An Exit Strategy for the Congress Party in Andhra Pradesh

Congress Party is caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. If a decision to divide the state is taken, the party may have to face the ire of the people of Coastal Andhra, Rayalaseema, and Greater Hyderabad where the desire for integration is strong. Whereas, a decision taken against division would affect the electoral prospects of Congress Party in 3-4 Telangana districts. It is certain that both the decisions could potentially jeopardize Congress Party’s electoral prospects in the state.


There are a total of 294 Assembly constituencies in Andhra Pradesh. Out of which 175 seats are in the Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions. Hyderabad, Secunderabad, and Ranga Reddy districts have 28 Assembly seats where the desire for separation is non-existent. In the Telangana districts surrounding Hyderabad there are roughly an additional 20 Assembly seats where the sentiment for separation is muted. Therefore, the separate Telangana issue is in intense play in about 70 ACs.


These numbers clearly indicate that a large majority of the population in the state does not want the state divided.


The quandary that the Congress is facing in Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions is the Jagan factor. YSRCP is perceived to be a strong contender in the upcoming elections in these two regions. Some in Congress Party think that dividing the state would help them win seats in the Telangana region, and that will offset their losses in Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema regions. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough seats in Telangana to overcome the losses that the party will endure in the other two regions.


So, how can Congress get out of this difficult situation and still be a winner?


It is undeniable that there is a strong sentiment against division in nearly 200 Assembly seats in the state. Unfortunately, no major party is catering to this people’s desire for integration. TDP, BJP, CPI, TRS are all for division. YSRCP is playing truant being a cat on the wall. CPM pays lip service for integration. That leaves MIM as the only party staunchly standing against division of the state.


If Congress Party, in Smt.Indira Gandhiji’s footsteps, takes an unequivocal stand against division of Andhra Pradesh, it will become the party of choice for millions of voters that have a burning desire to keep the state united. Combine this decision with an alliance with MIM, and there emerges the winning strategy. The Muslim vote bank, energized by anti-Modi sentiment, could be a tie-breaker in many constituencies in the state in the upcoming elections.


Now, what happens in the Telangana region? Will the Congress Party have to pay a steep price in the region? Not necessarily… Following steps will mitigate the hurt sentiments of the people in the region.


Those who are demanding the division of the state mainly allege that- injustice was done in government jobs, education, river waters and political power.


Over the last few years, with the implementation of 610 GO and other policy changes brought in by the state government, the issue of government jobs is for all practical purposes a mute issue. Now, the separatists allege under representation in state level offices such as the State Secretariat. An amicable solution to this is to adopt a quota system by district and by zones to hire employees even to the state level offices.


Education is another controversial sector. This could also be resolved by allocating funds equitably to each district based on population or other relevant socio-economic indicators. In addition, empower districts to manage their own education system. This kind of decentralization will no longer give scope for allegations of step-motherly treatment towards one region or the other.


River waters have been contentious issues for decades. Though inter-state river water allocations are done as per the Central Government appointed tribunals such as the prior Bachawat tribunal or the current Brijesh Kumar tribunal, allocation of river water within the state is under the state government’s purview. This gives rise to a great deal of suspicion and creates misunderstanding among regions. Therefore, the power to allocate or re-allocate river waters to different projects in the state should be given to the state legislature via a simple or a 2/3rd majority.


Lastly, separatists allege that the political power is often in the hands of leaders from Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema. Though evidence suggests that this is not true, these misgivings can be addressed via decentralization of power to the district level.


73rd constitutional amendment allows State Government to empower Panchayats to become self-governing institutions. Today the Panchayat system in Andhra Pradesh is not independent, but is tightly controlled by the State government. Indian constitution allows Panchayats to acts as units of self-government. According to the 73rd amendment, Panchayats can prepare and implement ‘plans for economic development and social justice’. In addition, the state legislature can authorize the Panchayats to “levy, collect, and appropriate such taxes, duties, tolls and fees…”


A truly autonomous Panchayat Raj system, with little to no interference from the State government, along with the power to pool its own finances, plus a lion’s share of state budget allocated to Zilla Parishads will bring about a meaningful decentralization of power to the state of Andhra Pradesh. This will permanently put to rest apprehensions held by the separatists with regards to denial of political power.


An unequivocal commitment to linguistic states principle, in the footsteps of Smt.Indiraji, clubbed with meaningful steps taken to allay the apprehensions held by those that are demanding the division of the State will offer a win-win solution for the Congress Party. This approach will win over the hearts of a majority of the people in Andhra Pradesh and will better Congress’ electoral prospects. In the end, Congress Party will gain respect as a party that stuck to its principles while refusing to play politics on a sensitive national issue.

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  1. Chakravarthy: This "manifesto" looks much better than the "package" allegedly offered by Kiran Reddy. His package looks too close to blood money or ransom depending on whom you ask.

    However, this needs further elaboration (legal route, modalities & control mechanisms) as well as a critical review. You may like to introspect why similar measures in the past did not work. A framework that leans heavily on politicians (e.g. simple or 2/3 majority) is, for instance, unlikely to yield any benefit.

  2. Chakravarthy says:

    De-centralization is the best solution. It kills two birds at once. Diminishes the autocratic power of the CMO and also address many apprehensions held by both the separatists and integrationists.

    The beauty of 73rd constitutional amendment is, all the legal necessities needed for decentralization are done. The only thing left is the approval of the assembly.

    The problem with this solution is, we are asking MLAs, MLCs, ministers and the CM to voluntary cede their powers to zilla parishads. This is not going to be easy. But, it doesn't mean we should not demand in earnest.

  3. Chandra says:

    Following the developments for the past several months, its unfortunate that people are still talking about a separate Telangana state demand. No body knows why or how a separate demand is going to improve the lives of people.Never saw a road map atleast a proposal like that from separatists. All the learned men in decision making positions in india knows that there was never an injustice done to 9 districts surrounding Hyderabad city. Separatsist lost the morality in their case long time back. Now just politics.

    This entire Telangana scam proposed by few irrigation dept engineers, and left wing professors modified by politicians to gain an extra 5- 10% separatsists votes in T districts, bringng a threat to a great administrative state is very very disgusting. A lost state (Andhra state), and a bitterly poor region (Telangana) with negligible education brought back to their "Originality" and contributed as a 3rd largest GDP generating force to India in the last 60 years. For the indecisive politicians at the center, that seems to be the mistake done by visionaries like Nehru and Indira Gandhi.


    The proposals mentioned above should be definitely worth considering rather than facing the consequences of a decision involving the division of AP. India is going to face  dire economic challenges in the coming few years and if folks in New Delhi thinks it is possible to take up the project of developing a brand  new metropolitan city "FROM THE SCRATCH" either in SA or T or both, is a good idea, means they REALLY dont know what they are talking about. They are just under-estimating the repercussions.

    • prabhakara rao says:

      At present the folks in New Delhi know and understand only onething more seats. Food bill is facing opposition from almost every quarter in some way or the other. But folks in New Delhi says they are applying "heart over mind" to feed Indians. FM was ready to curb everything to maintain fiscal deficit to the permissable levels. But he too says Food security will be implemented. Ironically this very FM made no allocation in budget for this scheme.

      The folks in New Delhi are ship without helm. They will sink millions along with them.

  4. GK says:

    Agree decentralization is the eventuality. But for now, separate states will give peace to all.

    Chakravarthy, it is time for you to focus on what SA will be dis-advantaged upon separation rather than downplaying the telangana issue or the people leading the cause.

    The leaked news says that Botsa himself claimed that most of the civil services and higher level posts are occupied by SA and so there should be separate telangana public service commision. Why are you so adamant in denying this fact?

    It is better we apply our time and thoughts to discuss what SA is afraid of in becoming a separate state: 

    -> Is it the revenue from Hyd,

    ->River water


    ->Security of SA people in Hyd.

    and address them so there is justice for all.

    Your writeup still gives me goosebumps as you have a hard core bias in your heart. You write with kasi and jealousy…for example: If separated All Costa/Rayalaseema will go against Congress, If not separated only 3-4 districts of telangana go against Congress?

    I hope we can have the entire archive of your website available for furture historians.

    • prabhakara rao says:

      There is no kasi. But reality.

      Telugu unity or diunity is not of any interest for congress party.

      Andhra Pradesh was formed  to checkmate left in those days.

      Today it is planning the reversal for political gains only.

      Let us not forget T-vaadis including TRS projecting winning chances if Telangana is separated.


  5. Chakravarthy: I posted three comments (two in this post & one in the previous) that have not been published. I will be thankful if you can look into it.

    • AMRAO says:



      Chakravarthy does not like anti-UAP comments from you any more! He wants to discriminate against you and supress your voice against injustice!!!


      On a lighter note, check your text carefully. If you have a single apostrophe or quote in your text, it will not be published by the site.

  6. AMRAO says:

    Whatever you guys may say, the fact remains that the real reason behind the current movement is to gain control of the well developed Telangana including Hyderabad. If backwardness is the real reason, then Rayala Seema and North Andhra should be the first to demand a separate state. They know they will be worse off if they separate.

    This is a classic case of a brother inviting the other brothers to come and live in his house, develop it using every ones resources and finally kicking out the others saying enough is enough. Obviously he is going to be left with all the riches.


    Here are some of the facts:

    1) The fact is the demand for separation is purely for self rule than all the looting, backwardness, and 108 lies propagated before. No one talks about the now.
    2) The fact is if the state is divided, the backward Telangana state will have a annual budget of Rs.100,000 crores whereas the well developed Seema Andhra state, with more districts, will have an annual budget of Rs.60,000 crores.

    3) The fact remains that all the so-called chief ministers from Seema Andhra who looted Telangana resources developed only Hyderabad and forgot to develop their own areas.

    4) I do not know if you know the term New Economy Jobs. They refer to the jobs that pay well involving technology like IT, Pharma, etc… Out of the 325,000 IT jobs in AP, 315,000 are in Telangana and 10,000 in Seema Andhra areas. Except a few smaller units, majority of the Pharma are based in Telangana areas, giving Hyderabad the name Pharma hub of India.

    It is an irony that most of these pharma companies are owned by people from Seema Andhra areas. The rulers, by concentrating and developing infrastructure only in Hyderabad and surrounding areas, forced these people to invest in Telangana areas.  These people would have loved to setup these units in their own districts, had the govts provided basic infrastructure in their native places.

    Now they are called looters!!!

    Many people from coastal and Seema areas sold their lands, houses in their native places and invested that money here in Hyderabad making it what it is today.









    Even a child knows that this power of dictating terms (in the hands of the T-vadis) comes from control of Hyderabad, where people from coastal areas and Seema areas invested blindly assuming it will also be theirs forever.

    • P. Rao says:


      Thanks for putting those issues so cogently. In addition to what has been happening so far, I would like to point out a few possible things that may happen in the future. If and when AP is divided into two, the T-vadi leaders are unlikely to go their way. 1.) They will make the life of people of coastal origin who are in the Telengana area very uncomfortable. 2.) They will create all kinds of obstacles in the path of the newly emerged Andhra state undercutting its progress and counteracting at the Center for funding and allocations. They would not hesitate to compete unfairly by underhanded methods to attract national and global investors and spoil the chances of Andhra region.

    • prabhakara rao says:

      @P. Rao

      I canot agree with the second point. I doubt they have such intentions. Also I suspect the lobbying capabilities. As you know the decision being taken is neither based on merit nor owing to T-cong lobbying. It was pure electoral game. Even now division will stop if jagan returns to congress fold.

  7. @AMRAO: Thanks for the tip. I am reposting the two questions in a condensed form. Hope it will go through.

    @Chakravarthy: I have two questions.

    Question 1:

    How will 73rd amendment or panchayat raj help solve problems of public employment, fair share, river waters, irrigation and education?

    Question 2 is in three parts:

    As far as I know the 73rd amendment is of enabling nature and does not per se provide for any rights to PR institutions. States need to pass appropriate legislation.

    Section 243H permits the state legislation to authorize the PR bodies to levy, collect and appropriate taxes, duties & levies. It is not clear if this includes big ticket items like sales tax, excise and land revenue.

    The amendment is limited to areas listed in the eleventh schedule. While the list looks interesting at a first glance, a closer look suggests the application is limited or local.

  8. Chakravarthy: have you seen the IBN-CSDS opinion poll? The following section may be of special interest.

    Question: How much will your stand on Telangana affect your decision of whom to vote for?

    Telangana supporters:

    Almost entirely: 17%

    A lot: 69%

    Telangana opponents:

    Almost entirely: 5%

    A lot: 31%


  9. prabhakara rao says:

    My sincere appeal to Congress party leaders from SA. Do not confuse common man. Let your Madam take the decision whatever she thinks right. Your SLAVERY to Gandhi family yielded nothing in the interest of Telugus. If division is inveitable focus your energies on building whatever is left for you.

  10. GK says:

    "SLAVERY to Gandhi family yielded nothing…for whom?" their personal wealth is healthy…

    Rest assured Andhra will surely have de-centralized development…airports, tourism, industry, agriculture…on the positive side center should also provide funds/projects for new development

    • AMRAO says:

      I do not understand why the Center should fund the new development. Why would the tax money of other states be used to develop the new state? Just because a few leaders in Telangana want to enjoy power, the rest of the country can not be expected to pay for it.


      If the state is divided, the state government of Telangana should pay huge amounts to the state of Seema Andhra every year for the next 67 years. And they can do it too because as I said earlier, the annual budget of state of Telangana with 10 districts would be twcie that of the Seema Andhra state.


      After all, the husband is expected to pay alimony to the wife, for the rest of her life, when he wants a divorce on frivolous charges.


      • GK says:

        Agree, there should be revenue sharing from HYD also…how much and how long will be decided by experts and center/states I guess…

  11. AMRAO says:

    Sad day, guys! I believe the decision is pretty much made in favour of Telangana!

  12. @prabhakara rao:

    "As you know the decision being taken is neither based on merit nor owing to T-cong lobbying. It was pure electoral game."

    Chakravarthy is arguing the opposite in this post. He is asking the Congress to reject Telangana demand because it will help them in the electoral game.

    • Ramesh says:

      Chakravarthy and other Samaikhyandhra pratagonists are speaking in the language (ie., electoral benefits) of congress so as to reason with them.

      It is sad that Congress and other political parties have reduced this issue/debate to electoral win/loss rather than what is good for the nation/state/people. Commoners like us do not have an option but to speak in that languange so as to get the decision makers to listen to us.

      Hope this degeneration of the quality of debate is a temporary fad and our polity changes over the next few years for the better.

  13. @Ramesh:

    You may like to put your money where your mouth is. VMS comrades fighting on a single point agenda never won 4 digit votes in any election, whether Sanatnagar or Parkal.

    A golden opportunity is in Avanigadda, the heartland of Andhra. Let Parakala Prabhakar contest  on a samaik(hy)a Andh(e)ra platform in the bye-election on August 21. It is just around 125 km from his hometown of Narspur. Let him save his deposit if he can :)

    • AMRAO says:

      If good people are expected to be voted to power by the people, then Manmohan would have contested the LS elections.


      People vote based on caste and money! Contrary to the polls and public opinion, in the Panchayat elections in my native place, Congress won 8 out of 10 wards and also the Sarpanch seat. The going rate? 1000 Rs per vote. YSRCP stood in all 10 and lost 8 seats along with the Sarpanch seat. They offerred only 500 Rs.


      The real reason behind the poor performance of TRS in the Panchayat elections is their  disinterest to spend money. Unlike the Congress and TDP, the high command of TRS did not show any interest in spending money for these elections whereas the others had a point to prove and so had to shell out money.

  14. @AMRAO:

    Regarding panchayat elections, there are n+1 versions. The variable n refers to the number of channels you see that are all wrong while the 1 is the actual position that no one knows.

    Regarding your contention that good people will not be voted, how did the late Parakala Seshavataram win so many elections (and his widow once)? Anyway the point is moot. Let VMS sponsor any candidate, Parakala or others, who secure atleast their deposit.

    Till then, the claim "If a decision to divide the state is taken, the party may have to face the ire of the people of Coastal Andhra, Rayalaseema, and Greater Hyderabad where the desire for integration is strong" is to be taken with a ton (not pinch) of salt. It may not be out of place here to mention VMS leader Kumar Chowdary Yadav did not even cross 200 votes in Hyderabad.

    • AMRAO says:

      Late Parakala Seshavataram won elections in a different era.

      Read what you wrote again. You pretty much agreed with me. VMS people will not be able win elections. Only people like Harish Rao win elections.

  15. @GK:

    "Agree, there should be revenue sharing from HYD"

    Why? On what basis?

    Hyderabad has been net positive revenue right from 1956. We have already contributed to the other districts. They should be thankful we are not (at this stage anyhow) demanding they pay us back.

    • AMRAO says:

      True. Many husbands pretty much contribute all their earnings towards their wives while they are togeter. But then they are forced to pay alimony even after divorce. It is treated as natural justice all over the world.


      Please clear my doubt once for all. I would appreciate if you can give clear details.

      1) If Telangana is net positive revenue from 1956, how could it be backward? That means it maintained or bettered the growth rate.

      2) If surpluses from Telangana have been diverted from 1956, at some point to time, Telangana should have beeen in deficit. How could it continue to be in net positive?

      3) Today the annual budget size of AP is 1,60,000 crores. If the 10 districts are divided as a separate Telangana state, what would be its annual budget? What would be the annual budget of the other state?

      4) The size of govt employees in AP are about 12 lakhs. Yesterday, the Telangana employees association said if the state is divided, they will not force employees from other ares to leave. Great! In that case, how many new govt jobs would be created once Telangana is formed.


      I know that you know the answers for these. I hope you will be truthful to yourself when answering these questions.

  16. Ravi says:

    Seni vadhilindhi. Poni ippatikaina Rayalaseema, Kostha Andhra bagupaduthayi. Leka pothey innirojulu viswasamuleni vallani baguchesthanikey saripoyayi janmalu Madapati Hanumantha Rao nunchi theesuku vacchi neti Chakravarthy varaku.

    • AMRAO says:

      Wrong thinking. The division is bad for both the regions. For coastal areas, it is even worse economically.


      Think of it this way. Does the central govt care for states like Jharkhand,and Chattisgarh? At the end of the day, every politician cares for rich states.

      1) Andhra state would now become equal to that of Orissa if you consider annual budget

      2) Based on number of MPs, we will move from 3rd position with 42 MPs to 10th position with just 22 MPs.

      3) We all know that it is the software engineers who are contributing to the economy. They are the ones buying houses, vehicles and spending money in restaurants and malls. The number of software engineers in coastal Andhra and Seema areas is less than 10,000. It took more than 20 years of hardwork to make Hyderabad an IT hub. Though Wipro and Satyam opened offices in Vizag, their employee strength there is minimal. Satyam has about 1200 people or so. With global slowdown and American companies trying to move jobs back to US, how many companies will  open offices in Andhra state in these current conditions?

      4) The engineers coming out of 300+ colleges in these areas will have to come to Hyderabad or Bangalore.

      5) What would be the revenue sources for the new govt in Andhra state? With majority income from agriculture, where would the new govt get its revenues from? Only by selling more liquor.

      • AMRAO says:

        On the last point, @Jai is not ashamed to say that Nizam made his people illiterate and made them drink more which allowed his revenues to be more.


        What a joke? Nizam forcefully looted his people and filled his khazana. This is now publicized as the strength of Nizam economy and wealth of the people. I wonder why the Armed Struggle took place if the people were happy and wealthy.


        Why is naxalism still existing in Chattisgarh but almost diminished in Telangana? The answer is simple. Development and improvement in the lives of the people which is still missing in Chattisgarh.

  17. Kiran says:

    @AM Rao agricutlure cannot be taxed so even that wont be an income for a potential coastal state.

  18. Kiran says:

    Giving a separate telangana will be an assault on logical thinking, moral values,truth  and the very basic humaness of people. I know India is a third rate country in many aspects but i doubt it is that third rate. 

    The only logical way for a seperate telangana to be formed is when seemandhra people consent. And they will consent only when they are sure their access to education, jobs, health care is not compromised. That will happen only when they have their own hyderabad. This pretty much concludes the case or a lack of a case for  a seperate telangana.

    • GK says:

      Infact it is the opposite my friend…meaning, if T is not given then it will be an assault on all things you mentioned. We need to have a mind set of "live and let live". Your logical way of creating T is not normal…I understand your emotions…just as HYD is yours today, it will be tomorrow as well. Same is true for all those connected with HYD…

  19. prabhakara rao says:

    Royal Telangana is an interesting proposal for more than one reason

    They may not sing maa telugu talli but they will sing krishnarayani kirti

    KBR park may go but Vijay Bhaskar reddy will become larger ICON.

    Even more interesting is singing praises of Late Sri Nilam Sanjeeva Reddy who was projected villian #1 by T-vaadis.

    Very amusing proposal. On positive side Mallesh and mallanna will continue to be common names in both regions (or partial regions?)

  20. @AMRAO:

    I tried replying to a couple of your comments but it did not go through!

    Re Naxalism, armed struggle etc, I can also ask similar rhetorical questions. Try these:

    1. Why was the armed struggle limited to 3 districts?

    2. Why there is no Naxalism in poor districts like Mahbubnagar, Kurnool & Anantapur?

    3. Why Naxalism started in mid-eighties though Telangana grew at a whopping rate from 1956 as per Chakravarthy?

    3. Why did educated people from prosperous coastal Andhra distrcits like the late Parakala Sesavataram take up arms against the Indian army?

    No need of a reply, just to ponder.

    • AMRAO says:

      Based on your comments that you have been making all these days, I am aure you are knowledgeable and well aware of all these things but still trying to get back at me.


      To be a poor district like Anantapur because of lack of natural resources like water is one thing and even though there are natural resoources, but forcibly made poor by the rulers is another thing.


      Unlike the Patels and Patwaris in Telangana, the rich people in other areas under the British rule could not completely treat their peasants cruelly.

      That is why vetti chaakiri was not so prevalent in Coastal and Seema areas.


      I could be wrong and I stand corrected, the Patel and Patwari domination continued till late 1980s in Telangana areas.


      Many educated and prosperous people from Coastal areas were attracted to both Nationalism and Socialism. In those days, it was the Communists who took up Socialism in a big way and attracted even rich people. If you visit Vijayawada, you will find their influence. Some of the angry young men turned to militant methods.


      Once Indira Gandhi took up the slogan Garibi Hatao and started talking about pro poor schemes, the influence of Communists came down significantly.

  21. GK says:

    Curtains comming down but still unclear on the ending…I honestly believe that will be a happy ending for all as there will be a big boost in development for all regions in the comming days…especially in SA if separated.

    One thing I regret is that Chakravarthy's resurrected vishalandhra unit has unnecessarily attempted to tie the telugu with a boundary which is unwise I believe.

  22. AMRAO says:

    Chakravarthy garu,


    Even though you are younger to me, I would like to offer my Saashtanga Pranaamam to you to express my gratitude for the tireless efforts you made to keep this state united. I can not think of any one who has worked so hard for bringing out the real facts and spreading the awareness.


    Having spent a lot to time in the US, I know that you are expected to spend a lot of time with the family which you had to sacrifice. I would like to thank your family members as well for supporting you.


    When you announced your move back to India, I asked you if you still have your US citizenship and advised you to have the option of going back. I hope you do.


    The indian polity, media and society are beyond repair.  The only way politicians win is by dividing in the name of sub caste, caste, region, religion, reservations, etc… These incapable people, instead of showing leadership, instead of providing solutions to every day problems, have a very easy way of dividing and ruling. 


    I wish I had not moved back.

  23. GK says:

    –Not sure how many steps will move forward today, as this drama will still go ahead some more. The media is certainly making it look like curtains are comming down…If it happens to be two states then we would be looking for a boost in the development in all regions, especially in SA there would be  huge induced development…But I very dissappointed with Mr. Chakravarthy's resurrected vishalandra knotting the telugu people to boundaries in this era. This is so unwise after knowing the world over.. Hope we can all put this to past and move forward full throttle…they will prosper hand-in-hand as they are good culture rich parts of the country.

  24. Chakravarthy, AMRAO & friends:

    I am pleased to inform you that I am starting a series of blog posts on the subject of Telangana river waters, irrigation & agriculture. I plan to post a couple of posts every week for the next few months. This series represents a detailed study over the past year on the subject.

    Please visit the blog and post your comments and also refer the blog to others who are interested in these subjects.

    Chakravarthy, I apologize for advertising on your blog. My only reason to do so is that I believe the vistors to your blog are likely to be interested. Please delete this comment if it is an intrusion.

  25. GK says:

    The curtains seem to be comming down…The concept of vishalandhra should be to keep alive the spirit of telugu people all around the people. I was little dissappointed with Mr. chakravarthy as I felt he misused it to force single rule/admin in other words tying it to a boundary. I hope VA continues with the focus on telugu people, their cultures, education, prosperity etc…

  26. GK says:

    I am glad HYD is kept common for all…

  27. GK says:

    This resurrected vishalandra should now inspire the seema andhra people to look into future and that they will not loose HYD or anything…all issues/misconceptions can be resolved by discussions…

  28. Chandra says:

    My intuition was  ,when the US Senate passed comprehensive immigration bill giving citizeship to illegal foreigners and doubling tech visas, which are beyond common sense for Americans, I could feel congress party is going to decide something illoigcal regarding telangana. They directly take insipration from democrats of US equating issues in India with in US. It seems they waited for the developments in the US and took this decision. Liberalism is going to make world a more selfish and illogical place especially in an immatured country like India.

    But like US immigration bill which is never going to be a reality this should see the same fate is my guess. Time for some hard work. If the state assembly can get aorund 200 votes for keeping the state united then NO FORCE  in India can lean towards division.

    Neither a brand new capital can be constructed in 10 years nor govt of India has such money. Even if you spend 50% money from Hyderabad for the next 10 years to build a new capital city, it will still be a loose-loose for everybody in AP including entire country.

    All is not over but definitely time for some hard work for integrationists as all parties have spelled out their stand . Separatists themselves are beyond their belief! like dec 9 statement!


    • prabhakara rao says:


      now that a call is taken by congress, I feel it should be implemented without any second thoughts or evade on tech grounds. We many not accept tall claims of 4 cr Telangana's wish. But definitely huge number in lakhs and more are emotional about separate Telengana. Another deception will cause resentment that can lead to violent agitation. If we truely believe in Telugu unity and wish welfare of our brethern, we should not allow situation precpitating to that level. You may not be able to convince an adamant sibling.

      One may question what about other region?. Honestly it is not fault of the politicians on other side. It is due to the divisions created by people among themselves.  There is severe caste divide on otherside owing one single person 'who need not be named'. They are not bothered about unity of Telugus. Actually they are under a illusion that  their God returns to deliver.

      The educated and middle class were over confident based on post Dec 9 reactions. So they did not sustain pressure on leaders. It may sound unethical, immoral, illegal etc. But they are responsible for current situation by not being active in saving unity of Telugus. In short they wanted someone else carry the burden. But that someone else has failed.

      The least they could have done is reaching out to people in Telangana and explain the purpose of unity. It is true people like Parakala and Chakravarty were threatened. But they are various other means of interacting with these people. But they chose a laid back approach. 


      You are right it is going to be a lose-lose situation. But there is no other choice.

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