Andhra Mahasabha & Re-writing History

Some of the bloggers and my close friends raised objections for giving credit to Nizam Andhra Mahasabha for organizing the armed resistance against Nizam. One of the bloggers even claimed that I was re-writing history. The confusion on this subject probably stems from the exact same name used by two very different organizations.


The organization that represented Telugus’ interests in Kosta and Seema was “Andhra Mahasabha”. Whereas, the organization that represented Telugus interests in Nizam Telangana was “Nizam Andhra Mahasabha”.


Andhra Mahasabha of Kosta-Seema convened for the first time in the year 1913 in Bapatla. About 2000 visitors and 800 delegates attended this conference. In addition to Kosta and Seema delegates, there was representation from Nagpur, Warangal, and Hyderabad. Andhra Mahasabha was closely affiliated with the Congress Party. When the Quit India movement took off in 1943, the organization was banned by the British government.


Now to Nizam Andhra Mahasabha. The organization held its first conference in 1930 and was led by none other than the great historian Suravaram Pratap Reddy. Other leaders that led the organization in the later years included Andhra Pitamaha Madapati Hanumanth Rao and Raavi Narayana Reddy. In 1941, under the leadership of Raavi Narayana Reddy, Nizam Andhra Mahasabha changed its strategy and decided to face Nizam’s atrocities aggressively. As a result, moderate members of Nizam Andhra Mahasabha left the organization in 1944. From this point on, communists dominated Nizam Andhra Mahasabha and led the peasants towards an armed uprising against Nizam.


No, I was not re-writing history when I mentioned Nizam Andhra Mahasabha as the organization that led the fight against Nizam. I was merely stating a historic fact.


Save Andhra Pradesh!


Nalamotu Chakravarthy

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2 Responses to “Andhra Mahasabha & Re-writing History”

  1. suresh challa says:

    Dear Chakravarthy garu,
    my hearty  congratulations are due to you for your  great  attempt to save Andhra Pradesh. when people are feeling that there is no writer available now to bring the actual historical/ actual facts relating to the present topic of Andhra; and every person is saying some thing against the unity of Andhras, to make believe the innocent masses; you have taken up the torch.
    that is why we believe in god's saying SAMBHAVAMI YUGE YUGE..
    Thanks for great writings  .. please continue to write in future also
    Suresh Challa

  2. Andhrite says:

    Yes, he will continue writings in future also, his roots are from Andhra only (his family is moved to Nalgonda from Guntur)

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