Swecha: A Case to Allow FDI (Walmart)

The second episode of my show was on foreign direct investment and why Walmart and investments from other foreign companies should be allowed.



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  1. I did not watch the program. I guess however you are lobbying for free flow of investment, not just allowing Walmart or opening up the multi-brand retail business.
    If yes, how about US eliminating its own barriers to the flow of labor (another important factor of production)? How about protectionism in the agriculture industry? How about ending the use of sanctions as a political tool?
    Free markets can't be unilateral. Those asking for access for "their" capital should open up their own money & labor markets.

    • Chakravarthy says:

      I advocate unilateral free trade. I don’t care what restrictions other countries put on themselves. Restrictions hurt the host countries. Protectionism in agriculture, barriers to free flow of labor force as you sited will hurt the US economy. I therefore, don’t advocate any international free trade agreements. Just we mind our business, keep open borders and sell whatever the world wants to buy from us and buy whatever the world wants to sell us. Simple!

      The below article articulates my philosophy reasonably well: https://mises.org/daily/6135/Unilateral-Free-Trade

  2. Vinay says:

    Chakravarthy garu meeku noothana samvathsara subhakankshalu mariyu mee Swecha program neethi niyamalatho vijayavanthamukavalani asisthunnanu. Meeru Telugu samajamuyokka atmagauravamu koraku chesthunna krishi phalinchalani korukuntu meeku munduga oka mata. Mee "Swecha" program viseshalani oka verey website petti dhaanigunda theliyacheyandi. Swecha ni MyTeluguRoots website lo club chesinandhuku MyTeluguRoots website ki unna pradhanyatha dhebba thintundhi. Meeru ee vishayamai konchamu alochinchandi.
    Meeru Telugu prajalani kalapagaligithey meeku aa chandrarkamu keerthi labhisthundhi. Ee Telangana udhyamamu enni dushpracharalatho dhoosukupoyi Telugu prajalani vidatheesindho manakandhariki thelisinadhey.
    Ippudu Andhra Pradesh ni vidatheeyadaniki kendra prabhuthvamu uttaruvulu jari cheyadhaluchukundhani vintunnamu. Memu inka visalahrudhayulamey kaani okavela AP vidipothey emi jaragali. Hyderabadu Telangana pranthamu lo elagunu untadhi. AP erpadaka munupu Jillala reorganization moolana Andhra pranthapu bhagalani Telangana pranthamuloni konni Jillalo kaliparu. Adhi inthaku mundhu maaku theliyadhu. Nyayamuga ayithey avi malli Andhra pranthapu jillalo kalipiveyali. Meeru krindhi Topic meedha Telugu prajalani vidhyavanthulani chaithanyavanthulani cheyagalarani asisthunnanu.

    • Chakravarthy says:

      I agree about the website Vinay garu. I will start another website for my libertarian philsophy. It will take a bit of time before I get there.

      Also, as of now the state is not being divided. However, Congress party is an unpredictable beast. We are trying to do our best. As far as coastal areas that are part of Nizam region. I don’t think that will be a big issue. Even separatist leaders are not completely opposed to giving back the areas. For example, Badrachalam. So, I wouldn’t worry much about it. :-)

  3. globalvillage says:

    aplogies for off-context remarks…..
    While  no more than 10 days to go for Central decissoin over AP, reading through some of the news from reliable sources, I feel being let down by politicians deciding the fate of a race by mere considering votebanks than historical,emotional, economical reasons.
    Though ruthless politicians like KCR only spread hatred through in every one of his speech against seemandhra, he has been tried like Akbar, this is a miserable failure of our legal system.
    I hope and wish andhra pradesh will remain united and glory of telugus enhance.
    I have no words left to aplaud the efforts of Visalandhra and Nalamothu in particular for fighting for the cause. No matter what ever is outcome.. we need people like nalamothu who is committed to a good cause namely  'Unity'  than 'seperation' 

  4. sir,
    When ur going to post pdf file

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