Today, I let some of my friends down

Those who have known me for a while are well aware of my cynicism for democracy and collectivism. I hold the government to be an immoral system, whose role should be shrunk as much as we can. I despise the current Democratic form of government that robs the producers, and distributes the loot to those that vote for the rulers. I did not want to vote in this election as I refused to be a party to a system that is immoral and implicitly acquiesce to a constitution that I don’t agree with. I told myself that if I ever vote, it would be only to a libertarian party that acknowledges the immorality of taxation and regulation OR at least to a libertarian aligned party that agrees to put a leash on taxation and work towards deregulation and decentralization.


Over the last few years, my friends and I waged a tireless battle to keep the state united. We have put aside our caste, religion, region, and party loyalties for this crusade. We went after every political party that has let down the cause of Telugu unity including TRS, TDP, YSRCP, Congress, and BJP.


Today a dear friend of mine requested me to vote for TDP/BJP combine. He stood by me and the organization during the most difficult times. He offered unconditional support to our efforts. He also happens to be a libertarian. He is probably one of the nicest human beings that I have come across in my life.


I told my friend that I decided not to vote for philosophical reasons and because all the political parties have let down the cause of Telugu unity. He reasoned that TDP/BJP combine is the lesser of the evil for libertarians and even for integrationists. I disagreed with him. However, I have immense respect and admiration for my friend and I could not turn his request down. I told him that I have just finished a tour campaign against the two national parties- Congress and BJP and I couldn’t possibly vote for BJP. So, the compromise we reached was to vote for TDP for the Assembly and NOTA for the parliament.


With a heavy heart, during the last hour of polling, I rushed and voted for TDP for the Jubilee Hills Assembly constituency and NOTA for the parliament constituency.


After walking out I realized I made a mistake. If I was not in such a rush to vote, and had structured my thought process a bit more, I would have voted for Jai Samaikyandhra Party for the parliament. Though I was quite unhappy with Kiran Kumar Reddy for delaying his fight against the Union Government, he fought hard during the climactic phase of the division. Since I voted for TDP for the Assembly, it was only fair to vote for his parliament candidate- but I goofed up badly. My sincere apologies to Kiran Kumar Reddy, who has been supportive to our organization.


I am duty bound to apologize to all those friends who trusted me to stay apolitical, for letting them down. Today I swore never again to vote (not even NOTA)- unless there is a libertarian party or a libertarian aligned party in the fray.

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  1. VK says:

    CBN Exclusively Interview with ABN MD RK – ABN

    Good Interview. I hope he will talk to NM to bring some good to telugus.

    • King Maker says:

      Thanks for sharing VK.

      Check this out

      Our MPs of 2009 in Parliament.Their Roster

      I want to say this about the video. The unfortunate thing for all telugu people is that, Chandra Babu Naidu only won because of Pawan Kalyan and Tollywood people last minute speaches and because they are wise to think that CBN is better than Jagan. Please research the margin of votes with which each TDP candidate won against YSRCP candidate. It is very less. CBN thinks people realized about Jagan and Congress party's corruption. No I don't think so. The Andhra people would have voted wholly for YSRCP if it was not for Pawan Kalyan. Therefore people in reality failed. They just were lured by film actors.

      In Naizam, again it is unfortunate that people did not realize the truth vs lies of the Agitation. They have voted for Fraud. Therefore people in reality failed.They were lured by jealous professors writings and speeches.

      In both places people failed horribly and the main reason for this is because we all people are regionlistic, jealous, corrupt and mean creatures. This is Kaliyuga.


      • King Maker says:

        I meant "…"NOT because they are wise to think that CBN is better than Jagan"

      • prabhakara rao says:

        King maker,

        you are absolutely correct.


        I strongly believe that Modi was behind TDP win in AP.

        I cannot make intelligent guess of purpose and intention of Modi helping TDP.

        May be we can speculate

        a. Gujarat state and Ambanis have interests in K-G basin. Jagan can hold them for ransom.

        b. RSS might be unhappy with rampant conversions.

        c. Maybe a message to Sushma swaraj about her dark side


        TDP spent huge amount of money compared to jagan.

        The likely source of this money is Ambani/Adani at Modis behest.

        It is also possible that Pavan kalyan was encouraged by Modi as part of larger plan.


        • King Maker says:

          You are very correct too Prabhakar garu. I think it is your point a.

          Gujarat state and Ambanis have interests in K-G basin. Jagan can hold them for ransom.

          and also BJP and Modi's thirst for power which is not in your list. However, I do not think RSS. Andhra is full of converted filth. Why would RSS care now without any expectation in return when it did not care for the region since 60 yrs. We come from a very prominent family which can trace lineage from 15th century legends but even in our family more than 10 percent are converted chrisitians. Wherever you go, in the coastal regions especially you would find more churches and masjids than temples and believe me every village has at least 10 ysr statues.. After Hyd became capital, no one cared about the whole Andhra. All the beggars like CBN, Jagan, Tollywood Murali Mohan, Balayya, Lagadapati contibuted for the development of Hyd and around. Only since the last few years they shifted their attention to Andhra because they were kicked out. I advise people to not trust these idiots either.

          Even CBN is not corrupt free, people must make him do his job and be a watchdog as unfortunately Andhra does not have an organization — doesn't need to be a regionalistic nazi society such as TJAC (a radical terrorist jealous fraud organization) — which could make their leaders work their wishes.

          • Mann says:

            It looks like communists have converged onto this blog! What do you mean by Gujarat state and Ambanis have interests in KG basin? These are the same kind of arguments Telangana agitators used, saying that valuable land around Hyd was sold for a song to Andhra businesses, or Singareni coal being taken to Vijayawada etc. If KG basin wealth belongs only to Andhra, then why share that wealth with Seema? Let them have a separate state! The reality is, gas is national property. Reliance won on competitive bidding (I agree there is politics) and it is their prerogative to take the gas to Gujarat refineries or anywhere they want. Instead of crying over land and natural wealth, we should work on value addition and create jobs. Develop a petrochemical corridor in Andhra, provide skillset and manpower so that the local economy will improve. This is the era of free markets.

            What do you mean by CBN is not corrupt free? Corruption has broad meaning, you can call anyone corrupt for that matter. If a man had bad thoughts in his mind sometime, would you call him a rapist? One has to qualify and quantify corruption, just throwing words is meaningless. Regarding being watchdog, I totally agree, that is the essense of democracy.

            I appreciate your other view points on Telangana movement.

            • Sandeep says:

              Mann, you are an idiot, not just a tiny one, but a gigantic one. They are not filthy KCR-TJAC style communist comments that you had replied to. Yes if it is Gujarat state, or Ambanis, or Jagans or Lagadapatis or Owaisis or KCRs or even CBNs, wrong-doing is wrong-doing. These are not the same arguments that Telangana agitators used, they are radicals who did not allow people of the same state to live or prosper in their own state.

              You said, "These are the same kind of arguments Telangana agitators used, saying that valuable land around Hyd was sold for a song to Andhra businesses, or Singareni coal being taken to Vijayawada etc."

              – We all know that all the arguments made by Tagitators are complete lies. One more proof from today's newspaper.

              Today's news, "It was also stated that Mr. Rao brought to the notice of Mr. Narasimhan the power shortage that was likely in Telangana on account of higher demand and low generation in the region. In this regard, he sought Mr. Narasimhan’s intervention to see that the generation which was on the higher side in Andhra Pradesh was shared with Telangana. In his inimitable style, Mr. Narasimhan quipped, “you are yourself a power centre, why do you require power?.”

              – This demon KCR and his followers all these days said that they have surplus power, their coal is being taken illegally to Andhra. Look what the beggar KCR needs now from Andhra.

              KCBasin wealth does not belong to just the Andhras (Seema and Kosta), "but if it is still one state", people from anywhere, be it Hyderabad or any Nizam city can win the contract with no cheating. We Andhras are capitalists unlike the Tagitators who acted as Communists for the sake of getting rid of Andhras. We build Hyd through Capitalism and not by filthy naxalism.

              And Idiot, Andhra is seema and kosta. You are a very big idiot.

              And idiot if it comes to environmental effects, we neither want Andhras or Communists or Reliance to spoil the delta, which is worth more than the filthy gas. Delta once lost cannot return. Capitalism does not mean destroying nature. You are an utter idiot.

              Naidu is also corrupt, Rayapati is corrupt, KCR is corrupt, Jagan is corrupt. Naidu came from a very poor family. He is now a multi millionaire. How did he create Heritage oevr night? You are a pathetic idiot who has just as small a brain as these Tradicals.


              • Sandeep says:

                Not in my above comment, but in truth, Andhra means residual Nizam state as well which we wrongfully call as Telangana (Which intruth means other regions as well) They are synonymns that these filthy agitators killed during their filthy agitation.

              • Sandeep says:

                And Mann, big idiot, KCRs declared wealth in 2004 Loksabha elections was 86Lakhs and this year he declared assents of 15.15 Crores. Where did all that come from? Is this communism that the radicals of residual Nizam state claim.

                • Mann says:

                  You dont have to call me idiot so many times, once is enough, I can understand. Would you agree Sonia is not corrupt because she declared only couple of crores. Modi is not corrupt because he declared less than a crore, eventhough you only wrote that he hobnobs with Ambanis and Adani and does favours to them. Are all the politicians who spent crores of rupees not corrupt? Why not call all politicians corrupt and be done with it, why give names?

                • Sandeep says:

                  Mann, man you got to understand the point. When I said KCR declared 85lakhs in 2004 and in 2014 he declared 15.15 crores, I tried to show you how openly he could declare that much in such variation between then and now. He could have 100 times that amount. That is not the point. Sonia might have declared less, I don't know, but that is not the point. I never said she is not corrupt.I never said Modi is not corrupt. I am taking this beggar KCR and other radicals and other corrupt people such as Naidu, Jagan, Rayapati etc only because they are the ones we need to deal with first before we deal with others. Inta gelichi racha gelavali.

              • Mann says:

                Polavaram comes with environmental effects. Development around Hyd came with environmental effects and pollution. There will obviously be impact on Delta with gas exploration. We should aim for sustainable development, not status quo. If you really are an environmentalist, I will respect you. But for you environment is useful only as a convenient argument.

                • Sandeep says:

                  I told you you are what you are. You won't change. Here you are comparing a rugged useless terrain which is made a capital, Hyderabad, with a delta which can feed the whole India, thus the name Rice Bowl of India. Now offcourse if more and more damns are built in MA,KA,TG etc the delta will die by itself. If there were no damns built, the only RIce Bowl of India would still be the Krishna-Godavari delta. Now if you do not want Hyderabad — (the wasteland per me, and may be the rich-soiled,ricebowlofindia of yours) to be environmentally affected, debate with the Tagitators and move the assets or whole capital of hyderabad to andhra (to a waste land in palnadu or ongole, or kurnool or somewhere except for the delta). Your brain is so tiny that it cannot manage to analyze the most simplest arguments. That is why you keep arguing for the sake of argument. And I never compared hyd to delta in my original comment and i never said there is no environmental effect in hyd or anywhere. But you cannot compare Hyd, a waste land to Delta. can you compare Hyd to backwaters of kerala or sundarbans of bengal. But for the sake of you, if you want the capital, bare the environmental effects. The residual Nizam state agitators want the capital, want the income from all regions but do not want environmental or cultural or heritage loss. Is that possible. Was that possible in Delhi, Bangalore, Madras, Bombay, New York, London or give me a god damn place. I hope you are not a brainless radical like them tAgitators.

                • Nitin says:

                  Hey Sandeep, you are right about "The residual Nizam state agitators want the capital, want the income from all regions but do not want environmental or cultural or heritage loss. "

                  But on another page they want Hyd to be a World City, take pride in it as such. TJAC = Hypocrites in Websters dictionary.

        • Kapil says:

          Here is the reason.
          KG Basin
          The first gas discovery in the basin was in 1983, in Rajole Well No.1, when ONGC had a small office in Rajahmundry and Narsapur. Since that discovery Reliance and others have joined the exploration effort.

              14 trillion cubic feet of gas by Reliance Industries in KG-DWN-98/l (KG-D6) in 2006.[3] 6000 feet below the sea floor.[4]
              20 trillion cubic feet (5.7×1011 m3)cubic feet of gas by Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation in June 2005.[5]
              Potentially 20 trillion cubic feet (5.7×1011 m3) of gas in place at D-3 and D-9 blocks, as estimated in May 2011. According to Reliance Industries: "This includes identified prospects and leads and a number of postulated prospects based on the play area and field size distribution."[6]
              A gas discovery by ONGC in June 2009, which an anonymous company official said could have an estimated 10 trillion cubic feet (2.8×1011 m3).[7]

          KG-DWN-98/1 (KG-D6) – 8100sq km. The total project is expected to cost $100 billion.[9] 50 km off the coast of Kakinada.[10]


          The Godly KG Basin of Gujarathis and the Demonic destruction of the Godavari-krishna districts by everyone. Naive Pawan Kalyan and the naive people of Godavari-Krishna delta districts think BJP, Modi, Naidu and YS Jagan are the best leaders and their saviors.

          Main Reason: To Feed Gujarat. I once went to Amalapuram-Yanam 2 yrs back. Our driver said that 15000 acres of the delta were destroyed to feed Ambanis, Gujarathis, Sonia family, YSR and even Chidambaram. Not a single Godavari-Krishna delta family benefited. In turn it created pollution, destruction of the states most valuable delta, its soil and resources. After all the Gas is drained out, the Ambanis and Gujarathis and Sonia family will leave the Telugu people of the districts to dogs. If anyone really got destroyed during the last 15 years, it is with absolute guarantee the people of the Krishna-Godavari districts and their regions.

          They lost KG Basin, they lost Bhadrachalam, they lost Munagala, they lost Huzurnagar, they lost Aswaraopeta, they lost their own capital Hyd, they lost valuable land under Polavaram project, they lost 15000 acres in the delta–completely destroyed. They lost water in the rivers (In Rajahmundry the poor Godavari is almost always without water, in our childhood when we used to go from Visakhapatnam to Nellore we used to see water in Godavari at all times. In Vjwd the Krishna is a thing of past for the most part of the year) as several new dams and reservoirs were constructed on the Godavari and Krishna rivers. And the biggest rogue Prof.Jayashankar said he will see the end of the delta till it becomes a desert.

          They lost their valuable diamond mines Kollur-Paritala several yrs back. From there 15 of the world's top 20 diamonds originated. That is why Nizam was considered the richest in the world. That is how Hyd was build. And now they lost the Hyd built originally from their resources. After the valuable diamonds were mined out from the Kollur-Paritala region, the place vanished into history and no one cared about it anymore. Same will happen of the Godavar-Krishna delta districts once all the Gas is drained out and the remaining rich soil is depleted of resources. Did you all ever imagine why all Gas and Diamonds were found in those regions. It is because of millions of years of flow of godavari and krishna rivers which brought with them from their origin in Maharashtra

          Main reason for Telugu Ganga: To quench the thrist of Tamils.

          Main reason for Polavaram (Land of the Godavari districts): Contractors to earn big money, and also to make it a part of Telugu Ganga and quench the thirst of Tamils. It is not being built to "uddarinchu' of the coastal districts.

          • Raj says:

            Thanks for sharing this Kapil.

            After reading it I felt like laughing in face of that Pawan Kalyan of that very same region. It is the Nizam region people that need to understand that people like Pawan Kalyan do not know their own history and how the Godavari-Krishna delta was destroyed. Where are Seemandhra emotions about Godavari-Krishna delta. None. The reason, some think it is not their own district and people of the Godavari-Krishna delta think nothing because they are busy in watching tv and doing distance learning and earning BCom and BSc degrees and thinking of themselves as the most educated people.

            He says seemandhra people "understood the emotions of people of telangana during the agitation". Unfortunately seemandhras did not understand that they were not emotions but jealous feelings.


            • Madhu says:

              Rytanga samakya president Yerneni Nagendranath said that Krishna delta depends on rainfall at present as the government failed to release water in time though the reservoirs are full.
              “As the situation is alarming even before the state has been split, imagine the plight of farmers after bifurcation,” he said. The delta would turn into a rain fed area, Nagendranath added.

          • Suresh says:

            Trivia: haha about Aswaraopeta of West Godavari, now in Khammam. The TRS and TJAC has inaugarated the first statue of Jayasankar fellow in Telangana in Aswaraopeta last year. Man there is so much meanness in the whole agitation. And all people of Aswaraopeta did not know what was going. They were thinking it is some national heroes statue. Even in 21st century we still have uneducated morons — the andhras. Never complained or opposed the lies of the tagitation.So Potti Sreeramulu who is the Father of Linguistic States and the Father of Andhra Pradesh (I say the whole AP because if not for him, telugus would have never been one for at least 60 yrs) was replaced by the bstard Gaysankar, Father of Fraud Nizam Tel Movt.

            • Nitin says:

              Seriously dude I Read that news too. And for that matter from huzurnagar TRS candidate won. I heard even Huzurnagar belonged to Andhra. I think we Andhras are big time losers and should be called as Losers = Andhras in websters dictionary.

        • jagadeesh says:

          i strongly disagree with the thought that cbn won because of nm for the simple reason that bjp didnot win many mla or mp seats which has given to them to contest.the seats which they have won was because of tdp.even in telangana they have won way less than tdp even by contesting in equal no of seats.i think that tdp lost some seats due to alliance with bjp for example in some areas of nellore.i like to remind u that bjp has not won in any states which has a strong regional party they have won not because of modi but because of the anti incumbancy of congress method of dividing the state,scams and the weak prime minister candidate

  2. Raj says:

    I liked all utterings of Pawan Kalyan in this link except for his remark saying, "understood the emotions of people of telangana during the agitation". He doesn't understand that it is a big lie. He is still an emotional fool just like all seemandhra fools who believed all lies of telangana.

  3. Mahesh says:

    Can somebody answer what this means:

    "TRS seeks NDA help

    As the state was newly formed it deserves a liberal assistance and help from the NDA government, Keshava Rao said while stating that the party was looking forward to cooperation by the BJP-led government for the development of Telangana."

    So which state is newly formed, the one (Telangana) which has the capital, infrastructure, national universities and research centres, companies and hospitals or the one (Andhra) which has nothing.

    So now these liars will get a special package in the name of new state.

    Special Packages for Telangana:

    1) Package for New State. This is what will happen if losers of seemandhra keep quiet when the media picturized Telangana as the new state.

    2) Capital Hyderabad and its income will be only spent in Telangana, but the seemandhra can share Hyd for 10 yrs and keep contributing and receive nothing in return.

    3) If Andhra gets a special package, Telangana wants a special package it seems. As long as these Andhra idiots keep quiet, these rogues will be a hindrance even after division.


    Are there any more packages for the BRAND "NEW" state of Telangana, am I missing any?

    Are there any more wishes of the "OLD" state of Andhra, which has its own Capital, its own industries, own companies, own national research organizations, national universities, national city, national airport, infrastructure, own film industry, own administrative buildings, own media houses, own film studios etet and no deficit all?


    • Neetu says:

      I can tell just one thing.. These rogues divided the people for ever. They were so jealous of the achievements of andhras that they could nor bear it. It all started in the walls of Osmania and Kakatiya where Jealous Professors brainwashed every student. The only cure will be an earthquake otherwise these rogues will not keep quiet even after division.

      • P. Rao says:


        ". . . .divided the people for ever."

        I would say that is the most tragic and painful thing to note. The present division of AP is that kind of action that can not be reversed easily for a few centuries.

  4. Kiran says:

    The only redeeming thing about this election is punishment to congress. But economic ruin awaits seemandhra not only  due to the unjust division but also the promise of "runa mafi". Loan unlike say electricity or gas is not a commodity but  a relation and an understanding between a banker and a customer. runa mafi will not only wreck havoc on fragile finances of AP but also destroy the banking industry which is so crucial for development of a new state. 

    On telangana side the demons won. There are talking about "no options " to thousands of senior employees who lived for decades in telangana and simply want them to throw away from their places of residence disrupting everything about thier family and children. No one is talking about it.

    • subhash says:

      I think on the runamafi cbn is planning something like rescheduling them and government will pay them back only after 5 years or so. However, CBN  and government needs to find the solution that gives temparory relief to farmers and makesure they will payback so that not paying shouldn't be a practice

    • P. Rao says:


      "The only redeeming thing about this election is punishment to congress."

      It is heartening to know that.  The congress route was complete in SA with no satrusesham left. Many candidates who changed from congress in the last minute like Purandareswari, T.G. Venkatesh, Galla Aruna etc., did not escape defeat. As Kiran said before and I agree that a single cohesive well progressing political entity should not be meddled with artificial divisions.


  5. Ashish Kumar says:

    Even though by the grace of Lord Krishna, the BJP+TDP combine finally won the elections in Seemandhra, while the Crooks own party lost it by a wide margin, we should know that the difference in votes percentage is only 2%.


    The following are the lessons that the youth of Seemandhra should learn from the division of the state of Andhra Pradesh:-

    1.    The foundation of Telugu unity is based on the foundation of Hindu Dharmic values (which is anyway secular intrinsically) and without this foundation, all talk about Telugu unity is utter nonsense
    2.    Supporting people and parties that show no respect to Lord Balaji, Tirumala and the land of sacred seven hills show absolute degeneration of all moral and spiritual values. It is disgusting to see large sections of public openly supporting these people and parties.
    3.    People who change their religion for a gain of few thousand rupees under a fake promise of a fake salvation are fake Telugus. These people have no right to use big words like self-respect and telugu unity.
    4.    Real Telugus are those who are the children of the brave Hindu Dharmic people who resisted the barbarian invasions in history and faced death rather than change their religion. In these people runs the blood of real brave Telugus.
    5.    There is more to purpose of life than watching cheap Tollywood malasa movies with vulgar gyrations and cheap dialogues, earning money through brokerages, voting for free pathakams and compromising on self-respect. Dignity and self respect comes through honest and hard work and a more serious way of serving the society through volunteering.

    The division of the state of Andhra Pradesh was a symptom of the above diseases that have afflicted the Seemandhra society. Even though God has been kind in this elections, it is imperative that the SA people make necessary course corrections before demanding that Telugus should be united under one state.

    Cancer cannot be cured through aspirin but by chemotherapy. Similarly, moral and spiritual degeneration cannot be cured through slogans of Telugu unity but though a complete overhaul in the thinking process and re-purposing towards larger selfless goals in life.

    NB: No government will reverse an act of parliament. It is shocking to see commentators here expecting the BJP to reverse the division of the state. Instead the BJP will help SA government in plugging the revenue deficits, bringing new industries and developing the ports.

    The BJP will be in the centre with full mandate (2019 target is 400+ seats) at least for the next 25 years. So in 10 years, once both T and SA make progress, bring back moral and spiritual regeneration and then approach the BJP to unite the states, Telugus can be united under one state once again through Article 3. Till then stop dreaming and get back to work.

    Jai Shri Ram ! Vande Mataram !

    • VK says:

      What nonsense you are saying here?

      What you said about hindu dharma got to do with the division?

      In fact, the division will increase the so called problems you mentioned. If BJP is saviour of hindu dhrama, why it suported the division to make the problems you mentioned severe.

      Do you know more than RSS regarding Hindu dharma? RSS was against the division of AP.

      Congress divided AP for votes and BJP supported the division for votes. CBN clearly said in his yesterday's interview with ABN RK that congress did a great mistake by dividing AP and seema-andhra punished Congress for the division. I am sure he will comment on BJP's role in the division at appropriate time. So don't try to fool us with some unrelated some hindu dhrma etc to justify BJP role in AP division.

      It is nothing but stupidity to agree for the division now and think about merging later. No real telugu would support this kind of self destructive proposition.

    • P. Rao says:

      @Ashish Kumar

      May I respectfully state it is a good idea to keep politics and religion separate.  

      • Mahesh says:

        Sorry P Rao garu, it is integral part of politics in India. Religion, Caste, Creed, Regionalism, Language, Culture etc are a part of Indian Politics or for that matter anywhere.

    • Roopesh says:

      Well written Ashish. But only problem with this article is the Telugu Unity that you are talking about would have been an issue if the Telugus were fighting the urdu speaking or other barbaric non-indian religions or languages who convert people. CONVERSION is totally wrong.

      Now this entire blog is not about that. This is about bringing truth about one set of cunning, mean and very jealous and selfish Telugus who are not able to bear the prosperity of other Telugus. So concentrate in that respect.

  6. Mahendra says:

    Look how a arab terrorist called sajjad shahid dividing telugu people with his quran or hadith style comments.

  7. Hemanth Reddy says:


    KCR thinks is thinking so high of his achievement. He could have never become a chief minister through other means than divide and rule, hatred-filled speeches, lies, terror-inciting comments. The first CM of residual Nizam State, is a complete terrorist (who created insecurity in people). Father of Chief Ministry Through Terrorism (FCMTT)


  8. Mahesh says:

    Oh my God, I want to die. These brainless tollywood scumbags will represent people in Seemandhra and jealous Osmania thugs will represent people in residual Nizam state. Wonderful!

  9. Mahesh says:

    Oldies like Jaipal Reddy, Ponnala, Damodar etc etc so many lost in residual Nizam state. Don't you people think they would have won big time if they had proved that the tagitation is lies and TRS and TJAC are terrorists.

  10. Pappu says:

    Congratulations Nalamotu Babai. Your uncle won from Miryalguda on Congress ticket BHASKAR RAO NALLAMOTHU

  11. KCR says:

    1) Did someone say I could not have won in an integrated state?

    2) Did anyone say I could not have won without my hatred speeches?

    3) Did somebody say I am from Coastal Andhra but fooled everyone and divided telugu people for personal ambition?

    4) Did somebody say that Residual Nizam State people do not know how to compete, so they voted for division?

    Who cares, now I am the First Chief Minister of Residual Nizam State? The result matters not the means to achieve it.

    • P. Rao says:

      Yes Mr. KCR, finish your task by taking over coastal region as well and establish the Nizam kingdom back using your proven strategies. :)

      • KCR says:

        We are working on the Coastal Districts, we got Bhadrachalam, Munagala, Huzurnagar, Aswaraopeta, all guntur parts submerged under nagarjuna sagar and we also built/or in process of 3 dams in Krimnagar, 2 in Khammam, 2 in Nizamabad and 2 in Mahaboobnagar etc. Coastal region will have nothing to take over once we finish our projects. We have to look towards Rayalaseema to claim Tirupathi temple money or sirsailam dam or anyother mineral resources. We are very much worried that all the richest temples went to Rayalaseema. We are happy we at least laid hands on Bhadrachalam. We were successful in hyping Basara which no one visited 20 yrs back. We are successful in hyping Medaram Jatara — luckily all money from Chattisgarh and Maharashtra is pouring into Medaram. But we are working hard to claim the richest temple award. We are talking to TJAC to divert bhaktas going to Tirupathi to Chilkur Balaji Temple. Already Chilkur Balaji is hyped by us with all media politics as visa giving temple and other gimmicks. We just need to create more gimmicks like Chilkur Balaji was older than Tirupathi etc which our Telangana Historical Society, Telangana Jagruthi, Telangana Cultural Society are working hard towards. They are writing various books about Residual Nizam State history to claim oldest human found in the world is in residual nizam state, oldest telugu relic found in residual nizam state, oldest temple in residual nizam state, first poet from residual nizam state and other positions. We have already claimed satavahanas (of Andhra-Nizam), ashmakas (of MA), vishnukundinas (vinukunda of Andhra). We have also recreated history by stating that Andhra Mahasabha in Telangana was not founded by Andhras but by our people.

        Since I promised 12 % reservation for minorities, I personally stated in one of my speeches that Urdu originated in Hyderabad. I wonder if Pakistanis or UP-Bihar people ever watched my videos. Since Hyd is a international city, we would like to claim that Microsoft originated in Hyderabad. We want to have everything. We are one real wonder of India.

        Please suggest if we are missing any that we forgot to claim as ours. The only thing we do not want to claim is useless people of other regions. We claimed Potana as ours — thanks to Kandukuri Veeresalingam for writing that. We want to even claim that kannada originated from siddipet. We are convincing the kannada population. We already claimed their Adikavi as our Adikavi. I am talking about Adikavi Pampa. That is why in my speeches last year, I spoke against Nannayya and said he is not the Adikavi.

        • KCR says:

          Valimiki was from Adilabad. He live next to our uncle Samala Sadasiva's house.

          Adikavi Pampa, the first kannada poet was also from north telangana

          We found the samadhi of Potana of Rayalaseema in Warangal recently.

          We are the founders of Andhra Mahasabha

          We have uploaded tons of videos on Youtube about these. We also diverted the Godavari Pushakara traffic to Nizamabad and Karimnagar by building ghats. You can find news about these. Remember I said 4 yrs back in a speech that why is pushkara in Rajahmundry only. I know Rajhamundry had pushkara from 100s of years but we want everything. Sooner or later there will be no water in Godavari beyond Khamma, then people will come to Nizamabad for Pushakara.

          Update from the Chilkur Priests. They are claiming that Chilkur is now the 2nd most crowd pulling temple in AP after Tirupathi. The difference it seems is only in few thousands. We will have to look for new ways such as Chilkur has more than 2000 years of history or something like that. We are researching ways.

          We are Kings.

          • GK says:


            Kullu vaddu, let us all live happily…

          • P. Rao says:


            We need more time to look into your various claims. But you have already convinced me of the following:

            "We would like to claim that Microsoft originated in Hyderabad."

            1. Microsoft originated in Nizam Hyderabd:  My reasearch showed that there are more employees of Microsoft in Hyderabad campus than the Seattle campus. Half of the people working in the Seattle campus of Microsoft are Indians. Fifty per cent of those are Telugus from Hyderabad. Mamma mia, the very head of the company is a dude from Hyderabad. What more proof I need?

            "I personally stated in one of my speeches that Urdu originated in Hyderabad."

            2.  Urdu originated from Nizam Hyderabad:  Here are the facts. There are more people in greater Hyderabad area who claim Urdu as mother-tongue than whole of Pakistan. I heard that it was just the official language there and it is nobody's mother tongue in Pakistan. There are Punjabis, Sindhis, Kashmiris, Pathans with Pusthu language, but no Urdus (people with Urdu as mother-tongue) in Pakistan. The inescapable conclusion, they must have borrowed Urdu from Hyderabad.

            Much respect for giving us these insights!



  12. VK says:

    A Scum bag from TRS in Parliament

    Balki Suman, TJAC Student leader has won the Lok Sabha election on TRS ticket from Peddapalli in Telangana defeating Congress nominee and industrialist G. Vivekanand.

    Suman was one of those students who actively participated in the T-agitation and participated in the attacks on Seemandhra professors in Osmania University.

    He was instrumental in the demolition of the statues of great personalities of Andhra on Tank Bund.

    There were numerous cases of rioting pending on him and he even went underground evading arrest.

    He had also made an ominous statement that Telangana students would resort to ‘suicide bombings’ on Seemandhra people if Telangana was not conceded.  

    What worked in Suman’s favor in the election was that Pedapalli Vivek had all along campaigned in the constituency for the TRS. But at the last minute, he switched sides to the Congress again and many people were not even aware of this fact and voted for the TRS.

    This fine specimen of democracy and scumbag called ‘Balki Suman’ is all set to enter the august house of Parliament as a Member. Shame on the system!

    • GK says:

      Well, agree that Vivek gave him the win on a platter. As for Suman going to parliament…he is a born leader and deserves to be there much more than many others I believe.

      • VK says:

        Yes he is born leader, proved his political leadership by beating another person in a TV show.

        • Rudrani says:

          Oh my God. All Pakka Gundas got elected.

          KCR, KTR, Harish Rao, Kavitha, Balka, Rasamayi, etc. They will destroy eveything that is Seemandhra. Guarantee. Balka is a well known Goonda in Osmania. He would litrally beat Seemandhra people and abuse them. Osmania was OK 20 yrs back. Now it is full of KULLU, and Goondas.


          • Phoolan Devi says:

            All our Naxal brothers and sisters including Konda Surekha, whose husband is a well-known naxal leader are going to rule Nizam state from Hyd.

          • Phoolan Devi says:

            Rasamayi is also a well known naxal. KCR is a well-known broker, used to send people to Dubai.KTR is an educated nri goonda raja. Harish Rao, all know he is neck-breaker, kavitha is a educated nri goonda rani. balka has 100 cases, that is the record. he is the educated goonda who broke statues along with dehapathi, nandini sidda reddy, juloori and other elite poets and professors of the kingdom of nizam.


        • Rudrani says:

          Mr.Owaisi is just a pilla goonda compared to the TRS-TJAC goondas. We are now worried if our daughters will be safe going out in the streets of Nizam state. I am packing and leaving for Seemandhra. Mana pranalatho brathikuntey chaalu.

      • Rudrani says:

        GK, you are Goonda King, thus supporting Balka. Balka and Harish Rao physically abused and broke the necks of thousands of Seemandhras in the last 10 yrs.

        • GK says:

          I am not supporting him. Some of his acts are surely condemnable. I hope he will turn out to become a good politician. All I just said he is better than some of the others who were in parliament. These days young politicians are mostly the sons and daughters of politician unlike Suman who headed a movement that will live in history forever. Being a student leader in a movement is no joke, risking career, no money in pocket, so much time, emotion, effort involved….

          • Mahesh says:

            You are supporting him and say yu are not supporting him. You guys are just hypocrites. You are viruses.

    • Sujatha says:

      Chiranjeevi's Goonda Raj was just a movie. The real-life Goonda Raj has begun with TRS. It is going to be Goonda Raj for seemandhras and Ram Raj for Nizamis. God, save us from the day of coronation of these goondas. In Centre we have Rajiya, in seemandhra we have Rajiya, in nizam we have Bhajiya. I told my husband to apply for jobs else where. We are ready to clean toilets in seemandhra than serve these bigbaztards. Now the real show begins for seemandhra people. Looking back, what kind of stalwarts ruled Nizamis, Neelam Sanjeeva, NTR, PV, Rosaiah etc. Today we have to see complete deterioration. My project leader from New York is from Ireleand. We used to talk about things in Nizam state. He knew CBN and the IT growth. He also knew KCR because whenever he used to visit our office in Hyd, we used to hear news about curfews, rowdyism etc all over Hyd. I told him that KCR and his outfit got elected. He was cautioning me to take care. I smiled and my heart pounded. Goonda Raj, Goonda Raj, Goonda Raj. Now we will see a softer-natak side of goonda raj that will destory seemandhras slowly.

  13. VK says:

    KCR to be Telangana's 1st CM

    KCR promised telangana CM post to a dalit in the past but he has no shame in ignoring that and occupy the seat himself.

    Does this mean there is no dalit in telangana who is capable to lead telangana?

    • KCR says:

      Yes, Dalits are incapable, who were created by God to serve me, KCR, the Dora.

      We made them do Low BC Bathkamma though Dalits of Osmania opposed it.

      We made Manda Krishna Madiga our chemcha.

      Dora rule is back. Naxal rule is back. Nizam rule is back. Aaj ka Goonda Raj as somebody called earlier.

    • satya says:

      Dalit CM is like a sixth finger

  14. Sundaracharyulu says:

    It is very unfortunate for the Telugu people overall. The TJAC has also changed the history in the academic books which will be release this year. When PV Narasimha Rao ruled the kids were taught how wicked Nizam and Doras were to many families. Now it is opposite, they are going to taught that Nizam was very good and created jobs and encouraged local culture. Only Time can tell us where the Telugus will be headed to. Vinasakaley Vipareetha Buddhi.It will be better for children to be educated in CBSE or ICSE schools and then do Intermediate. CAUTION: SSC history books are filled with corrupt history written by jealousy filled TJAC members.

  15. Kavi Raja says:

    Telangana University which was created because of jealousy towards Andhra University.

    The Head of the Department of Telugu says this. He says Andhras are jealous about them. The Nizamis say they have nothing that is theirs, but this Nizami says Andhras are jealous. Jealous of what. These Professors who earned Phd are seen all over in the fraud agitation. They brainwashed their students with jealousy and lies.

    1. Watch: Telugu Alphabets are Only 36 not 56 – Professor Kanakayya on Telangana Script

    2. Read:

    • Kavi Raja says:

      This guy went even thus far that he claimed Telugu is Telangana's and Telangana is not Andhra and Andhra is a different language. That is the amount of hatred and jealousy they nurtured among themselves. They are a Virus, if not cured will eat away the whole Telugu History. They are worst than AIDS virus.

  16. Ashish Kumar says:

    I see comments where SA people are quite apprehensive of TRS taking over the T govt.
    To me it is quite an overreaction. With his bête noire-  Naidu focusing on development of SA with his alliance partner-BJP, I think KCR does not want to be left behind. So before the elections, he did not want an alliance with BJP, after the elections, he is running after the BJP.

    Obviously there are T extremists and OU goondas who will try to create problems, but in his own interests KCR will keep them under check. In my experience, by and large T people are nice hearted and generous people and it is these T people who will make sure that T extremists are neutralized and SA people protected.

    There is no question of Nizam rule, as the entire T people waged a tremendous struggle against the Nizam palana. T people are devout Hindus and inspite of years of Nizam rule, they have kept the Hindu flag flying high in T. Conversions in T are also practically non-existent because of this.

    Shri Narendra Modi’s core focus is rapid economic development and he will not want any distractions in the form of an internal disturbances. Modi is 10 Sardar Patels, 10 Margaret Thatchers and 10 Otto von Bismarcks put together. Basically Modi will not tolerate non-sense.

    SA people who are apprehensive while staying in T should know that an almost impossible problem like the Punjab problem in the 1980s was solved by just 2 people – PV Narasimha Rao and KPS Gill. In 6 months the problem was solved.

    Now we have Shri Modi. If T extremists try to create any problem, the problem would be solved in 6 hours. So with Modi and the BJP in centre and TDP-BJP alliance, SA people need not have any apprehensions.

    I think that T people also realize that any form of extremism against SA people, will result in T being divided into 4 parts with Hyd as UT and each part of T will be merged with Maharastra, Seemandhra, Karnataka and Chattisgarh to permanently overcome the T problem once and for all.

    Modi and BJP's focus is on development of India and making India a first world super power in 10 years. By the grace of Lord Krishna, TDP allied with BJP and the people of SA made this BJP+TDP alliance win. This is the first step of SA people for rapid progress. Meanwhile SA people should not support any persons or parties that show no respect to Lord Balaji, Tirumala and the sacred seven hills. The sacredness of Tirumala and the seven hills is paramount.

    Jai Shri Ram !!! Vande Mataram !!!

    • Chandra says:

      I like your bilingual states idea with Chattisgarh and Maharashtra as Telugu is not a strong identity in Telangana.   But are those states gonna accept these "problematic folks"?  :)  :-) . Or you would just use article-3?

      • Ashish Kumar says:


        I believe that Telangana people are warm hearted, nice and friendly people and they will surely not allow any T extremists to trouble SA people. I also presume that T people will focus on developing their state under the overall leadership of Shri Narendra Modi's vision of making India a first world country in 10 years.

        The biggest security for the SA people in T is the BJP-TDP alliance. But in the very unlikely event of SA people being troubled in the new state of T, I am sure there are several options available – president's rule, disturbed areas act and finally article 3 to solve the T problem once and for all.

        • Chandra says:

          Your optimism of T people with Modi is good. But we should understand some fundamental facts here. T people, never in history were in sync with  the rest of the India. Either in 1971 when Indira Gandhi was fighting pak for  Bangladesh, T people were busy fighting with their neighbours. Majority MP seats were gone to a local Telangana party at that time,when entire India voted to congress, exactly like this time.

          You should know that T people never fought for Indian independence, we were always busy with fighting for our own survival. Joining Indian union was almost a free ride barring some incidents. So,  that " synchronization" with the nation, has still not developed. They take pride in fighting with their fellow citizens for their rights, but not in sharing with others or collaborating wth others to fight for a bigger cause.

          You and PM Modi should also know that this time T extremism will be very subtle but extremely strong. They indirectly make you yield before you have realized it, like in a chess game. You dont have to burn your fingers to check if it really a flame or not. Thats the bottom line to consider, to take any meaningfull decision.

          • P. Rao says:


            "But we should understand some fundamental facts here. T people, never in history were in sync with the rest of the India. You should know that T people never fought for Indian independence."

            "Joining Indian union was almost a free ride barring some incidents. So, that 'synchronization' with the nation, has still not developed. They take pride in fighting with their fellow citizens for their rights, but not in sharing with others or collaborating with others to fight for a bigger cause."

            Thank you Chandra garu for the insights quoted above.  I would add that the T-agitators had imbibed the jihadi mentality from their middle-eastern rulers, though they did not formally change their religion.

            • Rajendra Reddy says:

              I think T-agitators means most T-people.

              • Chandra says:

                P.Rao gaaru,

                It is sickening to see whats going on back in AP.  This is what happens when a third party like parliament which is not going to get affected by the decision, simply passes a bill and people have to suffer. In a democratic system only people who get affected takes the final decision.  Not some third party. This problem in  article (3) was infact discussed during constitutional debates.

                Every institution failed in this regard. Executive failed, judiciary failed, even the fourth estate. Is it not sickening to see police officers ,"aboriginal Telanganites"(If there ever any meaning for such people) going and handshaking with a thug for promotions. Flocking to Hyd from all over India as if some their great service is needed. Disgusting people. Whats wrong with the people in  India? Fundamentally something is wrong. This is not right.

                • P. Rao says:

                  Chandra garu: You know I agree with you hundred per cent. We have been saying these things over the last few years on this blog. Things are as bad as we assumed they are.

                  I saw a TV item today where some of the movie celebrities went to facilitate KCR on his win. They could not even wait for him to be sworn in. You know who are all I could see doing that?  Murali Mohan, Rama Naidu, comedian VenuMadhav, veteran actress Jamuna etc.  These are the people campaigning against him till last week.  Jamuna honored KCR by draping him with the traditional shawal.

              • P. Rao says:

                "I think T-agitators means most T-people."

                I agree. I was hesitant to say so. Thanks.

  17. Rajendra Reddy says:

    What do you educated people think about the following:

    TRS, in its manifesto, had promised to increase Muslim reservation from 4% to 12%. TRS had also stated in its manifesto to increase the number of districts to 24 districts. MIM has been supportive to TRS's and TJAC's games because of these two very important promises that will pave way to benefit the Razakars and other Muslims. That means for every 100 jobs, the muslims will get 12 jobs.

    On the other hand, the game that TRS and TJAC might be playing could be all of these:

    a. By increasing the districts, the TRS and TJAC will become more powerful.

    b. The TRS's politicians can make more money.

    c. More govt jobs means more loot of central govt money by TJAC and T goons.

    d. T goons can grab land of "SETTLERS" in the name of reorganization of districts.

    e. Will get more special packages from the central govt if 10 "BACKWARD" districts of India become 24 "BACKWARD" districts of India.

    • P. Rao says:

      @Rajendra Reddy

      "TRS, in its manifesto, had promised to increase Muslim reservation from 4% to 12%. TRS had also stated in its manifesto to increase the number of districts to 24 districts. MIM has been supportive to TRS's and TJAC's games because of these two very important promises that will pave way to benefit the Razakars and other Muslims. That means for every 100 jobs, the Muslims will get 12 jobs."

      The reservations have become a complicated topic in India; either for seats in colleges or in jobs. In many states more than 50% of these are in the reserved category and increasing every year. For example, Mr. Modi is supposed to be from a backward caste. But his caste was added to the BC list recently in 2002 or so when the center was ruled by BJP. So he is not a traditional BC but eligible for all reservations.

      Regarding Muslim reservations promised by TRS, likely it will have the same fate as promise of a Dalit Chief Minister! I do not give much credence to KCR's promises.  During the recent separate T agitation, MIM conducted itself very responsibly. It was against AP bifurcation and Asauddin Owaisi has been a forceful speaker in favor of Samaikyandhra. 

      About benefiting "the Razakars and other Muslims", as bad as it was the Razakar movement disappeared soon after integration of Hyderabad state into the  Indian Union in 1948.  I have not heard of Razakar troubles in Deccan afterwards. The Muslim community in Deccan has been integrated into the mainstream effortlessly. My feeling there are no Razakars in Telangana. If TRS promised a certain community 12% of reservations and follows it through that is democracy in action.  I think courts have a say in that, though. 

      About increasing the number of districts, if the Centre agrees for it and willing to send as many additional district collectors, so be it. It will increase the cost of administration for both Telangana and the Centre. It is their headache. I do not think SA should worry about it.

      • Rajendra Reddy says:

        I heard that the 12% reservation promised to Muslims has to be endorsed by the Centre, which is not going to be any ways. So how will the deal between MIM and TRS workout.

      • nyaya says:

        @P.Rao. All one has to do is to see MIM facebook accounts and the comments there (let alone akbar owashi's infamous speech on youtube) to understand what that razakar party is about. To call it responsible and an advocate for samaikya andhra is not at all accurate.

        mim has itself called for urdu state as recently as 2006 (links to follow). it was only when they were criticized about wanting to recreate nizam-hyderabad that they changed position. they also voted for Telangana resolution in the AP assembly, despite cynically pretending to be for united Andhra (a funny thought given they don't even bother to speak Telugu in assembly). razakar mindset is alive and kicking (asad owashi's threat in Parliament about Rohingya refugees also shows)–let us not fool ourselves…

      • VK says:

        @P. Rao gaaru

        Hyd state division and merging the divided region with other three states on linguistic basis had broken the back of rajakars and made them disappear or confined to old Hyd city. However Congress trying to bring back rajazakar by dividing the state. BJP pretenting to be saviour of hindus don't believe in south Indian hindus and hence supported the division against RSS wishes. So the so called BJP supporters should explain why BJP supported the divison of AP despite knowing that the division will make MIM (rajakars) stronger in the divided state.

  18. Ashish Kumar says:


    I can answer your concerns once you let know, what you think is the final goal of the T extremists ??? They have already got their state.

    Before you set to reply to this, please consider that the MNS in Maharastra has been tamed and got 0 LS seats this time. Except in J&K, Indians from any part of India stay in all parts of India. I myself have stayed in North, East, West and currently in South and never faced any discrimination. I speak flawless Telugu and Hindi. This is the strength of pluralism because of our predominantly Hindu society.

    In my view, there will be some friction over the transfer of govt employees of SA region. But these were the same employees who were against Naidu coming to power in 2004 since Naidu made them come to office every work day at 9 AM. Comeuppance ????

    Eventually Telangana has to build an image of a friendly state welcoming investments, otherwise where will job generation come from ? The youth of today is impatient for a new India, a developed country called India. The OU goondas will be sidelined. KCR for all his rhetoric knows what he is doing else TRS will end up like the BSP in UP. He barely secured a majority. The Telangana BJP must already be planning a complete sweep in 2019 elections, sooner if possible.

    Even if one SA person is harassed in Telangana, Modi will act and he will act decisively. He is 10 Sardar Patels, 10 Margaret Thatchers and 10 Bismarcks put together. Modi will not tolerate anything that harms the unity of the nation. Be assured in that.

    Jai Shri Ram !!! Vande Mataram !!!

    • VK says:

      I will not allow Andhra employees to pollute T-secretariat – KCR on TV9

      How NM is going to tame KCR kind of politicians?

      If NM is as good as you mentioned, he should immediately declare Hyd as an UT, new capitals to SA and T and mandals in Bhadrachalam required to rehabilitate people who need to be replaced due to polavaram as part of SA. My feeling is NM and CBN are good at blaming others for AP division but no guts to reverse the decision or alter it for the advantage of both the regions. 

      • P. Rao says:


        The division of AP may be a done deal. But it can always be amended like you suggested.  Leaders like Chandra Babu, Venkaiah Naidu and Pawan Kalyan should get together and convince the Modi camp to make some changes to the AP bifurcation which was done in a hurry and in a one sided way. The centre should declare Hyderabad as an UT and ask KCR to look for a capital for Telangana just like SA is doing. Of course, Bhadrachalam and other SA regions should be reverted back to AP.

        • Chandra says:

          @Ashish Kumar,

          I hope Modi will be intolerant to extremism but you need to understand that extremists never operate on a full scale at once. They want to conquer inch by inch. I dont have to explain u why naxals wont take major action at once. They know the consequences.

          If u think they already got new state and all prob's solved means, clearly,you do not know the depth of the Telangana agitation and hidden motives. I am writing few points about the end game of T extremists. Read them carefully.


          1.Systematic plan to grab the lands of seemandhra people in the name of protecting the heritage and history of Telangana. Whether those lands are distributed to poor or be kept for govermnent is to be strictly decided by TJAC and TRS govt.( Distribute some for namesake and keep rest).

          2. To avoid cunning Andhras from causing trouble to Telangana people in future,eliminate any leftover memories of Telugu unity and seemandhra historical statues in Telangana.

          3. Strict restriction to be maintained on seemandhra media from spitting venom on Telangana people. If possible discourage them from operating on Telanga a soil or buy them by Telangana govt and make state sponsored media.

          4. Include the 1500 people sui****s (sacrifices) in all text books in telangana schools from class 5 to class 10  and pray for the martyrs daily before school along with poem hailing Telangana land.

          5. All Telangana govt offices should have the photos of marty'rs and Telangana slogans like jai Telangana clearly displayed.

          6. Youth should be made as stubborn, well determines and strong regarding Telangana identity and all citizens of Telangana should love fellow people as "Fellow Telanganites". (here it means Not as Indians)

          7. Eliminate the un-necessary Telugu letters and make a simplistic Telangana telugu which is readable and understandable to villagers and change the language.

          8. All  industries belonging to seemandhrites in Telangana should have appropriate representation of aboriginal telanganites or systematically take them over make them as Telangana public sector units (TPSU) and telangana govt controlled capitalism shoud be implemented.

          9. Govt of Telangana should control the media and propagate telangana love(Meaning patriotism to T) daily by Telangana state anthems on Televisions.

          10. All history books in telangana should include and taught from childhood about Telangana revolution on Andhra oppressors and how brave Telangana people fought against Andhras and teach how great Nizam ruled the historic Telangana country.

           I have 20 more points to write on what is going to be called as "Telanganism".AP is not bifurcated for administrative regions like they created 3 states from MP. AP is "divided" on hatred.They want to do this systematically, not at once. It might appear silly to u and me. But they really mean it.

          • Suhrut says:

            Moron Chandra, what is Cunning Andhras, Andhra Oppressors. Remember the Andhras are the ones who founded Andhra Mahasabha in their towns to rebl against the razakars. This slowly led to the Telangana Rebellion. Are you born to a TJAC memnber.

          • P. Rao says:


            FWIW. I enjoy reading your posts over the years including the one above. I welcome your writings in future on this blog.

  19. Kiran says:

    As per Asish Kumar as long two people are Hindus everything will be fine between them in the long term. But he has a sick twist to this broad nice view – as long as you are not seemandhra Hindus who voted for congress in 2004. If you belong to that unfortunate group then you and your family deserve to be made persona non grata in a region you have served and worked for decades. Great.

  20. P. Rao says:

    If you have not yet seen the Hitler's reaction to Telangana creation viral video, you can search the internet with key words Hitler and Telangana and enjoy the drama. They are a couple of them. See which one is to your liking. Caution: Lot of adult language.

  21. Devraj says:

    We are going to take over seemandhra Rich Temple award. We have another temple you seemandhra bastards. We will popularize every this temple to get pilgrims from as far as assam, j&k.

    • Devraj says:

      This is where Lord Hanuman was born.

      • Kiran says:

        So if the richest temple were not in seemandhra then I suppose you will be content with your pothuraju dancing. Seemandhra decides what you try and aspire for. That is not surprising – you dont have a different identity.

  22. Ashish Kumar says:


    I do not share your doom and gloom scenario. I still believe in the goodness of Telangana people and I believe the T extremists will be sidelined. The MNS in Maha, the Dravidian anti-Hindi movement in TN, Khalistani movement have all disappeared. That is the strength of the Hindu faith.

    The difference between your approach and mine is that you are seeking a political solution and I am seeking a cultural solution to the problems in Telugu land. Few simple examples why I am doing that:-

    1.    With 42 MPs from AP and with the same CONgress at centre and the state, we had ZERO influence over the central government to get key projects allocated to the state. Tamil Nadu with 39 MPs could influence foreign policy in addition to getting multiple MNC factories to the state. YET THE PEOPLE elected the same CONgress government twice in AP.

    2.    While Naidu was doing well in the state and getting it on international map, a group of Seemandhra politicians go to meet the Italian high command, fall at her feet and beg to divide the state, ostensibly to create issues for the Naidu government. Can you imagine the same happening in TN or Karnataka or Kerala? It is this Frankenstein they created, that ended up dividing the state.

    3.    TN and Karnataka ruthlessly implement Tamil/Kannada signage in all shops, buses, companies etc. In Hyderabad, one can hardly see any Telugu signage anywhere except in Govt buildings. So much for the respect we give to our language.

    4.    Peddling fake salvation under the influence of money is the worst form of cultural degradation and degeneration I see in Seemandhra. While there are people who show little respect to the sanctity of Tirumala and the sacred seven hills, a huge number of the population goes on to support them. Can there be a worse form of absolute cultural degeneration that a state can have? Have we become so lowly people that we cannot respect our core culture and faith?

    5.    Except a few cultural institutions that NTR had created, what have we created in the last 10 years ? Do we have national cultural centres in each district for people to learn Kuchipudi, Carnatic music, painting, sculpture, handlooms like we have in Chennai – Kalakshetra? Do we have world class museums for foreign tourists to see the rich panaroma of Telugu art, literature and history ? In Europe, every village has its own museum and a central library. Do we have even one good one for the entire state ????? Yet the people vote for nikamma parties because they are ready to throw some cheap biscuits at the people.

    But the summary is that we have lost our cultural bearings and have become culturally rudderless, swaying to the temptations of cheap underhand money and the vulgar hip gyrations of Tollywood dances on TVs and movies. A society that gets culturally degenerate has little hope and gets beset with a barrage of problems.

    The DIVISION OF AP is NOT a problem by itself, but a SYMPTOM of a deeper problem within the society.

    Compare Gujarat and Bengal. Historically, both are rich in culture and tradition and thought and both are coastal states. In fact Bengal was exposed to British trading and technology far earlier than Gujarat.

    Bengal took to communism, moved away from Vivekananda, Bankim Chandra Chatterjee and towards cultureless people like Marx, Stalin, Mao, destroyed its wealth, (only yesterday ambassador factory, one of the very few factories left in the state, closed down) and becoming lawless.

    Gujarat stuck to its traditions, culture and principles of Hindu faith and inspite of a devastating earthquake, emerged as the most advanced and wealthy state of the Indian union. In Gujarat, women can fearlessly travel alone in the night – one of the critical markers of advanced cultures. Modi is definitely responsible for this progress, but more important are THE PEOPLE who identify and elect people like Modi as their leaders.

    This post is getting too long and so I stop here. But in the next post, I will talk about solutions.

    • VK says:

      "..The MNS in Maha, the Dravidian anti-Hindi movement in TN, Khalistani movement have all disappeared. That is the strength of the Hindu faith."

      We would have agreed with you if AP had not divided. So whatever hindu faith you are talking failed in keeping the state intact. So please explain what hindu faith got do with the division?

      1. If what you are said about TN politics is right, then we should elect only regional parties and not BJP, which you currently suuport.

      2. So TDP should stop falling on BJP's feet and demand for the reverting the congress decision on AP division under closed doors.

      3. If we really give respect to telugu, then we would have stopped listening to people who have no feeling telugu unity and hence supporting the division.

      4. How does breaking AP will help in salvaging whatever you mentioned?

      5. Again What does separating AP got to do with what you mentioned?

      Whatever cultural bearing we have will be lost with the division. So the division of AP is the main problem to rectify the so called problems you mentioned in AP. 

      Please tell me why BJP supported the division, despite knowing that the division will erode the so called cultural values you mentioned in AP. This precise reason RSS opposed the division but BJP supported the divsion for votes.

      • Ashish Kumar says:


        If a fever (Effect/symptom) is caused by bacterial infection (Cause), crocin tablet will relieve the fever only and not the infection. Crocin tablet will help keep the fever down, but for a complete cure, one needs an antibiotic.

        The division of AP is one of the EFFECT/SYMPTOMS of a deeper malaise of loss of cultural values and weaking of the principles of Hindu dharmic principles (CAUSE) in the society. One should not waste time curing the symptoms, but try to work at the level of the Cause for a complete cure.

        • VK says:

          What rubbish you are talking? In fact, the separation is not even like giving crocin when you consider weakening of hindu dharmic principles as a bacterial infection. The division actually increase MIM and YSRCP associated religions. So it make no sense to support the division if one is interested in propagating hindu dharmic parinciples. In fact RSS is against the division of AP and do you consider yourself above RSS in knowing Hindu dharmic principles.

          It is stupidity to support the division in the first place and then giving lectures on some idiotic hindu dharmic principles bla bla to support the division is unpardonable. This is reason why BJP should have been decimated like congress in SA to shut the mouths of idiots who bring religion whether it make any sense or not.

  23. Nityanandan says:

    What is the problem with these Tam-soles.

    Look at this article

    written by a Tam M.Ramachadran.It makes no sense.

    • Mahesh says:

      Nityanandan, There are too many pro-telangana articles that the one-man warrior Nalamothu Chakravarthy cannot handle. The only one who opposes the pro-telangana writings is Nalamothu.

      Wonder who he correct!

      • Kiran says:

        So you admit you cannot respond or refute articles by Nalamotu. So you opened a score where you count(in a random way) number of articles against and number of articles for telangana. You may take yourself seriously with such approach but I doubt anyone else here does.

        • P. Rao says:


          "Look at this article [link] written by a Tam(il) M.Ramachadran.It makes no sense."

          Thank you Shri Nityanandan for the link.  You are correct that the article does not make sense. For illustration, the article mentions all the ports are in coastal Andhra, one may get the impression from the tone of article that Telangana somehow was deprived of them by the Andhra rulers. We have heard this kind of logic a lot from the T-vaadis and makes us dumbfounded.  If you read the first three comments at the end of the same article, they very nicely answer the issues mentioned by Ramachandran and expose him for the stupid, meaningless article. I recommend every one to read them.


  24. Basha says:

    Andhra: Really means Rayalaseema, Coastal Andhra and Karimnagar, Warangal, Khammam, Nalgonda, and parts of Mahabubnagar.

    Telangana: Really means Rayalaseema, Coastal Andhra and Karimnagar, Warangal, Khammam, Nalgonda, and parts of Mahabubnagar.

    Residual Andhra Pradesh: Andhra meaning Andhra Pradesh minus Nizam Telangana

    Residual Nizam State: Nizam Telangana meaning Hyderabad State minus Marathi Nizam State minus Kannada Nizam State.

    Ceded: Rayalaseema

    Circars: Coastal Andhra

    Naizam: Nizam Telangana, the current Telangana only because Nizam sold the other regions by law.

    Seemandhra: Means all districts or regions of Andhra that were ruled by Raya.






  25. Sandeep says:

    TJAC and TRS rogues inaugarated the first statue of Gayshankar in Aswaraopeta, the region once part of Coastal Andhra.


    Jayashankar 79th Jayanthi Celebrations At Aswaraopeta, khammam Dt

    • Mahesh says:

      Is that really the first statue if the bugger in the entie state? I didn't see any in Karimnagar and Warangal.

  26. Sandeep says:

    TV9 and ABN have majority employees from TJAC

    TV9 Report : The great saint Valmiki is from Telangana

  27. Cheerleader says:

    One of the very few happinesses left for the new state of Andhra Pradesh (without the Residual Nizam State) is the good riddance of 60 year love for the barbaric symbol of Charminar, the symbol of muslim invasion and their establishment on telugu soil. Thanks to the fraud agitation.

    Jaya Jaya He set to replace Maa Telugu Thalli in Residual Nizam State.

    Charminar with Nizam Telangana map which includes stolen regions of Bhadrachalam, Aswaraopeta, Mungala, Huzurnagar, some part of submerged Nagarjuna sagar is going to be the state symbol. Back to Nizams. Owaisi brothers won what they wanted. Congratulations and Best Wishes brothers.

    • Mahesh says:

      Thanks for this. Add this to your list of stolen regions. Slowly the entire Kurnool, EG,WG,Guntur,Krishna will be Nizam Telangana.

      Here at Mission Telangana, the makers of Nizam Telangana are working day and night to slowly encroach Indian land. You can now find Nagarjunakonda of Guntur, and complete Nagarjunasagar (without ginving Guntur district's share of regions submerged) in Nalgonda.

      And the unworried happy "Manam' movie watching Andhra people are busy writing reviews about the same.

  28. Cheerleader says:

    World's Youngest woman to climb mount everest is from the Residual Nizam State.

    Mission Telangana was not happy when Nadella of the new Andhra Pradesh became CEO of Microsoft

    They weren't happy when Ravuri Bharadwaja won the Jnanapeeth Award.

    Anyways, the real news is the Agency which trained these kids belongs to a guy from Residual Nizam State, and so he trained all their kids for the feat.

    And the Narayana and Chaitanya group and Gopichand's Badminton trains all kids from anywhere. That is something else though.

    Howmuchever good one does for Nizam Telangana, it will be of no use.

  29. Sunitha says:

    Here they come, one by one out of the rat holes. But not all though.

    So even the Top Cop of Visakhapatnam is from Nizam Telangana. These guys have been saying all top jobs in Hyd and Nizam Telangana are occupied by other telugu people. Seems like they have occupied the top jobs of the residual Andhra Pradesh.

    My dentist's father is a old but very unhappy dirty rag picker from Karimnagar who worked as Head of the Department of a school in Kurnool. And my friend who is a local BC from Ranga Reddy Dist works as professor in JNTU Kakinada.

  30. VK says:

    If BJP supported AP division because it is for smaller states for administrative convenience, then when it is going to divide UP, MH, WB, TN etc.

    If TDP supported AP division by agreeing that telangana being discriminated in its rule, when it is going to announce the kind of discrimination happend in its rule and who were responsible for it. What gurantee it will give that similar kind of descrimination will not happen against seema or andhra in its rule?

  31. VK says:

    Time has come for YSRCP to question TDP in AP division?

    Although TDP is in a position to reverse Congress stupid mistakes in AP division, it is shedding crocodile tears rather than make SA better.

    It is stupidity of CBN/TDP to ask people to contribute for SA (telugunaadu) development after the division, which they didn't ask for it.

    It is stupidity of TDP/CBN to agree for Hyd income belong to telangana, instead it should stress NM to make Hyd city as an UT and distribute its surplus to both the regions?

    It would be stupidity of TDP/CBN to agree for negative budget for telugunaadu though it didn't ask for the separation and surplus for telangana, which asked for the separation.

    By being in opposition, YSRCP should and must raise TDP and its ally BJP role in AP division and make sure it play an active opposition role in questioning TDP for its questionable role in AP division.

    • subhash says:

      YSRCP needs to show some spine in fighting for rights of AP. Then only they can have some hope for 2019.  Anyway if CBN does not fight for sama nyayam, then he is one as in trouble as he can not hide behind division as he had always supported it. 

      • VK says:

        KCR saying he will go to court for inclusion of polavaram submerging areas in SA. He thinks it is undemocratic but he is happy to have telangana undemocratically.  Why cann't SA go to court for inclusion of Badrachalam in T or on undemocratic AP division?

        One CPI MLA is doing fast for inclusion of polavaram submerging areas in SA. Why cann't SA MLA's and MPs do the same against AP division?

        • Kishore says:

          Because he knows that beggars from SA just won't do that going to Court or Agitate. They wakeup, take filth, watch movies, and daily serials, do filth, sleep, and again wakeup and do the same routine. Haven't you seen this since 15 yrs of fraud agitation. It has been a one (naizam people agitate, talk cheap, talk lies, do fraud)  man army show but only two people either parakala or nalamothu reply and that too once in a blue moon. And people like us who are thousands of miles away from the country cannot do anything — neither create associations such as t associations in every part of world, because we do not have money and strength, let it be caste such as Kamma TANA or regional such as T associations of the world. And the Caste associations of seemandhra such as TANA never agitated once against the whole fraud that happened during last 15 years in the name of t movement.

          • Rao says:

            Kammolla kula gajji moolana, inkoti Jagan gadi avineethi moolana ee agitation lo Seemandhra vallu odipoyaru.

            • Mann says:

              Just blame casteism man, why blame Kammas? Even in Kammas, like any other (forward) caste, there are casteist people and there are people who dont give a damn. Because Kammas are progressive, rich and powerful it gets highlighted. I am a brahmin and I think Brahmins have more kula gajji than any other caste.

              YSR corruption and Jagan's greed for power definitely contributed to the state division.

              • P. Rao says:


                Thank you for being realistic and speaking the facts. The so called kulagajji is in the eye of the beholder. It is easy to finger point at the other guy about casteism while being a guruvindaginja in your heart. Every backward caste wants reservations, and at the same time wants to elimitate casteism. Go figure.*

                *Test yourself with the following:  How many in your immediate family and friends married out side caste by arranged marriage. Not love marriage. How many of you married outside your caste? How many of you are going to arrange marriages for your kids from outside your caste?

                • VK says:

                  On a slightly different note, you can find hundreds of examples of arranged marriages within the same caste but from different regions of AP, indicating that castes are still exist in AP (and for that matter in whole country) but no regional differences.

                  TRS Genesh Gupta would prefer either TG Venkatesh's (from rayalaseema) or Rosaiah's (from coastal Andhra) but not KCR's family for marriage alliance and this is the fact. KCR also prefer velama from SA than non-velama from T for arranged marriages in his family. So castes are still exist but no regional differences.

                • Mann says:

                  Intercaste arranged marriages work only for movie celebrities, big businessmen to increase their properties etc. For the rest of us, we play by the rules of the game!

  32. GK says:

    GK says:

    May 26, 2014 at 7:55 pm

    The zonal system and/or the article 371D is so murky and complicated with loopholes, atleast the mulki rule even on paper gave some comfort to T employees…


  33. GK says:

    One of the issues on employee bifurcation….

    • Kiran says:

      I see all figures in 10s or hundreds ..where are the lakhs of figures your lying movement paraded for a decade ? how dare a lying kunt like you has the guts to show his lying sneaky face here and make posts ? The CM of telangana has set up a "war" room against a few hundred employees who served the region for decades … is this the bortherly separation you friggin liars talked about ? you lost all respectability the only way you have a future is to eat some grass and learn some humility.

    • VK says:

      If I remember correctly, telangana separatists claimed that 90% of secretariat employees are from SA. Interestingly, out of ~3000 employees in AP secretariat, 1200 are low cadre employees and 90% of them are from T.  The rest (1800) has been split between SA (1000) and T (800). Among 800 employees allocated to T secretariat, only ~100, according to telangana separatists, are non locals. Does 100 out of 800 account for 90% of secretariat employees are from SA? 

      • Rao says:

        And BBC, AlJazeera, CNN, The Hindu, The New York Times report, the Nizam Agitation as the agitation of the people as they were sidelined.

        What can we do VK, when the SA beggars (politicians) did not tackle the rougues (t-fraudsters)?


      • Santosh says:

        Thanks VK.

        To worsen the injustice done to SA,

        60% state population is in Seemandhra and 40% in Naizam.

        In that respect SA did not get proper share in the jobs.


  34. Ravi says:

    Fanaticism at heights.

    Mr Rao had been opposing Maa Telugu Talliki as the state song ever since he formed the TRS for the cause of Telangana statehood.

    Mr Rao has also been receiving draft logos for the Telangana government from various quarters. He is said to have favoured one having the Charminar and a map of Telangana, with a slogan, “Maa Telangana — Koti Rathanaala Veena”.

    The official logo is carried in all official communication and is displayed on government boards. A final decision on selecting Telangana state bird and state animal is yet to be taken though Mr Rao has been receiving several proposals on this. Maa Telugu Talliki, which is recited in the morning prayer session in government schools, is likely to be replaced by Jaya Jaya He Telangana from the new academic year scheduled to begin in the second week of June. By that time, the TRS government would be very much in place and orders are likely to be issued.

  35. Ravi says:

    Where is the so called Nizam Telangana Ganga Jamuna Tahzeeb that filthy terrorist deshapathi used to talk about in all his speeches. He used to say arab razakar muslims and nizam telangana people live like brothers and thus it is called Ganga Jamna Tahzeeb.

    Why then all the fuss about including Charminar in the logo of the residual Nizam State. Didn't we all say it is Hyd ka Shan, symbol of AP etc, shameless idiots of Seemandhra also adopted it always as a symbol of Telugus.

    I think Kakateeya Toranam belongs to all Telugus but Charminar belongs to only Naizam region because they lived with the razakars for 400 yrs without any fuss as they claim. The Telangana Rebellion was just a fiction, hence.

    Read below:

    During the hour-long meeting, Mr. Owaisi insisted that Hyderabad’s famous icon Charminar be reflected in the new logo of Telangana State.

    The hoary monument was a symbol of ‘Ganga-Jamuni’ culture of Hyderabad and should become the identity of Telangana, Mr. Owaisi said. Mr. Rao promised to accommodate Charminar in the logo of the new State.

    The MIM wants a reflection of Charminar in the logo of new state of Telangana, Urdu as joint official language of Telangana along with Telugu, development of Urdu in all spheres, retaining Hyderabad district while creating new districts, scrapping of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and retaining old Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad with 100 divisions.



    BJP Telangana president G. Kishan Reddy came down heavily on the TRS  for joining hands with the MIM and also opposed the inclusion of Charminar in the official logo of the Telangana government.

    Telangana president of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) G. Kishan Reddy has opposed the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) proposal for inclusion of Charminar in the logo (insignia) of the Telangana government.

    When the Majlis leaders claim that the monument is a religious symbol regularly, how could it be included in the government logo, Mr. Kishan Reddy said here on Saturday. “Criminal cases were booked against persons who used the picture of Charminar in their Facebook posts on the occasions of Rama Navami or Hanuman Jayanti,” he stated and sought to know the rationale behind placing a religious symbol in the government logo.

    On TRS-MIM ties

    The BJP would have no objection if the MIM leaders say that Charminar was not a religious symbol and stop objections to the festivities in the temple at the foot of the historical monument.

  36. Kavi Raja says:

    Telugu Alphabets are Only 36 not 56 – Telangana University HOD of the Telugu Department Professor Kanakayya on Telangana Script

    Watch him

    This guy went even thus far that he claimed Telugu is Telangana's and Telangana is not Andhra and Andhra is a different language. That is the amount of hatred and jealousy they nurtured among themselves. They are a Virus, if not cured will eat away the whole Telugu History. They are worst than AIDS virus.

  37. Kishore says:

    Sir Mr.Chakravarthy,

    I read on your facebook that you came to know only couple of days back that YSR Congress meant Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party and not Yeduguri Sandinti Rajasekhar Congress Party.

    That was really funny.

  38. Kishore says:

    Here is more news. One by one, the "Most" "Underdeveloped" "Underrepresented" people of the "Most Underdeveloped and Backward"  region of India come out to show their poverty levels to the world.

    We are very poor people, used to say the TRS and TJAC. All rich industrialists hail from Seemandhra, used to say the TRS and TJAC.

    HYDERABAD: Rich businessmen who have no connection with politics or the Telangana movement are all queuing up at the Telangana Rashtra Samithi gates with high hopes of bagging a ticket for the Medak Lok Sabha seat, which chief minister-designate K Chandrashekar Rao vacated on Monday.

    A few days before KCR takes his oath as the first chief minister of Telangana, murmurs about 'money bags' besieging the party have grown, with some senior leaders voicing concerns that Telangana is falling into the hands of capitalists. "We are utterly dismayed that KCR is considering these candidates who are not even TRS members and have never been identified with the movement. Their only qualification seems to be their money power," said a TRS leader, who was denied a party ticket despite being in the frontline of the statehood struggle.

    Dismayed party leaders said Sony Travels owner Prabhakar Reddy, who has net assets worth over Rs 1,000 crore, and Mahidara Constructions promoter Prashanth Reddy, with assets more than Rs 2,000 crore, are seeking nomination from Medak. Even Mynampalli Hanmanth Rao, who lost the Malkajgiri Lok Sabha seat to TDP's Ch Malla Reddy, has thrown his hat into the ring.

    Senior leaders said their choice is G Deviprasad Rao, chairman of the Telangana Non-gazetted Officers Association (TNGO), which spearheaded the employees' struggle for a separate state. They argued that Deviprasad is qualified since he hails from Siddipet in Medak district and has also been a part of the T movement for more than 20 years.

    However, Deviprasad's chances look dim as senior TRS leaders said the top brass was in favour of someone who can spend money, whereas Deviprasad is not in the reckoning as far as money power is concerned.

    However, Deviprasad is still hopeful of a TRS nomination. "People of Medak, especially the government employees, want me to contest for the Lok Sabha. With their support, I will win for sure if the TRS gives me an opportunity," he told TOI.

    But going by the candidate list KCR prepared for last month's Lok Sabha polls, the likes of Deviprasad would never get a ticket, sources said. KCR favoured people like Konda Visweswara Reddy (Chevella) with declared assets worth Rs 528 crore, construction tycoon B B Patil (Zahirabad) whose net worth stood at Rs 102 crore, Bura Narasiah Goud (Bhongir) with assets worth over Rs 1,000 crore and Palla Rajeswar Reddy (Nalgonda) with assets worth Rs 17 crore. And seemingly validating his stand, all these money bags, except Palla Rajeswar Reddy, won.

    "Gone are the days of talking about the Telangana sentiment. We are into politics where winning is the mantra. Without money and muscle power you cannot win. As KCR knows this well, he is forced to relegate Telangana activists to a secondary position," said another TRS leader.

  39. Santosh says:

    Look at this friends:

    TDP MP from Rajahmundry (EG Dist) — Murali Mohan met KCR and gave him flowers and congratulated him for becoming the CM. Murali Mohan owns Jayabheri and many other industries in Hyd.

    BJP MP from Narsapuram (WG Dist) — Gokaraju Gangaraju owns Gokaraju engineering and pharmacy colleges in Hyd.

    TDP MP from Vijayawada — Kesineni Nani who is the owner of Kesineni travels and etc other properties in Hyd.

    TDP MP from Narasaraopeta — Rayapati Sambasiva Rao also owns properties in Hyd that is why he could not expose Telangana's lies and fraud and remained a loser.

    These idiots make 4 of the 18 MPs of Telangana. Even others might have the same links to Hyd as these. Will these people let things happen for Seemandhra or will they lose to Naizam region even after division in order to safeguard their properties? The naive SA people will remain losers for giving tickets and winning these kicked out (kicked out from Naizam) filth. Why did the SA people allow these filth which settled in or did business in Hyd?

    Ex of what may happen: A project may get allocated to Seemandhra by the Central Govt. The Naizam govt will grab the project by theatening to sack all the properties of the Seemandhra MPs.

    What is the alternative for SA people? Do they have to be losers even after division?

    • Rao says:

      This is enough proof that kammolla kulagajji moolana odipoyamu.

      Murali Mohan, Kesineni Nani, Rayapati Sambasiva Rao all kammas.

      • VK says:

        I agree that our MPs let down us in a big way in AP division. But I don't understand why you are blaming only one caste politicians (by the way I am not a kamma) for the division. Why don't YSRCP (being dominated by non kammas) do agitations against unfair division of AP, there is still time.  In fact, YSRCP agitation would be a slap on the face of TDP/CBN for agreeing for the division and doing nothing but shedding crocodile tears on the division.

  40. VK says:

    Is it OK to have a person (Smirti Irani) without degress as our country's HR (education) cabinet minister?

    • P. Rao says:

      According to Wikipedia, Smriti Irani passed high school, and is an accomplished award winning artist (TV actress) and TV serial show producer.  She served as the national president of womens wing of BJP.  She had the courage of conviction to contest against Rahul Gandhi in the last parliamentary election. Such life expericence and accomplishements are good enough for a minister. Rarely technical competency is required for ministerial posts.  For comparison, we do not expect our Gajapathi Raju gaaru (Civil Aviation Minister) to know how to fly planes or fix aeroplane engines!

      PS: There was some media buzz about misstatements she might have made about her educational qualifications. If it is true that is not ok and it is a different issue.

      • VK says:

        I beg to differ with you in regarding having at least degree to be HR minister at the centre. The HR minister having a degree is like Civial aviation minister knowing that Aeroplane/Helicapter are useful for flying. Some minsters don't need any educational qualifications but some such as HR minister need because the kind of people (VCs, Directors etc) they are suppose to interact with.

        Also if anyone know that he or she will get a ministry whether (s)he win or not, then there is need to have courage to contest against bafoon Rahul Gandhi. Furthermore, Smirti Irani mentioned completion of BA in 1996 in her election nominatin in previous election whereas she just said completion of first year BCom in 1994 in her nomination in the current elections.

  41. subhash says:

    KCR the would be CM calls for Telangana bandh. Seems he is all set to make hyderabad compete with Kolkata

    • VK says:

      Whole AP should go for bandh for including Badrachalam in telangana and for not making Hyd as an UT. 

      • nyaya says:

        yes, we have to expect the worst from doras recreating nizam state (feel bad for neutral, pro-samaikya TG bros). Doras have tarnished our good seemandhra name, we must now correct. Doralu endulo aina dookachu, let us do constructive things by making Seema economic dynamo and clearing our good name now like these people are saying.

        What is happening in Kolkata/W.Bengal is terrible.Hope there will be the President's rule there to clean up mess. Already, oinkwaisi importing rohingya-bengalis to Hyderabad (10,000). Only way is for us Telugus to become prosperous to become strong and check the adharmis….

  42. VK says:

    KCR is unhappy the ordinance on Polavaram and hence not inviting anyone from the centre for his oath.

    If he is feeling so bad for losing part of a region (Badrachalam) for good cause (Polavaram), though he want only telangana prior to 1956 and not an inche more, how we should feel for losing badrachalam, Hyd etc.

  43. VK says:

    Bifurcation Affects Negatively on Seemandhra Revenue – ABN

    On 2nd of June the Telangana will be the 29 th state of India and the united Andhra Pradesh stands officially divided since then . As a part of bifurcation the assets , debts and revenue is divided between the two states . According to this division the Telangana state will be having a surplus budget of Rs 7,500 crores while the Andhra Pradesh will have a deficit budget of 18,000 crores . While the Telangana people are celebrating the division the Andhra Pradesh people will start their journey with the debts .

  44. VK says:

    Difference between Naidu and KCR

    Political observers are able to see a lot of difference between the functioning of Chief Minister-designate of Seemandhra N. Chandrababu Naidu and his Telangana counterpart TRS chief K Chandrasekhara Rao.

    Ever since their parties came to power, Naidu has not been wasting a minute in getting the goodwill of the Centre. For the last two days, he has been meeting all the Union ministers concerned and discussing the issues pertaining to the development of Andhra Pradesh. He met Prime Minister Narendra Modi twice seeking his support to the new government in AP. He also personally invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attend his swearing-in ceremony on June 8. He knows that it is very difficult to run the State without the help of the Modi government, as there would be severe financial crisis in the initial years.

    On the other hand, KCR has begun his innings on a note of confrontation with the Centre, calling for bandh in Telangana against Polavaram ordinance. He has been very critical of the Modi government right from the day one; and has even antagonized the bureaucrats with his strong anti-Seemandhra approach. And he is sure to face tough time in the coming days.

    That is the difference between an experienced leader and an emotive fool.

  45. Kiran says:

    I agree with Rao that Kamma kula gajji was instrumental in letting the feudal doras winners. Some people where are counter arguing wether others do not have caste feelings. its not the intensity of caste feelings here but impact of them. The entire telugu media(both electronic and print) other than sakshi is in the hands of kammas and to some extent Brahmins (from what I hear). They could easily have exposed the lies of doras and even 10,000 TDF pamphlets could do nothing about it. But they choose to be quiet to embarass YSR and prevent any minor damages to their crores and crores of properties here.

    Lagadapati who himself is a kamma said if they are interested in their capital why would they oppose telangana movement they would rather curry favor with it. Thats exactly what happened – these kula gajji fellos felt themselves under sieze – why ? because they see themsevels – 5% as different from rest of population and therefore they akways need to fear and manipulate them. this does not mean every kamma is same – lagadapati is one easy exception. There are many others like him.

    But overall kamma kula gajji was a major factor.

    • Ved says:

      Agreed. That is why I strongly oppose CBNs move to create another capital between Vijayawada-Guntur to reward the same opeople that are partially responsible for the fall of erstwhile AP. The same real estate mafia is trying reap the rewards in the new state when the state hardly has any means to get into this lavish spending. Besides investing in mega cities is the most inefficient method of generating long lasting employment. Instead they should build administrative capital wherever they want but let the industrial and commercial development  be distributed. Instead of bulding mega city with 3-4 lakh crores of rupees, they should focus on infrastructure across the state.

      • VK says:

        I am against painting everything as kullagajji etc, which is same as associating everything in AP with regionalism by telangana separatists. However I do agree with you that we shouldn't have big capital (I am from Guntur district and not a kamma) and various deparatments should be distributed between all districts based on the strength in those districts.

        • Kiran says:

          Ironically I am fan of big cities and small capital. By capital i only mean the area where govt lives (secratariat, assembly etc) not where people live.But I do fear the caste lobbies around vja-gnt takin effect though I am myself from krishna district. It is not because I beleive other people have lesser feelings but because kammas are in a position to have maximum negative impact with their control of so many levers in society. Actually people from krishna district are some of the nicest and kindest people you will ever meet. And nobody can argue they dont deserve a capital because of 10-20% of the population.

          THe problem is narrow minded business lobbies who act against themselves and others for short term gains and long term losses of both money and prestige. NTR was a giant of a man but unfortunately his party led to a growth of caste based cabal which wrecking havoc on the state because of their silly self serving calculations.


    • prabhakara rao says:

      Kula gajji is least of the problems with Kamma caste.

      They are great entrepreneurs, hard workers. They have great survival instinct but no killer instinct. VERY VERY BAD POLITICIANS. They behave cheap when it comes to decision making. They are ready to compromise bigger case for petty personal gains.

      Look at the disgusting behavior of CBN. Even after all these happenings he wants to rule Telangana. He always wants to have his pie and eat too. Agreed for division to get votes. Vacillated all along. Thanks to Modi, he managed to survive. Now again he is shameless in eyeing for Telangana. He still dreams that TDP can win in Telangana. He is ready to sacrifice interests of AP for few more seats in TG.

      AP lost few mega watts of its legal share in power allocation. Instead of demanding for justice, this man begs allocation from center and emphases not to take away from TG. All that for his survival in Hyderabad and few more voted in TG.

      Not making any comments on employees division. Again he neither wants to take more employees in AP nor hurt sentiments of TG employees. Simply get away from both sides.

      Poorer states like MP and Bihar showing some self-respect while demanding funds from center. This man going all around like a beggar asking for funds. 

      Mark my words, he will case another split in AP in a decade to come. No intention of consultation with Royalaseema in deciding the capital, as if he wants to punish them for voting Jagan. Trying to bulldoze once again and alienate Royalaseema and Uttarandhra.

      He named and shamed by all Telangana  people. Still he claims to be their leader.

      Whereas Kiran Kumar was less humiliated by Telanganas. Yet he did not give up hid pride, instead gave up his career.

      • VK says:

        I totally agree with dubious CBN attitude in AP division. If seema-andhra had asked for the separation, then it make some sense in asking them in contributing for the state development. So CBN and other politicians (including YSJ) did nothing when the centre forcefully dividing AP but now he is sheading crocodile tears for the division without telling why he agreed for the division.

        However, CBN is CBN because of his individuality and nothing to do with his caste. If caste is everything, then we should had visyas as CMs since Potti SriRamulu sacrifised his life for Andhra.

        If KKR did what he did few months earlier, then we woudn't be seeing AP division.  Agin what KKR did is because of his individuality and nothing to do with his caste. NM is our PM but his brothers neither politicians nor rich industrialists. When we cann't even generalise people based on their families, how can we generalise them based on caste or religion or region or nationality?

        • Kiran says:

          Its not about CBN. its about the continuous grip of Kamma caste lobby on TDP and media and how they can force CBN to act in their own narrow minded benefit rather than benefit of everyone. Not every kamma is in the lobby but the lobby is based on shared caste feeling. 

          I agree everything with what Prabhakar rao says but the reason they act like that is they dont have a higher shared ideal other than caste. If they genuine pride of being a Telugu like NTR did they would not act like that. But they have only one strong feeling – kamma . And naturally by separating themsevles form 95% of population everyone seems like a threat to them so they act super  defensively – never putting themselves in line of fire – says Yes to telangana and Yes to samikyaandhra – never take a stance – never show a spine and say what they believe. CBN could not even say something in assembly discussion on AP division – he led the state for 9 years.

          Its absolute fear of others mainly because they see themsevles different (they are not ) that creates this problem.

          • Kiran says:

            In an enlightened world people form associations among themsevels based on their shared ideals or professions not by the accident of birth. Such people have high sense of individualtiy and a sense of conviction. confidence and bravery to say what is right and what is wrong – NTR is an example.. but someone like ramoji rao and cbn who also grew with hardwork but later started depending on caste lobbies and manipulation can't take a stance. They dont have the courage and it also looks like a foolish thing to them ..their own goal is to deflect anger on to their opponent and protect their miserable wealth which will eventually be taken away by feudal telangana doras or someone else. After all you have to die at somepoint.

  46. kapali says:

    As though a New Nation is going to be born, the celebrations go on and on. I think the whole inclusion of these and J&k Mus parasites has caused more misery than happiness in the lives of many people.

  47. VK says:

    On the Eve of Its Birth (the black day for telugu unity), War Lines Drawn in Telangana? – NDTV

    Hyderabad:  Inside what is being called a "war room" on the ground floor of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi headquarters in Hyderabad, a team is swiftly sifting through names of government employees to identify those from Seemandhra who work in what will be Telangana, India's 29th state, in a few hours from now.

    Government employees have been asked to leak information, complain about colleagues and provide evidence to show why some of them should not be allowed to work for the new government headed by TRS chief KCR (K Chandrasekhar Rao).

    In the TRS war room, the team collating data tags names as "Telangana Employee" or "Seemandhra Employee". Srinivas Goud, a union leader who has been elected MLA, explains, "War Room doesn't mean it is a war. It means on war footing, we want to collect data so that the government can take action. The government as of now has no information because it was 'their' government and even IAS officers were partial."

    At stake, the TRS claims, are thousands of jobs that have been wrongly taken by those from outside Telangana. They say the number could be as much as a lakh. Seemandhra employees who work here say the figure is much smaller.

    The Seemandhra regions will form the residual Andhra Pradesh state when the state is bifurcated tomorrow. People from there have been bitterly opposed to the bifurcation and the demand for Telangana has vertically divided employees in the state secretariat in Hyderabad.

    The tension continues with KCR declaring that he will not allow Seemandhra employees to work for his government. They won't be allowed to cross the gate of the secretariat, he had warned, even if they are allotted to Telangana.
    On Saturday night, nearly 10,000 employees got "orders to serve" the Telangana government, on a temporary basis for three months, before a final call is taken. (Read: Seemandhra Employees Cannot Work in Telangana, Says K Chandrasekhar Rao) "If there are false documents, the employee can always be suspended. They are trying to create a fear psychosis so that those from Seemandhra will voluntarily say we want to go from here," said Chinnikrishna, an employee at the Secretariat who belongs to Seemandhra.

  48. prabhakara rao says:

    Its past midnight and the betryal is complete.

    Onlything I wanted to add is about mis-conception. That Telanganas are innocent.

    Developments over last few days expose the Telanganas worst of the rouges in India.

    BTW, I never narrated here how my INNOCENT Telangana driver robbed me couple of lakhs. Not repaying even after taking him to police. Coz I tought it was one off case. But it is does not seem so. It seems in blood of Telanganas. 

    There is simple logic for this. Only industrious person knows value of hard work. Not a lazy fellow who does not mind grabbing and robbing others.

    Telanganas are anything but civilized. Otherwise they would not allow to redefine their own identity that is thousands of years old. Just for the sake of a little political space.

    I am happy that Telugu talli is free of this baggage. With Telanganas becoming a moderan race with their new MOTHER, we Telugus may have shrunk geographically and in number. But this definitely help Telugu culture develop and move forward. Our rich language and arts can move beyond primitive, archiac and crude expressions. Kannadigas, Tamils and even Muslims in Telangana cherish wide range of Telugu culture. But the Telangana race could not think beyond matti and edupu.

    Parying god to provide me an opportunity to escape from the land of traitors.


  49. Kiran says:

    CBN used to say that his biggest responsibility is to party and never to state or people. Thats exactly why he gave telangana letter so easily and so partially. he is continuing the same even now talking about TDP victory in telangana instead of safeguarding the state of AP where he is set to become CM. The party TDP is a vehicle for some lobbies to achieve some personal goals – Ramoji for eg.And therefore the party is most important to them and not justice or people. If party exists in telangana they will use it to get some decisions for personal favor and they will happily compromise interests of AP.

    It is critical that CBN takes a clear stance now. Telangana TDP should be under a different leader and CBN should have no role in it.

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