Separatists’ Assault on Freedom

Thank you to all those of you that expressed concern with regards to my safety. I would like to take this opportunity to clarify some of the distortions that have been put out by several media houses in the last 24 hours.


I have been working on getting my book translated for over 3 months and the work on it has completed recently. I was originally planning to release before July 27th the telugu version of my book titled "Mana Telugu Talli- Asatyala Punadula Pai Nirmithamaina Telangana Verpatuvaadam". Friends have advised that I shouldn't do given the prevailing tensions associated with the elections, and I heeded. Then I was again advised not to release when the election results are coming out given the prevailing tensions. I finally decided to release the book on August 2nd as I have been away from my wife and kids for an extended period and I was not willing to postpone my departure date yet again.


As a precautionary measure, I've requested for police protection and informed the police about my plans. They cautioned me to do the release on another day. I told them that the invitations have already been sent out and I can't change the date. The event was held at the Press Club in Somajiguda. There were two doors to the room where the event was held- one in the front and another in the back. A.B.K. Prasad, K. Rajshekharam, Dara Sambaiah, C. Narasimha Rao, and C. Srinivas were the guests. First Narasimha Rao garu spoke, then A.B.K. Prasad garu released the book and started speaking.


As the speech was going on, a couple of people in the back started shouting slogans and tried to rush towards the dias. Venkateswarao garu, Punnam garu and others who came in our support stopped them from reaching me. While all this was going on, one of the protestors managed to come through the front door, and threw a book at A.B.K. Prasad garu, but it didn't hit him. Then the same person tried to assault me. Punnam garu and Venkatewsarao garu standing near the dias immediately pounced on him. The protestor at this point managed to throw the book at me with force, which landed straight on my head. I was slightly hurt, and one of the lens from my spectacles fell off.


There were about 5-7 protestors. After about five minutes of pushing and shoving, people who came in my support have managed to push them out of the room.


By then some of the guests have left the room to watch the unfolding scene outside. What happened outside has been for the most part captured on the cameras and has been aired on TV.


I told the people in the room that I intend to finish the book release function and refuse to leave without exercising my fundamental right to express my opinion. Someone in the audience went out and asked the guests to come back in. The press also came back into the room. We've all again sat on the stage and I talked about my book for about 10 minutes, then I condemned the assault on freedom of speech and how everyone should notice what has happened. I urged people to fight for their fundamental rights. After this Srinivas garu gave an inspiring speech and told how he respectfully disagreed with my position. At this point we ended the function.


The press people refused to leave and insisted that I give an interview. In the meantime one of my friends came in and told me that I am not obligated to give an interview as this is a book release function, and not a press meet. He suggested that I should leave immediately as the crowd is building outside. Punnam garu suggested that I take three questions and leave. That seemed like a decent compromise, but the press people protested saying that three is too few. I said that I will take three questions and that's it. First question came from a journalist and he went on rambling for 5 minutes about how Nizam region suffered without asking the question. I interrupted him a couple of times to ask the question, but he wasn't in a mood to ask, but tell. Then I moved on to a second journalist, and his question was- "meeru telangana dopidiki guri kaledu ani enduku antunnaru?". At this point I realized that these jounalists are not interested in an interview, but to drag me into an argument. I got up and left the room.


When I got out, an army of media people pounced on me. They didn't let me go and started accusing me of all sorts of things imaginable. There were a group of 20-30 police, but they didn't dare to rescue me. A lone police officer waded through the crowd, approached me and said I should leave right away for the sake of my safety. I told him that that is exactly what I am trying to do, but I am unable to find my car in the crowd. He said first get in my jeep and leave, we will find your car.


The press pounced on the police officer accusing him of interefering with freedom of press and hurled all sorts of regional insults at him. He said he was not helping me, but protecting me. They then shouted at him asking why then has he asked me to get in his jeep. At this point, the police officer backed off. I was again left to myself to find my car as the journalists continued to harass me. I eventually found my car, but the press people refused to let my car go and blocked it. I got in my car and shut the door. They forcibly opened the car door and would not let me close it. The police officer who tried to help me earlier, again came to my rescue. He pushed the people blocking my car aside, shut the door and asked us to leave immediately and we did.


This is what has happened on that eventful day. Contrary to the media reports, we in fact have finished the entire book release function and only then left the press club.


A couple of quick clarifications on some of the allegations.


- There has been a lot of noise about where I come from. I refuse to be identified by region, as I believe these divisions and regions have been created by invaders. I have never claimed myself to be a Telanganite, I've only said that my native place is Nalgonda. So, here is everything I know about my roots. I was born in Hyderabad. My father and mother were both born in Nalgonda district. My father was born in my native village near Nalgonda, while my mother was born in a village near Kodad. My paternal grand father and paternal grand mother (nayanamma) were also born in Nalgonda district. My great grand mother (my paternal grand father's mother) came from a village in Guntur nearly hundred years ago. On the other hand, my nayanamma's family is from a village near Miryalguda. Her father and forefathers were village patels and that tradition is continuing to this day. My nayanamma's family members still act as village officers in their village near Miryalguda.


- A TV channel has been carrying a vicious campaign that I am promoting Samaikyandhra to protect my Rs. 300 crores assets in and around Hyderabad. I can categorically state that my assets are not even worth a fraction of that. On top of it, common sense dictates that if I really care about my assets, I should stay quiet and not stand up to fight.


Last few days events have only increased my resolve to fight against separatism with all my might- and this will not be the last time you will hear from me. The fight will go on.


Save Andhra Pradesh!

Nalamotu Chakravarthy

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420 Responses to “Separatists’ Assault on Freedom”

  1. ved says:

    Mr uttarandhra,
    I'm also from Visakhapatnam. For many  generations as far we know lived in Vizianagarm-vizag rural area. I guess that makes me an expert on UttarAndhra.
    So by above 'uttarnadhra's argument,  people from rest of andhra have to come with visas to uttarandhra and they have no right to participate in elections. Because if they do, people will continue to elect them ahead of so called locals, making separation useless except to prop up some real estate prices in the new capital.
    I can't think of any local MP doing any good to uttarandhra, whether it is Botsa, Jansi, Hari, Dronamraju, SRS, PVG, Deo and the list goes on. The concept of local and non-local is like creating another Telangana cancer in uttarandhra.
    Leaving aside the above author's pipe dream, we the people of Uttarandhra completely support samaikhyanadhra. After December 9, the spontaneous samaikhyaandhra movement in AR first erupted in the campus of Andhra University with several students doing fast until death. Even Vizianagaram and Srikakulam were not far behind. They unanimously stood for samaikhya andhra when they talked to SKC. 
    If telugu pride and telugu history is uselsss, I would like to know what binds Visakhpatnam, Vizianagaram, Srikakulam together under the so called uttara andhra. Already there is some much disconnect between Vizag city and all the surrounding rural area. Enough of this nonsense. 

  2. Viplove K says:

    chakravarthy garu ,
      I salute you for whatever you have done so far . This debate about unified andhra or separate telangana , I dont think is going to end any sooner as we have all landed in utter confusions with every one giving their own version of arguments and quoting lot of data. I think the solution lies only in the "attitude" of people than in the history / past now. And I always wondered why , not any wrote a comprehended book or let their voice out so far.   I am glad that you did it.
      But ,reading your latest blog post, it is clearly evident that the JOURNALISTS and MEDIA did not behave as they are supposed to be . Assuming that what you allege is true , if this is the case How can we expect any truth to reach people ?? Forget people , how can any truth prevail at all among a few individuals too ?
     When you are talking of freedom of expression, at the same time when you tell some journalists mobbed you and tried to pull the car door, it actually accounts to rowdyism and, again, if what you say is true , how do you think this can be answered ?  I wish to see a practical solution to this kind , sothat if this basic safety is assured many more people will be ready to express their views too.
      May be I am asking something which is not in your area of study, but because you claim to experience such a horror, I would like to know what kind of solutions creeped in to your mind at that time ?

  3. Raghu N says:


    In all intellectual debates, both sides tend to be correct in what they affirm, and wrong in what they deny. You strongly believe what you have written. You say that your resolve to fight separatism is much stronger now and will go on. I see a Mahatma Gandhi in you and wish you success in your efforts. Please go to your beloved Andhra Pradesh and starting from your native district of Nalgonda please tour the other districts of Telangana region and educate your brothers and sisters who are demanding a separate statehood. Since you are wise and confident with your findings I am certain that you will easily convince everyone in the crowd. That I feel is a better way of conveying your intentions and feelings which are so close to your heart rather than writing in the way you do. When you are right there is nothing to fear. Before more damage is done to your State, you must act and I see that spark and fire in your writing. Bring honor to your TELUGU ROOTS.
    All political parties from AP to Delhi that is Congress, BJP, TDP Praja Rajyam, BSP and so on have promised separate Statehood for Telangana for reasons best known to them. They are all wrong, you are right. You have mentioned Basmasurah in your blog, I am sure he will bless you brightly. May Basmasurah first bless you with wisdom and then put his two hands on you.

  4. subbarao says:

    What do you mean by "your beloved Andhra pradesh " and "your state" in the references above.
    Which country and state are  you from?

  5. VK says:

    The merger is conditional or not is unimportant here because the agreement we have after 1969 and 1972 agitations should over ride any  agreements we had prior to 1969.

  6. Raghu N says:

    Subba Rao,
    My comments are addressed to Nalamotu Chakravarthy who is from Andhra Pradesh. From his blog it is clear that though he is living abroad he has great concern for his home State. It is in this contest I have said "your beloved Andhra Pradesh" and "your State". I hope your curiosity is satisfied.
    And about your other curiosity regarding my Country and State, I am an Indian and from Tamil Nadu. As your doubts are cleared I presume you would feel extremely happy.
    Have a nice day reading, enjoying and seeking wisdom from Nalamotu Chakravarthy's great blog! 

  7. AMRAO says:

    Every one knows the RDS incident was caused by a group of anti social elements or a group of misguided elements. 14 of them have been arrested so far. The people, who call this act as discrimination, should do some soul searching. Otherwise, rest of the people will stop listening to them. I would not even attempt to respond to such acccusations.

    • Kishore says:

      If you beleive that person, you should have not supported Andhra state at all. This problem of telangana would have arrived if andhra was with madras.
      The author understanding on culture and democracy are laughable.
      A culture is shared belief of a group of people. That he never understands. Food is very lage part of a culture. He should understand that and talk.
      The author is all against hindutva….and he bringing that thoughts here.

      • satya says:

        can u brief some 10 points on what is the common culture (from adilabad to khammam)  in telangana?

        • Raj says:

          I agree with Mr. Jyotirmaya Sharma's opinion that we outgrew the utility of linguistic states. We need a better policy that takes into account economic and geographic factors. Having said that, it does not diminish my identity as a Telugu person and Indian in any way.
          In an earlier post, I asked you to provide details on your allegation that Nagarjuna Sagar project was manipulated to favor coastal regions. Just wondering if you got a chance to get those details. I am quite curious to see the material as so far I only read allegations but no concrete evidence to suggest that it actually happened.

  8. justice says:

    vandalism by T goons and TRS is characterised by T proponents as "anger", "impateince","frustration". Same thing is done y some anti-social elements from seema/andrha folks it translates to discrimination,capitalist dominance etc 
    Does any ony one smell "hypocracy"

    • GK says:

      It is like this:
      A judge might have a different perception/opinion on a crime depending on who did it and under what circumstances: For example – a hungry poor kid stealing food versus a kid who can afford to buy, stealing it.

      • justice says:

        According to wiki
        Self pity   is characterized by a person's belief that he or she is the victim of events and is therefore deserving of condolence
        Your whole premise of T state is self pity supported by fudged numbers and irrelevant arguments

  9. Its amazing work by you.  Congrats (rather, thanks!!!) for your work.
    1. I have been thinking from long that there might be so many intellectuals who are born in one of the 10 telangana districts and still be interested in keeping all telugus unite but not standing up for the fear of attacks from so called seperatists. You are one who stood up without fearing.
    2. Believe you have some of the most authentic content to counter seperatist propoganda and you have put all that in your book and I strongly hope this to be reached to the masses. You have every right to SELL the book and we respect your decision but to make it reach the rural, do we have any alternate plans. If we can carve out some plan like people who are interested to spread out this can donate whatever amount they wish (so that u get sell price) and distribute the equivalent number of books for free to the right persons. Please let us know your opinion on this. if you agree, and can carve out a plan to whom to be distributed (students? schools? universities? employees?? in telangana? in seeamandhra??) , how to be distributed etc, we can take this up in blog world.
    3. Pls keep continueing your spirit .

    • GK says:

      I would say putting more resources has dragged this issue for so long and could push it some more but I feel is not the solution. Also, whether we are in one state or two we all will be telugus for ever united and always…

    • Chakravarthy says:

      Zuran- The book is already available at a subsidized cost of Rs. 100 in India. Half of that cost goes to distributors and the rest to printing. If someone wants to get the books in bulk, we can get it done. My only caution is to not give them away for free, as people often don't read books that they get for free.

  10. VK says:

    @Kishore (20-08-10 7:40 am)
    In other wards, you are saying kashmiri problem wouldn't have existed if India stayed under British rule.

  11. venu says:

    I think Sep 17, should be celebrated through out Andhra Pradesh. 

    • GK says:

      Never hide or suppress historical facts….

      • venu says:

        Are you asking me these question or did you made a generalized statement.
        From my school days i want sep 17 to be celebrated throughout andhar pradesh, if not to the scale of independence day celebration, atleast flag hosting, remembering the freedom fighters of those days.

  12. GK says:

    So far most of the topics are on debating/discounting what T proponents are saying.
    I have a suggestion: Let us debate on the reasons for resistance to seperate T state? : For example Lagapati has no problem with T state but wants to know the formula that center is going to use in creating T. This is the smartness of Andhra politician… my answer would be to figure out the formula from all the states that were created until now.
    I want to know your concerns if a T state is formed: Jobs? Airport? Water? Capital?

    • VK says:

      My sincere suggestion is to you think what concerns Telanagana state will have if AP gets divided into three states (Telagana, Coastal Andhra and Seema Andhra) and one UT (Hyderabad).   Then you will realise why nontelangana is against the separation. 

      • AMRAO says:

        I want to know what concerns you have, to make Hyderabad as a UT. As far as I know, if Hyderabad can be made as a UT, the resistance to separate T is less than 25%.

    • venu says:

      GK to your question, your concern if T sate is formed are as below.
      1) Its capital Hyderabad - 
      the kosta and seema andhra people loose revenue as most of the industries are located around hyd. These revenue helps them in formulating the budgets. Most of these industries are formed under K B Reddy and CBN.

      Their should be policy from center in providing financial help in developing new capital. (Airport, central Universities, Industries small and large like BHEL, IDPL, IT).
      Capital should be shared for 5 years as basic infrastructure has to be constructed.
      And afterwards  revenue has to be shared for 20 more years in decreasing share every year and final to zero.

      2) Not celebrating telangana formation day until the above 25 years.

      3) Protection of Seema and Kosta people , Making a new act like SC/ST in the new T state. It should be like that no one misuse it.

      4) They are allowed to set up a party in T state to address their concerns.

      5) Not removing any already appointed or working Govt or Private Employees.

      6) And also we need a policy on dividing the states. And the policy should be debated in the parliament. This policy helps in not dividing india into pieces. It may also help Telangana not being divided further.

      I do not think water will be of any concern. we have center water commission to look into these matters.
      Their many other minor, which i may not be aware. But with little knowledge i have, i say  the Kosta and seema andhra common people might agree for division for state.

  13. AMRAO says:

    @GK – "As I learnt the Jai Andhra was started because of one telangana employee in Guntur….does any one know how Jai Andhra got kicked off?"
    1) What I read and understood was that the Jai Andhra movement started when the Supreme Court ruled that the Mulki rules were still applicable, rejecting the High Court order. This meant people from Rayala Seema and Coastal districts were ineligible to apply for jobs in the capital of their own state. They were, in effect, "second class citizens".
    As is the case, history can always be re-written.
    Can you enlighten us on the Jai Andhra movement through your lenses, please?
    2) But, why was the opportunity of splitting the state "once for all" not taken by the T leaders during the Jai Andhra movement ? When the people of Coastal districts asked for a separate state, was it not the best chance to say yes and split the state? Did these T leaders not ask for a separate T just a few days ago in 1969? Can you please enlighten us as to why the T leaders kept quiet and agreed for the 6 point formula?

    • venu says:

      I also have same opnion , why wonder why no one from Telangana Supported for state birufication at the time of Jai Andhra movement?

  14. venu says:

    GK to your question, your concern if T sate is formed are as below.
    1) Its capital Hyderabad - 
    the kosta and seema andhra people loose revenue as most of the industries are located around hyd. These revenue helps them in formulating the budgets. Most of these industries are formed under K B Reddy and CBN.
    Their should be policy from center in providing financial help in developing new capital. (Airport, central Universities, Industries small and large like BHEL, IDPL, IT).
    Capital should be shared for 5 years as basic infrastructure has to be constructed.
    And afterwards  revenue has to be shared for 20 more years in decreasing share every year and final to zero.
    2) Not celebrating telangana formation day until the above 25 years.
    3) Protection of Seema and Kosta people , Making a new act like SC/ST in the new T state. It should be like that no one misuse it.
    4) They are allowed to set up a party in T state to address their concerns.
    5) Not removing any already appointed or working Govt or Private Employees.
    6) And also we need a policy on dividing the states. And the policy should be debated in the parliament. This policy helps in not dividing india into pieces. It may also help Telangana not being divided further.
    I do not think water will be of any concern. we have center water commission to look into these matters.
    Their many other minor, which i may not be aware. But with little knowledge i have, i say  the Kosta and seema andhra common people might agree for division for state.

    • GK says:

      1) I agree with your concern on capital. But the resources being used by such industries and the employment in those business should be taken into consideration on dealing with this issue.
      2) Disagree. This is not healthy for any open society. In fact such suppression of facts and/or not acknowledging it in some way has led to the currrent mistrust.
      3) Protection – Yes, "Making a new act like SC/ST in the new T state" – The big objective of T is to give space for SC/ST and backwards groups to grow politically, economically, education…
         Note that the percentage of SC/ST is much higher in T and currently a big percentage of them are not getting their jobs reserved for them. Once T is formed they will have a bigger pool for themselves.
      4) Absurd that you have such concern… who allows or stops anyone from setting up a party in any state of our country. Anyone can do it anywhere and anytime…
      5) Agreed.
      6) The policy is already there as part of the constitution. If you are asking for a formula like (if land / population x development < xxx then divide state) then I hope you will find an answer from SK report.
      Do you have any idea on how the policy should be?

      • venu says:

        1) Do not you think invetsment in busines also include resources. I am not saying 100% revenue should go to A. intially T gets 40 % revenue and its slowing start increasing to by 3% yearly and finally in 20 years it comes to 100%. and if you starts arguing we are not ready for that also and we want everything. then we also have no option except to fight for united AP. and the problem comes to zero again.
        2) my concern why i opposed is when temperature are high politicans mainly trs try to potray it as victory over A people. history is not suppressed by us . its u people who forgets your own history.
        Sep 17 is not celebrated from 1948 to 1956 even when u are separated also. and after merger also it is not celebrated. and suddenly you people woke now and say we are responsible for u people not celebrating on that day.
         how many T people admire puchalapalli sundarya and many andhra people who died fighting in T revolution. why?
        i asked u not to celebrate it, just to make the separation possible and also peacfully. if u think 25 years is too long it can be reduced to 20 or even 15 years not less than that.
        3) Protection means not reservations , we do not need it. in the name T , their is 100% chance that some people might will try to exploit  A people. to stop such kind of things only i asked for an act. that too for a limited peroid of time until temepratures come down. after that everything will be history. and people will start willing peacefully. 
        4)   its you t people or trs can abstruct it. if not so then why do people in hyd are not allowed to take a rally for united andhra pradesh. You talked about democracy then where is democracy hear. if you think no one can object it than why do not you accept it.
        6) if you know the policy, can u say me what it says or on what basis states are divided. my only concern is i do not want to see india getting divided in 500 small states just someone is demanding for it. in future for what ever reason if people of nalagonda, medak, hyd, RR, palamoor district agitate for new state, do u support it .  (this policy may not be a pre requriment for T formation, it can also be done later on.)
           Just remember one thing i  want the parttion (if it happens)  to be peaceful not like india , pakistan partition. If you do not want that and keep saying we will sacrify , we will attack others and we do all the crap on the streets of hyd then i can not say anything just a simple ALL THE BEST.
           But remember one thing , if at all violence broke out, it can take any ugly turn. Do not be in false imagination that their are A people living in interiors of Telangana we can attack them easily.
        7) one more thing which i forget is badrachalm and others talukas are to be moved back to east godavari. Do not try to start arguing on this. 

  15. Chandra says:

    It seems TRS again wants controversy on september 17th. They have sep 17th, next coming Nov 1st and they will reach their target of december.
    If AP govt celebrates this they have to celebrate it throught AP, and hoist flags in all major cities of AP to counter the separatists strategies of separartion.
    It seems maharshtra also started celebrating this september 17th only from year 2001 onwards, and karnataka also celebrates it only from recent times. But, i feel, may be because of naxalites domination in telangana district, govt AP, may not have taken decision to celebrate this.
    Because these separatists can brainwash telangana people that , telangana area has little connection with august 15th (and so little connection with indian indepence day….mahatma gandhi etc…). After seeing their trend and skill in twisting history such a possibility can not be ruled out.
    Moreover as far as i know, AP govt does not celebrate oct 1st(andhra state formation day in 1953) also.

  16. venu says:

    I think why Ap govt not celebrated them is they are more interested in propogating gandhs, nehru, indira, ntr and now ysr.

  17. deccani says:

                      The issue of Hyderabad Liberation Day has been discussed in the parliament during the BJP regime. The real reason why the day is not celebrated in Andhra Pradesh is that the Govt does not want to offend the Muslim population.In wake of the Operation Polo umpteen number of Muslims were brutally tortured and massacred,Muslim women were molested .The Govt took a decision because the celebrations would send a wrong message to rest of India. Nehru was offended by the infant Army committing so many atrocities in the name of liberation that he appointed a committee to go into the excess,the report didn't see the light of the day in India but it was leaked in Pakistan.There was a widespread reaction all over the world that the govt wanted the day to just like any other day in the annals of Indian history.Does the TRS and the Congress know the real reason,does it want to antagonize the Muslims in Hyderabad in name of liberation day and to offend their feelings?

    • satya says:

      I dont agree here. If maharashtra and karnataka govts are officially celebrating it what is wrong if we do it here?
      The indian national army didn't indulge in such activities. It is some religion fanatics or ppl who suffered in the hands of muslim rulers have turned their anger towards ordinary ppl. Those who did such atrocities will be ultimate sinners in the eyes of God.
      hey.. no religion war here pls..

      • Chandra says:

        Satya, that might be true. Because , muslim population is not so high like in Hydedrabad and surrounding  districts, in those Maratwada and north karnataka districts. So they are celebrating.
        But , anyway, there is nothing wrong in celebrating that.
        But these separatists should be forced to give a public statement saying that, august 15th only is more important than this sep 17 and sep 17th is secondary. Becuase these guys are dangerouns people.  20 years down the line, one more kodandaram will start and say, Telangana people have got nothing to do with Indian independence day.  Unfortunately there will be  people  who will start dancing to those tunes.
        Separatists always look to ignite some spark, and all our efforts should be aimed at putting water on those sparks.

        • satya says:

          I see the problem in a different way. If they start celebrating such region wise independence days then they have to celebrate as much as 120 such celebrations officially across the year.
          Earlier, except MIM & congress almost all parties used to celebrate the telangana liberation day in their party office. This is one good sign that they are given due importance to the date but are helpless in doing it officially.
          This may be a debatable issue. Because lot many princely states joined in Indian union after we got independence.

          • Air says:

            I think best field for you is politics. if you can access IB I think u can access raw also. Let me know what they are doing.

            • justice says:

              Hilarous read !!
              Though I oppose T formation ..I will strongly object to the above "IB" report.  I request chakravarty garu to delete the above comment.
              If some TV channel picks it up it would coulbe be quoted as a real fact ( god bless the maturity of Telugu media)

            • satya says:

              Air, have u replied to my comment asking to join in politics or something went in between? wondering :(

          • AMRAO says:

            Sorry Boss! There are other places/sites for discussing such sensational news! Leave us alone!

            • Chakravarthy says:

              I've deleted the comment.

              • BadCop4T says:

                It was a "tongue-in-cheek" comment, in response to the separatist's interpretation  of RDS and other issues like portrayal of telangana accent in movies.
                No offence meant and I apologize if anyone is offended by it.
                It is quite easy to see ghosts where none exist as the ghosts are always in your own mind.

                • justice says:

                   The sarcasm was understood and atleast I had a good laugh .but In such a volatile atmosphere a harmless joke can back fire and give ppl ammo for thier propoganda

            • Chakravarthy says:

              BTW AMRAO garu-

              On my recent trip to India, I learnt many in the media and the elite actually follow our banter. The number of views shown on the blog is only for comments and not the visits to the website. The site is getting 30-50k hits a month. Interestingly, when we met the Governor, after the meeting was about to finish, Governor's secretary learnt about me and asked if I manage the myteluguroots website. He said he reads the blog and asked the Governor to visit the site.

              I tried to reach you when I was in India. I sent you a couple of emails. I was trying to see if you would be interested in meeting the Srikrishna Committee. Please send me an e-mail when you get a chance.

              A number of you on both sides are doing a fantastic job in keeping this discussion interesting and insightful. Thank you once again.

              • AMRAO says:

                Chakravarthy garu,
                1) My apologies. The e-mail ID I use for this site is not my primary e-mail ID. I rarely check my e-mails belonging to this ID. It would have been a great experience meeting the SKC along with you.
                2) We have done our bit by sending a representation to the SKC through my father's organization (which is an association of business people, with siginificant stake in the outcome)
                3) On Jan 1st 2010, I and my father met the Governor and handed over a representation which he promised to look into.
                4) Some time during March, my father met Sri L.K. Advani and handed over a representation which he also promised to look into. As a sympathiser of BJP, I can say the BJP has lost it's direction in the last few years. They have moved away from the middle class and have supported events that did not go well with the middle class. For example, the Indo-US nuclear deal. Even in Hyderabad, Kishen Reddy has a reputation of being a clean politician who works for the people. I can vouch for his sincerity and honesty. But his party seems to have lost all hope in the Seema and Coastal areas. So, they believe they can gain in Telangana, even if it is at the cost of national integration and unity.  
                5) Thanks to your policy of disallowing personal abuses and other stuff, this site has seen a meaningful debate and dialogue. I, like many others here, would like to understand all the aspects of this important debate, not just my view alone.
                6) I want to take the opportunity to congratulate and thank you for all the good deeds you have undertaken until now. The Indian democracy is a failure not because of the constitution or lack of laws. It is a failure because of lack of participation of the people. I believe this is the main difference between the Amercian democracy and Indian democracy. People, including me, expect some one else to do the hardwork for them, which you did in this case. I am hopeful that, the people of Andhra Pradesh will appreciate your hardwork. if not, "Good deeds have no rewards except the satisfaction of having done them".   
                7) Except for a few columns in the news papers, there are no other published materials in "one place" as there are in your book. Politicians like Lagadapati Raja Gopal and Undavalli Arun Kumar prepared reports but they did not dare to put them in the public domain.

              • justice says:

                Chakravarty Garu,
                                 What is ur assessment regarding the oppsoition to this hate mongering by TRS and co within Telangana as you visited there in person?
                Did anyone approach you to express their point of view in a sane manner ??
                (reposting by correcting some typos..Is there a way to delete our own post ??)

                • Chakravarthy says:

                  Sorry, you can't delete your own post. My website was developed by a 3rd party company and I have little control over changing its features.

                  I visited my village in Nalgonda and spent time in Khammam travelling in the tribal areas. In Khammam, I did not find much separation sentiment. However, in Nalgonda, I had interesting experiences, and that too mostly from family members, when I went to visit my grandmother.

                  My father comes from a large family. He has seven brothers and two sisters. Two of my babais have gone to jail during the Jai Telangana movement in 1969 (ironically, when separatists sorrounded our house in the village, they harassed my babai who went to jail in 69). Opinions on this issue in our family can vary. One of my father's cousin, who lives in the village, apparently is active in TRS and took me to charge over the interview I gave to Studio N.

                  At the ground level, people don't have facts. The arguments are often made on emotions and it is hard to engage them at that level. The thrust of their argument is under development and discrimination. However, they seem to have forgotten that we used to walk for more than one kilometer over dirt road to reach my village barely 20 years ago. Today there is a bus that comes into village, there is a high school, and many people have migrated to Hyderabad and make a decent living, and farmers are growing oranges and cotton and are able to eke out a living. There is no canal water for farming. There is tap water being supplied due to fluoride/kidney disease concerns. Definitely not a model village, at the same time it is not a story of terrible destitution either.

                  As far as your other question of opposition to TRS. I don't think there is any organized opposition to the separatists. However, TRS is not that strong in Nalgonda as they lack a grassroots organization.

    • venu says:

      Thanks for inform.
      But that does not mean it should not celebrated, hosting a flag and remembering the people fight against nizam rule is not to antagonize muslims. The struggle is not against muslims its against nizam.
      But the sad story is the same people who praised nizam in last months , are now against nizam and they are demanding govt to celebrate it other wise to face consequences.

      • GK says:

        People fought against the rule not against Nizam or his family as such…
        By the way, do you know why A farmers praise Arthur Cotton although we kicked out British? I think we should acknowledge things that were better during Nizam period too…

        • venu says:

          Andhra farmers praise cotton but not british. arthur cotton does not send razakars or army to kill Andhra people or even indian people.
          No one praises General dyer in india. But you people started praising nizam just to argument. and forget the u people are insulting the people who sacrified their lifes in that movement.

    • satya says:

      Also if it is the case then we shouldn't celebrate our India's independence day itself. As in aftermath partition communal riots raked across India and pakistan and thousands of people died irrespective of religion.

  18. Chandra says:


    That's an interesting point. I never knew about the discussion in the parliament. These troublemakers always look for some issue to be in the limelight. It seems they have come to a conclusion that SKC is not going to suggest for separation.  Time to discuss about the possible strategies of separatists in their "final assault" on democracy post jan 2011.
    Thank you deccani!

  19. venu says:

    One Common misconception i here in media is nizam region collections in film industry are high.
    I was initially surprised to here this. later i googled and find out nizam region distribution is large in area and it includes raichur of karnataka same as ceded includes bellary .
    I checked the collections of many movies and  listed magadheera 6th week collections as example
    Nizam including hyd and Raichur 18.75 crs
    Kosta – 20 crs
    ceded including Bellary – 10 crs
    Any one can clearly say hyd & RR contributes huge to the nizam especially multiplexes. nizam – hyd & RR outskirts and raichur may  be around 12 crs.
    It kosta where the large revenue come from and then from ceded with just 4 dists+bellary.
    These are just 6th collections when all the theaters are housful. but the no of days a film runs is high in kosta region and hyd. So the total collections of film will be high in kosta , unfortunatly total collections region wise are not available.
    Telangana people are contributing to the films but still their are no heroes from telangana. But in last 20 years except Ravi Teja , how many came to film industry without background.

  20. deccani says:

                       The issue of Telangana Armed Struggle and the role of Communists vs armed forces was discussed during the BJP regime.The Telangana Armed struggle against the feudal landlords and the Nizam's rule was the first step towards the liberation of Hyderabad.The BJP fails to acknowledge the role played by the Communists in bringing down the Nizam's rule.Can BJP castigate the role of Communists in liberating Hyderabad ? They even said the Telangana Armed Struggle was anti-national. To me the triggering point of liberating Nizam was Telangana Armed Struggle and it has to be hailed as a fight against the Nizam's anarchist rule.
    The counterpoint and the views of CPI can be read in P Sundarayya's book. 
    The stories are reported in Indian Express from Sept 10 1998 ,unfortunately the links from the Indian Express are not working.
    There was another story in the Indian Express dt sept 18 1998 which contains the 
    debate between CPI and BJP leaders on their respective roles in Hyderabad

    Here's what you can do
    Google these stories and go to cache of Indian Express ,fortunately google technology helped me in retrieving the stories.

    Telangana "freedom fighters" pension cause vexes  
    Hyderabad rejoices; Communists object
    There was another story in the Indian Express dt sept 18 1998 which contains the 
    debate between CPI and BJP leaders on their respective roles in Hyderabad

    Here's what you can do
    Google these stories and go to cache of Indian Express ,fortunately google technology helped me in retrieving the stories.

    CPI justifies armed struggle after merger
    There was another story in the Indian Express dt sept 18 1998 which contains the 
    debate between CPI and BJP leaders on their respective roles in Hyderabad

    Here's what you can do
    Google these stories and go to cache of Indian Express ,fortunately google technology helped me in retrieving the stories.


    • satya says:

      Though I do not have full knowledge in this issue, I read in so many books that communists opposed the joining of hyderabad state into Indian union. They fought against INA during operation polo. I welcome any clarifications on this though this is out of subject.

  21. Chakravarthy says:

    There were a couple of comments on RDS. I was out on vacation for a week and my response got buried in comments. Here is my response:

    I've already said that RDS is a failure on government's part- see chapter 19 posted on this website. However, let's not forget that the upstream/downstream disputes span regional boundaries. I hope you saw the recent conflict between Nizamabad and Warangal over SRSP flood-flow canal ( In addition, Khammam claims that they are not receiving their allocated SRSP share of water, because of the upstream Nizam districts overuse.

    Disputes over river waters are inevitable. Separation is not the solution. Central government should step up to its responsibility in enforcing river water allocations between states. Similarly, State government should step up and enforce water allocations at the district level. We need legislative committees to oversee allocation of river waters. The executive branch should have the guts to enforce laws of the land.

    • Srikanth says:

      Chakravarthy Garu,
      This does not mean some one can go and blast a project to divert water.
      Dont you think this has to be condemned. And also, the problem with RDS, the farmers under this project do not get water allocated by commsion and even in the less water that they get, is diverted illegally.
      This was not done by an goons as someone pointed out in the blog. This is done by politicians, infact once this was done by MLA of ruling party. The CM then did not take adequate action on the MLA.
      So, does not this come under discrimination on part of Govt???

      • satya says:

        common.. this is really funny. how can u say something done by the mindless ppl  as the discrimination of the govt? Did the govt asked those guys to go and remove the sluice gates?
        A goon is a goon even if he is an MLA. and we have many of those from all regions. Govt booked cases on those who involved during that time. But they know n number of ways to get out of such petty issues, We hav heroes who fired his producer openly and getting escaped. We have witnessed guy responsble for bhopal incident flew away in govt car and security. we had a chief minister who openly admitted possesing 600 acre land illegally but got away without a case.
        Such things are failures of the system. The seperatists channeled the hatred against the political system towards hatred against a region. They set fire btwn the ppl and watching the tamasha. As long as we keep our lives in the hands of corrupt politicians no matter how many states we get divided, the sufferings of the common man continue.

      • AMRAO says:

        "Dont you think this has to be condemned." —— Yes. This needs to be condemned. I did not see any one approving it. It is a criminal act.
        "This is done by politicians, infact once this was done by MLA of ruling party. The CM then did not take adequate action on the MLA." —– This is exactly what we are saying. Politicians create the rift. They break laws.
        1) Taslima Nasreen was beaten up by MIM MLAs. No action was taken.
        2) There are several serious offense cases against many MLAs but they are being elected by people again and again.
        "So, does not this come under discrimination on part of Govt???" ——- Ponnala Lakshmaiah is the Irrigation minister and Sabitha Indra Reddy is the Home minister. As Chakravarthy garu said, they should have the guts to enforce the law of the land.
        It is being reported that G. Venkata Swamy occupied cine actor Srikanth's land.  Can we generalize it and say "If Telangana is formed, all the lands around Hyderabad, belonging to the people from Coastal and Seema districts, will be forcefully occupied by the local people".  Is this a fair statement? Do you agree with such a statement or do you say it is an isolated event?

  22. Chandra says:

    Chakravarthy garu,
    Its really nice to learn that our discussions are being watched by some decision making powers in India, which is exactly what i was expecting. I hope even SKC team would be keeping an eye on the discussions, (also the discussions of hate mongers on their websites!!).
    Hope you had a pretty good vacation after a superb job at ground zero!

  23. GK says:

    Can anyone take a wild guess on how my in T and A have internet access at home?
    Provide including/excluding HYD if possible.

    • Chandra says:

      I do not know about the number but, I can say that towns like Siddipet have broadband internet facility and people using them. I know karimnagar city has multiple four wheeler (Car showrooms) doing pretty good business, multiple business complexes etc… I even know people who went as technicians for dubai , in their houses in karimnagar ,they have laptops!!..with WiFi bradband connections..(This i am not kidding, its a first had info )
      All these things are in in so called underdeveloped telangana!
      (I also know in the same KNR district siricilla weavers problemes existing!!!)

    • venu says:

      Tata photon plus  availability locations in AP Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Warangal, Puttaparthi.
      No vijayawada, guntur, nellore, kakinada or tirupathi. 

  24. Prakash says:

    I was wondering when the discssion on Hyderabad liberation day will veer around to the role of the communists, both in the agrarian rebellion ad the aftermath of operation Polo. Satya (August 25, 2010 at 3:06 am) is broadly correct. Here is an alternate view on the role of comrades.
    Political parties were not permitted by the Asafjahi rulers. Madapati, Suravaram & other nationalistic leaders started Andhra Mahasabha to organize the Telugus of the Hyderabad state. While AMS was broadly pro-Congress, it concerned itself more with cultural activites rather than politics. Communists like Ravi Narayana Reddy infilitrated AMS. They soon managed to capture it thus transforming its role into an extremist body.
    BT Ranadive & SA Dange became close to the Soviet leadership including Molotov & Beria during WWII. CPI's pliant following of the Moscow line (e.g. opposing the quit India movement) endeared them to CPSU top brass. Ranadive, Dange, EMS, AKG & Sundarayya met Stalin sometime in late 1942 to obtain his blessing (and support) for the "revolutions" CPI was planning in the Madras & Bengal presidencies. These uprisings failed miserably thanks to the heavy handed suppression by the Congress governments (Prakasam as home minister was particularly ruthless in Madras).
    Telangana agrarian rebellion started initially as a low key affair. Peasants like Bandagi (the hero of the play "maa bhoomi") rebelled against the landlords spontaneously forming local sanghams and using domestic arms like vadiselu. The unrest started spreading across 3 districts, mostly by word of mouth. Deshmukhs like Jennareddy, Pingali & Visunoor were alarmed and retailated with police support. The peasants fought back hard and also managed to obtain limited quantity of firearms by raiding police. Sme peasant leaders started going underground. By this time, the uprising started turning into a guerilla type rebellion. Ravi, Arutla & co. started supporting the peasants.
    Ranadive, Dange & Sundarayya again met Stalin & other CPSU/KGB leaders. Stalin was impressed by the guerilla type struggle (similar to the ongoing Chinese model) and the fact that CPI had created a vehicle by capturing AMS. He blessed the operation and ensured supply of funds & arms. The agrarian rebellion soon moved into communist hands. Thanks to Soviet funding, AMS managed recruit thousands of people including lumpens & upper caste non-peasants. CPI/AMS leadership gave the movement a political twist instead of the previous economic thrust. The movement obtained wide publicity and attracted intellectuals & artists like Krishan Chander & Mulk Raj Anand.
    By mid-1947, independance was fast approaching. While Osman Ali Khan supported the deshmukhs indirectly, MIM had hitherto stayed away from the conflict. Qasim Razvi started organizing the razakars to block accession to India. After the stand-still agreement was signed, the razakars unleashed terror on the villages.
    After Osman Ali was deposed in police action, CPI was split on continuation of the rebellion. Most moderates  & local communists like Makhdoom, Ravi & Arutla as well as the chief ideologue Dange argued in favor of calling off the rebellion. However extremists led by Ranadive & Sundarayya preferred to continue the struggle. The matter was settled by Stalin who ruled in favor of the extremists.
    CPI continued the rebellion for 2+ years with great local success but failed to achieve any of its strategic objectives. No new territories were added nor did the movement spread to neighboring states as they had hoped. The Hyderabad government banned CPI & forced several leaders to go underground. AS control reverted to the nationalists. The dominance of uper caste leaders was by now complete and cadre morale was getting low. Many ordinary peope were questioning the wisdom of waging war against India. Local Congress leaders like Thirtha, Ranga Reddy & Boorgula publicly committed themselves to land reform, thus ending the main attraction of the rebellion to ordinary peasants. Leaders like Sundarayya could not conduct any overt activity in the circar districts (though the party was no longer banned there) thus affecting the party's chances in Madras.  By 1950 Randive fell from grace after being branded adventurist.
    Stalin was pre-occupied with the intensity of the cold war & the emergence of the red dragon next door. As Nehru's government was broadly following the Sovet model (5 year plans, command economy etc.) he no longer saw a reason to continue the adventure. As the first elections were approaching fast, CPI national leadership too fell in line.  Accordingly the armed rebellion ended not with a bang with a whimper.
    PS: I realize my choice of language above is not neutral. I tried to follow the blogger's style to the (limited) extent of my capability.

  25. Prakash says:

    Air says:August 25, 2010 at 1:58 pm
    As per your own link, the "ban" was for a brief period (09/1949-11/1950) only. CPI was legal in Madras for the rest of the duration of the agrarian rebellion. Even this was a "soft ban" focusing primarily on AKG's activities in the Malayalam districts. No major Telugu communist was arrested for any length of time during the ban. This is because the party had given up its violent uprising in Andhra during Prakasam's rule (i.e. before independance itself). Even during these days, CPI functioned openly in the Andhra districts. The safe havens in British India (later Madras) were extremely useful to the Telangana activists throughout the agrarian rebellion duration.
    CPI contested the 1951 elections in its own name & flag in almost all states including Bengal & Madras, They could not do so in Hyderabad as the party was still officially banned. The ban on the Hyderabad unit was lifted only by the BRK's popularly elected government.

  26. satya says:

    Here is a nice article by C. Narasimharao gaaru on sep 17 th issue. I think this clears why we need not celebrate sep 17 as an independence day

    • GK says:

      Please realize that such presentation of the facts and deliberate arugment all along instilled mistrust and a feeling of suppression in the people of T and eventually led to the currernt crisis.
      What would you lose if it is acknowledged that the Nizam relinquised his power on 17th Sept to India?
      Believe me, this is the attitude that stood as a barrier for the integration between the people two regions.

      • Chandra says:

        Please realize that, T people never felt supressed. If they were suppressed there woudn't have been so many CM , PM,or ministers and powerfull leaders from T or even people like you typing here after being suppressed by your fellow indians. This is not called suppression.  Unfortunately you guys are still in 1940's and 1950's praising the NIZAM in the year 2010. I do not understand how in this world you guys are struck up at old times. Look at the world around us in western countries , china etc. How fast they are progressing.  Look at other states in India. Look how several telangana realtors and business owners are earning money moving in Innova cars in small villages in Telangana.  Look how T people left india to abroad  and progressed in their lives.
        Please do not be in old times and get struck up there. Come, join hands with rest of your Indians to make AP a most progressed state in India.  Nobody will stop you from progressing.  Come out in to the real world . Dont stay in Telangana bhavan and talk 1940, 1950 etc… 

        • GK says:

          I disagree with so many CM, PM… stuff as they never had the backing to uplift the people of T. Even in all the debates today I keep hearing that if T is not on par then it is the T leaders to blame and not A leaders. How can that be when we are all united and integrated? All of them should be blamed.
          I agree with your points on innova, realtors… but again believe me this is only in HYD…
          Regarding Nizam…. we are only taking the good things that happened during Nizam… Don't A people praise Sir Arthur Cotton for what he has done?
          Now read the news article from today's news and think on why we are in this situation. Note that there is nothing illegal that A people are doing as it is an open competition but guess what it has been proven beyound point that very few T people are able to make it through and are losing out as the A people of better qualified for these jobs.

          Honestly, tell me what is that you think you will lose if T-State is formed?

          • satya says:

            Sir Arthur Cotton is an Engineer, just an employee of imperial govt with no powers of imbiding laws and policies.  Infact He went against the imperial govt in india for which he was latter had to answer the british govt for his actions on cost assesments.
            Whereas Nizam is the sole dictator  of the govt with all the powers on taxation, laws, policies etc.. 
            you can't held sir Arthur cotton as responsible for the misdeeds done by imperial govt and u can held Nizam as responsible for the atrocities done in his rule.
            Dont just parrot the words of TRS, use wisdom to be rationale.
            >> I disagree with so many CM, PM… stuff as they never had the backing to uplift the people of T.
            These are just raw and vague statements. Can u tell what backing did andhra CMs have and who stopped the telangana CMs to do any good to their region? pl cite any examples.

          • VK says:

   published an article on why the Telangana liberation day is not celebrated (

            The last Nizam, Mir Osman Ali Khan, after much bloodshed and negotiations agreed to let Hyderabad state (Telangana, Marathwada and Karnataka areas ) become part of India.

            However he laid down few conditions before the then Indian home minister, Sardar Vallabhai Patel. Some of the conditions were

            1) Few specified properties should remain with the Nizam and their descendants.

            2) There should be no witch hunting against the razakars (who killed thousands of people) and the Nizams.

            3) The liberation of Hyderabad from the Nizams should not be celebrated!!

            The last point is interesting. While the people of the Maharashtra region celebrate the liberation day as they had to complete different government, the last Nizam was in Hyderabad till his death in 1967. He made sure that the government of Andhra Pradesh never celebrate the liberation day.

            Now it is for the TRS to decide whether one should see the Nizams as evil or not. It is ironical that sometimes they praise the golden era of the Nizam rule and other times, they slam the Nizams for being ruthless and evil!!

      • satya says:

        Don't imaging things GK. The article clearly pointed out that sep 17 is not celebrated even before the division of hyderabad state. (prior to 1956)
        So, asking now to celebrate it officially is just to trouble the existing govt and to showcase that the govt is anti telangana. Dont you understand it?
        when there is no official celebration of formation of andhra state (not andhra pradesh) which we got after a man's greatest sacrifice why should there be such reservations to other region?

  27. Prakash says:

    Some more light on the comrades furtherto my comment of August 25, 2010 at 9:43 am. While this is not related to the issue under discussion, it will help understand CPM's (as it is now called) position on celebrating the liberation day (or any other activity associated with Indian nationalism).
    The schism of August 1947 continued to haunt the CPI. After Stalin's death in 1953, the extremist elements started looking towards China for additional inspiration. The debate on the Chinese model dominated the party after 1957 (when EMS became the first communist in the world to be elected democratically). The "leftists" continued to castigate the nationalist moderates denouncing them as "revisionists" and Congress stooges. This led to a situation where no major communist leader (with the exception of Dange) came forward to condemn the Chinese aggression of 1962. Most others either openly supported red China or stayed silent. The moderates realized they have no future in the party and started regrouping among themselves. The party eventualy split in 1964 collapsing under the weight of its internal contradictions. CPI almost became an appendage of the Congress and stayed so till the end of emergency.

  28. Prakash says:

    Very interesting view points (excerpts below) from Chandra says: August 26, 2010 at 9:05 pm:
    "Look at other states in India. Please do not be in old times and get struck up there. Come, join hands with rest of your Indians to make AP a most progressed state in India.  Dont stay in Telangana bhavan and talk 1940, 1950 etc"
    Chandra, with due respect you are saying the same thing you accuse others of. Why this fixation about AP and/or Telugu? Why compete with "other states"? Why stay rooted to 1903 YMLA, 1920 Nagpur resolution on linguistic states etc.? Why overanalyze "Telugu glory" in Kakatiya & Vijayanagar days? Why talk about Telugu "jaati" or tribe?
    The only difference between those you criticize & yourself is the focus point (language and/or state in your case, region in theirs).
    "Pardon him, Theodotus, he thinks that the customs of his tribe are the laws are the laws of nature": GB Shaw

    • Chandra says:

      Prakash garu,
      Honestly i cud not understand your connection between what i said and what u argued. Sorry about that.
       Already i said If Telangana demand has a national appeal to revamp the complete map of indians states in india , then agree for SRC and say that demand is not because of mistrust on fellow indians but just to have different look at indian map.
      Foreverything in todays world we need scientific basis. Without that no intellectual in india will agree for such proposals. decisions in india are made by some learned men and not an illiterate villager(No offence. I know i am also responsible to see my fellow indian illiterate). Peoples opinion in democracy is a necessary condition to make a decision but not sufficient condition.
      Next thing is it's not over analyzing our history, but remembering who we were and our unique identity within india with a great history and appeal to show that unity is strenghth. LInguistic identity has never been a threat to india but preserved the saving of our culture(Quoted from mytelugu roots book).
      Lastly the same old quote applied here a t******st might be a freedom fighter to the other party, and leads to  what is relative truth and what is absolute truth etc….

      • GK says:

        Alright, Chidambaram is an illiterate villager to you then, do you know his academic qualifications?
        Why is that a ravamping of the map satisfies you on the seperation?
        You don't love telugu people and do not want to be united if the SRC tells you to split?
        It is clear that your hidden agenda is that if you push for SRC then you can stall the seperation — why don't you be honest and say it?
        You cannot say that linguistic identify has never been threat to india,
        I would rather say that linguistic identify could be misused for threating India.
        Go thru the link and you will know.

      • satya says:

        The opposition for seperation is majorly because your hatred and spreading venom towards a region calling the ppl of the region as looters and exploiters etc..
        your leaders issue statements like andhra vaale baagho.. and later sugarcoat those statements were to the looters. But underneath their intention and damage is clearly visible.
        The central govt do not want this trend to be setting as an example for dividing the states. An SRC is a better option to reorganize the states with the intention of administration and faster progress of the country.
        There are 20+ such demands for seperation in this country. What is ur problem if an SRC is formed? are ur leaders worrying that the delay will dilute their hate propoganda and people will realize the facts?

  29. Prakash says:

    VK says: August 27, 2010 at 5:23 am
    VK, do you seriously consider the web ste referred as a credible source? Let us quickly examine the holes in the story:
    - Osman Ali's "army" & the Razakars suffered a crushing defeat in just 4 days
    - Indian army casualties were almost negligible
    - The Indian army received tumultous welcome as liberators
    - The surrender was script managed by KM Munshi, the federal agent
    - Osman Ali's radio statement was executed in a humiliating manner
    - Razvi was arrested for sedition, a fate that Osman Ali could escape only by capitulating totally
    - Osman Ali did not have any access to Nehru or Patel
    - The Indian Army, in effect, held not only all the aces but the entire pack
    There is another serious contradiction in VK's unverified claim. How can Maharashtra & Karnataka be exempt from an agreement claimed to have been made with the federal Government?
    A few questions for the "Nizam baiters":
    - Why did the federal Government make Osman Ali the governor?
    - Why did the Congress party offer him MP seat twice?
    - How could Osman Ali win from Kurnool & Anantapur?

    • prabhakar says:

      Prakash gaaru,
      I like your posts on this forum. You put good amount of information as well as logical analysis.
      Your report on peasants movement is interesting and throwing new angles.
      In case you have not seen my earlier posts, I would prefer AP stays united. At the same I am not against division.
      But I am pained by present hate campaign, especially accusations of 'dopidi'.
      I do not believe that entire Telangana subscribes to this.
      But there are good chances of this campaign de-generating into undesired clashes.
      I cannot call you a separatist. But I feel you desire Telangana and some way involved in current movement.
      I have raised a few questions in Telangana forums about the claims of discrimination and 'dopidi'. But I did not get any meaningful responses, except for more accusations.
      My purpose is not to raise counter arguments but to understand how genuine these accusations are.
      Whether Telangana activists accept are not I believe we belong to same race. Whatever name give you to it.
      Even if we accept their argument, how a race claiming self-respect can hurl such accusations against another race?
      Believe me these activists spared seemandhra people in only one item, rape of their woman.
      Here are my questions to these activists. I Hope to can get some answers from you.
      1. Water sharing: where in the world catchment area is used criterion for water sharing?
       Bachawat and Justice Bhargav reports indicate that Telangana did not get water share because there was no cultivation under river canals.
      2. Language and culture: activists accuse seemandhra not promoting Telangana dialect, culture, statues etc.
       What was the situation before merger? How much effort was put by Hyderabad state to promote culture and language?
       Why there are no news papers in Telangana dialect? Why there is no film industry in Telangana (until 1980s)?
      3. Jobs: based Girgalani report activists say 2 Lakh jobs looted.
       There was no mention of seemandhra in this report. There was only zonal wise local and non-local.
       Also how many total government jobs are there in Telangana?
       After division how many jobs are needed for Telangana state?
       How many vacancies arise after transferring AR employees?
      4. Nizam: There are claims by KCR and others that Telangana was prospering under Nizam.
       was Telangana people happy under Nizam or not?
       I watched Prof. Jayashankar on Raj news. He claimed Telangana has "subhiksham" before merger.
       Also the peasants movement was only by a few farmers. (You can find this interview on youtube).
       In such case what is the meaning of liberation day?
      5. Merger: for me it is still a congress-congress affair. I doubt how much people involved in it. Both sides acted against Fazal Ali advice.
       They passed resolutions before elections in haste.
       Why Hyderabad state passed the resolution without getting peoples opinion?
       Also why did Hyderabad state accept parting with 6(or 7?) districts on language basis?
      6. Backwardness: there confusing claims about it.
       After discussions following Dec 9, 2009 these activists dropped the backwardness and took up self-respect.
       But last month when central government release list of backward districts, they took up backwardness again.
       Is Telangana developed or not?
      Almost every hour on TV I hear 'naalugu kotla Telangana prajalu'.
      But I am at loss about this magic number. Are 'settlers' are included in these 'naalugu kotlu'?
      If included how the activists claim settlers' support for separate state?
      In either case how many settlers are there in Telangana?
      In an interview to NDTV, in Dec 2009, KCR said there are hardly two lakh seemandhra  people in Hyderabad.
      Today Sravan says there are just 7 lakh settlers.
      If that is correct, how 7 lakh outsiders can capture all jobs, both in government and private sector?
      Also how these 7 lakh outsiders, possibly from various classes of economy, can discriminate about 60 Lakh locals in the city.

      Who should decide there was/is discrimination? Should everybody accept these accusations as truths?
      Whether state is divided or not the record should be set right so that neighbors do not live as mutual antagonists forever.

  30. AMRAO says:

    I would like to upload a PDF document that was part of a thesis report. This document talks about the events that occurred around the Police Action. There are answers to some of the questions raised by Prakash if he is willing to agree with them.
    I personally believe the contents of the document are authentic as it was a PhD thesis with all the sources mentioned. Can I know how I can upload this document?  

  31. deccani says:

    Yes I read the same thesis by Uma of Central University.

  32. Prakash says:

    Chandra says: August 27, 2010 at 12:21 pm
    Chandra garu, the point I am making is there appears to be no difference between "integrationists" & "seperatists". These are just labels applied to the position adopted with respect to a given situation. People like you (and Nalamotu) want to "integrate" or 'seperate" based on "language" while some others want to do so on the basis of "region" or "culture". Both groups always cite the past to justify their focus.
    I have to differ with your statement "LInguistic identity has never been a threat to india but preserved the saving of our culture". The British 'imperialists" successfully used religion & language in their "divide-and-rule" strategy.
    The "integrationists" repeatedly cite the isolated "heckling incident" to claim Telugu was given a raw deal in Hyderabad. What they fail to mention was that this happened at a political meeting in favor of political reforms, not a Government function. In any case, everyone at the meeting was fluent in Urdu (like you & I in English).
    The resulting split of the nationalistic movement into three parishads set the movement back by several years apart from resulting in communists hijacking AMS. No "integrationist" wants to mention that several Maharashtrans & others attended the first few AMS sessions as a gesture. However they distanced themselves later after a series of heckling incidents that are conveniently forgotten today.
    Would it not have been better for Thirtha, KVR, Boorgula, Vaidya etc. to have fought the king and his British "patron" instead of getting bogged down with language issues? The same goes for Madras (Rajaji, Kamaraj, Pattabhi & Prakasam) and other areas. Thirtha, in particular, was a giant who never received his due merely because of his language.
    The dividing influence of language continues till this day. This blog has several examples (e.g. Nalamotu's insinuations against Rajaji).
    The major problem with language based identity is that it is not inclusive. Why should a state be divided into two categories e.g. Telugus & others? Why should anyone be treated as a second hand citizen in my own state just because his language speakers are a minority? How can a foreigner become more important than a local just because he speaks a majority language?
    This is my last comment on ths post. If you woud like to respond, please do so on the more recent post, thanks

    • BadCop4T says:

      It is laughable that you question Mr. Nalamotu's comments on Rajagopalachari. Are you aware of Rajagopalachari responses to natural calamities in Telugu regions? He IS a Jacakal. So is Chidambaram. Please take some time to read the history again and come back with saner posts.

    • satya says:

      >>  Why should anyone be treated as a second hand citizen in my own state just because his language speakers are a minority?
      >> Why should anyone be treated as a second hand citizen in my own state just because his language speakers are a minority?
      This is a contradiction to the seperatists's accusations of rendunnara zillala basha.. 

  33. deccani says:

    The PDF of the thesis on Hyderabad liberation by T.UMA of Hyderabad Central University is available at

    • AMRAO says:

      Thanks, deccani! I lost track of the source as it had been a while since I downloaded it.
      I request every one to read the document. Of course, there will be many interpretations!

  34. Prakash says:

    satya says: August 30, 2010 at 3:26 am
    ">> Why should anyone be treated as a second hand citizen in my own state just because his language speakers are a minority?
    This is a contradiction to the seperatists's accusations of rendunnara zillala basha.. "
    Satya, please read my post again. I am looking at linguistic states from the perspective of a minority. My contention here is that language can be (and often is) a divisive influence.
    I realize I made a couple of typos, it should have been "second class citizens" and "his own state".
    Let me rephrase the above and add a non-controversial specific: "Why should a Kannada speaker be treated as a second class citizen in Maharashtra just because his language speakers are a minority?"
    Please respond at the more curret page if you want to, thanks.

    • satya says:

       I don't want to take this discussion to a different thread.  I know you are somehow trying to dimnish the purpose and uses of linguistic states. Can you suggest any alternative method?
      >> Why should a Kannada speaker be treated as a second class citizen in Maharashtra just because his language speakers are a minority?"
      This question is a typical seperatists question. Who is treating a kannadiga as a second class citizen? did the govt maintaining any such discrimination? will the constitution allow such thing? The question is completely hypothetical. are they denying any jobs because of one's origin? for eg.. if a kannadiga had been liviing for a said period of X yrs that can make him a native of maharashtra,still can maharashtra govt (or any) restrict him because of his roots?
      If ur argument goes in that way, each state should have equal representation of all type of citizens like 5% kannada, 5% tamilians, 5% keralites and in that also ratios of castes, creeds etc.. which is simply impossible.

  35. Margarita says:

    Try 3single com. There you talk to amateur women who look like your neighbor. Have fun :)

  36. says:

    Separatists’ Assault on Freedom « My Telugu Roots

  37. wikipedia reference

    Separatists’ Assault on Freedom « My Telugu Roots

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