Media Militancy

All members of Visalandhra Mahasabha are safe and sound after today's attack on them by the militant journalists. It is quite unfortunate that the Sahara news journalist who flew in from Delhi to cover the event got injured in the process. He got a deep cut on his hand because of the flying glass. He got treatment. I spoke to him and he is doing well. He is shocked at the level of militancy in the media in our state. Quite unfortunate to say the least.

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  1. GK says:

    Let us wait for congress to find an amicable solution…why you guys flare up the issue again…support your respective political parties…

    • prabhakara rao says:



      welcome back to the Earth. While you were away to Moon (perhaps Mars) T-JAC conducted sadak bandh. And of course the Udyam Party is continuing Udyamam in regular vocabulary of sannasulu, chavatalu etc.

  2. Air says:

    GK Boss,

       India is a country where every one can express their views.  I will welcome any attack on ideology. but attacking the person physically is feaudalisam.  can u tell what wrong these guys did. They are just releasing a book which they feel true. If they feel that content is wrong  they can say all these things are wrong in the book.  But trying to attack is bad.  They must be arrested.

  3. A.MAHENDRA says:

    It is an open secret that there are many antisocial elements is working in Telugu TV media.  Specially, the event covering teams of most TV Channels. Many of them even do not know how to speak proper Telugu on camera. They carry a typical ghetto mindset and most of them are leftist radicals in the form of news covering crew. These people are so brain washed that they have lost the basic ethics of society in protecting the life and property of fellow citizens. It is very unfortunate that Telugu media Moguls are feeding these fringe elements by giving  them job opportunities in their respective channels and print media. May good sense prevails to them.


  4. Sunil says:

    Glad to know that everybody is safe. Next time when some T vadi's say, the T movement is peaceful with no violence, slap them on the face.

  5. Kiran says:

    I dont see anymore arguements or facts being cited by telangana vadis whether here or in their forums. So they now admit they are doing all this for power and driven by hate ? and this is what they want to bequeath to their children ? their hate and lust ? these things usually dont have a happy ending for the perpertrator however smart they think their plans are.

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