JP and Fighting for our Fundamental Rights

February 17th will go down as one of the ignominious days in our state’s history. Jayaprakash Narayan (JP) is one of the most respected leaders, not just in our state, but in the entire nation. He is known for his honesty and integrity. He has given up a comfortable life as an IAS officer with the goal of cleansing our political system. He has fought relentlessly against corruption and for the fundamental rights of citizens.

It is very unfortunate that the legislators that are responsible for making the laws of the land were the chief provocateurs for a physical assault on JP on the premises of Andhra Pradesh State Assembly on February 17th, 2011. To make matters worse, leaders like KTR, who were educated in the West, instead of championing individuals’ fundamental right of expression, were seen inciting their followers to physically assault JP with the use of filthiest possible language.

For too long, we have hoped for our leaders to stand up and fight for us. Unfortunately, they have failed us. Our elected leaders were mute spectators to the events in the Assembly, just like they have been mute spectators for the last ten years. Ours is a country that is home to leaders like Mahatma Gandhi who took on one of the most powerful countries in the world- The British Empire. Our state is home to fearless fighters like Alluri Sitaramaraju. Our great leaders fought against injustice purely based on a conviction that they were right. That courage and conviction is lost among our leadership today.

The demand for a separate state is not just, but is grounded in prejudice. The allegations of discrimination and under development that have been made by separatists for nearly a decade have been thoroughly refuted by the Srikrishna Committee. In a debate, the first person or group to indulge in physical violence is the one who lost the argument. That is what has happened in the case of separatists’ assault on JP. JP has brought out truth much before Srikrishna Committee did. He boldly came out and said that the separatist allegations did not hold water. He bravely went on TV and aired his views with solid documentary evidence to support his position. Truth is a little too much for the separatists to digest.

I have always had reservations about JP and Loksatta’s position that division of the state is neither good nor bad [I am paraphrasing]. I wished he and his party had taken a clear position on the issue of separation. To my greatest disappointment, Loksatta continued to be ambiguous on this issue. However, I have not run into integrationists who hold personal animosity towards JP. However, for separatists- those that agree with them are their friends and those that don’t should be silenced, even if it means assaulting them physically. This is the kind of culture you see in dictatorial and autocratic societies.

There is one cause that is more important than our state and dare I say even our nation, and that is the protection of fundamental rights of individuals. Whether we survive as a free nation or go the tyrannical way of much of the world is dependent on three simple tenets: life, liberty, and property. In the hierarchy of fundamental rights, protection of life is of the highest order. There is not a single justifiable reason to physically attack another person, other than for self-defence, unless such force is authorized by the law of the land. Unprovoked assault on JP is an assault on person’s fundamental right to life. On February 17th, 2011 our society has taken one step back from being a free society and took one step forward towards a tyrannical society.

Some may question, that there are innocent people being physically assaulted everyday in our nation with no recourse to justice. Similarly, isn’t the JP incident just a drop in the bucket? No it is not. JP is a nationally recognized leader. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Congress Party Presdient Sonia Gandhi, and many national figures know JP personally. He is a people’s representative and a member of the legislative assembly. If a man of that stature is attacked physically, where is the guarantee for the life of a common man? Separatists have succeeded in sending an unequivocal message to those that disagree with their agenda. There are no limits to how far separatists are willing to go to stifle the voices of those that disagree with them.

Save Andhra Pradesh!

Nalamotu Chakravarthy

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232 Responses to “JP and Fighting for our Fundamental Rights”

  1. Chaitanya says:

    Till recently I was optimistic about Andhra Pradesh remaining a united state. But now it appears that the separatist agenda (mostly based on falsehood and false promises) has reached all sections of Telangana including the lower level government employees. They are willingly taking part in the so called non-cooperation (after signing the registers so as to claim the salary) in the hope of better future in a newly carved state. Many others prefer to remain silent not to antagonize their co-workers. TRS MLAs are having free run and are organizing dharna camps inside office premises. It is the result of collective failure of government and peoples' representatives in checking the separatist campaign for 9 long years. I don't see much hope now. I have done my bit to safeguard the basic rights of ordinary people by petitioning the SHRC. For now Telangana JAC went back on disruption of essential and basic services to people but the threat is looming large. Due to unavailability of time and being in government service I can't follow up my petition and go against the wishes of my colleagues. I hope that all right thinking people will wake up fast and speak out to assert the rights of people of all regions.
    Copy of my Complaint:H.R.C No 545/2011 – Date: 21-02-2011 forwarded to DGP's office

    The Chairperson/Member,

    Sub:- SHRC’s silence on violation of basic rights to lead a peaceful life- Reg

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This is to bring your kind notice to the newspaper reports of yesterday. According to them, Telangana JAC led by Prof.Kodandaram has given a call for total bandh on 22&23 of February. It threatened to disrupt even essential supplies like water and power to households.

    It so appears that ordinary citizens in this state have no democratic rights at all. If past incidents are any indication SHRC only responds to shoutings of party paid agents who in the garb of students approach you for permissions to show down of strength on streets.

    We are in dark on how disruption of public life has become an enforceable right in this state. Your silence on blatant violation of the rights of ordinary citizens during bandh calls of parties is beginning to amuse us. Who gave them the right to speak on behalf of us and how can you prevent the police from enforcing the rule of law every time?

    Can we expect you to take cognizance of this open threat to deny our basic right to life and take necessary action on those responsible for giving such calls?

    Yours Truly,
    Concerned Citizens of Hyderabad


    • Chakravarthy says:

      Dear Chaitanya garu- The decision whether state should be divided or not rests with the center. Central leadership is not at all inclined to divide the state at this point. I am saying this based on input from some of the folks who have access to the thinking at the center. The kind of insults meted out to the Governor in the Assembly and assault on JP have only made matters worse for the separatists. Both the Governor and JP have a good reputation in Delhi and these two events have terribly hurt the cause of the separatists. So, there is no reason for not being optimistic.

      • AMRAO says:

        Chakravarthy garu,
        I am not sure if the recent acts have made matters worse for the separatists. But they have disturbed people like me and the little confidence that the government will protect the rights of the people has eroded.
        In the era of coalition politics, every single MP has become indispensable. Therefore the party in power, even with the best intentions, is prevented from acting on the MPs even though their actions violate laws of the land.
        I do not see the Congress governments at the Center and State acting on any of these violent activities.  They will act in 2014 for sure. Obviously TRS knows that they have a free run until then. With BJP supporting them, they know they are in a strong position.
        Just see what Justice Narasimha Reddy has said about the Sri Krishna Committee. Normally a Judge is gentle when he or she has to make a comment on another Judge. But in this case his comments were really insulting. Every case related to Telangana is managed to be presented before him and he blatantly misuses his position to make comments that incite the students and people of Telangana. He too knows that no action can be taken against him.

        Finally, those who are silent today should realize that they could meet the same fate one day as they have set a precedence.

        • Chakravarthy says:

          As always, I agree with your assessment AMRAO garu. I am only saying that the winds are blowing in our favor right now. However, unfortunately we made this issue into a political bargaining chip for the rulers in Delhi. Things could change at a short notice if the numbers game of MLAs and MPs changes.

          • GK says:

            How the incident involving Gov or JP will change the minds in Center? This is the kind of adamant denial of ground reality will only hurt the reconciliation of people post settlement of this issue.
            Let us show our telugu pride and debate honestly on the krux of the issue which is Hyderabad.

          • Krishna Mohan says:

            @Chakravarthy garu,
            This is so unfourtunte to see the ball rolling into parliament. Those honourable MPs(saving MPs from AP)  perhaps will not even know how many districts there are in Andhra pradesh leave aside knowledge of  all  debates revolving around telangana or Krishna comittee report, GO 610 etc.,
            How is that, we can expect that bunch of buffoons, who have no interst in whole case expcet political agenda of parties to which they belong to take a decision  that can warrant justice?
            Look at BJP that dreams to suddently skirt in Telanganga? What does Sushma Swaraj about andhra pradesh and its history. I was suprised to see on her TV demanding Telangana. Why has not BJP given it along with MP, Bihar, UP during their regime?
            so unfortunate.. our fate hangs in hands of Buffoons who no clue of what they are going to decide.
            kudos…great indian democracy…

            • Udyama Telangana says:

              @ Krishna Mohan,
              Relax and for the time being could you keep yourself busy solving this:
              a = 0.99999…….
              10a = 9.99999…….
              10a = 9 + 0.99999……
              10a = 9 + a
              9a = 9
              a = 1
              Therefore 1 = 0.99999…….
              Agree or Disagree ? For your answer,  please provide the reasoning?

              • Hyderabadi says:

                if a = 0.99999, then it is fixed at that value and you cannot change it mid way
                (like changing the premise/ excuse on which T fight is being fought).
                >>10 a = 9*a + a and not 9*1 + a<<
                if 10a = 9 + a above were true, then a = 1 (but we already know a=0.9999)…
                hope this clarifies.

                • Krishna Mohan says:

                  i forgot add in above post on your maths puzzle; if you can proove 5*infinity-3*infinity = 2*infinity then your step 10a = 9 + a and 10a-a = 9 will hold good. since a has infinite number of decimal techincally 10a will have infinite number decimals-one decimal.therefore 10a-a = 9. it can only be less than 9.

              • Krishna Mohan says:

                You dont seem to be serious about forums agenda and have a great deal of scanty respect for other contributors in forum. Pleaes make meaningful debate revolving around the subject, than trying make mockery of people participating.
                BTW: I would have given a good answer if you were able to write value of until infinite decimal places rather than writing a = .999999……..(which was the intent of confusing any mathemetical student). In this case limit of a=.999999999 tends to 1. Your assignment of .999999999999…. to 'a' and subsequence manipulation of a as normal number itself is a flaw. Your mathemetics faculty would have told you that we can not use infinite series as normal number in mathetical operations. We only look into thier convergence or divergent property to determine the value of it. hope this clarifies.
                Further for your information based on this kind of erroneous proofs we can also prove 1=2, sinA = CosA etc.,  which we were doing in our secondary school days.
                If you want some more discusssion on this there many other mathetics forums available, and we can meet up there.
                Therefore I request you not to be so rude towards people participating in this forum and reply with grace if you can, on th points raised and discussed about the subject.

                • satya says:

                  >> Pleaes make meaningful debate revolving around the subject, than trying make mockery of people participating.

                  You are the N th person saying it but he won’t mind. :)

              • satya says:

                From 10a = 9 + a how you got 9a = 9?

                haha.. where did you studied your maths? from kodandaram or Professor jayasankar? Dont say chukka Ramaiah. Atleast we have high regard to his mathematical skills that he wont derive such non-sense theories.

                you want to know the kaaki lekkalu of ur professors?

                watch these as you like U Tube Mr UT


                Btw.. is this what your interest about discussing on ‘viability of Telangana state’ as you mentioned on February 14, 2011 at 7:48 am? One more time you proved that you are not interested in real debate.

        • Srinivas Chada says:

          Neither do I support seperate Telangana or united Andhra. My wife follows this blog as she happens to be your sister's friend. I am surprised that there is no discussion when Mr. Lagadapati hits a common man. I would have been happy if you have had a single line mentioning it.

      • GK says:

        Did not the center make an announcement of their decision last year? It is the local politicians who created immediate roadblocks which started the utter mess we are in today of what otherwise could have been a smooth transition.
        I respect JP and have high regard for him. It is my clear observation that he comes out strong preaching democracy on incidents which can scored against the telangana agitation. Why did he not make a statement like he made the very next day which is to debate the issue in assembly? Also I do not see his logic of united state or governance at district level – is it a jealous intention which does not want the telangana have an identify?

        • venu says:

          who started the road blocks , from dec 1 to dec 9th . who planned for chalo assembly on 10th dec. what made the centre to make a statement on night of dec 9th , not consulting its own govt members?

    • satya says:

      Chaitanya Garu, Let me congratulate you for what you did to protect the rights of the citizens. I saw about ur petition in the paper and your concerns on not coming to media. What you did is a commendable thing and represents the feelings of lakhs of people esp of Hyderabad. But at the same time I urge people not to loose hope by just following the visuals in electronic media. And I am confident the state will not be divided as the present congress govt is already struggling with so many issues and carving a new state is only the last thing they want to happen.

    • Krishna Mohan says:

      @Chaitanya Garu,
      You did a good job of taking it to the attention of HRC, but I doubt if it can meet the merit of their attenction.
      I have only seen HRC acting swiftly only when case invovling Radicals and Maoists have to be lifted.

  2. sameerchandra says:

    Whatever it is. Even if whole country goes to hell and even 10 crore people die , people want telangana
    This is what ROWDY SAMITHI  activists are demanding
    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

  3. Sunil says:

    The personal attack on you brought the Indian legislature system to shame. If a law maker is attacked on personal prejudice by some so called "Telangana Protogonaists" what is the status of common man on the road. We can't even open our mouths to express our opinion. I just want to bring one very disturbing incident occured recently in a school to the notice of all concerned. In one of the well known, popular and recognised schools of Hyderabad a 4th standard studying boy (apparantly belongs to Telangana region) badly attacked his very close friend until that moment because during their discussions the boy in question came to know that his close friend belongs to Andhra region. With the hatred and regional divisions have percolated to young innocent minds and I am not sure where really "Telugu Speaking People" are heading to.

    • GK says:

      Compare and contrast the current agitation with that lead by Potti Sreeramulu…
      Wonder why the center wants it to become bloody this time?
      My friends it is my sincere request to please do not use telugu pride in this equation.

      • satya says:

        Decision on what basis? baseless allegations ? hatred towards other regions? or Fake promises to people for political opportunism? Please come up with some realistic approach than merely asking for a million times will not add any weight if your reasons are above. By the way, prior to that, the separatists should agree that they lied and spread an organized false propaganda against the people of coastal and Seema.

        • GK says:

          You are still in denial. Is it not true that only 2 out 18 top posts are from T in Muncipal dept? Is it not true that 11 out of 11 commisioner level posts are occupied by non-T? Why can't JP or someone validate the employment in assembly/secretariat and disprove the allegations?
          I am not sure which fake promises that you are referring to, may be you can list the top 5 so I can comment.
          Regarding political opportunisum – what is wrong in it? are they stealing it from andhra politicians with separate state? Do you think seemandhra politicians did not have any advantage until now? Will you honestly say seemandhra businessmen did not benefit from AP politics and politicians did not become businessmen. I personally think that by separation the politicians will be made to focus their energies in their respective regions.
          I know you are very knowledgeable on the above subject areas than me. Now please do not deviate from the subject and steer the thread into an different topic/argument.

          • satya says:

            We are going round n round on minor issues. I need some evidence to validate your allegations of municipal commissioners. I would be happy if you provide any. Based on the history of T separatists I do not tend to believe in such wild allegations like 11 out of 11 etc..

            >> Why can’t JP or someone validate the employment in assembly/secretariat and disprove the allegations?
            reg. Secratariat jobs it is easy for you to put an RTI request and come up with proofs. why do you need JP or someone else has to do all the things for you? people have different priorities. It is your duty first to show some recorded proof.. Please do not make it a practice like we will keep on alleging and other party has to disprove it.

            False promises: Ten lakh new government jobs, 12% reservation for muslims, irrigation for 1 crore acres from krishna and godavari based on ‘catchment’ area. salaries on central govt pay scale etc..

            btw.. you can get many such if you follow KCR’s meetings. when each time he was called by some XYZ JAC he will go there and keep on granting his boons to them.

            My initial comment of fake promise is ‘the promise of carving separate telangana’ by political parties because of political opportunism and divisive vote bank politics. so, it aptly applies to all politicians and parties irrespective of regions.

            >> What is wrong in political opportunism?
            are you not witnessing the consequences for the past one year?

            >> Do you think seemandhra politicians did not have any advantage until now?
            I do not know what sort of advantage you are talking about. are you referring to CM post? do you mean all other posts are waste? such arguments only benefit to the politicians and not to the people in the least sense. If you are referring to CM post, You should restrict only to Congress govt and shouldn’t include Telugudesam. Because all the T people were damn sure about who will become CM if TDP wins. So they voted it willingly and they didn’t consider either NTR or CBN as coastal or seema leaders. Even in congress in 2004 and 2009 they are very sure that YSR will become CM. The only time of such uncertainity is during Indira Gandhi time during which leaders of both sides faced her politics and none of them last for full tenure. The intelligence lies in only one sided portrayal of the issues and adding regional color to it. Do you think when T form then the CMs can become from all 10 dists on rotation?

            >> Will you honestly say seemandhra businessmen did not benefit from AP politics and politicians did not become businessmen
            Remove seemandhra then I may agree. aren’t mumbai business people (The Ambanis, TATAs, Birlas) benefit from Indian politicians? look at the 2G scam. I urge you guys to diagnose the actual issue rather than getting swayed away by regional sentiments.

            Lastly, why don’t you confess the old allegations of lakhs of jobs, catchement etc are all false before we discuss on new allegations.

            • GK says:

              I believe that only after sharing the names of the employees in High Court the govt agreed to resolve the issue…
              I cannot say that anyone is occupying a job illegally and that is problem with SKC as it sees everything with legal prism. The point is the shrinking share for T people and more so lack of empowerment as all higher level posts are denied to T.
              False promises, yes, I agree but see them as politicians style…
              Now, what do you say about Lagadapati's distribution of pamphlets mentioning that center would have to concede many more states because of T.
              There is nothing wrong in businessmen benefiting/getting push from politicians. But my problem is that T businessmen do not get a plain field to compete in state infra projects because of lack resources and/or political influence.
              In many respects it is giving the T people space they deserve in every sector. This can be best assured by have separate admin and politics.

              • satya says:

                You are quite wrong GK with a premeditated opinion and a bit of inferiority sounding in ur words. There is nothing like T people denied higher level positions.. With exp. everyone has to be promoted and there are stringent guidelines.

                >> False promises, yes, I agree but see them as politicians style…
                I really surprised at the way you took it so lightly. The actual problem is this. There should a threshold for everything. Wrt Telangana all political parties crossed that limit without minding the risk at the ground level. Still they are continuing the same. if one sane person talks about it, he will end up with physical handling.

                >> what do you say about Lagadapati’s distribution of pamphlets mentioning that center would have to concede many more states because of T.
                See, I do not support any politicians and their acts here. When you are asking about Lagadapati, you should have the idea of distributing pamphletes of ‘Andhra valasa paalanal lo telangana” in railway stations and Pan shops, colleges by Separatists. Also Professors like Kondaram giving hate speeches in universities which are restricted only for education.

                >>But my problem is that T businessmen do not get a plain field to compete in state infra projects because of lack resources and/or political influence.
                Again an opinion of inferiority without any truth.I said, many of the contracts are only thru open bidding. will give you a couple of examples.
                The Maharashtra company gaman-india took up so many projects in AP and sevaral other states despite facing the fateful incidents of bridges collapsing in hyderabad and rajasthan.
                GMR group which won the hyderabad airport bid is the same which is working for Delhi and istanbul. what is wrong in that? are the locals there crying over it?
                Navayuga construction, the AP company took up the project of bangalore metro. where is L&T the non-AP company was given for hyderabad after the illfamed maytas.
                I told in previous posts Lanco had morethan 3/4 of their power plants layed outside AP.
                None of those crying foul that the state contracts should given to state contractors or regional contracts should be given to regional contractors. and tomorrow someone will say district contracts.
                These are all open biddings and competetive which will give more benefits. are we not enjoying when more foreign and efficient players coming into business than just giving it to locals thru license-raj systems?

                you can not have reservation (morethan one type) in everything. It is a dangerous trend.

                How can separate state ensures when your politicians say we will give red carpet welcome business ppl? seems u r well educated but same time its very sad to listen such words from ppl like you.

  4. Ajay says:

    I have always had a high regard for Mr.JP. His speeches are truly inspirational. I really wonder how much could any one of the TRS MLA's understand it. None of them has an iota of knowledge regarding Indian Constitution. Trying to show their inferiority thru physically hurting people. Country comes first; respecting the constitution is every citizen's first responsibility. Damaging private and public properties, burning buses,…. this never ends. When are we going to learn? Anyone has the right to speak in a democracy. Behaving worse than animals if someone speaks of an issue. When is it going to end, if everyone goes around with a sword? Mr. J.P not just me but many Indians not just in India but also around the world truly believe that you are the renaissance that India needs. WE just wish every person in AP realized this one simple truth. India needs 1000's more. Every state's assembly should be filled with people like you. I just wish that there should be one law, which will bar politicians from ever contesting in their lives when they do anything unconstitutional. Spreading hatred thru religion or language or region is against the very fundamentals of our constitution.

  5. Sunil says:

    I'm getting more and more confident that the Center will not grant statehood to T region especially after the acts in the Assembly & attack on JP.

  6. justice says:

    ThankQ Mr Chaitanya…
    I commend your bravery. You and Mr Chakravarty  are an example to  cowards like me who sit in their comfy chairs and hide behind the cloak of internet and pass on analasys  ..
    I appreaciate you
    An ashamed citizen of India

  7. justice says:

    please read my comments as "You and Mr Chakravarty are setting a right  example to cowards like me"

  8. Chandra says:

    Chaitanya garu,

    Please accept my congratulations for doing a very sensible and bold act. I saw this news on
    online news paper. I am very happy to see your posting here. But one need not loose hope.

    Telangana separatists have already lost the game at national level when Govt appointed
    experts comittee revealed the lies of separatists.

     Many of the students and employees we see boycotting because of "fear factor". When i was
    in college in India, also several times student unions would come and close down the college and i would walk away.
    That does not mean that i supported them.

    Telangana is an unscientific impossible demand to entertain. They can ask anything…other than telangana or a separate status for it. I am 200% confident that AP will never be divided.

  9. Neutral says:

    Many concerned integrationists are getting cynical. They have come to the conclusion that Telugu unity is not worth it at this cost of perpetual suspicion and animosity. More than the threat to their lives in Hyderabad, they are disgusted with the falsehoods spread by TRS and T Cong leaders and the fact that crores of T people are believing them!!
    However, to give up is like giving up the fight on Hitler and Nazism. Look at the way the same Germans completely changed their views after losing the war and getting sensitized and sanitized. Then the youth started hating their fathers and teachers for not fighting the evil ideas of nazis and surrendering their souls to Nazi propaganda.
    Do the integrationists want  to give up the fight against evil? After that, will they get sleep? Pl decide for yourselves. You may lose but not fighting is not a moral option. What will you tell your children tomorrow?

  10. Prakash says:

    Mr. Nalamotu:
    With due respect, I differ with the interpretation stated in your concluding paragraph. I firmly believe all individuals fundamental rights irrespective of their eminence, popularity or personal attributes.
    This flows from the conviction that individuals exist before the collective. The only limitations on personal freedom are those that conflict with that of others and the rule of law. The collective has no rights except those conceded as a part of "voluntary associations of men".
    The attack on the lowest "insect" (to use Churchill's slur on ordinary Indians) is to be condemned as much as that on the most distringuished citizen. Perhaps the former should be even more stringent as the defenceless do not posess the ability to retaliate/escalate the latter has.
    I note with regret the widespread tendency of resorting to fisticuffs to "settle" matters. Even more alarming is the selective approach towards such incidents.

    • AMRAO says:

      Of course, all individuals fundamental rights must be protected irrespective of prominence. If a robbery occurs in a common man-s house and it occurs in the police SP-s house, it is still a robbery. But there is lot of difference in the perception.
      JP is the representative of majority of the people of Kukatpally constituency. He has expressed or is considered to be expressing the views of his constituents. The attack on him is to be treated as an attack on the people he is representing rather than an attack on an individual. Every one knows that the majority people of the Kukatpally constituency are from the Coastal Andhra area.
      Regarding the selective approach bias that you are referring to, I did not see any one of us condoning any act of aggression from any one. If you are trying to justify the act on JP because there were past precedences, please do so. As I said, every thing that goes around comes around.  TRS has set a new precedence of physically hurting their fellow MLAs in the Assembly area. I am confident that one day they will receive the same fate by another disgruntled fellow MLA.
      Yes. Even more alarming is the string of attacks and the boldness. I think none of us forgot the attack on Chakravarthy garu when he was trying to release the book.

  11. AMRAO says:

    I think the word is not CYNICAL but it is HELPLESS. Many of the integrationists are feeling helpless and frustrated than cynical. Many times I wondered why the 25+ lakh Seema and Coastal Andhra people living in the city have not come out to express their opinions. Only two people came out to express their opinions and they both met the same fate. The first one was Mohan Babu and the second one is JP. The TRS goons clearly sent a message about what some one will experience if they try to express their opinions freely.
    Politicians do not fear any thing except votes. They have ensured that they are above law. Even in the case of votes, they have managed to polarize the voters so that the voters do not see the real motives but vote with emotional attachment to a particular caste, religion or region. The division of people in the name of caste, sub caste, region and religion helps them to win inspite of lack of vision, ability to lead and provide solutions to every day problems. In fact, there is no need for them to spell out their vision.
    People like me can only wait for the elections to show our anger and express our real feelings. But, our votes will not count much because the majority of the people who vote will vote based on who pays them more on that day. It is a shame that people like Danam Nagender, Manemma and Mukesh Goud get elected in the capital city where the voters are supposed to be educated and knowledgible voters.
    But I am encouraged when I hear my father tell me the events in 1969 and 1972. There were similar events and similar hatred was showered. At least this time, the TRS goons are some what controlled because of the fear of the media. They can behave even worse if not for the fear of the media.
    Just to highlight, my father tells me that at that time, the son of a Congress minister from Nellore had to change the car license plate to an Adilabad number, hire a Muslim driver from old City and every time the car was stopped, the driver would speak in Urdu telling the agitators that they were going to Mahaboob Nagar. They managed to reach Kurnool and from there the driver was sent back to Hyderabad while they went to Nellore.    

    • GK says:

      You refer 25+ lakh seemandhra people, but I do not see any name above who is not connected to politics including the incident of 1969 and 1972.
      The irony is that Danam, Mukesh etc… though elected with people who were paid as per you, are acting on behalf of the seemandhra people.

  12. Prakash says:

    AMRAO says: February 22, 2011 at 12:16 pm
    "Every case related to Telangana is managed to be presented before him"
    If true, I find it highly surprising. As far as I know, cases are allotted by the Chief Justice of the High Court.
    "he blatantly misuses his position to make comments that incite the students and people of Telangana. He too knows that no action can be taken against him"
    The judicial system has enough (or too many according to some) remedies against both faulty trials (e.g. appeals right upto Supreme Court) and deliberate abuse. You & me may not be aware but any constitutional lawyer would know how to escalate the issue.
    Laymen are best advised to leave the matter to legal experts. Accusing a sitting judge of bias may attract contempt of court action.

  13. Prakash says:

    AMRAO says: February 23, 2011 at 3:19 am
    "It is a shame that people like Danam Nagender, Manemma and Mukesh Goud get elected in the capital city where the voters are supposed to be educated and knowledgible voters"
    I am not sure why you picked these 3 "honorable" persons out of the others. If your criterion is lack of education, Nalamotu points out in his post education is no hindrance to bad behavior.

    • AMRAO says:

      Mistaken. I pointed out those people because they are from the city and not because of their education. I do not know their educational background. Also, I am no way a supporter of TDP or any other party. I have just taken 3 names randomly from the city. My grouse against them is that they were given tickets because of their loyalty or chamchagiri rather than their credentials.  

  14. Prakash says:

    MLA's: OK but this possibly applies to most politicians in India.
    Judge: Sorry I did not know Registrar allots cases but even so do you believe there is a collusion? I have not followed this (or any other) judge. In fact, I am not even aware of any judge's name.
    I am not sure if fear reprisals can stop the judicial process. There have been a few high profile cases of investigations into judges recently.

  15. Prakash says:

    AMRAO says: February 23, 2011 at 7:19 am
    "If you are trying to justify the act on JP because there were past precedences, please do so"
    I do not do so. FYI I condemned the attacks on both Mr. Narayan & Mr. Nalamotu
    I am quite concerned about both the deteriorating tolerance in the body politic as well as selective reporting. Unfortunately this happens on both (or all) sides.

  16. Chaitanya says:

    Thanks for congratulating me. I have filed that petition as an impulsive reaction to harrowing time that I had in city buses on the day OU students wanted to march to assembly.Many times in the past I let my anger dissipate and turn into helplessness. I believe it happens with most of us. I don't know if I sounded cynical about AP remaining united but I think its my nature. I even approached SHRC with lot of doubts in my head but the way it acted and forwarded the petition to DGP (and also released the news to media?) was a big surprise to me. I received phone calls from 4 news channels within hours of filing it. I don't know if it is related but yesterday I saw Prof.Kodandaram on TV justifying that bandh call was given out of compulsion , people have to understand and that essential services are not going to be disturbed.
    Why am I saying all this? I think it is our silence that is acting as an incentive for few to disturb the lives and livelihoods of lakhs of people. Earlier I got to hear things like stopping water supply to selective pockets of the city. Only now I have learned that it takes little time to approach a relevant forum or even media to check the designs of those few. Think what happens if HRC receives a flood of petitions or some one approaches higher judiciary or EC after making out a sound case against troublemakers. Just because we sat helpless when govt lifted cases against so called students, the acts of arson and burning of buses in and around OU campus are continuing. Can we afford to sit silent anymore?
    Chakravarthy garu, I want to believe in what you say about centre's intention. But unless we check the free run of separatists and their propaganda it is difficult to win over the faith of ordinary people of Telangana. Separatists are taking advantage of every grievance (minor or major) and are promising to bring the sky down to earth once separate Telangana gets formed.You have done a great job by bringing out your book but I think a lot more needs to be done by integrationalists.

  17. satya says:

    A very nice series on history of andhras in "andhra Bhoomi" daily

    You can follow the same in

    • GK says:

      Kindly request you to please not use telugu pride on this issue/blog and confuse/brainwash people over and over again. Yes, we are telugu people, with the formation of telangana does it change?

      • satya says:

        lol.. One more time you guys displayed your attitude, that you talk without even looking into the content. This is the reason why you people are taken for a ride by these politicians. 1st please go to the link and read atleast a couple of articles and talk. No where in the above comment I mentioned about ‘Telugu Pride’.

      • AMRAO says:

        Please find out and let us know why your so called Telangana proponents kept quite during the Jai Andhra movement in 1972. Was it not a great opportunity to ask for a division? You guys wanted it in 1969 and you got an opportunity in 1972 as the other party was willing.

        • GK says:

          The question is relevant to you and not for the people who always wanted to be separate…May be you can ask the question to Indira Gandhi…

          • AMRAO says:

            Would have been nice if you were honest to yourself and answered. Opportunistic politicians and the inability of people to see through the real motives of these politicians can give rise to any movement in this country.
            Have you ever wondered why there is no movement against corruption even though 99.99% of the people of this country are affected and want it to be eradicated? They can not find a leader. Leaders run movements, not people.

          • satya says:

            distasteful reply I must say with a pinch of escapism. The question is are there any serious efforts(like in 1969 or 2009) from T politicians and people for separation in 1972 when the other party is willing?
            Since you are viewing the problem from politicians, why Chenna Reddy said, there is no need of telangana when he become CM? are the people fight against him that time?

  18. Chandra says:


    I completely agree with you regarding Nazi propaganda and Telangana comparison. There are books and documentaries regarding how Nazi's could infulence so many people.

    Gentlemen ,

    So far the discussions here were purely confined to logical domain and never went to emotional plane. But, In continuation of "Helplessness" talk above i want to write the following.

    I read that, few days back ,there was a program of forming a "human chain" to protest attack on JP. Imagine lakhs of Hyderabad people supported that one and showed the anger. May not be to vote for loksatta…but to protest despotism shown by separatists.  I just came to know that indirectly the yetsredays bandh called by separtists caused a good amount of loss of money in terms of cancecllation of flight tickets to my parents in hyderabad.

    Seems if one does not react now…the heat will hit everyone there. This is what Martin Niemoller an anti nazi theologian said… which is very applicable to people of Hyderabad.

    In the the words of Niemoller:

    First they came for the communists,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.

    Time to restrict the separatists activities away from the boundaries of Hyderabad.
    First step: Atleast Hyderabad needs to be brought back under the control of civilized citizens. And south Telangana districts next.

  19. AMRAO says:

    Please correct me if I am wrong. Don't pounce on me about this. Based on what I have read so far (I confess I have read only a little), the word Telangana seems to be in wide use after 1956 than before 1956. I find the word Andhra to have been used widely before 1956. I am saying this based on some of the speeches made by Raavi Narayana Reddy and other material. If some one can point to the time frame of the coining of this word, it would be really interesting.
    Also, based on the Andhrula Katha by MVR Sastry, the word Rayala Seema is coined in 1912 or so. They were called Ceded Districts until then.
    The separatists, of course, would like us to believe that people of Telangana are a different race compared to the people of Coastal Andhra and the Ceded Districts.

    • satya says:

      AMRAO Garu, You are correct. Even I thought of writing on this from a long time but unable to find a suitable context. Even the legendary writer of telangana ‘Suravaram Pratapareddy garu’ in his book “Andhrula Sanghika Charitra” he mostly used the phrase ‘Andhra Basha’ instead of telugu. Also to refer people in telangana, he used “తెలంగాణ లోని ఆంధ్రులు”. Also No where he mentioned that the language of telangana and andhra are different. And he himself wrote the book in Two and Half districts language only. (seems he is anti-telangana :) )

      In the biography of Madapati Hanumantha Rao garu, the writer clarifies on why “andhra” had choosen to name for the organization of telugu people.. He says,

      “అంధ్ర జనసంఘం స్థాపించింది మొదలు దాని పెంపు కొరకై హనుమంతరావు గారు నిర్విరామంగా కృషి చేయసాగారు. మూడు, నాలుగు ఏళ్ళలోనే ఆంధ్ర జనసంఘాలు 50 వరకు వివిధ ప్రదేశాలలో స్థాపించబడ్డాయి. సుమారు 90 గ్రంధాలయాలు భాషాసేవ, విఙ్ఞానవ్యాప్తి గావించటం మొదలు పెట్టాయి. ప్రజలలో సంచలనం కలిగింది. తెలంగాణ లో క్రమంగా చీకట్లు తొలగిపోతూ ఉషో రేఖల కాంతులు వెదజల్లసాగాయి.

      ఇక్కడొక ప్రశ్న ఉదయిస్తుంది. వీరు తెలంగాణా వాళ్ళు కదా..ఆంధ్ర జనసంఘం, ఆంధ్రోద్యమం అని ఎందుకు వ్యవహరించారు? తెలంగాణ జనసంఘం అని ఎందుకు పేరు పెట్టలేదు? దీనికి జవాబు ఏమిటంటే ఇక్కడి పెద్దలు వారి చరిత్రని సింహావలోకనం చేసుకున్నారు. చరిత్ర లో తెలుగు భాష మాట్లాడే ప్రజలను ఆంధ్రులని పేర్కొనటం జరిగింది. ఆంధ్ర దేశం, త్రిలింగ దేశం రెండూ పర్యాయపదాలు. ఆంధ్ర భాష, తెలుగు భాష పర్యాయపదాలు. తెలంగాణ లో తొలి దశలో స్థాపింపబడ్డ సంస్థల పేర్లలో ఆంధ్ర శబ్ధమే కనిపిస్తుంది. శ్రీకృష్ణదేవరాయాంధ్ర భాషా నిలయం, వేమన ఆంధ్రభాషా నిలయం, రాజరాజనరేంద్రుని ఆంధ్ర భాషా నిలయం మొదలుగున్నవి.

      Not only this, In Ravi Narayana Reddy’s autobiography also he referred telugu people of nizam area as andhrulu. There are many such references. In his book ‘veera telangana’, suddala Hanumantu used the same phrase.

  20. Prakash says:

    @AM Rao, @Satya:
    To my knowledge, the word "Telangana" was used to describe the land roughly bound by the current 10 districts. The term "Andhrulu" was used by the Telugu speakers of the erstwhile Hyderabad state to describe themselves irrespective of whether they lived in Telangana or other parts of the state.
    Interestingly enough, the Andhras of Hyderabad state called the Telugu speakers of Madras province "Toorpu Andhrulu" or "Toorpollu"in colloquial usage.
    The names "Andhra Jana Sangham" and "Andhra Maha Sabha" (used later) were used to indicate that the membership was reserved for Telugus, not everyone in Hyderabad or even Telangana. The refix "Nizam" was added to indicate further restriction to Hyderabad Telugus only.
    Telangana is thus a region. This was never called Andhra during Asafjahi rule in my knowledge.

  21. AMRAO says:

    We know the word Telangana stands for the region. I was trying to find when the name was coined and used widely.

    • AMRAO says:

      Just another thought:
      If the word Telangana was used before 1800, then it would have applied to the current Rayala Seema areas as well.

  22. Sunil says:

    Some of the lies by T gang…
    1) T population – First it was 3 crores, during last year agitation it increased to 4 crores. Now Prof. Kodandaram Ram said 4.5 crores in the ABN debate.
    2) No one was attacked during the T movememt & peaceful – Attack on the Andhra stores in HYD, attack on cinema shootings, bruining the buses & trains in the last couple of days, attack anyone who speaks against T,
    3) Everybody on T are in favour of Andhra – Please listen to Vardhi programme on TV9 and hear the real voice of T people who favour United AP. 9 out of 10 in HYD wants united AP.
    4) T region was discriminated – SKC report cleared the doubts and said T region was developed on par with other regions.
    Folks… please keep adding to the list.

  23. Udyama Telangana says:

    @ Sunil,
    Relax and for the time being could you keep yourself busy solving this:
    a = 0.99999…….
    10a = 9.99999…….
    10a = 9 + 0.99999……
    10a = 9 + a
    9a = 9
    a = 1
    Therefore 1 = 0.99999…….
    Agree or Disagree ? For your answer,  please provide the reasoning?

    • Sunil says:

      UT -  I'm not  here to solve your problems. Let's dicuss the lies (myths) of T gang first.

    • Hyderabadi says:

      if a = 0.99999, then it is fixed at that value and you cannot change it mid way
      (like changing the premise/ excuse on which T fight is being fought).
      >>10 a = 9*a + a and not 9*1 + a<<
      if 10a = 9 + a above were true, then a = 1 (but we already know a=0.9999)…
      hope this clarifies.

      • Udyama Telangana says:

        @ Hyderabadi,  If you are frustrated Cool down boy.
        Here a = 0.99999………. ( Note: On R.H.S, you have a Non-Terminating Decimal)
        Does your explanation reflect " SA" lame methodology for  the premise/ excuse on which T fight is being fought.
        If you beveived that that the above equation was wrong, You did not give me proper explanation ( reflecting the explanation given for baseless  "SA" vaadam).
        Try to either prove it false or Prove it right  based on what I had given & explain in simple terms . Do not apply your own logic.  Do not get confused and confuse others.

        • venu says:

          1* 0 = 2 * 0
          1=2 (on cancelling 0 on both sides).
          your logic and T movement looks like the above one.

          • Udyama Telangana says:

            @ Venu,
            Is this the only answer you could think of?
            I am surprised to see your way of approach. Either solve it or remain silent. In your words this resembles the way a Virtual " samaikyavaadam" was broght into the scene unable to counter the Democratic demand for Telangana Statehood. 

            • venu says:

              u still want me to solve your logic. ఏమైనా  అంటే  మలి అనాము అని అంటారు .
              ఎవరు బాబు నికు infinite decimals arthimetic calculations లో వాడమని చెపింది , దిల్  సినిమాలో వేణు  మాధవ్  రొండో ఏకంలో   యాభై  వెళ్ళు  అని  కామెడీ  చేసినటుంది , నిజాంపేట్  హోటల్  లో  దోసల్లు తీనురా  భై  లేకలు  సరిగా  వస్తాయి.
              infinite decimals are not included in arthimetic calculations, before use either they r rounded off or used in a/b form , i.e 1/9 for 0.999999…
              your logic is same as your democratic demand for telangana statehood. either you do not know the truth, or you are bluffing yourself.

        • Hyderabadi says:

          Since you did not understand something as simple as my explanation, you are very unlikely to
          understand the SKC report which clearly dispels many lies/ myths of T vaadis.  That explains
          your continued tirade against anything logical.
          Personally I couldn't care less how AP is split, but I do care how AP is being spit (on) and you
          T vaadis are the culprits for this.  No leader/ movement/ struggle based on hatred ever sustained.  Good luck with your churlish movement and childish puzzles.

  24. Reddy says:

    Dr JP has been steadily busting the myths being propagated by the T-vadis.
    TRS and TDP goondas can show off their muscle power on a hapless soul like JP, while they lack the manhood to attack Owaisi as they fully know Owaisi could retaliate and  disfigure their ugly faces.
    Today they proudly show 4lakh govt employees going on strike, while till not long ago held a view that there are 3lakh Seema-Andhra employees working in Telangana (remember Job looters?? ).
    Even a very recent TS sudhirs commentry on Telangana tangle stated that Irrigation projects were discrinated based on Catchment areas of Godavari and Krishna and that there are 2lakh Seema ANdhra employees in Telangana.
    So it means either, while the 4lakh T employees are on strike the 3lakh job looters are sincerely working in govt offices, or that 3lakh number is a mythical as lets say Bhasmasura :-)
    Dr JP was one of the first one to bust such a myth about 3lakh employees.
    He also decimated the argument that Telangana is a "53 year udyamamu".
    watch this video from 8.55 onwards.

    • Sunil says:

      UT – I saw the live debate and the basic premise of the debate is wrong. Nobody agreed for division in the first place. Then there is not point in debating about HYD. The lies of T gang are rattled by SKC report. They are trying to drum up the people by doing this lolli again including ABN.
      The only good thing about the programme is atleast the people from both regions are able to sit across the tables and dicuss. Instead of discussing about HYD, they should discuss about the backwardness of the regions and how to move forward and develop the state. The vertical split among the people will heal at times go ago just like how people lived together after the movements in 1969 & 1972. 
      Please the history of Andhra jaathi & telugu basha..

  25. Udyama Telangana says:

    @ Satya,
    One more U Tube Link (UT) for you to hop and jump:
    Hyderabad pai ABN Andhrajyothy open debate:

  26. Prakash says:

    @Satya: thanks a lot for the link, will read it (and other related articles) at leisure. At a quick glance, it appeared to relate to AMS discussions rather than a note on the general usage of the terms.
    @AM Rao: One useful pointer (on when these terms came into circulation) could be to question why the much touted "great uprising" was named after Telangana (i.e. region). Red books (the only sources on the events to my knowledge) could throw light on this.

  27. satya says:

    4.5 crore telangana population?????????????? My God, In a serious debate also kodandaram makes such heinous lies?
    without  providing the the basis for division, he is asking others to accept the division 1st., then we will solve hyderabad. Lastly, if one revolves around the political parties, and their promise, x, y, z we cannot solve the problem. They wont accept that they lied and given a false promise.

  28. Chaitanya says:

    A Farce called govt employees' Non-Cooperation
    I am a state government employee and I am reflecting the views of many silent spectators. What actually is non-cooperation? Can we term the work done by a salaried government employee an act of cooperation? I thought it is what he/she is expected to do for getting paid and receiving many other benefits including societal status. If he/she assumes that he/she was cooperating with people and can go without cooperating at his/her will what is the employer expected to do?It is high time the government implemented 'no work no pay' principle
    At the head office of my department some employees are so scared to do their regular work. Some even fear physical assaults if they go against the diktats of JAC. Many others are following the crowd willingly or unwillingly, raising slogans, sitting in dharnas to clean up their stomachs for one day(you are promised of Nimbu sharbat towards the end of the day). On many counts work has come to standstill.
    But look at the farce. Those who lectured on non-cooperation and remained indifferent to the plight of ordinary people are doing everything to get their monthly salaries and OT allowances. They are going off work after signing attendance registers and since February is coming to an end they want the Personnel& Finance wings of their respective departments to "Cooperate" and prepare salary bills. I have turned bad at my section office for asking 'Why not complete Non-Cooperation?'(giving up salaries).  I very much want our media to highlight this. Can someone do the job? JAC has cleverly declared to go on complete strike from March 5(after receiving Feb salary).Somehow we should force them to fore go this month's salary using the very slogan of non-cooperation. It is the best way to check the run of separatists and bring back large sections of employees from their fold. I don't mind to give up my monthly salary for such purpose.

  29. satya says:

    మోకాలికి బోడిగుండు కి ముడి అని ఎందుకన్నారో నాకు ఇప్పుడు ప్రాక్టికల్ గా అర్ధమయ్యేల చేసినందుకు థ్యాంక్స్. ఆ లెక్క ఏందో, అందులో 9 తర్వాత ఆ చుక్కలు ఏందో, దాంతో తెలంగాణ కి సంబంధం ఏంటో,ఈ బ్లాగులో తీసుకొచ్చి  దానికి సమాధానం చెప్తారా లేదా అని ఛాలెంజ్ లేంటో.. టీవీల్లో తలాతోక లేని తె వాదం వినిపించే వాళ్ళు కూడా ఇది చూసి బిత్తరపోతారు.

  30. Reddy says:
    Contradicts what Mr Chakravarthy has been saying.
    "'Central leadership is not at all inclined to divide the state at this point. I am saying this based on input from some of the folks who have access to the thinking at the center."

  31. Udyama Telangana says:

    @ satya,
    Krishna Mohan says:  February 23, 2011 at 10:08 am
    How many students doing agitations for T can tell all T districts in order of north to south without referring to map? How many students can quickly rattle through which districts Krishna or Godavari flows…
    మాములుగా మీకు చెప్తే మరి అర్ధం కాదు కదా అన్న మీకు?  మన కృష్ణ మోహన్ ప్రశ్నలు అట్లన లేవే ? అవి అడిగే ముందు  జరా సొంచాయించాలి   కదా సమైక్యవాదులకు ఎంత మందికి  ఇట్లాంటి  జవాబులు తెలుస్తాయి అని? గవి అవసరం అంటావా ఉద్యమము చేయ్యనేకీ?  మరి మీ పరేషాన్ అంత ఒకళ్ళు మూడు కోట్లు అన్నారు, ఇంకోడు మూడున్నర అన్నాడు? అదేమో మస్తు ఉందిలే ? అగో వాళ్ళు మాట్లేడే దాంట్లో కామా లేదు, గీత లేదు.
    నేను రాసినా లెక్క రెండు రకాలుగా ఉపయోగ పడుతది అని రాసినా. తల తోక లేని వాదాలు కొంచం సేపు పక్కకు పెడుతారు అని. రెండు సంబంధం లేనివి ఈడ రాస్తే లాభం లేదు అని  ఒప్పుకున్నావు.

    ఆ లెక్క చెప్పిన కాని తెలంగాణా / ఆంధ్ర ను మొదట్లా  ఎవరు తెచిన్రు జరా పురా చదువు?


    • Krishna Mohan says:

      I dont think I am able to undestand what you commented. May be some words are missing. To the best I have understood:
      You are saying my questions are same like your mathemetics puzzle. I am yet to see if there is any connection between a puzzle and questions raised on awareness of people participating in agitation.
      By any chance, if  you would have thought my questions on awareness of agitators also have no answers like the maths puzzle  you in comments, then u r wrong. Becuase both maths puzzle and my questions have answers. Please refer to my answer about maths puzzle. Now it is upto you to decide if you want to analyse into need for making INFORMED AGITATION vis-a-vis an SENTIMENTAL AGITATION.
      As I commented earlier, Unless you are honest to provide remarks to entire comment, I will not want to reckon your comments replete with unrelated stuff.

      • Krishna Mohan says:

        The reason for bringing those questions were just to check the students doing agitation braving police and law, if they atleast know why are they asking for seperate state? If the students can nto explain why they are paritipating in movement with reasons veriable and agreeable.. why are they participating. Do you simply do something with out even knowing why are doing it? I dont think sane people do that.
        alternatively, If they are barrowing the reasons for their agitation from politicians and not based on their independent understanding then it is not students movment but a movement of politicians who hired students. Thus we send bad signals to everyone..that students can be hired for carrying out agitations something similar to mobilizing people for election meetings.
        I hope you have understood why there is need to make an infomed struggle/movement rather than getting carried by some opportunstic guys and participate in movement.

    • satya says:

      @UT, don’t you think there is every need to people know about the basic realities when they are fighting for the movement? The separatists leaders say even a 5 yr old kid can tell why they need telangana? The answer is neellu, nidhulu, niyamakalu..
      But if 5 yr kid know such things, how come the champion of T (kcr) was unaware of it for 20+ yrs in his political life and suddenly realized in 2001 that T was backward in all aspects and the andhra politicians are looting it.

      I don’t deny that people from both sides should aware of the facts. But the outright denial of srikrishna committee by your leaders shows that they don’t their people knowing about the truth.

      The primary question is why ppl asked for division? Because of the hate and false propoganda, ill informed lies, myths on looting, half truths, fake numbers, fake principles like catchment area and many more.. The T people buy these stuff and got emotional and came onto streets which is what the leaders want. Now at any cost, the leaders don’t want to reverse the sittuation by anymeans. In the link you say them saying “We don’t want to talk about the report”. They want to keep the sittuation emotional by keep on saying “మా పిల్లలు చచ్చిపోతున్నారు…. మా పిల్లలు చచ్చిపోతున్నారు..”. But who is responsible? are not the same leaders who lied? are any of these kids families are in the front-running of the movement? can they say either they or their kids completely aware of the truths? did we ever see them in the movement?

      The politicians are irresponsible and we all know that. is there any point of discussing such a crucial issue on political basis? you seems to be well educated and living in a modern world. don’t you aware that discussion and dialogue is important for elevating the truth?

      Lastly, there is no better insult to egyptian movement than comparing it with T movement.  No doubt, T movement can be compared to gujjar movement which is also based on the false promise given by BJP for vote bank politics.

  32. Udyama Telangana says:

    My Request to all,
    If not today,  tomorrow division of state is inevitable. Better we all spend all our energies on an amicable solution so that the bifurcation ( or trifurcation) becomes a smooth process.
    Better concentrate on these lines.
    @ Satya, Kopam vaddhu. Jara idhi chudu (Tala toka lenidhi kaadhu lee)

    • Sunil says:

      What is there to see in the video of ABN debate? People from both regions coined their opinions why there should stay United or get separated.

      • GK says:

        I watched most parts of ABN. Thanks for putting the links on this blog. I could see is a clear division in the leadership and strong questioning on the motive behind why Andhra leadership wants to be united other than HYD

  33. Chandra says:


    Please do not bring nonsense here. Math puzzles….youtube videos….i dont get this. Do not bring stuff from your kid's text books . Otherwise a request will go to admin to remove such postings if they are irrelevant to the topic.

    BTW You should know that in your third step u should convert the infinitely repeating decimal to a fraction. make it 9/10 and u will not have confusion.

    But one thing which makes me happy is that you are still  talking about "rational numbers"(infinitely "repeating decimal" is still rational!!)…instead of "irrational numbers" (Like your irrational T demand).  :)
    Several bloggers like neutral and others here asked you questions about how india should be divided into states if not on liguistic basis. First answer them.

    Telangana separatists first have to learn to answer some questions. Not always asking questions.
    The paradox in your equation is one can not divide 0/0. Its indeterminate. (I guess u know the answer though!)


  34. Chandra says:

    UT, GK and others,

     Samaikyavadam is not for just Hyderabad. Samaikyavadam is for Andhra pradesh in which Hyd is a part.

    People sitting in the debate do not have even high school standard of understanding (including the moderator) about how a capital city develops. One person dileep says how capitalists money is Rajya sampada. He doesnt even know about  what capitalism  as much as i know.

    The revenue generated by districts is used for  infrastructure developement of capital city. Becaause of good infrastructure..and communiations… new investments come and the wheel starts rotating. The income generated thus, is again used for various developmental activitivites and social welfare schemes in the state. [THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE OF AP COTRIBUTED].

    Several research organizations and PSU's like ECIL, BHEL, BEL, IICT, CCMB…DRDO…etc came to hyd because of the efforts of ALL PEOPLE IN THE STATE.

    If Hyd was not the only capital for AP…many of them would have gone to Semmandhra regions.

    Now If you ask them to shift to new capital of seemandhra..or new capital of Telangana…..will they shift?

    Why reddy labs put his laboratory in Hyd. Why not in chittor? or Adilabad? . Because of the infrastructure and readily availability of man power because of educational institutes and other facilities like CCMB and IICT. They take the advantage of facilities at CCMB or IICT. And sometimes its both ways.

    Same way the Foreesnsic laboratory in HYD.

     Chakravarthy garu can write much better than this on this issue.

    - AP has progressed in the past 55+ years into one of the top 5 states in India(in terms of GDP).  We do not want that progress to be DISTURBED.

    -The contribution for progress and the benifits of this progress and various welfare schemes is shared by all people of AP. WE DO NOT WANT THAT TO BE LOST.

    You may say…it would have progressed even if there were two states instead of one. That could be a research project. Unless one comes out with any extra adavntage of division in terms all round benifits to people of T and SA ,

    • GK says:

      The reason they lumped all of those institutes including central univ(given because of 69 agitation) in HYD instead of alloting and distributing the same to various towns/cities (vizag, vijayawada, tirupathi,kakinada etc…) added a lot to the need for separation.
      Now, what you can observe is the employment benefits A people in the setups on the andhra side but because everything is in HYD T people are pushed out as they are legally for everyone in AP…
      Everything is legal but benefitting more to A people… you have to put yourself in the shoes of T people to feel the pinch on the opportunities front.

      • satya says:

        >> Now, what you can observe is the employment benefits A people in the setups on the andhra side but because everything is in HYD T people are pushed out as they are legally for everyone in AP…
        The basis of your observation is wrong. There are no equal number of setups on andhra side, not even half.  btw.. are you conviniently ignoring that such institutions are also legally for everyone in AP as these are all state level institutions? and in case of division, the andhra side people legally lost their opportunities for these just because they didn’t mind setting up these in hyderabad they have to pay the price now? T people are capable of going to mumbai, dubai and rest of the world but they can’t go to some other place in their own state to find a job.. is that what you mean to say? I do not understand why people make such hypothetical observations. 

        >> Everything is legal but benefitting more to A people…
        This is the result of continuous brainwashing of separatists even on educated minds.

  35. Prakash says:

    satya says: February 25, 2011 at 10:51 am
    I did not understand the colorful comment, would you care to expand (if relevant), thanks. Please ignore this question if it relates to the math/logic related discussions between some commenters.

  36. Prakash says:

    Mr. Nalamotu:
    Someone sent me a news link of 100 "eminent personalities" releasing a letter calling for division. The story listed only  a few of the signatories (including one politician). I could not get hold the full list.
    This is similar to what I suggested (though in the opposite camp). You may like to study these tactics.
    Another starting point could be to obtain the list of these 100 signatories and engage them. If a handful can be persuaded to retract, it would be a significant sign.

  37. Kiran says:

    Ha Ha ..I agree with Chaitanya that the present "non-cooperation" is a farce. I mean they want to take salaries but play gilli kajja ? what a "struggle" indeed. They want to travel , use electricity but pay nothing ? what a tremendous "sacrifice". I am sure Manmohan, madam sonia, our parliament and may be the UN itself is very impressed with the "struggle".  
    There are movements and there are cuckoo movements. The telangana "movement" firmly belongs to the second type. KCR was going around begging T regions MPs to resign after SKC report. Not a single one obliged but they decided to create a ruckus in pariament maybe to compensate. Ofcourse KCR himself did not resign. It is not a correct "tactic" at this time I suppose.
    On dec 9 2009 almost every single MLA with the exception of ministers from SA resigned they did not need anyone to beg them nor anyone to come to street. They knew they were wronged and they knew it from the heart and they acted. Just look at Chakravarthy here and compare with Viplav Reddy of TDF. Chakravarthy researched the issue and believed the movement is morally wrong and economically and politically mis-directed. He published a book from his own expense to articulate his position and writes a blog where he carefully listens and responds to opponent views. He shifted to India leaving the lucrative USA. But Viplav ?
    He runs the TDF collects members money and publishes hate pamphlets which he distributes in interior telangana to people who have very less access to opponent views. He censors his group and anyone with a opposing view is immideately booted out. And He has not left the lucrative USA – so much for his "love" of telangana region. 
    I am not saying there is nothing for Samikyavadis to do. Chaitanya showed the way by writing a letter to SHRC we can all do that. But its hard to see how this t "struggle" can succeed.

  38. Prakash says:

    As I understand Nalamotu relocated (or plans to do so, not sure of current status) primarily due to his own reasons, not his cause. To me this is perfectly OK but insisting others follow suit is not.
    Would you support Viplav if he returned to India, gave up his job and "selflessly" devote his time to a cause thay you do not approve?
    With due respect, I submit it is better to focus on the causes rather than guessing the motives of those propounding them.
    Chaitanya may be an "integrationist" but his petition reproduced with his comment does not relate to this issue. His thrust appears to be "disruptions" caused by bandhs and logically extends to any bandh called for any cause.
    Satya, this may be "a hunt for manure cake in the famed epic" :)

    • Chakravarthy says:

      I am in India, hale and healthy. I wouldn't overly dramatize my motives. A combination of things have led to my decision to move to India- wanting to raise kids in India, staying close to parents, and an opportunity to contribute to the integrationist movement. My move plans have been there for a long time, and I would have moved to India even if there wasn't a movement to divide the state.
      I have met Chaitanya this weekend. I've invited him to a private meeting with like-minded friends.

  39. Udyama Telangana says:

    @Krishna Mohan, Satya, Chandra,  Kiran :
    You could condemn attack on JP (for expressing his fundamental rights) and at the same time is it not important to respect others fundamental rights. If you are blaming the other side of spreading hatred then what are you guys doing?  
    I don't understand why names of districts from north to south without looking at the map is required to be understand & then fight for Telangana? These same persons without knowing & understanding policy matters can vote in India? 
    If you believe that you belong to the special breed then why do you need bad-mouthing Professors? Hatred within your innerself should be controlled before exposing others. As per your "Samaikyavaadam" love, Unity should be the primary agenda leave about abusing "Telanganavaadulu"(as per you they spread hatred). 
    If you want to follow "Telanganavaadulu" then you do not have right to ask for unity. Hatred Vs Hatred forms a strong case for bifurcation which in turn is supporting "Telanganavaadam".
    When posting the math Puzzle, I very well knew what I was doing? If you see my first post I just gave the math puzzle for which the moderator should have not allowed it and sent a small note that such things are not allowed. Before posting this I posted couple of responses to the thread of discussions that were going on which were suppressed thus deprived me of your so called freedom of expression. I did not make any Derogatory statements not did I use any filthy language.
    To counter this and see what the moderator would do, I then posted this math puzzle to see the responses.
    I was surprised to see one "SA" Vadi adding the content "like changing the premise/ excuse on which T fight is being fought" into the math puzzle & then math puzzle was interpreted & converted into Samaikyavaadam vs Telangana tussle. At the end I could see couple of persons abusing me and advising in all sorts not to bring in such math puzzles and avoid posting YouTube links.
    What types of links are allowed to be posted on this website? Do you have just hatred towards YouTube links? Are other links related to the likes of andhrabhoomi (with Telugu History), Andhrajyothi, YouTube links advocating only SA cause permitted?
    If seeing links from me hurts, you could either contradict the content or just put a note that Links that are not in accordance with your thought process are not permitted.

    • satya says:

      >> Before posting this I posted couple of responses to the thread of discussions that were going on which were suppressed thus deprived me of your so called freedom of expression. I did not make any Derogatory statements not did I use any filthy language.

      you are the only person making such remarks on this blog. There are so many T supporters posted their comments earlier and it never happen for them. May be you are a true T vaadi in spirit making baseless allegations.

      • Udyama Telangana says:

        I was wondering if you are the moderator!
        If not how do you know that my comments were never lost?
        How do you consider your Kind words "T vaadi in spirit making baseless allegations" -  meaningless. if you consider them baseless better counter them rather than criticizing me personally or comparing me with your choices.

        • satya says:

          I don’t know whether your comments are lost or not but I am sure they will not be deleted by the moderators if they don’t contain foul language. Also you are the only person repeatedly making such allegations.

          • Udyama Telangana says:

            if there were no allegations from others, does it stop me from expressing my concerns. I cannot get treated for your Headache or someone else!  I do not know wheteher they never experieced or did not wish to raise their concerns.  
            I got the Answer from Mr. Nalamotu regarding my Posts and as such I do not wish  to engage myself more with you in this regard.  Well, Thanks Satya for your eagerness shown on me . 

            • satya says:

              You are Welcome. I wish Chakravarthy garu’s explanation would give you enough confidence in this forum. Happy Posting… :)

    • Chakravarthy says:

      UT- Your posts will NOT be censored, so rest assured.

      • Udyama Telangana says:

        Mr. Chakravarthy – Thanks. if there are any Derogatory statements  or  filthy language from my side please send me a small note.
        I would suggest all the bloggers to concentrate on content rather than the type of links provided.
        Otherwise make it a point in preventing everyone posting various links. 

  40. Udyama Telangana says:

    @Krishna Mohan, Satya, Chandra,  Kiran :
    You could condemn attack on JP (for expressing his fundamental rights) and at the same time is it not important to respect others fundamental rights. If you are blaming the other side of spreading hatred then what are you guys doing?
     I don't understand why names of districts from north to south without looking at the map is required to be understand & then fight for Telangana? These same persons without knowing & understanding policy matters can vote in India?
    If you believe that you belong to the special breed then why do you need bad-mouthing Professors? Hatred within your innerself should be controlled before exposing others. As per your "Samaikyavaadam" love, Unity should be the primary agenda leave about abusing "Telanganavaadulu"(as per you they spread hatred).

  41. Air says:

         UT sir, Here discussion is basically about samakya vadam and  seperate telangana. as you are a supporter of  seperate telagana what ever you posted will be seen  in that sense only. what is wrong in it.
    if you are a test engineer of this site then people will think this guy is running some test cases. But I don't think chakravarthy garu appointed you as a tester for screening content.  and about your youtube site. you are posting links. most of the time it is like watch this watch that. etc good. instead of it you are better to say a point and post the link in support of it. I feel that is better. I don't think that here no one object it until you have a valid point.

  42. venu says:

    @Satya. — Venu, It is better to not encourage such useless stuff..

  43. venu says:

    Regarding ABN TV Debate on Hyderabad.
    At the end harish rao agreed that they try to come out with some formulas that will be acceptable to common seema and kosta people , and remove their apprehensions.
    Let us wait and watch , how far he or his party is sincere and will  try in this regard , instead of phera -peri on roads.
    In the whole debate except the point
    of Hyd as parial UT with capital of telangana and legislators raised by revanth reddy and constitutional safe guards for kosta and seema by kavitha,
    and water is the first concern for kosta and seema peple by chalasani srinivas rao and his meaning ful debate.
    and the point that industrialists can survive on moon by anum are sensible.
    referandum can be possible (eg ballary) as pointed by JC
       Rest of the debate is same old stories and words 
     seema andhra palaka, patubadi dharulu, samparna vargala , dhaurjanyam, bhadugu, bedha, bheki , bhalahina vargalu, atma gauravam, dhochukunaru, 56 yella udyamam. forced merger.
    4.5 cores by kodandaram,
    rickshaw puller and blind man my story ,
    I do not know who is that dileep, his question of how are industrialists contributing to govt is foolish.
    I travelled 150 km to reach Hyd by OU Student JAC women leader. (seems she need a separate capital in her home town ).
    nayani fight on use of separatist word.
    Interested to notice is Kcr or Trs says we will grab the andhra properties on one day and the other day will come out explanation we will lie red carpet for industrialists and this objected by vemalamma or vemalaaka in the debate. thank god gaddar is not their other wise he would have said we will plant red flags (not carpets) into industrialists bodies.
    and the congress, TDP , TRS political parties on both sides proved one more time they are good for prolonged speeches with out any conclusions.

    • satya says:

      The current division is not a win-win situation. The other 2 regions loose badly because of good revenues, established infrastructure and other facilities that inturn will generate further revenues in the capital. Besides that there are huge threats from sections of telangana who are in a feeling that once the state is formed, andhras will go back to their places and we can occupy their jobs and homes. Unfortunately I heard few of such stories even from educated people. One of my cousin’s neighbour’s son who got a job as a medical representative said to my cousin, if telangana comes, all your jobs will be ours. My cousin though originated from andhra, he is completely brought up in hyderabad right from his education. The ‘gardener’ example that JC told is not an isolated one. This all happend because of deliberate false propaganda by T separatists.

      Btw.. here is one of my friend’s suggestion to make this a win-win or which he felt so. If telangana is ready to bear the current debt of AP, then the other party may obey for a division. This suggestion is only for those who is against to the division because of revenue concerns but not to them who are intregrationists at core.

  44. Prakash says:

    Mr. Nalamotu:
    Welcome back home! I knew you were planning to relocate for some time but was not sure when you actually did so. I am confidant you will not regret the decision. All the best on all fronts.
    I am surprised to see very little analysis of the SKC report in any media. People like me do not have the time or capability to read through the entire report. The few reports that I found were limited in nature.
    If you know any point-by-point analysis of the report (in its entirety), please provide the link, thanks. There are dozens of sites that posted their own submittal but  none of these analyzed the report against this.
    Offtopic: do you have any plans to take up a pro-individualism (libertarian, free-market or anti-collective) initiative in the near future? I would be extremely interested in any such move.

  45. Chandra says:



    Following is the link for Srikrishna committe report.

    I am sure you have the capability to read through the report and understand. Its meant for laymen of AP and India to read and learn the facts.But it takes some time to read through.

    But i would request you not to look for sites  which gives analysis on this report. The entire T agitation is because of "Interpretations of facts".

    I would urge you to read the first hand report instead of somebody interpreting it.

    Note:  Media wants T-agitation to continue for some more time so that they can get out of bankruptcy and solve their other financial issues.

  46. Prakash says:

    I was looking for a scholarly analysis, not a spoon-feed or executive summary. I guess this does make a difference.
    The report is over 500 pages, not an easy read. I did go skim the findings chapter but it looked confusing (confused?) to me.
    I find many people interpreting the report but none of them is either complete or point-by-point. Usually it is a short para amounting to either "this confirms what I always said" or "this is biased". Even those who posted their submittals are not analyzing the report against their previous submittal.

    • satya says:

      Prakash garu, I believe people whoever are seriously associated or interested in the present affairs in andhra pradesh must read the report on their own instead of looking for some xyz analysis. Again, my opinion.

    • Udyama Telangana says:

      @ Prakash,
      I am hereby sending a link for you to look at one of the Analysis on SKC report:
      Not sure if this is the type of Analysis you are looking for Mr. Prakash!
      If interested anyone could go through the analysis. Every individual could come with their own analysis on SKC, Confront or  Support the content of the analysis but better not analyse me (In general suggestion to all individuals).
      There are other analysis too exposing the pitfalls of SKC report (My observation). If interested I could post them too.
      As far as I had read  the news, TEEJAC (Telangna Electricity Employees Joint action Committe) had compared their submittals to the SKC Report on Power sector and made an open announcement of 10Lakhs prize to anyone who could prove atleast one point true as stated in SKC Report on Power sector. They had realeased a book "SKC – A Bundle of lies". I think till date no one came forward to accept the challenge.
      If you are interested I can forward few more that I had seen.

      • Krishna A says:

        UT gaaru,
        I saw the link. Half truths are more dangerous than pure lies. Nowhere the author  provided the link for NCAER . If you have pleae send. We can have a meaningful discussion. I already posted how carelessly people exaggerate  facts. Telangana population is 4 cr. is one such false number that is used all the time when infact it can't be moe than 3.6cr. Kodandaram, couple of days back increased it to 4.5 cr.

        • satya says:

          The author who questioned the rate of growth analysis(though SKC mentioned absolute numbers at so many places) himself talking about percentages on NCAER report. The point is the report almost considered each and every allegation and concerns from both the regions and analysed to bring out the truth. There can be some typos here and there but seriously I didn’t find any data in any website that can comprehensively challenge the report. Btw.. I am sure most of them even didn’t read it completely. Reg the challenge of TEEJAC, let someone like UT publish the data that they have and give the proper source, instead of paper challenges.

    • Krishna A says:

      Prakash garu,
      I can help you make it easier for you. Where do you want to start? Agriculture? education? Power Consumption/generation? Number of key posts in cabinet? . Pick something. I will direct you to specific pages in SKC report. Thanks.

      • Krishna mohan says:

        @Krishna A,
        It is good to see people like you, who come to discussion forums with an objective agenda after complete review of facts and figures. I am seeing some people making  their claims citing some stray incidents . I hope we can now have objective discussion.

  47. Praveen says:

    United AP with Hyd capital was the biggest blunder committed by politicians in 1956. 1972 there was a perfect chance for division. Again blunder continued due to resistance from Indira Gandhi and cost of the blunder if AP gets divided will be Coastal and Rayala Seema regions going back by 50 years.
    It is not Andhra or Telangana issue, it is central govt's mishandling that is making people's lives miserable. Central Govt should have guts to openly confirm their stand. When they didn't divide in 1969 and 1972 how can they divide it now in 2010?
    Sentiments exists from all 23 districts, not just 10 districts. If hyderabad gets separated first, this issue will soon get resolved.

    • AMRAO says:

      Well, what you are saying is Dhirubhai Ambani is a stupid man who committed a blunder by working hard and leaving billions to his sons just because his sons are quarrelling today due to personal egos and not lack of opportunities.
      Our forefathers sacrificed so much to bring the Telugu bretheren together. Unfortunately, many of the fools participating in this agitation do not know the difference between Telugus seeking separation from Madras state and people of Telangana seeking separation from other areas of AP.  They have been brainwashed to think they are a separate race compared to the people of other regions. They talk of freedom, vimukti, Dopidi, etc… as if they are still being ruled by the British.
      10 years down the lane, if a South Indian leader says the North Indians have looted the South Indians, all PMs are from North except for a minor period of 5 years, etc… and therefore we should separate from Hindi speaking states, do we say Mahatma Gandhi committed a blunder?

  48. Prakash says:

    Krishna A says: March 2, 2011 at 1:10 pm
    I know I should read the report myself and will do so. As I said earlier, the findings chapter looked confusing/confused.
    Thanks for the offer but this does look easy as the PDF is easy to search.
    I am actually looking for a detailed analysis of the report by any scholar, whether independant or interested.  For example, someone who compares his own submittal to the report and analyzes the variations if any.

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