Letter to Sushma Swaraj




Smt. Sushma Swaraj

Leader of the Opposition, Lok Sabha

Bharatiya Janata Party


Dear Sushma ji,

Welcome to the great state of Andhra Pradesh. We are a proud Telugu tribe that have been a source of inspiration to Chatrapati Shivaji and his guru Samartha Ramdas. Vijayanagara Empire, one of the greatest Telugu Empires to have ruled South India inspired Shivaji to fight for “Swarajya”.

India is a melting pot of cultures, languages, and lifestyles. Thanks to our founding fathers, India preserved its national integrity by acknowledging the existence of diversity within its boundaries. Sympathising with Telugu people’s desire for self-identity Mahatma Gandhi in 1938 wrote to Sri Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan: “I have always aimed at a redistribution of Provinces on linguistic basis. The cue was taken from the Andhra movement”

Reorganisation of States along linguistic lines has been a boon to the Indian Republic. It gave regional cultures their desired recognition and identity, while strengthening the Indian Union.

It would be unwise to divide linguistic states for political reasons or on small states principle. This will destroy the cultural fabric of many a states and will eventually undermine India’s national integrity.

We would like to pose a few straight forward questions:

  1. Separatists for many years have been alleging that their jobs have been looted, river waters are stolen, and revenues are misused. Hence, give us a separate state. Are you in agreement with these allegations?
  2. While your party supports division of Andhra Pradesh, why doesn’t it support division of Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, West Bengal, and Maharashtra with the same vigour?
  3. Your party stands for small states? If Telangana state is formed it would be the 12th largest state in the country. What is your barometer for a small state?
  4. Is BJP taking cognisance of 60 day old spontaneous, non-political agitation that is going on in the state, where millions of people are on the road every day?
  5. Why does your party want to donate nearly 15MP seats to the Congress Party?
  6. Why has your party gone back on the stance taken by the then Home Minister Advani?

I hope your party will re-consider its decision on the division of Andhra Pradesh state in the interest of our nation.




Nalamotu Chakravarthy


Visalandhra Mahasabha

203 Responses to “Letter to Sushma Swaraj”

  1. Murali says:

    This is defintely a crisis for telugu people. A time of great crisis is also a time of great opportunity. 
    Seemandhra should reject the common capital for ten years offer. What we should go for is up the ante and go for full independence.
    We telugus deserve an independent, sovereign nation. And this crisis is the perfect opportunity to fight for it. Just Imagine an indepedent telugu land with no allegiance to Delhi. 
    Let us turn the Samikhyandhra movement into a Swatantrandhra movement.

  2. Ravi says:

    Seemandhra lo boothu, cinema, baddikottu thappithey chadhuvu, jnanamu, bhasha -chathuryam, athmagauravam anni lopinchayi kabattey ivvala ee roju choodavalasi vacchindhi.

    • Ravi says:

      Seemandhra nayakulalalonu film industry lonu padhavi vyamohamu, asthula rakshana, swaprayojanalu undadamu moolaney vallu inni rojulu telangana vallu sai antey sai annaru, special packages immantey iccharu, jai telangana movie theeya mantey theesaru, chivariki seemandhra prajalani ammesaru kani eppudu telangana vadu abadhamu matladuthuntey, idhi abadhamu nayana ani cheppaledhu. ippudu anubhavisthunnaru.


    • Shyam says:

      I am from Telangana and I dont feel commenting here after seeing the series of posts .. None of the folks in this group has creativity …… All copy paste stuff from some other sites …. I believe this site might be running since days and it did not reached audience…… Its suprising the Region which is called land of Intelligents, seems to land of lethargic folks….. Reality is coming UP….

      • Chandra says:

        What creativity you want? We dont create false histories and fake developmental statistics. So naturally its not appealing to you. :)

        BTW there is no Telanganite , Karimnagarite, Jagityalite, Medakite etc. Even if you dont accept,Shyam, you are an Andhrite. Your history is not just 250 years. Its much older than that. You can not change it.

        • kkm says:

          Thanks shyam..we are tired of reading the same cliche….

          1.our fight is not against andhra…but few dopididarulu..(not sure why do u guys need division for it.. you can as well get hold of those few dopidi daruly and bring them to justice)

          2. Our cultures have been eradicated( that is the reason we only ganesh bapa moriya(ganesh festival aimed at giving identity to marathis being celebarated in the same frenzy way), telangana youth playing dandiaya in voluntarily than TRS sponsored batukamma. That is the reason we only find panjabi dishes in whole of Telanagana and any T dish, That is the reason T people celebrate marrgies in north sytel with Baarat etc.,…I wonder who hijacked whose culture

          3. Our jobs have been stolen by andhras: that is is the reason we have more 3 laks nurses from keraia in T, every artisan from UP, more than 80 It and BPO from rest of India, almost 100% in hosptitality industry from rest of India, 90% trading grabeed by poeple of outsdie india

          4. Neelu dopidi: Yes we only blamce Sa for that.. we dont utter single word against almatti or babli or exceesses fo MH

          5. Our talent goes unrecognised: that is the reason director like teja(setting aside all other veterns like viswanath given place in oscar nominations comittee)

          I hope you would return back with rationality and unbiased thinking

          • @kkm re # 4:

            Almatti: Both supreme court & KWDT-II rejected the claims the dam is illegal or hurts our interests

            Babhali: Supreme court rejected the claims the barrage is illegal or hurts our interests

            MH excesses: what do you mean?

            • Shyam says:

              Thanks Jai. Chandra, you proved a point why should we seperate. I think above Jai's comment might answer your questions, of whose fake and whose original arguments. I am a telanganite and my motherland is telangana. I will never walk in land of Seema Andhra. IAM NOT AN ANDHRITE… I don't believe in language extremisn. I love english not telugu, I enjoy tamil not telugu and I like kannada not telugu ….

        • Shyam says:

          INDIA is watching the Maturity Levels of SA People… You dont vote Congress and TDP but you vote for New Parties ? You dont trust CBN….Central Govt should announce a scheme for SA people to know the facts.

  3. Sulabh Reddy says:

    AIMIM says no to Telangana — NEW DELHI,July 21, 2013



    I am from Mahbubnagar and a chunk of the population in mahbubnagar thinks that Karimnagar and Warangal pigs are fighting Telangana for their own power.

    We are going to vote for MIM as well.


    • Syed Basheer says:

      We are all for it also.  You are our brothers. Please join us. We will make Hyderabad a rolemodel city by driving away TRS Goondas of Karimnagar, Medak and Warangal.

  4. Syed Basheer says:

    All Mahboobnagar, Adilabad, Khammam and Nalgonda brothers are also welcome to vote for MIM otherwise the 3 district monsters of Medak, Karimnagar and Warangal will rule the Hyd and Telangana.



    MIM chief promises safety for
    Seemandhra peopl Hyderabad, August 17: Majlis-e-
    Ittehadul Muslimeen president and Hyderabad MP
    Asaduddin Owaisi on Saturday asked the people
    from coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions not to
    fear anyone and comfortably live in Hyderabad. Addressing a massive public meeting
    at Khilwat Grounds here on Saturday night,
    Asaduddin Owaisi said that the city of Hyderabad
    belongs to everyone and they should live here
    peacefully, without any fear. “If you consumed
    Gandipet water, then you are a Hyderabadi. Even if you have eaten Haleem, then you are a Hyderabadi,”
    he said to counter the word settlers which is
    commonly being used by a few
    parties to refer to people from Seemandhra region.
    “Write MIM on your wall, if anyone harasses you,”
    Asaduddin Owaisi said to assure that his party would provide complete protection to people from different
    regions and other States. Stating that the MIM
    opposed to giving Union Territory status to
    Hyderabad, the MIM chief said that his party was also
    against making Hyderabad the permanent capital of
    two States of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. He said that Hyderabad should remain the capital of
    Telangana and there should be no change in its
    status. Describing union minister K Chiranjeevi as an
    amateur in politics, he slammed him for making the
    suggestion to Centre. The MIM chief also asked the
    party cadre to gear up for the next polls and ensure that percentage of polling increases this time. He
    expressed confidence that besides winning the
    existing seven Assembly and one Parliament seat,
    the MIM would focus its attention on Rajendranagar,
    Jubilee Hills, Adoni, and other seats in the State.
    Without taking the name of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in his speech, he said that while the
    Congress Government was trying to suppress the
    activities, it failed to take action against Modi who
    referred to Muslims as puppies. He also advised
    Telugu Desam Party to stay away from the trap laid
    by Modi who praised NTR while addressing a public meeting in Hyderabad last week. MIM leaders
    Akbaruddin Owaisi and other legislators also
    addressed the public meeting which was organised
    to mark the fifth death anniversary of late Salar-e-
    Millat Sultan Salahuddin Owaisi.#

    • Syed Basheer says:

      Just write MIM on your property and Asad Bhai will help you all.


      • Nyaya says:

        Akbaruddin owaisis speech in january shows what MIM is all about. Razakar party should be banned. They give bad name to Hyderabadis. Communalism isn't the answer to separatism. MIM wants urdu as first language of Telangana.

        Telugu speakers should know better. 

  5. Praveen says:

    Jai Gottimukkala once said it aptly, "Asad Bhai will take care of Hyd". So be it. We will vote for our beloved Asad Bhai. 

    Deshpathi style: Sab Dard ka Dawa Zinda Tilismath

    Deshpathi style: Ganga Jamna Tahzeeb

    KCR style: Shaking his head in a weird manner, dheklingey hamarey muslim bhai bhi hamarey sath hein. 

    When so many people say so good about Asad Bhai, we have no doubts.

    For those who have land or property, just call Asad Bhai if anyone harasses, he will take care. Ab ayega mazaa! Sab dard ka dawa zinda tilismath.

    Asad Bhai zindabad, MIM zindabad. TRS murdabad.

  6. Praveen says:

    If anyone calls "Settler" or anyother demeaning word call Asad Bhai. He is best, if he gives word, he will keep it till death. That is how he is.

    MIM Zindabad, TJAC murdabad.

  7. Ravi says:

    I think there is no point in resigning. Just get separated now and settle for once that's all. 10 yrs of combined capital will be rough. Build our own capital let it take 50 yrs but that will teach us lessons. 

    • Shyam says:

      As a Telanganite –  I agree with you Ravi…atleast next generations from both regions live with harmony. Let's NOT give this hatred / fight to next generations.

      • Suresh says:

        Yes lets not forget the hatred that T people spewed. I am one who will not forget for eons. This is just the beginning of a new historical event.

        • Shyam says:

          If you dont forget, its your choice. T People are NOT coming to SA but SA people are coming to T Region. If this is your intelligence level, enjoy it…. We will have more fun abusing you…Lets Rock

  8. Ravi says:

    About D.K Aruna of Mahabubnagar:

    D.K. Aruna came from the politically strong family and she is the sister in law of D.K. Samarasimha Reddy, who represented four times to the Assembly from Gadwal constituency and also a former minister. D.K. Aruna’s daughter has been married to the son of Anam Vivekananda Reddy (Nellore), brother of Anam Ramanarayana Reddy, Finance minister in Kiran Kumar Reddy’s cabinet. Following is the brief profile of D.K. Aruna.

  9. Kiran says:


    Dont kid yourself. I am not talking about which religon is better for an individual but enmasse religious conversion as social protest against powers who are treating us as second grade conquered people and not citizens. We as andhras have a history of doing that when we converted to budhism enmasse in past to protest against increasingly exploitative and meaninglessly ritualistic Vedic religion then. No place in India (apart maybe for Bihar) is as rich in Budhist artifacts as Andhra is (Amaravathi or Nagarjunsagar). 

    Today we face an enemy(yes enemy) in Delhi fat with armed forces, tanks, guns, combat aircraft, assualt helicopters and even bloody nukes and on our side we have none of the physical stuff and caste bickerings and too much conservatism which is crippling many of us. Peaceful methods are the only option. Enmasse conversion to any religion works – Islam or Christianity or Budhism but for sheer shock value nothing beats Islam.

    Is this method peaceful ? Yes

    Is this effective in shaking Delhi ? You bet. The corrupt slimeballs in delhi have no guts to take on international religions.

    Do we have a price to pay ? Well yes if we think we are turning back on the heritage, our songs, our poetry much of it has references to hindu gods. But it is not necessary – converting to christianity did not erase english or french or dutch cultures, converting to budhism did not erase chinese or japanese cultures. We can  keep everything good and maybe enjoy it better in a more egalatiran manner.

    We have protested for 60 days – no one cares – how long can we go ? The only way to show Delhi in a effective way is to turn our backs on Hinduism through which the Delhi manipulates and exploits us.



    • P. Rao says:


      Much respect for your thoughts, Kiran garu. You have given a great scenario and some food for thought. In the early seventies at the height of Vietnam war a different kind of approach but which proves your point, was taken by American youth to stop the war. The war was brutal and meaningless and even Republicans were unable to justify American participation. But President Nixon(a Republican) and his main advisor Kissinger were bent on continuing the mayhem in south east Asia. And they were drafting 18 year old kids and sending them to Vietnam jungles to a near certain death.

      The youth of the nation took lead, surrounded the White House and would go naked with the slogan, 'a naked protest against a naked aggression.' It is that kind of approach that stopped the inhuman war. Otherwise, Nixon and Kissinger, prompted by likes of Goldwater were ready to nuke the IndoChina to stone age. The Jewish kids in America were given the credit for this peace offensive. God bless them.

      To quote you, we are against an enemy, "in Delhi fat with armed forces, tanks, guns, combat aircraft, assault helicopters and even bloody nukes and on our side we have none of the physical stuff." It is an akshara lakshala truth. . What you suggested at this stage is a thought experiment, but worth exploring. All Muslims are not Wahabis. There is a sufi tradition in Indian Islam that Hindu converts can feel at home.

      Khoja [Muslims in Sindh and Gujarat] retained many Hindu traditions, including a variation on the Vaishnavite belief in the Dashavatara: they believed Ali was Kalki, the last avatar of Vishnu (Wiki). Shirdi Sai Baba is a Muslim pir, if I am not mistaken.

      I don't expect our people to start following this scenario overnight, but we should think free and outside the box.

  10. Kiran says:

    We have two options:

    To accept living as secong grade citizenns who have no dignity who simply live as told by new masters and who will not adopt new radical methods of protest (as I have outlined above) because as Sri Sri said "puttuko tho vruddhulu – Naanna Gaari Thaatha Gari Bhaavalaku Dasulu".

    Or fight sensible by showing how much we can sacrifice and fight relentellesly so no one will mess with us again.

  11. Kiran says:

    Are Andhras the new dalits of India ?

    We have this great legacy where we kept one fifth of population away from villages. They were not allowed to come to temples which they may have helped build…use village water though they may have irrigated our fields. It sounds very close to how seemandhras are treated w.r.t hyd is it not ? 

    What changed India's attitude to dalits in last one hundred years which did not change in last 2 thousand years ? simple – it is the fear in the minds of our leaders – beginning with gandhi himself that they may convert to Islam or Christianity. When Ambedkar renounced hindusim there was great anxiety in our leaders that he will convert to christianity or god forbid Islam. When for some reason he chose Budhism there was some relief.

    So I just gave you my freinds what really shakes Delhi and bends them.

    • Suresh says:


      You may have said it as a comparison. But I say it as a fact, yes in Andhra today their are more dalits left in the shape of christians. The upper castes moslty migrated to Hyd and other places.

      The need was a Communist party of its own in each district of Andhra. The need was for a leader in each district. The need was for a media in each district as each district had its loss. Kurnool has irrigation issue, political loss issue, corporate loss issue. Krishna has Munagala issue, irrigation issue, corporate loss issue, political loss issue. E.Godavari has Bhadrachalam issue, irrigation issue. W.Godavari has Huzurnagar and Aswaraopet issue, irrigation and Polavaram issue. Nellore has political and corporate loss issues, Kadapa has political issue,. Guntur has irrigation issue, corporate loss issue, pulichintala issue, Nagarjuna Sagar issue. Everyone has jobs issue and infrastructure and capital issue and economical issues. But the seemandhra leaders are worried only about their own leadership issue. They have simply sold the people of Andhra. In reality the people of Andhra have several real ISSUES that they could agitate on but they care about nothing. They are worst than Telangana people who could make the whole world believe their lies though they do not have any issues.

      And Visalandhra has beggars issue. They keep writing these beggar style letters which do nothing. Real issue is everywhere.

    • P. Rao says:

      Kiran garu,

      You are right on the mark with respect to sending a message to New Delhi.  Hindi movie actor Dharmendra got converted to Islam as Dilawar Khan when he wanted to marry Hema Malini without divorcing his first wife. Hema Malini herself is converted and named Aaisha Bi now. So it is not unthinkable to use the existing socio-religious order to go for your goals.  Let us say every morning people come out in a city like Vijayawada or Guntur and a hundred people are converted to Islam, another hundred each to Christianity, and Buddhism as well depending on their free will and level of comfort. This can be speeded up by spreading this to each town in Seemandhra and Hyderabad and making 3 hundred a day to 3 thousand a day.  That will get everyone's attention, nationally and internationally.

      *I have a previous post on this subject in response to Kiran's post which is awaiting moderation. Hope this message gets posted sooner.  Thanks everyone.

      • Nyaya says:

        States that are separated can be put back together. To give up one's religion for poltical/commercial reasons is an insult to one's ancestors.

        Comparing Andhras to Dalits trivializes Dalit suffering. The answer is to take pride in both culture, language, and heritage and vote as a bloc for parties that respect telugu history and culture–not strategic vote for anti-national MIM (how can people forget razakars?). Kakatiyas were from warangal but forged united Andhra. Satavahana dynasty also ruled the same and were Andhras too. 

        I agree our Telangana brothers should be given more respect. But because one brother teased another, house should not be burnt down.

        Remember Telangana brothers, owaisis have called for urdu as first language of your proposed telangana state. Take pride in your language and heritage. Don't give up your culture because kcr has promised you crumbs. Remember, he lives "good life" while common people suffer. Same in seemandhra and worst in rayalaseema.

        Don't give in to emotion. Use logic.

  12. NaMo says:

    moodo gender vaallaku gurthimpu vachhesimdi. imka mumdu chetakaani vaadu anadaaniki paryaapadam telugu vedava.

    oka vedava nenemee chayya anne naaggaavaale amtaadu fight chese dammuleka aatamhatya chesukumtaadu ade daradrapu balidaanam

    imko vedava dabbu takka imkemee choosi chaavadu daanikosam anne ammesukumtadu kulam, matam, rajakeeyam annee

    veedo pirikisannase fight cheyyadamkodaa chetayyi chavadu tana aastulu tagalabettukumtaadu

    idigo ippudu mataalu maaraalata. kcr gaadu correctgaa cheppadu eellaku burralu poorthigaa dobbaayi nastapoyaamanna kasi koodaa ledu vedavalaki

    siggumte Modi ki voteyyamdi congressmeeda kasainaa teerchukovachhu 

    aa jagan gaadu full draama chestunnaadu. mee verri burralu vaadike vestaaru vaadu malle poyi aa italy daanike support chestaadu. imka mee batukulu kukka batukule



  13. Sujata says:

    The irresponsible and shamelss film industry has produced at least 50 movies for the world's grandest lie called Telangana movt but has never produced a single movie againts it showing how the lies of Telangana movt were spread from root level. While T people were watching the poison, the Seemandhra hijras were watching Blue films, Love films and fictional Faction films. I remeber the movie Andhrudu and the valiance that Andhra beggars show in the movies.


  14. Nitin Reddy Boppana says:

    ITIR in Hyd (50,000 acres)

    KCR: says we want it.

    Ponnam: says we want it.

    TJAC: says we want it

    Telangana people say we want it.

    Visakhapatnam says: why are you developing a region that is already developed. why are you again creating more IT corridors in Hyd even after announcing that it will be capital of Telangana.

    JP says: why are they still centralizing the growth in one place.

    TJAC, TRS, Telangana vaadis: Play with words. say Andhras are pettubadidharulu. dongalu. They say all the lakes in Hyd are lost because of pettubadidharlu. All old buildings are lost because of pettubadidharulu.

    Seemandhra: As usual keep quiet. They do not ask why the T people want the other pettubadidharlu to ruin their buildings, lakes and other things located in 50000 acres.

    The lies are openly visible everywhere but the Seemandhra people are busy watching 1st show of Attarintiki dhari edhi.

    If the state is divided let it divide once for all. Let Hyd be lost to T people, let stolen parts of Andhra be lost to T. At least 50000 seats will be empty to be filled by Andhra students. At least they will get their own capital. At least they will get their own airport. At least they will get their own Central Universities. At least they will get their backward region special packages now. Did you all know that all 9 districts of T and 2 districts of Andhra only get the packages now.

    It is clearly known fact that Prakasam, Western Guntur (Palnad), Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Kadapa, Kurnool etc are completely backward. Even SKC report said it.

    But unfortunately even to date, even international newspapers BBC etc say T is the most underdeveloped region in India. That is the size of lie and the projection.

    If anyone in this world were totally destroyed, it is the Andhras.

    It may take half-a-decade for them to develop themselves but even then they will remain losers as they have not responded to the lies of T people.


  15. Kiran says:

    How will this artifical entity called "seemandhra" forcibly created against the wishes of the people develop in any way form or manner ?

    1) There are three identities in AP – telangana, kostha, rayalaseema. Under the principle of linguistic state it made sense for these peopel to live together – now why should seema and kostha trust in any way or manner ? How will they arrive at a capital with a sense of co-operation and enthusiasim to develop?

    2) I read somewhere that Union Cabinet will finance the new capital in "seemandhra" – seemandhra are used to infrastructure of hyderabad  from which they were forced out. They are not going to settle for a "naya raipur". how will center live up to the promise ?

    3) Delhi does not have a handle on 1 crore kashmir valley muslims – how will it handle 4 crore Andhras

    4) In addition to capital – there will be inevitable clashes on water, jobs with telangana – how wil they be solved ?




    • Chandra says:

      We need to repeat whatever we have been saying for 3 years again and again, Like explaining to 10 year old kids. Chakravarthy garu, for every senseless statement by separatist politicians like Jaipal, integrationists leaders and  VMS should give second day a retort. Thats how the direction of worry in SA can be properly channelled. Today I saw this ignorant minister statement about capital cities. Hyd is a not just a capital city. But a financial dristrict.

      1. Our economy is a capital city driven economy. First taxpayers of entire AP payed heavily (65:35 ratio SA:T   accd to Bhargava commiitee report) and got all PSU's and infrastructure to Hyd. Then the money generated by Hyd is used for developmental and welfare schemes of AP. Its like investing first, and then utilizing the profit from it. The issue is about what would you do with that investment? Why should they start investing again and whats the guarantee that it will not reach the same fate. ?The issue is not just about staying in hyd like staying in bangalore, chennai etc. Telangana people are also staying in SA.

      Money generated in Chennai or Bangalore is not used for humand developemnt or welfare schemes in AP. But money generated in Hyd is used for the human development of citizens of AP. Integrationists  need not loose this sybiotic relationship. They dont have to go back to 1953 era and start fresh.

      Does he needs such a high school level explanation? Pathetic cabinet minister.

      [Separatists engineers are still not able to answer when CM of AP said the "adjustment" of water for "power generation" and "irrigation", alternatively, based upon the "need of T or SA", which they have been doing till now, while T needs major share of power generated in AP.]


      • @Kiran:

        Water disputes will be solved the same way other water disputes have been solved in India- agreements, negotiations or tribunal adjudication if required.

        • VK says:

          Really! Then why we have water disputes such as Kaveri?

          It is easy to solve intrastate problems than inter state problems. So there is no point in bifurcating a state to create even bigger problems.

        • satya says:

          Jai Go, AFAIK, Tribunals cannot solve surplus water problems. They can only allocate guaranteed water. We have lot of projects on all 3 regions based on surplus water, catering the backward dists like Prakasam, Anantpur and MahaboobNagar dists.

          • Satya: Tribunals can allocate river waters. The central government can set up a scheme to implement the tribunal decision. Example: KWD-IB

            The so called surplus water projects is a misnomer. All projects are equal unless specifically mentioned in the gazetted decision. A state has complete rights on the water allocated to it.

            • @VK:

              Disputes are disputes, whether inter or intra-state. Inter-state disputes can be resolved through legal mechanisms while intra-state disputes are at the mercy of the concerned state.

              • VK says:

                If inter-state disputes can be resolved through legal mechanisms, why water disputes such as kaveri exist for so long.

            • satya says:

              Issues related surplus water are hard to resolve because tribunals cannot solve them but only political will. Separate state is a fatal to the dists like Mahaboobnagar and Anatpur which heavily dependent on surplus water

              • Satya: What makes you believe that some projects depend on the so called surplus waters? Why can't the state release of water to these from its allocation?

                • satya says:

                  Many projects on Krishna schemed under jalayagnam do not have allocated waters. Major disputes will come over this. no tribunal can either approve/resolve issues on them. so both regions will be at loss if they are in 2 states.

                • Who allocates water to these projects presently? Please provide backup sources, thanks.

                • satya says:

                  Hope u r not interviewing me. Tribunals cannot provide rights over surplus waters as they cannot measure them. KWDT I provides only 'liberty' to AP to use surplus waters as a lower riparian state.

                • Depends on how you define surplus. KWDT-II arrived at average waters and estimated surplus as average minus 65% dependable yield.

                  My point is actually different. Allocation of waters to different projects is a state's right under entry 17. AP can divide its 800 (or 995) TMC any way it wants. Classifying projects as surplus water dependant is its privilege. Unfortunately the Govt. chose to hide behind tribunals and mislead the people.

                • satya says:

                  So, u say formation of telangana will change the present utilization under existing projects?

  16. Suri Babu says:

    Coastal Andhra lo prajala udhyogalo chesukokunda veedhulameedhapadi udhyamamu chesthuntey. Electricity employees strike chesthuntey. Oka vaipu current leka untey.

    Itu Telangana Jagruthi prathi district lo Bathukamma jarupukuntundhi. US Telangana NRI lu bathukamma chesukuntunnaru.

    Okappudu idhey Coastal Andhra prajalu Telangana Rebellion ni nadipincharu. Veladhi mandhi Telangana prajalaki asrayamu iccharu.

    Samanya prajalani kooda kalipi dhooshisthu Andhrollu idhi adhi antu okavaipu maro vaipu memu analedhu antu pabbamu gadupukuntunnaru telangana prajalu.

    Bhale viswasamu chooparu telangana prajalu.

  17. VK says:

    AP bifurcation will be a death sentence to telugus in seema-andhra in immediate future (and to telangana in near future)


  18. Ved says:

    There are two ways separation can stop. There is no way that Congress will ignore 25 seats from Seemandhra. It is obvious they are counting on Jagan and secret deal was done. If Jagan categorically announces that his party will never support Congress, the division will stop. It is possible that he may go back to jail, but it won"t be for long as everybody will know the reason.The second way is very complicated but with leaders like Sonia we may be haeding towards it. i.e to occupy the naval base in Vizag and ask them to vacate it. That will definitely send message to Delhi.

    • GK says:

      Good luck.

    • Dev says:

      You are a fool. What are you talking like an idiot? The reason the T people made you fools all these days is because you are stupid non-sensical fellows.

      • Ved says:

        Hello dumb genius. Do you have any ideas or any substance? I don't think T people made us fools but definitely egoistic intellectuals and opportunistic politicians  made all Telugu people the fools. Your non sensical reaction is one proof that the ploy may work. On other hand, if they are as nonsensical as you are, it may not. In any case, what they are doing is disintegartion of the country for short term political gains. It is better to expose it as clear as possible. No need to dodge it.

  19. GK says:

    Hyd belongs to all people living in HYD. Let there be no doubt and you will see the conviction from all HYD politicians on this subject in the coming days, weeks, months and years…

    On the contrary, there is no security for the elected MPs of SA in their home towns!!!

  20. P. Rao says:

    A sixty-six day protest by the entire Seemandhra people against the bifurcation of AP is not producing any effect on New Delhi powers. The Andhra MP's including Central Ministers are still taking orders from the Congress High Command.  They seem helpless. Let us leave them to their masters.  The people should take the protest to next level. It is best done peacefully, as much as possible. One wrong step by the people, the Center will find an excuse to bring in troops into the streets and even assault aircraft and create bloodshed.

    Another type of peaceful method of protest sure to get some results will be a thousand people surround the AP Governor's mansion naked, with no clothes on demanding samaikya Andhra Pradesh. After 24 hours, if no favorable response, a lakh of people should go to Delhi and surround Sonia's house naked, with no clothes on, if you think Andhra Mata is worth protecting.

    If you want religious sanction for going naked, invoke the Naga Sadhu tradition of Hindus, or digambar sect of Jains. Also please see Kiran's and mine posts above for further analysis of the gravity of the  situation.

    • Shyam says:

      Where were when Students killed themselfs, what were you doing when T peopel agitated … If you want to remain united, you have to love telangana people … there is no other secret… you voilence doest produce anything but it will give a thought for T people to repeat it as & when needed.

  21. Ashish Kumar says:

    The only way left for SA people to stop the division is to announce publicly that they will vote enmasse for the BJP and help BJP get 22 seats from AP. Advantages:-

    1. BJP will go slow on its support for Telangana in which Congress will anyway sweep

    2. Congress will re-think its decision because it cannot stomach BJP sweeping SA region with 22 seats and catapulting Modi to power.

    Hence SA people announcing enmasse support to BJP is the ONLY WAY left for SA people to stop the division. This is a simple and practicable solution. Any takers???

    • Ved says:

      It should be the other way round. When Susham Swaraj is hell bent on dividing the state no matter what, how can SA support BJP? BJP is getting nothing in T. To ensure this Congress is providing everything to T. If BJP senses this, they are the one that should  take the first step.

      • P. Rao says:

        @Ved: "If BJP senses this, they are the one that should take the first step."

        I agree with Ved's statement.

        BJP could have come out and said something like:  "After watching the people's movement in Seemandhra for the last two months, we understand that the sentiments of the Seemandhras are hurt, their rights have been denied by the hasty decision of CWC.  We will honor the Andhra people's wishes and we will not let this bifurcation of AP to go forward."  And then simply run candidates in the region in the coming general elections. The Seemandhra people would have voted for them overwhelmingly.

  22. Ashish Kumar says:

    The biggest tragedy of the SA people is that both the main national parties are supporting division. Hence it is necessary that they get one of the national party on their side. And the choice is BJP:

    Rest all solutions expressed in this blog are impractical and non-serious.

    If SA people cannot get BJP on their side, then the division of the state is 100% pucca by December 2013.

  23. Ashish Kumar says:


    It is a case of chicken and egg. But here the SA people should take the first step as they are the ones most effected. The BJP has no presence in SA and it currently thinks that SA people will go after YSRCP. Why would BJP take the first step and risk its support base in T especially when there are no indications that SA people would vote enmasse for BJP? Just think about this !!!


    Currently what OPTIONS do SA people have ? Among all parties only CPI and YSRCP is supporting united AP. Voting for CPI does not matter at national level. Voting for YSRCP is similar to voting for Congress as eventually YSRCP will support Congress under the excuse of "secularism". So SA people have no real choice about voting for a party that can stop the division. Even if YSRCP does not support the Congress it has no power at the centre to stop divison.

    But voting for BJP has many advantages – The first immediate reaction will come from Congress as they cannot imagine a scenarion where BJP gets 22 seats in AP, which would ensure BJP gets 272+ seats in Lok Sabha. The second reaction will come from BJP itself because for them it is a bonanza getting 22 seats in AP (they would not have dreamt it even) because they are currently expecting 0 seats in AP.

    So SA people should take the FIRST step in publicly announcing that they will all vote ENMMASE for the BJP. This is the only option left for SA people.



  24. shekar says:

    I agree 100% with the argument of sri. ashok kumar

  25. GK says:

    watch this please as it is from a researcher from outside…


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