Never Forget – Never Forgive

Today is a day that will go down in infamy for centuries to come.


Telugu country was painstakingly put together piece by piece by the Kakatiyas in the past. However, Kakatiya King Prataparudra lost the Telugu Empire to Delhi. Unable to bear the burden of losing the country that was entrusted to him by his ancestors; he took his life on the banks of river Narmada.


Andhra Pradesh state was achieved after nearly a half century long struggle. Our elders learned about the glory of our ancestors. They were inspired by the accomplishments of the Telugu kingdoms of Satavahana, Kakatiya, and Vijayanagara. They fought to bring all Telugu territories under one state, to re-awaken the Telugu spirit. Alas, today all those efforts have gone futile. We have to carry the burden of our failure for a long time to come. Telugu people’s dream of living together, as of today stands shattered.


June2nd 2014 will be remembered as a day when Telugus were separated by the vested interests in Delhi that wanted to weaken us.


It is important that history records all those that have letdown the cause of Telugu unity. While some failed in their constitutional duties others sold us off for power. While some traded us for financial gains many just didn’t stand up for the fear of being attacked. But the most damaging forces are those that divided us to strengthen Delhi’s grip over India. These forces if let alone, will destroy India in the years to come.


Here is my personal list of those that have let Telugus down in our time of need. We should never forget, nor forgive these people and institutions:

  1. Sonia Gandhi (The woman singularly responsible for the destruction of Telugu unity)
  2. Supreme Court of India (Failed to deliver justice in the time of our need)
  3. Pranab Mukherjee (A puppet President, who was more of a party agent and less of a constitutional head)
  4. Meira Kumar (Put the nation to shame by cutting off video broadcast and acted as a ruling party agent all through the farce of division)
  5. Kavuri Samba Siva Rao (He ranks higher than KCR in the list. A leader of the integrationist cause, who sold fellow Telugus off for a ministry. A traitor of the worst kind)
  6. Daggubati Purandeswari (Daughter of late NTR, brought disgrace to Telugus as a minister, instead of fighting she accepted division. She too ranks above KCR for being a traitor to the cause)
  7. K. Chandrashekhar Rao (The man who started the separatist movement after losing his ministry. Though he started the movement, the division became a reality because of the schemes of the two national parties. In the end he became a pawn used by our enemies to divide us)
  8. N. Chandrababu Naidu (Leader of the party that stood for Telugu pride. He is a power monger for whom saving his party was a higher priority than saving the state)
  9. Sushma Swaraj (Leader of BJP, who joined hands with separatists)
  10. P. Chidambaram (A man who almost seemed to have held grudge against Telugus for their role in demanding a separate province from Madras presidency. He played the Shakuni role in the division)
  11. Chiranjeevi (Another traitor and a consummate bum. His shallowness was evident during the course of agitation)
  12. Panabaka Lakshmi (A traitor who openly said she is more loyal to Sonia than to the people of her state)
  13. Killi Kruparani (A sold-off traitor)
  14. J.D. Seelam (A sold-off traitor)
  15. Pallam Raju (A sold-off traitor)
  16. Botsa Satyanarayana(State Congress President whose loyalties remained questionable)
  17. Venkaiah Naidu (A hard-core separatist, when the division bill came to Rajyasabha, he put up an act that deserved an Oscar)
  18. Digvijay Singh (Part of Delhi’s evil ruling coterie that divided us)
  19. Sushil Kumar Shinde (Part of Delhi’s evil ruling coterie that divided us)
  20. Prof. Kodandaram (An incapable leader but was put in place by Maoists. He did his bit in promoting division)
  21. K. Taraka Ramarao (part of KCR clan)
  22. Harish Rao (part of KCR clan)
  23. Kavitha (part of KCR clan)
  24. Y.S. Jagan (A corrupt and an opportunist politician who first was indifferent to division, then for equal justice, then became an integrationist)
  25. Jayaprakash Narayan (An intellectual by education, but a leader lacking vision or conviction. He saw evil of separatism, but lacked the courage to call a spade a spade)
  26. Manmohan Singh (Probably the worse Prime Minister in India’s history, proved once again that he was a mere puppet)
  27. Kishore Chandra Deo
  28. Jaipal Reddy
  29. Jairam Ramesh (Let down the region that sent him to Rajyasabha)
  30. CPI Narayana (Party of Visalandhra, yet gave up its ideals for a few seats)
  31. Dokka Manikya Varaprasad
  32. Rosaiah
  33. E.S.L. Narasimhan (Governor who gave an impression that he is against the division, but showed his true colors at the right time)
  34. Kishan Reddy (In private he tells integrationists that he is an integrationist, yet stood for division)
  35. Yerrabelli Dayakar Rao (Played a key role in coercing TDP to support division)
  36. Vasantha Nageswar Rao (Separatist from Kosta that strengthened the voices of separatists)
  37. Madhu Yashki
  38. Gulam Nabi Azad 

483 Responses to “Never Forget – Never Forgive”

  1. prabhakara rao says:

    సుప్రీం కోర్టులో మీరు గెలిస్తే ధర్మ పోరాటం!
    మరి ఇప్పుడు మీరు చేస్తున్నది అధర్మమా?

    డంబాలు పలికిన ప్రభుత్వం ఏమి చేస్తుందో చూద్దాము!

  2. GK says:

    hope the SC direction settles the councilling issue and things move on.

    • mohan says:

      @Subhash, Don't under estimate Rama Chandra Murthy(chief Editor) HMTV. He is too smart for our thikning. Having realised his viwership has come down in SA reigion(I still choose  call Nizam region and SA region), he started showing little sympathy for SA. Why has he not aired anything about these issues before division even for a second?. Has he not foreseen this issues which will show after division.  It his nothing but a smart commercial strategy of HMTV. These channels should be banned in SA region (kind of tit for tat)

  3. GK says:

    Hope the SC direction should make the two govts to work together and move forward…

  4. VK says:

    KCR Not Keen On T-Liberation Day Celebrations

    Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao (KCR) is understood to have decided against declaring the Telangana Liberation Day on September 17 as official function.

    There have been demands both from the Bharatiya Janata Party and also the Communists to declare September 17 as the Telangana Liberation Day officially, as it was on this day that the Nizam had acceded the erstwhile Hyderabad State with Indian Union in 1948.

    Even the Telangana Rashtra Samithi used to celebrate the Liberation Day in the past considering it as a freedom to Telangana.

    However, after coming to power, KCR is said to be reluctant to celebrate the day officially, as it antagonises Muslim community and opposing the Nizam rule.

    • Kiran says:

      "KCR Not Keen On T-Liberation Day Celebrations"

      KCR and his fellow doras will be willing to dance like extras for Muslims heros in upcoming TS govt film city. As long as he thinks a few muslim votes will come his way. His daughter is already acting like a "paki" for this.

  5. mohan says:

    My cousin,  moved to banglore 5 years back. His daughter studied in Banglore from 7th calss to intermediate. Her nativity for engineering college admissions is regarded as Karnataka domicile. He says, many  migrants into Karntaka get access to welfare schemes on proven record of 7 years stay in Karntaka.

    Why is T different from rest of India.  oh.. now I recollect…….T is not part of India.. my very own MP kavitaha garu says that.

  6. mohan says:

    Flash..flash..flash… for T settlers in Nanded, Mumbai and Chandrapur districts, MH govrenment is contemplating to ask for proof of residence since 1953 for access to thier welfare schemes. It urges T government provide ration cards and shoulder the respsonsibility of thier welfare,since they are not MH residents.

    The grapevine is even Karnataka Government, wants to implement the same for Mahboobnagar settlers in Raichur,Bidar and Gulbarga.

    Let is ask KCR for his response…

    just a prank…let KCR know what if things happen this way




    • P. Rao says:

      @Mohan:  " ….T settlers in Nanded, Mumbai and Chandrapur districts, MH govrenment is contemplating to ask for proof of residence since 1953 for access to thier welfare schemes."

      Is there a problem if new AP government also seeks restrictions on Telangana people settled in SA region? Ask proof of residence before 1956 for eligibility to many welfare schemes.  Extreme step?. Yes. How else you wake up the dunnapothu administration of new Naizam government to realities?

  7. Panitha says:

    Court asks cops to probe TRS MP’s remarks on J & K, Telangana


    At least the Indian govt could scare the people of the"Country" called Telangana. Therefore KCR is doing the trick of Independence Day celebrations from Golconda. Does the Independance day belong to them as it was 1947 that India got independance and at that time per Telangana people Telangana was an "independant country" which was forced into India after 1947. Isn't that werd these guys are celebrating Independance day.

  8. Dunnapothu Kavitha says:


    Chief Minister– K Chandrashekar Rao– Caste– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Deputy Chief Minister– Md. Mohamood Ali– ARAB FROM YEMEN– Also known as Ministry of edchetodi kallu thudavaneeki

    Deputy Chief Minister– T. Rajaiah– Dalit SC– Also known as Ministry of edchetodi kallu thudavaneeki

    Ministry of SC, ST, BC, Minorities Welfare– K Chandrashekar Rao– Caste– VELAMA– Also known as Ministry of Doragiri or Feudalism– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of Municipal Administration and Urban Development– K Chandrashekar Rao– Caste– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of Infrastructure– K Chandrashekar Rao– Caste– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of Investment– K Chandrashekar Rao– Caste– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of Industries & Commerce– K Chandrashekar Rao– Caste– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of Public Enterprises– K Chandrashekar Rao– Caste– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of Cinematography– K Chandrashekar Rao– Caste– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of Tourism– K Chandrashekar Rao– Caste– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of Energy– K Chandrashekar Rao– Caste– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of Coal– K Chandrashekar Rao– Caste– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of Law and Justice– K Chandrashekar Rao– Caste– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of Endowments– K Chandrashekar Rao– Caste– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of Human Resources Devlopment– K Chandrashekar Rao– Caste– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of Youth & Sports– K Chandrashekar Rao– Caste– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship– K Chandrashekar Rao– Caste– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of Culture– K Chandrashekar Rao– Caste– VELAMA– Also known as Ministry of Bathukamma and Bonalu– Originally from Coastal Andhra    

    Ministry of General Administration Department– K Chandrashekar Rao– Caste– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of Mines & Geology– K Chandrashekar Rao– Caste– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of Child Welfare and Disabled & Senior Citizens Welfare– K Chandrashekar Rao– Caste– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of Women Empowerment– K Chandrashekar Rao– Caste– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of All other Portfolios not allocated– K Chandrashekar Rao– Caste– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of Irrigation– T. Harish Rao– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of Marketing– T. Harish Rao– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of Legislative Affairs– T. Harish Rao– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra
    Ministry of Panchayat Raj– K. T. Rama Rao– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of Science & Information Technology– K. T. Rama Rao– VELAMA– Originally from Coastal Andhra

    Ministry of Home– Naini Narshimha REDDY– REDDY

    Ministry of Prisons– Naini Narshimha REDDY– REDDY

    Ministry of Fire Services– Naini Narshimha REDDY– REDDY

    Ministry of Sainik Welfare– Naini Narshimha REDDY– REDDY

    Ministry of Labour and Employment– Naini Narshimha REDDY– REDDY
    Ministry of Education– G.Jagadish REDDY– REDDY

    Ministry of Transport– P. Mahender REDDY– REDDY

    Ministry of Agriculture– Pocharam Srinivas REDDY– REDDY

    Ministry of Horticulture– Pocharam Srinivas REDDY– REDDY

    Ministry of Sericulture– Pocharam Srinivas REDDY– REDDY

    Ministry of Animal Husbandry– Pocharam Srinivas REDDY– REDDY

    Ministry of Fisheries– Pocharam Srinivas REDDY– REDDY

    Ministry of Dairy Development Corporation and Seeds Corporation– Pocharam Srinivas REDDY– REDDY
    Ministry of Revenue– Md. Mohamood Ali– ARAB FROM YEMEN

    Ministry of Relief & Rehabilitation– Md. Mohamood Ali– ARAB FROM YEMEN

    Ministry of ULC– Md. Mohamood Ali– ARAB FROM YEMEN

    Ministry of Stamps and Registration– Md. Mohamood Ali– ARAB FROM YEMEN
    Ministry of Finance and Planning– Etela Rajender– MUDIRAJ

    Ministry of Small Savings– Etela Rajender– MUDIRAJ

    Ministry of State Lotteries– Etela Rajender– MUDIRAJ

    Ministry of Consumer Affairs– Etela Rajender– MUDIRAJ

    Ministry of Legal Meteorology– Etela Rajender– MUDIRAJ

    Ministry of Civil Sullies– Etela Rajender– MUDIRAJ

    Ministry of Excise and Prohibition– T. Padma Rao Goud– GOUD

    Ministry of Forest– Jogu Ramanna– MUNNURU KAPU

    Ministry of Medical & Health– T. Rajaiah– Dalit SC

    • Anitha says:

      75% of Population of Telangana is BC-SC and Velama is 1.5% and Reddy is 7% and 12% muslims.

      • P. Rao says:

        I am sure there is out there a T-vaadi who can explain how the rule by 1.5% over the rest is a fulfilment of the democratic aspirations and self respect of the T population.


        • venu says:

          Why are we discussing on castes. We all know how Politics and caste work in entire India , its nothing different for telangana. What is the % of Kammas in AP and what is the percentage of Cabinet Posts and other top posts they hold in current Govt. Same holds if YSRCP would have came to power . We all now this , so plz avoid such discussions.

          • VK says:

            We are discussing castes because many in this blog indicated in the past that caste based politics exist only in AP but not in telangana or rest of India. In fact, I have given example of caste based voting in KN, Bihar, UP in the past to prove AP is no different from the rest of India or telangana. In that respect, discussing caste based politics in telangana is valid to prove telangana is no different from AP in caste politics.

    • Ramu says:

      Boss, even Munnuru Kapus are migrants of Coastal Andhra. 300 Kapu families migrated to Kakatiya capital from the coastal region to be employed in the army.

    • VK says:

      One fake student leader called Suman, who behaved like a talaban in destroying statues on tankbund, become an MP and it looks like that is enough for OU students. In fact, Suman talked against BJP questioning Sania Mirza's appointment as telangana brand ambassador by saying that we shouldn't talk religious politics on NDTV, which was the joke of 21st century.

  9. Dunnapothu Kavitha says:

    Telangana People are not Indians Says TRS – Must watch

    • VK says:

      There was no such thing as telangana in 1948? Hyd was a princely state, which merged into India in 1948 and made a state. So does many other princely states. What about Goa and Pandecherry, there were also become part of India a long period after we got independence.  In fact, Hyd state was split between three states to avoid such nusance talks (we are not indians etc)

      Telangana (aka telugu region) is just 8 districts out of 16 districts of Hyd state and Hyd was the capital whole Hyd state and not just for telangana. Nizam marathis and kannadiags have no problem in merging with their parent states but telangana seapratists giving cock and bull stories about Nehru said this Nehru said that. Why would Nehru object to telangana merging with then newly formed Andhra state and not to merger of nizam marathi and kannada districts with more developed Bombay and Mysore states respectively.

      I think one of problem with us that we never confronted telangana separatists when they uttered lies. Eeven HarishRao blaming AP for telangana not getting enough current. But he is say nothing about the develpment concentrated only in Hyd city.

  10. Dunnapothu Kavitha says:

    A new country called Telangana was formed on June 2nd which was declared as the Independance Day. Now out of scare of the Indian govt, KCR is holding Indian Independance day in Telangana from Golconda fort built by Arabs with concrete.

    Telangana must have Separate Currency


    • prabhakara rao says:

      Will you support claim of Kavita that Telangan was merged forecbly. Also T Prakash saying Telanganas are not Indians.

      • No, i dont support the claim that we are not Indians.
        Regarding annexation of Telangana, it was done by force, ever heard of Operation Polo?
        Aand the Nizam didn't want it and neither did he have a chance of stopping it so he gladly saved himself and left many to die in due course of that annexation about 40000 people died.
        However as for people of the Hyderabad state they wanted liberation from Nizam and wanted to join the Indian Union.
        Remember that Hyderabad state was a independent state for few months between 1947 & 1948

        • Ramu says:

          That is not true, only most marathas and kannada people and only the some telugu people wanted to join india. even today gen.reddy opposes the operation polo. most telugus did not want to join because they wanted to keep the capital to themselves. that is in the osmania university march 2014 bulletin also. reddy alo opposed renaming osmania university logo from urdu to telugu. he and that fellow gayshakkar were of the opinion that telugu was forced by the andhras on the osmania varsity.

        • Ramu says:

          Do you support celebration of 1947 Aug 15 celebration of Independance Day by people of Nizam state as that day does not belong to them. Just as Formation of Andhra does not belong to them as per them.

        • VK says:

          If Hyd princely sate (not just telangana, which is only 8 out of 16 districts) annexed forcefully, then Kashmir annexation is not foruceful unilike K. Kavitha mentioned. This is because Nizam was against the annexation whereas Kashmir King wasn't. If one merger was forceful, then the other shouldn't considered as forceful merger.

          Like Kavitha, you are also trying to mislead public saying telangana rather than Hyd princely state, which are not same at least during the annexation.

        • prabhakara rao says:

          For the record, what happened under Sardar Patel was not special or peculiar to Hyderabad and J-n-K. Travencore was another example where rulers did not want to join India but people wanted. This is not debated coz it was resolved quickly.

          All that happened in Hyderabad between 1946 and 1952 was huge confusion. That is why no definition could not be given to Sept 17th vimochanam/vileenam/vidhroham.

          It appears Karnataka-Hyderabad, Maratwada were fed up with Nizam. As usual Telangana people by and large indifferent to slavery or freedom aka TPT.

          It was some leaders pulled the people in three different directions. INC franchise wanted to join India but non-committal w.r.t Nizam. Communists under NAMS wanted independent communist Hyderabad. And the third category consisted likes of Late prof, Capt. Panduranga rao etc. These people enjoyed Nizam patronaze and loyal to Nizam reign (I see nothing wrong about). Other Nizam loyalists and Nizam himself could reconcile to the situation but not this category of Telanganas.

          In Palnadu battle two groups fought. Even today someone will claim loaylty to only one group. Whereas things are bit funny about Telangana. Between 1948 and 1952 there was three-way struggle between Indian forces, Razzakars and Communists groups. Telanganas claim legacy of all the three yet they cannot say who fought for their interests.


          • prabhakara rao says:

            Debates by T activists is always funny. They rake up matters of past and blame present generation. But when same was done by others, argument will be different we are changed.

            Of course what else can we expect from gorrela manda.

    • Eventful says:


      1) On Aug 14 1947, Pakistan attains independance. Whereas the Would be Pakistan State (Hyderabad State with the Nizam, Muslims, Doras (most Reddies, even C.Narayana Reddy's father along with Gen.Reddy) and Prophet.GayShakkar and most Telugus of the region wanting to join Pakistan or going independant. Most Marathas and Kannadigas wanted to join India. Some Marathas, Telugus and Kannadigas, especially belonging to Hyderabad city wanted to have separate country.

      2) On Aug 15 1947, India attains independance. With the Would be India State (Jammu & Kashmir with the Prince and Hindus wanting to join India).

      3) India kicks ass of Nizam and most Doras and Patwaris who opposed joining India and Forcefully occupies Hyderabad State in 1948.

      4) AP forms in 1956. Nehru plans with Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy and Tanguturi to make Hyd as capital city to destroy atankvadi razakars and maoists and naxals and patwaris and doras hold on Hyd. Kurnool loses capital and Hyd becomes capital.

      In terms of Indians, the Nizam region got its independance in 1948. In terms of Pakistanis, the Hyderabad region rightfully belongs to them as Nizam wanted to join them. If Jammu Kashmir prince wanted to join India and if India claimed Jammu Kashmir because of that agreement, wouldn't Nizam State belong to Pakistan if Nizam wanted to join Pakistan, is the argument that many Pakistanis put forward.

      • P. Rao says:

        @Eventful:  "In terms of Indians, the Nizam region got its independence in 1948. In terms of Pakistanis, the Hyderabad region rightfully belongs to them as Nizam wanted to join them."

        You have a nice summation of the situation around year 1947.  About Nizam and Pakistan I heard it little differently.  Though Hyderabad and Pakistan are fraternal in their relationship, Nizam did not want to join Pakistan. He did not trust Jinnah and company.  He knew he would be made into a vassal by the Pakistani rulers (just like it happened later with East Pakistan).  In spite of this Nizam lent Pakistan lots of money to save them from possible bankruptcy and Pakistan in turn was air lifting ammunition to the state of Hyderabad to be used by razakars.  Nizam wanted to be independent and the India Independence act by British made provision for princely states like Hyderabad to become sovereign countries. Nizam was very confident of this happening (and he had good Hindu advisors to boot!). As a part of this he offered to purchase Goa from the Portuguese for a sea port so the new country will not be landlocked.  

    • VK says:

      @D.. Babu (Childish and stupid name and reflects copy mentality)

      Really! We are saying whole AP contributed for Hyd city development and therefore it is not correct to give the capital to one paraticular region. However, the centre felt pity (because you cann't survive without Hyd income) on you and gave Hyd city to you instead of making it as an UT, which is a requirment to consider it as a joint capital. So it is not wise to consider VAAPU as BALAPU.

      British ruled us because we are weak so does you and therefore ruled for longer by Nizam. So what you mentioned is no different from saying NEE KANTAE PEDDA CHAVATAAYANU NENU.

      OK Naidu did nothing and everything done by you. Then why are blaming others for the so called under development in telangana and cried for the separation.

    • prabhakara rao says:

      Oh.. D..Babu..

      everyone knows what you were taught in T-movement. Just mindless counters.

      Once in a while apply your mind.

      In of my previous posts on this site I said

      Telangana is the only race in human history which accepted the slavery to foriegn rule for 700 long years. Without any kind of resistance, even when thier race was humiliated.

      Can you deny this?

      Do not make silly counters about other south Indians. They faught Europeans in some way or the other. Further, even under foreign rule they did not show TPT attitude. Instead the socio-cultural growth continued.

      Even Martwada and Kannada regions of Hyderabad wished freedom from Nizam. Telanagan slaves were happy under Doras bonded labor, which continued as late as 1980s.

      By the way, whatever term you used here. Very soon the Telanganas will do the same to thier own Doras once again. In all probability your doras will align with the very community you are targeting now. And you will have two sets of people do THAT.

    • VK,

      Its not about copying, it was about giving a taste of your own moronic name (D Kavitha).
      No one denies that many contributed to Hyderabad from Andhra, Rayalaseema, but that does not give anyone the authority to claim that its our capital and hence it should not belong to Telangana or be made into a UT.
      You are settlers here and shall be settlers forever and be grateful for that.
      In some places you would be chucked out of your homes for this ungratefulness.
      Its not about who is bigger chavata, i just pointed out that you were also under anothers rule. So don't brag about saying we were chavatas for a shorter period, its moronic.
      Exactly we are blaming you for doing nothing for this region and instead looting it big time.


    • Prabhakara Rao says:

      D.. Babu,

      not surprised by your demand for proofs. Coz u were tarined for only that. 

      Any other sensible person interseted in genuine debate would have behaved differently.

      The least you could have done is cite an event, in history of Telangana under the rule of Asfa Jahis and Nizams, that demonstrated Telanganas opposed rule of foriegners.

      Conversely you could have provided a proof that, Telangana genuinely accepted thier rule and there was no slavery.

      Well! it is useless to expect any logical debate from rabid elements.

      All that you knew about Telangana was late profs hate campaign.

      I tought of recommending you some books on Indian History written by even Europeans. I did not see any use as you will look not for facts but hatred.

      Why I brought South India into topic? While Telanagan enjoyed its slavery, rest of SI came under dufferent rulers and dynasties. At one point entire south was under Krishna Devaraya rule. The cultures of all these regions and languges eveloved beyond folk arts. In entire SI Telangana was the only region that missed evolution of important art forms Drama and Films. 

      Telangana had rich legacy of Potanna but you chose Kaloji.

      Ramadasu was unique writer composer from Telangana but you chose rela re rela.

      Hyderabad state produced numerous popular Urdu poets but you chose teen maar dappu.

      To put in other words, as TPT batch you know only hating somebody. Again not on your own feelings but as barin-washed by someone.

      Huh.. develop on our own! Our journey along with our identity was very old and it goes on as it was. Betrayals not new to us. We are still happy that someone substisting on our hard work.

      We know surviving with dignity. We do not swing between voluntary slavery and toughless rebellion with hundreds of years socio-cultural stagnation.

    • O …Rao,

      So you don't have any proofs, yet you make senseless claim.
      Where did i say that we revolted against Nizam before 1947 in the first place ?
      Wow, hearing first time that someone can enjoy slavery, either you dont know the meaning of Slavery or Enjoyment .
      Who are you to decide, whether Kaloji is better for us or not
      Why do care what we like ?, its our choice
      Seriously you need to grow up !!
      Your post clearly shows your hatred  like rabid elements, kaloji, rela re
      Thats what i'm saying, feel whatever you like,  but leave us alone dont meddle in our lives our interests our hyderabad our surveys our water our power
      You are free to watch your recording dances, kill your lower caste people, convert most hindus to christians, lose your lives over Cockfights, factions


    • VK says:


      I am not a moron like you to blindly follow politicians, Hence I am least bothered what you say about CBN and NM.

      Like most telangana separatists, you have big mouth but short in facts.

      If you agree Hyd developed by everyone in AP, so it is stupidity to claim it as yours and supporting the claim. No region has been separated so far with existing capital, so when telangana aksed for separation then it automatically lose right in the capital.  If you separatists think us as settlers in our own capital, you should have some sense not to cry over transfer of some mandals of Badrachalam, which originally belongs to Andhra, for polavaram.

      You said we ruled by British, then I said you are also under Nizam so both are weak and therefore what is the point of saying you ruled by British.

      If you are saying we (our politicians) did nothing, then how can you blame again of doing something (legal or illegal). Telangana developed better than uttar Andhra, rayalaseema, nizam marathi and kannada regions. Your politicians know very well this, hence started asking telangana for self rule. So don't bring some outdated under development bla bla, which we discussed  here before. Guys like you come once in a blue moon, cry here and go away.

      I have been living outside India for more than 2 decades, so I know settlers are treated more than you. However, telangana is not a separate coutnry to treat the so called settlers (us) the way nizam treated you. If you do think telangana is a separate country, then so far what you said respecting August 15th etc are questionable.

    • prabhakara rao says:


      I am sure you did not understand even a word of my comment. You are back with usual counter arguments. Like Telangana stuck in time, you are stuck in ideology, hatred, hatred, hatred.

      I do not care, but I am telling for academic interest. Telangana will go pakistan way. 


  11. Dunnapothu Kavitha says:

    Telangana: New Indian state would be world's 33rd largest country


  12. prabhakara rao says:

    తెలుగు భాషాభిమానులకు తెలుగు సంస్కృతీ ప్రియులకు ఒక విన్నపం 

    "రెండవ మరియు మూడవ నిజాం ప్రభువులను నిత్యం స్మరిమ్చుకోండి"

    ఆ మహానుభావులు తెలుగు వారిని ఈష్ట్ ఇండియాకు అమ్మేసారు 
    అలా కాకుండి వుంటే తెలుగు సంస్కృతి , భాషల పరిస్థితి ఒక్కసారి ఊహించండి 

    కూచిపూడి వదలి నాటు సారా చిందులే నాట్యం అయ్యుండేది 
    అన్నమయ్య పదాలు కాదని అమ్మానా బూతులే సాహిత్యంగా మారిపోయేవి  
    కర్నాటకం ఆలపించ లేక కాకి అరుపులే పాటలని డప్పు కొట్టుకునే వాళ్ళం 

    కొన్ని తరాలు చితికి పోయినా, జాతి గుర్తింపు నాశనం కాలేదు 

  13. Dora nee banchan says:

    Velama Dora hatred-monger finally becomes a God in the land of hate filled people.



  14. VK says:

    AP re-organisation bill

    If the region that asked for AP division don't respect sections (Polavaram, powers to Governor etc) in the AP re-organisation bill why should the region didn't ask for separation respect the bill. If the bill is not acceptable for both the regions, then what is point of dividing a state? Wouldn't the Supreme court look into this when it delivers verdict on the division this month?

  15. jaya says:

    Osmania University TGVP protested against governor’s control on Law & Order in Hyderabad


    Rowdies of OU. They are in an institution of Education talking like radicals. I think it is high time another Army action is needed in Telangana. All these jealous, hatred filled professors, students, poets and politicians should be dealt as the razakars were dealt otherwise the national integration will go to dogs.

    • prasad says:


      Though mentioned in the AP Reorganization Act, the only reason Modi's govt wants to impose Governor's rule in Hyderabad is to control the Muslims of the city. They are not doing it for the sake of Seemandhra peope.

  16. Saroja says:

    I would like to know whether the AP people think Separation benefitted them. Same, I would like to know from Naizam people also.

  17. VK says:

    KCR's rule reminds Hitler and Tughlaq: BJP – Tv9

    BJP Telangana unit's senior leader and Hyderabad MLA NVSS Prabhakar said the chief minister KCR's rule had been reminding that of Hitler and Tughlaq. Prabhakar talked to media today in Hyderabad. He said that one day survey was earlier held by Hitler only and now the feat was being repeated by KCR. He said that the Telangana people only would bear the brunt of the one day survey. He said that there were speculation that the survey was being held only to reduce ration cards and beneficiaries of the pension schemes.

  18. VK says:

    How we can develop AP? by Chandrasekhar Buddha

    I come across very interesting and informative video on how we can develop rich AP.

  19. VK says:

    Why don't BJP undo mistakes done by Congress in AP re-oranisation bill? – KTR

    BJP leaders (Venkaiah Naidu, NM etc) keep saying that Congress did a great harm to residual AP by dividing AP badly. Now TRS thinks that the division bill did harm to telangana. So why don't BJP undo the harm by re-considering the whole AP re-oranisation bill?

  20. Ramesh says:

    Even though I am least bothered about Telangana and Hyderabad (post division), I am really concerned about the one day survey being carried out by the Leftist lead, Naxalite advised, KCR and his cronies. I sincerely hope the data collected is not used by TRS's sister organisations to threaten  and harm Andhra Pradesh origined telugu people (a very real possibility). God bless the  people living in Hyderabad/surrounding areas and let them give enough strength to stop such an exhaustive survey that was not driven superior motives.

  21. GK says:

    I am surprised to know Andhra Telugu also has some urdu words…

    • VK says:

      Today you realised there are urdu words in Andhra telugu, tomorrow you realise telangana telugu is no different from andhra telugu and day after tommor you realise uttar andhra and rayalaseema are less developed than telangana and finally you realise the division is not beneficial to common man but that may be too late.

      This is what we have been saying, Nalgonda telugu has more similarity to Guntur telugu than that of Adilabad. Similarly Krishna telugu is more close to Khammam telugu than telugu spoken in Srikakulam. Telugu spoken in Karnool is similar to that spoken in Mahaboobnagar than in Vishakapatnam.

      While travelling to Hyd from Seema-andhra, you hardly notice when you crossed Guntur and when entered into Nalgonda. However, you will clearly notice (poverty) when cross AP and enter into Orissa.

      What we can do, the so called educated morons blindly supported KCR the way Germans supported Hitler and shedding crocodile tears now.

    • prabhakara rao says:

      నూతిలో కప్ప చందం!
      గతం తెలియదు, వర్తమానం అర్ధం కాదు!
      ఆచార్యుడు అబద్దాలు ప్రచారం చేస్తే, గొర్రెలు మాత్రం ఏమి చేస్తాయి!

      మీ దేవుడు నిజాం గురించి కూడా తెలియదు. 
      ఆ రాజ్యం ఎక్కడ దాకా విస్తరించాడో కూడా తెలియదు. 

      ఎర్ర లాలా, తెల్ల లాలా, పచ్చ లాలా!
      ఇవి ఎప్పుడైనా విన్నావా?

      ముహార్రంకి కోస్తాలోని షుమారు ప్రతి ఊళ్ళో ఊరేగే పీర్లు. 

      ఇంతెందుకు మీ దేవుడే మిమ్మల్ని ఆంధ్రులు అనే వాడు 
      అది కూడా మీకు తెలియదు.

      ఎందుకంటే అయ్యగారు చెప్పలేదు మరి!

    • prabhakara rao says:



      మా అమ్మమ్మ, బతికుంటే శతకం చెసెది, చదువుకోలే, కాని హమేషా, హుషారు లాంటి పదాలు వాడేది 

      • VK says:

        Prabhakara Rao gaaru,

        Other states changing Madras to Chennai, Bombay to Mubai etc to come out of foreign influence. Instead of coming out of culture forced on telangana people, the telangana separatists asking us to learn the culture forced on them. It is common to see odd words of urdu, which may actually come from sanskrit/hindi, and now English in telugu and other indian languages due to muslim/british rule. There is nothing wrong in replacing the mixed urdu/english words with pure telugu but asking seema-andhra to learn culture (nee banchan dora etc) forced on them is wrong.

        I do get confused with the so called telangana separatists theory of not including telangana places in peoms written before 1956. English is spoken in many countries but you would only see referring to places in England (not Wales and Scotland, though they are part of UK for long time) in old write-ups. Also I do understand if 1st generation of educated (who were in single digit) telangana people faced any problems after the merger but 3rd generation mention about problems of the merger (without realising benefits of patel patwari system removal) is like beggars using their disabled for begging (i.e. try to benefit from the problem rather than solving them).

  22. GK says:

    This is stale now, haven't seen many posts on the T survey

    • prabhakara rao says:

      అసలు సిసలు తెలంగాణ బుద్ది బయట పెట్టుకున్నావు 

      నువ్వేదీ చెయ్యవు, ఎవడో చేసుకున్న దాంట్లో దూరి నాది అంటావు 

      ఇల్లు కట్టిపెట్టినది కాక ఇప్పుడు మరమ్మత్తులు కూడా అడిగేట్టున్నావు 

      అంత తీటగా ఉంటే నువ్వే ఒక బ్లాగు రాయొచ్చుగా?

  23. GK says:

    Hi Chakravarthy,

    Request you to post on current topics from T or AP so we could debate…RTC privatization…Medak re-election…..AP capital….Development programs etc.

    • prabhakara rao says:

      సొంత రాష్ట్రం వచ్చినా అన్నీ పుక్కట్లో గావాలె 

  24. prabhakara rao says:

    తెలుగు అనే పదానికె వన్నె తెచ్చిన నిరాడంబరుడు వెళ్ళిపోయాడు  

    రాజకీయ  నాయకుడు   తెలంగాణ ముద్దుబిడ్డ అని పిలవగానే పొందిన జ్ఞానం పోయి పిఠం మిగిలింది 

    సాటి కళాకారుడికి సంతాపం చెప్పడానికి కూడా నోరు పెగలడం లేదు 

    కళాకారులకు కూడా కడుపులో కడివెడు విషమా?

    • VK says:

      The director Bapu to Tollywood is like the Bapu (MG) to our nation. RIP Bapu

    • Ravindra says:

      Idhi choodandi Prabhakara Rao garu,

      Vishapu lanjakodukulu Deshapathi, Nandini Sidda Reddy, Chukka Ramaiah, Kodandaram etc 11 member team to destroy telugu and andhra symbols and implement telangana dialect and stolen and fabricated history.

      • Ravindra says:

        Here is the link

        These fellows are the ones who commanded destruction of andhra icons on the tank bund. And they did more which most people are not aware. My friend knows deshapathi and nandini closely from their college times and he told me how poisonous they are.

      • prabhakara rao says:

        This is not unexpected. As such I am not worried either. At least as long as Andhras maintain the sanity and do not distort our history for political gains.

        It is upto Telangana race whether it wants to carry rich legacy dating back to Andhra Satavahanulu or limit itself to less than century old sayudha poratam and struggle for state with 10 districts. 

        There is no way these people can avoid the term Andhra.  Potana, Suravaram, Ravi, Boorgula, enugu lakshamana kavi. There is hardly any reference to Telangana before start of 20th century. Everything was Telugu/Andhra.

        One cannot prepare 12+ years curriculum just with బతుకమ్మ and మైసమ్మ.

        Some possible topics for Telangana text books

        జై శంకర్ సహస్రనామం 
        జై శంకర్ అష్టకం 
        జై శంకర్ విజయాలు 
        కచరా స్తోత్రం 
        కటారా లీలలు 
        హరీష్ వీరంగాలు 

        కవితక్క కతలు 


        • Manish says:

          Prabhakar, I do not know about Andhra politicians twisting their own history for political growth and money. I know that you are an idiot though as half-knowledge people like you are more prone to twisting history. Potana belongs to Kadapa and Lakshmana Kavi belongs to Peddapuram.

          You or your friends on this blog also deleted a magnificant posting by me which shows point by point why these rogues of Naizam area must be grateful to the Andhra people.


          Read about Veluri Venkata Krishna Sastry of Krishna district and his contribution to Naizam area's archaelogy. These beggars who say that Andhras ignored their history will not ashamed even after reading about this great personality. There are thousands of contributions made by Andhra people to these shameless cunning people's area.


          • Manish says:

            Read about Madapati Hanumantha Rao of Krishna District and his contribution to Naizam region to educate them to raise against Naizam. He is the founder of Andhra Mahasabha.


          • Manish says:

            Read about Pendekanti Venkata Subbaiah. Founder of Vasavi Engineering Colleges and other Vasavi institutions. He belongs to Kurnool. Also responsible for merger of Naizam State with lndian Union. Also participated in Quit India Movement.

            Read about Vundela Malakonda Reddy. Founder of CBIT. He belongs to Prakasam District. No political background. Came from a poor family.

          • Manish says:

            Read about Library Movement. The movement started by Andhras in Naizam region to educate the Naizam people. The Sri Krishna Devaraya Andhra Bhasha Nilayam in Hyd, the Raja Raja Narendra library in Warangal and all other libraries were founded primarily by Komarraju Lakshmanarao and King Venkatarangarao Nayani of Krishna District but the whole credit (after this fraud Telangana movt) is given to bystanders like Ravichettu etc only to shadow the contributions of Andhra people. Komarraju's grandson now lives in Visakhapatnam and he noted this in Dasa Disa program hosted by HMTV.

        • Manish says:

          Read about Rayaprolu Subbarao of Guntur and his brother. They were the founders of Telugu Departments in Osmania, Nizam College etc to impart Telugu learning to the Naizam region.

        • Manish says:

          Read about AS Rao of West Godavari, the Founder of ECIL. He created thousands of jobs.

          Read about Mokashagundam Visweswaraya of Prakasam district. Gandipet ( Osman Sagar Dam ) and Hussain Sagar Dam ( Tank Bund ) were designed and built by him.

          Read about NTR. Founder of Telugu University. Known for removal of Karnam and Patwari power and bring BCs the power in Naizam region. Known for his contribution to Tank Bund. Known for more.

        • Manish says:

          Read about Puchalapalli Sundarayya, the founder leader of Telangana Rebellion. He belonged to Nellore. Read how much he did for the selfish and jealous Naizam people who paid their respect to him by tarnishing the image and contributions of Andhra people.

        • Manish says:

          There is basically ZERO contributions by Naizam people to the Andhra region. They have only contributed lies, fraud, hatred and jealousy towards Andhra people.

          There are thousands of more contributions made by decent Andhra people to the Naizam region.

        • prabhakara rao says:

          I am wrong about Enugu lakshamana kavi.

          But you do not seem to get gist of my comment.

          We are on same plane but you did not understand that.

          Anyways, Potana is from Warangal.


  25. prabhakara rao says:

    Very very interesting now Telanganas want to know rather learn their own legacy.

    Maybe after another 50 years, if not more, they will know there was nothing like Telangana in history.

    • prabhakara rao says:

      did u read the link? got my point? no! you must be typical Telangana 

      • prabhakara rao says:

        నీకు ఇంగ్లీష్ రాదనీ అర్ధం అవుతొంది 

        తెలంగాణలో  ప్రయత్నం జేస్త

        మీ మేధావులు తెలంగాణలో మా గొప్ప కవులు ఉన్నరు, ఆంధ్రోళ్లు వారికి అన్నాయం చేసుండ్రు అంటా ఉద్యమం చేసిండ్రు 
        ఇప్పుడేల్లి రాష్ట్రం వచ్చినంక ఆ గొప్ప కవలు సాహిత్యం మాకు తెల్వద్ సర్కారు మాకు జెప్పాలె అంట్రుండ్రు 

        అంటే కుల్ల కుట్టాకా పిల్ల కోసం పని మొదలు పెట్టినట్టు 

        ఇప్పడు షురూ చేసి చరిత్ర చదివితే ఈ మేధావులకు మరో యాభై ఏండ్లకు సంజైతది  
        ఏమని? తెలంగాణకు ప్రత్యెక చరిత్ర లేదని అదంతా ఆంధ్ర జాతేనని 

        • Prabhakara Rao says:

          seems you got tthe point.

          Actually I am trying to understand mindset of Telangana jati which appears not much different from fraud agitators.

  26. Hemanth says:

    Read this

    HYDERABAD: While decks may have been cleared for picking the new Telangana state's official bird, tree, animal and flower, demand is now growing to make 'Perini Shivatandavam', an ancient Kakatiyan era dance form, as the state dance.

    Known as the ?dance of warriors', Perini Shivatandavam is native to Telangana region, having originated more than 1,000 years ago. But it reached its pinnacle during the reign of Kakatiyan rulers Rani Rudramma Devi and Ganapathideva in the 13th century before fading into oblivion. Legend has it that this dance form was performed to motivate warriors before they went to the battlefield.

    It was musicologist late Nataraja Ramakrishna who recreated the lost dance form in the early 1970s by studying Kakatiya temple sculptures and ancient Sanskrit works like ?Nritya Ratnavali', a 13th century Sanskrit work and bible on dance forms written during the Kakatiya era by Jayapasenani.

    "The year 1975 marked the rebirth of Perini when it was showcased at the first world Telugu Mahasabha by three disciples of Nataraja Ramakrishna. However, it never received state patronage on par with Kuchipudi in the undivided state," said D Prakash Suneela, a disciple of Nataraja Ramakrishna, who runs Andhra Natyama Perini Art academy at Attapur in the city.

    In the past, united AP's alleged partiality towards promotion of Kuchipudi and neglect of Perini had resulted in heartburn and war of words. Prakash, a senior Perini artiste, had openly questioned the authorities over the diversion of funds for Kuchipudi fests alone.

    Tales of discrimination against the Perini dance form was recounted by many like Battu Ramesh, ex-registrar of Potti Sriramulu Telugu University (PSTU) and now dean of the varsity's Folk and Tribal Lore cum Perini Kendram at Warangal. "Even though it reached new heights under Nataraja Ramakrishna, no efforts were made in the united state to start Perini dance courses in half a dozen government music and dance colleges in Telangana," he said.

    Significantly, with the new T government in place, long-term Perini dance practitioners like Gajjela Ranjit feels it is the right time for the old dance form of Telangana to get its due by being accorded the status of the state's official dance form. "While Andhra state can have Kuchipudi, the new T state can have Perini as its own unique dance form. We are in touch with all Perini artistes from Telangana and very soon plan to appeal to the new government to accord it its due place," said Ranjit.


    My Comments:

    The article states, "Perini Shivatandavam is native to Telangana region".

    Ans: What are the borders of the so-called Telangana state during Kakateeya reign?

    It also says,"…united AP's alleged partiality towards promotion of Kuchipudi and neglect of Perini…" "Tales of discrimination against the Perini dance…".

    Ans: Nataraja Ramakrishna was the recreator of the Perini dance form. He was from East Godavari District. If it was not for him, to this day this dance form may not have found life. The article safey ignores to mention that.

    "While Andhra state can have Kuchipudi, the new T state can have Perini as its own unique dance form.".

    Ans: What is the comparison between Kuchipudi and Perini. Kuchipudi is a dance form on par with Bharatanatyam and Perini is a male oriented war dance and both dance form were brought to life by Andhra people.

    • prabhakara rao says:

      funny fact about Dr. Nataraju Ramakrishna

      he was born in Indonesia. Enterred India through Madras. Worked in Maharashtra in initial days. Entered Hyderabad on invitation by First CM of United AP Nilam Sanjeeva Reddy. Yes he had Telangana roots. His mother was from Telangana. His descendents will not be qualified as Telanganas according to pre-1956 clause of Telangana state.

      Despite all this he is made Telangana on Web.

      Severe LEGACY-DEFICIT for new born race.



  27. GK says:

    Congrats to all on the occasion on second capital for telugu people…hope there will be a bullet train running between HYD and VJWD in the near future

    • prabhakara rao says:

      అప్పుడు విజయవాడ కూడా మాదే అని లొల్లి చేయ్యనీకా!

      It is capital of Andhras and not Telugus. We feel shamed to be Telugu which is halff-corrupt with lazy betrayers

  28. mohan says:

    New culture and traditions shaping in community festivities in last 10 to 15 years.

    Auctioning of Ganesha Prasadam going virus, Poeple doing all kinds of dancees from disco to teenmar to beatle to salsa in all postures in posseesion..Liquor flowing freely in many places.. all songs that consideration to be played during possession. Excellent interpretion of concept of Navavidha Bhakti Margalu.

    Broad mindedness of T people is aplaudable. They dont mind to practice cultures of other states. Maharatra methods of celebrating Ganesh(for lord vinayaka) or Gujarathi dandiya for dasara(sorry Dushera according new lexicon). They will screem "ganapathi Bapa moriya" and will get clad in attire of  Marathi peasants (white cap, kurta and pyjama) and start calling Matadi(punjabi equivalent for ammavaru).

    But all said,  T' vaadis are averse to their own culture and heritage. They artfully managed to magnify nominal differences in cultural practices in two regions so as to give a cultural identity to T. They did not mind borrwing on need basis from rest of India, as long as it can show some difference with Andhra.


    • P. Rao says:

      In case they are looking for a suitable script for this new language, just write the present Telugu script from right to left. :)

    • mohan says:

      I have seen KCR trying his best use fully colloquial slang and script of T. I am sure thier next step is to prove what they speak is not Telugu….Andhra people forced it on them.. and and some dialet having lexicon size of 10000 words is their language. And these words will be drawn from marathi, urgu, persian etc.

      Like manifestion of cultural indentity.. linquistic indentity is also possible for these Telibans


  29. VK says:

    Interesting discussion about KCR threatening to burry alive anyone who don't salute him or his family


    • P. Rao says:

      It is good to see Arnab Goswami put KCR and his threats to journalists to scrutiny. Mr. Vinod Kumar, TRS MP was not able to answer any of the questions.

  30. prabhakara rao says:

    A lesson for those who thought Hyderabad attained critical mass


  31. Ramesh says:

    @GK and other T friends…

    What happened to Vimochana dinotsava sambaralu ?

  32. prabhakara rao says:

    Flash.. Flash.. Flash..

    Scotland Yes team arriving in Hyderabad.

    KCR and Kodandaram will be hired for Hate-British campaign program.

    They are confident of winning next referrendum!

    • P. Rao says:

      Glad you made the connection. It was always explained in terms of different Telangana movements that Andhra and Telangana are like England and Scotland. Scots could have hired T-vadis as consultants for an easy win.  Like you say, there is always another chance!

    • VK says:

      Thank God Scotland voted no to the separation.

      They have more sense than our Indian politicians.

      • P. Rao says:

        @VK: You mean they have more sense than politicians of composite Andhra Pradesh (Royala Seema,Telangana, and coastal) :)

        Indian politicians as a class have not become that bad yet, me thinks. For instance, when the discussion for Gorkhaland came up before and after her election, Mamta Banerji said, "Gorkhaland over my dead body". Nothing is heard any more. If we look into the problem some more, Gorkhas are loyal citizens of India historically. They are a separate ethnic group. They look different.  They have a different language than Bengali. Many of them are Buddhists.  They definitely have a case for a separate state compared to T-people. Thus the division of AP remains a mystery and a symbol of greed and hatred of local politicians from all three regions.


        • VK says:

          AP divided because of the approval of bifuration bill under closed doors in Parliament by Congress and BJP.  So we cann't just blame AP politicians. Congress and BJP responsible for the division and they did for votes and nothing else. Off course the voting politics backfired in the case of Congress but BJP benefited politically [by obtaining 2 MP and several MLA seats and 1 MP and a handfull of MLA seats in reent elections].

          In case of Gorkhaland, neither Congress nor BJP is interested in the separation because there is only one 1 MP seat and not because of Mamta. For argument sake, if the centre decide to separate Ghorkhaland what Mamta can do. As you said Ghorkaland is culturally, religiously, linguistically and ethnically different from rest of WB. So if the centre decide to re-organise the states, then Ghorkaland should be first one to be looked into. Also UP and Maharashtra [MH] shold be separated evenbefore AP if BJP is really want to separate states for administrative convenience. However, now BJP is saying nothing about MH separation to gain politically in forth comming elections there.

          I did reply to your comment before but some how it didn't appear here. 

  33. Mohan says:

    @P.Rao, I just got into the forum to exactly scribble the same point after hearing on TV about seperatists losing referendum.

    nicely put…it take some time for gobbels propoganda to sink in the minds of the people.It took almost 9 years for kcr to impart his hate-andhra stand in T-peoople mind by using every stage and every page in history that helped his argument.


  34. Mohan says:

    During elections KCR's fought against main enemy -  TDP

    After coming into power first 100 days; kcr fought agianst main enemy – Media

    Now courts reprimanding on FAST and number plates, KCR will now have a new opposition namely – Judiciary(High court and supreme court) ; but like others, if he redicules  court pronouncements as 'Andhra kutra' or ' Andhra courts' etc., he will be behind bars for contempt of court. I am not sure if KCR knows this.

    Who knows, he might even threten courts showing his index finger akin to threten to media, when he is in cloud9 ..under ecstatic joy of  johny walker.

    I will wait for the day when some one takes  entire video clipping of his hate speeches to court under a petittion.


  35. Mohan says:

    Financial aid for only 462 families of amara veerulu. Does it mean govt of T officially now concludes there are only 462 atma balidanablu as against 1200 odd numbers claimed by so called T vaadis.

    Out of htis 462 we now have to find out how many are genuine claims.

    • VK says:

      In fact 426 atama balidanalu include those took place during 1969 agitation. So this is another example for building of telangana agitation on platform of lies.

  36. VK says:

    Telugu film & TV industry vs Tamil film and TV industry

    Tamil Film association and TV crew have staged a protest against the injustice done towards the former Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa. They are on a fast .

    Telugu film and TV industry did nothing even when AP had been divided in Parliament under closed doors. Further, some actors like Murali mohan (TDP MP from Rajmandry), super star Krishna started recetnly praising KCR.

    • GK says:

      It should be understood that the Tamil Film association and TV crew protest is emotional and because of the goodwill they have for Jaya for whatever good she might have done to them. The law and justice is supreme which said she is guilty. They have the right to protest. 

      Telugu film and TV industry cares for all telugu audience and they so the reason for them not to take one side or the other. This is not hard to understand. Likewise T businessman who had business comming from all telugu people did not participate in any agitation. If you were a businessman then surely your business will have influence in such situations.

      Take Pawan Kalyan, who did not come to the forefront before the separation but came out after the fact and took political advantage. Not sure if he is better or worse than the others…

      • VK says:

        You mean they have no social repsonsibility to say what happens to residual state if the state bifurcated as proposed by Sonia (the capital, all central govt. institutions, all central govt. industries and majority of educational institute to T and begging bowl to residual AP).

        What about now?

        Why should AP people watch telugu movies now so that all taxes goes to T govt?

        Why they kept quiet even when KCR said pre1956 as cut off for nativity?

        In fact I also asked same question saying why Pawan Kalyan or Sivaji or Some other actor from 80s shouting after the division and did nothing before the division.

  37. VK says:

    What happned to the Supreme curt ruling on AP division bill that supposed to be delivered in Aug.?

    • P. Rao says:

      VK: "What happned to the Supreme curt ruling on AP division bill…"

      Let us say that the Indian Suprement court has shown the same social and legal responsibility as the Telugu movie industry.  To add to what you said above about the Telugu movie industry, producers,actors and distributors who make money on all Telugus in crores of rupees annually, have no conscience, no social sense left. They were silenced since one office window was broken a while ago by T-goondas, if I remember correctly. They definitely fit the description of, gaadi kinda pandikokkus.  (Over the long human history it is established that with a good supply of fans(chamchas), money, girls, and liquor you lose self respect and individuality. So we can't blame them).

      PS: I like to see at least one comment per day on this blog till Mr. Chakravarty comes up with another post.


      • P. Rao says:

        The Supreme Court granted bail to the convicted criminal Jayalalithaa and suspended her four year sentence imposed by a special court. The same Supreme Court found nothing wrong with division of AP when the state assembly unanimously rejected division and the division bill was passed in the Parliament in the most undemocratic way in secrecy and with members threatened with violence. Justice and law do not go together all the time.

    • prabhakara rao says:

      Acually it was listed for business in Court # 2 on Aug 20. I called SC inquiry recently. I was told it was taken up. No reason was given nor next possible listing.

      Anyway forget about it. Justice Dattu is well rewarded as CJI for his co-operation to political community. Also seems the petitioners Kiran Kumar, Undavalli, Raghu Ramakrishna Raju not pressing for the hearing.

  38. VK says:

    Maharashtra will not be bifurcated as long as I am here – Modi

    Then why BJP supported AP bifurcation?

  39. mohan says:

     During T udyamam, so many ambulances chases  on  death of youth, and every TRS agitator was  eager keep count and give biggest possible coverage in press and emedia.

    It looks like now, no one bothered about farmers dying. As per the press reports, atleast 200 committed suicide in last 3 months. Can someone keep count?

    • P. Rao says:

      About suicide deaths for a person or cause, there is a strange counting system being practiced in erstwhile Andhra Pradesh.

      When YSR died in a tragic accident many of us were "shocked" to hear that. A couple of people might have taken the news to the extreme and died of heart attack or so depressed might have committed suicide. This is normal course of events in public life.  However, the group around YSR party and family started counting any death that happened in certain segments of society in the state during first month or so as due to reaction to YSR death.  They counted a few thousands and declared a handsome monetary help to the bereaved family and an odarpu yatra to their village.  Media largely went along with it instead of probing the phenomenon.

      Coming to T-movement similar thing happened. There were a very small number of youth volunteers in the T-movement that were induced to die in the petrol/kerosine soaked deaths. Then they started adding any death they could find convenient in the T-area to the list.  They included deaths from 1969 agitation to the current list.  They ended up with thousands of death count which they used effectively in their propaganda around the world.

      This is a strange way of counting deaths caused by an event or movement. Ask yourself, how many people committed suicide for India's independence movement or Pakistan separation movement or when Mahatma Gandhi or Nehru or Indira, Rajiv or Sanjai Gandhis, or P. Sundarayya, or NTR died?

      In the recent example there was one death reported as a reaction to Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa's conviction and arrest.  The AIADMK thankfully did not start a death registry and multiplied the list to get sympathy for their leader's release.

      • VK says:

        I totally agree what you said about YSRCP and TRS.

        However, I read somewhere [cann't find it on online at the movement] that more than 200 people died because TN Amma [Jayalalitha] is in jail. The news also listed how many of those deaths are due to heart attacks etc. So AIDMK is no different after all from other parties.

        • P. Rao says:

          "Jayalalithaa claimed 193 persons had died due to her "present situation," (following her sentencing in the case) and expressed concern over three other persons attempting suicide. The party released the list of the 193 deceased persons, saying 139 of them died of heart attack while the rest ended their lives."

          This has become a trend, all false propaganda to deceive the public.

  40. VK says:

    Being bold could have stopped division by collapsing KKR govt – Botsa

    Former PCC President Botsa Satyanarayana is repenting for not being bold during the state bifurcation . Botsa expressed that he had done some mistakes politically and the situation would have been difficult if he had taken bold decisions being the PCC Chief before the bifurcation . Botsa felt that the KKR Government would have collapsed if he was resilient and the division could have been halted by running the party being in the forefront.


  41. VK says:

    Point 28 in 101 reasons for telangana

    "Power Utilization Andhra (9 dist) 54% – Rayalaseema (4 dist) 23% – Telangana (10 dist) 23%"

    If so, why now T want 54% of power?

    • Mohan says:

      Good Catch VK.

      Media should take  active role in digging into the truth and highlighting them to T public. If not for anyting else, this can help reduce the  hostility between two regions and push KCR into defence.

    • GK says:

      AP does not have much hydral / coal resources, yet there is no shortage of electricity. This exposed the rule during the united AP.

      • VK says:


        If the ruling in unitedAP was biased for SA, then you wouldn't expect see so many educational and industries in Hyd.

        However, you don't answer why telangana asking for 54% power when it consumes only 23% (as mentioned in point 28 of 101 lies for telangana).

        • GK says:

          With 18 lakh pumps and 3 hours a day. 


          I guess you want to know before United AP how many and what industries were in Hyd and AP. During the United AP how many new were setup in Andhra and how many were setup(or I would say extinct) in T, you will shocked to know.

          Please check on the govt educational institutions in T and AP before United AP and after.

          • Prabhakar says:

            తిట్ల పురాణం తో పనులు అయిపోతయనే జాతికి ఏమి చెప్పినా అర్ధం కాదు!
            ఆలోచించే శక్తి అసలు ఉండదు 

            The fact that Telangana has huge surplus indicates the development and huge revenue deficit in Andhra indicates lack of economic growth. Still you cry foul on minor imbalances. You could not run your own state and blaming others.

            The reason is very simple. Your hearts are filled with hatred and jealousy. You will be happy only when Andhras cry. You will do everything possible to damage and destory Andhras.

            Shame! on we Andhras that we lived so many years with this mean and vile race.


  42. Our selected air hostess escorts in Goa, Goa escort girls know that given services requires high values and maturity. Our rates are always checked to make sure. We are the most reasonable Goa escort agency.

  43. Prabhakar says:

    KCR statements indicate level of intelligence in Telangana.

    He claims that AP re-organization bill clearly states that Telangana should get 53.86% of power generated in Combined state. If that was true why he went to elections saying Telangana will face power problems?

    (This is only for those who believe KCR abuses)

    The text from AP re-organization bill (Section 93 C.6)

    The power of the Central Generating Stations will be allotted in such ratio to the
    State of Telangana and the State of Andhra Pradesh based on the actual energy consumption
    of the last 5 years of the relevant DISCOMS in the respective successor State

    Someone should ask KCR what Central Generating Stations mean? All that produced in AP?

    I pray he goes to court and gets another wrap on knuckles by court.


    • VK says:

      KCR tuglak is only interested in getting political gain by blaming others rather than solving problems. This moron is not understanding that the more he use his abuse against CBN, the more CBN become popular in AP, Hyd and at the centre. Although I am not fond of CBN for his role in AP bifurcation and BJP survival in AP, KCR making most of us who hate CBN to like him.

  44. VK says:

    TDP MLA Revanth Reddy comment on the statements made by Tuglak, Drunkard, 420 Dubai Sekhar [aka KCR]

    TDP MLA Revanth Reddy commented on the statements made by KCR on Friday night. He told that the statements made by him were not correct. He accused KCR of trying to conceal the facts of power sector. He showed some documents to the media persons to support his remarks. He added that KCR uttered 'sorry' four times, making it clear that he was lying. Revanth Reddy also added that KCR was misleading the people of Telangana.

  45. venu says:  

    What is the benefit of having eight lane road from Hyderabad to Andhra Capital. In my opinon in long term this is going to benefit Telangana than to AP.



  46. GK says:

    There is a story of ghee(SA people) in a clay bowl(HYD)…

    Imagine ghee thinking that it is the one holding the bowl together, when infact the bowl that gives ghee the foot hold, safety and assurance of livelihood…

  47. VK says:

    But pot has no value whereas ghee has whether it is in a pot or in another container.

  48. prabhakara rao says:

    Successful liers can quote anything the way they want.

    Victims of fee (non)reimbursement are not rich, upper caste SA migrants.

    But the so-called potta cheta pattuku vachhina poor and backward caste SA migrants.

    This is the class for which assurances given by every odd carp from Telangana

    kadupulo pettuku choosukumtaamu

    Now everyone justifying hitting them below the belt.

    Just worthless debating insincere race.

  49. GK says:

    I am unaware of how the fee reimbursement was awarded previously, meaning what documents were needed before…for example were any students from Bihar etc. got reiembursed?


    For some reason, none of the TV channels are present any real victim to understand the magnitutude of this issue…it is all talk by the politicians, media and people like us debating…

    TS is preparing to pay the fees for students who are going to study outside Telangana as long as they are the native of T. I guess AP is still not sure of their policy. There are technical issues because it did not matter where the students were during the United AP era as people moved to Hyd for green pastures… but now as states have jurisdiction and welfare schemes to deal with…Babu today mentioned 58% will be paid for by AP…

    I think first they should quantify the issue so we all know how big of an issue this is…

    SA arguments were people from SA came to Hyd to invest, now we know that there are also people who need help with fees…

    Sharing of fees between the states without knowing who is paying for which students is not going to work. Otherwise we can suspect that the fees will for students who is residing in SA instead of just limiting to those residing T. Sooner or later (10 years) there needs to be a clarity to this…

  50. GK says:

    Inviting people who come for livelihood is different from being in a position to donate money to them while your own people need help…It is not the facts but the interpretation and perception that create the distortion in understanding…

  51. GK says:

    Inviting people who come for livelihood is different from being in a position to donate money to them while your own people need help…It is not the facts but the interpretation and perception that create the distortion in understanding…

  52. VK says:

    What 1956 cut-off date for nativity go to do with what you are saying. AP divided in 2014 and not in 1956. If T govt. meant what you are saying, then they will give the division date (official date is 2nd June 2014) as the cut-off date for nativity.

  53. GK says:

    AP was formed in 1956, prior to that AP took care of their people. AP and T merged till 2014 during which people moved between the regions and it did not matter in receiving welfare schemes… now it is an attempt to take care of their respective people financially not physically.

  54. VK says:

    I know history more than you because there is no such thing as telangana before 1956, only Hyd state existed that had 16 districts (8 telugu, 5 marathi and 3 kannada).  But what nativity got to do with 1956.

    As I said before serval times, SA origin people will be treated like jews (in Germany during WW2) in T after AP division.  Setting of 1956 cut off date for nativity is just starting of that treatment.

    KCR and his cronies are doing mischieves that are counted like those of Sisupaludu. These will lead to converting GHMC as an UT.  So my sincere advice to people of non T origin is to vote to a party that support to make GHMC as an UT in next elections.

  55. VK says:

    1956 cut-off should also be applicable in tax paying. The majority income in GHMC come from those who settled in GHMC post 1956. If they are not eligible for fee re-imbersement, then they shouldn't have to pay taxes either. GHMC getting 12K cr surplus in taxes and the fee re-imbersement may costing maximum 1K cr to T govt. If T govt. is good in maths, it may not be stupid enough to use 1956 as a cut-off date for nativity.

    This is a just starting for KCR's tuglak governing. To stop this madness, people in GHMC shouldn't vote to non-TRS parties that promise to fight to make GHMC as an UT.

  56. Devendar Baloju says:

    Alright on this.

  57. Kiran says:

    Chaa….So T is inviting outside state people for liveliood ? that means T jobs are given without regards to nativity ?  Saying contradictory things to different people just to win arguements is repeat beaviour of yourself.

  58. Kiran says:

    My above post is a reply to GK uvacha "Inviting people who come for livelihood is different from being in a position to donate money to them while your own people need help…It is not the facts but the interpretation and perception that create the distortion in understanding…"

  59. Kiran says:

    Fee reimbursement issue is a show of deliberate meanness by T govt to a large section of people who have been living and contributing to hyd for a long time. These people in hyd did not migrate like some biharis but came as people of the same state to their  capital to actively plan, invest and contribute whose benefit telangana is sucking out now via various taxes. but why did KCR do this as some involved is very small ? I think is strategy is to appeal to lowest feelings of telangana people and give them hope that telangana govt is willing to discriminate against fellow telugu people to  benefit them. it is to  be seen whether t people respond favourable to this.

Leave a Reply to GK