Delhi Talks & The Way Forward

Delhi media continues to show interest in our cause. Here is an article published in the recent edition of “Delhi Talks” magazine.


Here’s the link to article:


Now to the second topic of my post- “Way Forward”


Integrationists have been seeing several encouraging signs off-late. Clearly, the separatist movement is on a back foot. Visalandhra Mahasabha firmly believes that division of our state is not going to happen. However, challenges continue to linger. The decade long separatist movement must be brought to a logical closure.


Dr. Yogendra Yadav of Lokniti is an objective researcher and a staunch proponent of a Telangana state. I met him a couple of months ago in his office in Delhi. After an hour and half of animated discussion, his stance remained firmly in favor of division.


Recently CNN-IBN published results of its survey on the issue of separation. The survey was conducted by Dr. Yogendra Yadav’s team. The survey revealed that nearly half of the people in the Nizam region desire separation. We should be glad that the number of people desiring separation is not as high as four and half crores that the separatists claim. However, for those of us who desire that we stay united, 50% is too high a number. It is a grim reminder of the venom that the separatists have managed to spread among the people of Nizam region.


The real challenge in front of all the well-meaning Telugu people is, how can the parties, leaders, and non-political organizations come together to resolve this issue in an amicable fashion. Can you think of a way forward?


Visalandhra Mahasabha is planning to put together a white paper proposing a way-forward and present it to the decision makers. I would like to urge my friends and supporters to think and suggest ways in which the current situation can be defused in a way that all Telugus can co-exist in a united state for generations to come. I request you to keep your responses concise.


As you think of potential solutions, you may want to consider how you can address different dissatisfied groups’ concerns. Some of these constituents are: political parties (congress, tdp, trs), people of the three regions, naxals, government employees, students, businesses to name a few. In addition, one should also focus on areas such as irrigation, education, employment, culture etc.


You are welcome to comment on my blog or send me an email directly. I am looking forward to your input.



Save Andhra Pradesh! 

Nalamotu Chakravarthy


108 Responses to “Delhi Talks & The Way Forward”

  1. sera says:

    Is AMRAO, the new Prof Jay Shankar? :)
    Hallucinations and conspiracy theories have their parents everywhere. It is just the responsibility of the state to show them their place. Otherwise the vocal violent minority will make life difficult to the silent peaceful majority.

    • satya says:

      Sera, you might be confused with the sentence where Jai addressing the blogger AMRao, telling about the article by a senior journalist.

  2. Chandra says:

    It seems the right time has come to striclty address, the nonsense that some AP employee organizations(T organizations) are doing in the name of Telangana. It is becoming clearer and clearer that Maoists have entered several govt departments long time back aiding to fulfill the objectives of their colleagues staying in forests. Utter disrespect for constitution….govt machinery… nation….people….just nohing….only one agenda.
    1. Govt of AP strategies are not enough. They want to "see" that this strike by employees would "implode". So indirectly  if govt helps in succeeding the strike….it would implode. But such a crooked idea alone is not sufficient even though it works to some extent. I though immediately after SKC report was released, Ministry of Information and public relations of Govt AP would conduct "Awareness campaigns"(Avagaahana sadassulu) about progress happened in AP in all AP districts especially in colleges in telangana. They need to do it at least now.
    They need to talk and keep talking. 
    2. A clear cut demarcation between….T-vaadis….TRS… Maosists and T people  needs to be made. A Maoist need not always wear an olive green dress and hold a rifle facing away from camera. There are different maoists.
    3. Next thing is….govt should "suspend" few employees for "six months"(Not more than that)….in a stage wise manner(Dashalavaari ga). First they should start with one dept and slowly should expand and tighten the grip. Dont dismiss them just make sure they cant work for next six months and can't take the salary. Dont dismiss in masses.
    They need to make sure that…tomorrow some Rayalaseema organization or coastal Andhra or Uttarandhra…or Telangana…nobody should indulge in such a nonsense which would result in  enormous loss to govt and people.
    The govt should use this opportunity to show to rest of India and make sure that such nonsenses do not repeat in any part of India in future. Lots of things… one can do to counter such moves by agitators.

    • Prabhakar says:

      that is need of the hour. But it will not happen. Neither GOI nor AP Govt. will take any action. The party that initiated the nuisance does not want to lose votes. Even other political leaders in state do not have any concern for people.
      I doubt if even courts will help. Of late judicial activism transfotmed into social justice. They are ready listen to self-declared victims rather than rules of the system,

  3. sera says:

    My friend pointed me to this channel in Youtube
    He tried to explain to me what is being said as I do not understand telugu very well. He said it is almost an hour and so of matter and he gave me his take in around 15 mins.
    1. He says that it now looks like the intellectuals are digging history and rewriting it with lies and establishing the consciousness of Telangana as a separate nation.
    2. He says that these speeches make it clear that the separate statehood movement is only the first step and the second step will be a separate nation claim.
    He says that these guys are claiming that the merging of Hyderabad state into India itself was illegal and that the Nizam rule was bad is a creation of BJP.
    I would like some kind soul to go through it and confirm my friend's remarks.
    And if it true I beg of Chakravarthy ji to take this to the national fora and say that this movement is a secessionist movement in the making too. What if all the 500 odd kingdoms of the country dig up the past and ask for a separate state as they were independent nations and never part of India. Everyone can ask for celebrating a liberation day and then the nation will have a consciousness that it is not one in times to come.
    This is more dangerous than what it sounds. It is not a separate statehood movement. It is a separate nationhood movement in the guise of statehood with the active support of maoists who want to see the disintegration of this nation looks like.
    All this if what my friend says is true.

  4. Jai says:

    You are wrong if you think the Govt. did nothing. They carefully followed the recommendations of the "secret chapter" (political, media etc.) Unfortunately for them, Duggal (or Narahimsan) could not forecast everything.

  5. AMRAO says:

    Please read todays Sakshi where Gaddar says Nehru and Vallabh Bhai Patel supressed the people of Telangana.
    It looks like what Sera friend has said is really true.

    • Prabhakar says:

      AMRAO gaaru,
      this is not new. Exactly same day last year Ghanta Chakrapani and Gaddar blamed Indian Union though for different reasons.
      Gaddar said police action supressed Armed Struggle and helped Doras regain occupied lands.
      Whereas Chakrapani nearly said it was not liberation but occupation of Hyderabad.

    • Prabhakar says:

      BTW, you can see same views in todays Namste Telangana editorial page.

  6. Jai says:

    AMRAO & Prabhakar: Gaddar, Chakrapani, Telakapalli Ravi, Mallikarjuna Sharma etc. are communists. Their constant refrain is that the police action was mainly aimed at the communists. This has nothing to do with their stand on Telangana separation.
    A similar case in point is "andhras participation in the armed struggle". Many pro-AP guys claim that andhras actively participated in the "valiant" fight against the Nizam. The fact is that many communists from andhra (and other parts of India) joined their T-comrades in an ideological battle. This had nothing to do with Telugu or Vishalandhra.

    • Prabhakar says:

      Yet another statement of convenience.
      Agreed they are communists and have a view that police action was against them.
      But what about Telangana people in general and separatists in particular?
      Is it విలీనం, విమోచనం or విద్రోహం ?
      Who liberated Talangana from Nizam? Pesants, Communists or Indian union?
      You have already indicated that pesants struggle was limited to few districts and against jaagirdaars only.
      Today Telangana ammala sangham (in Namaste Telangana) balmed even socalists for ditching them.
      HM TV says Zamindaars became congress leaders and reclaimed their lands. It also says bhashodyamams turned into matavaadam and praanteeyavaadam.
      Rational thinkers like you are great at pinning the blame on somebody for something. But what about credit for some achievement?
      Who should be credited for Freedom of Telanganas?
      Well do not say all, we all know that there are only two sides to it.
      Pesants and communists, which are not ready to accept on same side.
      Indian government and Hyderabad congress.
      BTW, to my knowledge communists from Andhra claimed moral support to armed struggle. But not participation as you would want to distort.
      Another important point is why remaining people of Nizam rule were never remembered on 17th september? Many migrants from those regions chose settle in Telangana region. But no T politician ever names anybody from other 7 districts.
      Also why is that those regions decided to separate away from Hyderabad, despite prospering under Nizam (as per Late Prof. Jayashankar) and having a great rich ready-made capital?
      Any rational thinking for the same?

      • satya says:

        >> Is it విలీనం, విమోచనం or విద్రోహం ?

        Prabhakar garu, I think the answer depends on the question ‘what telangana people wanted in 1948′?

        1) Did they just want liberation from Nizam but want to remain as a separate country.. then it is ‘విద్రోహం’ by Indian govt thru police action. With this assumption communists become heroes and Indian govt is the villian.

        2) Did they want to join Indian govt after fighting against the dora atrocities, then it is a mix of both ‘విమోచనం ‘ and విలీనం. Communists are the heroes in the 1st part and villains in 2nd part.

        But the problem here is people who are celebrating the day with different names are partially accepting the truth (that suits them). Also to justify their tag (either vimochanam, vidroham or villenam) they are attributing their thinking to what people wanted then.

        For eg, radicals like Gaddar and other communists may term it as ‘vidroham’ because they opine Indian govt forcefully took over telangana against the wishes of people. That last part is their thesis.

        and BJP calls it as vimochanam because telangana people got rid of ‘muslim’ rule and joined India.

        3) Since BJP coined the term vimochanam as a victory over muslim rule, the secularists and liberals started using the word ‘vileenam’ on a safer note. Also technically this could be the correct word as the then British govt clarified that Nizam is not an independent ruler and they did not look hyderabad as a separate nation but is the part of India. This appears to be correct.

        But from many sources and historical data I feel it is more clear that telangana people want to join in India. There are not much evidence (except the radical’s version) to say hyderabad state wanted to be continued as a separate nation.

        Personally I consider the 3rd one (Vileenam) as the day sep 17 has nothing to do with telangana ryot armed struggle but only with the 5 days prior to it. (from when the police action started). Also sep 17 had a larger magnanimity and applies to entire hyderabad state.

  7. sera says:

    Ok. It is now becoming clear that Telangana statehood claim is just a first step. Nationhood claim is the next.
    They are claiming that it was actually military action and not police action. I believe they are showing accounts to that effect. They claim that the union to India was not done democratically but was done by force. Then they claim the history that in UN the nationhood demand still is alive. And then they claim that communists are betrayers/drohis who were the people who made it people. And with claiming that Nizam was great even from the demogouge KCR they are laying the foundations even at a political level.
    This is the foundation that the next Telangana secessionist movement will be built.
    Please Chkravarthy ji you should bring this to the notice of the people in Delhi and specially the BJP leaders.

  8. AMRAO says:

    @P.Rao garu,
    It is a surprise to me that a map purportedly prepared by some Englishman is being shown and believed as a solid proof that the word Telangana was existing 500 years ago. 
    1) What about books, literature and government records? If that word was really prevalent, why was it not widely used? For example, the speech that Raavi Narayana Reddy delivered at the Nizam Andhra Maha Sabha did not have any references.
    2) If the word existed 500 years ago, why was it not called Telangana Maha Sabha instead of Nizam Andhra Maha Sabha?
    3)  Why was the library in Koti which was started some where between 1900 and 1910 (I do not know the exact year) named Sri Krishna Devaraya Andhra Basha Nilayam?
    However, I must bring out a point here. The Telugus under Nizam rule were ridiculed as Telangi – Bedangi. That is where the word Telangana comes closest. Again, it is only my belief that Sri Dasarathi Krishnamacharya used that word Telangi to coin the word Telangana.
    As for the Senior Journalist that Jai was talking about, I have read his column in Sakshi news paper. Today it has become fashionable for every so called intellectual to put his or her own spin to drive their point. If my memory is right, he also used the same map.
    I am not declaring that the word Telangana did not exist 150 years ago. I do not know nor I can claim to know. I am trying to know from the learned people here if my understanding is correct or not.
    If 15000+  songs written by Annamacharya in the years 1408 to 1503 can be preserved and reproduced, I am sure one word that represented a huge area should have been surely preserved and known to every one.
    I want to establish the fact that we were all called by the same name and recognized as the same people until 150 years ago which is a miniscule of the total time.
    65 years ago, all the people in the current India, Pakistan and Bangladesh were all one. But crooked politicians were able to create divisions, identities and break the country into two and then to three. They were able to create long lasting hatred.
    Looking at the currennt scenario and comparing it to then, may be, if Jinnah had been chosen as the Prime Minister instead of Nehru, the country would not have broken into pieces.

    • Prabhakar says:

      AMRAO gaaru,
      I would like to correct you on word Telangana.
      You can find reference to word తెలంగాన in Andhra Vaangmaya Suchika published by Sri. Kaasinaadhuni Naageswara Rao in 1929. (Sri. Dasarathi was born shortly before that 1925 as per wiki).
      You can find this at under general books.
      Also there is reference to తెలంగాణ in Sri Raavi naarayana reddy speech. In page 16 you can find తరీపన్ను తెలంగాణమునందు విపరీతముగానున్నది
      But I agree with you that map prepared by britisher could be a distortion of the word.
      Presssacademy archives are good source of information.
      One another important magzine avilable is Golconda kavulu by Sri. Suravarm Pratapa reddy. It has list of various poets from TG as well as thier creations.

      • AMRAO says:

        Thanks Prabhakar garu! You are right.
        I would like to make two quick observations here:
        1. While the word Telangana seems to have existed, its use was limited. I am assuming that it was limited as the use of it was either banned or people feared using it.
        2. The claim of Sri Dasarathi Rangacharya that Dasarathi Krishnamacharya coined the word is not correct.

        • Prabhakar says:

          Look at other material published from Hyderabad province, it appears either the word was banned or not really in vouge.
          Even Golconda Patrika and Golconda Kavula Sanchika published by Sri. Suravaram do not have explicit references.

  9. Rakesh says:

    Everyone in Telangana is fighting about Telangana state but you most intellectual people discussing about Telangana word. Thats funny. Talk about problems in Telangana brothers. If you guys want Samaikyandhra then instead of talking all this you try developing Telangana and start providing amazing solutions. If you want someone to be your friend then you should first become his friend by doing what they expect. If you start doing negative then he becomes your enemy not friend. Talk about root problems not this useless things. Mr. Nalamotu, You say you are Telanganite but have you ever did anything to your place or people? Stop useless writings. Do something useful.

    • Prabhakar says:

      करो पहलें कहो पिचें 
      Why are you wasting your time reading useless writings?
      In the time you can understand what is being discussed you can educate one poor child in Telangana.
      BTW, at one time many, if not everyone, in Punjab wanted to separate from India.
      At one time many Hindus, if not everyone, wanted Ram mandir at Ayodhay.
      At same time many musilms, if not everyone, wanted Masjid at the same place.
      The world did not stop for any, if not everyone, of them. It happened other way. They realized and reconciled with reality.
      This realtion is no friendship but more than that.
      Coaxing, cajoling, reconciling blah blah would be done only with kids and estranged. But not conscious criminals abetting hatred.
      Why one should provide amazing solutions to someone else? What the other would dod? Laze-out?
      Mr. Nalamotu is indeed doing a great favor to Telangana by exposing the ulterior motives of criminal minds.
      There are hundreds of other NRI Telanganites are there, writing tonnes of abuses on Telangan sites. Have all of them did great things to TG?
      Hey, looks like you just descended from Mars ot Sun. Is Telangana backward that somebody should develop it?

      • A.Mahendra says:

        Well said Prabhkar garu,
        In the annals of history, one can find many a mass moments (Few moments initiated by leaders on masses and few initiated by Masses later hijacked by a leaders). In Telengana, the present on going moment is initiated by Leaders on masses not vice versa as stated frequently by Telengana leaders. The moment will be successful when it will be under the sway of Good  & Dynamic  persons, who  morally and ethically follows good values. Who have good quality of ‘’Trikarana’’ Suddhi. (There should be proper link between what he thinks, what he speaks and what he does). Right now in T moment, we do not find any leader who is having high moral and ethical values. I am sure the moment will not succeed. Even if it success it for time being, will doom soon.
        The  ‘Historical Truths’’ can be buried for time being by cementing it with the loath of Falsehood. Ultimately truth will prevail After Independence, in India till date, we have not find in any state, where so called local people of particular region are spreading hate against their own people. Even so called Intellectuals, Professionals, Lawyers are misguiding entire generation. Need of the hour is to work hard to sustain in this competitive globalize world. If T leaders thinks that by ‘Udaymam” they can achieve their goals, then they are digging their own graves.. Coming generation will not spare them.
           People trusted ‘’Anna Hazare’’, because of his high moral and Ethical Integrity. The powerful Central government was forced to listen to him. Late Shri Potti Shriramulu was a selfless, steadfast man of high values. How can we call a person a ‘Leader’, who misguides the masses to meet their ulterior goals?   

  10. Andhra says:

    I am quoting from   'Andhra Patrika' newspaper ,Dec 14, 1972. On page 6 , the then labour minister ,T.Anjiah (from TG) says that in 1957 income from andhra was 40 crores and income from TG was 22 crores.
    A question comes to my mind. How did Telangana region of Hyd state had a surplus of 50 crores in 1956 ? Surplus=Income -expenditure. So even assuming that TG expenditure was zero , the surplus should be still only 22 crores.
    Is that another cock & bull story framed by TG separtists ? :)

    News paper link :

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