G.O. 610 and the Job Looters

Separatists have been telling their supporters that other regions have been looting lakhs of government jobs in violation of the Six Point Formula. During a recent interview with Jayaprakash Narayan, one of the caller to the program claimed that 3 lakh government jobs have been stolen from the Nizam region.


Before we go into the analysis, allow me to set-up the stage for those who are not up to speed on the Six Point Formula and GO-610.


Six Point Formula is the solution proposed by Smt. Indira Gandhi in 1973, in order to end the separatist movement in the Kosta-Seema regions in opposition to the mulki rules. Smt. Gandhi’s solution was accepted by the leaders of all regions. As per this solution, the state was divided into 6 zones. Zone-I has Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, and Visakhapatnam districts. Zone-II has East Godavari, West Godavari, and Krishna districts. Zone-III has Guntur, Prakasam, and Nellore districts. Zone-IV has Chittoor, Cuddapah, Ananthapur, and Kurnool districts. Zone-V has Adilabad, Karimnagar, Warangal, and Khammam districts. Zone-VI has Hyderabad, Rangareddy, Nizamabad, Mahboobnagar, Medak, and Nalgonda districts.


In each zone 70% of non-gazetted, and 60% of gazetted posts were reserved for locals. In addition, 80% of class-IV posts were reserved to locals of the district. Certain exceptions were made to Hyderabad city for state level organizations allowing people from all regions to work in these offices.


Government Order 610 was issued in 1985 by the TDP government of Sri N.T. Ramarao, to correct the irregularities that have occurred in the implementation of the Six Point Formula.


When we examine the violations to the Six Point Formula they should be studied across all the zones for the sake of completeness. For example, if there are violations made in teacher postings, it is not correct to just look at violations in Zone V and Zone VI, but one should look at violations in all the zones.


With that background, now let us look at some of the violations that have occurred in government job appointments. I examined this issue by relying on publicly available sources. I chiefly relied on the Second Interim Report of the House Committee on G.O. 610 as well as the information available on the government website go610.ap.gov.in.


According to the House Committee report, the total number of employees in the State government and local bodies is 674,665. Of these employees, 583,026 come under the purview of Six Point Formula.


Let us look at violations in the Hyderabad City police appointments as well as violations in teacher appointments across the state. I chose these two categories as the data is available at the district level.


According to the presidential order on Six Point Formula, the police recruitment for Hyderabad city does not fall under the zonal system. Therefore, people from all regions have been recruited into city police. However, the House Committee recognized Hyderabad as a local zone and applied 80% local rule. As a result, it found that out of 4,722 police constables, 3,344 are non-locals. In the separatists’ lingo these violators are popularly known as the “job looters”.


So let us dig a little deeper to see who these looters are.


The House Committee report identified these violators by district. When these violations are aggregated by region, 1615 (50%) of the violators came from the Nizam region, 1212 (38%) came from the Kosta region, 395 (12%) of the violators came from the Rayalaseema region. In other words, the highest number of violators came from the Nizam region.


Now let us look at another set of violators. These are teacher posting violations that happened across the entire State. The government forcefully repatriated these people to their home districts and here is how the numbers look when aggregated by region.


About 2,600 teachers were found in violation of Six Point Formula, across the state. Below table gives the breakdown of these violators by region.




It may be a little confusing to interpret the matrix, so please allow me to paint the picture.


In the Nizam Telangana districts, a total 992 teachers, were found in violation of the Six Point Formula and have been repatriated to their home districts. Out of these 992 teachers, 541 violators came from the Nizam region itself. For example, in Nalgonda there were 71 teachers who were non-locals. Of these 71 teachers, 10 came from Warangal, 3 came from Karimnagar, 1 from Mahabubnagar, 1 from Adilabad, 8 from Hyderabad, 1 from Medak, 2 from Nizamabad, 13 from Khammam. The remaining violators came from Kosta and Seema. Overall, of the 992 violators in the Nizam region, 311 came from Kosta and 58 came from Rayalaseema.


Similarly there were 1100 violators in Kosta and 825 of them came from the Kosta districts. 110 violators came from the Nizam region and 147 from Rayalaseema.


Along the same lines, there were 345 repatriations in the Seema. Out of these, 193 violators came from Rayalaseema itself, while 112 came from Kosta and 27 from the Nizam region.


So, who are the worst victims of this nonsensical Six Point Formula, which plays the chief role of further exacerbating the differences among Telugu people? A majority of the victims come from their native regions and these forced repatriations make them feel like they are aliens in their own land.


So, what conclusions can we can draw from what we saw so far?


Yes, violations to the Six Point Formula have happened. However, these violations have happened across all the regions and a majority of these violators come from their native regions. Number of violations in the Nizam Telangana could possibly be a bit higher than the other two regions of the state. However, the extent of these violations is nowhere close to the mass hysteria that is being created by the separatists over government jobs. As usual, the separatist modus-operandi is to incite people by cherry-picking the violations that occurred in the Nizam Telangana region and conveniently forgetting to mention to their constituents that similar violations have occurred in the other regions too.


Save Andhra Pradesh!

Nalamotu Chakravarthy




Links to:

GO 610 House Committee Report

Data I extracted from the pdfs on the go610 government web-site

GO 610

Six Point Formula


Section 18.1.9 of Girglani report said (scanned copy of the excerpt given below): "In the various representations to the government and in the Press a figure ranging 40,000 to 58,000 of non-locals working in zones V and VI is being given as those who are working in violation of Presidential Order. The statistical part of non-locals and locals has been examined by the Commission and it will be seen that the percentage of non-locals in the zones V and VI is negligible and far below the sealing of 20 percent. Therefore on statistical aspect there is no question of any action or implementation of the G.O." 










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43 Responses to “G.O. 610 and the Job Looters”

  1. Kishore says:

    Number seem irrelevant. There have been violations, and thats the point. In late 1950 and early 60′s many people from coastal andhra have acquired illegal mulki certificates. I personally know a family from krishna district who have got such certificates. Lots of people in Khammam districts are settlers. This is not very difficult to identify if you go visit a govt school or office in that district. You might not get the data on people who have illegal certificates, but that’s an open secret. Khammam and to small extent Nizamabad districts are examples.

      • jagan says:

        If numbers are irrelevant then there are some telangana people working in costa/seema also.  Also the violations in a zone are mostly done by people of the same region. Sending back will involve sending all violators back, even people of same region.
        Also how come you are confusing yourself of corruption with discrimination.
        Getting fake certificates is corruption and will happen even if telangana is a seperate state since 1956. If you think that officers/politicians/people of telangana are not corrupt at all- that would be really exceptional.
        I beleive most of the govt officers/politicians in india are corrupt and if you think people in telangana are an exception then  there is no debate – You win!!..
        Most of the non-locals who got selected are due to decision making of local governments. Remember even KCR thought at one point of time that zonal system is slowing down progress, atleast with respect to the works he was talking about. But what I am trying to say is that most others at one point of time have advocated against zonal system and most of them are against it now.
        In any case the non-locals are less than 20% as pointed by girgilani report.

  2. Kiran says:

    I think the kishore above missed the point of the article ….the article is not about mulki rules and also the violators from telangana re infact more compared to their population ration. THe rules are in fact stupid

    • GK says:

      My friend, this is the same arrogance/attitude and denial that the politicians have shown all along.
      At the end even the T politicians have given up.
      Don't you know that the Mulki rules were replaced by the confusing six point formula and then later came the 610, zone system?
      For your kind information what you are saying stupid is the outcome of jai andhra movement which I heard was started because 1 T employee took job in Guntur..

  3. jagan says:

    chakravarthy garu,
    Can you let us know, how many teachers are present in AP and also in each region seperately in case you have it.

    Also does your number include school teachers and junior college and degree/post-degree teachers?

    • Chakravarthy says:

      4,38,155 teachers in AP.
      1,51,178 in Kosta
      78,513 in Seema
      2,08,464 in Nizam
      1,81,156 (Nizam minus Hyderabad)
      1,50,215 (Nizam minus Hyd & Rangareddi)
      Teachers=central govt, state govt, zilla parishad, municipal, pvt aided, pvt un-aided FROM higher secondary schools, high schools, upper primary schools, and primary schools
      If you want just the government teachers data please checkout this table: http://www.myteluguroots.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/OverallStats.JPG
      Also, you can see additional commentary on my previous blog at: http://www.myteluguroots.com/another-separatist-myth-shattered-%e2%80%93-govt-spending-on-primary-education/

    • Chakravarthy says:

      I don't have degree/post-graduate numbers. I might be able to get them, I will try.

      • jagan says:

        Chakravarthy garu,
        I actually wanted to know out of how many total teachers, there are 2698 violators.
        Also small suggestion that you should have specified how many total teachers are present in each region. Atleast then readers get an idea of how much % of non-locals are present and how much % is allowed etc…

        • Chakravarthy says:

          Jagan garu,
          It took me over 25 man-hours to create that one simple table you see in the blog. The data is in pdfs and I had to manually scrape it. It will take me a few more hours to determine the total number of teachers by region and I don't have the bandwidth. If someone can do it, I will be grateful to them. The data is available at: http://go610.ap.gov.in/schooldistrictsnames.htm
          2698 are those teachers where there is a clear current location and a repatriated location available. I think there would be few more hundreds who were either repatriated to another State or cannot be repatriated for procedural reasons.
          Overall, it is highly doubtful, other regions taking Nizam jobs would be in excess of 5% and Girglani in his report said that the number of violations are not as great as they have been made out to be.
          section 18.1.9 of Girglani report says: "In the various representations to the government and in the Press a figure ranging 40,000 to 58,000 of non-locals working in zones V and VI is being given as those who are working in violation of Presidential Order. The statistical part of non-locals and locals has been examined by the Commission and it will be seen that the percentage of non-locals in the zones V and VI is negligible and far below the sealing of 20 percent. Therefore on statistical aspect there is no question of any action or implementation of the G.O."

          • jagan says:

            chakravarthy garu,
            I didnot mean to give so much trouble to you. I was just curious to know the total number just in case you had it.
            Also can you pls let me know from where did you get the girglani report. Is hosted online somewhere?
            BTW, I really appreciate your efforts in researching all this.

  4. Chakravarthy says:

    I have a simple rule for my blog. You can write anything you want as long as you don't use bad words. I was tempted to delete your comment, but you made some good points. If you can re-post without personal attacks, I will try to respond.

  5. Vijay says:

    Mr. Chakravarthy,
    I think you don’t understand or refuse to understand the broader spectrum of the issue “Exploitation in Employment Resources in Telangana Region”
    I wonder why your article didn’t find mention of G.O. 36 (1969), the Report of the Officers Committee (1985) under the chairmanship of K. Jaybharath Reddy, and the most important Report of J. M. Girglani Commission (2004) to understand the whole issue in a rational manner.
    According to me:
    The exploitation in employment is a major concern among the people of the Telangana region. The Andhra region under the British colonial rule have had good awareness in the education field, while the Telangana region under the Nizam did not had the same opportunity. After the merger, the Gentlemen's agreement of 1956 clearly stated the Mulki Rules (which guarantees the rightful employment for the locals in the Telangana region) to be followed, but were bluntly violated. After 1969 unrest G.O. 36 was issued in order to repatriate the 25,000 non-local employees illegally appointed in the Telangana region between 1956 and 1969, the non-locals challenged the G.O. in the Supreme Court [19]. The Supreme Court upheld the Mulki Rules and the implementation of G.O. 36 thus leading to 1972 "Jai Andhra" movement, which eventually abolished Mulki Rules and gave birth to the Six Point Formula in 1973 [20]. 

    The history repeated again, when the former Chief Minister Mr. N. T. Rama Rao appointed the Officers' Committee under the chairmanship of K Jayabharath Reddy in 1985, to find out the number of employees appointed in violation to the Six Point Formula between 1973 and 1985. Again, a new G.O. 610 was issued to repatriate more than 50,000 non-local employees [19], nothing happened. Sensing a serious discontent among the people of the Telangana in 2001, former Chief Minister Mr. C. B. Naidu appointed a one-man commission headed by J. M. Girglani. Submitting the report in 2004, he indicated a gross violation of non-local appointments in almost all the departments in the Telangana region with recommendations [21]. According to an unofficial estimate by the Joint Action Committee of Unions of Telangana Employees, Teachers and workers, the number of non-locals employed in Telangana region exceeded 2,00,000 in 2004. Out of 15,00,000 jobs in state government the people of Telangana occupy only 3,00,000 (i.e., 20%) [22], it will become 33% if the 2,00,000 jobs of non-locals are repatriated, and is more or less the rightful share of Telangana people. Further, there is not even one district collector from Telangana region in the entire state, and only seven department heads out of 433 department heads spreading across the state are from Telangana region [22].

    • Sreedhar says:

      Hi Vijay,
      Please let me know the breakup (by department wise) of the 15,00,000 State Government Jobs, I am very curious to know since as per the govt records all govt jobs including teachers put together does not cross 7,00,000 (max).

  6. Chakravarthy says:

    Vijay garu,
    I believe in the unity of Telugu people and I am fighting against the hatred being spread among my brethren by the separatists. Saying that, I am open to learn about cases of blatant discrimination against a region and I will be happy to criticize it.
    The House Committee itself said there are about 7 lakh government jobs and I provided a copy of the report at the bottom of my note.
    I went through 1969 employment violations in the Chapter 19 of my book that I made available on this website. Most of the violations happened in teacher and nurse postings and they happened due to scarcity of resources in the Nizam Telangana and many of these postings were made by local zilla parishads. This was said by the Deputy CM Narsinga Rao who hailed from Nizam Telangana.
    As far as Girglani Commission- please allow me to quote section 18.1.9 of Girglani report:
    "In the various representations to the government and in the Press a figure ranging 40,000 to 58,000 of non-locals working in zones V and VI is being given as those who are working in violation of Presidential Order. The statistical part of non-locals and locals has been examined by the Commission and it will be seen that the percentage of non-locals in the zones V and VI is negligible and far below the sealing of 20 percent. Therefore on statistical aspect there is no question of any action or implementation of the G.O."
    Just so that you know, even in the 20% non-local category, a good number of 20% non-local job postings are taken by locals. The 20% non-local category is open to people of all districts including the local district. As a result even the 20% non-local category jobs are predominantly taken by the locals. Please checkout the teacher postings at: http://go610.ap.gov.in/schooldistrictsnames.htm . This will give you an idea about what I am talking.

    • Vijay says:

      Mr. Chakravarthy,
      Merely, saying that you criticize those cases, will not help your cause, because you have already used very offensive titles (chapter 19 & 20) in your book. You want to prove that the demand is illegal and ill-conceived by considering just one report of Prof. Jayashankar and other government sources !!!, by doing so you are abusing the people of Telangana, who belong to the same brethren according to your own depiction!
      Well, I don’t want a debate on your book or its contents, but I wonder what would be your reaction or how you will judge your last two chapters in your book, if Srikrishna committee favors a Telangana state unconditionally!
      Coming back to our exploitation issue, my main argument was judging the whole issue in a rational manner. How can you judge the entire issue without the inclusion of all facts, reports and the agreements? Well, your explanation for 1969 violations is strange, simply because: what you are trying to say is a person will be called as a robber or looter only if he/she steals an expensive watch or a gold ring from a supermarket not a small chocolate bar. It doesn’t matter whether they are teacher or nursing posts, but why did they happened in the first place when we had a Gentlemen’s Agreement, is the main argument of Telangana populace and even after agreeing in an All-Party agreement (1969) that the distribution of income and jobs will be shared evenly. Why we had the officer’s committee under the chairmanship of K. Jaybharath Reddy and the subsequent G.O. 610? Why the state government appointed the House Committee on Implementation of G.O. 610 (2001) and J. M. Girgliani commission (2003)?
      I found the summary of the J. M. Girgliani final report in the below link. I didn’t find your quoted section…may be the summary contain only 16 chapters! I repeat here that Girgliani Report and Recommendations are very important for solving the exploitation in employment in Telangana region because he indicated a gross violation of non-local appointments in almost all the departments in the Telangana region. According to him, with limited data (only 52 state government departments responded to his requirements for data), he reported, out of the 51 Departments, three alone accounted for some 41,000 Telengana local jobs of a manual nature given to non-local on a temporary basis and regularized. So his report could not report the actual number of non-locals illegally appointed in the Telangana region but one doesn’t need to a scientist to quantify the actual number is the essence of his report!!!
      Link: http://www.telangana.org/Papers/article16.asp

      • Chandra says:

        Mr Vijay,
        Your example of chocolate robbery is more applicable to your point of view. It Seems you consider the violation of 610 G.O by our Nizam Telangana people as chocolate robbery! . Clearly , Nizam Telangana's share in 610 G.O vioaltion is 30.8% (812/2628).You dont want to comment about that .If we analyze the above data considering,  "which region people" contributed  more violations ,Nizam telangana 30.8%. Coastal contribution is 49%, seema-15.5% and Hyderabad-4.49%.  
             If we analyze, based upon , "in which region more cases of violations happened", its more in coastal Andhra! 1100 violations out of 2628 which will be 41.8%. Looks like more violaters are from coastal Andhra, agreed but  more violations also happened in coastal Andhra.   If fixing the 610 G.O issue  is most importatant then it should be fixed first in coatstal districts according to me. I am curious to know whether this analysis has any flaw from Mr Chakravarthy or any body!.
        Regarding your other point, i would  ask , what if Sri Krishna committe says NO to separation?. My family is from Korutla of karimnagar and neither me nor any of my family members support the separation concept just to fix some G.O's or solving river water sharing issues.   Maharashtra, Karnataka , A.P, and TamilNadu, although separate states still have been fighting for river water for the past 30 more years. Is separation going to solve all such issues or will contribute in generating more long term fights?

        • Vijay says:

          Mr. Chandra,
          Thanks, but my queries were addressed to Mr. Chakravarthy. I am expecting something from him.
          Coming back to your reply:
          You were confused a bit, i was referring them as "robbers or looters" for 1969 violations, and what happened afterwards needs to be looked into in a very imparital manner…simply depending on the government data will not solve the long standing demand and violations, if you think it can solve then why didn't state government itself put whole data (from 1956 – 2009 not just G.O. 610 record online) such as employment, income and funds sharing, water sharing, etc..on a public domain and leave it to the public to judge (you know and everyone knew, it cannot do it, its a suicide for them!).
          For your kind information, even the Srikrishna Committeee will not depend on the data from state government sources alone (as Mr. V, K. Duggal himself said, that state government data is one source and they would collect the information from the Centre and also from various other sources)…. So my point is: if you want to judge an issue, you should collect data from all sources (if possible) and then judge in an impartial manner…this is what the committee is doing now!
          I didn’t write any books (especially with offensive titles) abusing the people of certain region and their beliefs. I am asking that question to the author how he will judge his last chapters if the Srikrishna Committee favors Telangana state? I have sent my representation to the committee as they have asked from the people and the same you can find on my blog 


          • jagan says:

            There is a lot of information about development, budget, education(1956 and now), literacy etc… on govenrment sites. The author has mentioned all those links in this site. You just don't want to accept that.
            When people like you are not ready to accept anything that doesnot favor telangana state formation, there is no point in putting that info online!!… also.
            You think:
            Anything that doesn't favor telangana is "full of lies".
            Anyone who doesn't favor telangana is corrupt, crooked, looter, non-telanganite or telangana-traitor etc..
            You have already come to a conclusion so what is the use of debate.

          • jagan says:

            The employment data is available in this link
            Please read and let us know how many non-local are present in telangana.

          • revanth says:

            i have been reading things about constitution of india,,though my knowledge is little about constitution but it divided powers in to central list state list concurrent list,,all the data regarding powers under state are only kept by state and not central govt,,the sri krishna comitte meant to take whatever data is available & compare and where r u now after skc gave its report?

      • Chakravarthy says:

        I've just attached the scanned page of the Girglani Commission report to this blog. You should be able to see it by scrolling back up to my blog.

        • Vijay says:

          I don't want to comment on the copy you posted, because it doesn't have the paragraph title and what it was referring to….but i cross checked the "sealing of 20%" on web and found an article where Mr. Girglani himself described alomost the same.
          Let me quote from this page:"On the implemenation of GO 610, he said some 10,000 non-locals working in Telangana could be repatriated to their home districts"
          More information on this issue can be found in this site (http://www.india-today.com/itoday/20070618/andhra.html).
          Out of 10,000 how many were repatriated and how many were waived, i don't believe the state government G.O. 610 site, simply because of their record in the past considering the G.O. 36  (1956 – 1969) and G.O. 610 (1973 – 1985) illegal appointments and violations.  
          I agree the violations inside the region is a common phenemenon, but outside the region and taking away the local jobs (meant for locals) should be strictly prohibited, and is one of the main causes for the seperate Telangana demand, as i said the Srikrishna Committee is looking into all these issues in an IMPARTIAL MANNER, and i agree and support their VERDICT, even though if it is against the formation of Telangana.

          • jagan says:

            "I agree the violations inside the region is a common phenemenon, but outside the region and taking away the local jobs (meant for locals) should be strictly prohibited"
            I don't think government distinguishes/considers regions while giving jobs. It just uses the zonal system to determine locals/nonlocals.
            Looks like, we need another presidential order to remove the zonal system and go for regional system.

      • prabhakar says:

        Mr Vijay,
        you are deliberately misinterpreting the term 'non-locals'. As per Girglani report 'non-locals' means people from outside the zone and not the ouside the region where the zone falls. Mr Chakravarty's table on 'voilaters' highlights the same.

  7. Hari says:

    Your figures in the above table clearly tell that out of 1183 teachers recruited in Telangaanaa, there were 411 recruited from Andhra. It comes to some 34%. Out of 1145 teachers recruited in Andhra Region (Andhra and Rayalaseema put together) there are only 155 teachers recruited from Telangaanaa Region. Which is a meagre 13%.
    See the difference between 34 and 13. This is apparent everywhere when Andhra and Telanagaanaa are compared and some cases the differences are much more. A fair competition is not possible between these two regions due to historical reasons. Separation is the only way to make the telugus united in terms of good relations. As long as we continue to be united, we will be quarelling each other.

    • jagan says:

      Firstly the table has violators in each region.  So you should say 1183 violators. Sayin this as just recruters will mean something else.
      Out of 1183 Violators in Nizam telangana,
      762 are from Nizam telangana and including hyderabad                                                              421 are from costa/seema.                                                                                                                     So 64% are from telangana and 36% from Costa/seema
      So the violators are mostly from telangana – may be you think it is okay for telangana people to violate rules in other parts of telangana but government cannot think like that.. They will have send them also back along with costa/seema guys.
      Out of 1445 violators, 168 from telangana and remaining are from costa/seema itself. I condemn this. There is just around 11% of telangana peole here!!.. and you are true.  
      Let us look at the total % here now…
      Out of a total of 2628,  930 are from telangana  and 1698 are from costa/seema — 35% are from telangana and 65% are from costa/seema.
      Out of the chunk of 1698 violators from costa/seema – 1277 violation from seema/costa and only 421 are in telangana..
      Similar pattern for telangana; major chunk of violators are from telangana itself.
      If the GO 610 is implemented in telangana – people from telangana are likely to suffer more than those costa/seema.
      Same thing incase of seema/costa also..
      And this is why govt is afraid to implement it as implementation it will be same people from nizam telangana/costa/seema who will again agitate against them

      • jagan says:

        I really think the government should go ahead and implement the GO 610 but they will not as they are afraid that they will loose the vote bank both in telangana and costa/seems regions.
        Vote bank politics based on religion, region, caste are the order of the day!! …. and that is because the people themselves are encouraging it or falling prey to it.
        May be people need to change that people of one religion are good and others are bad..
        people of one region are good and others are bad!!..
        People of one caste are good and others are bad!!..
        People of one gender are good and others are bad!!
        I believe,  whoever gets oppurtunity in this selfish world exploits others; this is the rule followed across all religions, regions, caste, gender!!..
        How many of us voted for honest politicians?!!…
        how many of us will welcome justice even when we are going to loose something? We will go to the extent of tarnishing them they are also corrupt even without looking into facts.
        I doubt, we will even give some credit/recognition to honest people.
        how many of us voted based on caste, religion, region, gender, vote-bribing etc….? I think it is 80%.
        We are all culprits here!!. brothers… we are all corrupt!!… and we deserve corrupt people and we will get corrupt people as we don't even want to accept that the cause for all this backwardness/poverty is corruption.
        We just want to conveniently blame it on one region, religion,caste and say discrimination and satisfy ourselves, we have done nothing wrong from ourside.
        How many people have parents working in business/government/politics who are corrupt. Have anyone questioned your parents about this any time? I don't think so.. and everything it is just a small thing and will effect much… more interrestingly most of us want the money out of corruption from their parents/kin etc…
        Just blaming on one region/religion is not solution brothers……… the problem is rampant across all regions, religions and castes.

        • AMRAO says:

          That is why, much before the modern day democracies, some one has stated that "In a democracy, people get a government they deserve". You have said the same thing but did not explicitly quote the above statement. We do not deserve better people than the ones we have now nor we can ever imagine electing one.

  8. Chandra says:

     After seeing the scanned copy furnished by Mr Chakravarthy, if any separatist has any furthur doubts, should check this link  which i got from their own TDF website.
    In above Eenadu news paper record, Girglani clearly says that non locals in Telangana area  less than 20%.
    He also says, violation of presidential order happened in all districts of AP and not a unique issue of Telangana.

    • jagan says:

      I have read the article, but there are confusing points over there.
      1) He says that violators are about 58,000 in telangana and he also says it is just 6.8% of all jobs but again he says it is violation of presidential orders. 
      Is this 6.8% of all jobs in AP? or just 6.8% of jobs in telangana?
      Considering it to be 6.8% of all jobs in AP,  actual violation in telangana will be around 16%.
      Still this is less than the 20% non-local quota. So how come he is saying this is in violation of presendential order in a huge way?
      Is there no non-local quota at all? Is it just an upper limit? and locals should be filled first even up to more than 80%(100% if possible) and only left overs to non-locals?

  9. Chandra says:

    It was infact confusing!! and Girglani himself said that in his final report submitted to Govt in his first para itself!!. What i have understood  (I could be wrong also!), is there are three buzz words.
    Six point formula,
    610 Go

    and presidential ordder.
    To implement the six point formula,
    we have the presidential order and later came 610Go(to fix the mistakes by not implementing the presidential order!).

    looks like by 2005 the total no of govt employees in AP(who are bound by presidential order) were seems to be around 9 lacs something and this, 58000 odd number comes out to be around 6% of that number.

    Regarding this 58000 number,its not that all 58000 people came from non telangana. This number is the jumbling between inter districts within telangana violating presidential order (some might come from non telangana districs also in this number ). Majority of this 58000 people are telanganites working in other districts rather than their owns. Girglani's job was to report such violations to govt. He also quoted the possbile reasons for these violations. He did not say an intentional discrimination could be a reason. He also said such violation happened in all regions in AP.

    Seems we need to work more to understand the entire picture. But what i wanted to say by quoting the link was, whatever Mr chakravarthy was showing as scanned copy, exactly the same thing is present in the link.

    Hope Mr chakravarthy, in his free time could enlighten us more about these confusions. Seems he is already spending his enormous valuable time for this great historical moment for all of us telugus.

  10. jagan says:

    Chakravarthy garu,
    Do you a have scanned/soft copy of the girgilani report? If you have, can you pls post a link to it.
    I searched online for it but could just find summaries of it.

  11. Praveen says:

    Realize the fact yourself
    Forget facts, forget figures… 2 steps to see the truth yourself.
    1. step into ANY govt. office in telangana.
    2. Count the people from costal andhra and count people from telangana. 
    3. Check the educational qualification and experience of people in various posts.
    You don't need govt. laws or mulki rules. Your common sense is enough to find out injustice.
    In year 2000, more than 95% of govt. and associated jobs in Hyderabad were occupied by poeple from costal andhra alone. Now, with all the struggle, it has come to somewhere around 80%.  This is the fact. See it yourself.

    • Chakravarthy says:

      No, what you quoted is not a fact, but an urban myth. You can't figure out regional distribution by going to a government office. I wish it was that easy. If it is a state level organization that doesn't fall under zonal limitations, you will certainly see more Kosta-Seema people as that region makes up for about 2/3rd of the state's population. Please provide the source for your assetions.

      • GK says:

        Mmmm.. you still deny.
        Look, locals aren't knowledgeable on zonal restrictions, as i see you struggling…
        All they see is more non-locals. If it is hard for you to identify, please take a local with you. Don't you wonder who and why they came up with this zonal system? I feel this unecessary and confusing zonal system paved the way to more loss of T jobs in the name of "Equality".
        Now, in your analysis on violations can you simplify the violations in terms of T vs A? I am able to get some vague idead with a little concern as to who comes under HYD, I mean those who are not considered as violating (legally) but T people think they are. Now you see where your numbers argument ends…
        Note that if anyone who lives in T for 6 years or more will not be considered for violation.

    • Sreedhar says:

      Hi Praveen,
      Please let me know which offices (with office name & address & city) you have visited where you found non-telangana people out numbered telangana people; so that I can witness the injustice.

  12. Continue says:

    I appreciate, lead to I found exactly what I used to be looking for. You’ve ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

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