JP and Fighting for our Fundamental Rights

February 17th will go down as one of the ignominious days in our state’s history. Jayaprakash Narayan (JP) is one of the most respected leaders, not just in our state, but in the entire nation. He is known for his honesty and integrity. He has given up a comfortable life as an IAS officer with the goal of cleansing our political system. He has fought relentlessly against corruption and for the fundamental rights of citizens.

It is very unfortunate that the legislators that are responsible for making the laws of the land were the chief provocateurs for a physical assault on JP on the premises of Andhra Pradesh State Assembly on February 17th, 2011. To make matters worse, leaders like KTR, who were educated in the West, instead of championing individuals’ fundamental right of expression, were seen inciting their followers to physically assault JP with the use of filthiest possible language.

For too long, we have hoped for our leaders to stand up and fight for us. Unfortunately, they have failed us. Our elected leaders were mute spectators to the events in the Assembly, just like they have been mute spectators for the last ten years. Ours is a country that is home to leaders like Mahatma Gandhi who took on one of the most powerful countries in the world- The British Empire. Our state is home to fearless fighters like Alluri Sitaramaraju. Our great leaders fought against injustice purely based on a conviction that they were right. That courage and conviction is lost among our leadership today.

The demand for a separate state is not just, but is grounded in prejudice. The allegations of discrimination and under development that have been made by separatists for nearly a decade have been thoroughly refuted by the Srikrishna Committee. In a debate, the first person or group to indulge in physical violence is the one who lost the argument. That is what has happened in the case of separatists’ assault on JP. JP has brought out truth much before Srikrishna Committee did. He boldly came out and said that the separatist allegations did not hold water. He bravely went on TV and aired his views with solid documentary evidence to support his position. Truth is a little too much for the separatists to digest.

I have always had reservations about JP and Loksatta’s position that division of the state is neither good nor bad [I am paraphrasing]. I wished he and his party had taken a clear position on the issue of separation. To my greatest disappointment, Loksatta continued to be ambiguous on this issue. However, I have not run into integrationists who hold personal animosity towards JP. However, for separatists- those that agree with them are their friends and those that don’t should be silenced, even if it means assaulting them physically. This is the kind of culture you see in dictatorial and autocratic societies.

There is one cause that is more important than our state and dare I say even our nation, and that is the protection of fundamental rights of individuals. Whether we survive as a free nation or go the tyrannical way of much of the world is dependent on three simple tenets: life, liberty, and property. In the hierarchy of fundamental rights, protection of life is of the highest order. There is not a single justifiable reason to physically attack another person, other than for self-defence, unless such force is authorized by the law of the land. Unprovoked assault on JP is an assault on person’s fundamental right to life. On February 17th, 2011 our society has taken one step back from being a free society and took one step forward towards a tyrannical society.

Some may question, that there are innocent people being physically assaulted everyday in our nation with no recourse to justice. Similarly, isn’t the JP incident just a drop in the bucket? No it is not. JP is a nationally recognized leader. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Congress Party Presdient Sonia Gandhi, and many national figures know JP personally. He is a people’s representative and a member of the legislative assembly. If a man of that stature is attacked physically, where is the guarantee for the life of a common man? Separatists have succeeded in sending an unequivocal message to those that disagree with their agenda. There are no limits to how far separatists are willing to go to stifle the voices of those that disagree with them.

Save Andhra Pradesh!

Nalamotu Chakravarthy

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  1. Udyama Telangana says:

    Time to think in this Direction :

    సీమాంధ్ర ఎంపీలు, ఎమ్మెల్యేలకు
    సీమాంధ్ర మేధావుల బహిరంగ లేఖ

    హైదరాబాద్, న్యూస్‌లైన్: తెలంగాణ ప్రత్యేక రాష్ట్ర ఏర్పాటును అడ్డుకోవద్దంటూ కోస్తా, రాయలసీమకు చెందిన ఎంపీలు, ఎమ్మెల్యేలు, ఎమ్మెల్సీలకు పలువురు సీమాంధ్ర మేధావులు గురువారం ఓ బహిరంగ లేఖలో విజ్ఞప్తి చేశారు. ప్రముఖ పాత్రికేయులు పొత్తూరి వెంకటేశ్వరరావు, రాష్ట్ర ప్రభుత్వ మాజీ ఐటీ సలహాదారు త్రిపురనేని హనుమాన్ చౌదరి, నిమ్స్ మాజీ డెరైక్టర్ కాకర్ల సుబ్బారావు, సామాజిక శాస్తవ్రేత ఎన్.భాస్కరరావు, సామాజిక కార్యకర్త కత్తి పద్మారావు ఈ మేరకు లేఖను మీడియాకు విడుదల చేశారు. ‘‘గత 50 ఏళ్లలో 20-30 లక్షల మంది సీమాంధ్ర ప్రజలు హైదరాబాద్‌కు వచ్చి ఉండవచ్చు. అదే రాష్ట్ర భవిష్యత్ నిర్ణయంలో కీలకాంశం కారాదు. సీమాంధ్ర ప్రాంతానికి చెందిన ఎంపీలు, ఎమ్మెల్యేలు హైదరాబాద్ ప్రత్యేకప్రతిపత్తి గురించే మాట్లాడడం సరికాదు’’ అని వారు సూచించారు. విభజన వల్ల ఉత్పన్నమయ్యే సమస్యల గురించి తెలంగాణ నేతలతోనూ, కేంద్రంతోనూ చర్చించి పరిష్కారాలు కోరాలని సూచించారు. అయితే సీమాంధ్ర ప్రజాప్రతినిధులు ఆ విధంగా చేస్తున్నట్టు కనిపించడం లేదని, దానికి బదులు ప్రత్యేక రాష్ట్రాన్ని అడ్డుకుంటున్నారనే భావనను కలగజేస్తున్నారని వారు అభిప్రాయపడ్డారు. హైదరాబాద్ ఈ స్థాయికి రావడానికి 50 ఏళ్లు పట్టినా, పదేళ్లలో దాదాపు దీనంత స్థాయిలో కోస్తా, రాయలసీమల్లోనూ రాజధానులను ఏర్పరచుకోవచ్చని వారు సలహా ఇచ్చారు.

  2. sera says:

    Think of things like this.
    What if the erstwhile state of Mysore wants to "demerge" with Karnataka and wants to keep Bangalore within its territory as Bangalore is an integral part of Bangalore.
    This is the kind of "inspiration" that this division is going to give.
    So the choices to deter that is only two – 1) No division or 2) Keep hyderabad like pondicehrry or delhi and give it semi-statehood status with its own legislative assembly and its CM and cabinet.
    The problem is that this thing may act as an "inspiration and precedent" to all regions which has their capital within them. Think of four or five districts around each state capital asking for a separate state. Once the "possibility" seems possible with a "example" like Telangana all it takes is a "intellectual" like Prof Jayshankar and a slimy politician like KCR to whip up the passions and ask for it.
    This could become the first step towards a national problem. Any opinions?

  3. sera says:

    Small correction. That line should read;
    . . .and wants to keep Bangalore within its territory as Bangalore is an integral part of Mysore state (erstwhile and now geographically).

  4. Udyama Telangana says:

    Why do you want to live in Imaginary world ignoring the reality before you? Looks like you would have liked to support  Mubarak's rule imagining that other dictators would be made to succumb to peoples democratic aspirations in future days to come. Is it not better confining ourselves to the subject of Telangana Vs SA Vaadam?
    From where did KCR and Prof. Jayashankar come into the picture of this news item?
    I thought Sri T. Hanuman chowdary, Sri potturi Venkateshwar Rao, Sri Kakarla Subba Rao, Sri N. Bhaskar Rao, Sri katthi Padma Rao were requesting !

  5. Prakash says:

    Mr. Nalamotu:
    The link provided by Udyama Telangana says: March 3, 2011 at 5:32 pm is very interesting. The views of Potturi & Kathi (who is anyway a part-time politician) are well known but the others were surprising at the least. Subbarao, Hanuman Chowdary & Bhaskara Rao would have made it to "my list".

    • satya says:

      They made their appeal which is ok but nothing specific in it about the basis for division. Infact, they sensed a ‘submissive’ attitude to the allegations in their letter. you can read the full letter here..

      Btw.. Luckily they could express their feelings openly as no one will come forward and beat them in public…

      • Krishna A says:

        Frankly what they say is the emerging  opinion of some in costa region at least. Not sure about Rayalaseema. Being a telengana person it is my fear that my region will loose out if the state is seperatd. Eeveryone in telengana is betting on the perennial source of income from Hyderabad and thinking they can own all. Both are myths. If at division happens, it will not be  before the income from hyd is divided across regions for decades to come. And our IT based economy will not sustain itself for long as I firmly believe Hyd will loose its natural advantages like progressive governments, investments from 23 districts and above all the emerging competition from andhra region apart from B'lore, Pune and Chennai (all these 3 cities have similar characteristics).
        And who wants to loose the pride of belonging to a state where SriSri, Gurajada, Raavisastri, Kandukuri, Viswanatha, Bapuramana were born, where the richest god is located, where 75 million people speak one language,celebrate same festivals, look alike, eat alike and why can't we live alike.

  6. Sudivas says:





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    If separation is the only solution for every problem then what are we projecting towards the next generation. As our earlier generations felt that, there is a problem amongst Telugu speaking people and so they proposed the division of states, then there will be a situation in coming years that even this division is not sufficient as there exists some other problems. I know separatists immediately react that this is sounding hypothetical. Even our earlier generation would have thought that division of state is hypothetical in the years of 1974 or so but it came in reality now. Hence this further division of states also cannot be ruled out. Then how long will you go on division for states. One person from TRS bunch says that many countries, which are smaller than T-region, exist as separate countries and so why not we separate. Do you folks feel that is this the right analogy to be considered? Is the state division in India is based on size or linguistic basis? Those countries exist because of their cultural and language differences. Are we on the same page? Are we Telugu speaking people so indifferent that w e cannot live in diversity? Then the sole meaning of our country’s slogan “Unity in Diversity” is missing completely.
    Today I really felt the heat of this hatred, as my very own colleague who belongs to T-region is telling that Giving T-statehood is inevitable as it is similar to freedom for struggle. I immediately asked a question that whether he feels that people from other regions are dictators and are you considering them as Britishers? He immediately changed the topic without giving me a reply. He is a colleague of mine since three years and we share a very good rapport, but this discussion has thrown a serious vibe that what a change has been brought in the rationale-thinking people also. Now, they say that because we are divided emotionally, you people better separate. There was a strong belief in these people that may be the t-activists are true.
    A common person like me do not bother about division of states or for any matter in this country as he/she bothers about their own “Roti Kapda aur makaan”, but strangely no body fights for these from the administrators in the right channels but feel that a separate state just fills all these basic needs. These MPs, MLAs of all regions enjoy the corruption, bureaucracy, power, money and many other things and place the revolts, non-cooperation movements, inflation, taxes on common people. Please feel that we are in India, and everybody is Indian and please do not separate for the problems aroused due to malfunctioning of administration. Instead, fight against it and correct the administration. Please do not make few jokers to have an image that is larger than their life. It is not good for future India. Everybody has a right to express their views; despite they are protagonists or antagonists of any aspect.
    Please change the word that in India either money or sentiment sells and tell the world that we are highly practical and rational in thinking.

  7. Krishna A says:

    Prakash gaaru,
    Why you want to reinvent the wheel?  It is not easy for any one scholor or group of them to match the scale of effort that was put by SKC.  What scholors do is..nitpicking  while completely ignoring the big picture. The big picture is there are descrepancies in every region but no descrimination. The only scholary reports based on evidence and not on myth or bias are 1)Nallamothu book 2)Lokasatta findings in their website–both much before the SKC and finally the SKC report. Surprisingly all these three independent observations , all based on data and evidence found the same thing. There is no descrimination! Seperatist pick a incident here, irrelevant or outdated or unofficial data from there and mix it with emotion, hatred and exaggerations and sell it as an ultimate truth.
    Think a bit logically. If anybody feels a promise is broken or in the proess of breaking , what would any responsible representative do? Wouldn't he raise the issue and bring it to the notice of speaker in assembly or at least to the people that he is representing? Somebody could have done it at least for selfish reasons like  to win elections. But did it happen like that? Anybody from 119 MLAs of Telengana, ever questioned the so called descrimination in assembly or in elections till this movement. Who and what stopped them.? Now every politician in that region cry foul and blame seemandhra MLA's(as if they are a united group!).  How silly.
    It is simply a  impossibility and unimaginable to believe that same guys who  kept quiet for decades when promises are not kpet under their own nose  suddenly realize the descrimination( if at all it ever existed) now. Cabinet is after all a collective responsibility. How one group of it blames others? If any region is backword then the local MLA is the first person to be blamed.
    Ours is a country of  limitless freedom to say anything on anything or anybody without bothering about the burden of proof or guit to lie. Sometimes I feel we have too much of democracy. If the so called saviours of Telengana didn't  talk about violations for decades even in free for all, chaotic democracy like ours why shouldnt I conclude they didn't see any violations to begin with?
      The media, which is always busy digging scandal after scandal, sensation after sensation , never once bothered to check the data or analyze the data or at least collect the data and present it as is for anybody to iinterpret.  That is one reason lies flown all around for about a decade so much so that now in the minds of seperatists lie is the only ultimate truth. 4 cr population is one such lie.
    Taje another myth that seperatists always quote..their own people ruled as CM ony for 11 years out of 54!(yes, i consider Jalagam as Telengana, I am from that region and know pretty well what he has done to KMM district).  If anybody care to look..50% of the time CM is elected the  by people(YSR/CBN/NTR) and not selected by high ommand.. People know in advance who would be the CM if a party wins and based on that knowledge either they voted for that party or didn't vote. You can see that the winning party won in all regions and loosing party lost in all regions all along. There was hardly any regional bias except may be in one election.
    When CM is selected..Telangana guys did get  their  share of  40%.  And world doesn't end here. Over a period of time things will even out and who knows if same data is collected after 25 years, one may see how costaa region was descriminated.Did you ever come across a seperatists accept this. Instead they spill venom and use this WIP data as final outcome.

  8. Prakash says:

    My comment is in the context of using eminent personalities to further one's cause. I had suggested to Mr. Nalamotu sometime ago that such opinion leaders will carry more credibility than politicians. I understand he liked the  idea. I am only pointing out to him that the "other side" has a headsup on this.
    I do not believe people like Dr. Subbarao, Hanuman Chowdary & Bhaskara Rao will be cowed down easily.

    • satya says:

      Prakash Garu, I understand that.. Even my point is these eminent personalities instead of directly making the conclusions it would be better if they participate in a discussion from a big picture and express their views irrespective of what they support. I really didn’t expected such irrational reasoning from them that just because 25-30 lakhs people, the seemandhra leaders are blocking the formation…

      If they are supportive of division, let them come up with independent research kind of thing like chakravarthy garu did, and say on these criteria, condition, compromise the division should happen.. Because once the acceptance for division happen all these things will become so small and will not given enough attention they deserve and the other regions loose badly.

      I will tell you an example.. The telugu people faced this when they divided from madras.. Once they announced the division, there aren’t much discussion on accounts and the T govt which actually owns a debt of 30 crore rupees to andhra made it reverse that we need to pay them around some 20 crores.

      So, these retired intellectuals shouldn’t be in a hurry to push for a division.. In case they want the people of andhra to consider it, they have to tell them what they are gonna offer. Just by saying that you will get ur own capital, jobs etc doesn’t look mature, which will anyway happen but seems ppl are not really interested for. May be as I told in my previous comment if they are willing to bear the present debt of AP, the other party may consider. This is again, my assumption, Infact my friend’s.

      • AMRAO says:

        Satya garu,

        Just because an eminent personality says some thing does not mean he or she is saying it in the larger interest of the people. They may say it with an ulterior motive of their own. Let me show you why by reading the web site page that you pointed out:

        1) The second paragraph: We believe that the continuing delay and the suspected obstruction on the part of Seemandhra leaders will be detrimental to the Seemandhra people in various walks of life in Telengana.

        What does this sentence mean?  The Seema Andhra MLAs could be putting forward the views of the Seema Andhra people but their utterances could jeopardize the assets and interests of the people like these 5 gentlemen. So, the Seema Andhra MLAs should just shut up. These 5 people do not care if there are 4,00,000 IT jobs in Hyd areas and only 10,000 in the rest of the state.
        I am reminded of a close friend of mine who recently became a US citizen. The last time I visited US he was cribbing to me that all the US companies should stop outsourcing to India. The outsourcing is causing people like him to lose jobs and that is why he voted for Obama. Just like him, these 5 people have crossed the river and therefore for further prevention of people reaching the shore, the boat must be burnt.

        2) Point No. 1: The inclusion of Telangana to create the Andhra Pradesh state in 1956 had been from the beginning against the wishes of a majority of leaders from the region.

        Really? And we all thought it was a minority set of leaders who were against the formation of Vishalandhra.
        3) Point 4: It is true that there are some apprehensions in the Coastal and Rayalaseema regions but that does not mean they are opposed to the formation of separate Telangana state.

        So, the people of Coastal and Rayalaseema regions lied to Sri Krishna committee and revealed the true opinions to these 5 eminent people.

        4) Point 5: It is incomprehensible as to why the Seema-Andhra MPs and MLAs are either opposing the formation of separate Telangana state or talking of special status to the city of Hyderabad. If they are envisaging problems by the division of the state they should spell them out and seek solution from the Telangana leaders and the Union of India.

        Did you say seek solution from the Telangana leaders, sir?  The ancestors of these Telangana leaders agreed for a joint family. No one forced it on them. No one could. They agreed, lived with every ones contribution and when they want to eat the cake, they force these people to get out. And you are saying since it is their house, the ones being kicked out should beg for some alms. What an idea, Sirji?

        5) Point 7: We believe that it is in the interests of all the three regions if the present set up is divided into two or even three states, depending upon the aspirations of the people of Rayalaseema also, with their own state capital cities.

        And these 5 eminent personalities will pay for the new capital cities. They will make the industries move to Coastal and Rayalaseema areas. They will convince Bill Gates to invest in Kurnool.

        6) Point 9:  What has taken fifty years in and around Hyderabad could happen within ten years in any city or cities that the people of Coastal region and Rayalaseema choose as their capital or capitals.

        I like this statement. In my view, this statement tells me that there is no difference in the intellectual maturity between these people and that of a slogan shouting OU student on the street.

        Prakash garu, I value your opinion. So before jumping up on me, read their open letter carefully. These guys were so casual in their utterances!

  9. sera says:

    Thanks Satya for the links.
    Think what happens if the 6 districts of Hooghly, Nadia, Haora, Midnapur, 24 Paraganas South and 24 Paraganas North gang up to ask for a Bengalgana.
    Or a Kannadagana with the old Mysore state.
    Or how about just the three districts of Thiruvallur, Kanchipuram and Vellore saying they want a separate state along with Chennai as it is an integral part of them and call it Chennaiagana.
    Or the districts of Kollam and Thiruvanthapuram wanting their state while keeping the capital city of Kerala Thiruvanthapuram with themselves and call it Malayalagana.
    Or Thane, Pune and Raigarh districts want to form there own state and keep mumbai to themselves and call it marathagana,
    Or 5 districts around Bhubaneshwar in Orissa asking for a separate state and call it Oriyagana.
    Or best of all let it happen to districts around Gujarats capital and we will see the happiness between Modi and BJP.
    I hope the idea is clear. In fact wants me to make images of every state and make a presentation to our MPs so that they get an idea of the precedent that Telangana formation will set.
    The only deterrant if Telangana has to be formed (which it should not be) is to make Hyderabad a semi-statehood province on the lines of Pondicherry & Delhi. In fact ideally it should be Option 4 territory with semi-statehood status on the lines of Pondicherry & Delhi.
    Otherwise this country is going to see many more KCRs and hate politics will become the order of the day.

    • satya says:

      haha.. Yes. They should consider the separate saurashtra, coorg, tulunadu demands before conceiving AP. Why can’t they ask their chief ministers to divide these 3 larger states for administrative convenience?

  10. Prakash says:

    @Satya, @AM Rao:
    I think we are approaching this from different perspectives.
    I am not commenting on what this group of "eminent persons" said in the present instance. My point (in the context of the persons invited to US by Nalamotu & his associates to celebrate AP formation day) was that eminent personalities (or "opinion leaders") carry much greater credibility than politicians. If it was left to me, I would canvass support for the cause by enlisting such individuals.
    I still believe this is a good approach (for both "integrationists" and "seperatists"). There are hundreds of other great men & women in this land.

    • satya says:

      Prakash, What if these so called eminent personalities pass judgement sooo casually? This will become more dangerous as u mentioned their statements carry more weight and credibility. In this respect, they they have to act with extra responsibility than the others. So, it is better irrespective of tag lines these people have, they must come forward for a debate, make their point with supporting evidence to justify their eminence’. We can’t bluntly follow their commandments.,

  11. Udyama Telangana says:

    @ All concerned,
     Why do you think that they passed Casual remarks? Before we discuss about their reliability and credibility, let us start digging initally  their profiles & then go from there:
    Profile of Dr. T. Hanuman Chowdary:
    Eminent Journalist Sri Potturi Venkateshwar Rao Profile:
     Founder president of Telugu Association of North America (TANA) Sri Kakrala Subba Rao Profile:
    Dr. N. Bhaskar Rao Profile:
    Dr. Katthi Padma Rao importance can be found in this research Paper:
    If you want to see some of the lively debates, you should have watched HMTV Dasa Disa. If you want to view them now those videos could be found on You Tube (Ha Ha, I could visualize Satya is getting furious over me). There you have all types of arguments and again could be interpreted in the way you like.
    It is strange SA Proponents asking Telangana Statehood seekers to first demand division of neighboring states.
    Does Corruption in Pakistan prevent the Indians fighting corruption if they desire so?


    • satya says:

      We don’t need their past glory and history of their past work. Bright is not always right. The 1st answer they owe is, are these accepting the allegations made separatists or their suggestion are purely out of fear as chandra told? I used to follow TH Chowdary blog from some time. Never did he expressed his opinion on the allegations. Also he never seems to be participated any serious debate on this but straight away expressing their conclusions.

      The Dasa Disa program itself doesn’t have any dasa disa. People come and quarrel there, shout slogans in between, talks emotionally to deviate from core topic. We had a report in hand which considered all these dasa disa arguments given its verdict. why do we need to go back to same old stories?

      • AMRAO says:

        Forget about the other points. Just look at this last statement  – What has taken fifty years in and around Hyderabad could happen within ten years in any city or cities that the people of Coastal region and Rayalaseema choose as their capital or capitals.
        It has been proved that Rayalaseema is the most backward area in the state. If not a united AP, they want the Talangana people to accept a Rayala Telangana. If there was such a potential in their own area, why are the people of Rayalaseema not demanding a separate state? Because they know they do not have comparable natural resources, job opportunities, etc… and are dependent on Hyderabad for their survival. 
        Can Rayalaseema with negligible industries and poor rainfall see, in ten years,  the kind of growth that Hyderabad has seen in the last fifty years? Is this possible?  Is this a responsible statement? Has this person or persons seen Kurnool any time and tried to compare with Warangal? What is the level of maturity that one can expect out of this statement?
        Dr. Mamnmohan Singh is a honest, most experienced. well respected man but to be a PM and do his duty, he had to oblige his party leadership and accept an accused person as CVC. His sincereity is now questioned and he accepted his responsibility. If you look at his bio data, he is credible but not in this issue.

        • AMRAO says:

          Also, this letter was written on 3/3/2011. The Central Government appointed Sri Krishna committee and it gave its recommendations. The committe had experts in the team.
          Then why are these eminent personalities not saying any thing about Sri Krishna committee? As eminent personalities, dont these personalities have trust on an independent body with similar eminent personalities as members?

          • satya says:

            Btw.. A question of curiosity. Did any of these fab five submitted their report to SKC either individually or collectively?

  12. Chandra says:

    The open letter by these well known people seems to me is  out of fear. Twice they mentioned the consequences to the people from other regions settled in hyderabad, by  opposintg to separatists motives. In the very first short note and in para 5. I want from  them what could be the consequences, from their experiences as they are also from that category.

    Seems they feel they are more qualified and more experienced than SKC experts regarding this issue.

    Advantages and disadvantages of separation are well discussed in SKC report. They could have expressed their opinion on that.

    Anyway…what if 20 well built men come with a pre- written draft and ask "well known" people  to just sign…which  gives  "more safety" to  them and is not "controversial"? JP also can sign this.  [THIS IS A PURE SPECULATION --I AM GIVING NO EVIDENCE .....MAY NOT BE TRUES ALSO  ----JUST COUNTERING TO SEEMANDHRA LOBBYING WITH SKC ALLEGATIONS]     :)   :)   :)

  13. Chandra says:


    You have a point. That is why logic says…the re should be frame work like how we have till now. The "states reorganization act" says India is divided on linguistic basis except the Hindi speaking states.

    Separation of states is a policy issue. Not just an emotional appeal.  As you said tomorrow several irrational demands would pop up.

    T separatsists wont care about rest of india. They want only T. What if tomorrow within T somebody wants separation? Again govt of India has to handle the headache.

    IMportant thing is election comission should not allow parties with separatist motives. The agenda of a party can not have a separatist motive in the best interest of the nation. JMM and TRS are such parties.

    • sera says:

      @ Chandra
      You hit it on the nail when you said "IMportant thing is election comission should not allow parties with separatist motives. The agenda of a party can not have a separatist motive in the best interest of the nation. JMM and TRS are such parties."
      The amount of hatred that these "separatist only agenda" parties create is really disturbing. Of course TRS has set a benchmark to how bad that can be.


      • Krishna mohan says:

        We should also introduce a law that any newly formed state that is formed out of demands from seperatists, will be under union/presdient's/governers rule for 20 years, which will disourage power monging politicians inflicting regionalism in minds of people from doing it, sice they can not come into power in any case for 20 years even if the state is formed. :)

  14. Prakash says:

    Re eminent personalities:
    I agree with Satya that just because a person is eminent in his field, his views need not be correct. Having said this, I reiterate however such people have greater credibility than "laymen" and politicians.
    I am skeptical about the "fear is the key" theory. Similarly I do not believe imputing motives is a good way of repuditing the statements.
    Instead of saying "they have to act with extra responsibility", should "we" not have coopted or engaged them earlier? Even now, it would be better to use other eminent persons to respond.

    • satya says:

      >> should “we” not have coopted or engaged them earlier?

      Prakash garu, The participation should come out of interest.. Who engaged them to write a letter to SA politicians? As people consider such personalities are credible, they may need to come at the right moment. My question after all is, did they submitted their report to SKC and what is their take on allegations? also their appeal and the content in the letter seems so vague and doesn’t reflect their eminence.

  15. sera says:

    Isn't the backing out of employees union an indicative that it is a leader driven agitation.
    More than that it looks like everyone (employee union leaders, student leaders and all leaders of all shapes and forms) see this agitation as a PASSPORT to their political careers and nothing else.
    The more they push the followers, the more the movement seems to wither.
    Of course this I am speaking of at the ground "action" level. The political voting patterns may reflect the strong sentiment and then it could also happen that TRS may come out as the single largest party and form power in "United AP".
    That will be ironic to say the least. ;-)

  16. Prabhakara Rao says:

    I take strong objection to so called eminent personalities make specific statements.
    Yes! They can express their sympathy or support for a particular cause.
    But it should not create an impression as if one section is 'victimized' by another section.
    By bringing specific of 20-30 lakh Andhras in Hyderabad and appealing to SA politicians, they are conveying to the world that SA MLAs/MPs are the problem creators.
    Do not they know what is the real hurdle today for T formation?
    At least Sri. Potturi with all his experience should know who and why are stopping T formation.
    One can stop asking a fair question.
    What is their stand on "exploitation accusations" by T-vaadis?
    Do they endorse it?
    Further why cannot they suggest some "modalities" under which the separation should happen?
    Leave aside the 20-30 Lakh SAs in Hyderabad, what about rest of 5+ crore SA people?
    Who will fund building new capital for them?
    Who will assure river water sharing?
    Who will take 1.25 lakh crore debt burden?
    If they are so sympathetic to T people, they must address "allegations" as well as future.
    I can make 1000 intellectuals from West Bengal to issue a statement in favor of Darjeeling state.
    Would that make a fair case of that state?
    Finally, let an eminent talk only his field of eminence.
    Definitely these people did not understand the present issue in totality.
    They see only 'victim hood' worn by T-vaadis?
    Better they leave their field of eminence and become NGOs like Ms. Arundhati Roy or Ms. Teesta Seetalvad.
    Of course this is not a big surprise. The most powerful politician in the country talks like a social activist rather than elected representation.

    • Krishna says:



      The word "victimisation" itself is wrong in regard to T issue.  People ask why T formation should not be stopped?  Instead they should question why it should be formed, b'cause many people want it? !.    The creation of any state should never be with hatred, unless it is proved so.    What is the motto to use the word settlers, under what article they can say as the others are settlers?  If truth has come out, why dont you come to rational conclusion… SCAPEGOATS. 

  17. Dalita Bahujana Front says:

    Andhra dalits not against bifurcation, reveals survey
    M N Samdani, TNN | Mar 7, 2011, 04.13am IST
    GUNTUR/ONGOLE: In a development that could puncture the arguments of powerful political parties lobbying for Samaikhyandhra, a survey conducted by dalit scholars of Andhra region has revealed that people, particularly from dalit colonies in the region, are not against bifurcation of the state.

    The survey was conducted by Dalita Bahujana Front (DBF), an organization that voices the concerns of dalits and downtrodden classes at the United Nations (UN) with the help of research scholars from various universities in the Andhra region. "Surprisingly, people contradicted the arguments placed before Srikrishna Committee and said that they were `tutored' by the local officials to speak in favour of united Andhra before the Srikrishna Committee," explained DBF state president Korivi Vinaya Kumar.

    Stating that more than 95 per cent of dalits, minorities and people from weaker sections favour bifurcation of the state keeping in view the current political uncertainty, he said dalits were hopeful of getting better work in the divided state. "More construction works would be taken up in the region in order to build the new capital and its offices," he said.

    Melam Bhagya Rao, the chief coordinator of the survey, said the survey was conducted in 1,100 dalit colonies in more than 70 assembly segments in Andhra region and gathered the opinions from men, women, youth and aged people. "Interestingly, they are finding fault even with the adamant argument of their public representatives to keep the state united without taking their consent," he said.

    The officials arranged meetings with the Srikrishna Committee at the behest of landlord communities to reflect their concerns, alleged a dalit, Jaladai Anjaiah of Karamchedu in Prakasam district. Tribals from thandas in Yerragondapalem constituency said that they were not bothered about bifurcation or a united state as long as they were provided employment round the year.

    Bhagya Rao told TOI that they were forwarding the report to the Centre as any delay in bifurcation of the state would not only hurt developmental projects but also make lakhs of people from weaker sections go without work. "The bifurcation will solve major complications, including SC categorisation, unemployment and power-sharing to Dalits," said a university professor.

    Several Congress and TDP legislators on condition of anonymity agreed that people at the grassroots level were not opposing the separation of the state.

    Strangely, the voices that raised bifurcation of the state in the early days of Telangana movement like Vasantha Nageswara Rao, Yalamanchili Sivaji, Chegondi Harirama Jogaiah and Rajahmundry MP Harsha Kumar, have suddenly gone silent at a time when the T-agitation has crippled administration in the state.

  18. Kiran says:

    No one is more eminent than Justice Sri Krishna  and his team. They are distinguished in the fields that matter – Social, legal, women and minority aspects. Not distinguished dentists, real estate brokers, surgeons etc. Morover the Justice Sri Krishna team has actually produced a volume of evidence to explain why they said what they said. Nothing of such sorts from dentists, surgeons etc and their open letters. Btw since you seem to a big votary of eminence here how influenced have you been from Sri Krishna – Not much as can be deduced from your posts.

    • Sunil says:

      According to the article, we could divide india into 500 states and we can build 500 state capitals and everybody can work for the next 5o years.

    • krishna A says:

      Why you always quotes stray articles and opinions but ridicule comprehensive reports. Your attitide is amazing! Don't know what else to say.

  19. Chandra says:

    Udyama Telangana,

    There is no point in showing such news items. I will clarify your confusion.


    You need to understand that this is a policy issue. Its like this. Imagine your similar million march kind of thing is taken to Delhi at some square demanding India to sign NPT (Nuclear non-proliferation treaty).

    IS central govt going to succomb to democratic aspirations? NO. That will be a policy issue to be decided by experts in foreign affairs, strategists and scientists. Even if 95% of Indians demand it they will not do it. Because they know what is good for Indians.

    Similary….AP bifurcation is an impossible demand to ask for. The moment it is done  any kind of demand is possible. Like how after formation of 3 states in 2000, T demand got again momentum.

    Moreover…no MP in parliament will go against SKC report and recomendations, when the discussion comes in the parliament. So its Over.

     Telangana separatists needs to get some packagae for Telangana and stop the nonsense forever. Otherwise you guys will be just wasting your time ultimately gaining nothing.

    Separatists should open their eyes and think with brain.

    • AMRAO says:

      Chandra garu,
      If you read the press statement carefully, you will find that it is a politically motivated statement and the survey was conducted to express their own agenda,
      Let me rearrange the statements and you will understand it better.
      1) Melam Bhagya Rao, the chief coordinator of the survey, said the survey was conducted in 1,100 dalit colonies in more than 70 assembly segments in Andhra region and gathered the opinions from men, women, youth and aged people.
      2) Stating that more than 95 per cent of dalits, minorities and people from weaker sections favour bifurcation of the state keeping in view the current political uncertainty, he said dalits were hopeful of getting better work in the divided state.
      My  comment: If they did a survey of dalits, how did they find that 95 per cent of minorities and people from weaker sections also favoured bifurcation?
      3) "More construction works would be taken up in the region in order to build the new capital and its offices," he said.

      My comment: So, these people go to these colonies, tell the people that if the state is divided, then they will all get work, etc… and ask them if they favour the bifurcation.
      4) "The bifurcation will solve major complications, including SC categorisation, unemployment and power-sharing to Dalits," said a university professor. 

      My comment: This statement should tell you the agenda of the survey.  

  20. Pranith says:

    It seems that , Intellectuals from Seemandhra have written an open letter to the MLAs, MPs, and MLCs of their region to cooperate with the formation of Telangana. Noted Journalist Potthuri Venkateshwar Rao, NIMS director Kakarla Subba Rao, Tripuraneni Hanuman Chowdary, Katthi Padma Rao have released the letter to media today.

    They said ” It is possible that about 20 lakh people have migrated to Hyderabad in the past 50 years but, that should not be a deciding factor for the future of a state. Its not correct on part of Seemandhra MLAs and MPs to talk about making Hyderabad a Union Territory. Instead, they should discuss about the problems that might arise after separation and find solutions to it.”

    They expressed their dissatisfaction over Seemandhra leaders behavior in this matter and said that they are creating an impression as if they are the road blocks for Telangana.

    “It took 50 years for Hyderabad to develop to what it is now but, we can develop a new capital to this stature in 10 years. That should not be a problem.” they advised.

  21. krishna A says:

    These intellectuals should have also educated us how many such Hyderabad like cities were formed in last 100 years, let alone 10 years.
    If what it takes is 10 years, then I would suggest divide Telengana in to 2 parts and make Warangal and Hyderabad as respective capitals..We will have two Hyderabad's  by 2021.

  22. AMRAO says:

    I am sure many of you read this but I am adding this again just to refresh the memory, please read this again. There are 4 pages.


    • Udyama Telangana says:

      There were similar stories on the Great Potti Sri ramulu's Death!  I do not believe either of this or that.

      • Udyama Telangana says:

        In my above comment Ignore the word "Similar". I actually wanted to say that the actual purpose of Potti Sri Ramulu's Sacrifice ( His maiin fight was for Andhra getting  seperated from Madras State) was twisted  and presented in History in a different manner( as if he was responsible for the formation of Entire Andhra Pradesh).

        • Chakravarthy says:

          In fact, I would argue the exact opposite. It is the separatists that twisted the history to show that Sriramulu’s fast was for Madras city. Potti Sriramulu’s fast was the culmination of the fight for a Telugu state. Let me give you a hypothetical scenario. If the central govt agrees to divide the state, but decides to make Hyderabad a union territory. Now, if KCR goes on an indefinite hunger strike, would you consider that KCR’s fight was for Hyderabad? That is exactly what the separatists are doing.

          I briefly touched up on this in one of my previous articles:

      • krishna A says:

        Thats fair. On the same token can you  stop quoting  such stray articles and videos to substantiate seperatism. Show something that is comprehensive, authentic and objective reports.

        • AMRAO says:

          UT is not willing to believe an article written by Times Of India reporters who travelled to the place and spent some time to find the truth and write about it. But he is willing to highlight another article in the same TOI that reads more like an advertisement of the group cliaming to represent all the dalits, minorities and weaker sections of Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema areas.

          • Udyama Telangana says:

            That was my point! You guys are not accepting the one I posted  and at the same time trying to malign the whole sacrifices with may be one stray incident ( May be true or may not be true) posted in the same TOI.

            • AMRAO says:

              Unfortunately, it is not one stray incident. In the above news item, there were two cases. These two guys from TOI had the guts to write the truth and it missed the JACs look out and hence survived for so long.
              There was a similar case of an engineering student from OU who was preparing to go to USA. He was tutoring other students to earn a living. His parents are from Coastal area and living in Khammam or Nalgonda area close to the Coastal area border. In the first interview conducted by ETV with his mother, she said they are from Coastal Andhra and her son has nothing to do with Telangana. As can be expected, the subsequent interviews were different.  
              About your comment about Potti Sree Ramulu, I agree with you that he did not fight for united AP. He wanted the Telugus separated from Tamils. The chain of events led to the formation of Andhra and then Andhra Pradesh. Since his death was one of the triggers of formation of states along linguistic lines, starting with AP, he is given prominence. 
              As far as I know, Mahatma Gandhi did not fight for Hyderabad state to be freed from Nizam? Did any of the national freedom fighters fight against the Nizam?  Why are they being respected in Telangana?  They are being respected because they fought against the British, won independence which led to the formation of India and then subsequently the Republic of India. I am not talking about the Telangana leaders who fought against the Nizam.
              As I said earlier, people have been brainwashed to believe that Telugu people of Telangana are a different race compared to the people of Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema. If it is not the case, why is there a comparison of separation of Telugus from Tamils with that of Telugus in Telangana and Seemandhra (not my word, any way)?

              • Udyama Telangana says:

                Everyone belongs to Human Race, so what? 
                As a Person of humanity, Kindness, great Determination and sacrifices, I do not have any problem at all in respecting Potti Sri Ramulu.  In fact I am a big fan of Potti Sri Ramulu.
                If its your opinion that the chain of events after  his death led to Andhra State formation alone, everyone could respect him including Telanganites and other linguistically formed states in India. There ends his  Prominence.
                You are actually extending rather twisting the facts into this statement of yours:
                "Since his death was one of the triggers of formation of states along linguistic lines, starting with AP, he is given prominence."
                Andhra was the first State formed on Linguistic lines not Andhra Pradesh.
                Andhra Pradesh was the first Conditional State Formed.

                • AMRAO says:

                  If every one belongs to the human race, then there is no place for identity politics – We, the Telangana people, have been looted, etc…
                  LK Advani used the identity politics to divide Hindus and Muslims to gain political mileage. From a few 10s of seats, BJP could rise to form the government.
                  This is similar to the identity politics of Manda Krishna Madiga saying SCs are not one set of people but two different sets and hence they need to be categorized differently. He has become a champion of one set of people valiantly fighting for the injustice meted out to their section by the other section.
                  Some people argue that this division among SCs was orchestrated to weaken them. But is the Manda Krishna Madiga group listening?
                  This separatist movement is clearly based on identity politics.  

  23. Prakash says:

    I am reposting excerpts from my past comments relating to using eminent persons to spread the message. This may help the commenters appreciate my suggestion better.
    Prakash says: November 22, 2010 at 7:37 am (post: Andhra Pradesh Formation Celebrations – Stand for Samaikyandhra!)
    "While the regional & caste skew is obvious as pointed out by someone else, I find the occupational mix more interesting. Except for Srinivas (who is closely associated with Lagadapati), everyone else is a politician!"
    "Representation from opinion leaders across the socio-economic spectrum would have conveyed the message better"
    "Academics like Prof. Ravi or Prof. Samuel who are strongly committed to the cause would have made a good choice. Cultural icons and business leaders (not contractors-cum-part time politicos) are conspicous by their abscence not only on this tour but also on the TV & elsewhere"
    Prakash says: January 4, 2011 at 1:55 am (post: Taking stock of 2010 & Plans for 2011)
    "It would be much easier to gain support for the "integrationist" cause by demonstrating how the problems can be solved under a united state. The competition would then move to a level playing field where "magic wand politics" can be countered by a plan built on sound principles. At a minimum, it would help the residual state in case of division."
    "The two movements are mostly led by politicians who are mostly a part of the problem, not the solution. This is due to their vested interest in status quo in some cases and ideology in others
    The other active groups are "professional agitators" like students, teachers, attorneys and government workers. Most of these folks are good at criticizing or fighting but not as effective in formulating positive win-win strategies.
    The "silent majority" may have formed opinions but their minds are not closed. The problem here is that it is difficult to reach them directly. They need to be contacted through "opinion leaders".
    The best channel in my opinion would be to draw from the spectrum of social and business leaders to act as ambassadors. They may be reluctant to come forward and may not pull crowds the way politicos would but will add no baggage on the positive side. Avoiding politicos will improve the image of the cause dramatically."
    "While this is partly due to the "ambassadors" (politicos dominating the debate), the tactics adopted by them also contributed. As far as I see, "integrationists" mimicked "seperatist" tactics (selling to insiders, middle class bias, confrontationist tone, "media war", sound bytes etc.)
    Thinking out of the box (e.g. town hall/nukkad meetings with small groups) may be more effective in the long run. Convincing one independant/indifferent/mildly hostile person is better than reinforcing the feeling in a thousand already committed individuals."
    Prakash says: January 4, 2011 at 5:08 am (post: Taking stock of 2010 & Plans for 2011)
    "Some examples of social and business leaders to act as ambassadors:
    - Gen. KV Krishna Rao
    - Mullapudi Harischandra Prasad
    - VS Rama Devi
    - Dr. Mangalampalli Balamuralikrishna
    - Akkineni Nageshwara Rao
    - Ampasayya Naveen
    - YV Reddy
    - Yandamuri Veerendranath
    - Babban Khan
    - Ramalakshmi Arudra
    - BV Pattabhiram
    - Ravuri Bharadwaja"
    PS: I deleted some names from my original list as I now understand their position

  24. Prakash says:

    I do not dispute the eminence of Justice Srikrishna & the other committee members. If you read my suggestion (reposted above), I advocated active participation of non-political opinion leaders. The committee members can not obviously do this.
    I am no fan of eminence. I realize they are as much human as we are. I agree eminence in one field does not an individual expert on every subject.

  25. Prakash says:

    While going through the post "Andhra Pradesh Formation Celebrations – Stand for Samaikyandhra!", I found an interesting conversation on the "fear is the key" theory.
    Kiran says: November 19, 2010 at 3:15 pm
    "If SRK or Govt favours status quo..
    1) What should be the strategy of people from other regions to counter the threats from T gang and restore normalcy in AP, especially HYD"
    Chakravarthy says: November 25, 2010 at 7:04 am (responding to the above)
    "Payyavula Keshav garu responded saying that threats and isolated incidents of violence are being looked under a magnifying glass. Rajgopal garu supported Keshav gari position saying, he is the prime target of separatists and he goes around Hyderabad alone and refuses to have a gunman with him. That itself, according to him, is the evidence that things are not as bad as media shows it."

  26. Prabhakara Rao says:

    Prakash gaaru,
    are you sure this problem can be mediated by eminient people? If so what about allegations of expliotation? (You may feel this point is irrelavant, but for me it is most important one).
    Can they prove/disprove these allegations and in case found wrong make T-vaadis apologize? Prof. Jayashankar and KCR in particular?

  27. Prakash says:

    @Prabhakar Rao:
    I am not suggesting the problem can be solved by mediation of eminent persons. What I suggested to Nalamotu was that eminent persons can spread the cause better than politicians. For example, Mullapudi & Akkineni going around addressing town hall meetings in Telangana supporting united state.
    I don't know the answer to your next question but it may not be so important to everyone. As I understand, keeping the state united is more important to Nalamotu than someone apologizing or accepting.

  28. ved says:

    Prakash says:
    March 8, 2011 at 2:14 am
    While going through the post "Andhra Pradesh Formation Celebrations – Stand for Samaikyandhra!", I found an interesting conversation on the "fear is the key" theory.

    You can pick and chose more interesting conversations if you go even further back.  You accuse others of selecting facts to suit once position and what are you doing here. How do you know about fear when you are in charge of creating one. It is like Talibans saying that they can safely venture out in kandahar without any fear.  How will taliban know what fear others have? Please don't dance around definition of eminent persons. We know what you mean. 

  29. Prakash says:

    I did not specifically search for the conversation. While drafting Prakash says: March 8, 2011 at 1:50 am, I went to those posts where I had submitted my "eminent persons" comments. I chanced upon the one I refer above and pasted it.
    "How do you know about fear when you are in charge of creating one."
    Me, you must be confusing with someone else.
    "Please don't dance around definition of eminent persons. We know what you mean"
    I don't understand what you think I mean.

  30. Prabhakara Rao says:

    Prakash gaaru,
    spread the cause better than politicians
    neither Telangana nor Samaikhyandhra is any cause, like 'AIDS awareness' or 'anti child labor'.
    It is a sheer fight initiated by one region against another. No less than feudal fight of medieval period.
    If they can have let they get it. 
    The present situation needs negotiators not awareness campaigners. 

  31. Chandra says:

    Mr UT,

    I think we need to repeat this hundreds  times more. We already discussed this.

    AP is not a conditional merger.
    Conditions were put AFTER the decision to merge was taken.

    In december 1st week 1955 hyd state assembly discussions ….70% people accepted for merger.

    In late february 1956…the concept of gentlemens agreement was formed.

    So…that means …the agreement principles were formed after the decision for meger was arrived in assembly.
    Moreover neither this agreement was discussed in assembly nor has any legal or sanctity. Its between congress politicians of two regions.

    • Chakravarthy says:

      Please allow me to add one more point to the Gentlemen's Agreement. Other than the Deputy CM role, there is no evidence that the Gentlemen's agreement has been violated by the leaders of the other regions. The terms of the agreement have been met, including the balance of funds- as per Bhargava commission. There were a miniscule 3000 jobs violations as there was scarcity of teachers and nurses and these violations were caused by the leaders of Nizam. So, this whole discussion around Gentlemen's agreement violations doesn't hold water.

      • Dilip says:

        One of the major grievances of 1969 movement was mobilization of funds to Andhra .
        Regarding mobilization of funds, there was a committee called ‘Justice Bhargava committee’
        in the above link (from page no 205) it is calculated that total 85.83 crores of telangana surplus is been used in Andhara, for a period of 12 years i.e. from 1-11-1956 to 31-3-1968

        • Chakravarthy says:

          Well, why rely on the secondary sources, when Bhargava Commission Report itself says the following: "The figures contained in the Annexures G-1 to G-12 show that in almost all the years during this period, the expenditure on development in Telangana has been in excess of its proportionate share and that, in fact, a large portion of the revenue surplus arising in Telangana has been utilised in accordance with the "Gentlemen's Agreement". The amounts that have remained unspent have not been very large. In the last two years 1966-67 and 1967-68 the development expenditure in Telangana was so much higher than its due proportion that a sum exceeding Rs. 11 crores out of the previously unspent surplus was utilised."

  32. Prakash says:

    Mr. Nalamotu, a quick question on the gentlemen's agreement. Were the clauses on minorities (position of Urdu & Muslim minster) met? I find it surprising neither camp refers to this.

    • satya says:

      1st Could you tell let us know the clauses on urdu? Do you know when telugu was introduced as an official language? in 1966.. 10 years after the state formation. Hope it clarifies..

  33. Prakash says:

    @Prabhakar Rao:
    My suggestion was originally addressed to the blogger. I am confidant you will agree Nalamotu is acting as abn "awareness campaigner" on behalff of a "cause".

  34. Udyama Telangana says:

    If language was the only binding factor, why conditions were necessary?
    AP was formed on November 1st, 1956 and Gentlemens agreement was signed before this date and as such Andhra Pradesh is a conditional state formed.
    Regarding violations of various agreements time and again, that's a different debate altogether. I just wanted to say
    " Andhra State was Linguistically formed state wheareas Andhra Pradesh was Conditionally formed State". 

    • satya says:

      GA is no way can be seen as a 'condition' but a commitment and positive gesture from "Both Parties" to address the fears of some sections of  T people and for an all round and equal development in the state. No where in the agreement or in its pre text it is mentioned as 'The agreement is the basic condition to meet to keep the state united". In fact it doesn't have any legal binding too. Those politicians who are taking the blame now are the people who went one step forward to make some of the points  legally binded and so some of it are got entry into constitution , like mulki rules.
      It is because of this reason, in 1969 supreme court said mulki rules are valid.. Not because that Telangana people deserve mulki rules or any such.. The legality is any rule under art 372 of state reorganization, can be changed only through constitution and so, it over ruled the terms in GA where it mentioned the mulki rules are for initial 5 yr period and can be extended further 5 more years.
      Since the andhras are positive in addressing such fears, they are carrying such false propoganda that the state is conditional merger.
      Infact, when the resolution in hyderabad assembly passed on merger, It is agreed by the respective region leaders of hyd assembly that "There should be special measures to be taken to address the backwardness of the 3 regions which are going to merge with their counterparts. But Both Karnataka and Maharashtra has not done it, but it is the andhra people who did it. Now, you are blaming them for it. If you compare what GA did to Telangana, compare yourself with your former brothers how they progressed in these 50+ years.
      >> If language was the only binding factor, why conditions were necessary?
      How funny and silly. If telangana is a binding factor btwn T people or if all people of T are equal then why muslims were promised 12% reservations? Why tribals have spl rights in India? why can't we give muslims a separate state? If T is a binding factor, why villages of warangal and nizamabad quarrelled over godavari water?

  35. Praveen says:

    There is no point in united A.P when one side doesn't consider themselves to be Andhras.
    Hats off to Jinnas of Telangana for inventing a new race and movement of jealousy. United AP is turning out to be a Bhasmasura Wish for Coastal Andhra and Rayala Seema people.
    I pray god for Telangana to be not become like Pakistan after division.

  36. Air says:

    There separatists attacked andra messes in telangana
        we are doing peacefully democratically
    Attacked on cars shops and vehicles near OU
        we are doing democratically and peacefully
    Attack on shops near Tarnaka and collecting haftha
        we are doing democratically and peacefully
    Attack on shops. Literally glass of every shop from dilshuknagar to vanasthali puram are broken. i did not observed on ameerpet side.
        we are doing democratically and peacefully.
    Attack on chakravarthy garu
        He is a andhra guy. we are doing democratically and peacefully.
    Attack on JP
        He is a andhra guy. we are doing democratically and peacefully.
    Attack on media (including raj news) ,statues of great persons
    and Attack telangana leaders
         still doing democratically and peacefully??
    .  just understand what will happen if you insert poison in the brains of people.
       I won't condemn it. It is the result and it is expected.

  37. sameer says:

    Today at the million march, these donkeys destroyed the statues of greats like krishnadevaraya,annamaya etc.
    Enough is enough.
    Spray laughing gas on these jack-ass people and let them die. That is the only solution to this non-sense.
    I had to waste 6 hours of my precious time in traffic because of these insects

  38. Andhra says:

    Another humiliation for Andhras :

    Today the statues of eminent personalities from hundreds of years of Andhra History were destroyed by the Telangana mobs. Just for the sin of thinking that all telugus should be united , we andhras are paying a huge price. We dont want to live in the same state with these culture less and barbaric people. Blood of andhras will soon flow in the streets of Hyd. Will the spirit of andhra awaken before that disaster happens.
    Compare this incident with shooting of 2 andhras in srikakulam few days ago. How could the police shoot then , why could it not shoot today ?
    Moral : You are not welcome in this country

    • Krishna Mohan says:

      I am bowing my head in humiliation. Those in heaven should be repenting for being Telugus. I am not sure if those drunken mobs who destroyed these statues can atleast say the names of these legendaries properly leave alone knowing anything about these immortal people in whom we take a great pride.
      I have taken oath to remain silent for rest of day (mouna vratham)

      • Gokul says:

        "I have taken oath to remain silent for rest of day (mouna vratham)"
         Dont get sentimental!  They have only demolished a statue, they cant demolish greatness!!
        The reason behind this drama is the Political parties in AP. Infact  I would go on to say the Congress and the TDP only. Its time they take a decision-pro or against.
        They have played this game very badly without knowing this was an emotional subject.
        Infact to be fair to TRS, good or bad, they stick to one agenda. Things changed dramatically in telangana after the drama by seemandhra leaders. They should NOT have accepted to this before.
        After that, the telangana leaders have become desparate and in that desperation are behaving like fools and ripping up emotions. Some seemandhra leaders behaviour also has not helped.
        Its time, they take a stand and Its time to take a decision.
        It is when people come to table that things can be discussed.  Telugu unity and pride is not about being in   , 2 or 3 states. The pride of telugu is being one in heart and not one in administration. Clearly there telugu pride nowbeing in one state. Can wehave a pride by suppresing the aspiration of a crore people?
        Finally saving telugu pride is not in saving andhra pradesh!

        • Andhra says:

          Enough of this nonsense. What do you guys know about telugu pride. You guys where not even allowed to speak telugu during your great 'Nizam' rule.
          Seemandhra drama was to counter drama by TG drama. Under the guise of movement you guys want to deny our share in Hyd , you think that by unleashing hatred upon us , we will be cowed down. But remember hatred is a two way street. Andhras are also capable of unleashing hatred upon tg people.

        • Krishna Mohan says:

          "Infact to be fair to TRS, good or bad, they stick to one agenda"  — You seem to be die hard fan of KCR and Family and forgotten the very fact that KCR today is only after wearing 1000 faces in past. Assure KCR that his party will secure 115/114 mla seats of telangana region and can reach magic figure of 142 by alliances and become CM of united Andra. You will notice his attitude will change gradually and will start  adovacating in favour of united Andhra in 5 years down the lline. 
          I dont succumb to the idea that some stragegic decission of national importance should be taken based on strength mass sentiment and emotions emerging of malinformation and political opportunism. People who are not capbale of undestanding technical and economic implications of decissions should not have right to take such decissions.
          Let intelluctuals take a call on state formation  
           AND NOT : uneducated & illeterate masses,
          AND NOTt:  activists infected with radical and naxalite philosophies
          AND NOT: pseudo advocates who can even not define and interpret a simple law of contract
          AND NOT: pseudo poets and artists  who don the mask of 'Praja Kavi' to cover up their limited knowledge of literature , who have nothing offier except overly used phrases of viplavam, udyamam, anyayam et.,
          AND NOT: pseudo students who can not even explain the first lesson of his academic curriculum and enjoys his time with all free bees of government
          AND NOT: Politicians who are always after their own intersts.
          please dont not bring in these DRUNKEN MOBS to decide our future. We dont want these people with bankrupt minds to decide anything for us with their limited knowledge of facts and figures
          Yeah.. ur right telugu pride does not get fretted when under 2 or 3 adminsitrative units. But one of hte admistrative unit can easily fall prey to non-teulugu influence and can easily wash off their its culture and tradition, sooner or later  there is no pride to left over. This is proved in 600 years of foregin rule where this region has been deprived of everything that is TELUGU. 

        • Krishna Mohan says:

          I am posting he message again as I feel my post got cast away. You should see similar message if it is able to come on track.
          "Dont get sentimental!  They have only demolished a statue, they cant demolish greatness!!"
          OK.. tomorrow dont cry foul when another drunken soul  pukes on MG or Ambedkar or Kaloji.
          "Infact to be fair to TRS, good or bad, they stick to one agenda"
          You seem to die hard fan of KCR and his family. What is KCR today  only after 1000 faces in the past. Let  KCR get assured that his party will get 114 seats of Telangana and with coaliation he can reach the magic figure of 142 and become CM of Andhra Pradesh. You will observe a gradual change in his attitude and , 5 years down the line, he will start advocating united AP.
          Yes. telugu pride is not being one state but being at heart. Yes I will agree on this and therefore let us make two states of Telangana, since telangana pride is also not in being one state and it is always good to have smaller state for adminstrative convinence. There are over 10 states in India that have less than half of population of Telangana and area. so ideally we make two or three telangana states.
          "I would go on to say the Congress and the TDP only. Its time they take a decision-pro or agains"
          We have seen enough of ugly side of Democarcy and polity. Decission of political parties are based on thier own interst and not in reigion.
          State formation is a strategic decission, that has to be taken by intelluctuals who have a vision over long term social and economic consquences as well as national integrity and security.  I dont want some future my region to be decided by:
          1. Drunken mobs who can be bought for bottle of beer
          2. Activists who are infected with radical and naxal philosophies
          3.Pseudo Advocates who not even interpret a simple of law contract and draft two sentences in order
          4. Pseudo artits and poets(kavulu and kalakaru :) who don the mask of praja kavi  to camouflage their ignorance and attempt to create their brand by with overly used words such as viplayvam, udyamam, anyayam etc in their poetry
          5. Students who dont even know the name of first lession in his academic curriculum doing merry on free bees of govt.
          6.lastly not at all by those politicians who only work for themselves all the time.
          therefore I dont care if TDP or congress gives their opinion or not. Intelluctual team Krishna has already given their opnion. If doubts any on that let us challenge the report in rightful way. Let those so called intelluctual win their argument rightfully by challenging krishna committe and getting that modified.
          There are are some decissions that can not be taken by people in any setup owing to thier ignorance and lack of knowledge.

  39. Sunil says:

    The political bufoons started condeming these acts and again will try to protect these goons by forcing the GOV not to register any cases.  This is what happens when GOV and spineless leaders urged the gov to remove the cases against the OU students. 
    From tomorrow, the T leaders will come to the dicussions on TV channels and say the T struggle is peaceful and nothing was attacked in the last 10 years. If the editor asks what happened on Tank Bund is not violence, they blame the media, andhra leaders and pass of these incidents as very small.

  40. Udyama Telangana says:

    Extending my earlier comment that Andhra Pradesh was a conditional state let us examine SKC Best Option : " The Justice Srikrishna Committee has recommended that a united Andhra Pradesh with constitutional and statutory measures to empower the Telangana region is the “best way forward” to answer this long-standing demand for a separate Telangana state. "
    i.e., Once again SKC opted again Conditional State ( Once more Gentlemen's agreement in New form). There is no prominence given to Linguistic base even in SKC final analysis.
    As the first best option is a failed experiment (due to various reasons could not keep people across SA & T together), the second best option " Bifurcation" Holds good which incidentally is the one and only Best Option.
    So, instead of spreading more and more uncertainity let us all voice for immediate decision & make the bifurcation process a smoother one.
    ప్రాంతాలుగా విడిపోదాం ప్రజలుగా కలిసుందాం

    • Air says:

      If you bifurcate the state now it end up in creating  2 enemies side by side. 

    • Andhra says:

      Whether state remains united or separated ,we andhras dont have to be united with you guys. Hatred is a two way street. We will show you guys the same hatred that you have showered on us in the last ten years.

    • Krishna Mohan says:

      Ok..Tell me why 10 distrincts be under telangana state. To me I dont want one more non-sense 20 years down the line by claiming cultural deviations or some other factor. Give strong reasons that can keep people of these 10 districts united. What commonality do they reflect that shoud not any exception.
      to me, much part Mehboobnagar shares and refelcts cultural mix of  Karntaka and kurnool, therefore not all mehboob nagar should brought into telangana. Becuase these people can claim cultural deviation tomorrw for formation of one more state
      Cultuarlally,Adilabad looks more influenced by adjoining MP and MH. Therefore you may exclude some part of Adilabad also from Telangana again because  these people can claim cultural deviation tomorrow for formation of one more state
      Warangal with kakatiyan influence is diagonally different from Hyderabad that is under Bahamanis at the same time, unless people of warangal want to disown their kakatiyan legacy, warangal has to under a seperate state.
      Large of Nalgonda refects cultural mix with Krishna and guntoor districts, therefore brining Nalogonda into ambit of Telangana whould be thought over, since there will one more KCR tomorrow who claim cultural deviation of these mandals of Nalgonda from main frame Telanagana to claim seperate state hood.

  41. justice says:

    Nitish Kumar and JDU are demanding special status for Bihar ..
    The main reason ..They lost resources in Bihar bifurcation have lost out on development ..
    so much for smaller states being better for the country .

  42. Chandra says:

    I dont understand  how the incident on Tank bund is the fault of governement. No sane police officer would give permission if somebody requests to allow them, so that they want to block all Hyderabad roads and squeeze in million people on a 2KM narrow road, that too in a democratic country!. No way.

    Any body would do everything to stop such a nonsensical idea! But whatever these vandalists did is understood by every one in India and world. 

    Over that, separatists are challenging cops to show maoists in their gangs. A maoist need not be in olive green dress holding a rifle.  he can be in civil dress too. Kodandaram is a maoist. he himself declared he some how could not become a complete maoist , but is a deep sympathizer. probably he is not good in firing. But probably good in making strategies to create unrest. Any body who does not believe in talks and protests violently against govt will be looked with suspicion.

    Now these people,  who do not even qualify to touch those sculptures,  have insulted entire Indians. This should be a shock treatment to maniacs and question themselves. If they still dream of telangana..or even minimum respect in society….LOL.

     I wish all these statues are remade by sculptures hailing from all three regions of AP and TN and Karnataka in 3 months of time.

    • GK says:

      Yes, they need to be rebuilt in a better way no doubt. Regarding your comments, I hope they are out of frustration otherwise they are arrogant..

    • AMRAO says:

      Chandra garu,
      I think you have missed the bigger picture. The debate of few idols of Telangana people compared to many idols of people of other areas was raging for quite some time. The idea of the Million March was to remove these statues. Otherwise, there was no need to assemble on Tank Bund. They could do so in Parade Grounds.
      It is like LK Advani saying Kar Sevaks went to Ayodhya to do karseva. But he did not say why they carried tools that are used for bringing down structures. 
      Many leaders from Telangana and people like GK may say install them again but it is not going to happen. There will be a big hue and cry if the government tries to install them again. In the end, the separatists will agree for re-installation but only by replacing a few of them with their suggested idols.

  43. Praveen says:

    Root cause behind attack on statues at tank bund is due to hate speeches by great professors. They don't want any common heritage between Telangana and Andhra to come in the way of division of the state.
    Even in the report submitted to SKC, Telangana intellectuals said they don't want to write Telugu in telugu lipi. After Telangana comes, they want to use Devanagari Lipi for Telugu in Telangana because rest of Andhra uses Telugu lipi.
    If Pothana, Rudrama Devi, Suravaram Prathapa Reddy, Dasarathi comes live now, they need to to learn Telangana history from Prof Jayashankar and Kodandaram.
    Congress did a good job in setting up the right platform for division.

  44. AMRAO says:

    Chakravarthy garu,
    Please recollect my comment about your return to India. Todays political leadership in every nook and corner of India is driven by selfish motives with utmost disregard for law and justice. Mr. Manmohan Singh might be thinking he is doing his job honestly but the government he is leading has redefined ethical behavior in governance.
    1) The ex-CJI is accused of corruption – Loss of trust on Judicial institutes. As Don Corleone says in The God Father, judges can be bought like broads on the street.
    2) CVC is accused of corruption – Loss of trust on the main watch dog of corruption. Bureaucracy is at a new low.
    3)  CMs are found guilty of violating all norms of ethics. If found guilty, they are sent to the Center and if found guilty at the center, they are sent to the state.
    4) The opposition is accused of blackmailing the government for protecting their own people and cooperating with the party in power if their own agenda is met.
    5) Industrialists find ways and means to increase their wealth illegally using the politicians and political parties. Many of Indias natural resources have been taken over by these guys at throw away prices.
    6) Corruption exists at every level. The municipal guys responsible for taking away the trash demand money every month from my apartment association. Lest, they let the trash stink for weeks. If there is an electrical problem, the APSEB guys demand Rs. 50 per person. All in the name of chai paise.
    Clearly, the people are to be blamed.  I had a belief that people had no good choice and that is why they are voting to crooks and criminals. People like JP contested but people preferred to vote for people like Danam Nagender. I am now convinced that it was not out of lack of good people contesting the elections but people preferred these crooks and criminals as they represented the interests of the people voting for them.

    Today no one wants to talk about Sri Krishna committee and all the scientific study done is just a waste of time and money, as Judge Narasimha Reddy put it.
    These guys know that all of AP invested their money in Hyderabad (most of friends in the US bought plots in and around Hyderabad) and therefore no one can dare to come out into the open.

    As a person who has moved from the US and started an organization here, I feel betrayed. I did not come to Hyderabad because Hyderabad is well developed by the Nizam but because I felt this is my  state capital. Today, these politicians could whip up sentiments and do whatever they want to do.
    Lots of guys from AP are buying apartments and properties in Bangalore. It is just a matter of time before a Kannada version of KCR rises and asks Quit Bangalore.
    Today I saw a news item that said an Indian was attacked in Australia. I really felt the Australians have a right to do so. 
    I hope you have taken the US citizenship to fallback.

    • Chakravarthy says:

      AMRAO garu,

      What is going on today is akin to the kind of brainwashing Nazis have done against the Jews. A vast majority of Germans supported Nazis back then, but that didn’t make it right. Today’s “pre-meditated destruction” of our great men’s and women’s statues is indeed very sad. However, it only reinforces my conviction to fight these fascist forces.As far as your comment about leaving India. No, I don’t have a U.S. citizenship to fallback on. I have come to stay and will fight it out till my last breath.

      When Gandhi came to India from South Africa, things looked far worse in India than what is going on in our state. British Empire was the super power of that time. Britishers have beaten up Gandhi like a mad dog on the streets of India. What if he said, this place is a mess and let me go back to my comfortable life?

      I am deeply humbled by the number of eminent, wise, and intelligent people I have met in a short span of two months. India will thrive and survive even if people like you and I give up on it. I haven’t come back to India because India needs me. I have come home because I need India.

      I am going to introduce the organization that we are founding on my website tonight. Please check your email. Let us join hands to defeat the fascist forces and build a bright future for our children.



  45. Chakravarthy says:

    Prakash garu-

    Regarding your comment on libertarian cause. The cause of capitalism and freedom is a much harder battle than fighting separatists. I see separatism as a two year battle, while the fight for free market capitalism as a 20 year battle. Yes, I have met a few libertarians in India who are more driven than myself. However, that initiative has to wait for sometime. I am glad to know that you are a freedom lover. Looking forward to working with you in the near future.

  46. Chandra says:

    AMRAO garu,

    I agree…1 year back itself I remember hearing the possibility of such an event by agitators. yeah they(Mao's) will suggest everything….because they want to rule the govt ultimately. It is pathetic to see demand for  42% reservation among those statues also.  This is what is called as a successful NAZI proaganda.

  47. Chandra says:

    Mr UT

    You are still not understanding what we are saying. There is no clause in Indian constitution that says states can be formed based upon agreements. AP is formed just like any other state in India. So you can not say, agreement is broken so we will part away. No. That doesnt work here. It will be silly if you guys say that one. There is nothing like that in Indian constitution. You can ask your own TRS lawyers.If Telangana state is to be formed, it will be a brand new state….a path breaking decision to split linguistic states…. going away from states re organization act.

     Gentlemens agreement was a good gesture from both sides for alleviating apprehensions. It was a congress party leaders agreement. 90% of Its principles were well followed and confirmed by  Bharagava comitte in 1971. That story is a closed chapter and need not be discussed in 2011. Its like Indian independece, its over.


  48. Sunil says:

     Please read the real culprits behind the attack on the statues of Tank Bund. The T leaders keep on saying that this incident happenend at the nick of the moment which is not true. Its a pre-planned attack on andhra culture and Telugu pride. Harish Rao in one of the discussion was arguing that Gov of AP attrested innocent people and gave a list of 10th class student, an intermediate student , a Gujarathi, a Marathi. If he is so interested in the welfare of the people, why can't he do the same thing and gives the names of the people who destroyed the statues.

  49. Krishna Mohan says:

    KCR's happy ride for past some time on a tiger is coming to an end. Signs of the movement are,  he is slipping off from tigers back. Time is not far KCR will become tiger's feast and tiger continues to be on rampage. Let us be prepared to control this wild animal wandering amuck. Today it is, statues of immortal people, tomorrow it will be police and after that our turn…..

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