9 and prove your points there …not here in dark room like cowards …waste fellows …. I am taking time to help because you guys are NOT self motivated and crying in dark…. and Jealous on our telagana people … 

                • VK says:

                  Jealous of what? You are crying all the time, you are not developed. Then what did you achieve to be jealous of.

                  However, T opposing polavaram though it will have no effect on telangana prior to 1956 (which is what KCR and you guys asked for) clear indication of your being jealous on SA. You are happy for 70TMC Godavari water going waste though certain regions are crying for help in drinking water but you want to obstruct polavaram because it may bring benefits to SA.

                • Ram says:

                  T is not opposing Polavaram – we want every one to have fair share and quality life. If you can't hear to the news properly, its your problem. Nothing to answer on this.

                • VK says:


                  "We want every one to have fair share and quality life"

                  Really! If you are, you would understand SA pain of the division, which gives them no capital, no educational institutes, no health institutes and deficit budget.  All the problems of division for SA would have been OK, if they asked for the division.

            • VK says:

              What do mean by voted to TDP? If you consider TDP has supported the division, why didn't you vote to TDP?

              • Ram says:

                We voted for the better supporter.

                • VK says:

                  Drunkard Dubai Sekhar is better, this is enough to say how intelligent you are. No wonder you couldn't get lab assistance job.

                • Ram says:

                  yep this is called discrimination … I gave right anwer for question on support for telangana and it did not find right for you … this is what I am proving buddy… I was denied in the similar lines …  Iam happy my realization for denying me a job is 100% correct 

                • VK says:


                  Since when disagreement has become synonimous to discrimination. Our comments illustrate difference of opinion but I don't see descrmination. You seem to be confused and failed to differentate between disagreement and discrimination.

                • Ram says:

                  This is like some one is saying, RAPE is common , you disagreement also a discrimination — If you cant understand the problem and say its a disagreement – This division is 100% justified

                • VK says:

                  I don't understand how some one saying "Rape is common" will be discrimination (against whom?), off course it is wrong but it cann't be descrimination. So please try to answer when you comeout of your hangover.

                  If you consider the division is 100% justified, please go and enjoy it instead of wasting your time here in provoking others.

            • Mahesh says:

              Ram, you say "If you are correcting him then he made a lie ".

              Alright for the "your" sake we will think for a moment that chakravarthy "lied" but not committed an honest "flaw".

              Kavi's comment for Chakravarthy was that Andhra Mahasabha was initiated by Seemandhras. And you say Chakravarthy lied. So that means you agree that Andhra Mahasabha was initiated by Seemandhras. That means all your professors and TJAC people lied to you. Thanks for believing the truth at least indirectly, you pathetic sad war-monger. Now go and change the whole history as you are bred to do. Thoo on your face.

              • Ram says:

                LOL … Double THOO on your face … LOL ….  You guys yourself proved that you are quoting fakes and correcting yourself …very funny and some one identifies … you dont have courage to accept and apologize …. you dont have 1 % of decency and wisdom like telangana people …Develop that else whole India will THOO in your FACE

                • VK says:

                  You started fake agitation with fake accusations (2L jobs etc) and fake fastings (fasting with 2K cal per day). When the SKC report proved your the so called accusations wrong, then you changed reasons for telangana to self respect bla bla.

                  We and whole India know how decent you are. You guys talking about decency is like devils chanting veda mantras.

                • Ram says:

                  I will reply tomorrow .. wait …. have patience .. I need to go for a party and come back for reply…. you are my timepass item

  4. P. Rao says:

    It is a day that will go down in infamy in the lives of Telugu people for centuries to come. This is like the day after Tallikota war ended; when the great Vijayanagar empire was defeated by unholy alliance of neighboring states and forced to move to a small Capital like Penugonda from Hampi and continue as Aravidu dynasty.  I thank Chakravarty gaaru for the timely post at this juncture.  The 38 people on the list are deserving. There could be another 38. For example, Rahul Gandhi for one comes to mind. We can make our own list.

    I request some of the posters  who have begun to respond in an attack/accusatory mode on Chakravarty to pause and think before they do that. It is definitely an emotionally charged day and we in our hastiness may be directing our frustration at the wrong person. It is like accusing Mahatma Gandhi for partition of India who gave his life for the unity and integrity of India.  Mr. Chakravarthy deserves all our respect and gratitude for the unceasing selfless work he has done for the unity of Telugus. I think this work needs to continue.


  5. GK says:

    Please read all the past movements that took place around the world and understand the reasons why such agitations and mass movements come out with such a strength…let wisdom prevail people…you guys are always talking about who and why they did not the division but can you see why there are T people supporting and/or in favor?

    • prabhakara rao says:

      Oh.. You are winner. It is natural that you feel you were right in every aspect.

      I do not want to throw spanners in your arrogance. Just one line.

      If not for the two toppers in Chakravarty list you would be marching along with annalu.


      Why people supported T movement. Simple they were told they can loot someones hardwork. Till a month ago Telangana elite requested to separate like brothers. Now they are hell bent on destroying present and future of the BROTHERS.

      Simple example, thousands of Andhra employees lost leaves during SJS. Now they get nothing in AP but thier BROTHERS in Telangana get increments. Hundreds of Andhra students in OU and elsewhere will be denied jobs in Hyderabad. Thier collegues incapable of competing will get jobs easily.

      Strike and you will get increment.

      Bunk college you will get jobs.

      Skip court you will get plot.

      With such offers backed by Paratapa reddy – Rs 1000 Cr. B Narsayya Goud – Rs 2000 cr.  Vishveswara reddy – Rs 528 cr. Rajam – Rs 1000 cr

      even Workholic Japanese will take part in agitation.

      • Ram says:

        Mr. Prabhakar Rao, your language was so arrogant some months back…you used to comment on circastic style…Did you ever thought, truth and honesty will win and EVIL will be punished … Your clan looted Telangana Jobs and denied seats for Telangana Youth… I was denied a Lab Assistatnt Job by Andhra college Princial but I got a Job in a Software Company … I am the same person with same qualification…. This is just a single case of how Andhras used to discriminate Telangana People …. I will hate that Andhra Principal who denied Job for me and people who support him..I even got a harsh comment from Andhra Colleague who said from him Telanaga ante "ashashyam" ani… Those comments came from the cutlure and environment he was brought up…I heard many times insulting  comments from Andhra friends..I am happy my children will not have this ANDHRA-TELANGANA Battle. THESE ARTOCITIES will be put to an end NOW.

        • Ram says:


          • Kiran says:

            It is the person who climbed the mount everest who gets credit not a monkey like you trying to claim credit for yourself for their effort – just saying.

            • GK says:

              Shame on you to call names…please stop.

            • Ram says:

              Its a point you need to understand the capability of telangana people given oppurtunities … alteast now start to think and understand of other statments …else none can help your mindset – just saying

              • VK says:

                Who stopped the oppurtunities to telangana people? If you consider the difference between left hand and right hand as the discrimination, even God cann't help you.

              • satya says:

                So u say, both the kids are able to climb Everest because of the formation of Telangana?

                • Ram says:

                  If you understand that, none can help your altered brain … please read 10 times before you conclude….

                • satya says:

                  I can't understand why you have given the example of the kids who climbed Mt Everest to make a point that given an opportunity Telangana ppl can do wonders. If u say they did it because they were given the opportunity then u need accept the opportunity was given in united AP and their achievement has nothing to do with telangana. If u think it has nothing to do with united AP but their own, then formation of Telangana doesn't make any difference for such individuals. I am missing the link here. so explain how TG formation and their achievement are related? 

                • Ram says:

                  The whole fight is becase of unfair oppurtunities in united AP – No need too complicated, Just have clear mind

                • VK says:


                  Where is the evidence for unfair oppurtunities (on regional basis) in unitedAP?

        • VK says:

          What you have been denying a lab assistant job go to do with AP division. I won't get  Lab assistant job in Physics lab though I have PhD and 20 years of experience in Biology. So it is possible that you got a better job that required your expertise and you may not suit to the lab assistant job. Just because you didn't get a job, you cann't accuse others without any evidence. There may be telugus from SA in the software company where you are working now, if all SA people discriminated you, then how did you get the job in that software company.

          I am from rural SA and never know people from SA are different from telangana though I studied Hyd, outiside AP and outside India and considered all telugus are equal. I never been approached by anyone from SA offering job just because I also come from SA. Once you addicted to blaming others, then it won't stop. Today you blame SA people, tomorrw north T if you come form southT or viceversa, then blame shift to districts, town etc.

          • Ram says:

            I am NOT mad like you to apply for Physics when I studied biology… you guys dont want division but you NOT vote for JSP and you vote for parties which divided … There is lot of fundemental difference in way we think … this is called ANDHRA – TELANGANA issues –  SA people dont own software companies fortunately and one person got oppurtunity and brought shame to this country ….

            • VK says:

              Don't try to divert the issue and bring some idiotic logic as Andhra and telangana are different. If we had voted JSP, would it have stopped the division? Only mad person like you that telangana people are different from seema-andhra people.

              Only mad like you generalise whole region based one or two people. Grow up and try to achieve some thing by your own calibre than crying for regional reservations.

              • Ram says:

                we dont need suggestions from loosers ? The point I am making is you are NOT commited at any stage ? All you want is interim benefit….if you like state to be united … you should have brought JSP into govt and fight for unification… But you choose TDP immediately and not even giving a single seat to JSP and LokSatta… this shows your mindset … Money Mindset …. All you want is Money and NOT any ideology or any welfare… I am telling you guys … please change now..become humans …you will prosper…if you dont change your mindset… rest of the country will laugh at you my SA people…. 

                • VK says:

                  You saying us to become humans is like barbarians telling USA to become more Westernised.

                • Ram says:

                  Yep … you get reply to your comment 

                • VK says:


                  I understand your limitations in understanding other people comments. So let me eloborate my previous comment for you

                  "barbarians telling USA to become more Westernised" = Inhumans telling humans to become more human

                • Ram says:

                  Unless you make your indetify from VK to some meaningful name, you brain will not open up to understand in full.

                • VK says:

                  VK is my initials, which will be as meaningless as KCR, KTR etc. Unlike you I am not behaving like ravan by having name Ram.

        • prabhakara rao says:

          The software has already gone CIRCASTIC. :-)

          I do not need lot of words, bold letters, capital letters to describe your mindset. In fact most of Telanganas.


          You said you were denied a Lab assistant…

          But you did not say whether you qualified or not.

          We used this sort of expression in High school and plus 2.

          Oh mommy I did all correct but examiner did not give me marks.


          Hey, BTW I will tell you about a similar Telangana.

          During a debate on NDTV this Telangana said he came to Hyderabad to setup company. But he was denied power connection. Guess who?

          Grandson of Konda Rangareddy

          A man worth Rs. 528 Cr

          Vishweswar reddy MP chevella.


          A Kashimiri youth topped IAS. He did not ask for opportunity but grabbed.


          Hey Ram! Start using different tenses and voices (any language) you will know what is your problem.

          • Ram says:

            This is not a peotry competition Mr. Prabhakar. For your circastic mind it cannot be understood that if a guy is eligible for software job then he is eligible for Lab Assistant aswell… crap .. you try to defeat my point but you make NO effort to understand the issue.. this has led you to fail in your mission I bet … you will never win … 

            • prabhakara rao says:

              You have still not answered whether you were qualified for the job or not.

              • Ram says:

                I am helpless to blind because I cannot write in Brailee

                • prabhakara rao says:

                  So you do not know you were qualified or not. But blaming the lacturer for not selecting you which you think is discrimination as propogated by Telanganas.

                  Anyways, I also happen to be software engineer. But I can tell you I will not qualify for Lab assistant job. Coz different jobs, regardless pay, require different skills. 

                  I doubt if Ambanis will qualify for the Auditor/Secratary/HR posts in thier own companies.

                  A little fun fact (may help think differently) Charlie Chaplin failed to impress as his own imitator.

              • VK says:

                When you cann't counter others, then you accuse them as cunnig. Losers always accuse others, abuse others and cry when they have to taste their own medicine.

                • Ram says:

                  See your cunningness in your name aswell .. .what does VK mean … you dont want to be clear … cunning again … you want to change full form of VK as per need and choice… Dont blame others when you dont know who you are 

                • VK says:

                  If I am cunning using for using VK initials, then how cunning KCR, KTR would be. How cunning you have to be to use false name?

                • Ram says:

                  *** comment Removed ***

                • VK says:

                  Who the hell are you tell me whether I should use initials or full name. I only gave the examples to prove your stupidity in making idiotic comparisons.

                • Ram says:

                  *** Comment Removed ***

                • VK says:

                  I don't, if you have problem you know where to go.

                  Unlike you, I never said I will contest in any elections. You are the one talking here as if you are representative of whole telangana. So think yourself whether you could win any elections or not.

                  "emi leni aaku egiri egiri paduddi.." well said and is applicable to you.

                  The way you writing your comments here indicate that you just come out or residing in Yerragadda hospital. So you need treatment and not me.

                  You are a moron, otherwise why do you worry what I right about KCR or any other politician.

                • Sandeep says:

                  We all know VK. If you are ignorant then we cannot help. VK is very popular in this blog. Bye Ravan

            • subhash says:


              Its not only abt competion. When there is a slowdown (recently during 2008-2009). Many people who are qualified for a software job also tried to get a lecturer. Many of them might have been  denied, because there are less jobs and more applications. The one giving job can have any criteria when it is a private job. Even in my case many companies denied me a job in campus interviews. I got one, grown in job and got in to better companies and later I rejected the offer from one of those companies at a later point in career as I had better offers. Its all abt demand supply. Its just foolishness to link these to region.

              • Ram says:

                Nope … I understand better than you and I faced the discrimination …. By GOD Grace that discrimination is put to an end by this division…. I can tell 100 reasons like you …but I faced the truth and I know what I got from Andhra College principal and what I got from American Company…

                • VK says:

                  So what! There are good and bad in every region. So it is stupidity to generalise people based on the region, religion, nationlity etc.

                • Ram says:

                  Same applies to you …. you have to read you SA people comments aswell before making a conclusion … this is not between you and Me it is between many of your people and me…

    • AMRAO says:

      Yes, Mr. GK. The most important movement in the 20th century was Communism. Just like people of Telangana, people embraced it in many places.


      Only to be accepted as a mistake and steps were taken all over the world to eliminate it. Dont tell me about China. Technically, China has also capitalistic structure.

  6. Sunil says:

    I would add to the list…the electronic media that played a major role in projecting the T lies and their agenda without questioning or validating the facts. 

  7. AMRAO says:

    I request those who are criticizing the voters of Seema Andhra to introspect. The party that took the decision was wiped out. There could not have been a better show of resentment. Many Congressmen lost deposits.


    Half of the listed 38 people lost power. Good enough punishment for me.

  8. Ravi says:


    BSP demands financial assistance for Telangana state

    Lucknow, Jun 2 (PTI) BSP today demanded adequate financial assistance for the newly-created Telangana state as well as for backward states so as to ensure all-round development of the country.

    Telangana came into existence as the 29th state of India today, capping the decades-old struggle in the region for carving out a separate state from Andhra Pradesh.

    • VK says:

      AP was self sufficient before the division and now both the states are begging the centre for money. So what is the point of dividing the states?

  9. Sekhar says:

    True clan of telugus are very humble, calm with unconditional inner self.. whose emotions can't be erupted unless there is really really deep trouble which disrupts their very existence .. and I don't think this division can be a slightest testament also..

    Every telugu knows this very much in their hearts..

  10. Kiran says:

    This division will be a blot on telugu society for a long time to time. In USA they refer to the generation which fought and won second world war as the greatest generation. This generation of rulers among telugu people deserve the most shameful generation award. We lost that is not the worst thing but we lost in most cowardly way without a fight.

    While so many stabbed and murdered AP some cuts are more painful and have that "et tu brutus" quality. I will single out two – CBN and Telugu cinema. First Telugu cinema – this industry enourmously enriched itself thanks to love of telugu language among telugu people. For every good effort made by the industry they reaped tens of crores from people and they enriched themsevles. But they did not make a single movie or came out in anyway to defend the political unity of Telugu people and criticise the dora movement. Chiranjeevi did in 2009 only to go back. Pawan made noises after everything was done and dusted. Others just kept quiet even though the division hurts the long term interests of industry – they were scared of a stone from a random trs activist breaking their glass.

    Second is CBN the longest serving CM of AP who could not summon enough courage to say a word in AP assembly. Who will not realise that he owers his present fame to a party set up for Telugu people and is more than ready to mortgae state if it prevents temporary damage to the party.


  11. Kiran says:

    CBN the old fool is apparently planning a huge party to celebrate his elevation as CM – nothing rubs salt on peoples wounds better. Invites to 11 CM's including KCR – what about the seemandhra employees fate CBN ? they served for decades including in your adminstration and now are suffering an uncertain fate which is being decided in a "war room". But you are busy celebrating with the guy who is incharge of the war room.

    • VK says:

      CBN and Venkaiah Naidu keep saying Congress badly divided AP but do nothing to revierse it whereas KCR is planning to go to Supreme court Polavaram issue.

      AP division is a sad thing to happen so it is not appropriate for CBN to celebrate his swearing ceremony. 

      CBN and YSJ are feeling happy with the division because their parties become national parites with the division. It is like somebody trying to light his or her cigar from the fire of someone else's house burning.

  12. prabhakara rao says:

    Here is something special about Telangana people. I am sure it is worth Guinness Book entry.

    Telanagana is the race that accepted rule of foreigners in thier own land for 700+, I repeat 700+ years.

    No resistance. No treachery. No valor. No fighting along side king or against king.


  13. Kiran says:

    I dont think anyone can blame seemandhra people. The defeat they gave to congress is unbelievable. Usually a massive loss for a party means vote share going down 6%. At a national level that is what congress lost minus the loss in seemandhra. And that reduced their seats from 180 to 44. But in seemndhra congress vote share came down by almost 40% to around 2% – that is unprecedent in history of India. Even with samaikyanadhra plank in 2004 TDP won 36% of Telangana vote.

    Its the leadership of seemandhra which badly screwed up AP.

    • P. Rao says:

      In related news, except Botsa Satyanarayana, all congress contestents in the last general election from SA lost their deposits.

  14. AMRAO says:

    Those who questioned the allocation of water, coal, etc… in the United AP should answer this question.


    The total electricity produced in united AP is now divided as 53.89% to Telangana and 46.11% to Andhra Pradesh. This is despite the majority of the production being in the residuary AP. The reasoning is that Telangana has been using more electricity and therefore gets usage rights.


    With a deficit budget, the only resource that Andhra Pradesh could have used to make money is electricity. Congress people were so desperate to favour Telangana as they knew they would lose out AP.

    Unfortunately, CBN is in no position to question this as he fears loss of TDP support in Telangana.


    • GK says:

      AMRAO Sir,

      Isn't this one of the fundamental reason for the agitation?

      When there is more utilization and resources to generate power in T, the united AP rulers went on allowing the setup of powerplants in andhra and rayalaseema?


      • Chandra says:

        GK, no improvement. Still you are in questioning and learning stage. That is not one of the reasons. Separatists thought atleast on this SKC might favour them but NO.

        Seemandhra is a much bigger region much more population (65% not 58% accd to 1971 Bharagva committee. That extra 7% loss is SA migration to T districts) and had   more power stations . Infact  Telangana Elec JAC Raghu denies that development of a region should not be measured by more power utilization. ( I have their report to SKC  on my computer).  Are you agreeing with him or denying his argument?  Even if they had constructed one more power plant in T , u would have said it's for Seemandhra industrlalists.You need to speak like an adult at some point of time on these issues. Not just blabbering something like an agitator on street throwing stones on people.

      • AMRAO says:

        I am hoping you would get the facts right and be honest at least now. Telangana has more hydropower producing capacity than AP. In terms of thermal based power,



        NTPC - Ramagundam – 2600 MW

        GENCO (State Govt.) – Telangana

        a) Kothagudem ABC -  720 MW

        b) Kothagudem V & VI -  1000 MW

        c) Kakatiya - 500 MW

        d) Ramagundam B – 62.5 MW 

        Total -  4882.5 MW



        NTPC - Simhadri, Visakhapatnam - 2000 MW (Coal from Orissa)

        GENCO (State Govt.)

        a) RTPP, Kadapa - AP – 1050 MW

        b) VTPS, Vijayawada - AP – 1760 MW

        c) Krishnapatnam – AP – 800 MW (Imported coal), started in Mar, 2014

        Total – 5610 MW


        Now, tell me where the discrimination was?

      • prabhakara rao says:



        will you give credit to United AP rulers for whatever setup/done in Telangana region in United AP?

        And what about the 40% Telangana ministers? Were they not waste on exechequer of united AP? timdi damdaga batch kaadaa!

        The fundamental reason is ungratefulness.




  15. AMRAO says:

    Facts about the looted, under developed, discriminated Telangana state:

    1. A population of 3.5 crores
    2. A revenue surplus of 3,555 crores
    3. A resource plan outlay of Rs. 18,600 crores
    4. A debt burden of Rs. 61,000 crores
    5. An IT employee base of 3,15,000
    6. Assured electricty from Andhra Pradesh on the basis of usage rights
    7. A capital city that
     a) provides employment to over 10 lakh people
     b) boasts of a world class airport
     c) has IT companies earning Rs. 50,000 crores of revenue
     d) is Pharma capital of India
     e) has IIT, ISB, Bits Pilani, 2 Central universities, tonnes of research institutes
     f) has over 100 central govt. industries and institutions
     g) well connected to all parts of the state with 4 lane roads. Even Adilabad is just 5 hours away.

    Whereas the state of the looters have these facts:
    1. A population of 5 crores
    2. A revenue deficit of Rs. 15,691 crores
    3. A resource plan outlay of just Rs. 5,791 crores
    4. A debt burden of Rs. 85,000 crores
    5. An IT employee base of 10,000
    6. The only excessive asset, electricity, must be given to Telangana on the basis of usage rights
    7. No capital city for the next 15 years or so as more than Rs. 2,00,000 crores is required.
     a) Very minimal industries that have no hope of providing employment except for the construction workers
     b) Have 3 airports that are yet to receive real international passengers
     c) has IT companies earning less than Rs. 2,000 crores
     d) some pharma companies are located in Vizag
     e) before the merger of Andhra and Hyderabad state, Guntur and Machilipatnam were centers of learning.
     f) Lot of saltish sea water. Just waiting for research that allows sea water to replace petrol and diesel as fuel.
     g) Only NH5 and NH7 are developed.   

    All the hype about residuary Andhra Pradesh being given special status, financial assistance, Polavaram, etc… are all election promises.

    A) Special status can only be given after acceptance from National Development Council.
    "Though the Centre promised to help both the States to rebuild their economies through special category status and tax incentives to the more economically and financially hit residuary Andhra Pradesh, special status for backward districts in both the States, sources admit, it may not be an easy task given the Union government’s commitments to other States."

    B) Polavaram faces hurdles from Orissa, Maharashtra and Telangana.
    "The promised execution of Polavaram multipurpose project, a national project, to harness thousands of tmcft of Godavari water going waste into the sea every year to help the predominantly agrarian economy of Andhra Pradesh too may not be easy given the protests against merger of submergence villages of Telangana into Andhra Pradesh."


    With CBN scared of his party chances in Telangana and his assets in Telangana, he is unable to point out the losses to the residuary A.P.


    • Sekhar says:

      Instead saying Hyderabad a developed place, we can also say that its used and spoiled

      place.. We have a chance to learn from mistakes that we have done while developing Hyderabad

      Only one place should not be filled with all IT companies, Pharma companies, Manufacturing companies and lots of apartments with 50% not occupied and most with no proper construction approvals..

      We have learned to live like a telugu in Hyderabad while trying the best to change its colour. but there was always a missing or inadequacy, we are thrived for existing in Hyderabad.

      There is no need to grow buildings vertically if have you more space to spread laterally

      We can use all our expertise,culture and resources only when we shift our focus to other origin

      So far we have lived in attavari illu along with our mom and dad we enjoyed the contrast enough, now its time to come back to our home with our mom and dad, home is also good.

      Now we should behave with more responsibility.

      A city planning or towns connecting plan turning them to proper resourceful centers should be done. Ecological Modernization should be done. We should focus on creating more bigger towns than few big cities..

  16. Reddy says:


    I question your rationale behind including JP in the list, Sad and Unfair to see JP in the infamous list . JP for his part 

    1) Was the first one to debunk that Telangana is backward. Offered ample evidence during TV shows, causing severe heartburn among the separatists.He can be credited with the first one to "throw spanner in the wheels of the separatists propaganda machine" which was running smoothly all the while.

    2) Called spade a spade when he attributed problems among Telangana to the politicians and beauracrats of Telangana and not to the much reviled "Andhra people". Vehemently opposed polarisation of people along regional lines, inviting scorn and wrath of the separatists.

    3) First one in the state to debunk and question the absurdity of "53 yella udayamam". See his youtube video where he said Even Indian independence did not last 53 years so stop this 53yr Telangana BS .

    3) Presented to the SKC the facts pertaining to Telangana and did not favor a separate state citing difficulties pertaining to Hyderabad.

    We all know the consequences of his actions, he was beaten up by the Telangana thugs in India and even NRI Telanganaites protested his 2009 visit and displayed hillarious and ridiculous "evidences of discrimination to JP". (which were picked straight out of 108 facts of Telangana).

    4) When the inevitable came, offered solutions and suggestions like special category to Andhra etc etc. None of which veterans like CBN or Chor Jagan could come up with.


  17. Ved says:

    Chakrawarthy gaaru,

    You left the ultimate scoundrel, YSR , in all this. To beat a seemingly unbeatable CBN, it is YSR that encouraged and brought separate T statehood into 2004 manifesto. This rogue thought that he could manage the T sentiment and he did. Though he thought of putting this in second SRC and freeze it, the overwhelming majority he won gave him even bolder ideas. Had he been alive, he would have still managed it. But that is the fallacy of the illegal mangement. Like truth finding its way, utlimately they will be exposed by one reason or other. 

    • VK says:

      Chakravarthy gaaru said "I sapred the dead" in one of his comments, I hope it answered your question.

      YSR was bad but it doesn't make CBN good for supporting telangana in 2009 elections for getting into power. CBN should tell us what is the basis for his support to telangana. Will he agree with telangana separatists accusations that SA politicians cheated T? If he agree, then he is not suitable to sit in CM chair for descrimination for one region. If he thinks only congress cheated T, then wouldn't it be good idea for him to say I will undo injustice done by Congress rather than supporting the division.

      These questions are applicable to Congress highcommand as well. Why did they agree for AP division? If they agree with T separatists accusations, wouldn't they responsible for those accusations (because they ruled us for majority of the time). All Congress CMs were sealed cover CMs so they couldn't even go to toilet without information high command, so how could they do the so called injustices to T without Congress high command knowing them. If Congress high command deliberatly allowed the injustices to happen, how can they punish us (SA) for their stupid mistakes. Also SA want to know what are the injustices done to T by Congress (and TDP) that could only be answered by the divsion.

      • Chandra says:

        It's not just about individuals like ysr or cbn or someother. They would never have expected this to happen unless the other side is convined. It's the failure of institution after institution itself in this regard. It's the failure of legislature,executive, judiciary,  media every instituion. When govt of India proposed this unjust bill even after AP assembly rejected it, president could have involved.opposition party could have halted it. If  all these screw people, judiciary should have jumped in. Everywhere, the checks and balances failed. They all  worked like vultures want to get their own share of the dead. It shows the incompetence of the folks running the show in Delhi, in the name of India. India is a new concept but not Andhras on that land. They need to thoroughly remember that one.

        • GK says:


          Well that leaves none to blame….most on this blog will never consider any of the reasons that precipitated the bifurcation, they just love bashing the people who were on the stage last few years…

          May be the people in power, political or administration, could have taken a path of reconciliation, only if people such as those in this blog acknowledge the naked facts and issues that T people were seeing…

          • prabhakara rao says:


            It is already clarified. If not for Italian dumbwaitress and insensitive supreme court, nothing would have changed.

            • Ram says:

              How can you scold a former prime minster wife and lady who had lead this country for 10 years under UPA rule.. you can make a contructive statment but not demative…. Is this what you learnt from Andhra Schools ? Is this Andhra Culture ? I reject you from Telugu clan

              • prabhakara rao says:

                అవును బాబూ, మాది తెలుగు వారి బడి. మాకు నష్టం చేసినవారిని తిట్టిపోస్తాము (కోపం ఎక్కువ ఐతే బూతులు కూడా)
                కాని పెట్టె చేతిని నరకడం తెలంగాణ జాతి ప్రత్యేకత 
                60 ఏళ్ళ కోరిక తీర్చిన ఇటాలియన్ మహిళ కు ఏమి చేసారు?
                ఆంధ్ర పార్టీ తో సమానం చేసి కూచ్చో పెట్టారు 

                • Ram says:

                  You were taught wrong … Ladies first and Respecting Woman is Indian Culture … Not sure why this was missed from your culture. You dont need to scold a woman for bifuration when you super heros from Andhra Accepted for Division. We have voted for True Leader and NOT for Money leaders like .. I thought till now, you had some level of understanding but this shows, you are one in the SA crowd who cannot differtiate between a "professional politician" and "politician for his profession" … Making degrading comments of woman, shows the level of frustation you have but does not give any wise directions to anyone … We never promised that we will vote for congress given Telangana … We are always with Telangana movement and we choose the better supporter….

                • VK says:


                  "We voted to true hero" who said a lot about Sonia not tha tlong ago. Is T culture only to advice but not to follow?

                • prabhakara rao says:


                  you are right sir. Your culture lies in calling a lady deyyam and then devata at your mood swings. Incidentally it involves the waitress and your true leader.

                  And you true follower of the true leader with great culture.



                • prabhakara rao says:



                  BTW, I forgot. The true leaders also threaten first ladies (or ladies first) with roddu meedakeedusta kind of remarks. That is the great culture.

                  Is it not! 

                  In fact we should open new schools to teach this culture across the country. Eeven export.

          • VK says:

            The SKC report addressed the so called naked facts and issues that T people were seeing.

    • Chakravarthy says:

      I left out both YSR and Prof. Jayashankar as they are deceased.

  18. prabhakara rao says:


    where are you? I am missing the entertainment.

    • Ram says:

      Tell me – What kind of entertainment you want ?  Chalo … abb lelo…. All your posts shows you are jealouls on telangana people, quoting that telangana got lot and andhra got nothing !!!  Bhai louge, these are utter worst posts I see, instead you should have posted, we have the best muscles to develop Andhra .. .I dont see that kind of dynamism from you where every inch of telangana soil shows it… For some reason, you are living a fake world that you guys are great but honestly, you are coward still crying on us…

      • VK says:

        "We crying on us" It is joke of this century. You guys not only crired all these years but also crying for something not belong to you (submerging regions of polavaram in Bhadrachalam division, which was part of Andhra before 1956) even after the divsion because it (polavaram) benefit others.

        • Ram says:

          Just ask those village people to which state they belong – you will get fitting answer..

          • VK says:

            Didn't YSRCP (supported unitedAP) win MP and few MLA seats in Khammam?

          • subhash says:

            All the panchayats of Kurnool and Ananthapur also told loud and clear that they wanted to be with telangana by resolutions. Isn't that peoples opininion. Why people opinion only in this case?

      • prabhakara rao says:

        Thanks anna.

        I know you will not fail me.

        where every inch of telangana soil…

        You made my day. What else entertainment one can provide.


      • prabhakara rao says:

        On second toughts, was it soil showing dynamism or people living on it?

        Or only those people born on the soil?

    • GK says:

      At higher levels in the offices, jobs are occupied by SA, in this case may be that person could not win the confidence of the rest of the employees working with him. Now, we can't find such an example in SA, for example aroundTirupathi, the top state/national site…can we find an EO from Telangana….but at the same time SA is a great place which elected Prime minister PV unanimously, a great sacrifice.

      • Kiran says:

        What an absolute idiot ? where is the last TTD EO Ramanachary from ? Now he is in TRS. Andhra state made telengana peole as judges, TTD EO, CM,s every cabinet had just representation from telangana.  You guys are both dumb and mean.

        • Rao says:

          They must be totally uprooted by some master plan other wise it will harm the innocent people of seemandhra. There must be a way and Lord Hanuman should lead them.

    • Mohan says:

      If precisely means that an Andhra guy is hated, kicked out from a region called Bhadrachalam which belonged to Andhra in the first place. Man who knows how the future will turn out. Let us keep watching just as we did all these days.

    • GK says:

      I guess you are very late to the show….coming to the point, GOI should send an independent team to gather the opinion of the local people just like they did for other big projects in India and then we will know the true story…

      • Mohan says:

        Just as they "gathered the opinion" of the seemandhras living in Hyd about their fate in Naizam. ya you are right GK. If not all there will definitely some who will remember what happened to them and their children because of the hatred spewed by you fellas. Good luck.

      • VK says:

        What happend to the SKC report, which gathered the opinion of telugus on AP division? Did the follow the report in AP division? You are OK with the centre's decision when it favours you but not OK when it doesn't favours you? What about the dam on Narmada River or some other river in Gujarat?

  19. Bhadra says:

    The Naizam Dongala Stoopam architect's guru is from Chittoor. He is Naidu own caste. The disciple gave a "good" guru dakshina to Chittoor Naidus and the rest of seemandhras. That is why I say do not pour milk into cobras mouth.


    • GK says:

      Stop hatred….many SA people got good education in the institutes of Hyderabad…let us put an end to this…

      • Mohan says:

        And many Naizam people got good education from Seemandhra institutes. Ex: HMTV Ramachandramurthty, KTR, Jayadheer etc. All hatred mongers. They did not contribute anything but hatred to the seemandhra regions. So did 50,000 beggars of naizam studying each year in seemandhra intermediate colleges just like KTR.

        GK is a hatred monger. They have their own style.

        • prabhakara rao says:

          These are the ture UNGRATEFULS.

          Marathis and Kannadigaas were wiser than Andhras. They had forgone a big capital city and chose to live with their own lot instead of these cunning people.

          When other sections were trying to bring democracy to Hyderabad state, Telanganas chose to side with Nizam for the crumbs he had thrown.

          Telanganas boast of some exceptional persons like Komaram Bheem. It is only for the sake of agitation. In reality they wanted to saty away from India. They crawled when Nizam asked to sit. After Nizam was thrown out they changed loyalties and became Congressmen. 

          Regardless level of education and place of education, they are just UNGRATEFULS ready to stab in the back.

          • P. Rao says:

            "Marathis and Kannadigaas were wiser than Andhras. They had forgone a big capital city and chose to live with their own lot instead of these cunning people."

            Very inshightful statement. In a twisted way, Andhras are now better off without these confused Telugus.

  20. Rao says:

    This made my day

    Has Telangana government got the emblem wrong

    The new Telangana emblem does not have the inscription of 'Satyameva
    Jayate' (Truth alone triumphs) in Devanagari script below the profile of Emperor
    Ashoka's Lion Capital as it should be.

    Deepak Saxena from Gujarat writes
    "They do not believe in Satyamev Jayte .."

    Anummallaya of Naizam writes

    "well, MR. KCR may have wished to begin on a truly HONEST note and not put a
    slogan of doubtful veracity on his state seal."


    • P. Rao says:

      "Amid all the euphoria of gaining statehood, the new Telangana government may have got the state emblem wrong.  The new Telangana emblem does not have the inscription of 'Satyameva
      Jayate' in Devanagari script below the profile of Emperor Ashoka's Lion Capital as it should be.  Instead, the said inscription figures at the bottom of the emblem far away from the Lion Capital, which experts say is objectionable and needs to be corrected immediately." 

      "Incomplete display of the emblem is a violation of the State Emblem of India Act, 2005,….."
      "Deepak Saxena from Gujarat writes "They do not believe in Satyamev Jayte .." 

      This is perfectly understandable and is called the Freudian slip. One can't hide ones true nature for too long.  The T-vaadis never had any respect for truth or anything that is Telugu (Andhra) or Indian tradition.


  21. Chandra says:

    Ram says:June 3, 2014 at 5:29 am

    ." ……….mind it cannot be understood that if a guy is eligible for software job then he is eligible for Lab Assistant aswell"

    What kind of nonsense we are seeing here. Ram is shouting discrimination but not the two young adults who climbed mount everest from Andhra Pradesh social welfare school. Ram should go and ask those kids how they managed discrimination.They would give him a fitting reply for his fairy tales.

    No neutral committee endorsed Telangana intellectuals fairy tales. Right from Bhargava committee to SKC. Even Girglani did not accept their claim that non locals are exceeding 20%. Still these fools have audacity to repeat  their fairy tales. Did anybody in India believe you fellows. Did any respectable news editorial supported Telangana? Foolish  fellows.

    This fellow forgot how in 15 days (dec 23 2009) Telangana decision was reversed. As Kiran said Some clueless lady gave bhiksha to you fellows and you jump on it? Go and tell to Sonia Gandhi that Telangana agitation made them to take decision. She would slap these fellows and slap herself too on both cheeks. This fellow is forgetting how KCR was upset in 2012 in Delhi and came back to Hyd empty handed frustrated.

    I always said Telangana demand is a psychiatraic problem. Ram is a classic example for it. No economist or judge or politician or even separate Telangana can solve this. A mass level counselling with heavy dose medication is the only solution for this. India is laughing at you folks and Sonia. Remember that one.

    • Ram says:

      What is this twisted nonsense writing – Telngana is getting cheated since many years on the false promises…. Why this 2012 coming ??? Many political parties NCP, RJD, BJP, Congress, TDP supported … .how come the question any politician supported is being asked ? No point to remind all the injustices, it no sense reminding here … If you telangana is Psychiatraic then UNITED AP is double than that. India is laughing at you and your MPs behavior in parliment

      • VK says:

        Yes, people outside AP are continuing that laugh thanks to KCR, who is making every effort to make telugus as laughing stock by calling bandh on things he agreed in the past, giving false promises (dalit CM), including several his relatives in ministry etc.

      • Chandra says:

        United AP is psychiatric demand? If that is the case 10 district united Telangana ,united India is also a psychiatric demand. Concept of unity itself is psychiatrc.Can anybody reason with a person who believes a software job qualification automatically eligibles for a lab assistant? No wonder that principal saw this attitude and rejected him. BTW people like Ram are considered as "intellectuals" among that special category of Telangana people called Telangana intellectual forum. 

        The best of the best goes there. :)  ~~:-) 

        Sure he fits in that clan!

        • VK says:

          Hyd should be made an UT to avoid slang from losers like this guy.

          • Ram says:

            LOL — VK .. LOL … We acheived Telangana and you could not stop or it AND you dont have will to fight again by voting JSP instead you accepted the division by voting to TDP … You call us losers ? Isn't this funny !!!   I am sure, you dont have sinciercity or seriousness in asking for this UT demand and for sure this will never happen… VK > Be commited to acheive something dont middle drop.

        • Chandra says:

          I am not a medical doctor. But I can ask my father to suggest some good T psychiatrists in Hyd if u want.

          I wish there was a way which can filter out street thugs and mentally ill from tresspassing discussion boards like these.

  22. Ramesh says:

    I think the discussions are going awry on the site for the last month or so.

    I think we should completly ignore all the 'T-Vaadis' who still talk about discrimination, dialect, their heroes being ignored, their "RACE" being ignored yada., yada.., yada… They are never going to change. In fact, they will become worse in the new state of Telangana and start taking Revenge. There is no logical reason in the world that can clean up the filth in their minds. Unless they themselves wish to clean it.

    So, I humbly request all the right minded people to completly ignore the poison that T-Agitators (and mind you, they will continue to be agitators as KCR showed it just a few days back) keep spewing on this site and everywhere else. 

    I think we should concentrate on

    1) Lessons that need to be learned, so that the similar tragedies do not recur

    2) Pray for SC to deliver a monumental judgement reversing 'T-formation' in August 2014

     If (2) does not happen,

    3)  Discuss how the two states can co-operate

    4) Discuss the main problems for AP region over the next few years. We have a triple-whammy here. ~(i) Revenue Deficit (ii)Loan-Waivers further affecting the state treasury and ensuring that no financial institute will give loans to farmers in the future & (iii) And CBN's focus on gaining political power in Telangana in 2019 that would make him too many concessions from Andhra Pradhesh to Telangana causing more problems to Andhra Pradesh citizens

    5) What is the best way of utilising the revenue excess in Telangana for development of Telangana. What are the best ways to develop Andhra Pradesh by utilising the special status given by Centre. 

    6) How the new state government in AP can ensure that the development is distributed across all regions.

    7) How the new state of AP can concentrate on the backward regions of Rayalaseema and Uttarandhra. Similarly, how the Telangana state can concentrate on their backward districts. 

    8) How can one prevent the "chosing of new captial" exercise does not become a real-estate project. 


    Just my 2 cents..

    • Sekhar says:

      What are the chances of reversing Telangana Formation ? 

      • Abdul says:

        Dude, if they reverse T, it will be even worse for the Seemandhras as all the positions in private and govt are now completely occupied by the naxals.

        • Ram says:

          Yes the recent election has proved, from which place naxals has stolen EVMs … Telagnana elections were peacful and SA elections were voilent post the event …. 

          • VK says:

            If there are no naxals, then T Home minister must be mad to appeal naxals to give up arms and come into public life.

            • Ram says:

              Clean you ears – he did not appealed for Telangana Naxals, he appealed Naxals, infact, he gave a reply to reporter and not a official home minister press meet…As a citizen you can also appeal Naxal whether they are in Vizag, Guntur or chattisgarh… Where did you done your schooling .. I am surprised, when naxals took EVMs from vizag and nothing happend in Telangana what does that reflect.. I seriouly doubt, you come from Costa Region passed exams with Mass Copying and not able to read or understand properly. First, you clear the mud from your brain and read or watch thouroughly before concluding … 

              • VK says:

                You mean T Home minister made appeal to Andhra naxals because there are no naxals in T. Good analysis, keep it up.

                Jaundice eyes see everything in yellow. It is possible that you probably failed even to pass after copying.

                Not everything you do in education assocaite with exams. For instance, getting PhD in either India or abroad has nothing to do with exams. Off course, it is difficult for you to know the existing of such things in education.

                Mud in brain? what a great analysis you do, no wonder you couldn't get lab aisstance job.

              • VK says:

                Telangana Maoists demand KCR to lift ban on Naxals – Tv9

                If T Home minister didn't appeal to telangana naxals, why there are responding?

                Who cann't read or understand properly here and who need to clear mud or gold, both are danger to brian, from the brain.

    • Ramana says:

      Point 4iii of u'rs is my main concern. In his over zealous attitude of gaining power in Telangana, he could be doing a lot of harm to the residual AP. CBN has to act more as CM of AP than the president of the TDP at this critical time in History. His intentions might be noble but you are dealing with crooks on the other side, who might take this as a weakness to further continue their weird discrimination theories to push him to a defensive mode which results in him giving them more concessions like he did the last few years.

      I don't understand why he would not fight against the discrimination shown in dividing the power sector. He talks about getting extra share from the center, which is idiotic as he already is asking for many concessions and favors from the center – Why another favor, when he already has justifiable rights on it. TG should have asked the center for extra favors atleast in this sector and how would they even feel the pain of division when they are pampered like this. The competition between states is cutthroat and we should try to get as much industry and revenue to AP from TG and other states within the legal means taking advantage of the special status accorded to AP.

      But CBN with his attitude might be a big spoiler for AP.  If he has any thoughts of returning to power in TG, he should realise the only way is to show tremendous growth in AP in all sectors the next five years, which alone would convince the general public in TG.

    • prabhakara rao says:

      subh subh boliye bayya!

      God blessed us with an opportunity to get of out of this muck.

      Why do you want to dip further deep?

  23. Rahul says:

    naizprof lkodukulu Arthur Cotton (Cotton Dora) statue ni Tank Bund meedha dhwamsamu chesi emi annaro thelusuna meeku, "Cotton Dora moolana Andhra vallu pantalu pandincharu".

    Lmbdikalaki theliyana vishyamu enti antey Dummugudem kooda ayaney design chesadu anna vishayamu.


    naizprof lkodukulu tank bund meedha sri krishna devarayudi vigrahamu padesinappudu emi annaro thelusuna meeku, "sri krishna devarayudu" maaku raju kadhu. paiga skd alanti dhusthulu dharinchaledhu andhukey padesamu"



  24. AMRAO says:

    I thought Singareni had tonnes of coal which was sufficient for the whole country. And all these days it was being given to AP illegally. 

    We were told that once Telangana is formed, coal would be exclusive to Telangana.

    I wonder why there is need for imports?


  25. AMRAO says:

    I am waiting to see govt. figures about the number of Seema Andhra employees who are kicked out of Telangana.

    We were told that there are more than 1 lakh employees of Seema Andhra and once Telangana is formed, all those jobs would be filled by T people.

    We were told all the Secretariat employees belonged to Seema Andhra. Waiting to see how many were there.


    The reason for making the 10 districts into 24 is to some how provide additional jobs (which are not there now). By this act, TRS is hoping they can create 5000 jobs to cover up the lies!!!

  26. AMRAO says:

    I wonder what this death is for. A few months ago, this would have been called Telangana kosam balidaanam.


    • prabhakara rao says:

      Till other day I was cursing Andhra people for thier greed for freebies.

      Looks like Telangana jaati is a step ahead. They are dying as if they lost thier own possessions.


  27. prabhakara rao says:


    This guy has gone mad. He will sink Andhra Pradesh withing no time.


    • Ram says:

      Atleast, you realized now the mistake of NOT voting for JSP.

    • VK says:

      You are 100% right. Although CBN is far better than drunkard and 420 KCR, he is playing with SA emotions for his own political benefits. This is not correct.

      • Ram says:

        VK > In all in my posts, I have not written a single degrading comment on any SA politician …I can do that better than you. For me neither KCR nor CBN is a relative or friend. If KCR is your relative who ditched for some odd reasons, please keep it to yourself…commenting on KCR does not provoke me to damage any SA politician with filthy comments … This is My Telangana Samskaram  - Atleast, learn it now.  I dont know whether you are supporter of TDP or aganist CBN … you are hinting me to use filthy language .. But Telangana people are far educated than you.

        • VK says:

          Firstly, I replied to Prabhakar Rao gaarus comment so why do you think I wrote to provoke you.

          Secondly, I don't care about politicians whether they come from SA or T or elsewhere so you are wellcome to talk against SA politicians.

          Thirdly, if you don't care about KCR or other politician, why you are getting angry with my comment on KCR.

          However If you really have any samskaram, you don't talk generalising whole region (SA).

  28. Laxman says:

    Idhi ghoramu. Namasthe Telangana ane dhushpracharika ni innirojulu picchi kukkala news paper laga pichechekkinchina TRS-TJAC ni kadhani Rajam gadu BJP lo join avuthunnadu.

  29. subhash says:

    Now Suicedes on loan waiver. Tommorrow may be on not getting a house as kcr promised. The point where TRS going to call suicedes fake is not so far. 

  30. Kiran says:

    One thing I note is how t separatists insist that "andhrollu" are cheaters and cannot be lived together because they found some tiny violation in an informal and casual agreement called gentlemens agreement. but are absolutely fine with KCR and TRS cheating on prominent promises of dalit CM and muslims dy CM. Apparently "andhrollu" have to be high gentlemen whereas a t sepratists can be a dirty rotten scoundrel.

  31. Kiran says:

    Capital for seemandhra is a center promise and the only work for seemandhra people and politicians is to make sure center does it. why should seemandhra struggle about a capital whose need is due to a political decision and not due to any development needs. Lot of seemandhra people seems to take this as prestige issue and talk a lot about "kasi" to develop a capital. Apparently while giving all the money, infrastructure, power to telangana Sonia seems to have given some "kasi" to seemandhra people to help their development. 

    This "kasi" is nonsense in my opinion. even if it is there it should not be wasted in correcting political mistakes but used in a better way for development of their own families and income. Seemandhra should focus on good adminstration- it does not have enough money to take prestige issues and use whatever politician strength and people strength it has to ensure center makes good on its promises. Center allocated Hyderabad as capital for 10 years – this should not be wasted. every bit of it should be used If necessary keep extending it. 

    There is no "kasi" which will make highly talented bureacrats, businessmen to live in moffussil areas like vijayawada, vizag keeping their healthcare and children education at more risk. Hyderabad makes it more convenient to run a better administration for seemandhra as you can attract people with better means there. use it to divert development to other areas in seemandhra instead of starting politics in seemandhra in terms of capital location.

    After initial nonsense from CBN and VN they also seem to have realized it is better to run AP from hyderabad and leave the capital to a commission.

  32. Sekhar says:

    Any body know why the court postponed the hearing on petition to August, when it is a crucial process which cannot be reversed ..

    • GK says:

      Court is not particularly responsible for the Implementation or Praticality of the cases, their job is the analyze the case provide their opnion or judgement.

  33. GK says:

    This blog has a bug, at some point, it does not show the latest posts at the bottom. Some old posts getting stuck at the bottom and helps making the blog stale much quickly….

  34. Aparajitha says:

    More publicity boons from God to the India's "NEW" state Telangana.

    1) World's brand new country and India's BRAND NEW state Telangana is born. WORLD NEWS

    2) Kids from "BACKWARD" Telangana make world record by climbing onto Mount Everest and flying Telangana flag. WORLD NEWS

    3) 24 kids mostly from NEW state Telangana die in Dam disaster. WORLD NEWS

    4) TV character artist "Telangana" Shakuntala originally of Marathi origin who is known for "RESPECTFUL" use of Telangana slang is no more. HIT NEWS.


  35. Prasada Suri says:

    Another cheap trick of Telangana reporters to completely kill Seemandhra media in Telangana. I am a TV9 employee and 95% of the TV9 staff is from Medak, Warangal, Karimnagar, Nalgonda and Adilabad. This program was conducted by Telangana reporters with orders from Telangana Reporters JAC.



    • VK says:

      TV9 and ABN news channels blocked in Telangana – This is just a starting

      SA people in T will be treated worst than Jews in Germany during 2nd world war.

      • P. Rao says:

        "TV9 and ABN news channels blocked in Telangana-"

        Serves them right. They were pro-Telangana separation for no reason. When are the Andhra TV channels broadcasting from Vij-Gun twin cities?

        • Chandra says:

          @Prasada Suri,

          This is not something unexpected. You should read my comment

          Chandra says: 
          May 23, 2014 at 8:52 pm 

          on this link

          That comment from me was not a wild imagination but from  reliable source(s).

          They will be waiting for a small fire. If there is no fire they will create one to obtain a desired result.

        • Jagadish says:

          "They were pro-Telangana separation for no reason".

          They were pro in the first place because all the employees are from Telangana only.

          They have such hatred that cannot be imagined anywhere in the world. Even if the CEOs forefather is known 100% to be from Seemandhra but all the rest of the employees are from Telangana, they will cry till the death of that company or industry. That's how much hatred, jealousy there brains have been bored with by their professors in the walls of Osmania and KU. The roots are their.

          • Jagadish says:

            Trust me, whatever good you do for them, they will not return it. JEALOUSY has killed their brain cells.

    • prabhakara rao says:

      Honestly I like it.

      The so-called Seemandhra media did more damage to Andhra than Telangana agitators.

      All along they allowed biased debates. They even made fun of AP politicians helplessness (during the final days)

      This is standard and time-tested lesson to TRAITORS. A traitor never trusted by anyone.

      On the other hand the Telangana people have demonstrated thier usual character. They continue to work in the establishment that humilated thier culture, above all in thier own state. Faces of may news readers are tell tales. They are Telanganas. But they cannot read in their own accent. Again in an establishment in thier own state.


      I wish film and education industry are next on the list of Telangana government. Sooner they are thrown out better for AP.

      • subhash says:

        Ilabs group seems to have exited from TV9  in 2011. Now some Mumbai based group is owning major share in it. It is so funny to call it a SA channel. 

  36. Mohan says:

    so.. after SA employees being sent to AP, how many are the vaccant positions in T govt…. should be over 1 lac as SA employees who earlier occupied in excess of thier quotas have now been repatriated.

    As T vaadis have clamied that udyagala dopidi is over 1 lac jobs.. can a team susbstantiate this figure by counting all vaccant positions that fell after Sa employees are repatriated…


  37. Mohan says:

    Now that, employee bifurfcation is also near complete, where SA employees are being repatriated/assinged to AP Government, I wanted to see those 1 lac jobs in T government falling vaccant, as those SA employees who were occupying them in excess of their quota(udyogala dopidi) have vaccated them.

    can T government release a white paper on this?

  38. GK says:

    Good News: 

    CBN announced 3 airports will become international in the next 1-2 years…

    Very soon the sites for IIM and IIT will be identified, declared Ghanta!

    I hope more benefits to come for Telugu people from having 2 states…

    2 CMs addressing or working on issues increases the thru put for people…

    • VK says:

      Some of these developments could have been done without AP division. So dividing a state for these developments is like KODANU TAVVI ELAKANU PATTATAM (digging a hill to catch a rat)

  39. prabhakara rao says:


    వలస పాలకులు అది చెయ్యలేదు ఇది చెయ్యలేదు అని ఉద్యమించడం చాలా సులువు 
    మనం చెయ్యాల్సి వస్తే?

  40. VK says:

    AP Bifurcation Left Scar on Telugu Pepole's Psyche

    Andhra Pradesh Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan Saturday said the bifurcation of the state left a deep scar on the psyche of the Telugu people.

    In his maiden address to the joint session of the Andhra Pradesh legislature after bifurcation, Narasimhan said popular sentiments, aspirations and expectations of a large section of the populace remained unfulfilled.

    "The decision to bifurcate the united state of Andhra Pradesh and the manner it was done has left behind a deep sense of disappointment and trail of bitter memories."

    "The unscientific way of bifurcation has left a deep sense of scar on the psyche of the Telugu people. These will take some time to heal," he said.

    The governor felt that a large section of the populace perceiving exclusion does not augur well for the polity. He called for a re-look at distribution of assets and liabilities and other issues.

    "Discords and inconsistencies relating to distribution of assets and liabilities allocation of power generating units, procedure adopted for distribution of personnel and demarcation of boundaries warrant a re-look to fulfill the aspirations of the people," he said.

    "A more consistent principle and certain uniformity of basis on apportionment of debt, power sharing, issues in the field of education and more equitable distribution of cadre is the call of the hour," he added.

    The governor said the Telugu speaking people witnessed a turbulent history of state demarcation and described the current reorganisation as yet another deep scar on their hearts and sentiments.

    "Telugu people had to shift out of Madras to Kurnool for self identity and then to Hyderabad on linguistic basis. Now the people of the present state of Andhra Pradesh are without a capital. The instability of the political geography has repeatedly pushed the Telugu people away from the path of development and progress."

    Narasimhan said the provisions made in AP Reorganisation Act, 2014 for the development of Andhra Pradesh were wholly inadequate, could not compensate for the loss of opportunity and left the state severely disadvantaged.

    I guess the Governor read what has been given to him by TDP. The question is why TDP supported AP division by knowing all this?

  41. VK says:

    Governor's Speeches Differ Greatly in T and AP Assemblies

    By now, Governor ESL Narasimhan might have realized that acting as the first Governor of two states that were actually divided in the most abnormal circumstances in Indian history, is a tough task. Governor Narasimhan's Addressed the joint sessions of Telangana and AP legislatures. In T Assembly, he said state bifurcation and creation of T is an historic occasion. But in AP Assembly, he said the state bifurcation has left permanent scars in the psyche of Seemandhra people.

    • GK says:

      Reflects the feelings of people in each region….it is written by the respective governments anyway not his words..

  42. subhash says:

    New Fees reembursement policy contracdicts KCR own theory of "potta kutiki vachinollaki vyatirekam kaadu"

  43. GK says:


    Time for another topic….electricity, water, fees,….

  44. Ramesh says:

    One positive side effect for giving a burial to Congress(Sonia&Rahul) in Telugu Lands. Really appreciate if KCR lives by the  promise of naming one of the district in PV's name.

  45. VK says:

    Are We Witnessing Hitler Regime In Telangana?

    While in school, we were taught about the atrocities of Hitler in Germany against religious and ethnic minorities during history classes. But the governance of Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao is reminiscent of the dark era of Nazi regime in Germany.

    Not happy with getting a separate Telangana state, he is now indulging in separatist acts which are bound to scar the public minds for years to come.

    First, he started off by blocking the channels ABN-Andhra Jyothi and TV9. Despite many thought-leaders condemning such an arbitrary act and crying foul that it would curtail press freedom, KCR went ahead and got the channels blocked all over Telangana. This was done even after TV9 rendered a public apology for its irresponsible remarks.

    Then, there is the issue of student fees reimbursement. After declaring that he would reimburse for students all over the state, he is now saying that the fees would be reimbursed based on the father’s nativity, which is totally undemocratic.

    Similarly, KCR also indulged in vengeful acts by issuing orders to demolish constructions worth several crores on Gurukul Trust land.

    All these acts of KCR point to one tendency – and that is of curtailing the rights and freedom of expression of people. The newspapers and TV channels are the means to highlight the happenings around the world and point out the various wrong-doings of politicians and companies. But by imposing a ban on media organizations, what is KCR trying to prove? What is more surprising is the support of Telangana cable operators to KCR who are not looking at the long-term implications of such acts.

    The warning signals are already out there for everyone to see. If the people don’t realize that KCR and his family are looking to rule the people of Telangana with an iron fist, then it won’t be long before he transforms into a dictator crushing all voices of opposition against his family rule. The day may not be long before KCR builds a wall between Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to reign over his fiefdom unopposed.

    It is also time KCR realizes that making enemies with the press and Andhra people could lead to dire consequences in days to come. If he can do so much in just one month, it almost sends jitters up the spine to imagine what he is capable of doing in the coming five years.

    One thing is for sure. He has to remember that dictators had to meet with a gory end throughout history. Else, Hyderabad could be made into a union territory and curtains will be pulled over his dictator act.

    We hope KCR realizes the difference between democracy and autocracy soon. Otherwise, he will soon be lost in history like many others with dictatorial tendencies.


    • P. Rao says:

      "Similarly, KCR also indulged in vengeful acts by issuing orders to demolish constructions worth several crores on Gurukul Trust land."

      I saw on TV these buildings being demolished. They looked sturdy and recently built. If the government feels they are illegally constructed, they can be seized along with the land. But what purpose does it serve to demolish a free standing building that can house people and offices? There must be a rule that a building should not be destroyed, like a human should not be murdered. These seized buildings can be auctioned off generating good revenue for the government. Can India afford destroying a building that was built with scarce rources costing crores of rupees?

      "Not happy with getting a separate Telangana state, he is now indulging in separatist acts which are bound to scar the public minds for years to come."

      One tragedy of AP division is, the new Telangana state was delivered to a single family who are not mainstream in their thinking. The same mistake was done during India's partition. The governments in both cases went into the hands of hatred filled radical fringe.

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