Congratulations to TRS & KCR

Dear Friends,


I congratulate the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) and its leader K. Chandrashekhar Rao for realizing the dream for which he and his party has been fighting for over a decade. TRS and its leaders have fought a long drawn battle and today is the culmination of their diligent efforts.


I urge integrationists to exercise restraint during this period and accept the defeat gracefully. Today, both the national parties- BJP and Congress have supported the division bill in the parliament. We integrationists have lost the moral right to question the division that is now underway.


I also see many that are seething with anger against the Telangana leaders and people. I urge you to realize that the current state of affairs is a result of your own leaders who have claimed to be integrationists. Your “integrationist” leaders have sold the cause of unity for positions of power.


I unconditionally accept that I have failed in my fight to keep the state united. My fight will go on. Telugu unity will remain my goal and my dream till my last breath. I hope there will be a day, several years from now, when there will be a re-awakening of Telugus and we all reunite.



Nalamotu Chakravarthy

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  1. Satya says:

    I have the contrary opinion Chakravarthy garu. I prefer we never should reunite with these guys. Even our next generations shouldn't be unite with those who call their fore fathers as looters.

    and by the way, I am extremely sorry for you as I am one in those millions who failed you.

    • mohan says:

      Chakravarthy Garu,

      My biggest thanks to you for your relentless, sincere,selfless efforts in fighting for our cause. There may be several occassions as patrons to VMS we have not come to your help during verious demonstrations. I take the blame on myself as one among who failed you. But I feel, Our job is not yet complete.

      We will continue our fight to telugu land (Telangana) is not inflicted with   Maoist encroachment into government  and eczema by name CASTE in SA.

      your books will educate future generation how unreasonable hte demand for seperation is…


    • GK says:

      I praise Chakravarthy for his time, effort and dedication to the cause he and many others belived in. There are millions who talk but few who walk the talk, and he is one of those. Although I always opposed the approach he took which is to negate and criticize the T – agitators, intellectuals, leaders by attempting to disprove them time and again…millions of educated people on the T side saw the disparity crystal clear in many angles and there was hardly any attempt to push for action to address their demands…unfortunately it is also not easy because the disparity that prevailed is not illegal and hence the formation of a new state…

      • vkv says:

        millions of educated people on the T side saw the disparity crystal clear in many angles

        Atleast now stop your bull shit.

        • GK says:

          Is it not true…this is the biggest gap in the debates over the years….disparity in media, movies, contracts, power in politics, head of depts, employment in judicial system….etc…now please note that all of it is legal…

    • nyaya says:

      to put humpty dumpty back together again, the culture must be restored. filmi nonsense created crass, adharmic people in all three regions who forgot their history and culture.

      some nri's have already started a site to emphasize our high culture and correctly call all three region people "andhras". those who want to reintegrate all andhra pradesh one day should do the hardwork of revitalizing telugu thalli by engaging each other there:

      Chakravarthy garu should be admired for his tireless, 11th hour solo effort. To correct this catastrophe, people must do the hard work of relearning the culture as a team…today. hope to chat with you all there.

  2. mohan says:

    Chakravarthy garu,

    Your job neither failed nor complete. The threat for unity weather in part or two parts will continue as long as we politicians like kCR and Indian Parliament of today's order exist.

    We have to watch out and fight against further splits of T or SA. No wonder one more KCR is born today to make one UDYAMAM for Nizambad and Adilabad to me merged with MH.

    We will all conitnue doing our job of guarding T and Sa agaisnt rest of India. I dont see even Pakistan as enemy today for AP today as much as rest of India and indian parliament


    • GK says:

      Thank you, for being the guardian of all T people.

      • mohan says:

        perfhaps it is difficult for you to love telugu as race..but to us it our telugu talli ..whether one state or two states..we continue do our might to protect telugu intrest and safe guard telugus from rest of India. 

        You dont have to circastic about can't go beyond that..

        Everyone who contibuted supporting united andhra in this site have pure love for telugu race including telugus T.Since we know how important it is to remain as one unit. T vaadi you are a different breed (no love for anyting only hatred)

        • Nani says:

          @Mohan garu

          I completely agree with your views. But i strongly feel let down by Central government. No one has seen us as people. They have only seen us as a commodity. Election commodity. No one understood us. After this incident i have lost hope in democracy.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Dear Chakravatry,

    you have shown Telangana colors. We people of seemaandhra are never against Telangana people or its leaders. True, we are fed up with repeated trantrums. It is going to be blessing in disguise for us. 

    We would never like any reunion with you people. You people are good but lack aspirations.

    Anyways congratulations to Telangana people. Hope they will not falter.

  4. Mano says:

    TRS was successful in spreading their narrative to the last man in Telangana over the last 13 years. All the while the people of SA were mute spectators and the leaders opportunistic. Had we woken up earlier and if there were a few more people like you, things would not have come to such a pass.

    Today is a sad day for all of us, but I guess we will have to accept the reality and move on. You stood for what you believed in and put a great fight, you should feel proud for that…

  5. vamsi says:

    Chakravarthy garu we miss your show on Tharanga; may its time for you to restart it. Very sad day in the history of Telugus.

  6. Nani says:

    Its not the seperation that hurts. Its the words like "dongalu" and "dopadi-darulu".

    Today i have completely lost my identity. I have no friend and relative in andhra region and now i am a stranger in my own place.

    I have completely lost the sense of being an indian. Is this the democacry that we fought for ? Its this the constitution our leaders have written?


    • GK says:

      Come on, read your post again brother…it is confusing…first line indicates your feeling as a SA person but again you say that you have no one in SA. You belong to T now.

      • Nani says:

        Dear @GK

        Kindly dont force any ideology on anyone. I can understand your frenzy, that you cannot understand simple english. 

        Atleast now open your eyes and be prepared to face eventualities.

  7. vkv says:

    Though there will be some legal cases on this, I doubt if this is reversible. I would like to wish Good Luck to ALL Telangana brothers except one – KaChaRa, for all the names he had called us and lies he had spread. 

  8. AMRAO says:

    I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for your efforts. I also believe that your data was a source for many integrationists. Your efforts allowed us to know the real picture. THANK YOU.




    What I am going to say right now is not out of anger or frustration. The PARADISE promised to the people of Telangana is a MIRAGE. I hope and pray that Seema Andhra people living in Hyderabad will not be shown as the cause for the inability to provide

    a) 2 govt. jobs to every family, resulting in all OU students getting Group 1 jobs in the Telangana Secretariat.

    b) 7 promotions to each existing govt. employee

    c) unlimited water to Mahabubnagar farmers

    d) complete eradication of flouride problems in Nalgonda

    e) 12% reservation to Muslims


    and so on.


    Finally, if a Dalit is not going to be the next CM of Telangana and instead KTR is going to be the CM, hopefully SA people are not blamed.

    • AMRAO says:

      Chakravarthy garu,


      When I see the celebrations outside my house, I am reminded of your first statement.


      • GK says:


        Let us wish good for both states. With growing population and aspirations there is room for two states to propel India into future. I for one believe SA will become the Gujrat of the east very soon. Yes, T people have a lot to catch up with SA people especially on the enterprenuerial line…

    • GK says:

      AMRAO sir,

      speaking with kasi does not help any…

    • P. Rao says:

      Hello AMRao garu,

      "The PARADISE promised to the people of Telangana is a MIRAGE. 2 govt. jobs to every family, 7 promotions, etc."

      It used to be 2 acres of land and one milch cow per household during another Telangana udyamum, promised by Communists.

      Next udyamum we can expect, 2 cars per family and one chicken in the pot!

      With good wishes.


  9. LR says:

    Thank you for being a good sport – I wish all the best for SA people. Hopefully we can all live peacefully and be successfull in our own ways.

  10. Kiran says:

    Chakravarthy garu,

    We all share your grief. No one has done a more effective job in exposing T sepratism movement than you. But I dont agree with tone and tenor of this "congrats" post. Congrats for what ? for rigging and misdirecting a whole society with lies ? for creating borders between Telugu people? for the most undemocratic way of diving the state in history of India?

    At a time when we look to Visalandhra for powerfully articulating the anguish of a people with thousands of years of history being divided for political powerplay in Delhi this post  rather lamely seems to diginify a bunch of liars however longdrawn their "battle" has been, 

    No one can claim to fight of telugu unity if we underplay what happened. This is a historic ocassion for grief for a people who maintained their language , festivals. gothram etc for thousands of year against repressive regimes to be divided by spin, electornic media and rapacious greed from powers that be in Delhi.

    Also do i detect a patronising tone when you say "I urge integrationists to exercise restraint during this period and accept the defeat gracefully". 

    • Chakravarthy says:

      Kiran: After today's parliament verdict, division in my view is inevitable. I think we should let the process go through as smoothly as possible. I am sorry to say this, but I do think separatists have put up a more unified fight, while integrationists failed to do the same.

      • Kiran says:

        So a fight should be honoured for the sake of its being a "fight" without regards to its appropriateness in context of moral principles and social cohesion and what we as a people stood for. I share your dissapointment with integrationist efforts but i can't get myself to "congratulate" a fight because its been a "fight". I am really struggling here.

  11. Kiran says:

    The more of I think of this post the more dissapointed I become. When even national media which never cared about the issue has taken ediotrial stances against the passage of bill and comments in internet are exploding with tragic helplessness what was the need for this blog to post like this ?

    Please pull this down Chakravarthy – it really diminishes the huge effort you have put in.

    • Chakravarthy says:

      This battle has reached its logical conclusion. When it was time to fight, many chose not to and several even traded the integrationist cause for political positions. 

      The sooner we realize that this phase is over, the better it is for everybody.

      I will pick up the cause of Telugu unity and fight against Indian Republic's dictatorial tendencies. But today is not the day. Now is a time for reconciliation and not create more bad blood.

      • Kamal says:


        Though i didn't like most of your posts, but this above post may override all of those dislikes.
        Great Spirit….Keep it going.
        I wish all the best for you in all your future endeavors :)
        I'm also amazed at Lagadapati, Ashok babu statements to move forward(i dont know how sincere they were), but many are still not coming to terms with the reality. It was not a fight and its not about who won or who lost. Everyone believed in what they felt was right and there is nothing wrong in that.
        It is better for everyone to move forward from here.

    • P. Rao says:

      Kiran, FWIW my sentiments are with you. I can't bring myself to congratulate any one.  It was such a hideous fight. Two parties (Centre and t-vaadis) in a trangular fight got together unashamedly and trashed people of SA. It is like the petitioner and the arbitrator colluding to rubbish the defendent.

      One thing I say is paradigm shift. In future states will progress with individual efforts not mass movements or big budgets.

      One observation, every body on the SA side played double agent. This goes for KKR and YSJ. KKR proved himself an agent of the Centre. We know about Jagan all along, the CM's case is the surprise.

      One honorable exception is Mr. Chakravarthi of this blog. He gave himelf 100% for a united AP without wavering.  

  12. GK says:

    I strongly disagree on the occasion being referred as SA defeat in any way. It is totally unwise of people who do that. This is not a game or war. Let there be a progressive and positive spirited competition for economic and cultural development of Telugu people all over the world…

    • Chakravarthy says:

      You are putting words in my mouth. I didn't say SA defeat. I said integrationists lost. That's a fact no matter how it is sugar-coated.

  13. Dear Chakravathy,

    I take it you have given up your efforts to stall Telangana through measures like legal challenges. Is this correct?

    Are you planning to publish the lessons you learnt in the last few years?

    What are your personal plans now? Are you staying behind in India or returning home? If your contacts change, can you please let us know, thanks.

    Best regards,


    • mohan says:

      Dint worry Jai, there one more KCR already born to come out same false allegations as you didn on SA, who will want to carve out hyderabad, mehboobngar, Medak  as seperate state so we will have bigger job to do to keep T united. after all T people like UDYAMAMS AND LAL SALAAMS.

      • Ashish Kumar says:

        @mohan, True. I understand that within Telangana, the south T are more progressive than the north T. This might create a politicial space for another KCR. Victimhood is like a drug with its own withdrawl symptoms. Cultures where victimhood is celebrated as a sacred virtue always seek some form of continued expression.

    • Chakravarthy says:

      After Congress and BJP joined hands, I no longer am interested in legal challenges to stall the division. The state division process in my view will linger in the courts for many years. But, that will be to sort out disputed elements in the division, but not necessarily to stop the division.

      Don't intend to publish lessons learnt. People are rarely interested in learning lessons from a loosing side.

      Home…sigh…both my wife and I are longing for it. But, India is our home now. I think we will give it a few more years and see how it goes.

      • Vijay says:

        Chakravarthy garu, though I am not enough qualified to suggest you, I believe India is not a place for people like you.. For that matter those who believe in democratic systems, rationale and reason. But we as lesser opportune people have no choice. I hope you won't hurt yourself & family further by staying back. 

      • Krishna says:

        Dear Sir,

        I strongly believe that language is the cultural inheritance of a region, particularly in regard to south Indian languages, Telugu, kannada, tamil and malayalam.  They must show their union to be protected from monoism of Hindi, eventhough ultimately everybody is Indian.  Meaning of "Aksharam" in telugu (ksharamu lenidi) is manifested by our ancestors as "Telugu Talli" and devoted their lives to be what we are today.  Understanding your philosophy that "we the telugu people are one and one" in fighting for United Andhra Pradesh can be taken with positive attiude even during these times of failure to be in one State.  We have to move with the time and fate, with new goals but with common strings.  I really surprise to experience that in the times of globe becoming the villages, regional vidweshams can create political benefits.  Hats off to all politicians, they achieved their goal.  in a telugu movie, there was an adage, "Ninna tappu anukunnadi repu right avvochu and Eeroju right anukunnadi repu tappu avvocchu.  And finally it is easy to create confusion than to show clear picture. 

  14. Ashish Kumar says:

    I would support Mr. Chakravarthy for his post. There was complete sense of purpose on the part of the T vaadis, while all the SA politicians were playing to the script (to the dot) set up by the congress in exchange for "posts". So shameless has been the behaviour of the SA politicians that English language will struggle for words to describe it.

    It is a moral loss to the SA people for showing to the nation what kind of characterless leaders they have electing in the past. More so, when the congress party, to whom they have repeatedly given huge seats to come to power in Delhi, preferred to ditch them knowing fully well that after few years somehow the SA people CAN BE RALLIED BACK into the congress through handouts. I am sorry, but I believe such is the opinion of the congress of the SA people, else they would not have divided the state. Whether there would be social churning and introspection among the SA people remains to be seen. But I share the sense of despair and sadness of the SA people at the betrayal done to them by their own politicians.

    The T vaadis will ofcourse celebrate now for having done a moral jiu-jitsu to the SA people, but will for ever carry the burden of having divided the Telugu people (under the guise of a short historical aberration under foreign rule) and stealing the capital city instead of constructively utilizing their  "protest energy" and a better moral cohesion to seek a solution within an unified state. 

    I hope going forward both the states do not fall prey to emotional rabble rousers on both sides who may find the new boundary as an excuse for governance failures. Nothing can be more demeaning and humiliating to the Telugu people than having the nation see Telugus fighting with each other and regressing on the development front and turning themselves into the Jharkhands of the south. Before T vaadis feel smug about snatching Hyderabad, they should remember that it took just 10 years for Detroit to regress from an auto hub to a ghost city that filed for the largest municipal bankruptcy in the country.

    I sincerely compliment Mr. Chakravarthy for the principles he stood for and hope that he continues to stay in India and be an anchor point for rejunevation of the moral compass of the Telugu culture which today has sadly been completely demagnetized.

  15. GK says:

    I suggest and request Chakravarthy to open a public office in Hyderabad where people can go and ask for help in getting attention to any inconviniences or issues they are facing because of the division.

    • Ashish Kumar says:

      Opening a public office for people to get help on issues related to divison is only a TEMPORARY affair.

      When the "looters" go back to SA with their investments, then I suggest you to open PERMANENT AID offices not only in Hyderabad but also in each and every other Indian city and may be abroad too, to collect investments. And when the other Indian people refuse to put their investments in Telangana, then you may have to seek investments from abroad. Mr. Chakravarthy being a NRI, I would assume, would consider donating some funds to you.

      Sounds scary isn't it? Go ahead and celebrate now ! Because the future is laughing at you !

    • Mano says:

      Are you going to pay him for the service? Or is KCR going to pay? You are here with your condescending attitude only to rub salt on the wounds. Buzz off man, no one is paying attention to you.

      • GK says:

        People who care will donate, just like who gave money for the united cause…I hope there will be Vishalandhra offices in Hyd.

        • Ashish Kumar says:

          Donating money for a cause and running Telangana state on donations are two different things. Your thinking seems to be faltering already, which is, in less than 24 hours of the new state!!! What will happen in 24 months ???

          I hope there would be AID FOR TELANGANA offices all over India and abroad soon.

          Obviously uniting people is difficult, dividing them is easy.

  16. Kiran says:


    I still think the tone and tenor of this post is dissapointing to all those who followed you with passion. It sounds more like a concession speech given by Mitt Romney when he lost B Obama rather than a helpless witness to a state itself which is being torn apart. Obama is a president to those who voted to Romney as well and therefore he needs their support. TRS and KCR dont need our congrats or well wishes – they never cared.

    And also what do you mean suggesting restraint, reconcilation and co-operation to seemandhra people. Did they ever indulge in violence or are they in any sort of power or position to stop Delhi from doing what it did ? Delhi bulldozed the parliament it will do anything. It will send the dogs of CRPF, Army to seemandhra if required tanks, gunships and maybe sonia may even nuke us. What can seemandhra people do ?

    The need of the hour is to give a voice to telugu people who are abandoned by their country, lost their capital, betrayed by their leadership and not proffer congrats to arrogant and devious leaders like KCR who couldnt care less.

    • Chandra says:

      There is nothing to congratulate TRS or its leaders or Telangana agitation. This mess was created by GOI and congratulations should go to President, Prime minister and Parliament of India for showing their muscle to their own countrymen. Executive failed, legislature failed, and the last one any patritotic citizen of the country wants to test is Indian  judiciary.

      If supreme court also says, the constitutional guidelines are just "rituals" and "satisfying the requirement" is the ultimate essence of the Indian constitution, then we can think about further moves in making use of the same "ritualistic constitution".

    • Chakravarthy says:

      My note was not addressed to "seemandhra" people. I said integrationists have lost today. We have lost because we were not united. We have lost because integrationist political leaders have betrayed the cause.

      You asked what can seemandhra people do? I never fought for seemandhra. I fought for all the telugus and their unity. 

      I once again urge you to consider that it is not KCR towards whom your anger should be directed at. It is your own leaders that have cheated you. When an atrocity like this is happening, they hung on to their ministries and MP seats and became Sonia sycophants. You should blame the Indian Union and the two national parties that actively worked to divide us.

      • Kiran says:

        I agree 100%  Delhi denied us the min consultation process that is due to us as citizens. And we need to hold Delhi accountable. Thats where my frustration is – how will we hold them who are so powerful accountable ? the only practical way to me is to have thinktanks like Visalandhra which continually remind our future political leaders how we have been humiliated by Delhi and how they need to make sure Delhi realizes that and atones for it. When you say we have to accept defeat it worries me that vislandhra will fade away from active political space and once again both seemandhra and telangana will simply go back to usual politics weakening both of us.

        Where I said seemandhra you can subsitute integrationist the point still holds. The advise for integrationists to show restraint when that is all they generally showed sounds patronizing to me.

        And yes my heart goes out to people in seemandhra because I beleive they have been particularly humiliated  - demonised here locally and cold shouldered nationally - and will be very hard hit in short term and maybe in long term too though telangana will also face adverse economic and cultural factors. 


  17. GK says:

    Will SA congress leaders focus on countering Jagan atleast now, as they can't use T as an excuse… Jagan is the epitome of crony capitalism who pushed the T cause to the boiling point…hope he doesn't become the CM of SA…

    • Ramesh says:

      Congress and their leaders can forget about andhra pradesh. They will struggle to get 2/3 loksabha seats from AP

      • Ashish Kumar says:

        @Ramesh, I am surprised that you still believe that congress will get 2-3 LS seats. If congress gets even 1% vote in SA, that itself would be a second humiliation of the SA people.

        As I said in my earlier post – The congress preferred to ditch the SA people knowing fully well that after few years somehow the SA people CAN BE RALLIED BACK into the congress through handouts. I am sorry, but I believe such is the opinion of the congress of the SA people, else they would not have divided the state. 

        I can already see a glimpse of that, in your statement which is made in less than 24 hours of the divison.

        • mohan says:

          Ashish, All said.. We gave that confidence to congress and sonia. The caste which is eczema of krishna, guntur, westgodavari, praksam districts can create room for congress slowly gain back. No wonder Botcha may manage to get 2 to 3 seats with caste sympathy against all hatred for congress.

          SA is a very enterprenueral and intellgent race. I am hopeful they will raise sphinx again if AND ONLY IF..

          They start thinking over caste politics

          They stop being unscruplusly greedy for money(though this applies to every part of india)

          Learn and impleement lessons from israel and japan

          More importanly they take biggest pride in being telugu guard their borders and state by making it a consumer for goods produced in TN , MH or GJ etc..

        • Ramesh says:

          That is reality. And I am sure by 2019, we will be talking about congress aiming for 10 LS seats from AP.

        • prabhakara rao says:


          despite so called betrayal, I would prefer SA elects loyalists to congress high command for the assmebly. They should be like Botcha and not like YSR or Kiran.

          the logic is simple, only congress high command is consistent in entire Telangana episode since 2004. They promised to destroy SA and kept thier word. All others including BJP latest gave pretended to protect but betrayed the last movement.

          There is a saying Death is certain, life is uncertain.

          If SA elects congress HC loyalists, they will at least get death warrant. Others will only back stab.

          BTW, I wish TRS gets full majority in Telangana while all other sit in opposition. Only TRS can work in Telangana. 

  18. Kiran says:


    For god's sake stop prancing here and doing your victory dance. No one here has ever taken you seriously and you havent changed as of yet.

  19. Chakravarthy Garu,

         Thank you for your relentless effort to keep AP united and acceptance of our momentary defeat. Integration and Division have been forces of Nature like Yin and Yang. 1000 years of Telugu history has seen both sides of integrationists and dividers even at the cost of the people's integrity. End of day, people have been sacrifical animals of politics. We can only think of the current situation as a misunderstanding of the naive younger brothers. Despite the physical boundaries drawn by dirty politics of the highest order in independent India, I am confident people will remain united with comradere and brotherhood. They just need inspiration from people like you. We will make sure our brothers don't fail as we succeed in our steps ahead and bring back the confidence and benefits of unity.

    Jai Telugu Talli!


  20. AMRAO says:

    Let me say upfront that I am not cursing or wishing some thing bad to happen. Please do not pounce on me on that front.


    This is no victory for any one. More of a defeat for every one. Politicians have proved that they can make the people into hapless sheep.

    1. New rules of Parliamentary practices have been introduced. As an example, no future No-Confidence Motion will ever be put to vote. Under the guise of no order in Parliament, the Speaker belonging to the ruling party will evade introducing No-Confidence motions. All you need is a few ruling party MPs shouting in the well.

    2. Any thing can be bulldozed. If the new AP elects all 25 members of LS belonging to one single party and their strength becomes crucial, they can bulldoze the Central Govt. Like Mamata bulldozed, DMK bulldozed, etc… As Asaduddin Owaisi said, POTA can be bulldozed by BJP.

    3. No real discussions on any bill. The will of the party Supremo will prevail with no MP knowing the implications of any bill.

    4. The offices of Speaker and the President are controlled by Party leaders.

    5. It is clear that politicians and media can create a frenzy that will make people more emotional than logical.



    a) IT WOULD BE FOOLISH TO THINK THAT TELANGANA WILL ELECT MAHATMA GANDHIS who will rule Telangana for the benefit of the people. Out system is way too corrupted for it. The fight starts now.

    b) IT WOULD BE FOOLISH TO EXPECT THE LEADERS OF SEEMA ANDHRA TO BE RESTRIANT as they have done until now. IN THESE UP COMING ELECTIONS, THEY HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO START FIGHTING FOR THE RIGHTS OF SA PEOPLE which means fight for the resources that are to be shared between the two states. THIS WILL RESULTS IN UGLY SCENARIOS leading to more hatred.

    c) HOW WOULD THE MLAs of SEEMA ANDHRA FIGHT FOR THE RIGHTS OF SA PEOPLE WHILE LIVING IN HYDERABAD, as the Assembly is in Hyderabad? Rights that include water, power, projects, access to education, jobs, etc…? Many of these are contentious issues between the two states. After all, the division was for these issues, right?


    • prabhakara rao says:

      AMRao garu,

      I am really puzzled by common capital (your point c)

      you may not believe that common people in SA did not understand the real problem with this. They think only about infrastructure, i.e. buildings

      some of potential issues

      1. anyone having work with government and high court have to travel 200km extra to new state. Every paise of business generated between AP residents with its government goes to Telangana state.

       2. new capital will never happen as government sits far away

      3. prof. tax of goverment and court employees remitted to Telangana kitty

      4. there will be no effort to setup health care as it is already available in Hyderabad

      5. govt may end up paying rents to Telangana

      6. Without capital GoI will not setup mandatory central offices like RBI, Income tax etc

      7. AP govt will be forced to sell power to Telangana at cheaper rates


      One has to accept jaipal reddys sunthalu statement.

      • AMRAO says:

        Yes. I agree with you. I am sure there are many more.

      • GK says:

        It is the catch 22 that samaikya vadis thought everyone would get trapped…what is it? If Hyd is not shared for a short period then they would say it is liking dumping them for no fault of theirs…now with joint capital they say how is it possible and is not legal?? we need to work with the best option…joint capital sneeked under the constitutional carpet…

        • prabhakara rao says:


          Did I, prabhakara rao, ever say there should be UT or common capital? 

          To my knowledge no leader from SA asked for common capital. JC etc even opposed the idea, MPs demanded to declare new capital ASAP.

          please apply your mind before shooting your mouth.

          BTW, it is still catch 22 for Telangana, except for extra revenue.

          For next 10 years T govt will be rubber stamp w.r.t. capital. By then one more generation of SA become native to Hyderabad. After 10 years Telangana cannot deny govt. jobs to them.

          Add couple of possibilities to this

          1. Extension of common capital after 10 years. T protaganists are envious of SA lobbying capabilities.

          2. 371D getting annulled in both states.


          Do not waste countering the above and expect Telangana government acting to prevent the above.

          Now that Telangana is granted, you are no more a victim. It is time your leaders and you pay back to congress and BJP. No more crybaby. Your leaders are vulnerable for manipulation by SA. 

          Above all you, by 2019 you may have at least 10% of assembly filled with SA SETTLERS. Maybe another 5-10% from Maha.

          Wishful thinking? Let us check notes after 5 years.

          The bottom line is till two days ago, AP is dominated by SA leaders. From now Hyderabad will be dominated by SA leaders. In other words Telangana will be still ruled by SA but in Independent Telangana.


  21. prabhakara rao says:

    dear chakravarty garu,

    first let me thank you once again for clearing sense of guilt in me. 

    your efforts in bringing out various facts both historical and otherwise deserve huge appreication.

    I am sorry to say that all the integrationists in the forefront miserbly failed in one aspect.

    unknowingly you helped deepen the sentiment in Telangana. (at least with those on internet)

    your single most blunder is confrontation. you dug out facts painstakingly but you faild to present them with neutral view.

    you should had chose to explain to the common Telanganite with a pacifying tone.

    unfortunately you chose to confront handful of seperatists. Needless to say this has hurt more Telanganas than win them.

    I know someone from employees movement. before save ap rally in Hyderabad during august 2013 I called him. I requested him to make appeal to Telangana people and not to abuse TRS/KCR

    I do not know whether my message went to right people or not but the rally witnessed exactly the opposite. I sent a mail to parakala and you also on same topic.

    I am sure every American is familair with the book - How to Win Friends and Influence People

    I could not read this book beyond first page. Yet I strongly recommend this to integrationists.


    of late I am personally unaffected by these happenings.

    but as an observer I can say that seeds are sown for Indias disintegration. it is very likely I will witness it in my life time.


    • AMRAO says:

      I disagree with you. Where was the question of allowing any one to explain the facts? I am sure you know what happenned to JP when he tried to do the same.

      There was a clear plan to suppress any dissent. That is why the real intellectuals shut their mouths. Even C. Narayana Reddy was forced to mumble Jai Telangana.

      • Chandra says:

        All the gentlemen here are introspecting the intensity and methods employed by integrationists including Chakravarthy. Please note that, those things would never have made any difference. I understand how chakravarthy garu must have felt certain times,when he thought some more help from leaders would have pushed integration case……. No.

        It was all the time solid 25 vs 17. The mess was started by GOI. They encroached into AP govt boundaries and never allowed govt to "calm down" the T movement. The moment they saw, parties can win election without spending a penny, by polarizing the regions, that was the obvious and most reliable strategy for them. They polarized AP, made sure its polarized and got their thing done. What was SKC tone? Was it confrontational. They made this into a high intensity sports match. People just took sides and wanted their team to win. There was never any rationality. This was just a big practical joke.

        • Kiran says:

          I agree..why will resignation of seemandhra MPs make any difference. this is not to say they were not being selfish but even if all 16 congress MPs resigned and YSR MPs were elected what difference will it make ? Delhi ganged up and split us..

    • Kiran says:

      This is just not true. I have seen right in this blog how patiently Satya or Charkavarthy used to reply to wild and very offensive allegations. But that did not work. One can always demand even kinder treatment but the onus is on others also to grow up a bit.

    • Satya says:

      Prabhakar garu For once..I beg to disagree with your views. The stand of 'neutrality' should be taken by media or some 3rd party and needs to independently verify the facts on both sides and conclude the truth without bias or sentiment but with a sense of rationale and practicality. All media houses failed utterly in that aspect. How much effort may an individual put if it dont reach through mass media there will be little scope to success.

      But then The biggest success Chakravarthy garu achieved is he almost single handedly exposed all the  lies of separatists which came from various channels. He  has given us a platform to fight back the hate propaganda instead of retreating from the separatist onslaught.made it difficult for any separatists to gospel their lies here.  

      By the way, Chakravarthy garu clarified  numerous times that he or VMS is not against Telangana people but telangana separatists.  May be the message did not reach to a common telanganite with the effect it should be but in my view he cant blamed for it because he never generalized or criticized common Telangana public. 

      • prabhakara rao says:

        Satya garu,

        గరికపాటి నరసింహరావు గారు చెప్పారు 
        చావు నిజం జీవితం అభద్దమ్ 


        we achieve nothing by lamenting on past

        but let us be sincere when we actually take up post-mortem

        simply because we have nothing more to lose

        • satya says:

          No sir.. I am not lamenting. Personally I am least effected by this, at least as of now it looks like that. may be a little bit of property depreciation in Hyd as I still hope some separatist will not put a cross mark on my home.

          and I am not feeling a sense of defeat either. I only regretted for the fact that my support was not enough for a fighter like Chakravarthy garu. 

          If anything I lost, it is my faith in democracy. For now, chosen not to vote for ever.

    • GK says:

      Prabhakara Rao garu,

      Your wisdom…"seeds are sown for Indias disintegration"….goes against the wisdom of Indias top intellectuals…there would be more states created in the future…finally pakistan realized this and following the foot steps of India and are in the process of creating more states…

      • prabhakara rao says:


        kindly do not take this as insult. You may have something against people of SA but the fact is you are common Telanganite who cannot foresee BAD.

        Seeing otherside of darkness needs some negative thingking. You lack it.

        I cannot prove but I have prediected subversion of constitutional and other independent institutions as early as 2007. You can review major event since 2009 starting with 2G and general reaction from polity and public. You can make your own assessment whether it was subverting or not.


        ఆహార నిద్ర మైధునాలు ఎవరికీ వారే అనుభవించాలి

        an empthy in these matters is near impossible.

        it applies for loss also.

  22. Djay says:

    A political prostitute split the Telugu Family

    • prabhakara rao says:

      she wants to Sonia of NDA :-)

      • mohan says:

        Please suggest me my advertiment content which I want to give in the intrest of public health against cervical cancer..

        It shows picture of sonia giving messge as follows:

        'You too can cervical cancer.. Beawre Major cause for it is HPV(Human Popyloma Virus' which is transimitted by indulgence in indiscrimate sex. Listen to this victim.'

        does it sound good.

  23. sashidhar says:

    Now that Telangana state is a reality, all people living on this land should try to love the culture,traditions,heritage and language of this region and become a part of the telangana society.Happy and prosperous Telangana

  24. Ravi says:

    1st lagadapati taking sanyasam. next ashok babu is withdrawing strike. finaly chakravarthi gives up.

    what is common in all these? no money no fight!

  25. Satya says:

    To all my fellow bloggers Chandra, AM Rao garu, Ved, Jagan (no..not the musugu separatist), Prabhakar rao garu, VK, kiran, P.Rao garu, Ramesh and many others.. 

    Thanks for standing behind the cause & fight of samaikyandhra all these years. Your presence in the forum is really enlightened my knowledge on the history of AP and Telugus. It indeed improved my google search skills too :D

    We might have failed in keeping the state united. but are we defeated? I dont think so. as we never failed to dispel the lies. Unfortunately we were over ruled by the mighty power called India. 

    Thanks again  everybody.. Lets relax now and enjoy the tamasha as it unfold.. though I am least interested. *Fingers crossed*



  26. Nani says:

    Dear Mr President

    I thought President is a person holding the integrity of nation,people and constitution.
    But you seem to be a Principal Architect for building the career of young politicians with a strong dynasty.
    That too building it on graves of crores of people.

    Alienating people from their own mother land.
    Making people strangers in their own place.

    You have set a new precedent in the history of India.
    For you have scaled to greater heights than Lord Cruzon.
    For we are blessed to have great leader like you.
    All we have is no option than to cry on our misfortune.

    For i have known rulers who had sacrificed themselves for the peoples welfare.
    For you started a new era, sacrificing people for making careers of lucky individuals.

    I think we people should start doing literary and artistic activities on you.

    Long live the president.

    Long live the congress.

    (With tears in my eyes i cannot say Long Live india)


    A misfortune telugu person

  27. Kishore says:

    Chakravarthy Garu,

    I have had long debates with you on this forum. Our views might have been divergent, but I appreciate you for writing this post. You have faught for what you have believed in, there is no question of winners and loosers here.

    I know a lot of water has flown in Krishna and Godavari and the passions are running very high and reconcilaition is difficult, but I think a geographical boundry should not define a larger cause of Telugu Unity. Both states should now move on and progress ahead.


    • AMRAO says:

      Great words.

      Of course, as proved by all the members here, Telangana is a well developed state. Great Capital with all the infrastructure, with an annual budget of 1,00,000 crores for just 3.5 crores of people, great institutions, heavy industries and what not.

      In the budget that will be presented in Feb, 2015, Telangana state will probably have the highest per capita income in India. All new economy jobs like IT, Pharma, Medical, Hospitality concentrated here.


      Now, if you can just elaborate how the Residuary Andhra Pradesh can progress ahead, it would help us feel better.

      At least, now, as a parting gift, be truthful and tell us how Seema Andhra would find revenues to pay for employees and at the same time build Capital city infrastructure, Hitec Cities, Metro Rail, a real international airport, Silpa Kala Toranam,  etc…

      All this, when BJP says the central govt. should commit to give 10,000 crores initially which is not acceptable to PM.


      Who will pay for the new capital of the residuary AP? For the infrastructure? The Central Govt.? Other states? IT WILL HAVE TO BE PAID BY AP ITSELF. THE BEST CENTRAL GOVT. CAN DO IS RETURN THE TOTAL CENTRAL INCOME TAXES PAID BY THE PEOPLE OF AP BACK TO IT. 


      In KCR-s and Deshapati-s words, people of Telangana are not really Telugus and Telugu Talli is not their mother any way.

      I guess it is time for the real Telugus – Andhras to get a capital of their own.

      Orugallu->Golconda->Madras->Kurnool->Hyderabad->New Capital.  (Until another KCR rises from Rayala Seema to divide Coastal Andhra and Rayala Seema)


      • AMRAO says:

        By the way, I hope people will agree with me when I say the name Andhra Pradesh should be changed,

        If not,

        a) it will confuse people with the old and new

        b) do not want to be called Residuary Andhra Pradesh. For me, Residuary could mean Left Out,  which is the truth. The current Rayala Seema was called Ceded for many years until they started calling it as Rayala Seema.


        Hopefully, after the formation of the new govt. they would demand such a thing. Telugunadu would be appropriate, I guess.


        • Nani says:

          Dear @Rao Garu

          Every word you put in has lots of wisdom. Its like the government has left people in the middle of ocean. I know this will be disastrous to each and every person. We are robbed of our earning and pride in the name of Nizam's atrocities on telangana people.

          Its like legal stealing*.  *(act of parliament)

        • GK says:

          It is non of my business but thought of giving my unwanted opinion…TeluguNadu should have been appropriate for the old AP. Now SeemaAndhra would be the appropriate name and should be considered strongly…

          • AMRAO says:

            In KCR-s and Deshapati-s words, people of Telangana are not really Telugus and Telugu Talli is not their mother any way.


            Naturally, so called Seema Andhra people will be the real Telugus.

            Naa telugu talli song has no more relevance.

      • VK says:


        "(Until another KCR rises from Rayala Seema to divide Coastal Andhra and Rayala Seema)"

        We already have one KCR in SA in the name of ByReddy.


      • P. Rao says:


        What you said above should be an eye opener for the Andhras who lost every thing in this legal theft called bifurcation. This looting makes the historical foreign conquerors of India look relatively benign. This time you can't blame outsiders. It is the Andhra legislators (assembly and parliament) and political leadership to blame. What was coming was crystal clear but seemandhras did not act and did not fight. Lesson 101:  If they know you don't fight but only do tv debates and public meetings, your neighbor will steal your barrre (geda, water buffalo) too.

        The reason for my elaboration, if we don't comprehend what happened yesterday (history), we will tend to repeat the same behavior.

        • P. Rao says:


          By the way, I hope people will agree with me when I say the name Andhra Pradesh should be changed, If not, a) it will confuse people with the old and new b) do not want to be called Residuary Andhra Pradesh. For me, Residuary could mean Left Out,  which is the truth. " "Hopefully, after the formation of the new govt. they would demand such a thing. Telugunadu would be appropriate, I guess."

          Very timely topic.  I understand when separated from Madras in 1953, the name was Andhra.  In order to signify the meger with Telangana they added Pradesh.  Now we can revert back to our original name Andhra. This way there is minimal confusion and a distinction from Telangana. 

          Now the Residual AP (RAP) poeple will be deciding on a capital. Where ever it is located it will be big enough to have its own name, like Gujjus have Gandhi Nagar.  A new name for the capital could be New Hampi (at least a working name).  Vijayanagaram will be too old fashioned and long. Definitely no more Rajiv, Indira, Gandhi, Nehru nagars please!


  28. Ashish Kumar says:

    Congress is a disease that has affected the country since 60 years. Many regions in the country have cured themselves from this disease like TN, Gujarat, MP, Bihar, Orissa and are now progressing rapidly. Unfortunately the Telugu people were not serious enough to get themselves rid of this disease.

    Just as a disease in the human body enters through cuts or cracks in the skin, this congress disease enters wherever there are cracks or fissures in the society. Even if it is a minor crack, the disease can enter, widen the cracks and spread rapidly. It comes in different strains with different names.

    To be honest, the golden age of AP in its entire history was during the non-congress rule of TDP where the state progressed rapidly, there were ZERO riots in Hyderabad and AP was the darling of the investments.

    Even though I am a strong votary of the BJP and still feel that BJP is the best party for both T and SA, I know that I would be laughed at.

    So let me say that atleast now the Telugu people should awaken and vote for 1 party to the 25 Lok Sabha seats. I would support the TDP to get these 25/25 seats and then support the NDA govt at centre. Elect only those members (not real estate brokers) who can bulldoze in the same way that DMK members bulldoze (they even influenced a foreign policy decision when they stopped the FM from going to Sri Lanka).

    TDP should constantly keep BJP under tenterhooks (threatening to withdraw support) and get similar institutions and companies that are there in Hyderabad, including rail coach factory and other mass employment investments. Revenue loss to SA is a SERIOUS issue and unless the SA people vote for 1 party, you cannot bulldoze the centre. If these 25 seats are split between 2 parties, then the congress disease will enter and weaken the entire team.

    At this point, there is no point of doing bandhs and protests, it is a loss to SA. Instead look forward to the next LS election and vote for TDP unanimously. Let us cure Seemandhra of the congress disease for ever. Even in assembly, give majority to TDP and other seats to Lok Satta/BJP (even to TRS). That would be the best to happen to SA.

    Though I may be writing out of context, I would expect someone like Mr. Chakravarthy to join TDP or Lok Satta and provide the much needed intellectual leadership to SA people.

    • Chandra says:

      I dont think SA needs intellectual leadership, its just that dictator president, and parliament   were too  mighty for integrationists in the short span of 6 months. Telangana Separatists lost the intellectual game long time back. Not now.  Now they themselves dont kow what to do with this fools paradise, telangana with Hyd capital. Its too much for them to handle. I hope they dont bring it down to lucknow or Gwalior  level within 5 years.They got lok sabha approval because of third rate politics. 

      But people like Mr Chakravarthy should join politics. If you look at Tamilnadu, yesterday, I saw this news that CM of Tamilnadu gave 3 days notice to GOI to respond or she will release the culprits. Such boldness was possible because they got rid of  national parties.

       Why CM of AP was not able to file a suit against govt of India before exiting? It was very much possible. But he was too modest because of his affiliation. Two party system will not work in the scenario of India. That means still there is no unity in the nation. People should vote only to regional parties who are "completely independent" of national parties and look after local issues.

      • Nani says:

        It is very important to completely keep out the national parties if that is BJP or congress.

        Yes i completely agree that our CM , some Parliamentarians have tried their level best. Its very important to keep out politicians who sees people as a electorial masses. Weather from any party. Its a high time for us to select people with honesty and a will to serve people. And this responsibility completely lies on people. Lets vow that we shall keep out corrupt politicians completely out and make a new beginning.

      • AMRAO says:

        Chandra garu,

        CM or any one for that matter can not file a suit until the bill becomes an Act, after the President approves it. The court has already made it clear.

      • Ashish Kumar says:

        @Chandra, I agree. But you see, such boldness in TN was possible, because the leaders there know that the state's and people's interests are primary and DO NOT fall prey to greed by cutting deals with the disease called congress.

        If the politicians of any state compromise with this congress disease, then the immunity of the entire system collapses and the infection spreads throughout the body. This is what happened in Seemandhra. There is still another strain of the same disease still existing and people are still supporting it. Even today, on all his TV shows, Kiran Kumar does not blame the high command for the mess (he keeps on parroting the same statement that divison is not good for AP). This shows that he still believes that the congress can be resurrected in SA and so he does not want to be in the bad books of the high command. Can anyone expect SUCH KIND OF POLITICIANS in Tamil Nadu ? If SA politicians even today show no self-respect, why do you expect the national parties to listen to them ? Would Jayalalitha/Karunanidhi in similar situation behave like that ?

        I agree that both the national parties should be kicked out of SA for the next 50 years, the congress for EVER. Have a 2 regional party system as in TN. But BE CAREFUL of the multiple strains of the congress disease that can MUTATE and appear under different names.

      • Ashish Kumar says:


        SA needs leadership with intellectual integrity and that is why people like Mr. Chakravarthy should take to politics. Today, thanks to JP and Kejriwal, politics is no more a dirty word.

        We all have to admit that T politicians won because of intellectual integrity which the SA politicians lacked in ample measure. No T politician SUCUUMBED to any deal offers or posts of power, while all SA politicians did. Is that not intllectual integrity? The moment the CWC resolution was passed, if all the politicians resigned from assembly and centre, THAT would have displayed to the nation the resolve of the SA politicians (in addition to govts falling down in state and centre). Nobody would have dared to take that resolution to the cabinet.

        Yes, we have to admit that SA politics, today lacks people with intellectual integrity and that is why we lost to T.

        • Chandra says:

          @Ashish kumar,

          I am not sure how much deep u followed the level of intellect of T votaries and their arguments, but I did it. If you call thse folks as intellectuals because of their qualification,or age, it will be an  insult to the word itself. Intellectual is the most abused term in Nizam telangana region. (There is a power engineer Raghu who said T can get rid of  power shortage by building a 10,000MW solar power generation facilities in all mandals  in next couple of years in T!.) Thats the level of intellect we r talking about here.

          If u call "sticking to one stand" as intellectual integrity, that also was not self developed, but it was by design. It was all stage managed by GOI with the help of extreme elements in T. T agitation was one of the smallest disturbance GOI or to AP govt's could ever think of. It was always solid 17 vs, fragile 25, topped with jealousy of AP neighbors. There is no place for words like intellect or honesty here.

  29. Chakravarthy says:

    Vamsi wrote: "Chakravarthy garu we miss your show on Tharanga; may its time for you to restart it. Very sad day in the history of Telugus."


    I will be on Mohan gari show this Friday at 12 ET. I will start my show soon.

  30. GK says:

    Joint Capital aspect will go to court – MIM is feeling as they will become the victims of it…

    How soon the SA capital is identified will complicate this case even more…

  31. Chakravarthy:

    To some extent I agree with Prabhakar Rao though his language like "miserably failed" & "blunder" is unduly harsh. But I believe there is a need to go deeper.

    I am certain you have your own reasons for believing that it is desirable (or essential) all people of a particular language should live in one political unit. Unfortunately you did not put forward these arguments. Instead of asking for political unity, you positioned yourself against division.

    I agree you "never fought for seemandhra". Most of your fellow "integrationists" including your own supporters, however, opposed "division" because they believed it would harm Seemandhra financially or otherwise. They supported your fight but not your core reasons.

    In other words, the fight became Telangana vs. Seemandhra. The exhortation "let us stay together because I will lose if you go away" is doomed to fail.

  32. AMRAO says:



    The fact that the residuary AP will have a deficit of 10,000 crores or more is spelt out now. BJP is showing extreme sympathy that the Left Out state may not be in a position to pay for salaries.


    Whereas the negelected and backward Telangana state will have a surplus!

    • GK says:

      This was the case they were merged back in 1950s. Back then T bailed out SA and now GOI will have to do it. Venkaiah Naidu demanded assurances in writing and got it from the Prime Minister. He was genuinely raising the weaknesses in the bill and getting the responses from Congress. TDP MPs were acting like immature people on such an occasion…totally unprepared, did not serve the people of SA…

  33. Djay says:

    Dear Nalamothu sir,

    I dont like congratulating KCR and TRS who ever is feeling their win in getting  Telangana,  It is purely a vote plitics and these people running the Hatred movement.. if you are congratulating means you are encouraging hatredness among the brothers…


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