Hyderabad is not your Jagir!

Loksatta leader Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan recently speaking to journalists outside the A.P. state assembly alleged that under the guise of movements some people are extorting crores of rupees from industrialists and businessmen [Source]

Looks like JP's criticism has struck KCR's son KTR personally. Reacting to JP's comments, KTR said that if JP has guts he should present evidence of the extortion on the floor of the assembly. KTR asking for evidence is a fair game. Though it is highly unlikely that businessmen would be stupid enough to come out in the open and admit being extorted. If they are that brave, they would not have yielded to the extortionists in the first place.

Since KTR asked for evidence, here is one recent incident. I will quote a news article from The Hindu, December 14th 2009 verbatim:

"The Telangana Recognised School Managements' Association (TRSMA) have raised a banner of revolt against the TRSV, the frontal organisation of Telangana Rashtra Samithi for allegedly resorting to forcible extortions and threatening the school managements in Telangana region in general and Karimnagar district in particular.

Addressing a press conference here on Monday, TRSMA State associate president K. Anantha Reddy, district president Y. Shekhar Rao have said that the district TRSV leaders led by its leader Siddam Venu visited the Manair High School in Karimnagar on Friday evening and attacked the school staff and abused the correspondent with filthy language…"

For your kind information KTR, the above described incident did not even happen in Hyderabad. If the situation is this bad Karimnagar, we all can imagine how bad the problem is in Hyderabad.

If KTR stopped at asking for evidence of extortion, this debate would've been a fair one to have. KTR seems to have acquired his father's loose tongue. KTR went on to say that JP will not even be able to go about freely in Hyderabad if he continues to talk irresponsibly. If this isn't bad enough, the OU JAC threatened that if JP makes such inappropriate comments again, he will be driven out to Seemandhra. [Source]

It is very sad indeed to see the kind of leadership that is running the separatist movement. Some of the leaders do not even have a basic understanding of fundamental rights that the constitution provides to the citizens of India. These leaders and groups have no qualms in resorting to goondaism to achieve their ends. Yes, threatening a free citizen of India that he will be driven out of Hyderabad is nothing but goondaism.

A number of leaders that are involved in the current separatist movement are descendants of feudal lords of the erstwhile Nizam era. Their forefathers lived like kings while putting the masses through untold misery via vetti and extortions. It appears that "dhorala samskruthi" is still rampant in some of these leaders.


Dear KTR, Hyderabad state has been freed several decades ago and is an integral part of India. Indian constitution allows all Indians to come and live in Hyderabad and to exercise their fundamental right to freedom, which includes freedom of speech and expression. Looks like you and your fellow TRS goons don't get it. It is about time you and your feudal descendant friends realize that Hyderabad is not your Jagir!


Save Andhra Pradesh!
Nalamotu Chakravarthy

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  1. Prakash says:

    "When Nalamotu said ‘feudal ancestries’ .. ‘you’ voiced on their behalf"
    Whose behalf please? I did not defend or support "feudals" or "seperatists". I merely pointed out the blogger was dragging in alleged ancestry without any basis and in any case it was irrelevant.
    "I am getting sore when u question only one group"
    Sure, I can try to be more "equitable". There is almost no occassion when someone from the "base" left any "seperatist" without questioning. I can add my voice to the several others objecting to the same thing but the point may have been made even without me.
    As far as outside groups (statements/incidents outside the blog), I avoid commenting on these. This is based on my understanding of "netiquette".

  2. Prakash says:

    satya says: December 24, 2010 at 8:01 am
    Sorry could not resist this "manure cake hunt in the great epic" :)
    "voting to red parties whose policies are inherited from china"
    Or Russia as in the "good old" days of the "historic struggle"

  3. Chakravarthy says:

    To the question "DO you want India to be capitalist county?"
    Answer: YES!
    I firmly believe in a free market competitive capitalist system.
    I hate to digress, but here are a few links to my writings on this, if you care to read:


  4. Chandra says:

    Yes even i agree to a larger extent that free market capitalism will be good for India.

    United states contributes only 4.5% to the world population but generates more than 20% of the world wealth. Whereas India contributes to 17 % of world population and can contribute only aruond 5.3% of world wealth.  Even china is not a big deal in these matters.

    USA at once was contributing almost 40% to world wealth before started outsourcing its manufacturing sector in 1980's to China and later services to India(Which basically enabled these countries to come into global picture).

    Free market capitalism and private property ownership kind of things are needed for India also.

    Frequent Statements heard in Indian "elite" like education is not business, has to be given fresh thinking, because its indeed a business!. Universities needs to be innovative and look for funds themselves rather than completely depending on govt.

    But , before doing all these , one needs to know that basically the track record of Indian's ability in handling law and order and judiciary is one of the worst in the world and is getting worse decade by decade. In such a society more free market capitalism could be a disaster for india(which i speculate is going to be seen in next decade).  USA case is different….the ability of the American government in protecting private ownership and basically the quality of the people(Americans) who showed to the world all these concepts, is  exemplary,  remarkable and uncomparable to the situation prevailing in present india even in 2010. 

    There are lots of gaps that needs to be plugged in  such as complete revamp of educational system , revamp of "modern indian culture" :) ., artificial societal deadlines for marriage, first child,(eventhough appear silly) risk taking and "acceptance of failure". ..lot of things to write…..dont  think possible in India even in near future .

    Only a free and confident society with strong government  can handle free market capitalism. Merely copying what USA or Europe did  on its economic policies and comfortably neglecting their culture,confidence  levels, lifestyle, honesty and integrity  may be catastrophic to India.  

    some thoughts….sorry …just got carried away even though off the topic.

  5. sera says:

    I had posted earlier in a blog run by a Telanganite. I am a Khayast – read Hindi speaking Hyderabadi – who believes in the following. I came across this site and thought I should post here too.

    1. I am the “hindi speaking” kind that Aditya named me in Hyderabad. I have relatives among telugus from all the three regions. I also have relatives from the districts that belonged earlier to the “Hyderabad State”.
    2. We would not like to see the state split in the present state and would like to see a Hyderabad UT or a separate state of Hyderabad or best to make Hyderabad a part of the present state of Delhi.
    3. Don’t think all the three options are not possible because of reasons cited by Sujai and the likes of Prof. Jayshankar who cite reasons like “geographical contiguity” (Pondicherry is a state which is in four pieces and the four pieces lie in four states) or threats like “we will cut water, electricity etc”. For that your answer should be “Do It and then we will see what the solution is”. Don’t give into these arguments. Hyderabad as a UT or a separate state is fully possible.
    4. We were very disappointed when the old Hyderabad state split. In fact some of my older members of the family still nurture dreams of seeing it back. At that time we were told that “telugu” is an identity and hence the split has happened. We were not heard. We then reconciled to the Hyderbadi as a city identity and not as a state.
    5. Then the “telugus” said they want one state and merged. The best part is it was a peaceful merger (maybe Sujai and Jayshankar will disagree). Fine.
    6. Now suddenly we hear of a new identity called “telangana” which to our knowledge does not exist and at best is a creation.
    7. There are only two things – the erstwhile Hyderabad state or AP with Telugu identity.
    8. So there are only three ways forward – a)reinstate erstwhile Hyderabad state or b)continue the present AP or c)make Hyderabad independent Pondicherry style (even shared capital has its problems the way we see it. Of course the way we see it is not the way you should see it or the way it will be). The way we see it we see blackmail. First it was splitting the erstwhile Hyderabad state. Then it was telugu identity which is centuries old. And now telangana which has no basis historically or otherwise. Telanganas cannot claim history of the erstwhile Hyderabad state and own it while a large part of the geography and people is not part of it any longer. And that is why we have a sense of mistrust.
    9. Fear is what we are enveloped in. We are waiting for the SKC report. We submitted to it with all the above points.
    All said done if political compulsions and democracy dictates the need for the state, so be it. What could we do when the erstwhile Hyderabad state split. But we will try our best.
    Pondicherry is a good example. In fact Delhi and Hyderabad can be one state and be the capital of India.

    • venu says:

      i do not think only the telugu identity is responsible for splitting of hyd state, marati identity and other kanadiga identity contributed to it.

    • satya says:


      I understand your sentiments or those that of your elders when they see the split of hyderabad state. I can more or less equate it to the split of India. But the split happen under a national framework of re organizing the Indian states, which almost every state had bound to agree. The reorganization doesn’t happen by making a set of groups as looters, exploiters or drohulu etc.. I agree with your other points that there is telugu identity, and there is hyderabadi identity (which people like Prakash and Deccani are proud of). But there is no such thing as telangana identity. Of course, I see a good no. of hyderabadis differ calling themselves as telanganites and feel the hyderabad culture is different to telangana. At the same time I do not have any objection of creating a new ‘telangana’ identity (thru a recognized national framework).. but I resist the manipulative works that are undergoing in creating this identity, just thru hatred, spewing venom against other regions, and calling themselves as innocents (God knows how an entire region is innocent :) )

      Restoring the erstwhile hyderabad state is.. to the best of my understanding, is mostly impossible.

      btw.. Prakash is the person who can best understand your feelings and I wish he will respond to you. And Prakash garu, this time I don’t say it as ‘pidakala veta’ as someone from this minority group came up with genuine concerns. :)

    • GK says:

      Looks like you are the rightful descendent so I think you deserve to decide the fate of Hyd. I am OK with any decision on HYD provided you do not have the hidden ambition to sabotage Telangana.

  6. sera says:

    We have to fight the ideology that Hyderabadi is Telanganite and vice versa. It is not.
    Hyderabadi was a state – the erstwhile one. After its split – Hyderabadi means anyone living in Hyderabad. Period.
    The way we see it Telangana cannot claim the history of the erstwhile state of Hyderabad. The idea of Telangana does not exist. It is created by politicians.

    • Chandra says:

      Nice to see some comments coming from a little different point of view.  More importantly as you rightly pointed out the, identity of a telanganite never existed in history. So as marathwadite or north karnataka.  All these three reions together had an identity as  Hyderabad state but never  had individual identities. Its created by Telangana separatists.
      you are right regarding the marathi and kannada identity movements. Especially the Karnataka Ekikarana movement for separate linguistic kannada state is as old as demand for Andhra(pradesh).

  7. CVS Murty says:

    Justice Srikrishna Committee is the third party and it has been entrusted with the task of giving an objective picture of what has been happening in Telangana, whether there is any substance in the allegation of looting of Telanganites by Andhras etc., among many other similar issues and also to make suitable recommendations. If the leaders on both the sides are really fair, they have to abide by the judgment of the SKC without causing any further ado.
    People calling themselves civilized have to behave in a logical and sensible fashion. We do not know the correct picture and SKC will present it soon. Everyone has to agree to abide by it. Where is the locus standi for anyone to say that 'We will start the agitation after Dec 31st, if it goes against separation'.
    If S

  8. CVS Murty says:

    SKC has been entrusted with the task of finding out the correct picture in an objective fashion. It is a third party and everyone on both sides have to abide by it. If someone takes to streets when its findings are implemented, just because the findings are not palatable to them, they have to be thrown into jails.
    All sensible people will have to agree to this because this is a rational suggestion.
    I think all the parties in AP have to be told in no uncertain terms that everyone will have to respect SKC's findings and all those who don't like it and believe in taking up violent methods to achieve their objectives, have to end up in jail.

  9. Prakash says:

    satya says: December 24, 2010 at 8:01 am
    "Though I do not support acquiring lands for golf course in the name of tourism development that too without adequate compensation, I disagree calling that land as farmland. If one go and see the place where the Emmar constructed these villas, it is purely of rocks and hills. It took years for them to make it flat and make it attractive for the ‘riches’."
    How do we claim compensation is not "adequate"? To my knowledge, the compensation is based on the established norms ("market value"). The underlying fundamental factors are: a) property right is not a fundamental right in India; b) private property may be acquired in "public interest". In other words, socialism! After the onset of "globalization", the same system is being exploited by "crony capitalists" today to their advantage.
    Sorry for the digression but I believe this disconnect is in part the reason behind the problems today. Will elaborate if the capitalism vs. socialism debate continues.

    • satya says:

      >> How do we claim compensation is not “adequate”? To my knowledge, the compensation is based on the established norms (“market value”).

      The compensation is not based on the market value. It is based on the ‘govt’ decided value. Also the term ‘public interest’ is changing from govt to govt, and it should be more appropriately defined. In 2002, the TDP govt has decided the compensation around 29 Lakhs per acre. That time there is almost negligible development in that area. Though the surrounding lands are given to big companies like Infosys, Wipro, Microsoft and top schools like ISB, IIIT etc.. the economic activities there is pretty low. Also the real estate activities. I feel what the Naidu’s govt has given is good although not better. Still some of the land owners are denied this package and decided to fight in court. In 2005 after the YSR’s govt came in, the crony capitalists got interested in this deal. They reduced the compensation to 5 lakhs when the land value of an acre there will be more than 5 crores.

      We are using a land acquisition act of 1894, which was made by British govt in according to their favor. It is really shame that govt has to acquire lands from common man for the purpose of games played by riches. In fact, those big wigs who ever got the villas there are capable of making their own golf course.

      The leader of RLD, Ajit singh is fighting for making a new law in replacement with the ruthless act of 1894. It is not the debate of socialism vs capitalism. It is a debate of corruption and crony capitalism.

  10. Prakash says:

    Satya, the subject is extremely interesting but appears out of this blog's scope. Perhaps we can return to it if Nalamotu publishes a post linking his belief in free maarket economics to his pro-status quo activism.

    • Chakravarthy says:

      There is no link between my samaikyandhra activism and belief in capitalism and freedom. Two separate issues and am equally passionate about both topics.

  11. Prakash says:

    Thanks a lot to Sera for posting an interesting viewpoint. It is quite refreshing to see something different from the usual. Sera (and Andhra too) need to be complimented for this. I urge everyone to treat these views with respect and not dismiss them straight.
    Before commenting on Sera, I would like to take up Raj Reddy's statement first. I will apply this to Sera's position in a seperate comment.
    "Shame to have feelings of telangana or andhra.. we all are telugus". This statement can be extrapolated vertically on either side from "why Mallepalli-Nampalli differences, we are all Hyderabadis" to "why Indian-American differences, we are all humans". By changing the "parameter" we obtain hundreds of viewpoints.
    Each of this viewpoints is charecterized by the "knowledge" or "conviction" that the "higher level" view is impractical and the "lower level" view is parochial. Welcome to identity politics :)
    The most important aspects of identity politics are cohesion (the "insiders" have a sense of belonging) and difference (they believe they are different from "outsiders").
    All identities are based on "consensus of insiders", independant of any objective factor and acceptance by "outsiders".

    • sera says:

      I will reply at length maybe in some time. For some reason my browser is not allowing me to type in the text box. I dont know what the problem is. Prakash has some agreeable points and even some things that makes me warm. Joining to Hyd to Delhi may work or not. I think there are still some things that could make it possible. But Hyderabad is a different identity and after 50 odd years it would be wrong to do an "integration by force". We are happy with telugus from all the sides and like I said we have relatives all over. But right now remaining an independent state looks like the only solution. If we need to take mehboobnagar or nalgonda or why not both let us be a separate state and then we will have boundaries to all the three regions.

      • satya says:

        Sera, If you use Google Chrome or Firefox, you will face problems for ‘replying’ to a comment. You need to use IE for that, But you can definitely post new comments in those browsers. Btw.. Some times your comments may not publish immediately because of moderation. Don’t worry, they will appear once the admin approves.

  12. satya says:

    btw.. Came across the below blog where similar views of Sera are expressed. 


    Some excerpts: 

     నన్నయగారు ఆంద్రోల్లకి ఆదికవి అంట. తెలంగాణకి కాదంట. ఏరియాకొక ఆదికవి, జిల్లాకొక ఆదికవి, తాలూకాకొక వేదవ్యాసుడు. మండలానికొక షేక్‌స్పియరు యాడా ఉండరు. మహాత్ములు యాడనో ఒకచోటనే పుడతారు. ఆడ జీవిస్తారు. ఆ తరువాత వాల్ల గొప్పతనం మిగతా ప్రాంతాలకి పాకుతది. వాల్లని అందరమూ అంగీకరించి తలొంచి నమస్కారం చేయాలంతే ! చేయకుంటే వాల్లకి నష్టం లేదు కానీ వారసత్వాన్ని కోల్పోయి ఆవారాగాల్లమయ్యేది మనమే.


    ప్రస్తుతం జరుగుతున్న కొట్లాట కేవలం విడిపోవడం కొరకే విడిపోవాలనడంలా ఉన్నది. “మాకేదో నచ్చలేదు, మాకేదో బాధగా ఉంది, మేము సపరేటు అని మేమనుకుంటున్నాం. ఎందుకో మాకట్ల అనిపిస్తది. కాబట్టి మీకూ అట్లనే అనిపించాలి. మీరూ అట్లనే అనుకోండి. అట్లా అనుకోకుంటే మీరు ద్రోహులు, తెలంగాణద్రోహులు” ఇదీ తెలంగాణవాదం. విడిపోవడానికి తగినన్ని గట్టి కారణాలు చూయించలేక వాటిని కృత్రిమంగా ఇన్వెంట్ చేస్తున్నట్లు కానొస్తున్నది. ఆంధ్రా అయినా, తెలంగాణ అయినా అందరమూ పరాయిపాలనాబాధితులమే. ఆ దెబ్బ ఇప్పటికీ మనమీద ఉన్నది. అది మర్చిపోయి ఒకరి వంక ఒకరు వేలెత్తి చూయించుకోవడం మంచిగ లేదు. ఆంధ్రావాల్లని బ్రిటీషువాల్లని చేసి మాట్లాడ్డం అసలు మంచిగ లేదు. ఆంధ్రావాల్లు బ్రిటీషువాల్లు అంటే మరి తెలంగాణవాల్లు ఆఫ్రికన్ లా ? ఏందీ చెత్త పోలికలు ? మనవాల్లని, మన దేశస్థులని మన శత్రువులుగా చిత్రించడమేంది ? ఇప్పుడు ఉద్యమం పేరుతో ఇసుమంటివి నడిచిపోతాయేమో గానీ భవిష్యత్తులో జనం ఉమ్మేస్తారు.

    • Chandra says:

      Satya, the blogger you mentioned said exactly whats going on with integrationists in Telangana.  One such incident is ,My parents back in Hyderabad do not support separation. They had to go to Medak dist for some pupose. Now i was advising them to be cautious as SKC report is coming.
      The idea they and some of my other relatives are out coming with is to stick a sticker with "Jai Telangana" on the car! so that attackers (If any), would spare them. Now , dont get surprised if thousands of cars in T dists are rolling with these stickers. Dont say they are all supporting Telangana movement. :)
      Yes, the situation is so bad.

  13. Prakash says:

    @CVS Murthy:
    SKC is expected to go by its terms of reference. As far as I know, verification of allegations like "looting" is not a part of the TOR. We should also remember SKC is a committee, not a decision making body. Many committe (and commission) reports in India gather dust on shelves due to a variety of reasons (e.g. opposition and lack of political will).
    I doubt if either party will accept the decision if it goes against their stand. For example, there were discussions even on this blog on the strategy to be adopted if the decision is in favor of seperation. There is also a chance that both parties will resort to agitation interpreting the report (or the resulting decisiion)  as being against them. The best case scenario (both parties believe they received a "fair deal") looks difficult to pull off in my opinion.
    I fear a "law-and-order" approach will create more problems than it solves. I agree violence should not be encouraged but peaceful protests should not be treated harshly. India is not and should not become China. Repression would prove counter productive and end up "achieving" results opposite to those desired

  14. Prakash says:

    Mr. Nalamotu, thanks a lot for clarifying your views on capitalism vs. AP. This being the case, I will stay away from the free market vs. socialism debate raised by some folks.

  15. Chandra says:

    Separatists have crossed the limits in repeating threatening calls about after dec 31
    scenario. I hope they use some sense in what they really  do in january flashy show. But its
    always required by the government to be extra cautious and not  to get surprised by the
    separatists latest moves.

    I appeal to the govt of AP and govt of India to be "well prepared". Please note this is not
    to create panic but to face panic boldly if at all arises.

    1. Government of India needs to form a crisis mangement group (CMG) before January 3 and
    should be empowered to have access to either switch "ON" or "off" the media and
    communications in AP. This is the foremost thing they need to do.

    2. Imagine a situation where 200 students across multiple districts threaten to commit
    sui**de and media becomes frenzy showing it all live splitting the TV screen into 3 or four
    parts . What is govt going to do? Do they have any plan to face such a situation? Imagine
    "several" of them  succeed in that mission.  There is a  high degree of probability for
    happening of such a situation.

    3. Could govt agencies obtain grip over what goes in Telangana bhavan till now?(I am not
    talking wild speculation  about Sonia gandhi & KCR alliance). Do they have a log book reg
    where calls are going and the content of the calls? Do they have proper address and
    whereabouts of students and professors of of OU and KU ,"Telangana retired engineers
    associastion"  who were active in  increasing violence?

    I personally know SMS exchanges in previous december between some of my relatives who were
    teachers and doctors in Teangana. Possibility of "Now or never, Jai T" kind of SMS's can
    pose  significant impact to the peaceful agitations.

    4. One of the foremost organization responsible for this situtaion is….. "Telangana
    vidyavanthula vedika". An organized campaign of lies and deceit of people was carried out by
    this organization for the past several years. How is govt going to neutralize their
    capability  in january.  Do they have a plan.

    5. How to stop the retaliation from Telangana region border districts(coastal and
    rayalaseema regions)?

    This request is not to congress party,BJP or TDP or PRP etc. This request is to the media
    experts, burocrats, security agencies and judiciary of India. 

    • GK says:

      I agree with the above. Also if separate T is declared or announced, they should plan on stopping the violence in Andhra. Monitor the politicians who pump money to the agitators. They should obtain the phone numbers and recordings if possible of all the colluding that happend last december. Especially people like Lagadapati had his goons arrive in several hotels…

  16. Prakash says:

    Excellent questions but the direction could be self defeating. Preventive detention, censorship, wire tapping, communication bans etc. are unlikely to be successful (apart from dubious legality) and may end up add fuel to the fire. Intelligence and infiltration are better containment tools.
    The proposed CMG may need to think beyond Telangana. The inability of the authorities to anticipate the events of December 10-23 (and the hamhanded response) aggravated the situation almost beyond repair. CMG should also think of the likely repurcussions in all districts instead of focusing only on Telangana.
    Another factor that is to be considered is the nature of the tactical decision making. As long as the agitations are centrally directed, the tactics can be anticipated and responded to. If the agitation becomes dispersed (due to repression or split), it might decrease in intensity but will become difficult to contain. Chess against a known opponent is easier than playing against dozens of pplayers, some of them not even known :)

  17. Prakash says:

    I will now attempt to provide my views on Sera's insightful comment.
    Aditya: not sure who he is, must be from the other blog referred by Sera.
    Hindi, Urdu, Marathi & Kannada speakers (and others as well) are an integral part of Hyderabad's landscape. This can be further classified (Marwari, Khayasth, Bondili, Chaoosh, Habshi etc.) each group enriching the city with their uniqueness.
    The essence of the Hyderabadiat in my knowledge is cosmopolitan hetrogenous culture, tolerance, emphasis on mutual respect apart from cultural aspects like unique language (Dakhni).
    Hyderabad inturn is influenced by the surrounding areas. Dakhni, for instance, is strongly influenced by bothTelugu and Marathi. Telugu's role (and that of the Telugu people) is especiallly significant: imagining Hyderabad without Telugu is as impossible as without Urdu.
    Having said this, I do not find a dramatic difference between Hyderabad city and the towns of the erstwhile Hyderabad state. I grew up in Hyderabad amidst the calls of the azaan, sipping Irani chai and listening to mushairas. The situation is similar (though lesser in scale) in Warangal and Gulbarga. You will find Sikhs, Marawaris, Shias etc. in Warangal while Gulbarga has a strong Marathi contingent. Warangal is closer to Hyderabad than Gulbarga because of the higher influence of Telugu. The scale changes as we go into villages but does not vanish even here. The influence of "Ganga Jamuni tehzeeb" can be seen in several instances (e.g. joint celebrations of Holi, Dusserah & Id).
    In my opinion, the splitting of Hyderabad state was a historical necessity. The seeds of the division on a linguistic basis were too strong to resist. The division of the nationalistic forces into three language parishads was a tragedy fuelled by ego and overinflated importance to real & imagined slights. On the other hand, royalists, religious forces and communists stayed united on ideological grounds. This set back the freedom struggle in Hyderabad by a decade, if not more and also paved the way for the reds running amok. The royalists and Islamic forces sunk their differences and joined together in the face of Indian independance but the nationalists could not realize their folly until later.
    The comment "At that time we were told that “telugu” is an identity and hence the split has happened. We were not heard" reflects poorly on fledgling India's ability to carry its people. Hopefully we have improved as a nation.
    Is "Telangana" a new identity? To my knowledge, Hyderabad state was clealy demarcated into Telangana, Marathwada & Karnataka (HK & BK were both referred to as Karnataka by its people while Mysore was called Mysore). The Telugus of Hyderabad state called themselves Andhras (they called the "Andhras" as toorpollu i.e. Easterners) and the land as Telangana from a very long time.
    Did non-Telugu Hyderabadis identify with Telangana? Some did, some did not. MM Hashim, GS Melkote, Badri Vishal Pitti, Keshav Rao Jadhav et al were strongly active in the 1969 agitation. We may note here that 2/10 TPS MP's were non-Telugus from Hyderabad.
    The situation today is not much different. Some people identify with Telangana while some do not and yet others are neutral or indifferent. Division or status quo is however unlikely to create any schism between these groups.
    Can Telangana identity try to submerge Hyderabadi identity? No
    Can Telangana force Hyderabadis to identify with Telangana? A big NO
    Can Telangana claim the history of the Golconda & Hyderabad states? Any answer (yes or no) is just a viewpoint. We can not stop anyone from making any claim (witness the claims made on Vijayanagar by both Kannada & Telugu)
    I have no problem with the people of Hyderabad wanting to form a seperate state (I do not recommend UT). I am not sure if it is viable though. Another problem I see is that it will cut off Mahboobnagar. Perhaps  a Hyderabad state consisting Hyderabad, RR & Mahboobnagar districts will meet all administrative requirements. Having said this, any demand will make headway only if it is unequivocal, not conditional.
    I am not  convinced the Goa/Pondicherry model will work. Daman & Diu seperated from Goa without any impact on the Goans. There are many legitimate demands (on both sides) for merging Yanam with EG district. In my opinion, the uniqueness of Goa & Pondy models stemmed from the colonial past and has reduced with time. The only glue still holding Yanam to Pondy is the "tax factor". Joining Hyderabad to Delhi is unlikely to work, especially when there is no special bonding between the two.
    Geographic continuity is an accepted parameter in India. Any attempts to retain Hyderabad in Telangana by force or threats must however be condemned by all right thinking Indians. "Integration by force" is neither correct nor practical.

    • satya says:

      Dakhni is not a language but a dialect of urdu which is spoken by the muslims of the south regions which are part of erstwhile islamic rulers. This was developed similar to how the ‘hindustani’ dialect was developed in the north by mixing hindi and urdu. Just because the non-muslims of these regions speaks these dialects, it can’t claim the significance over the mother tongue of majority of the people of the region. btw.. I don’t say the language is neither beautiful nor popular that time

      >> imagining Hyderabad without Telugu is as impossible as without Urdu.
      I don’t mind your love for urdu (or Dakhni), but I strongly denounce your exaggerated observations like above which appears to be belittling the telugu language or identity. Telugu is a majority language of the telangana region and trying to equate with urdu (or dakhni whatever) is simply absurd. Urdu got its importance in hyderabad city because of the primary language of the state, functioning of govt offices and the employee class who are emigrated from north and not to forget larger concentration of muslims. It is not the language where majority people of telangana voluntarily accepted to speak.

      >> The seeds of the division on a linguistic basis were too strong to resist. The division of the nationalistic forces into three language parishads was a tragedy fuelled by ego and overinflated importance to real & imagined slights.
      The language identity or the division of the states on linguistic parameters has a significance importance, as language is primary medium for governance. Linguistic division is the most accepted norm in the world to organize the regions for better governance. Even if the telangana region split from AP, it is necessary to prevail its linguistic importance for the administration purpose. One can’t go into past and reverse this just because they appreciate the mushairs of a different language.

  18. sera says:

    Prakash said:
    The most important aspects of identity politics are cohesion (the "insiders" have a sense of belonging) and difference (they believe they are different from "outsiders").
    All identities are based on "consensus of insiders", independant of any objective factor and acceptance by "outsiders".

    That is actually where the rub is. I will give you a small personal example. My sister is married to a telugu and I see that her children "identify" themselves as both telugus and hindis. Or maybe there is a split angst or an alienation as the literary types may put it :) .
    The thing is I see these children now finding it difficult to understand this whole fight between telugus themselves. The main thing is they would not have felt so if there were other reasons like administrative convenience etc rather than this hatred. So now what identity do they feel about themselves. They are sort of forced to feel an identity of Hyderabadi only as the identity of "telugu" is now under challenge.
    I feel that "language" is perhaps what puts a shape to an "identity". Maybe religion is too but in a world moving ahead I think it is quickly losing its place. Better informed people of this blog should inform me but how many "different" countries are there which have the same language. I know there are many countries which have multiple languages like Canada, US or even Singapore which technically does not have a "native" language. But I am asking the reverse of it. There was west and east germany which anyway today are one.
    That is one part of it. There is an other thing that I wanted to bring about. I feel that the logic of "because a region or regions have a majority in a representative legislature and hence injustice was done to a region which is in a minority" is dangerous at a national level too.
    Can't a state (lets say AP itself) say that because we just have a minority representation in the parliament hence injustice is done to us. If that argument is accepted then it is a matter of just having a hate-mongering leader like KCR and an ideologue like Jayshankar whose sense of victimization is over-imaginative and throw in some artists and singers AND what we have is an agitation against the union.
    There are many levels that I find a problem in this T issue. I feel it is retrograde for the nation. Imagine that I had a father who fought against marrying a Telugu and today I stand accepting that my children can marry anyone from any language. That's how integration [I dont mean samaikhya andhra here :) ] should move ahead – I mean "integration of identities".

  19. Prakash says:

    I agreed Dakhni is a variant (or possibly dialect) of Urdu, not a language by itself. There are many conflicting opinions about the status of Urdu itself  as a language. It is important to note however that Urdu was not the language of the kings: it is a language that evolved as a fusion. You may remember that Hindi was chosen as the link language over Hindustani after a close debate (primarily because of south Indian support for Hindi).
    I repeat I can not imagine Hyderabad (not Telangana) without Urdu. Many people in Hyderabad are bi-lingual speaking their own tongue and Urdu/Telugu. Even today, if someone meets a stranger whose language, they may try speaking in Urdu/Hindi first.
    I do not intend belittling Telugu in any way. I am not equating Urdu with Telugu or advocating it takes prevalence over anyone's mother tongue.
    Instead of delving into the past, let us accept the fact that Urdu is voluntarily spoken today by many people in Hyderabad and other areas of the country. Let us remember Urdu is an official language in several Telangana & Rayalaseema districts. Similarly Urdu Academy has been functioning along with Telugu Academy for years now.
    I am not sure if linguistic division is the most accepted norm in the world for adminstrative organization. I can think of several other formulations that have stood the test of time. I am also skeptical whether language as a primary medium for governance is a great idea (Ambedkar & Lee provide an alternate view).
    Be that as it may, I do agree linguistic division has served south & west India reasonably well. I called the pre-1948 lingusitic split in the nationalist a tragedy because they fought among themselves instead of uniting against the Asafjahi regime. If only they agreed to postpone the linguistic split till independance (like their counterparts in Madras did) …
    While I am indifferent to whether Telangana will seperate, I do hope it will (if formed) promote Telugu and other languages too.
    To use the language of the blog, Hyderabad is not the jagir of the Telugus (whether they are from Telangana, Andhra or Rayalaseema).

    • satya says:

      >> Let us remember Urdu is an official language in several Telangana & Rayalaseema districts.
      you mean 2nd official language?

  20. Prakash says:

    sera says: December 29, 2010 at 12:11 am
    Hats off to your "out of box" thinking.
    My family has many examples similar to yours. Sometimes I think we are a mini-India (Muslim, Gujarati. Bondili, Malayalee etc.) This is one of the reasons why I identify myself with India, not Mallepalli, Hyderabad, Telangana or AP.
    I realize I can not wish identity politics away. I am only acknowledging its existence and effect, especially the harmful ones. I concur with you that "my state is discriminated" logically leads to "my region (or language or caste etc.) is discriminated at the state level".
    I wish we see less hatred and suspicion. The idea of "integration of identities" (or "identities wither away" to borrow from the dialectical lexicon) is wonderful.
    A little digression on language partially answering your question:
    - Very few countries (Japan, the two Koreas & the many Arab states) are linguistically homogenous
    - Even in such cases, there are multiple countries for a single language. For example, Bismarck specifically excluded German speakers in Austria & Switzerland during the unification. Consequently millions of people identify themselves as Deutsch by language but Schweiz or Oesterrich by nation.
    - There are cases where people united on the basis of language but later seperated after "discovering" their language is "different" (e.g. Serbo-Croat, Czech-Slovak)
    - There are differences of opinion on what constituites a language (e.g. Mandarin vs. Cantonese).
    - USA is a good example of the "melting pot" approach while Canada & Spain are good examples of the "salad bowl" approach
    - The "salad bowl" concept is gaining wider acceptance in much of the democratic world. China is a glaring exception as it tries to establish Han dominance by force and eliminate regional identities
    - Many of the "linguistic states" in India have a strong minority language presence (15% in AP, 30% in Karnataka etc.) 

  21. Prakash says:

    satya says:December 29, 2010 at 2:05 am
    Satya, please note "an", not "the"

  22. Prakash says:

    Satya, I think you & I are saying the same thing. I never said Urdu is the majority language or the first official language. I am not sure of the % of Urdu speakers in Hyderabad but surely it is not insignificant

  23. Prakash says:

    Just wanted to know if you have any views on the following.
    Marwaris, Bondilis etc. in Hyderabad (like Saurashtras in TN) often identify their roots by region, caste or even clan, not state or language. For example, people may say "I am a Hyderabad Marwari" rather than "Hyderabad Rajasthani". Most of these people do have family & business links to Rajasthan/UP.
    Why is this so? The question is generic, not limited to the examples I give. I am only trying to understand the reason, not hinting or implying anything.

    • sera says:

      Thanks for adding an other dimension to this discussion. Let me give my thoughts on this for whatever worth they are. Be sure that I am no expert at this but I don't think anyone is either :)
      What makes an identity or what the self thinks that the self is. Many things go into it – language, geography, caste (specially in the case of India while you could replace that easily with religion in other places.) For example someone in New York will tell you he is a german austrian jew – language/geography/religion while when he goes lets say to China he will say I am a New Yorker or an American. When pushed further he will say I am orginally a german austrian jew. Note that history and culture are an integral part of all these dimensions – language, caste/religion and geography. History and culture are too abstract to be beginning points of "identity formation" for most people. and anyway language specifically defines the history and culture you learn and evolve. This is also the reason why one finds that most people who know more than one language have a more broader "identity" of themselves.
      So when someone is saying I am a "Hyderabad Gujarati Marwari" he follows the same structure but remember he says that when he is in Delhi. When he is in Gujarat he says he is a "Hyderabadi Marwari". And in Hyderabad where there is no need to say Hyderabadi he may say he is a "Gujarati Marwari".
      The definition of the "self" is dependent on which other "self" he is speaking to.
      Not that you are hinting or implying at anything but in this particular case oddly history, language and geography seem to come to loggerheads. Language + geography make up the consistent identity idea of for seemandhras (note that I earlier mentioned that history is not in the reach of many and is too abstract for being rooted).  Language + geography + history make up a consistent identity idea for telanganites. And that is why it looks like they see the same thing and understand them totally differently.
      One more thing here we need to keep in mind is that "history" in the case of Nizam/erstwhile-hyderabad is something that everyone wants to forget and also cannot be remembered (or cherished) after we have moved on to a democratic set-up. So whenever the Telanganites bring out the history + geography + language the seemandhras say "what history?". Even the Indian union cannot accept the history as glorious or so and the irony is that majority of telanganites themselves dont see it positively. So history is again a internal conflict to accept for a telanganite as part of his identity.
      For a hyderabadi the identity is much more delicate. It was essentially much more multi-cultural as the kannada and marathi areas were part of it and language did not form part of the identity even earlier. Most of the Hindu guys cant take the religious identity in any case. He was clutching to geography only even before the erstwhile Hyderabadi state got divided which he lost. So I guess (now I aplogise and this is just derived from pure introspection) he relegated his identity to "Hyderabadi" as a city as language wise it did not exist before and does not exist even now. Thankfully "telugu" was never a militant identity (I am contrasting this for example with tamil and marathi in the towns of chennai and mumbai). And now even that is challenged as Tellanganites want to say Hyderabadi is Telangana and vice versa.
      Like you yourself put it prakash, Hyderabad is not the jagir of the Telugus (whether they are from Telangana, Andhra or Rayalaseema) – it is just "also" the jagir of Telugus as it is the jagir of many.

  24. Udyama Telangana says:

    Look at this Picture that depecits this Main Article " Hyderabad is not your Jagir".

  25. Udyama Telangana says:

    Another Good one for your better understanding:

  26. Udyama Telangana says:

    భష ఒక్కటైతే కలసి వుండాలా
    ప్రపంచంలో ఒకేభాష మాట్లాడే వారికి, ఒకే మతాన్ని పాటించే వారికి అనేక దేశలున్నాయి. అంటే కలిసి వుండడానికి మతంకాని, భాష కానీ ప్రతిపదిక కాదని తెలుస్తున్నది. భాష నినాదంతో ఏ ప్రాంతం కలిసి వుండలేదు. ఆర్దిక, రాజకీయ, సామాజిక, సమానత్వలే ప్రాంతాలను, ప్రజలను కలిపి వుంచగలుగుతాయి. అసమానత కారణంగా ఒకే మతాన్ని పాటించే పాకిస్తాన్ చీలిపోయింది. అరబ్ భాషనే మాట్లాడే పచ్చిమాసియాలో అనేక దేశాలున్నయి. భాషతో కలసి వుండాలనడం భాష్యం కాదు. కలువాల్సింది భావాలే కానీ, భాష కాదు. కలిపింది ప్రాంతాలనే కానీ, మనసులను కాదు. నీటిలో నూనె కలిసినట్లు కలీశామెతప్ప, పాలు నీళ్లలా కాలువలేకపోయాం. మనసులు కలువని భార్యాభర్తలే వేరు కాపురలెంచుకుంటుండగా, పరస్పర విరుద్ధమైన భావాలతో కలిసుండెడేందుకు?
    అయిన భాష ఒక్కటే అన్న విషయాన్ని కూడా ఆంద్రులు అంగీకరించినట్లు దాఖలాలు లేవు. మన భాషను, యాసను ఏనాటినుండో తమ సినిమాల ద్వారా ప్రత్యక్షంగా, పరోక్షంగా వ్యతిరేకిస్తూ వస్తున్నారు. తెలుగు భాషను రక్షించడానికి చర్యలే చేపట్టకపోగా, విద్యారంగాన్నంతా ఆంగ్లంతో నింపి, తెలుగును కనుమరుగు చేశారు. నిజమైన తెలుగును మాట్లాడేవారు రాష్ట్రంలోనే ఒక శాతానికి మించి కనిపించరు. ఉర్దూ, ఇంగ్లిష్ పదాల కలయిక లేనిదే భావాలను సరిగా వ్యక్తీకరించలేని కూడలిలో ఉన్నాం. ఇంకా భాషను పట్టుకొని కలిసి ఉండాలనడం దేనికి? ఆమాటకొస్తే తెలంగాణ ప్రజలది సరైన తెలుగు కాదని గేలి చేస్తుంటారు. కానీ భారతాన్ని ఆంద్రీకరించిన తిక్కన, భాగవతాన్ని ఆంద్రీకరించిన పోతన తెలంగాణ ప్రాతంవారే అని చరిత్రకారులు అంటున్నారు.ఇంకా చెప్పాలంటే జ్ఞాన్ పీఠ్ అవార్డు గ్రహీత డా|| సి. నారాయణరెడ్డి, కాళోజీ నారాయణరావులు, దశరది సోదరులు, యశోదారెడ్డి ప్రస్తుత కాలంలోనే తెలుగు భాషలో గుర్తింపును పొందినవారే అని గుర్తుంచుకోవాలి.
    భాషా ప్రతిపదికతోనే రాష్ట్రాలను ఏర్పాటు చేయాలనుకుంటే దేశంలో ప్రస్తుతమున్నాయని చెబుతున్న సుమారు 250 భాషలకు 28 రాష్ట్రలే ఎందుకున్నాయి . “భాష ఒక్కటని కలుపుకున్నాం కదా? మళ్ళీ విడిపోవడం దేనికి” అని కొందరంటూoటారు. కానీ ‘ఎత్తుకున్న పిల్లని పిర్ర గిచ్చితే ఏడువకుండా ఉరుకుంటుందా? సంకాలోనే వుండాలని ఆశిస్తుందా?

  27. Chandra says:


    Nice and thoughtful comments especially the integration of identities. Also you rightly pointed out that, larger elemenest in the  history of "Hyderabad state"  "can be", "forgotten". I personally feel its not as "soothing" to listen like Indian history as a whole. Even though there are fans here on this blog :) . Again this is not a religious commenet , the indian history in time of great muslim kings was also glorious.

    As you rightly said Hyderabad is just "also" the jagir of Telugus as it is the jagir of many. Completely agree with you.

     Only one more thing i would add to your statement is, Hyderabd is not just a city, to stress that it has many people from several parts of India .

    Fortunately or unfortunately :) its the capital city of Andhra pradesh. The title of the post is referring to this argument.

  28. Chandra says:

    @GK garu

    I agree with you. If goons from seemandhra and goons from Telangana are  fighting leaving the normal people, it would not have been a problem!

    TRS conducted several gharjanas like student garjana , vaidya gharjana..explaiing how every community was being exploited.

    I was thinking of how about : "Telangana Goonda gharjana" :) .

    I thought TRS would give a representation to SKC, explaining how "cunning goons" of Rayalaseema and coastal andhra are exploiting the "innocent goons" of Telangana and how they are looting the prospects of local goons. :)   :)

    (Sorry for a frivolous comment here)

    • GK says:

      Who is left in telangana that you have not ridiculed?
      I have nothing to comment on such bashing comments. I guess if you should enlighten yourself from the last 50 yr crime history you can figure where the goons exist and what they do. 

  29. Sunil says:

    Udyama Telangana – You have posted these pics before and got a fitting reply from the blog members. Go and dig the old thread.

  30. Udyama Telangana says:

    Sunil Sodaraa,
    I sent only one at that time. Now you will enjoy more cartoons. First time I heard from someone that fitting replies are given to me for the Cartoons posted. Please pat on your back on my behalf and jump with joy.
    Laugh for a while seeing the Cartoons  but do not get furious on me Bro. I had posted one cartoon earlier but as this posting is about Hyderabad and Jagir's I think this is the best Thread to find a place.

  31. justice says:

    What is ur point ?? Is there any topic that u want to educate us on ??
    Is not can you please stop posting ur racist and rants ??

  32. justice says:

    What is ur point ?? Is there any topic that u want to educate us on ??
    If not can you please stop posting ur racist  rants ??

  33. Udyama Telangana says:

    Cartoons cannot be taken as Violent (Rant). Do I need to educate You? I beleive that you are a knowledgable person( Thats  a different point that Your view points are different from mine).
    I am expressing my views and posting links that are in line of the title " Hyderabad is not your Jagir". Cartoons express a lot and may be it aches your heart as it contradicts Nalmotu anna  Article.
    Kopam vaddu Bhai. Navvuko Malla

  34. ved says:

    Udyama Telangana says:
    December 29, 2010 at 11:00 am
    One more Please:

    Thanks for the relevance.  Actually, the Hyderabad Gochi  goes beyond 'Hyderabad is my Jagir'  reference as is it is trying to convey  'Hyderabad is my gochi'. Once you remove it, the movement is totally naked.   

    • Udyama Telangana says:

      It can be taken other way Ved Bhai. Already all the other  clothes have been snatched  in the form of Resources, jobs etc. Now the other Party is not even tolerating Gochi to cover the reality.
      When the other party is trying to snatch the Gochi, is it not evident that their main interest is in Gochi and the interest is not in living with the person wearing it.
      Jai Bolo Telangana

  35. ved says:

    Prakash says:
    December 24, 2010 at 1:56 am
    I already said in Prakash says: December 22, 2010 at 7:41 am
    "Note to my "admirers" hanging on to everything I type: this request is only for my enlightenment, not intended for any nefarious purpose."
    Some "dittoheads" don't get it, do they?

    The hope is some ‘boneheads’ understand their own language. Apparently they don’t.  But I tried.

  36. Chandra says:


    Even i remember somebody giving u a fitting reply to some cartoon u posted, i think satya or venu or someone. Perhaps u didnt understand the reply but, sure you will understand sooner with the latest.

     The idea here is not to become angry on someone. Several separatists were angry and wrote some BS on all of us but we tried to educate them/tried to work with them to understand the facts. I have seen all these cartoons earlier on you websites.

    Infact Your cartoon number 31 is more applicable to u. If u observe closely, u should think why the guy posing as from Telangana has all buildings at his back but does not even have a good clothing or shoes to wear. Try to ask your grandpa , he will give u another fitting reply.

    Every child in T knows that, separatists ,have paid agitators. u may have paid cartoonists, paid poets, singers..etc.

     If it makes you feel happy we will  put a smiley below your cartoon. Not a big deal.

    Please comeout with some logical point with a proof or evidence,(if u have any :) ), so that we will be interested in learning and discussing. Not some crap like this.

    • Udyama Telangana says:

      I am not trying to educate you nor need to be educated by you. Sharing of thoughts and debates makes sense on Topics that Nalmotu Posts.
      I should thank you for your right comments about cartoon 31. True, there are lot of buildings behind the person and he does not have proper dressing. Exploiting those poor Hyderabad was developed during those times. Those poor fought a gereat battle and by the time they though they could improve the opposite party who are nicely dressed came, told sweet stories and replaced the former exploiters.
      నిజాం  పోయి  ఆంధ్ర  పాలకులు వచ్చే  డం  డం  డం …..
      పెనం  మించి  పొయ్యిలోకి  తెలంగాణా  వాడి  బ్రతుకు
      అదండి  సంగతి  మరి ……………………..
                ఉద్యమ తెలంగాణా

  37. Prakash says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing the very interesting thought process. After a long time, I feel the elation one gets from learning something new.
    What about culture as a definition of identity? While the memories of Asafjahi regime are largely negative, there is a good deal of nostalgia for those days (ordinary people, not the kings). In other words, is Hyderabad just a city? Perhaps it is a "way of life"?
    The word jagir translates to fiefdom. In the context of this post, I find it easier to absorb "Hyderabad is not the jagir of anyone" rather than "Hyderabad is the jagir of money". I guess this may just be a perspective but just for consistency.
    A couple of minor points (that do not distract from your thoughts though):
    - Marwar is a region in present day Rajasthan; unlikely there are any "Gujarati Marwaris"
    - Yiddish was the main language for the Jews living in pre-WWII Germanic  Europe

    • satya says:

      Can u define what are the things that constitute a culture and how better it is over language? In a complex society like India, culture changes from district to district, caste to caste, generation to generation and ofcourse rich to poor. I believe it will allow people to get into more differences than uniqueness.

      I like Sera’s idea of integration of identities. We can preserve the telangana identity, on top of it Telugu identity, and so Indian identity and so ‘human’ identity. when two identities get clash, it would be better to view the problem from the superset identity of both, which may help solving the problem in an amicable way . just my thoughts

  38. Prakash says:

    Telangana goonda garjana: a hilariouus idea! Perhaps we should have goons of all regions duelling themselves to death under SKC supervision.
    How about unemployed politicians garjana? May be not, as all "garjanas" are anyway about these guys :)

  39. Sunil says:

    Its funny to see how the T leaders are now demanding a T state without seeing the SKC report. The initial demand for separation was backwardness, no proper development and systematic suppression by andhra leaders. Then why not stick to these demands and see what SCK has to say.

  40. Andhra says:

    Once again Andhras are humiliated. Krishna water tribunal calculates the available water at 65% and decides that there is 'more' water in krishna ,so proportionately increases allocation for Maha ,karn, AP .
    But what will happen is that Maha,Karn will gain water from this allotment and AP will loose water.Only when there are floods ,only then AP can hope to get its rightful share.
    Almatti dam height increase is allowed. Now karnataka will cut off more water than ever. I can hear doomsday bells for AP.
    But whom do we blame ?  We have only ourselves to blame , when we silently accept whatever this country decideds to throw at us, we elect contractors instead of politicians.
    We deserve this humilation. Atleast now wake up and fight ,if not be silent forever

    • Andhra says:

      Also one more point to add ,
      Look at the timing . Centre waited till dec 30 to give this judgement. They know very well AP will be in chaos once SKC report is out. They know this issue will not be given much importance in the present divisive and emotive atmosphere.

    • GK says:

      This is the reality: we have contractor politicians, movie-producing politicians, business politicians, real estate politicians…. request anyone to please name some of the top such politicians

      • satya says:

        add to ur list: Unemployed politicians

        • GK says:

          What do you mean by unemployed politicians?
          Before replying with your definition, may I request you to apply it to the leaders of our country you consider great.

          • satya says:

            I feel neither the country nor the leaders are great. If either, we would’nt have been in the situation what we are today

      • satya says:

        There is nothing wrong in having the above type of politicians as long as we don’t have corrupt politicians. And if a politician is corrupt, it is nothing to do what his business is.

  41. Prakash says:

    satya says: December 30, 2010 at 4:11 am
    What is culture? If I ask five people, there will be six responses.
    I am not advocating culture (or language, geography etc.) as an identity parameter. I am only saying people appear to be using this undefinable aspect also.
    I liked Sera’s idea of integration of identities too. I am no fan of identity politics and would like to go a step further where identity withers away (yes, I know it may not happen anytime soon or ever).

  42. Prakash says:

    "we elect contractors instead of politicians"
    Sobering thought indeed.

  43. ved says:

    The Krishna water award is lot more damaging to Andhra Pradesh than the idiotic state division they are fighting. This is like taking 177TMC of water from AP and give it to Karnataka. This is what happens when they sense we are divided and very weak. Very sad day for AP.  

    • satya says:

      I dont think the tribunal did anything wrong or prejudice in allocating the share. It is our own mistakes in fighting each other and more than that YSR’s greed for money which caused delay in projects or inefficiency or lack of strategy of our lawyers and minister in presenting our case.. Still I believe we got fair share. The only problem is when there is no sufficient rain fall in an year, the upper riparian states will not honor the ratio , but block their share of water. I would say polavaram is a must now to divert the 90 TMC of Godavari water. But at the same time, I want to know is there any specific mentioning of giving away 45TMC of water to Karnataka and maharashtra as per the previous award. If they remove that clause, we would be really saved, esp. telangana and Rayalaseema regions.

      Earlier we do not have enough reserves to take up projects on surplus water. Also the frequent droughts and low rain fall did not give much hope for constructing these projects. At least now it is better to focus on minor irrigation and tank irrigation which are less cost effective and environment friendly.

      btw.. I sense in future Pundit Jayasankar (at age 95) will write another paper on discrimination of andhra politicians in Brijesh kumar tribunal.

  44. justice says:

    Dec30,2010 at 10.46 am

    "btw.. I sense in future Pundit Jayasankar (at age 95) will write another paper on discrimination of andhra politicians in Brijesh kumar tribunal."

    LOL ..The templete is already there ..all he needs to do is change a few names ..Next the slogan will "Jai REPUBLIC of Telengana"

  45. Chandra says:

    GK garu,

    I am not rediculing or bashing anybody…(even after seeing out right bashing on coastal and Rayalaseema people from some of those mentioned 'communities" among telangana separatists). It was a frivolous post and not a serious comment from me. Just tried to make you understand your "innocent" tag which you frequently apply to T.

    Blogger satya was wondering how an entire region is innocent. So i just posted a funny comment about "innocent goons" and "cunning goons". Please ignore that post .

     Now, Do you want to discuss where more # of goons are coming from and count number of criminals in jails from T and SA and comeout with some numbers and analysis on this blog?

    I dont think its a good idea  :) , will not solve anything.

  46. Prakash says:

    GK says: December 30, 2010 at 2:33 pm
    "Can I request to name some of the contractor-politicians please?"
    Yes, I can name several off the cuff (e.g. Lagadapati, Gali, Kavuri, TSR, Nama, Jagan). I am sure the rest of the folks can add dozens or even hundreds of names.
    The larger point here is how crony capitalism (sometimes confusingly called "world bank politics) has effectively replaced the comparatively milder license-quota raj. The G2B system is geared to favor those who join politics in order to reward themselves through insider knowledge, old boy network and sweatheart deals. This is supplemented by the speculative nature of the bubble (e.g. real estate) without bringing true business value.

  47. AMRAO says:

    Chandra garu,
    As you are aware, I have been following this site for a long time now. My humble suggestion to you is to ignore UT and his useless comments.  In my view, ignoring would at least make him contribute in a meaningful way than reproduce some junk from other sites. It is pretty clear, from all his posts here, that he does not intend to debate any issue nor enlighten us with any new facts or figures.
    In my view, if some one says that Andhra rulers looted Telangana and its people, we must stop the discussion right there. There is no point in talking to that person any more. It is clear that the person is illogical and purely emotional with no rational thinking.
    But, if the same person says Telangana areas need more funds to develop or need more focus in terms of improving irrigation or employment opportunities, then we can have a meaningful interaction where all view points can be put forth.  
    I am aware that he is going to write a page full of nonsense in Telugu but fortunately I am not going to be able to read it.

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