Disgraceful Alterations to K.V. Ranga Reddy’s Autobiography

Mallik Garu sent me Chapters 22 and 23 of Late Sri K. V. Ranga Reddy’s recently published autobiography in English language. As soon as I read the excerpts, I could not resist but write this quick note. Here is another classic case of hate-mongering being indulged by the separatists.

K.V. Ranga Reddy was the first Deputy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and the current Rangareddi district was named after him. He was also a signatory of the Gentlemen's agreement.

Sri Ranga Reddy titled his book “An Autobiography” when he published it in 1967. His book has been renamed by the separatists, in their infinite wisdom, to: “From the Struggle and the Betrayal: The Telangana Story”.

I doubt if there is any precedence to changing an author’s book title after his death. This is even more profound considering that this is an autobiography- which is a book of very personal nature written by an author about himself.

If this is not enough, the separatists have inserted a brand new Chapter-23 to the autobiography a full 40 years after Sri Ranga Reddy’s death. I am sure you can guess the nature of the title by now: “Origins of Telangana discontent – Telangana agitation”. The translator claims that Chapter-23 was constructed based on the notes left by Ranga Reddy before his death in 1970. Interestingly, K.V. Ranga Reddy said he could not write his autobiography due to his poor eye sight and hence he dictated his autobiography to Sri Subba Rao, a relative of Andhra Pitamaha.

K.V. Ranga Reddy in 1967 wrote: “Had I given this to any other writer, I was afraid he would make it more ornamental and flowery, which was not my intention. Because of my poor eye sight, I dictated the information in a fact by fact manner, without any exaggeration, to my friend Sri Kommavarapu Subba Rao. My word and his pen flowed smoothly from the beginning to the end. Sri Subba Rao ensured there were no errors of language“

So how would K.V. Ranga Reddy, who was so keen about accurate representation of his views, if he were alive, feel about changing the title of his autobiography and blatant insertion of a new chapter to the book?

I found a couple more fascinating aspects in the two chapters.

Separatists have been extensively citing Lucien D. Benichou’s book Appendex 12 where it is written: “The ‘Gentlemen’s Agreement was violated in 1956 itself when Sanjiva Reddy, the first Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh refused to name any Telangana minister as Deputy Chief Minister saying that the Deputy Chief Ministership is like the unwanted sixth finger of the hand.”

Reading the excerpts of autobiography I was surprised to learn that it is in fact Sri Ranga Reddy, when asked by press correspondents why he was not given the Deputy CM said: “What is there in Deputy Chief Ministership, more than what I have now? It is like ‘angushth-e-sheshum’ (sixth finger).”

When Ranga Reddy said “more than what I have now”, he was referring to the powerful cabinet portfolios he was holding including Home, Revenue, and Prohibition.

Let me say this in unambiguous terms- not creating the Deputy Chief Minister position was a blatant violation of Gentlemen’s agreement. However, there seems to be behind the screens consensus, as there was no major outcry by the Nizam leaders against the violation of the agreement. The issue of Deputy CM was rectified starting 1960 when Sri K.V. Ranga Reddy became the Deputy CM under Sri Damodaram Sanjeevaiah, J.V. Narasing Rao under Kasu Brahmananda Reddy, and B.V. Subba Reddy under P.V. Narasimha Rao. The Deputy Chief Minister requirement became void with Indira Gandhi’s six-point formula of 1973.

In conclusion, I found Chapter 22 more interesting as it clearly explains the healthy working relationship between the #2 man in the cabinet K.V. Ranga Reddy and the #1 man N. Sanjiva Reddy. It provides insights into the decision making process between Ranga Reddy and Sanjiva Reddy, wherein over 75% of the recommendations made by the former were approved by the latter.

K.V. Ranga Reddy was keen on not making his autobiography ornamental and flowery and wanted to avoid all exaggerations. Sadly, the separatists have blatantly flouted the wishes of Sri Ranga Reddy in order to further their agenda of hate.

Save Andhra Pradesh!

Nalamotu Chakravarthy





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17 Responses to “Disgraceful Alterations to K.V. Ranga Reddy’s Autobiography”

  1. Mohan says:

    Chakravarthy garu,
    Hats off to you. I consider myself to be better educated about history than the most Telugu people I am familiar with. Even I was under the impression that it was Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy who gave that “sixth finger” analogy. This piece is an eye-opener for me. Thanks for putting this historic piece in context.
    Having said that – earlier I have said that the problem is not the reality, but it is the perception of reality. The perception among the people of Nizam Telangana has been that they were robbed by the people from the coastal and Rayalaseema districts of the State.
    Anecdotes and urban legends from these recurring movements for separation have created a parallel universe for many. I seriously doubt if some of the hate-mongers and the brain washers themselves know the facts. They are acting with their agenda and/or feelings. Unfortunately, regular people are falling prey for these elements.
    For example, some have come to the conclusion that “pro-united Andhra" stance is either agenda driven or “anti-Telangana” stance. I never could understand this oxymoronic belief that someone can be pro-unity and at the same time agenda driven against the very groups they want to be united with. I guess hate is a powerful emotion. So powerful that it cuts through any logic.
    -Reject hate, reject hate mongering and hate mongers
    -Save Andhra Pradesh

    • Chakravarthy says:

      Mohan garu- I believe Neelam Sanjiva Reddy also used the sixth finger phrase when talking about the Deputy CM role

  2. Raaghav says:

    Mr Chakravarthy assumes all his sources to be right and others to be wrong, which is flawed assumption.

  3. praveen says:

    It is easy to verify the facts on who held what positions. Telanga could be formed but not on Hate Andhra policy of Prof Jayashankar.
    There is already enough damage done to future generations.

  4. Chandra says:

    Dear Nalamotu garu,

    Again i appreciate your effort in understanding the past "with perfection" and revealing the truths to telugu people. As a  person originally, hailing from Karimnagar, i have seen many books written by TRS and TDF people containing false/distorted information, freely distributed among mostly govt teachers and other educated and semi educated people in 2 to 3 districts of this region. This had been going on for several years and the effects we are witnessing now.
    Had the people reading those books ever tried to question the authenticity of the content(which i know is quite difficult keeping in view the exposure they get in districts), we would not have had this situation. I never found authorities intervening in these matters proactively also.
    I always used to ask them the meaning of telangana name and how it got originated. Neither any of those books contained nor people new. But separatists, seems, still went to an extent of distorting the puranas also and started including telangana in Mahabharatha, i do not know how much it is true(Wikipedia is heavily modulated by T separatsists).
    Recent trend is, they started brainwashing people on Television debates saying that the emotional bonding between people of two regions is broken. Do they realize that these separatists have to stay in India with fellow indians, with broken feeling of brotherhood? Can they stay in india with such a feeling?
    I feel it is high time the distorted facts have to be repaired using all available means. whether it is internet media , Blogs like these, movie industry  making documentaries , making Television episodes on history of  Andhras, even stage shows in villages in Nizam Telangana regions. I do not know how much or in what way people like me can contribute in such efforts, but i have to again appreciate your efforts in bringing the truths to limelight. Having 100% faith that our state will never ever be split, I want to say that your  efforts will be remembered for generations by telugu people  for bringing the truths to limelight, and working for the feeling of oneness among andhras among the world.
    Thank you.

    • Rajesh says:

      How come your are beliving the authenticity of the content by Mr chakrvarthy when you cannot beleive in others. Your analogy that 1000 people are wrong and one is right is not correct.

      • satya says:

        Mr Rajesh,
        any historical events or decisions has both pros n cons. but these seperatists say there is not a single good happen to telangana after merger, and accuse andhras for everything though they hav 3 chief ministers and a prime minister.
        is this itself not enough what they are airing is merely lies and wrong interpretation of stats. Nalamothu just trying to expose these things.
        on the otherhand, i just say, u dont want to shatter the lies by even one person as it will destroy ur belief which built on lies propogated by these thousands.

  5. Subhas says:

    You deserve kudos for the efforts you are making to bring about the fallacious arguments being put in by separatists.  They do not want to see reason.  They are not prepared to hear any other views than a separate Telangana.  That shows their closed mindedness.  They are behaving like dictators in a democracy.  Prof.Kodanda Ram announces that the goods and services of Andhra/Seema region to be boycotted, as if they are from some other country.  He tries to emulate Gandhiji in India's freedom struggle.  The leaders of Telangana agitation are narrow minded and trying to spread hatred to seek their narrow political ends.  They have gone to the extent of proscribing the singing of the song"Maa Telugu Talliki  …." in the Schools.  May be they are trying to change their mother tongue from Telugu to some other language.  If they are so particular to create a separate state, they are welcome to agitate peacefully and on positive issues rather than spreading a hate campaign.

  6. Real says:

    Is the Gentlemen's agreement completely violated? How much of it is honored? Looks like the spirit of the agreement is kept intact by all the chief ministers. Please go thru this nice research article.


  7. Kalyan says:

    I want to ask all those propogating united andhra pradesh one straight questions
    "what is wrong if telugu people have two states?
    It is beyond question that majority, infact more than 70% of telangana people want a seperate state and the  30% would not bother whatever happens. When such huge majority wants a separate state, does it make sense for people to say save andhra pradesh. If the problem is hyderabad, people should sit on table and discuss it. It has reached a point where only illogical people ask for united state in current circumstances.
    My question to the author of this blog is straight "Do you want your beloved telugu people to be fighting and abusing themselves by staying togather? that is what is happening now and can become worse in future if andhra pradesh exists.
    I am from machilipatnam, and dont see any differences if telugu's have 2, or 3 states if they are economically viable.
    I hope all people start be sensible starting with author of this blog and some mindless separatist who abuse people of other regions.

    • VK says:

      I greatly appreciate your stance kalyan. Hope this blog administrator understands that telugu people are not just in AP but are prevalent in lot of places outside AP and making two telugu states does more good than bad. I hope some saneness prevails on "Separatists" and also "Integrationists" to agree to have two states but be friendly rather than be enemies in same state.

      • ved says:

        It is not a question about two states. It is the method of partitioning and the basis of division  that we need to worry about. What is the scientific basis for the division other than the fact everybody wants their own state? Sentiments are just emotions. They come and go.  We need more logical basis.  If a state cannot be held together by common language, why only two states? Why not four states?   
        If is funny when you talk about division on friendly grounds when the separate T was founded on hatred and abuse. You can’t have both ways.

        • Ram says:

          The problem is less than 10% of secretariate employees are from Telangana. If you look head of depts and higher the percentage is even less. I would not say Andhra employess hate Telangana people or region. But They love their region more. When funds are limited they allocate more to their region. By having Telangana state, even if emploees are from Andhra they can not allocate Telangana funds in Andhra. Hence Telangana have a chance to get justice.
          Other than that nothing changes. People migrate to any place in India if they see opportunities. Even now, more Anantapur people migrate to Bangalore than to Hyderabad. Lot of Chittore, Nellore people migrate to Chennai.
          Everytime there is suppression of people's wishes , you see some hatred. It will subside with time. In 1950s lot of Andhra people hated Tamilians because they were against seperate Andhra state. But once Andhra state formed, all that hatred dissipated. Even after 50years, there is significant Telugu population in Madras(even though Tamil nadu govt stopped supporting Telugu language). Only way to stop this hatred between the people to bifurcate AP asap. Actually its not bifucation. Its just restoring the original Hyderabad state. If we followed 1st SRC, Telangana part of Hyderabad state would have been coninued to a state. We don't even have boundary issues.

  8. praveen says:

    A.P should be divided into two parts horizontally or vertically but on regional basis.

  9. Prakash says:

    KV Ranga Reddy's support to bifurcation in 1969 is a fact that can not be denied even if your contention on "dsgraceful altering" is correct. Thousands of people have heard the speech "ghulami ki zindagi se maut behtar hai". If Ranga Reddy can change his stane on Telangana state after 1967, he could have equaly revised his opinion about whom to dictate.
    Do you agree with the commenter who said "Telanga could be formed but not on Hate"? In other words, is this fight for form over content?

  10. Chaitanya Reddy says:

    Mr.Nallomothu – you yourself are teh worst kind of hipocrite. An educated, coniving and calculated spreader of hate. Its peeople like you who are a disgrace to the Telugu community and the true reason for the disunity of Telugus. The world deserves better people than you. So please crawl back into your hole and dont come back out. You should save yourself first.

    Speaking from both sides of the fence !

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