Division – Not in the National Interest

Andhra State was the first linguistic state that came into existence after India’s independence. When Nizam of Hyderabad in 1947 started toying with the idea of becoming an independent nation, Nehru ordered Indian military into Hyderabad state and merged the territory into Republic of India.

Hyderabad state was then made up of Kannada, Marathi and Telugu speaking regions. To decide how Indian states should be constituted, Nehru appointed the States Reorganization Commission. The commission recommended the merger of Telugu speaking Nizam region with the Andhra state, but recommended a waiting period of 5 years before the merger, to allay some of the concerns expressed by a handful of Congress party leaders. However, there was a strong desire among the Telugu people of all regions to unite. When a resolution for merger was placed in the Hyderabad assembly, 2/3rd of the legislators from Nizam ruled Telugu region favoured an immediate merger. Eventually, after a good bit of deliberation, Nehru’s government agreed to constitute all non-Hindi speaking states of India along linguistic lines.

Breaking the national model of linguistic states to allay the political movements started by leaders like KCR would open a pandora’s box for similar movements across several linguistic states of India. This could potentially be a destabilizing force on the nation. Succumbing to the demand for division of Andhra Pradesh will add fuel to the movements for Bodoland out of Assam, Kongu Nadu out of Tamilnadu, Tulu Nadu out of Karnataka, Vidarbha out of Maharashtra, Gorkhaland out of West Bengal.

The announcement made by Home Minister Chidambaram on December 9th 2009 to divide Andhra Pradesh was done in haste. Unlike creation of states like Chattisgarh or Uttarakhand, division of Andhra Pradesh is complex and convoluted.

Capital city Hyderabad is a major source of state revenue. According to a clarification given in the State Assembly in 2008 by the then Finance Minister Rosaiah, 37% of the state’s revenues come from Hyderabad alone. Andhra Pradesh state budget is well over one lakh crore rupees. In a divided state, Hyderabad city would fall in the Nizam Telangana region. As a result, Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema will claim a stake in Hyderabad’s revenues. They will argue that they too have contributed to the growth of the capital. An amicable solution to this thorny problem is almost impossible.

If Andhra Pradesh state is divided, there will be a bitter battle among Rayalaseema, Coastal Andhra and Uttara Andhra regions to have the state capital in their own regions. Rayalaseema will insist on having Kurnool as the capital, whereas Coastal Andhra will insist on having Vijayawada or Guntur as the capital, while Uttara Andhra will insist on making the port city of Vizag as the capital of the newly minted state. This battle for capital will no doubt turn into an intractable mess and may lead to violent movements for further division of the state into Rayalaseema, Uttara Andhra, and Coastal Andhra.

Hyderabad city has millions of Telugu people that came from all parts of the state. Vitriol used by leaders like KCR, with statements such as “Tongues will be cut if anybody demands UT status for Hyderabad”, or threats of “civil war” or slogans such as “Telangana wale jago, Andhra wale bhago”, or TRS party MP Vijaya Shanthi openly saying, “whoever enters the Telangana region (for campaigning) will be axed” have instilled fear among the populace. Assaults on prominent leaders like Jayaprakash Narayan and IAS officer Vijayanand and many more have caused millions of people from Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema to question their personal security in a Telangana state.

There are several other intractable issues on the economic front. For example, two of the major power and irrigation projects in the state, Nagarjuna Sagar and Srisailam are situated right on the border of Nizam Telangana and Coastal Andhra. Add to this mix the disputes that will arise over allocation of river waters to the newly formed states. Problems such as these make the division of Andhra Pradesh a non-trivial matter.

It is clear that the Maoists are in favour of dividing the Andhra Pradesh state. In fact, it can be argued that they are the ones who sowed the seeds for the current separatist movement. Years before KCR dreamt of starting the movement for a separate state, the Naxal’s North Telangana Special Zonal Committee (NTSZC) in 1997 has passed a resolution favouring the formation of Telangana state. During this session detailed strategies about how to build the movement for a separate state have been schemed. Not surprisingly, many of these tactics are currently being employed by the separatists. On January 3rd 2011, KCR, while welcoming former Naxal Sambasivudu into his paty’s fold, promised to endorse and implement the Naxal agenda after the formation of Telangana state. A divided Andhra Pradesh state will strengthen the Naxal movement. A smaller weaker Telangana state could potentially turn into another Maoist hotbed like Chattisgarh and plays into Naxals dream of creating a Maoist corridor of Telangana, Bastar (Chattisgarh), South Orissa, Jharkhand and West Bengal. This is a matter of grave national security.

For too long, Congress, BJP, TDP and other smaller parties used the issue of Telangana for their short term political gains. Andhra Pradesh today is reaping the follies of these myopic positions. The time has come for all political parties to put the interests of nation ahead of their political expediencies. The time has come for the central and state governments to unequivocally stand against not only the division of Andhra Pradesh state but also against division of all linguistic states. Our country has more important priorities at this juncture. If our leaders intend to achieve the double-digit GDP growth and if they are serious about competing with other emerging economies like China, the separatist movements such as the one in Andhra Pradesh should have been nipped in the bud, and it is still not too late.

Save Andhra Pradesh!


Nalamotu Chakravarthy




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225 Responses to “Division – Not in the National Interest”

  1. Kiran says:

    TG is a public sentiment and not a demand based on objective greivances. Those who want to grasp only sentiment are wasting time in forums like these they belong to street not for discussions here.

  2. udyama Telangana says:

    @ KTR VS Lagadapati Videos Posted by Mr.Satya,
    Could you please write your Analysis in detail. Looks like Lagadapati was clean bowled by KTR's Words.

    • Andhra says:

      Kashmiri separtistis clean bowled Indians arguments about kashmir being integral part of India.  When the separtist spits on your face , the integrationist has to wipe the spit off  and say ,see i dont hate you whereas the separatist can freely spit or hate the other.
      KTR did not make even one genuine data point . He repeated the usual hatred of TG separtist on andhras. He even conceded that nehru remarks of 'divorce' were not made in a public speech unlike propaganda by TG fanatics.
      And he refused to withdraw his movement if he was proved wrong. That means that separatist will come up with 100 issues. the onus is on integrationists to prove them wrong. But even if the integrationists prove the 100 issues as lies , their gang will come up with another 100 lies. And this needs to go on as only then will they be politically relevant and thus make money

    • satya says:

      @Udyama, thanks for the 3rd part link.. Now my views are like this.

      1) Lagadapati was successful in making a point that merger is not forced but there are big leaders from both sides who wished for visalandhra and expressed their views in parliament and outside. Yes. We can get proofs for the same through news paper archives.
      – KTR’s response: Saying that the then leaders of hyderabad were ‘managed’ by andhra leaders doesn’t appeal to the dignity of the debate. He could have more humble in accepting that both pro/against groups exist to formation of visalandhra on both sides. Also linking this to communists decline in the country is not correct and a poor thought of mind.

      2) Lagadapati’s challenge on Nehru’s statements in Nizamabad public meeting came as a surprise to me. Because so far me too is in a belief that he made those statements. Again Nehru’s unwarranted (unacceptable too) Wittie at wrong place was blown out of proportion and misused today.
      -KTR’s response: He doesn’t accept the challenge that he will leave the separate T movement if Nehru didn’t make that statement in public meeting. Even I expected he will easily takes up that challenge. So here Lagadapati created a new area of investigation, where exactly Nehru made these statements.

      3) KTR quoted Girglani committee and said 58000 jobs are lost. But this a violation across the state. Anyway, this is a good sign for a healthy debate quoting correct stats, let whatever be the reasons he may attribute for the violations.

      4) On the mulki violations and GO.36, KTR denied the explanation by Lagadapati saying though there is a ‘shortage’ of qualified teachers, the govt should not have allowed this. I will leave this to individual’s wisdom whether they should held the govt responsible even it tried to benefit them. Dont these same people cry against the govt if it cannot provide adequate staff citing the mulki rules reason?

      5) Regarding Madapati letter to tuksor or Ali yavar Jung, it is quite obvious and necessary for them to ‘convince’ the Nizam that they have no intention to join the british ruled telugu. Nizam who is already troubled the organization, would have banned it permanently and may throw the leaders into Jail or exile if they ‘accepted’ they want a unified telugu ruling.
      so, to sort out this, it is better to understand the ‘individual’ opinions of the leaders of Nizam andhra mahasabha. Most of the leaders who carried the Andhra mahasabha on their shoulders are integrationists as individuals. See Ravi Narayana Reddy garu, Suravaram pratapa reddy, KVR (before 1952), Boorgula and many other leaders. So it is not a correct assessment based on Madapati letter.

      6) KTR was perfectly successful in exposing the congress party and the late CM who played a dangerous game with the people of this state. He has asked the right questions on Pranab committee or chidambaram statements and made Lagadapati struggle to search for answers.

      My point here is.. “Is this a problem between political parties or is this an issue only concerned and resolved by the views of political parties’? KTR can be ‘care free’ in asking any questions. (ofcourse, there are questions that can trouble him too). Lagadapati had an onus to support the ideology of Jawaharlal Nehru or the stand taken by congress party. So, obviously he fumble there :) Because Nehru’s views of linguistic balkanization or his fears of ‘europe-kind’ of disintegration was proved wrong by history. Though his fears are genuine at ‘that time’.

      7) KTR questions on ‘voting’/resolution on hyd assembly are quite correct. At the same timethe truth is majority of them ‘favoured’ visalandhra. This was taken by Narayana Rao’s book. As far as the history of andhra pradesh is considered, the book ‘Emergence of andhra pradesh’ written by Narayana Rao is a best reference to the events happen prior to the formation of state. Almost all researches on andhra quoted the references from this book.

      8 One thing I appreciate is, whatever may be the reason, Lagadapti tried to discuss the issue ‘without’ bringing the political parties into it. Probably he knew it well, it will backfire him. Discussing this on political lines will lead into allegations and counter allegations making the issue immortal.

      9) KTR saying telangana state becomes a ‘multi-lingual’ is quite funny. This is not expected in an interesting debate. :)

      10) KTR asking how ‘azad hyderabad’ moment exist when the state is already joined in Indian union is immaturish. We have already seen ‘khalistan’ movement and is seeing azad kashmir from a long time.


      We should not see(speak of) history in black or white. The same applies to opinions expressed by people. History will not give a conclusion on ‘total agreement’ or ‘total denial’ of an opinion. The people whom we are taking references had just ‘assumed’ the future based on their experiences or thought process. Some might be true on some issues and on the other subjects their ‘assumptions’ might went wrong. They are not GODs to predict or write the future based on their thoughts.

      So It is better to ‘genuinely’ discuss the issue at hand (based on the present scenario) instead of going deep into history and attempts to make conclusions and wandering for solutions.

      I wish news channels will conduct such ‘facts and proofs’ based debates than mindless shoutings or useless dasa-disa where people can speak whatever they want without any backing of evidence. Appreciate HMTV for the initiation.

  3. udyama Telangana says:

    Forum Members,
    Whats your take on demand to delete 14(f) from the Presidential Order of 1975?
    @ Satya,
    In addition to your posting on KTR Vs Lagadapati here is the link to 3rd Part :

    • Chandra says:

      Again Lie by KTR about Burugula. In the above video at  time 13:02 ,he says Burugula was against Vishalandhra till today, later changed his stand. 
      Following is the first hand evidence of scanned copy of sunday Indian express news paper where Burugula, not only saying that if Andhra state formation is not speeded up then, Vishalandhra dream would be in jeopardy and warns that  "some forces" with "vested intererests" in Hyderabad state might block the vishalandhra.   
      He also thanks the coastal Andhras for their help in the difficult time of Nizam Telangana.
      Seems there is never an end to the saga of Lies of Telangana separatists.

  4. Chandra says:

    We hear separatist intellectuals and politicians saying ,there were never communal clashes in erstwhile Hyderabad state. Such things are not pleasant to discuss in modern era where people belonging to different religions are living peacefully. But for the argument sake and to prove them they are CONTINUOUSLY LYING, I am posting the record of  two first hand evidences of such unfortunate incidents happened in 1940 and 1946. Following is the Indian express scanned news paper.



  5. Udyama Telangana says:

    During our India's indpendence movement Hindu – Muslim Communal clashes were ignited. So, do we say we do not want independence.
    We would discuss later about True Lies of Telanganites and False Truth of Andhra Lobbyists. Its good that you speak only truth. Regarding Hyderabad Communal clashes, I would provide you a better Analysis. But for the time being either you or others may answer this as this is the most current one:
    Whats your take on demand to delete 14(f) from the Presidential Order of 1975?

  6. Andhra says:

    14 f , should not be deleted . 14 f was in accordance with the six point formula agreed by leaders from both regions. Now why this is being made a issue after 30 years. This is same like TG people wanting mulki rules to be perpetual when in fact the agreement was for 5 years only.

  7. Andhra says:

    What SKC clearly said
    1. Creation of AP was not a conspiracy . Leaders and people from TG also wanted to part of AP
    2. No water looting was done , there is no conspiracy in water awards.
    3. Regd job looting , the violations are not 2 lac or 3 lac but 18000  out of which 14000 are already taken care of
    4. When we measure life standard of a region ,it has to be compared to be with that of India or AP  ,it cant be compared to London or Dubai .  TG region which had a dismal start due to great Nizam rule ,is better than indian averages and at par with AP averages
    5. The only justification for TG is sentiment , but if sentiment which can very easily be ignited is taken as the basis of creation of state , this will lead to undesirable consequences for the country

    • satya says:

      @Andhra, Thats a simple and straight summarization. I liked the Point 4. I think the committee also subscribed to the views that compared to the regions that are merged with neighboring states, TG performed fairly better in many aspects.

      • udyama Telangana says:

        When SKC committee itself is unacceptable, how would you think that their mentioned points would be valued?
        Further in the videos KTR VS Lagadapati, Lagadapati was in unable to answer lot of KTR's questions. All the time he was trying to twist with unrelated arguements.
        Regarding Point 4, where on this earth TG life standards  were compared to that of London or Dubai.  Lot of times Telangana Proponents talk of sad state to go to Dubai ( Telanganites in a way hate to immigrate to Dubai for livelihood).  Instead of saying Andhra, I think you said London. Unknowingly you had  agreed that Andhra lobby learnt the skills from British.
        Your statement "TG fared better than neighbouring states" – This reminds me of the few proponents praising British for developing the Education system in India( a small Example).

        • satya says:

          >> When SKC committee itself is unacceptable..?

          Then why you guys wasted time in writing pages and pages of lies to report to SKC?

          >> Lagadapati was in unable to answer lot of KTR’s questions.
          I am not a supporter of Lagadapati by any stretch of imagination but what I appreciate is he is sticking to the subject unlike KTR who is making lumpen comments during the discussion. With respect to division, where ever you go, even after another 10 years, the separatists have to take the responsibility in proving their allegations unless which they may fail again.

          Just asking to implement 1955′s 1st SRC in 2011, or comparing with other state’s formation will only suppress their wishes and such weak argument can be suicidal to the formation of TG.

          Lagadapati also ‘agreed’ that aspirations for having a separate state is not wrong and is a ‘wish’ with in constitutional limits. But that doesn’t mean govt will satisfy all your wishes without minding the consequences or without looking into the larger picture. I don’t know why T vaadis fail to understand or knowingly ignoring this basic principle.

          >> Your statement “TG fared better than neighbouring states” – This reminds me of the few proponents praising British for developing the Education system in India( a small Example).

          you are comparing it to British and India, then why don’t you accept you are not part of Indian administration and democratic setup and asking for a separate country?

  8. Kiran says:

    Few other points from SKC report.
    1) TRS have presented misleading data this was clearly pointed out by SKC with regards to per capita allocation of university funds.
    2) In Khammam , not a single "settler" was present to give his opinion – the sarpanch admits they were threatened not to come
    3) The minorities were supporting telangana in town centers where large number of trs workers were present but were far more nuanced in field visits
    4) Biggest benefeciries of united AP were most vocal in demanding telangana. For eg. propserous OBC's who see a very good political future were biggest votaries. Similarily among ST's ..lambada and other non-telugu tribals who benefited massively because of their ST status as opposed to adivasis (who are demanding manneseema) are most vocal…similarly rich velamas who see more money making oppurtunuties in hyd with less competition. This shows that justice is not driving the movement but economic and caste calculations.

  9. Sunil says:

    T movement is less sentiment and more to do with political & economic equations. See the this paragraph on the 6th page of the SKC report which clearly states the forces behind this movement.
    At that time, the Six Point Formula ushered in by Smt. Indira Gandhi,
    and agreed to by both sides, served to dissolve the tension and keep the
    state united. Subsequently, the state saw significant economic and social
    progress for over three decades. As a result, Andhra Pradesh today stands as
    one of the front runners among the progressive states in the country. Indeed,
    it could arguably be said that this very progress has led Telangana to revive
    the demand for a separate state in order to gain greater political space and to
    bridge more rapidly the remaining, though diminishing, disparities. The
    resulting agitation which posed a serious law and order problem in the state
    in late 2009 – early 2010, eventually led to the constitution of this Committee.

  10. udyama Telangana says:

    @ Satya,
    you are More Powerful than the King ( రాజు కంటే బలవంతుడవు ). Its difficult to debate/argue if you go on twisiting things and take them in zig zag fashion.  I did not express anywhere that we do not respect Indian system of  Democracy. Even in our Indian Democratic Setup, asking for a state is not undemocratic. Demanding for their own state is not a fight against the Federal setup. It is persons like you who had been equating Telangana Demand to Kashmir issue or equating Telangana proponents to Terrorists. Proponents like you  see a virtual   hatred in the Words of Telangana Proponents  but fail to realise the Hatred of Andhra Lobbysits  all in action that have destroyed  the lives of majority of Telanganites.
    Finally answer straight to the question without twists and turns:
    Do you Personally  agree with a unanimous decision of the entire assembly making a Resolution that 14(f) should be delete?

    • satya says:

      >> you are More Powerful than the King ( రాజు కంటే బలవంతుడవు ).
      hehe.. Thank you.

      For your rest of the comments, why you should compare in the 1st place the telangana formation to British and India or the freedom movement? If you think Telangana is under a ‘foreign’ rule, that means you are talking against the democratic setup of India.

      usage of the words like liberation, seemandhra govt or valasavaada govt is definitely considered against the fundamentals of this democracy. You have used the word federal setup. Do you know what it means and how it functions?

      It is perfectly Ok (keeping ethical basis aside) to wish for a separate state. You may ask for the demerger of the state as per your wishes. But calling a democratically elected government as a foreign rule is simply stupidity. You need fight on issue based to fulfill your aspirations rather slogans based. So never try to make a comparison with freedom movements.

      >> Do you Personally agree with a unanimous decision of the entire assembly making a Resolution that 14(f) should be delete?
      I am yet to go through what this 14F is all about as I have very little info on it. If you can find any ‘govt’ document or pdf please share it here. I will definitely give my views on it.

      So far what I understand is, it only deals with Hyderabad city police recruitments. It facilitates the recruitment for hyderabad positions (only for police) from all parts of the state but for all other departments, the city strictly comes under 6th zone.
      If they tried to repeal the said 14F para, then the recruitments should only limited to 6th zone( ie. only candidates who are local to 6th zone can be recruited) and this may be disadvantage to all other candidates not only from seemandhra but those who will be under 5th zone (who are also part of telangana).

      I assume, this 14F was kept, keeping in mind that people from all areas lives in hyderabad. Anyways.. If what I learnt is correct about this, then I don’t mind whether it is exists or removed. It affects not even 2% of total jobs. Infact, removing it can also cause a problem to 5th zone people who along with other regions, will be permanently denied to work in hyderabad.. But if they (candidates from 5th zone too) wish it and do not have any problem, let them repeal the clause.

  11. udyama Telangana says:


  12. sera says:

    My grand father tells me that Lagadapati was right when he said that there was no idly-sambar movement but it was "Azad Hyderabad" movement's splinter groups which created it and the T vaadis today have given it a new name and are using it to their advantage by twisting History and lying.
    Azad Hyderabad was a anti-national movement to say the least. Of course there was participation of some people as they wanted mulki rules to be applied. Even the mulki rules are against the interests of the nation. In which other state (leaving Kashmir) are people denied jobs in their own capital city – this is against the basic structure of the constitution where no one should be discriminated with region as a reason.
    Shall we then compare Kashmir and Telangana?

    • Kiran says:

      That was very good info from your grand dad and it needs to have more space in public domain which has been crowded out by t separatist rowdies (whatever name they assign themselves – intellectuals, nris's etc).

  13. Kiran says:

    I will not support 14f even if the assembly unanimously passes a resolution. Simply because it violates the spirit of indian constitution and the integrity of the state of andhra pradesh. India is not just democracy it is a republic as well and thats why we have a written consitution and an indepedent judiciary to uphold it.

  14. Prabhakara Rao says:

    Many T-vaadis quote all kinds of statements from T and SA leaders after 1952.
    Surprisingly all the proof came from newpapers published from SA region.
    Golconda patrika and Deccan Chronicle existed before 1956 and both were published from Telangana.
    Why is that T-vaadis do not refer to these papers to highlight aspirations of then Telangana people?

  15. Prabhakara Rao says:

    of late T-vaadis assume the authority to question everybody on everything.
    I am in dilemma to call it arrogance, desparation or something else.
    Why do you want to set 14f as agenda for this forum?
    Till date you T-vaadis did not answer basic questions related to merger.
    Your favorite brat KTR says T MPs were managed by SA in 1953 itself and thus no value for thier speeches during Andhra bill.
    Will you accept if we say that entire assembly was managed on 14f by KCR using threats?

    Is a resolution in assmbley so much sacrosanct? If so are we adhereing to all kinds of democratic norms?
    What is your stand on giving a call for violence say bloodshed, internal-war?
    Do you people have birth-right to make such statement? Just because you have declared yourseles as victims?


  16. Sanjay says:

    Your wish could be acceptable to have a dialouge but only after deleteing your "Tag Line".  Till that moment we may assume all who support Saimaikandra as "Rakta Beejas". The united state so far winessed such Rakta Beejas hail from "andhra region" start from Ramoji to present lagadapaati in between Ramalinga raju, Muralimohan and many more…

  17. pradeep says:

    this nallapothu writing wrong things please go through the following URL
    and please read golakonda patrika
    chakravarthy completely writing wrong history

    • Chakravarthy says:

      @Pradeep: It would be more helpful to point specific "wrong things" than simply pointing the archives webpage that has thousands of news papers.

      May I suggest you to check our blogspot page to see some of the evidence our guys have unearthed from the same sources you are citing: http://visalandhra.blogspot.com/

      After reading it, you can educate me on who is propagating "wrong history".

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