Invitation- Refuting an Agitation: 101 Lies and Dubious Arguments of Telangana Separatists

Dear Friends,

Visalandhra Mahasabha is launching a new book titled: Refuting an Agitation- 101 Lies and Dubious Arguments of Telangana Separatists. Please view the invitation attached to this email.

The event is going to be held at the Constitutional Club in New Delhi on 22nd Jan 2013 at 2:30 PM. Prominent journalists from many national media houses are going to participate. The book will be released by Sri Sanjay Baru. Others speakers include Ashok Malik, Ajai Sahni and Kuldip Nayar. Many political leaders from our State are also going to be present at the event.

I am looking forward to seeing you all.

Nalamotu Chakravarthy

Book Release Invitation

25 Responses to “Invitation- Refuting an Agitation: 101 Lies and Dubious Arguments of Telangana Separatists”

  1. Are you providing a PDF on your site, thanks.

  2. sera says:

    The issue is coming to a head on. Finally happy to see our efforts blooming and coming out in the open for the demand of a "separate hyderabad". But what intrigued me (though happy) the agreement of KCR that he agrees for a referendum on Hyderabad. That would be a dream situation. Let us have a separate Hyderabad and let the boundaries be as per the fourth option of Sri Krishna committee report. That is the right solution so that we are rid of this hate issues.
    Anyway all the best for your efforts Chakravarthy saab. If you can manage to keep the state united and peaceful it will be welcome and thankful.

  3. Kiran says:

    The quality of reasons given by Delhi congress is pathetic and really dissapointing for those of us who took our pride in the nation seriously. Just for a mere dozen seats in the next election (there is no guarentee congress will be bad for ever if they keep state united) they are prepared to ignore :
    1) The constitution principle of linguistic division which everyone says has given India the stability which was not there say for Pakistan
    2) The Sri Krishna comission which proved the entire t separatist reasons as humbug
    3) The ethical principle of protecting the integrity of well performing, minority linguistic state such as Andhra.

     We should oppose the decision and oppose it with full strength peacefully – thats the only thing to do. Rest of it will happen if it has to happen. We will not yeild like cowards.

  4. Ramanathan says:

    Why are there only 101 to rebuke the 108 points the separatist telangana people, kaliyuga kauravas put forth?
    Or is this rebuking someother list.

  5. Srilakshmi says:

    Chakravarthy Annayya,
    Miru entha chesukunna, vodipotharu. Karanamu, idhi Kaliyugamu. Ippudu anyayam, asathyam eluthayyi. Ee 15 yellaga ee prapanchamulo jaruguthunna marpulu choosthunnaru kadha. Telangana udhyamanni miru apaleru. Adhi oka Virus lantidhi, vari prajalndhariki sokindhi. MEDIA ni baga upayoginchukunnaru. Samaikhyandhrulaki Media ni upayoginchadamu raledhu. TJAC ki telusu, andhukey mee Samaikhyandhula sabhalani, pusthakali avishkarinche sabhalani addukuntunnaru. Media loki ela theesuku vellali annadhanimeedha research cheyandi. Varu cheppinavi abaddhalu ani prove chesthaniki meeru Oka purthi prathyeka program pettali Swecha lantidhi. Adhi Democratic country kani TJAC varu democratic kadhi andhukey mee vadhanni addukuntunnaru. MEDIA lo undhi magic, adhi Print Media, News Media, Video Media. Mariyu variki thelusu younger generation students ki picchekkishtey inka baga manta antuthadhi ani. Andhukey meeru mee pusthakanni oka College lo, anaga Andhra University lo no, leka Krishna University leka Acharya Nagarjuna University lono modhalettali.

    • Andhra Student says:

      What is the hell of the this seperate Te langa na ? Do you people think really that telangana is not developed.  Actually its not TRUE. So many places in Andhra and Rayalaseema also having no development. Oka pakka Bhago Andhra vala antaru inko pakka AnnaDhammulla vidopdam antaru. Who the hell says Bago Andhra vala? we are citizens having right to stay in any state or place in out country. No one having rights to go from any where. Its our country our state our place. Ok meku development okkate ithe reason ithe vidipovataniki appudu development avvani places ani kalipi oka katta katti state cheskondi. mere yelukondi. Anthe kani joint property ayina HYDERABAD yela meku istharu anukuntunanru. It should be Joint Capital FOREVER. Not only this ? we alrady having water, power issues in AP. Pakka state nunche water chechhukovatame kastam ayina e rojullo mali kottaga with in state issues avasarama. if you people are honest in Telangana then ask your leaders to work on it to develop. Vidipoyentha solution kadu. Until leaders changes their mind to serve people no place will be developed even it seperates. Repu vidipoyaka kuda meru bagu padakapothe malli telangana ni mukkalu chesi mari konni states ga chesthara ?

  6. Srilakshmi says: ~5000 ~ 800 – veedi channel lo one year lo 2000 videos pedithey youtube delete chesindhi 2 years back. ippudu ~500 unnayi
    RajNews mariyu laksha ithara channels.
    vallu rojuki 100ladhi dushprachara videolu tharayilo unnaru. Oka Professor Jayasankhar modhalyi ippudu veyya mandhu Professorlu Jayasankhar dheggara patalu pondhi KULLU BOTHU THANAMANU tho dhweshanni nooriposthunnaru. Adhi mari meerantha pasikattaledha. Media ni asrayinchi varu vadukunatlu vadukuntey mee udhyamanni mundhuku theesuku vellagalaru.

  7. AMRAO says:

    With all of the media and their assets located in Hyderabad, media played along with the separatists out of fear. Many in the media know that many of the deaths were natural and not exactly suicides but they could not dare to bring that out in public. Here is one example:

  8. Ramanathan says:

    Also when putting the statistics for your book, why did you not consider the fact that population density of coastal andhra districts is very high compared to Telangana districts. In that respect there should have been more colleges, universities, more benefits granted for those regions. In truth it is only Rayalaseema and Coastal Andhra that are complete losers in all respects.

  9. @sera:
    I am not sure if a referendum is constitutionally feasible but it is definitely a good idea.
    I assume the referendum should cover all the people in the defined area i.e. entire option # 4 population's opinion should count on option # 4.

  10. sera says:

    I assume the referendum should cover all the people in the defined area i.e. entire option # 4 population's opinion should count on option # 4.
    Would have replied to you inline but looks like chrome and safari does not allow it on this site.
    Anyway what you said is absolutely right. It should include them. And we should have the option in the referendum for being a second capital of India. Anyway to answer your question. There was a Goa referendum and a sikkim referendum and a SEZ referendum in rajasthan and also a referendum in mumbai for a SEZ in the guise of opinion polls. Whatever one calls it is of no interest to me. But there were such in this country.
    Anyway if you indulge me a bit. I will tell you something we want and working towards as non-telugus.
    1. A delhi-hyderabad state which will be called the capital of India hence forward. First capital and second capital.
    2. And please dont think a delhi-hyderabad state is not feasible because of geographical contiguity issues and such which are silly. Take pondicherry as an example as a state which is in three parts in three states and not at all geographically contiguous. It is possible and wonderful for the unity of the nation.
    3. So what we want is a formation of delhi-hyderabad state with a chief minister where our mukesh goud and danam and owaisi will have a say even in delhi. Wonderful isnt it for India as a nation where south and north are married well.
    4. This state of delhi-hyderabad will be the true microcosm representation of India by language caste ethnicity state and everything which is what is the Indian union.
    5. And let me tell you that BJP also likes this idea hypothetically. Obviously they want to have their teeth in the nations capital :) which exactly is not friendly to them. The time is young and the time will come.
    Anyway @ Jai it is time you realised that your entire telangana agitation is built on lies, half-truths and almost no truths. The little truths that you have are so small that I have come to realise maybe can be finished in one day assembly discussions. Sad and admirable that you built the kind of agitation that you built on sucj slim grounds. Or maybe I should blame the seema-andhra nitwits for it I dont know, Whatever that is the truth as it stands today.
    The other truth is you are not going to get Hyderabad. Greater hyderabad is largely out but we (the group) realise that Greater Hyderabad is not enough. The fourth option is right. And yes we are ready to take that referendum and we are willing to put our resources and fight for that as non-telugus.
    Meanwhile if Chakravarthy saab and others can get a firm announcement (ala Indira Gandhi) that this state will be united then that is welcome. Otherwise no. And no. AND NO. We Hyderabadis dont want to be part of Telangana.

  11. Sera, I am ready for a referendum anytime it is held. Perhaps we will cross our paths when it happens.

  12. sir,
    when ur going to providing PDF file. we are awaiting 

  13. Chandramouli says:

    Sir, wahtever it is, don't further develop Hyderabad. Develop 4 four cities from Seemandhra region and bring them up to equal state as Hyderabad and till that keep Hyderabad as common capital. Don't develop telangana region any further. Those politicians ate enough money in the name of special packages. It's time Seemandhra develops. Telangana movement and telangana statehood are a tumor for this society which has to be cut to its roots. Sonia, Shinde nor BJP should not take spportive decisions in haste. 

  14. Satya says:

    1000 student suicides for Telangaana is another lie that has to be added to the book. ( I am sure they would have done it) . For every death in Telangana , the agitators implant/ or leave letter in the body saying that person has taken his life for Telangana. The T leaders already brain washed their people just like brain wash happens to students in Madarasas in Pakistan. It's  terrorist movement or a militant movement. In a federal system, such things should be suppressed otherwise it's cancer that effects federal syste,. Even special packages should not be given to the region as they are misused by these politicians and still claim they are undeveloped. Tell me which region in India has got tax payers money as much as Telangaana got and still they claim it's undeveloped??? What rubbish is going on in this Country. 

  15. Mack says:

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    is witty, keep doing what you’re doing!

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  17. I hardly comment, but I browsed a few comments on this page Invitation- Refuting an Agitation:
    101 Lies and Dubious Arguments of Telangana Separatists

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  19. collegamento says:


    Invitation- Refuting an Agitation: 101 Lies and Dubious Arguments of Telangana Separatists « My Telugu Roots

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