A Battle is Lost – Not the War

Millions of Telugu people in Andhra Pradesh and across the globe are in a great deal of anguish tonight. Congress Party and the UPA have officially announced that they would like to divide the great state of Andhra Pradesh for their myopic political gains. Congress Party in one master stroke checkmated TRS, TDP, and the BJP. Sadly crores of Telugu people have become victims to this vicious poitical one upmanship.


Our state came into existence in 1956 after half a century of struggles and sacrifices of our forefathers hailing from all three regions of the state. Today that state is at the risk of being shattered to pieces. After Satavahanas, Telugu country was resurrected by the Kakatiyas after a century long struggle. Today, we yet again risk losing everything we fought for. We cannot let this atrocity happen.


Unlike the December 9th 2009 announcement by the central government and the subsequent retraction on December 23rd, this time a similar course of action will not work. Congress Party was shell-shocked by the mass uprising in December 2009. However, they are better prepared this time.


So, how can we stop this?


First and foremost Integrationist MPs and MLAs should NOT resign. There are two important battles coming up- one in the state assembly and the other in parliament. Resignation of our representatives is simply suicidal to our cause.


CM and ministers should NOT resign. Integrationist MLAs should rally across the party lines to keep the current administration in power. Kiran Kumar Reddy is a staunch integrationist. He should be in power and defy Congress Party diktats that come from Delhi. If integrationists across parties covertly support the current government, keeping Kiran in power is a piece of cake.


Lastly and most importantly, the responsibility of stopping the division squarely rests on people’s shoulders. Integrationist movement is suffering from a leadership void. We need an organization that will be at the forefront of the movement. This platform should have representatives from Congress, TDP, YSRCP, Students, Farmers, and Government employees.


The division can be stopped if people agitate, but they must agitate peacefully. A violent agitation is unsustainable and will be quickly quelled by force. We can learn a lesson or two from Mahatma Gandhi. You want a bandh? Convince people to voluntarily shut their businesses in solidarity. Yes, this method is harder than threatening the business owner with a stick. But the former method is the only way a sustainable movement can be built.


Want a rail-roko? Do not sit on the tracks and get arrested. Convince the engine drivers to call in sick or urge the passengers to postpone their travel. This is far more impactful than forcing the trains to stop.


Need financial help to conduct activities? Do not turn fund collection into a chandha-dandha. Go to donors and show them your plan of action and convince them to donate.


Building a movement like this is difficult? Yes, of course. But Gandhiji has shown us the way. He has done it and it is imperative that we walk in the path he has shown us.


The only way state division can be stopped, is via a peaceful people’s agitation that paralyzes the entire state’s economy. Add to this a sympathetic state government that defies Delhi’s diktats. We must adopt civil disobedience and political disobedience.


If we stop this atrocity in Andhra Pradesh, the nation will be grateful to us. Delhi sultans will learn a lesson and never again wreak this kind of havoc on other states in the Indian republic.

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  1. AMRAO says:

    I believe there is no way out now except for the division. The way Congress played the game, every one was left clueless and are forced to play along. Inspite of stiff opposition within their hearts, every one wants to become a champion of Telangana. 

    Now, even though Congress stabbed them in their hearts and they are bleeding, all that the people of Seema Andhra can do is vote for Congress in the next elections.

    1) Congress is promising to spend trillions of rupees to develop Andhra areas – While this is a hollow promise and in fact a joke, why vote for TDP which will not have any leverage? Why vote for YSRCP which will any way join Congress? Why allow BJP to come to power in the Center who have no interest in AP?

    2) The people of Seema Andhra, even if they want to show their frustration and anger, who can they blame? Congress? TDP? YSR CP? All of them are hand in glove. In fact, it is the Andhra Congress leaders who can claim high moral ground.  They tried their best but finally had to listen to their high command. Now, they will work hard to get the greatest of packages. Whereas the other two parties could take their own decision which they did not.

    3) By not revealing their intentions and playing their cards very close to their chest, Congress pulled off a great trick with no ill effects. The present drama unfolding in the Seema Andhra areas is very temporary and a trick to fool the people to win elections. At least, Chandrababu had the courage to say I accept my mistake. If I could backstab my own father-in-law for power, I am entitled to backstab you guys as well.


    The only two things that could have saved the state :
    1) A media of their own in Viajayawada that could have highlighted the facts from their side
    2) A party like TRS that did not have to doublespeak but only fight for Seema Andhra

    Even yesterday, Mr. Sravan of TRS says the 1956 merger was opposed by all Telangana people but managed by the Seema Andhra leaders. The TV anchor did not have the guts to say it is not true. If the media is located in Vijayawada, I am sure the anchor would have the guts to ask if Nehru was bribed to accept the merger, if Indira Gandhi was bribed to keep it united and who stopped the Jai Andhra movement.

    There was no point in separating in 1972 but everything to gain now.

    • AMRAO says:

      The irony of the merger in 1956 was that the gentlemen who expressed initial opposition – KV Ranga Reddy, Chenna Reddy, JV Narsinga Rao, Konda Laxman, etc… all joined the 1956 AP cabinet and enjoyed power. The man who agreed for the merger Burgula Ramakrishna Rao lost his job. It is called – Crying Baby Gets The Attention.


      • AMRAO, Boorgula Ramkishen Rao was not the only one. Bezwada Gopal Reddy too lost his job. In fact, he probably had a better chance of becoming CM in a united state. 

        • AMRAO says:

          What is the irony in Bezawada Gopal Reddy losing his job? One of the leaders had a chance and Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy got it. But look at the other case.

      • prabhakara rao says:

        I know someone familiar with events during 1956. Not any popular person but his grand fathers were politically active those days. Recently he told me this.

        The original understanding was to make BRK CM of AP. Few days before the new state formation KVR and MCR approached Sanjeeva Reddy and asked to stake claim. The reason was to prevent contining land reforms by BRK. Of course the caste factor too.

        BTW, even today TRS merger maybe unlikely owing to the caste factor.

    • Mano says:

      Seemandhra people going with Congress is like a lady gets raped and still have to go with the rapist because somehow it is in her best interest! The whole problem was created by Congress when Chidambaram made announcement on Dec 9th. And now they agreed for Telangana a few months before elections. 2014 elections would have been litmus test for sentiment as TRS would be contesting alone for the first time. They did not take CM Kiran into confidence who led the state thru most tumultous period in our history. They only care for their short term calculations. Congress should be banished from Seemandhra for next 50 years.

  2. prabhakara rao says:

    AMRAO garu,

    our anguish about Seemandhra voters, I stress voters not people, including those in Hyderabad is meaningless.

    They are ungrateful to TDP and paying for the same. It is undeniable fact that CBN was instrumental in highlighting Hyderabad on world map. Software engineers, from SA, were reluctant to come to Hyderabad before 1997. Most of them chose Banglore only. These very people who saw success in Hyderabad did not vote for TDP in Hyderabad.

    In 2004 voters on the otherside did not vote CBN. They had genuine reasons that argi sector was ignored. In 2009 there was anti-incumbency factor was there. But these crazy fellows cause split in opposition by voting chiranjeevi, who also betrayed them today. The least they can claim is they did not vote TDP in 2009 becuase TDP was pro-Telangana. But they are not doing so.


    PS: do not infer that I am TDP/CBN supporter. I never liked CBN approach in dealing with government employees and farmers.

  3. cvs murty says:

    Keep all the discussion about ‘who has contributed how much for the development of Hyderabad’ aside. It is indisputable that the capital was developed by all the regions including Telangana. In such a situation if Telangana says ‘Hyderabad is ours, the rest can go wherever they want/can’, it only means ‘I want to have the cake and also eat it’. This is against what is called natural justice. If someone files a suit in a court of law on this matter, the court is expected to rule in favour of the non-Telangana regions citing natural justice. In such a case, the options available for Telangana are: either get out of AP and have their own separate state (without Hyderabad) or agree to stay within AP and ask for a redressal of their grievances.

  4. Kiran says:

    So AM Rao,


    what do you suggest to seemandhra people or even telangana people who are not keen on division ? To "move on" like cattle? to remain helpless in their own country and ot remain forever bonded to whims of Delhi sultans to whom the political future of a 40 year old is more important than the future of 84 million people? should we resign to live as slaves ?




    • P. Rao says:

      @Kiran:"what do you suggest to seemandhra people or even telangana people who are not keen on division ? To "move on" like cattle? to remain helpless in their own country and ot remain forever bonded to whims of Delhi sultans to whom the political future of a 40 year old is more important than the future of 84 million people? should we resign to live as slaves ?

      May I say that the real fun begins after division. For the next ten years, according to the present plans Andhra administration will be stationed in Hyderabad sharing the capital with T-leaders. Nothing stops the T-goons to harass the Andhra rulers who will be pushed to a small enclave in their erstwhile capital city. For the next ten years they will be treated as refugees by the Telangana ruling elite. My free advice to the future CM of divided AP to have some self respect and get out of the Hyderabad city at the earliest opportunity, start conducting the administration from a choultry in Tirupathi or wherever you can find a couple of large buildings. Otherwise Andhras will be like boat people for ten long years with no contiguity to their own capital. Ugliest and funniest situation.

  5. GK says:

    Regarding govt. employees statement or talk by KCR, it is a bad timing or way too early to bring out the subject. The need of the hour is to continue the business as it is and give people time to adjust their thinking first. At the same time it is meaningless to worry as far as my wisdom goes…beacause every employee that is working in HYD will continue to work in HYD. That is the least the center can do when they know the realities of separation. And 10 years is long enough time to figure out the impact of separate capital cities on current govt. employees.

    VA should open a physical office to offer hear and publicise the actual problem if any faced by the SA govt employees. This gives us the first hand information to address the concerns and ensure that HYD is for everyone…

    • satya says:

      oh.. Bad timing? So, its on the cards for future?

      • Ramesh says:

        Satya, GK,

        I have very little sympathy towards these Secrateriat/HOD employees. When TJAC organisations started different styles of agitations, strikes, these employees rather than coming to work and co-operating with Govt of AP took advantage of the situation and enjoyed vacation. If they had shown that 'Telangana state agitation' is not successful in HYD, the political discourse would have been different.  

        If the division of state goes ahead and indeed the remainder of Andhra Pradesh is forced to establish a seperate capital , I suggest that the new state should shun these guys and instead look at a recruiting the majority of the new employees from private sector / youth. 

        Summing up if KCR kicks them out, let them fight for their cause in the tortoise courts of India. The politicians/common man from the remainder of Andhra Pradesh should ignore them to their ways. Just as these employees ignored the remainder of AP interests for their convenienece. 

        • Mann says:

          I agree with you. Are they not bound by contract to move to where ever they are asked to? They will be asked to move to the new Capital (for most part) and not to any jungle! Many of them might also get promotions. Theirs is a very shallow agrument and I have very little sympathy for them. In my opinion, that is the least of the problems facing new AP.

  6. sashidhar says:

    Chakravarthy garu

    please see the agitation in andhrapradesh doesnt turn violent. Schools and work are not disrupted.

  7. prasad says:

    The whole issue is about the agreements  and promises broken  by the government for the past 50-60 years.and the presidential order was also not respected fully.       agreed.       Because of the decision of CWC, congress party agrees that they have violated.   when governments have violated their duties to respect the orders, government should be punished not the innocent public. Even KCR should have asked for this, when he felt that telangana is deprived of many.The whole damage as reported is because of  the failure of the  congress ministers in telangana region who remained useless while damage  is going on. But it appears that TRS is merging with congress who are the prime culprits for the whole episode (as per the version) THE GOAL OF TRS IS SELF RULE IN TELANGANA. how come they are merging, if they do so, it will be very clear that the whole episode is only for political advantage for some people and unnecessarly the students and employees were brought in to the agitation . The best option to my knowledge is, government should give oppurtunity to TRS/CONGRESS LEADERS OF TELANGANA  to rule entire andhra pradesh for a period of 5 years and prove their capacity in solving the problems of all the refions.   

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