It’s time for Chidambaram to go

(This note was written based on several different conversations I had with leaders of Andhra Pradesh. Few bloggers have pointed out that Dr. Singh and Sri Mukherjee were in Delhi on December 9th, so I stand corrected. However, it is widely accepted among senior leaders in A.P. and Delhi that Chidambaram was the one that took charge and orchestrated the events that led to December 9th announcement. Dr. Singh was in Russia while these developments were going on and looks like the announcement was made soon after he reached India.

Also, one of my overzealous bloggers had slightly modified this note and I have restored the original content)

Sri Chidamabaram is the Home Minister of a country that took on Khalistani extremist violence in Punjab head-on. A country that fought three wars with Pakistan and is battling hardcore terrorists in Kashmir every day. A country that battled LTTE militants in Sri Lanka. A country that rescued Maldives that was under mercenaries’ siege. Indian military flew 2000 kilometers, drove out the combatants and restored that country’s government.

Yet, the Home Minister of one of the most powerful countries in the world, yielded to a man who was on a phony fast and was not in any imminent health danger and who in fact was eager to give up his fast even if the central government winked at him.

Instead of diffusing the crisis in A.P., what did our esteemed Home Minister do? He found an opportune moment when two senior most leaders Manmohan Singh and Pranab Mukherjee, known for their prudence and wisdom, were out of the country. On December 9th he pressured Sonia Gandhi, despite her reservations about a hasty decision being forced on her in the middle of the night, that unless she agrees to split the State, Andhra Pradesh will go up in flames. The intelligence report allegedly sent by the State authorities sympathetic to separatists came in handy to impress upon her.

In 1937 C. Rajagopalachari became the Chief Minister of Madras. He skillfully managed to divide Telugus by giving the ministerial posts to Kosta telugus and none to Rayalaseema leaders. It took a great deal of effort and signing of Sribagh pact to undo the damage done to Telugu unity by Rajagopalachari. In 1949 as Governor General, Rajagopalachari visited Hyderabad and publicly stated that he is opposed to the division of Hyderabad State, which re-energized Telugus to fight for Vishalandhra. Later on in December 1952, after Potti Sriramulu’s death, Justice Wachoo recommended making Madras the temporary capital of Telugus. Rajagopalachari threatened Nehru with his resignation and ensured that Madras was robbed from us.

Home Minister Chidambaram, like C. Rajagopalachari, is playing a spoil sport with Telugus. In an article written for Indian Express May 18, 2003, Chidambaram wrote: “In my view, there is a strong case for the creation of…Telangana (out of Andhra Pradesh, population 7.57 crore).”

While Andhra Pradesh is the 5th largest State in India, Tamilnadu happens to be the 6th largest State in the country with over 6 crores population. Yet, when PMK leader Ramadoss, in light of Chidambaram's December 9th announcement to bifurcate Andhra Pradesh, demanded similar bifurcation of Tamilnadu, Home Minister termed the demand as “meaningless and absurd” and said that the idea should be nipped in the bud.

When it came to division of his home State, the Home Minister reacted emotionally almost in a knee-jerk fashion. Yet when it came to Andhra Pradesh he took advantage of every excuse to enable the division of Telugu people. He didn’t even bother to consult the cabinet, the parliament, nor the Andhra Pradesh State Assembly before eagerly and unilaterally announcing the decision to divide the State of Andhra Pradesh.

Chidambaram’s follies are not confined to Andhra Pradesh. Under his leadership Naxals are going on a rampage. Media has been idolizing Chidambaram as a Sardar Patel’s reincarnation. Looks like that got into our Home Minister’s head.

Our Patel wannabe Home Minister started “Operation Green Hunt” on Naxalites. He rolled in Central Reserve Police Force and Commando Battalion for Resolute Action against Naxals. What are the results of his high-profile offensive so far? 25 policemen killed in West Bengal, 76 CRPF and policemen killed in an ambush in Dantewada Chattisgarh, and another 26 CRPF men killed this week in Narayanpur district in Chattisgarh.

Home Minister Chidambaram should learn a lesson or two from late YSR. Andhra Pradesh was one of the worst Naxal affected States in the country. YSR didn’t indulge in any major “operations” or threatened to bring aircrafts to tackle Naxalites. He initiated developmental activities in Naxal infested areas. He strengthened the intelligence network, and empowered the police to do their job. This has effectively halted Naxal menace in the state. YSR didn’t make tall claims, nor held weekly press conferences, nor did he ever celebrate victory over Naxals.

If this is not enough, it is widely believed that the Home Minister played a chief role in the recent conflict between Manipur and Nagaland, wherein Nagas have blocked NH 39 and NH53 access for 65 days. This effectively denied the rest of the North Eastern States basic commodities like fuel, baby food, and medicine. It is widely believed that it is the Home Minister who opened the North East’s pandora’s box.

Home Minister Chidambaram during his brief stint has done enough damage to our nation through his actions. Under his leadership, Andhra Pradesh in the South, Kashmir in the North, and Nagaland, Manipur in the North East have gone up in flames. I hope the leadership of this country will wake up from its slumber and relieve Chidambaram from his public duties.


Save Andhra Pradesh!

Nalamotu Chakravarthy

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43 Responses to “It’s time for Chidambaram to go”

  1. satya says:

    Chakravarthy gaaru, I differ with the lines on chidambaram's vested interests in dividing the state. Mana bangaram manchidi aite kada.. 
    All the political parties in AP played with the people and took oppotunistic politics to the new heights. Everyone tried to corner others with respect to telangana and tried to get political mileage. And our TRP driven media came handy to these politicians to achieve this. And in the end both are succeeded in creating a hypothetical opinion that whoever are against to seperate telangana will loose the battle, but in reality telangana issue had a very lesser role in getting votes.
    First it started with BJP during 1999 elections. when there is no demand for a seperate state they campaigned with the slogan "oka votu – rendu raashtraalu". Everyone know BJP is in btr position in telangana comparatively to costa and seema. And they want to stabilize it further by dividing the state. since they allied with TDP in 1999 they couldn't fulfill their desire to divide the state. 
    Later it is YSR who encouraged the telangana congress leaders to demand for a seperate state just to trouble chandrababu during his regime.  
    Its an open secret why KCR came out of TDP and took the telangana cause. we have to accept that KCR succeeded in taking it to a national stage though he failed in ballot. Thanks to his great oratory and polarizing politics by spreading lies. we must not forget to thank TV9 here which is the reason behind 50% of problems AP facing today.
    Later it is the turn of chandra babu who lost belief in himself and succumbed to the opponent's plot on t-issue, he too taken the stand of seperate telangana, believing that telangana will never be formed.
    The lesser we talk about chiranjeevi is the better. 
    Now after the death of YSR the issue boomeranged to these opportunistic politicians 

    • Chakravarthy says:

      I completely agree with you about our bangaaram being bad as the root cause for this crisis. All the leaders were under the false impression that center will never make the decision to split, and hence were caught off-guard on December 9th.

  2. Srinivas says:

    Chakravarthy gaaru,
    I am eagerly waiting for your post on your interaction with SKC and your experiences during trip to India.

    • Chakravarthy says:

      Srinivas garu- I didn't realize there is interest in knowing the details of my meetings with SKC and others. I will try to post a note.

      • jagan says:

        Chakravarthy garu,
        I am also eager to know the details of your interatction with SKC and your experiences during your to India.

  3. prabhakar says:

    Digvijay singh described PC well with "Intelligent arrogance".
    Starting with Voluntary Disclosure Scheme (VDS) he did many damages to the country. He feels himselfs and many consider him intelligent.
    I doubt if he does all this with vested interested. Rather he tries to show-off intelligence w/o understanding consequences. He is so arrogantely self-confident that he never attempts change his path even when fails.
    PC alone cannot be blamed for current situation. INC and country as whole are rudderless. The powerful lady is not accountable. The answerable economist has no authority. Of course he does not answer anyway.
    Sorry for my gibberish not relavant to the topic. One thing I would like to say. Today the governments behave as though they runing the country not for the people but for the cameras and microphones of media.
    I am not sure if YSR ever encouraged separatists. At least he was against alliance with TRS in 2004 elections. It was DS who forced alliance.

  4. Chandra says:

    Chakravarthy garu
    Its true that definitely somebody has to take the responsibility for this mess.
    AP govt/India  lost several hundred crores of rupees because of the Dec 9th statement, lot of uncertainity in future investments and more over, loss of thousands of man hours of people like me who started thinking about the serious situations and started working on it from individual peoples side. Forget about the emotional disturbances among telugu people around the world.
    This is an utter inept way of handling a tricky situation. Countries handled several more tricky situations of involving Hijacks and kidnaps.
    But this incident is a classic example of what  political selfishness and irresponsibility can lead  in India. Even after all this mess the earlier so called CEO of AP says two regions are his two eyes.
    Does he mean that if two children of a father start fighting with each other, the father will not try to stop the children saying that he loves both of them and let them fight? Is he accepting that under his rule, Nizam Telangana was discriminated in funds allocation? Why doesn't he come up and say either Yes or NO?
    We still have earlier chief ministers from  congress party. Are they accepting that under their rule Telangana area was discriminated?

    Why  shouldn't court proceedings not be taken up against all present and earlier MLA and MP's from Nizam Telangana who did not reveal to public whats going  on in government and failed in their constitutional responsibilities ?

    • GK says:

      Mr. Chandra, you start saying that crores were lost….which seems to be of big concern to you…and then you consider this as an example of political selfishness. Wondering what the politicians are selfish about?
      Regarding the acceptance and revealing to public by MLAs, MPs…. don't you know about all the GOs, committees, court rulings etc.. on the discrimination and injustice.
      You seem to lost the connection to your arguments within the same post, no need to go across your posts.
      I only sincerely hope that SKC report does not put a shame cover that is to stay forever. Read the conclusions from previous committees reports, you will know what I am worried about for the unity of telugus.

  5. Chandra says:

    People, Please check this elaborate interview of Chakravarthy garu on studio N.
    After seeing this  interview , it gives me some confidence that there are some interviewers in Telugu TV channels who are knowledgeable and sensible.
    Now if you look at the following interview by TV9, you will find the difference.
    Another Interesting thing in Tv9 interview is the ,guy from Oklahoma, who looks after the hate propaganda,…unable to answer the Rajneekanth of TV9 question on narrow mindedness of  "some"  NRI's from T region. You can see the guy displaying the  usual "TDF culture".
    Anyway, all interviews are present at
    Studio N interview i feel should be the real eye opener for all the misinformed/ misguided people.

    • satya says:

      I agree with you. Kandula Ramesh of studio-N is usually study the subject before making any debate. Earlier he  worked with TV-5 and host the show "9 PM with JP".

      • jagan says:

        Look at the attitude of that TDF guy from oklahoma, Viplava reddy. He is really very offensive and abusive. I felt very bad at the way, he behaved.
        I seriously think chakravarthy garu should have hit him back strongly rather being nice and good mannered and keeping to himself. Rather than being decent, we shud respond aggresively and strictly condemn them as that will project our confidence and strength.
        People like them, TRS, TJACs have now defined an false conduct for all nizam telangana people that they must support seperate telangana or else they will be branded as traitors of telangana and ridiculed and cornered.
        With this defamation weapon they have successfully suppresed many voices in telangana and it looks like this person has tried this same weapon on chakravarthy garu also.
        I don't know why he get's personal on chakravarthy garu and APNRI instead of trying to focus on what he is saying. May be, he is trying out the same trick that politicians do when they cannot justify their actions. They try to defame the other person and try to potray that person in bad light so that whatever they say will not be taken seriously by the public.

  6. Siddeshwar says:

    There is a good saying about fools. It reads..It is better to stay quiet and then talk and remove all doubt.
    You have done the same here. Your post shows you have no idea about why the statement of Dec-9th was made.
    There are many wrong assumptions in your post. First the PM was well and truly in the capital at that time. Two, legislative assembly of AP was consulted in a all party meet. Every political party except the MIM agreed to it. This was communicated by state CM to Congress working comittee.
    Moreover, Telangana was an electoral promise made by the all parties. Hence, all these reasons  made Centre to given to telangana demand.
    Criticing Chidambaram for the things done by politicians of AP shows your short sightedness.

    • Chakravarthy says:

      1) I was told that Manmohan Singh was in Russia when December 9th decision was being orchestrated. I will gladly correct myself if that is not the case.
      2) FYI…an all party meet is not the Legislative Assembly- and this is the exact same excuse Chidambaram used. Topics of great importance, such as division of the State should be discussed on the floor of the Assembly. I agree that all the parties played the political game. They assumed that center will never call in their bluff- and Chidambaram did.
      3) You said, "Telangana was an electoral promise made by the all parties": Today all major parties are split over this decision. So, should the demand be dropped?
      4) Why blame Chidambaram? I completely agree that the blame falls on Telugus and particularly our politicians for what has happened. My argument is that Chidambaram was the one who orchestrated December 9th with a great zeal, when he could have diffused the situation easily. In fact, I was told that, on Dec 9th Sonia Gandhi was not opposed to dvision of the State, but she was wary about doing it in such a hasty manner. After December 9th, she was surprised with the degree of backlash in the other regions of the State. Apparently, she has been advised by her confidantes that all regions of the State are for division.

      • Siddeshwar says:

        1. Pleasde do correct yourself, both FM and PM were very well in India. You also have correct your wrong assumption that chidambaram forced it upon Madam Gandhi. Ahmed Patel apprently has more clout than Chidambaram. so your assumption is flawed.
        2.I do know all party meet is not an legislative assembly, wat you need to know how the bills are discussed in an assembly. First the govt intimates the assembly that a motion needs to be passed, then it is discussed and then a voting is done. This is wat chidambaram had announced. wat elase could he do when all party have indicated that they were ready for passing the bill.
        3. Sir, all party's being split does not mean they have changed their electoral promise. simple to understand. PRP which went back on its promise is not fighting the elections. Congress and TDP are fighting the bye elections on the same promise. so wat you have written is foolish to say the least.
        4." My argument is that Chidambaram was the one who orchestrated December 9th with a great
        zeal, when he could have diffused the situation easily"- This is blantant statement made with wrong assumptions.
        Sir, you have to understand that this issue has to going for 9 years. This was part of UPA_! common minimum programme, part presedential address and every political party barring one played this issue up.
        Without all this could Chidambaram have forced all this.

        • satya says:

          Mr Siddeswar, Do not try to mislead the facts. The prime minister is not in India and he didnt participated the meeting held that night. Also it is started as a congress core group meeting rather than a cabinet meeting. How can they make a decision on a such an important issue without consulting their cabinet colleagues? Also Rosaiah, the CM of the state know nothing about chidambaram's statement. Is this not complete mismanagement of the issue?
          There are many electoral promises that  can change the lives of the poor were kept in cold storage. The formation of telangana state doesnt effect the common man in any means. Also the promise is different from party to party. Congress said 2nd SRC and TDP's stand is consensus. PRP said samajika telangana. can anyone interpret it here? CPM is against to seperate telangana.
          PRP not contesting the elections doesnt mean their stand is not valid. TRS didnt fight the municipal elections. So would you accept hyderabad people are against to seperate telangana?
          The presidential address clearly says consensus. That is why pranab committee formed. On Dec 7th as part of their political ploy all parties aggreed but what happend latter we all saw.
          why the whole world of telangana stopped on dec 9th?  why can't they take dec 20th statement which is more latest? even nations like India, pakistan regularly update their agreements considering the latest sittuation. This is just a domestic problem and should be addressed more carefully without inclining towards the orchestrated emotions built on lies

          • Chandra says:

            It seems PM was in Moscow and came back on dec 8th. News paper archives indicate something like that.
            But he was not present when the drama was going on in AP  Seems he was not even present when meeting was held regarding the decision. 
            Mr Siddeshwar i advice you to point out the legitimacy of the demand itself from SKC reports submitted by separatists intellectuals. First ask them to correct their mistakes in the reports.  

  7. kishan says:

    There is propoganda spearheaded by TDF against AP NRI team and personally against u, I think u better to counter at initial stage itself insted of advanced stage of hate propoganda

    • Chakravarthy says:

      Kishan garu- No amount of countering will stop their hateful propaganda. I'd rather focus on the issues than be worried about their personal assaults. If you saw something that bothered you, I am happy to clarify.

      • shankar says:

        Mr Chakravarthy
        If you have the right to ask for united state, so do people at TDF for seperate state. Have you ever experianced a hateful propoganda by TDF on you or anyone else. They are not a political party. Wat would they get by having a propoganda against you. please dont use a user's wrong information to maliagn an organization. A political party will see a benefit by maligning you and not a non profit organization.

  8. jagan says:

    I wanted to express my views on the interview with TV9 esp the part where our dear Viplava reddy from TDF is involved.
    When rajnikanth has asked Viplava reddy, about what he feels about the fact many NRIs from telangana region are supporting United AP.
    Viplava reddy starts talking about the appropriateness of APNRI name, when it was started and then dismisses it as an samaikya-andhra organization.
    AP mean the present united state. is it not?
    As chakravarthy garu said, since we come from different regions of AP, the term APNRI best suits the bill. Also since we stand to keep the state of AP intact, it has only added more value to naming ourselves as APNRI.
    We are fighting for United state in the wake of the unwarranted Dec 9th statement to seperate our state and as chakravarthy garu said there is nothing wrong in it. So what if we are formed recently?
    May be, Viplava reddy is trying to say that TDF has been around for more than 10 years and they have done so many social activites and so only they have the right to fight or express views and take stands.
    Well!!……….To say the least this is very suffocating and dictatorial.
    This is not like wine!!… the OLDER the BETTER!! 
    Why don't they look at the case we presented rather talking about seniority!!
    Also why shud we name our organization as only samaikyandhra organization only when we have clearly mentioned our stand. We may look into other development related issues after this issue is resolved.
    Do all seperatist organizations have the same name? This is getting really stupid.

  9. jagan says:

    Some more views..
    When Rajnikanth asks about the data that chakravarthy garu has compiled.
    Viplava reddy again diverts the issue saying that, when even the government is saying that they don't have data, where did chakravarthy get it.
    Further, he is talking about the history of telangana as a seperate "samstha" and  that Nizam and other foreign rulers have adapted themselves to telangana culture.
    Well!!…Government said, it has no records of district-wise spending since 1956. Period.
    Now these people started saying that there are no government data/statistics at all regarding any indicators of development.
    Chakravarthy garu has clearly stated that he compiled the data from the annual releases of statistics by the government, from info obtained thru RTI, libary records etc… but Viplava reddy just thinks that we got this information thru online or some cooked up sites.
    First thing, In this web centric age, everything, even government statistics, GOs etc… all are available online. I am really surprised how he doesnot know this. Moreover chakravarthy has said repeatedly that he spent 4 months in India researcing this stuff.
    Now about the history of telangana, by now everyone knows that Costa/seema were with the nizams until 1800's and telangana until 1800's means all of today's AP.
    Telangana as seperate samstha with a different culture. When we are all together until 1800's, I don't understand how is telangana is a seperate samstha and can have a distinct culture within 150 years of seperation. Culture, I believe is the legacy of atleast millinium years, atleast in India.
    Telangana were just the telugu speaking districts of hyderabad state and this has narrowed down to current 10 districts after
    costa/seema were sold off to britishers.
    Now comes the favourite part, that Nizam and other foreign rulers have adapted to telangana culture.
    My God!!.. I donno what to say on this…
    Have the nizam used telugu language as the official language or atleast in school and universities like osmania? Strict NO!!
    Have the nizam appointed telangana people in government offices? Strict No. only 10% of government jobs were held by Hindus. Actual telangana people were all hindus before muslim invasion. Can any one deny this?
    Hyderabad state was strictly a mulsim state. Can anyone deny this? How many people in hyderabad state were muslims? A mere 10%. I don't want to get communal here but we need to objectively discuss the facts.
    I really want to know, what have Nizams preserved or atleast adapted themselves to telangana culture.
    The truth is telangana people have to some noticeable extent adapted to the culture, living style of the mulsim invaders becuase they had no choice. They are being ruled by a muslim maniac.
    Have the Nizams attended sammakka sarakka jatara, celebrated bathukkamma. BIG NO!!…
    Infact, as part of Nizam's grand design to counter the growing cultural and political awareness among Hindus (~90% of the total population at the time) in the state, the Telugu names of districts, for example, Elagandala, Palamuru, Induru, and Metuku were changed to Karim Nagar, Mahaboob Nagar, Nizamabad, and Medak respectively, and towns like Manukota and Bhuvanagir were renamed as Mahaboobnagar and Bhongir respectively in 1905. Village names ending in padu were changed to pahad. At the same time a proclamation was issued making Hyderabad State an Islamic state.
    I seriosly don't understand viplava reddy, what he means by indicating that anyone who comes to telangana is morally obliged to adapt to telangana culture even though constitution does not neccessiate it.
    What does he mean by this? Are we not in united AP? Is hyderabad not capital of AP? or is it still just capital of Nizam area? If you are in hyderabad, it means you are in your own capital city regardless of which region you belong. Just becuase hyderabad is physically in Nizam telangana, does not mean you shud talk and follow whatever telangana people do. Moreover Is telangana a seperate region constitutionally? or state or seperate country?
    Why shud one unlearn whatever he/she has learned/pratices just because you are in a different region. There is no moral binding whatsoever.
    When you are in rome.. you shud be a roman… when you are in italy, you shud be italian…
    This is the limit!!……..
    May be if our viplav reddy stays in US, he would behave like this. Change his name to Peter, Eat bread, pizza, pork and beef only, name his son as bush or clinton, talk only in English with his wife and kids, watch only football rather than cricket, go clubbing and dating…  I don't want to say more… as this is getting really stupid and funny…
    May be our friend has some modes defined… like a robot!!… I am sorry but… what else can I say…
    Even if he means roman or italian by spirit… I don' t really get it.
    Wherever you go, you are an Indian bro… and a telugu… nothing can change that!!……. You may pick a few things here and there but the core remains the same.
    When some people say that telangana movement is about retaining their DISTINCT culture in united AP formed on the linguistic basis of telugu language, why don't you advise them to follow the same principle. Why don't they stop being telanganites and be just a telugu person without regional feelings.  It's been 54 years now. 

  10. Siddeshwar says:

    Dear Jagan
    "Telangana as seperate samstha with a different culture. When we are all together until 1800's, I don't understand how is telangana is a seperate samstha and can have a distinct culture within 150 years of seperation. Culture, I believe is the legacy of atleast millinium years, atleast in India."
    Culture is shared belief of the people. A culture always evolves. During the 150+ years of nizam rule, people of telangana embibed the culture of their own. The saddest part and the realty is that even after 53 years AP, people of that region see themsselves differently. That is were I think the concept of Andhjra Pradesh has failed. You might not agree with it. but, that is how it works. Childern of telugus born in foriegn countries adopt and embib the culture of the country they stay, this common process.

    • satya says:

      culture is shared belief of people????
      Nizam ruined the actual telugu culture in telangana and tried to establish a foreign culture. Evolution of a culture happens only by the willingness of the people but not with force.  It is sad that you are embrassing and accpting this forced culture now as telangana's culture. Your forefathers who faught against nizam for ruining their identity will definitely feel pity of your generation.
      But I still feel Nizam is not totally succeeded. Tell me apart from accent and having a different dialect, in what ways telangana culture is different than telugu culture? Please dont tell us batukamma,  we got bored of this. These type of festivals are there in other parts of andhra under different names of goddess like poleramma, aankalamma..

  11. Kumar says:

    I totally agree with Chakravarthy garu when he said that people from other regions were sleeping when the T supporters were busy doing their propoganda. Atleast now people should be aggressive and counter the false news and myths about the development statistics that the TRS and TDF use to drive there point.

  12. Chandra says:

    Separate Telangana agiatation has much larger roots from different forces in the region and country who support separation.
    The list of people who want separation are…
    1. Earlier rich feudal lords of telangana region who left to western countries in 1960's want to bring their "past glory" of Telangana.
    2. 1956 AP formation was very opposed by some of the strong Gujarati , Marathi and north indian businessmen who were doing business in Hyderabad. The 1969 T movement was hugely funded by these people(There is a proof in a research article) as they saw the danger of competetion from coastal district businessmen.
    Earlier there was no telugu domination in Hyd. After late 90's  if you look at Hyd almost 75% business is dominated by telugu people.
    These earlier  businessmen from norhtrn parts are very furious as they utterly failed to comepete with Telugu businessmen. I strongly feel they are hugely funding the T agitation.
    They want separation.
    Culturally also earlier telugu culture was not dominant in Hyd. Hindi movies were being watched heavily by hyderabadis. Now its almot nullified by strong telugu movie industry.
    Infact some of the TRS/TDF engineers and intellectuals are not Telugu people at all. they are Marathi people!
    3. Third force is again, the past feudal lords staying in AP unable to fetch govt contracts competeing with other coastal and seema contractors.  They want separation.

    4. Some Communist professors / intellectuals who are against capitalism want separation as they can experiment their ideology if T is separated.
    5. Now this we all know. Naxalites just want this region to be separated. It will be ahuge gain for their long term goals.
    6. Bigwigs from other states in India who are facing competetion from AP want AP to be weakened.
    Now if you look at the list, each force wants to take Telangana in a different direction!!!
    But for all these people the VIA POINT is same!! . That is Telangana state. Once it is formed all these forces will try to take T region in their favoured direction ruthlessly tearing apart the region.

    BUt as long as all telugu people in AP and entire world are very strongly united , it will be very easy to suppress these evil forces.

    • Chandra says:

      You are right. If some body from telangana region speaks against separation he is a telangana drohi.  According to them i am a big telangana drohi. They have a popular quote from poet Kaloji who says something like "eliminate the person opposing the movement if the person is from our T region".
      Press academy people of Hyd like  Amar Devulapalli kind of people quote such vioelnt quotes in the TV media itself!.
      I consider all these separatists as "Telugu jaathi drohulu". Why shouldn't the same kaloji statement be applied to these drohi's ?

      • GK says:

        I sincerely request you to know the biography of Kaloji. We all should feel ashamed on what he had to go thru in his life. He was not allowed to sit in line with telugu poets of his time where as Govt. of India. recognized his work and showered him with awards. Please know some facts on the other side too.

  13. Prakash says:

    Chakravarthy says: July 3, 2010 at 3:07 am
    "I agree that all the parties played the political game. They assumed that center will never call in their bluff- and Chidambaram did."
    Let us paraphrase this to understand the truth: "I agree that all the parties (and the andhra politicians as well as most andhra "opinion leaders") played the political game. They assumed that (Telagana people and) center will never call in their bluff- and Chidambaram did. (The andhra parties & politicians managed to fool Telangana people once & can not do again)"

    • satya says:

      Prakash, The only sub-regional party in AP is TRS. There are no Andhra Parties. The other are regional parties which has considerable vote share in all 3 regions. Many politicians from telangana elected from these parties and became ministers.
      what Andhra Parties you are referring to? do you Andhra pradesh or andhra region parties?.
      It is the telangana politicians who are playing with T-people. See, D. Srinivas is saying he brings telangana. (he said, ichedi sonia, techedi nenu). where as sonia didnt utter a word about telangana.
      similarly TRS after 2004 elections tried to bluff the people that telangana will come in 6 months, 2 months by putting repeated dead lines, when everyone know as long as YSR govt ruling the state there wont be a division of the state.
      I would say people whoever believe that andhra politicians can bring seperate telangana are really fools.  But the truth is they neither believed it nor take it too seriously. That is why T-issue has a very little role to play in elections.

      • Chandra says:

        Well  said satya,
         TRS itself didnt believe that chidambaram would give a statement like that.
        Just because political parties in AP played a game which boomeranged , TRS took the advantage.  TRS itself said many times that it would get telangana in six months. It said majority parties in entire India favoured separation. Where are those people now?.TRS leaders agreed  for second SRC also later they flipped the coin. Did they keep their promises?
          Above all,  the demand itself should be legitimate. Unless it is legitimate, politicians words will not have any value.

  14. Prakash says:

    Satya, I tried "replying" but it would not go through ("null") for some reason.
    "I would say people whoever believe that andhra politicians can bring seperate telangana are really fools.  But the truth is they neither believed it nor take it too seriously." Wow so they (Babu, Chiru et al) were lying to people & their own partymen LOL. Sorry to take their word seriously.
    Did the ordinary andhra voters know these people were lying? Did they vote for these prties inspite of knowing their lies? Only a cynic beyond repair will answer "yes" to both these questions.
    Legitimacy or otherwise is not relevant in this context. If the demand is wrong, they shold oppose it openly.

    • satya says:

      It didn't need any intelligence to belive that TDP, PRP will really dont support seperate telangana. The ordinary andhra voter know well that these are people never been to andhra and dont know on what issues they voted on.
       Tell me what survey did CBN conducted under the leadership of yanamala ramakrishnudu in Andhra region? whose opinions they took? Its just a naam ke vaaste survey to bluff the voters to convince their change of stand.
      when these voters were created a sense of doubt on the issue which YSR did cleverly after the 1st phase of poll, a sizeable number of them are voted against the maha kootami because they believed YSR can successfully stop the bifurcation.
      If chandrababu or TDP really support telangana why KCR parted with them even before the results were announced and went to meet BJP leaders?
      For people like you legitimacy is not important. Also for parties who fury and play with people, legitamacy is not important. But for srikrishna committee it is. And the purpose of the committee is to question that.

  15. Prakash says:

    Coming to the subject of the post, the present situation in Kashmir is probably another strong reason for letting Chidambaram go. We can ascribe ineptitude, poor judgment, inefficiency etc. to and many  politicians (perhaps including PC). But imputing motives without sufficient backing is streching imagination too far. Looking at every one's action through the narrow prism of regionalism or language fanaticism is a reflection of your own approach.
    The accusation that Chidambaram acted unilaterally does not hold water. Jagan Mohan Reddy's travails should make it clear that Congressmen who venture to go out against Sonia's dictat will hit a cul-de-sac.
    Even more serious is the accusation on Rajaji of robbery. If Rajaji was a rober, why did so many andhra leaders (e.g. Ranga & Latchanna) join the Swatantra party started by him later?

    • vijay says:

      >> If Rajaji was a rober, why did so many andhra leaders (e.g. Ranga & Latchanna) join the Swatantra party started by him later?
      No politician is a saint.. Their personal and political interests always take precedence over their love for people.  I dont understand why you are giving due importance to the actions and statements of politicians rather than discussing the facts?
      Btw.. I agree that chidambaram's action is not unilateral but untimely. If it is an official meeting rather than a party core group meeting they must release the minutes of the meeting. Just giving a press note after the meeting is an utter disregard to the people who wants to know on what basis they made the statement,also what they have discussed for 4 long hours.. that too for 2 days.

  16. Subbarao says:

    In an NDTV program Abhishek Manusinghvi said that they announced Telangana because All parties had supported it in their election manifesto. He also said they don't look at individual positions of of each of those in the party, but look at party as a whole.
    In that context Since TDP/Congress had led open support to Telangana (at that time), it naturally followed that they announced Telangana since they had a Leader "Fasting" for Telangana.
    Infact he asked Ramakrishnudu for a yes or no answer whether he supports Telangana but our Ramakrishnudu blabbered some gibberish in his broken english. 
    In that sense you cannot blame Centre for agreeing to Telangana, however the manner in which the spineless center bowed to a farcical political leaders third class methods is deplorable.
    Its true that since the death of Indira, India never had a leader in a true sense.
    The center should have sent an emissary to tell KCR sternly that the center would not bow to such methods and urge him to call off his fast or else no discussions on Telangana would happen.
    Did the center ever bow to the demands of Manipuri woman Irom Sharmila who has been fasting on and off for several years? 
    That would have left KCR with two choices for death, either die slowly "Fasting" at NIMS or call of his fast and get lynched by public. Wonder what he would have chosen?

    • Chandra says:

      Subbarao garu,
      You are right. Govt of India did not send an emissary to contact KCR which would have almost solved the problem.  That is what even i ask , whether anybody at center did this purposefully? But i do not agree with you regarding the point that , dec 9th was not a unilateral decision by center. It was infact a unilateral decision.
      I do not know how many states in India were formed based upon an all party meetings. Moreover i do not think all the allies of UPA Govt were consulted in this regard.
      I believe these are the special events that led to doubt  about the hidden motives of bigwigs at center.

  17. Prakash says:

    "The center should have sent an emissary to tell KCR sternly that the center would not bow to such methods and urge him to call off his fast or else no discussions on Telangana would happen.That would have left KCR with two choices for death, either die slowly "Fasting" at NIMS or call of his fast and get lynched by public. Wonder what he would have chosen?"
    Even if someone did suggest this to the core committee, I am not certain if they would take up this "high risk" strategy. KCR was almost "lynched orally" when a video surfaced on the third day.
    "Govt of India did not send an emissary to contact KCR which would have almost solved the problem."
    Apart from the risk of "almost", this is an excellent view point if you define the problem as "getting rid of KCR's nuisance value".
    Irrespective of which option KCR would have chosen, he would die. Telangana formation would follow and the schism would widen. Mission accomplished :)
    If you like the state to be united, your suggestion is a "bhasmasura wish"

    • Chandra says:

      Well , hailing from Telangana districts, my suggestion will always be a "Basmasura wish". Also, Seems this already started working!!
      Reg your other point,  even if something happened to KCR, AP would not be broken!! .
      One reason is this is neither 1953 nor KCR is a Potti Sriramulu!!.
      My clue for separatists: Present strategies of fake stories or dhoom dhams will never fetch Telangana. You are just wasting time and money.  The idea  is simple. To break a rope, the rope has to be stretched from both sides. As long as you pull from one side and the other side just follows you, the rope will never be broken!! 

  18. Prakash says:

    Chandra, do you sincerely believe the formation of andhra state happened because of Potti Sreeramulu? No, the state was formed because the people wanted it. Sreeramulu's death was just a spark, not the engine. True he was a great man (e.g. his fight for dalit entry to temples) but his greatness was incidental in comparison to the real reason of democratic aspiration. The result would have been the same even if there was a lesser man in his place.
    If you want the state to stay united, why would you provide clues to "separatists"? Lt them learn the "great Indian rope trick" on their own :)

  19. Prakash says:

    @vijay July 9, 2010 at 12:20 pm
    >> I dont understand why you are giving due importance to the actions and statements of politicians rather than discussing the facts?
    Please read Nalamotu's post again (heavily loaded with actions and statements of politicians). I merely disputed one of his unsubstantiated allegations with a poser.
    You are probably right about minutes vs. press release. However I don't recall when I last read an official MOM.

  20. Chandra says:

    Prakash garu,
    Neither the rope thing is a great trick nor idea, a mere childhood observation!.
    Reg my belief, yes i think because of Potti Sriramulu sacrifice, Madras presidency was bifurcated. Its like this. There are several separatists in Kashmir and north east india. Majority people in those states have strong "democratic aspirations"(Mano bhavalu!!). But  they need the realize their dream. And the govts and  people like us will do all efforts to ensure that no spark is ignited!!!. Its a game.
                Why i am saying all this is one can change a misguided telangana person easily, but one can not change a hardcore separatist.  Even after SKC report, violence, police firing, president rule(All probable things in first half of 2011), a hardcore T separatist guy will lead a life of dissatisfaction! till end. There are several hardcore religious extremists among hindus, muslims and all other religions who want the society to be in their style.  They will be continously trying to fulfill their objectives. Will they succeed?  Same is the case of telangana separatists. As i come from telangana , i meet lot of hardcore people. You can not convince them. They want Telangana just for the heck of having it. Thats it!!  extremists.  what would you do with them?
    Try to resist their efforts by all means and play the game until their biological clocks stop working !!!. (Telugu vaallu chesukunna kharma idi)

    • GK says:

      If you are getting pleasure by comparing with separate nation movements, religious extremists then only GOD help your understanding.

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