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Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Given that there are some questions on this blog regarding discrimination in university funding, I am posting the data I got back from the government "as-is". I will leave the interpretation of data up to bloggers (who off-late are doing a far better job than I can, in unearthing relevant material). If I manage to do a more comprehensive analysis, I will update this post with my take on the issue. 


I got this data from A.P. State Council of Higher Education based on my RTI request response# APSCHE-312/DT/RTI/JD/2009. I got this a few months ago, but did not publish it, as I felt it needed more analysis. My understanding is that universities, in addition to the "block grants" that APSCHE provides, have other sources of funds (such as the UGC grants). Without that information it is hard to gauge the exact funding situation of the universities.


I also have questions about the budget in 2008-09. Universities have a fairly fixed budget. They have to pay the professors and staff no matter what. They couldn't survive if their budget is cut in half, as it appears to have happened at OU and AU in 2008-09. I needed more clarification on what happened that year, and it is not easy to get that clarity, without having someone circling government offices or tapping contacts. On that note, I am looking to hire a couple of part-time researchers to help me dig up some of the data that we need to answer separatist allegations. If you know any social sciences PhD students, living in Hyderabad, that would like some part-time work, please let me know. I've been looking for researchers for a couple of months and I haven't had much luck. Right candidates have the opportunity to start working right away, they will be paid market salary, and will have an office to work out of.













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